The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 15, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 15, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. THE DAELY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. \YEDNESDAY, MAY 15, 191S. HEXRT P. SNYDEB, Founder au4, Editor. 1879-1918. COCXUER. COMPAAY, PubiUhcr*. History win persist in beinE" repeated. Not so many years L-SO J. Denny O'Neil held forth a few doors from Brimtoini corner as a Five and Ten- cent merchant. Yesterday he held forth In the ?aJmc historic vicinity as a Fjve and TerJ-horse-powcr candidate for g-overnor. I K. M. President, JAS. J. D R I S C - Sec'y and Treasurer. Business Maaae*r-' JOHN I* GANS, Managing EdlUi-. WALTER S. STIMMEU City Editor. AHSS LTNNE B. KIN'CBLL, Society Editor. MEMBER OF: Associated Press. Audit Bureau of Circulation, Pennsylvania Associated Dailies. £wo canta per copv, 50c p«r month; la per year by mall If paid in advance. Entered as second class matter at the POtttafflce, Coiuiellsville. P.L. ETJtTG, 15, 191S. Tke Coozter'* Service Flas* ·gnr.T.TA-M p. SHSliMAN. Hospital Unit IX American Ex- pedltionarv Forces. France. ILALPH F, 3LJGSK, Company H, 313th Infantry. TJ. S. X. A.. Camp l*e, Petersburg, Va. illCKAEL GKENALDO. HAROL.D RICHirr, Uattery B. Field Artillery. 2Sth Division, U. S. N G. LLOYD B. COX. Company F, 37th Engineers, U S. A.. Fort My*r, Va, JULIUS CROUSK, Company B." 15th llneinecrs -(Railway). American Expeditionary Forces. France. Munber oj Tfce AMoetatod Pr«u. The Associated Press la «* clusiveOy ·entitled to the uaa for republication o? all nevrs dispatches credited to It or not otherwise credited la tfcls paper and also the local news published herein. FOR RENTTIIREE FURNISHED : rooms for liffht housekeeping'. I n q u i r e ) 014 East Gibson avenue. 15may2t* There oug^ht to bo no delay in enacting an auto ordinance thut will regulate when enforced as it ought to be. FOR RENT--FTVE ROOM FLAT. All conveniences. SmaU garden, E. SOLES. Franklin street, Hogg Addition. lOmaytfd Inasmuch, as the wat'ir company evinces no dosire to :· volunteer in the matter ol repn.i'-lncr stroet damage re- 3011105 from bursting water mains. It is quite time for the city council to stop mincing matters and apply the draft rules. FOR RUNT--Til RE I£ LIGHT HOt*SE- keeping roomtt with bath. 3200 South ·Race. No children. Tri-State 815. 1-tmaytfd The giving of but three per cent of the amount of their Third Liberty Bond subscriptions will enable the patriots of the Connellsville district to score a 100 per cent Red Cross allotment. That ought to be easy after our 163 per cent "Liberty Bond record. The lonesome Politicians. Elizabeth Herald. Political thso.usslons are taking second pi,ice these days. What is tho lisy in goinc: s-o far afield for topic, when even such, a simple thine: as a loaf of bread furnishes an opportunity for argument as to what it contains? Just like the Men Polks. Detroit Free Press. It doesn't make any difference what n. woman gets, thert is alwacs something a llttlo more expensive she ·wishes she could have had. "When Free Spending is n Tirtne. "\Vayncsburg Detnocrat-MeifHencrer. It's all right to be a spendthrift ir giving to the Red Cross. By Walt Mason. TVHT SENATOR SPJROUL SHOULD BE SOSlSATEa The Coarier willingly concedes to voters the right to make tlieir choice of candidates at the primury election, as well as giving the reasons, if they desire to state tttc-CQ, why they support one candidate in prefertnce io an- 1 otiier. In the exercise of these pciv- iliges Tlie Courier, just a;- it believes every conscientious voter .vhould be, is Influenced only by the re"ords, qualifications, character and firrfess of the candidates. By that standard The Co'iner frankly holds that Senator Sproul is entitled to the Republican nomination Jor governor in preference to J. Denny O'OJeil, notwithstanding ihe latter "was raised a Methodist and married a Baptist" and hesitates to assure an expectant public that he will not De- come a "backslider" after tUe returns ol next Tuesday's primaries are in. Twenty- rho consecutivt- years of service * a. member of tliv State Senate has given Senator Sproul a commanding knowledge of and a familiarity with, state problems and needs -that is possessed by lew men cf equal experience in public life acd certainly - by tfone having a less intimate relation to the business of making and administering our- laws. Coning before the voters of :he stale on a clean-cut, unequivocal declaratiou o: principles and policies, which are consistent with his known iatt-grity J.B a public servant and his character as a private citizen, his candidacy is making convincing appeal to t!ie rj«.nJk and file of his party. Avowing that a candidate on a party ticket is in honor and duly bound to support the nominee in e/ent. of his own defeat at the primary, Senator Sproul leaves no voter m loubt as to where he stands on this question, instead of holding out to une Democrats a prospect that he wUl bell- elect then- nominee by running independent, and the evasive promise to vie Republicans that he wilt suppor; the nominee if other than himself. Recognizing that, "If we do not win 'this war, nothing else matters," Senator Sproul urges an intensive and business-like cooperation of the stare with President Wilson in this greatest of all our national undertakings. "Without attempting to delude the voters into believing that the nest governor of the state, independ-ect^of or in opposition to the legislature, can himself affect a ratification of the prohibition amendment to the F« deral Con- s-tkutiou, Senator Sproul has placed himself on record by his pledge to support the amendment and the necessary regulatory laws. As governor, J. Denny O'Neil could do no more, even though he is now doing nothing to correct the impression tha; his nomination and election, and Jaat aione, can or will result in favorable legislative action on this ^nattet. The advocacy and votes of Senator Sproul on all laws designed to afford full protection to and conservation of the life and health ol' woricers in all hazardous occupations, and compensation for injuries received therein; his inception and development of a system ot improved highways and his determined purpose, ]f elected, to remove the administration of the- highway department, and all other departments oC the government, beyond the i baneful influences of factional politics; his interest*; in the enlargement! of tho scope of popular education and j the expansive growth of the farming I OF FATE. My Uncle James .with brooUinf,' ere, grazed on tho autos whizzing by. "Those blamed machines," he grimly said. ".Just 3trew the highway with their dead. I wouldn't ride In one, I wot, if you'd give me a house and lot-V wheel flies off. the springs collapsy, and then where are your auto chaps? Go ask the under talker ^ent, who'll tell you where their piecbb went. I do not wish to scorch and flee; a nap is £Tood enough for me." Then Uncle James rose from hit- chair and hurness- od up the old pray mure "Methinks I'll po to town," he said, "and buy nine loaves of fe'raha. . Lre.iil." A piece of paper flew dlonr. wnur Be^s, the mare, was soins strong j-'ie snorted, shied, kicked up her h f e i s and busted all the -^h.Lfts and wheels; her bier Ptpfil Fthoe hit uncle's dome, itn auto brought hi« fraenaf-nts hnrr.e. My Uncle John LOOK jealous care in following his hill of fare. For years- h*« cut rut pics and cakes, ami epps and cheese an(3 juicy ·neaks, and lived on p-eon*-, such thrnps as cows throw in w lien they s-ei forth to brow?e. He said I'd fill an early tomb, because- the good things I'd consume. If I would reach a trreen old ape, Td live on IcctHs. ineks and "*ajre. He ate pome mu*h- roomB on a day, and then in anyuu-n parsed away The mushrooms wert* the toadstool brand, and o my Uncle John was canned, and I Ft ill use my easy chajr. and pat all through the bil'l of fare. Which Phr»ws that rul^s of l i f e are vain; no hunra.n pittas are CTfc and sane. FOR HKNT--TWO OR THREE nicely furnished rooms for li^bt house- kecpinj,-; use ot" bath. 1217 Sycamore street. 15 may H FOR SATjia^BI^VC K LGG1IORN ITLTS for hatching. ?1.2o for 15. Call Tri-State 74S-W. lamaytf-wcd -FOR SALi:--TOMATO PLANTS. 15c per dozen. Apply H. T. "WILSON. 21G East Fair view avenue. Smaytf FOR S.VI-1£--IVOIVT H E R D U K V E K - blo g-o-cart, uswd four inonLli^ Term* CQ^h. Bell Phone 2'JS-J. ISmaylt* FOR SALE--SIX ROOM COTTAGE. hot water system, s^« and o t f c t r i r 1 Inquire J. H. HENDERSON Will:road. ISmaytE ·FOP. SALE--FORD TOURING CAR IS 14 mod.,1, good condition. {;heap to quick buyer.' J. M. SHIELDS, Vallc "Works. I5may3t* FOR SALE--iTHOROUGH BRF.t pyp b u l t dotr w-ith p u p p y a:iti pedigree. Good home. Cheap. Inquire 135 North Alley. 15tnay2t* Fon SAX.K--inn HUDSON* six electric starter. Hght, tires good, 3 extra. Good condition. Drafted. 21 h Pittsburg street, Sco-ttdaie. 10may5t" FOR SALE--ONE-HALF TON" VIM truck; 1 Hobart co/Tee aiid mtai prindor: 1 I*. S. arlcor; 1 largo safe; 1 moat cooler. Thosfi fixtures are I I U . now. Price reasonable, EDWARD BAER. 509 VJne street. 14nMti-3t* FOR ' SALE--FULLY EQU1PPEI* ico cream parlor. A money makf*' at right price. Can give imnv-d'.ale lies- session Good reasons for selling. E F. DeWITT, Bell phone 299-J. Scottdale, P;t- 1-lmayn I^OR S, VLB--iFL 7 K,N"l TORE OF ALL kinds, ncvr and second hand. We alt, buy second hand furniture Cor r l f f h t prices Call at CO.TN'KLLSVILLK NET\V A.VT SK'TUND HAND FCBJs'ITURK rOMPAXV. 123 South Pittaburtf strpfi Tri-Sta-te 762. 15 may U FOR SALE--GARAGE. FORD AGK.V- cy In two towns of 10,0GO pnpul.itUm each and p;vrtn nf fl\e townships. K n tire utock of tires, tubes, accessor Set- and Ford parts Sixlen avoraffc 510.001- pfr month. Owner In d r a f t , only re.i- ^on for sellinp. W E I M K R -MOTOR COSIPA.NY. Scot'.dale, Pa. 9maytl FOR SALE--THB DEAN nOTTLl.Vf. Works. ISost husines? In the city /in the money invested, dolnjr enough !·;)··(- r.ft^s to employ two trucks. Ro.v-on for Bellini;. i£oin£ to serx-c my cnTin- :ry. This. Is worth any man's con*]item t Ion. Will teacn you t h i c bup'npT:. before It-avlntr. DAVID HA RI"KN. pmprictor Sniaytf LtMt. LOST---SILVEll ROSAP.Y B E A D car* at armory. fono^ram In it In 1 "M." R e t u r n to Tho Courier '.flU-*- I S m a y l t LOST-- AT B. O. STATION Bl% : woe ri 7 ,md 7 HO, tan suit CM.--C ln- i t a l i s J. ]:. H. Rf t u r n to this ofllC" or call Deli SOG. Uniontown. LOST-- -I\~OKI'/TnOOK COXTAINIXf; fo'jf keys and small sum of money !:: v i c i n i t y of First National Bank b u i l d a rd \t rr- 1 u rned to Cou rier Against which the whole world now is uip in amis, including the Voters of Pennsylvania ROBERT PATTON HABGOOD FOR GOVERNOR ON MAY 21, 1918, AND THEREBY nd harmony after 3F-VKI] your vote count for Re!ubli'am5m o\cr nnd nbove Factionalism. TMKE Uie assert.on that "Politics now is just a playins for tho |[ 503ONATK the only candidate who can !.r.n rich." 1 ^0 pnmark-s. KATJi the only candidate who ii not a factional candidate. j JfATK tbc only candidate who has the endorsement o£ the County , Coramittor from his home County. J XOJfflXATK the only candJdate who voted for thp Workmen's Compcn- l sation laws, Ch'iM'Labor bill and Woman's Suffrage referendum; || also who favors~ no-\v and always did favor ON A NATIOX-V/IDI3 ,| BASIS Prohibition and Woman's Suffrage. ! j K a large section of iho Stale which never had a Governor-the northwest and tho n o r t h e r n tier. /I* t h f i n t e r i o r -of thr Su'e M'lrich lias noi haG a Governor since 1891. KSJ-'l'SK to he draped into :hc f a c J i r n u ! fights of Philadelphia. In White, Grey, Field Mouse, Brown and Black. The woman who demands a perfect fit, "who insists on the newest and best styles, who desires QUALITY FOOTWEAR will do well m coming to us. We please you. We save you money. Almini-t rn t ri t 1 ' business RENDINE'S WANTKO--LADY SECOND COOK at MANHATTAN CAFE. I S m a y t C WANTED--COi_OKL'D WAITER AT YO'JGII HOUSE RESTAURANT. 25aprtfd WANTED--D1XIXG ROOM GIRI dihhv-assher at HOTKL HAAS I S m a y t f LOST--f',Ul*T W.ATOH, ^PK.S* PACK, d u l , pol'l, t-uh-fr in funn.-ll«\'iHc R o t - tinj? on S ( u t h Sidp r:ir or at Davld^n-i live nut* lie ward if r e t u r n t t i to C»nr- l*-r office. I m a j U KSTATK OP MI1S MAltV A Vi'ITIT- Tn'y .dvct-^ird. ;,Ut; nf the C i t y of Con- nellsvilJo, Fa ^ottt.-tr of I'lmir.i^tra.- 'on on th" e . t a t f of ,ib .vc r.,mj*-il tic- i"dcnt havinc- h*-*-n granted to the untie r slp-ne d, nottct- ta herub t:U t-n tt t h i - porsurih i n d e h t c i i l t" t h . s.i'd i*s- tMe to rifl.ite Ir'.mouiatr p^yni'-nt. .i*ul those bavins c Inline afraln--t the sn.ric t-. proton! th',-ni pn.p"rly m i t h » n t i - r.i;*-d for j - f t t Ic-nr'it. MRS. H M M A SOISSON. A d m s n i n r . ' t r i x . 510 J j h n - - tun :ivonui, Connf»;!villc. I'a. 1 7 ; i p r G t - « .· 1 WANTED-- GI31L FOR GJ.'N'KKAw housework. 517 V/est Crawford . Smaj-tf IVAN'TED -- BOY FOR POUTER AND to work m drug store. J. C. cn«L I-*OK grenoral hous-ework. Ill West Wash- IngLon. Hinaytfti Xotlc KEYSTftNE CLKAXING PART.OII Brnpr your Piinnma and straw Ivaiu tu 1 C H A R 1 . K R COCOK 170 Wc-tt Cru« for I | avenue, r ' t i n u c l l s v i l l c . Pa. S n i a y S H L * { !!· TCC JVotirei WANTED--GUiL, FOR GENERAL housework. C;i!l Tri-State 532. 14maytf WAITED--SEC'OiVD HAND TYPE- wrrter. Call 74 Tri-Sta.te or Bell 3b, UmaySt TTIF; scuooia BOARD OF srrnwAivr tnu - :i«s'r i[» \\ill nif-ct at Oil top vie n n Ma;- 2C. at J O A. M. for the purpose or L ' l c c t i n R i-iachrrs and ror-etvins Ir.'K for fuel for tJio sc'iools. FJvpry tenciicr must sign contract on abovp date or [Dblt;oci will be declared vacant by board JOE1N HA11DAUOH. Secretary. Victoria. 1'n, l?ma l i t * WANTED--EOYS AXE) GIRLS £VKR 1C yews of ape- "We pay carfare. CONTs'ELLSVILLi:, SILK MILK. WANTED--WOMAN FOR Gt'lNEHAL housework. Apply MRS. (J. J. ARMSTRONG, at Yough House rewtaurant. "WANTED--BY YOUXG BUSINESS man and wife 3 or 4 u n f u r n i s h e d rooms for Hcrht liousvkeeplnff. Address C. IL, care Courier. 14may5t' Xotlcc to j Scaled propoaalb will bo received at | the office "f Andrew P. Cooper, A r c h i - ftPCt, 794 J'i'Irsc. N a t i o n a l Bank B u i l d - · Ing-. Uniontown. Pa., up u n t i l noon j W«dnesd;i}, May 15tt\, for tlic Alter' atlons and Additions to tho V i c t o r i a SrhouJ Building. CortiflpJ cln-cl. | a.riountiiiE to 5500 00 required to ac J I company c.ich bid. The bn.iru r*-rfi r v o . i i ' I the right to reject any or a l i bidr I SrilOOL, BOAKD OF THK Sr^onr- j DISTRICT OK PKRRr TOWNSHIP j P.-^r Or. J. R. Martin. President. W. I. j Risbeck, S cretary. Andrew V. Coop«r, Architect. IniayGteod U r t i w n l l e l J A- Good, t e i n , A t t o r n e y 1 ' M A H Y \ N N H i : U \ V 1CJC V S . U f c ' J K G K V.'. H u r w i c k . In the Court uf ,V,nuiM;n flea;, of Kiivtlt culint. 1'it.., No ,'!73, ^·ptrmber Tt-rin, I b l T . To (M-O^-,.' W. u n t i f i c d th:iL tho su^pf-iit nnd all.11 inibito^na In this cofc« h a v e bur. re-- t u r n e d "Non tjtft mvcutui,," y^u ,irc ih«re*ore rcqu r'-d co a p p e a r in the t'ourt of Ci-Piiuon I'lerus nf I ' a y c t t o i.-uuiitj. Pa... on t*ie l o u r i h Monthly ot M.iy of sianl Court. A D. 1'ilS. to atih- therein. anJ show c iuso. if -iny you luivi.* wl'y ;i d i v n r c e iroin t l i o bands of m a t r i m o n y Bin.u Id not be j? run ted ihe I six ahnv«- nam-d T H O M A S L. H O W A R D Phorifr Sheriff" OfQcc, A p r i l J5, I*»Iii. may-l-S-lS-^J four'. A P I?l", to jtivnv, r t i - e l i h f - i '-·i'1-c, :f a".-' v n u hare, -w h \ % iJiv-m-t' frnm th- ln.ntl«- of m.u rl -m-tiy ^honW r.nt b^ _;rri.Mtf(3 the hb^! 1 .. nt. -tbox.' !i:.rni-« T H ' i M A ? \. IKAV \ i : n , Sin-rift Sheriff's Ofl.c*-. A p r i l l!r» 1'Jlt- H. K. MiivQu.irrie. Af.urnf y. "HAKLtvo ALM'jSJ "\ S. til.tZA- bt-th Aimo'i In the C'('':i t of t'ommon 1'h-ji.i. 13T Kay* lie county, T.i . N" IG't March Trrui. I M S To KliKitL-t" !i A l - mosl, II --upufKlunt: You .tro h c i i'by nntifiod that the (iubioona a n d u l i u j ' .-;ubpot n i m t h t " c:u«f h . t v t b' c-n rc- turnod 'N'on i-bt invcniu 1 -, ; in :ire i Lht'rcf.irc r "quired t n appear in t h ' ' d u r t of (\niTiion Pk-fis uf ]'aj «'ltr 1 c o u n t y . P.i.. on tin; ::rcl Morif*..ij nL j .Ma-, of -.aid C'ctnrt. A I ' J O ' S , to :tn^- i wore t 10 li!i"i a n d c"Tipl.inu *"il*d ttu-ri.- iii, iind ,h -u c:iuif, if ;in you h:iv,-. ; -A-hv ;i l i v -rco from tho bonds of . m j L t n m m y should not bt g r a n t (·! the , l l b t - l l n n t ab »M- nnmed. T I ' n M \ H L. ! h'OWAP.n, Sheriff Sht';-i:f i,, ' A p i l l ^. 1 . U S . Scarcity of groceries and high prices during the last yrar; too much credit, and general bad mauagemeut, has put many grocers out of business, and has put many more out that were rated first-class managers. It is hard to run a grocery siore and make money now-a-days. The Union Supply Company is r u n n i n g sixty-three grocery departments cow; prices arc advancing, goods are scarce. Notwithstanding. \ve are operating and have a full supply all the time, but are selling under greatly reduced profits. Flour, sugar, coffee, potatoes, canned troods, and all goods such as ihe (yoverni-nont is using large quantities of, are all advancing and are sold under very close prices We are operating u n d e r a. Government license. ji-rictJy carrying out every r u l i n g of the Food Administrator. do:r,g everything we can to help the Government, ai.d expect our customers to try and do ihe samo. "We have an abundance of goods, can take care of your \vants and are doing it. In our meat markets the usual good stock and assortment of fresh beef, fresh pork, salt and smoked meats, and all pork products, are on sale and are being r-old at low profits. The quality of goods, tiic )o\v prices, the sanitary condition, courteous treatment, prompt deliveries, are all inducements fo: you to buy iron) our grocery and meat departments. WANTED--AT ONCE, MEDIUM size house with conveniences, cr apartments. Call 717 cither phone or EU 77. Imnytf WANTED--MOUkD^KS ON G R K r iron, green sand; also core makers. Steady work, union shop. $5.25, 8 hours. CHRISMAN FOUNDRY CO.. Morpontown, "W. Va, ' 9mayCt Fur n«nt. JFOR RENT--TIIRJSK'OR FOUR UN- furnrehcd rooms. fifll South Arch utreet. Imay2t FOR RENT--TTWO NICELT PUR- nlahed roomu for lifht housekeeplnfr- 1212 Vine street. lOmaytfd P'OR RENT--^rHREE AND TWO room apartments. FLORENCE SSfUTZ." FOR RENT--TWO DESIRABI-H rooms; central location. 310 Wont Apple street, third floor. ISrrwiylt .-Voticc. XOTICE TO THE UNDHRSIGXKJ Petitioners: Owners of property f r o n t - ing and abutting on a portion of Chestnut street in the City of Connollsville, Pa: We hopp- by respect Cully prnj* that the honor- .ible City Council cause the said Chestnut street, between Davidson avenue r.nd Austin aver.ue to be Improved by pavlns w i t h brick or concrete composition, and curbing with concrete and such grading aa in neceasar-j' and in- to the making: of such Improvements. OWXER. FRONTAGE Chris Decker .. / fo Ct. ChtiB. \\'. -Miller -1C ft. F. II. Graham 40 ft. H. F. Livinprstone 40 ft. Mrs. H. O. CluybauRh 10 ft, U K. V o u f i h 40 ft. Ha ines-Kurtz Co., per A. il. Haines SO ft. J. B. Tracy 40 ft. C. A. Leonard 10 ft. H. W. F o u l e r -to £t. ISmaylt and industrial interests of the state, REPUBLICANS mart him as a man of such breadth of vision of the people's need 1 ;,- chat we believe the Republican voters of the Btate will not hesitate to give him. their unqualified support, These are- rne reasons why The ' Courier prefers to see Sena'or SprouL ! made the nominee of the Republican | party and thereby be assured of his! election as our next governor. Like ] him we will accept the verdict at tho j polls in that spirit with which all good | citizens bow to the will of j the majority. We have no present ; fear, however, that the necessity will ! be upon us lo render fealty to any I than the man to whose claims i thoughtful Rt publicans I throughout, the state- are £i/ing such j senerous recognition. | (Political Advertisement) A woman living near Ucloniovrn, Every working man in Fennayl- whose husband was killed in H coal vania, sktllod and unskilled, should mine just recently was allowed hor , inquire very carefully into the atti- claini under tho Workmen's Compen- tude as to tbat law of every candidate sation Lau r of $2,-iOO.OO, payable to her . for the nomination of governor, to the at the rate of |S.OO per week for 36l)! attitude as to that law ot the Repub- wceks, almost five years. i Mean leaders supporting each such Every worklngman In the employ' candidate. You can best judge their of another In Pennsylvania, without | attitude by their past record In office, regard to how he Is injured while a t ! Men, do you appreciate what that work, under tbat law, is entitled to law does for you? Will you not show compensation. For total disability he your appreciation by voting for the is entitled to 58 par cent of his wages candidate^ of tho Republican leaders for 300 weeks to the amount of $4,-j who ore responsible for that law? A 000.03; for loss oC one hand 50 per j vote Cor iir. O'Neil Is such a vote, cent (rf^hla -rages to the amount of i O'NBII^ REPUBLICAN $10-00 per week: fop 175 weeks, and i - - COUNTY COMMITTEE, ao on. U r o w i f i o t d .t Goodstcin, Altornpys. THOMAS HL'NTHU VS. KAIMA H L N - tor In ihe Cmirt of Cfmm«r P!P»S of !''i\y.MAf- t o ' . n t j . I\v . No 361, S.:pt c r n b . r T*rm, 1917. To Kmjn.i H u n t e r , Ilcf p f » n d i » n t : Von n.r-~ ii. reby notifi"l ti..Li !fn- ^.ilip ··".-,. nr.d i l l u s :,»t)po,"i.i 'in thi 1 ' r a ^ v 'TLVO h/*on i f i t u i ' - r . i "Xi 11 o-it invenLus, you r-n 1 HUT c Con. 1 roqulr- .'tl to .ippoar in the «,"ouri of C'Mninnn rions f f Pa-'i'ito coi nty, I'P . on tho f o u r t h Monfln* of M.iy ^f j;;ild Court. A D. 1913, to a-isi^ r thp libel and i-unipltiint filed t h c r p i ' i , jtnfl ahou cnuas, 1£ any yon ha'v '\ why a Uivorc-o from the bon!s of matrimony s h n u l d not lie KTnn!*fl Lhf 1 H b e i l a n t above namet.1. T H O M A S U HOWARD, Sheriff Sheriff's OlHcc, AiL'r-.J 25. 101S miiy-1-8-13-22 R. ^V. and G L. Dawbnn. Attornoys. L A U R A K. KUMEr \*S CHARUSS H. Suniey. In th« Court of T'ottnnoti Pit-as of Fayettc ro'i«ty. Pi*-, N u 311 ?, Pe- Hcnher Term, 101T Tti C'hartea II. Sumpy, Respondent: You are hereby not'.tied t h a t the wubpoena and al-.ns HiJbpoona in t h i s case have been returned ' Non "Si tn'v entus," you arc Lherofore required to appear in tha Court of Common Pleas of Fay cite county. Pa-, on the f o u r t h Monday of May of said Court. A. D. 1318, to answer the libel and complaint Hied therein, and dhow cause. If any you have, why a divorco from the bonds of matrimony rhou.rl no-, he jrrnntefl ihe libellant abovp named. THOMAS L. HOWARD. Sheriff. Sheriffs Office, April 26, 191S. may-1 -8-15-22 IT. G May, Atuirnoy. CAr.r.:i: I;D.VA i:css vs. - - i j \Ubn.s Ko.f.- i - i the c o u r t of Cnr"n«n I1oa h of Faynttii t o j n t j . l\u. No. r; March Torm. IMS. To riiarlvs r.os-v Rp- poud-r.f Tnu ai-p iMTt-bj n o t i r 0 that. tli.-- -.iibpot-na and a l i a s Mihpona - n thi^; c.i.^e have lior-n rettiriirii "N'on es( Invoniu'j." you ari- t h e p « f o t * * rr-ijutroci f n .ifipe: r in ttu- C o u r t cf Common , i Pie n r£ F n j r r i e ctmn'y. PH., nn th** 3rd ' Mund.i.v nf M.i;. nf pai: r-iurt, A IX J JJ1S. to ancwer i L c 'ib^-1 and compiahit 1 f i l o d \\ r c i r » n l Hli"\v cans* 1 , if ;in\ ' you havi-, u h y c d.vnrc,. f-om f},o bonds c£ n i a i r n n ^ n y shinihi ii"t bo ^rantt-d ihe ltlioH'\p.t a b ' \ ·· nii"-pf] | TMOM_\S T.. HOW U!P, SlH-rilT S h e r i f f - s ! Ollico. A p r i l l-. 1'llS. H O May, A t t o r n c v EL.1ZADBTH SA13O VS. Ar,KX-\X.n- ;r Sabo. In t h e Court of C'-mmnp I VIeas of Fayott(» c o u n t y , p tl . .No ;nn March Torni..liOS To Alcxjiulc-r S.ibi I Respond*, ."i: Yrm are horr-hy n o t i f i e d ( b a n thi pubpiitMia and aliaB*wtibp«i»n.\ in this case have bo en r ^ l u m o d "Xou est inventu-. ' you arc t h . r " f o r o required to a p p p a - in Un C o u r t of Cnm- mon Plpas of P'ayoti.e cnunty. Pa., on the 3rd Monday of .May of said Court. A. "D. 191S, to answor thp libel and complaint died therein, and show ciuse, i 1C any you have, u-hy a c3ivoro from j the bonds of m a t r i m o n y .sboult. nnl ! IIP crrantt-d the l i b c l l a - t abovr named THOMAS L. riOWARD. ShenCC. Sher- oft'b Ofllce, A p r i l 15, 1018. 63 Lnrsre Departmeat Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. Play Cord . PMV.lT»K. Attorney?. CORA BAUGR VS W. J. BAUGH. .tp. In the Court of, Comjnon Pleas of Fayette countv, Pa., No. 256 Si arch Term, 191S. To TV. .T. Baug-h, .Tr.,. respondent; You are hereby notified that tho- subpoena and a^ias subpoena in this case have bean returned "Non epl inventuff" you are therefore required to appear in the Court of Common Pleas ot Fayette county, Pa., on the nrnt Monday of June of said Court, A D. 1918, to aninrer the libel and complaint flled therein, and show cause, K any you have, why a divorco from the bonds ot matrimony should not bo granted "the libellant ' above named. THOWLSS I-. HCiYTAHF*, Sheriff. Shcr- ly's Office. April 25, 1918. may-l-S-15-22 Georpre Patterson, Attorney. "WILblAM TATLTfil VS. ^ET Taylor. In the 1 Court of Common Pleas of VayettP county. Pa.. Xo 418, De- cernljer Term. 101B. To Myrtle Taylor. Ro^i)ondent: ^f ott are hereby notified that the subpoena and alias subpoena In thlR cast 1 htivft been rourrnpd "Non est in vent us." you aro therefore retired to appear In tho Court of C"om- mbn Pleas of Payette county, Pa., on the fourth Monday of May of said H. G. May, Attorney. FLORKNC13 MAY RICIIEY, VS ·Eugene S. Hichey. In t h o Court nf Common of FrtyeUe c o u n t y , Pa., N'o. 30^ March Term. 1918. To Kupenc S. P,ichc, -iespondcnt: You are hereby no:ifii'd t h a t laa subpoena and alins subpoena in this case have been, returned "Non est invenius," you aro therefore required to" appear in the Court of Common Pleas of P'ayetie county ,P,i,, on the 3rd Monday nf May of fraid Court, A. D lilJS lo answer the Ubel and complaint fid therein, and show cause, if any yon have why a divorce from rhe b o n d n of matrimony shculd not he prranted the libel- lanl abo\e named THOMAS I HQW- ART). SheriHT. Sherlrt's Ortloe. April 15, 1918. Goorpo Patterson, Attorney. MARY QUARL.ES VS. WILLIAM Quarles. Ir. the Court of Common Pleas of Fayette county. Pa, N'o 325 December Tt*rm, IS 17. To W i j L i a m QuarlcB, Respondent: You are hereby notified that the subpoena and alms 'subpoena in thi'a cat=e have been returned "Non est inventus," you are therefore required to nppeur in the Court of Common Pleas nf Fayette county, P.i, or. the 3rd M-ondav oC May of aaid Court, A. D. plS, to answer the libel and compl.\l'nt filed therein, and show cause, if PiTvY-^" n u have, w h y a divorce from the X^ds ot matrimony should not. hint above-namer 1 AHD. Sheriff. S' 5918.' YOUGH TRUST COMPANY Ahe llbel- ' ' ? S C 1 GotMag [ aoocooocsoonoooocoooG-acoooa COOOOOOOOGCOCXXX5OCOOOOOOOO I J. B. JSUSTZ, g 3 .·(·-·FAKI PUdL.C O C AND R E A L ESTATE^ ^ 2 Ho. 3 South Meadow LKM. ° £ Cennellcvltl* P». § oooaoaoocxjoooooooooor ooooo

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