The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 13, 1930 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1930
Page 10
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PAGE TEN. THE DAILY COURIER. CONMELLS /ILLE, PA. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1930, MASTER oF.. _ . I BY ROY V I C K E R S CHAPTER XXX. HERE will be a good deal to do during the next few week, i," said Alan, "Yoa will find that f he hotel will get under your feet crery five minutes. Mxy not put up here? It would save both of us a food deal of time." "That's rather a 'food ide»,"3aid Shirley. "Th inks, Alan, if you're sure I shan't be in your way." "Not in the least," he assured her. "This place is quite big enough for frr/o, A« to the respectability part of it " "Oh, that " said Shirley contemptuously. After Shirley had gone bick to the Felton to pack ap and pay her bill, Alan, lingering over a pipe, tried to tak» stock of the latest development and found it extraordinarily difficult. He wandered through the four rooms. He decided to jjive up his own room to Shirley. There weir no complications at all in his mind when he invited her to stay at th- flat. Mrs. Sibley had made it clear that no one would believe the truth. To sleep undqr the same riof would, therefore, have no significance ona way or the other, And if they .were really going into the Ma -cuo'iiion business, wore really goinp to engage their passage and make nil the arrangements for t/avelmg, there was obvious convenience in then being together. Ho had been wholly tinconifcioita of Shirley's sex or personality when he had (jivan the invitation--and now already he had »tarted worrying; about her personal comfort. He went downtown to see a lawyer, the i came back to his club for lunch. A page handed him a note. _ "Dear Brenrmway: Can you spare me u minute in the office," ha read, tmd the signature was that of the secretary. He went at onco to the office. Cardew, tne secretary, received him with, i, suspicious warmth. "Ah, my dear Brennaway, I ve scarcely se:n you since you'we been back. How did the rest-cure j;o? "Pit as a fiddle, thanks," said Brennawa;-. "The boy juat brought me your note." "Ah! Yes. Yen. I wanted to have a litde chat. You see--the devil of it la--well, you know perfectly welt, old man, that Una little job I've tfeken on--often I feel I was a fool to do it--anyhow, you know perect'y well that one may well have to say a damned unpleasant thing which one would never thi; k of say ng In one e private capa:ity." "I can gu vss «'hat you mean, Cardew," «nd Alan. "Rut how the devil the nuws has spread, 1 don t '"icri u o forgetting that Kelton i - ' a member," said Cardew. "And the fact IB. rid man, there o a motion--" "M.v tit a.r Cardew, you can sorely count on me not to cuuae any unple.i-.untncsB tn the club," put in Alan _ ,, "l.ft UP go on, Brennawoy, nleatkd Cnrdew "1 am dimply S !n- to o for you a suggestion. I sir'L'ost th.'it you refrain from actunily putting in an appearance hero--ur til---well, until you and the lady ara married." Akin got up. "I'll chink over your advice, Cardew," he said. "Many thanks. I'll let you know tonight." He loft the club without the faintest intention oi considering the secretary'!! advice. He felt it, just a little, sis the portpr saluted him for the lust tine. The Rtcn- riaways had teen members of the Luk« fur many generations. The I.uke, i\s every member believed, was thi; mosi; companionable and the most tolerant, the most kindly club in the world. But th-s Luke con d not make him marry Shirley. He did not want to marry Shirle '. He wanted to s«« her try^Ao m urry him for money, t^ hear her 1 and him out unlimited apple sauce about Macedonian Development, , wanted to see her shirk the real work and let him finis.'i the job 'y falling in lovp with her. There ~»as a tacit -onspsracy on the part of everybody in the world to make him marry .* hirlry. First there was Mra. Sibli y. The lawyer, while giving comfortable assurances about tha rrlt, had tacit!y assumed that he would marry aa soon as the law pr rmitted. Now the Luke had added i ji quota. "I wonder when S lirley is goinp to begin--I wondei whether she has already begun?" After lunching ai a restaurant h« went back to th · flat. Aa he entered the block t te janitor approached him. "Mrs. Brennawa) has arrived, sir, but had to go ou. again. I wn- to Ray that she'd be back about 7. I've taken all tha lu {gage up, sir," "Thank you," s.ud Alan, and made for the stare .»e. Mrs. Brennaway! He had irmtel Jliirley to stay at the flat, but he had mout certainly not invited } er to call herself Mrs. Brerraaw iy, Here was an issue. He wou i nek her why she had called her elf Mrs. Bren- nawuy. In the flat he sat down and wrote to the Luke -f.-jigninK mom- beralilp. This hel ed to fan his anger against Shir ey. Fie would use this to make he f come out into the open. The hours of It nolinpss in the flat dragged on, I's would not be in any way unpUwzut about it. He would just s~* 1'CF to say exactly what material Advantage shr expected to denv from the fact of his being co-res »ond«'nt. Perhaps she %vo ild come In before seven o'clocl. It was very borinj; sitting alor i in the fiat. It had been easy e laugh to while away the idle ho» rs in Vermont, but his rent-cure vi is fininahed and he had left the it h of work. At six o'clock he bej. an listening for her footsteps, wo itlpnng, at first indifferently and then anxiously, what was she doin ·,, She would fii d it different, shopping and gi'tt nj* about in New York without nei car. She had probabiy never v alked about before in her life. "Therefore she is probably quite nnus«d to trafifc, ' came the startling tmt highly li gicaJ conclusion. By seven o'clock ie w:is convinced that »he had be n kilted, ami at five past oeven b · heard her footstep and rushed o open the door. "Hello 1" he exclaimed. "I thought you'd be nm ovr»r " "I haven't h.-id ime," she lauded back. "I've bad a simply terrific day. I must hit Jown ard gasp a little." "You look tire i out," he said as she dropped mt i a chair in the silting room "Hi ve you b-en looking after yourae f properly? Ilad any food?" "Not since bj akfiuit," she answered. "I've I een round to the consulate and l'^ ft found out heaps about Macedonia Thun there were those books you advi»*ed rne to get --1 had a chsse or those." He looked at ' er disapprovingly. JShe had been t v e r t a t i n g her Strength and hhf ought to havo had more sense aftei a totally sleepless night. It was ust when one wafl below par that ill those street accidents occurrec "Oh, by the v ay, when 1 turned up here with n jj thmgs from the Felton, the ja iHor didn't know what on fcarth t make of me And 1 suddenly Raw how awkward it was for him- -a strange young ^ twining np at one of hts flats witli Ijta of luggage--so I told him that I was Sirs. Bren- jaway, Renember to back me up f necessity should arise." "All right," said Alan. "Look here, as JOMI aa you've got your wind we're i.'oing out to dine." * » * A we«k hiter writs were served and the divorce proper had begun. The inwient, unimportant in itself, brought Shirley's thoughts back to Horer. With a sense of detachment she thought of him, frightened and vengeful, trying to snatch at wrfety by striking at tho man who had benefited him. She despised hi i twisted reasoning as much as his twisted morality. The belief that divorce proceedings would make it impossible for Alan to take any line he wished witli regard to his own misappropriation--a eat spitting at an elephant. Thus she shrugged tha thought at Roper oot of ner Iif9 and got on with her work. One evening, n couple of days after the writs had been served, sho noticed that lie was particularly moody ovtr dinner. When thoy got back to the flat ahe asked him if there were anything on his mind. "On mv mind--no!" he an- ST»«sr«d sharply. "L*t'» do Ilia work fit-lit anyway." They worked us usual until midnight. JWnen she got up to go to b«d, he* pulled ft Tetter from aia pocket and put ' t back again. "I've heard ,!rom Groton, my lawyer, tod*/," !« vegan. "Kognr htm stjpul lUd for a settlement on you, aa 1 behove you know. Groton wants to enow what I'm oinfc to do and I should he glad to hear your views." So th»i wst? what oad ue«n troubling aim, al*c thowght and wondered vrhy. TV, bilked fchmt over," «h« anid briskly. 'There's no trouole about H at all, Alan, lie said that 11 that was necessary was for you to give mtj in tho deed of witlcr-ient- full aad unrestoctcd control of the, capital." "Oh. did o«! put tn Alan, t "'And ^hen that's b««n don* end' ail the formalities sttendti to 1' can simply hand the wholu thing back to vou." "I sea. And will that method oe. conveme H to you?" Shu rmaundprstood his qucftion. "It we n't affect m* one wny or the other," rhe anEwered. 'I shall leave it *11 in hi* hands, "By the wuy," the adtSed, "1 would like to |ay my share of the rxpeae* of th:s flat. I know that m a way it's a bit dlly--but I'd rather d 3 it, if you don't mind " "Al! right," h« agreed. "I'll jriv« you A )»i!) before w« mil. Good-ni;;ht, Shirley." A few minutes '»t«r \]an went to his own room. "Clever!" he muttered to litas- nelf, "Damned clever!" His e^e fnll on a vase of flowers on his drc.v)inK-tabli". He vaa sensifivi' to flowurn ami h i nub- connciouimMW welcomed thetn-- pictured her hands putting tliem there--pictured her hands, ncrself --Shirley He had forgotten the room, the flat, the talk about settlements, In hb dream of her coining to him with flowers -n her hand. Abruptly hfi stiffened, jnatched the flowers out of the vsce aad flone tnem into the eraUs. "Oh Alan! You always mad* me think it was a hideous country. Why4t's beautiful from here.I" The;- were stundinc together on the dc.'k of the steamer that had brouglt them from Athonf The day w;w less than an hour old, but the traditionally cold light of dawn was hiro, in this land of rtrangft contrast, ns warm and tinted AS a Meditfrrancan sunaet, ( T j B-e Contcmied ltht IVM »T Knr Wdr^t; or Sim rMw Brodiwi*. iMi Helpful Advice to Girls Ilr ANNIE LAURIE D KAR AN-NIK I^ATTJRIE- I am t w e n t y - f o u r years oC agi^. I so on: w i t h a (dil twenty- two, T 10 been going out with this fflrl for two ynars. Noir I have Riven in all my fr'cncl«; and I havo stopped Kolng m o u n d to places. I go with no our- but hei H1n jroffl to dan( os with h*r gilt jfnencts, and I oti her sho otigh t to quit going ( -inolns 1 . ^botit a m o n t h ago I thonsrht I .voulil fro to a dancf. When »?. kncip I w o n t (the nlmoft broke u p wit me. It's O. K. vhon sho pois, b\tt when T co it's ( U f f e r p t t . I'm not tmppoiic-d to say nnythintr when »he Bti{"t. Io you think I'm getting the rifflit b'-wtk'' ! you t h i n k whs ought to jivr ui evcTyUung Cor mo. iui I · · did JTor h«r? r in't you think If »ho r«Uly cared she would? SMITHY. QMITETT: Love entaiis sacrifice. +3 You apparent' y have made youiti, and if the jrirl c vreo for ytu at all sho should be m re than wHllng to me?t you halfwa . One-sided love ia worthless, and in lesa she'ia prepared to accede to y ur reasonable ro- questa It would be better to part. If there 1« an uni'er»ts.ndirigr between you she should 1 i In your company when «he so?s o a danae. If she KOOS with o thor glrlH thei a is, no doubt, eorne oth- r yc«ng men with whom she wlah t to dance Havo a talk with n?r B tid point out the injustice of her behavior. on B. O. and P. K. K. Phones 1700 and 15. itffHtvmmffm*mnmtmmmt»*Hmmttmfuimait I'atrontze thosa -who advertise. Every Material and Texture _._ h\ Decoration These Days "*" T C1JBRANT b»n«hter itreotod lire exhibition a few yearn ago, vnen »otr,o eztrenULa in tbe tnodei t- luuviMiieut etiowcd what could be done with curious ruatorlaJa. On display wera pictures and w;u!p- turea imuiy of which bore a alrli'iing lik«m* fo the objccla the? irere auppiopd to depict But, Innlnal! ot the iL8Ual nmdlutna of the jatiitfr ·xid ih« sculptor, they unctl evary- thlDs ulsv. Olastt and metal w*»re artfully combined to portray a certain celebrity Wood was us«d, but not (arved in tha conventional tmy --tt -ra» modeled with spHnterti, and ·onie HtorCHnff n"auKs wer« obtained In »till Jffc and tendscapos »uifs:*3ted by i combination of vood srtraw, bi!; ot ckitl. metal and £Uuu Bv t whethi-. 'hat rthlbitUiii WJIB taki i serlourtly ·: not. tho fact Is that thr Ideas ha.v« jxttptratet! since t h e n into all sot La of standard dfcor Th»« result ill a much en larjf 'il field from which lo choosp No onjetur t» furniture r«flj"lcte-d to ·warl ws w«ods imil fabric* if nilk, oott « or wool. A list ot mn-tfrtsUn \Mt* In nwilcin« today's fiirnitur* mlffi" lnctud» «I1 th« matortal* knon-n lo Jnd««try aa wr!l BJI the u-fta. Stool, . rn nel metal, brtuw, Jron.-- Un, copper, silver are among the metals used h the making of modern tabloe, chair.'* tamps and occasional piecua Or t hey may bo used an ornate finJabi ) to wood. There'll iuu h to be said for beautifully nuade metal furniture (some of which is n ilsheil to resemble fine- pratned wood whon tho metal ItneJitr is ttot s» ha idBome.) IVa durable, easy to keep cie*ji, and an it has to be msvde aJon ; alerader, grsic«rfu? lln«a- U flta bottet in oma)! rooms than \ furoj ere, mivrfya a bit moral Ont- ot th i nxxrt tntaroattnc example* of m 'tul furniture wa* K ro- eent dinplay of · moderntotlo nun- room, Wtel er ohalry and couches wore th« ba ila. but they ifrero finished by an jdjrlng of mo-ttii Btntned a taint rowi to match 'h* cretonne coverings v low wirltxr table with a top of tx kellt" (he composition Klaus whir i n«'lth«r f.''i.n« nor brpaka, blen lad wail with tho »amo color aoli«m , The edsoa »I the top and tba l*gs of tbe tabls were of th* sama mptaJ that bound the wicker chairs, Sor.V) o-f tha decopa^ora do n*t modify thr - mtilartata nt all and Home-Making Helps By EUBANOR BOSS or oara erf nvotal are usafi just as they come from the foundries, and are adapted io eetme suitable pur- poao. Perhaps a curious shaped lampshade, a oovorlng for a tabln, ·r arnuiged a» a wall decoration to car-y out the re«rt. of the curious modernistic soheroe in the room. For the covertnsr of cbaira. couctxw, fuotntoalc, etc., tbe rariou* leihera h«v« besn amployofl in de- llgittfu! ways. Suc«3e, plaaldn, th« fabric leathern, reom to combine with the metal piocoa to e*xid ef- fett. But tha ciolDrs arn not those we usually associate with leather-- browns and biacka. On tits contrary, they ara bright tinta nnd nh;ulw) not uautUVy aiwoaiated with leather--reds, vivid greena, purplea. A. modernistic chair upholstered in ve-roillion suede was an outstandingly UiterouUng pieo« at on« dl«- pU y. Theffl IB also a curious vopue for r-htlre upholstered in white loather, I* ither sood looking In u boudoir w / t h plenty of other colors, but It h«jj a hoapltal-likn sugreruition If contemplated all by Itnelf. Also thero ais practlciil a«p«ct« ao to the cleaning at auoh a chilr. An accaAlo»ai dilating isn't vnongrh for - whtto nooila more £r«xtu*yt «4\d V V ''» 5 8 8 BLACK SHEEP'S GOLD by Beatrice Gtijmshaw 1 . i Illustration) by ifrWm Myers f l ' V Copyright ly H«f hes Masai* A Co. THE OLD HOME TOWN Stanley WHO ««rvle« COAL and COKE ConnellBvillc coking coal, both run of m i n e and lump, Gas Coul, Lump ami IS' ut Size. Coke, Nut and Large Sixes Consolidated Coal Supply Co. ·These were old snllots, of i horn evory goldfteld holes K fpw. The had brid on to their "Instruments," as a orate or a master will, *o long s he can kwp himself nnd MR goods iway from the pawnbroker. VJi ftolt haJ found them out, anrl---urged b one Spicer and hi* mate Canon, wh held the ground neari'ot to the o feted prospecting claim at the botl;on had (ot them down turo toward no in on , the thirtieth, day of gmitluon i tt b- ·enw fretn Twtatita. Nothing -as to b« done illegally. A* «oon f ) the thirty days ware «v, snil not or a sse- «»d before, th* goldftiid at tnrg* would cempate Cor th« PS»«HF on of that tre**ure-bole at the bo ton; wo«M place lt« p*g» all ever tl » COT- eted rrotmd. Bplcer tnfi Caj on. It ·wn» well kne'wn, would ran tl ? be^t chance. Tho? bad b«*a earr 'ul to take op lunch !«» than th«l legal ehare, but to place rhatr jrrotii (J--bo- ing almost (inst tn the f«M--all round the prospectltsf claim. On t Is account, they w«r« »nre to be t e flritt who wonld strike in the p«K» »' cnittom forbids tresj us cor blta t !t." Ca* ia had nsliod the othtm, "utd we'll stand aside to i#t th* rent rf yon 1 i right affcir,'' The mlnitrs tfrwt ; there w«i nothing t* bs gMbitA by twhlBj, for Caxou *nJ SpEcer, turinc i o prospector's rlalro, eoald take up e ily tw« tD!) claims betwuen th n, thot th they might, end nou'.d, pick the b- «t btti. What WBS left--twMity-rilne · laJma--- would he T»cl! worth getting worth ftgliUfig for. If BjhUns tw5 to ·* done. 1li« warden and ma*; at rate .ad left W» house ami come down to be flat; hit wasn't Tfrj «tir» about I) *t aifit- tior; Papuan f;oldnells bod always b4?w conspirnocslj peirffnl, 1 at tftea, »o field had tvi-r xhov n so tn eh (fold In no KismH a flnt-e al Tatat ta, and. on a ft old, the mora gold, t e mere Kor the Ust two hsti-t. a inrty of unlives had beta 'rUitle, malt ng their way down tin* »id«i ot tl i basin. They (wemcd -for njDlv!«--1 bo In a treaipodotis hatry; hot c* on* trcnbleil much about that. *!ac» col sdy had j corn* to TaUtntn to study t « habits of Papuan*. 1' anyu ie then, lit nboW. 1 is at all, he pot flown Ui* ha t* to the j plff tfcftt the men vcr» carrying, , wrapped In le*Tc.i nm5 s!un ; from « j potfr~a icoo-1 fltc, by lt» tt?, probably | one of the tu^ki-nt th.nt tb Papunn 1 hold» "Bfirtifthlng bnt ?r tbSE hi* wif«, « HttU- rloarvr than his rhlk " When ther« in a fe»ct In pOBpect, tnd «rpis- cUlly a f« »Uh tucker )lg 1st (t, Ihp I'apttnn, ninnUy'nlow, e a call on renervea of n^ix'd t h n f uitt nlah and *xhav«t the very be;H of ac Ive whit* men. . , . "What's the time?' ixmtn hat Itnpa. tleaUy acked Cujrmi «t U » aearMt old adit. Looking at a ting* ailnwr ratcb, tn« sailor replied--"Ten pist e' r»«n." "Aren't yon slow?' "lie slow 7 My vnteh ul wT That watch bnxn't, not two eronda, in ten years." "Thwtt why ran't we t » tt, anrt hang this aaxtat biMlnceaT "BecauftA," said a tall, fair man with a prd tylsh fees--f p!c«r--'V« want to ha ahsolctety lei al, and It two master caarlocni ma5t tt twelve o'clock, OB the day that'i t ie thirtieth after Sznlthfion went awny -at twel*« o'clock--nobody can eay « rord about any of oar claims ufterwu' 4." "It's a blimky long tiro i to wait." "There'o Hob Wblteoa; I «'ll *hort« It for yon Ijf yon I f n d him a boy," Whltdon, the Btorekf tpar--«tor»- keeper on toaoy a Papuan goldfield ot old tlmen; growing no j mngcr, but keen'as evur oc milling ' 9 his gain* --gent the boy down to th- store; saw him back, laden rlth be r tbat waa priced Ilka liquor brand /, and distributed the bottled, nu king mem* orundn In bit) notebook the while. They dranfc, wiped hands, sleei JB, handkerchiefs, across thefr mout is, took oat pipe* and cigarettes, f id smoked. They talked, nerrounly m d jerkily, as the mlitntea, the cnarter 1 oars ran by. Some of them watched he team of Papuans, now cloie at hi ad. "There's a fellow hau b jen a policeman," proffered one. "I -now the cnt of them, la or out of f ''fge, for all that he'a got uothiog on ut a breechclout" "I see him," agreed ^hlteon. *^ shouldn't think he had I een Ion; out of uniform cither. The go back to the pack very quick." There was anothnr Bil nee, "What's the time now Not twelve o'clock yet?" "Four minutes moro," said the oldest of the master marl) era. "Those beggars are going to hn 'e their feast here. They're petting down- their Pi*." "My Q --d, raoit," cHec a new, yonng miner Hnddenlyi "that's no pig; It's a corpse i" The Papuans bnd pFJsed, and set down thole food. Th man whonv Whltson recognized as an cr-pollce- man, was unwrapping tl e leaves. Out of the upper end of the uudle, a hand showed long and pale. What tho maglstrat -warden said, on the spur of that n omcat, Is better left unreportod. 'o magistrate- wnrdcii likoa to 3ti» co pses, especially cornea that are vvn pped In leaves and carried by Papua t headlumters, littering up hist Scaraa ulate district; and thus far, Titatata iacl really been Immni'ulnte, a moule! o all districts nnd a l l fields. Thi ve ed ofiiclal was plunging downward, wl h the Intention IVE -S You DID see JT « WITH MY OWN EYES'.'. USTWS 'SAL.T PORK MAMA FIDO JUST FITS! FOSDCK PUT ns STUFFED ;N THE MEAT 3f KINDER JUST AS AUNT EMMA 5AB8t.E CAME IN TWK PODND OF GROUND STt?AK- 15 e co¥p«, WCfen happened that eb«ck*d him aa If. h* had be«a pulled up by t rope. The bond') a pert up, shed tha wrappings of leaves, and stood confessed «a a lUIng white raan ; a slight, young man In khaki and pnttecs. with a felt hat crammed down upon his neat dark bead. H* staggered for a moment as If giddy, and then, steadying hlmg«lf by holding onto the ahoalder of the who had been recognized an a , he called 0'it -- "What's the time?" "Two rn'ittnt** to rirplve," mechanically anjfrwed one of the maeter marlaera, ratslof (Us sextant to his t/fc Tn« y o u t h warn atnnrllng right on the artjse of Coxea'ff cUitn. I3«fors aoyoiM eonld stop hlra, he had BO! red a pick that ira* lying there, rushed across the clnLm, and landed In the midst ot the precious treasure hole beyoud. With all his strength, which did not ***!» to he great, he drove the pick Into the ground; lifted It, and drors It RRaln, two wr three times. *Theu he raised till head, «."d still holding the pick erl(»t out rlaglngly -- "1 declare this dairu reoccypletl, and work dons on It, within the -legal time, by Philip Amory'n legal representative." "Jumplnit Jlmlny," shouted the old muster amrlner, "It's a gtri, a crlmaon glf I !" "It's Mra. PhJHp Amory." said Pla, "and I'll thcnk you all to clear off from my hUjstand'a claim." · · · » · · · The story bus been told, tunny time*, since, OD eteamer decks, la bara ot tropic hotels, through the tons evenings of 'goldfielda other than Tata- tuta. Qrery one knows how Pi a, and the wise old Papnan sergeons, distrusting Spicer, planned to mako a secret arrival «o that no "accident" ahould delay the snvlng of tha claim, How they traveled the greater part of the night; bow Pla, tired out but determined to go on, decided to be carried for tho last utage of the trip, to a polo, a* sick white people are; how between them, iihe aad SImo! arranged that ahe should be tied op tn leaves to took like a pig, while the carrier* and Blmol abed al! vefltlge« of clvillzatiou, and appeared as wild natives of the bush. . . . Not for many · yoar will the story b* forgotten, of how the "Jeweler'a Shop" of Tatatata was saved. · · » · · * · , After a storm cocnos a calm. Qti'^t weeks followed, during which Pla, with tha help, direct and indirect, of about half iihe miners on the field, hey claim. TO BE CONTINUED. Diet and Health SYlflUJ HUNT PtTJfiS,fl^AUTMOa Of WET AND HEALTH'AMD »tT HKl CHItDRtN* Among the Mining Another thing which we Imagine 'is ·ntircly obsolete In this machine age wo* the emery bag shaped HUG a shawberry, to take the rust off needles with, and, while of course no one would have any use for tt now, Ifs quite a loss fo the world of art. Scarlet Ft vffr M RS A- asks: "Can scarlet fevw r*p«a1 ttaetf In a healthy IndivWusJ tn OVB to asyen year»7" An*. No, nor in a v*ak indi /Waal. *1 .her. Mil. A- It fact, tJ-ero is r" disease tbat duos thla. Thtre a r e o a · * s i n n tilch tha terms 0 aearlet fever i iv* tasted ou t h * m uc ou it n etnbranea o f t ie none a n d t iroiit an long M a month and a half, and the pti- t ents havo ha.d r.'-ln f e c t f o a B, Lulu Hunt I ut, usually on* Pet CM, M. D i ifection of acar- 1 st Over make* a ratlent d«v lop a If^ting Immunity BO fa D«ver lian an Jtb«r attack. Quee. "Are there pjny ligrht caseii of scarlet fevor, wl cr* the rash I* absent?" .inn. The ranh I n some form la probably always p.-eMBt at some »taff«. But, In mild cast a It ma? be so allsBt and trannHory that It may not liava been observed. Quen. "If a dtwaM should be wrongly diagnosed as scarlet fev«r, nd antitoxin giveir, what would b« tbs r««iJtT Ana. No harm « ould be done. It may b» beneficial. (It oticaeionaliy happens tbat a cbl d will have some reaction to any BOI um.) The mjoe- tlon of fcome foreign i serum to stimulate the Increase ot white blood cells la used In certain dlseanea. (Then* cede destroy bacteria.) Scarlet (ever antitoxin boa beer found markedly twtieflciai In the severe cas«s of aearlet fever, tn ait ways. * · * "Dear Doctor: A rout three months ·j?o, I received j jur pamphlet on raining welgrht I -v«lgh«d 94 pounds when 1 started, ijid I noer welgrh 105-- a grafn of i pounds. T am very grateful for having gained that much. But It Repins BO nlowf How many calories shcutd I have dally? "MRS, T." pounds 'a three months Is not no slow. Mr* T. The fact la, It la faster than In moat cases, for one can trcreona the calortai to th« larger number necessary foi ft grain tn weight, v«ry ffraduallr. Juat how many calories you should hu.v« daily after you have pained to normal, depends mostly on you! holght, activities and ?e. The tall- «r you are, tba more you need: ih« more physical activities you tiav* (occupation and exercise), the mor* CTi you need; and If you are in youtli, you need extra for growth. You will have to determine thin for yourself, by watching the scale, and Increase or decrease your food In- tbke, as (t Indicates. W» bad ona report wera this waf not Cone, and the girl found she bad to reduce I Those who need Instructions on how to jraln or lose weight may hnv« our Peteratrlng pamphlet br followtns: column rules. * * * "Dear Doctor: What can I mix with pure cod liver oil to moke ;t pieoH»nt to tnke? I know you can get the flavored type, hut I hav* some of this other on hand. "MRS. R." You C.MI try giving It as cantor oil Is grivon, Mrs. R. Put some flavoring 1 syrup ID a small glass, turn it so tbt it covers the entire inside surface of the glass, and pour tha cod liver oil in the center of the glass, taking care not to have it run diown le Bides; odd more of tho on top, and have the child It down in one gulp. · * « Mrs. X: Our ptunphlot on Kidney and Bladder Disorders spealtri about movable kidneys. It also gives a simple test for detecting the presence ot sugar In the urine. Sao col* umn rules. Editor's tfate: Ur Peters cannot dlag-nosa nor give personal advice. Your qtie.itions. if of ge/ierul interest, will be answered In the column in their tun^. Requests for articles or pamphlets on bond must be accom- panlec' by a fully self-addressed, ntampetf envelope, pltia the fallowing 1 small charge to beip cover* cc^i of printing and handling: for each article wanted, two cents (n cotn; for each pamphlet ten cents In coin. Th* pamphlets are Reducing and Gatnina, Hyaicni of VTonien, Kidney and Bladder Disorder*. Address Or. Peters, lii car* of this paper. Writ* legibly md not over 200 words. Open Monday, Wednesday and Saturday M^lits Kyes Examined and Frames Fitted : =109 North .fittsburj? Street ; Escarole--as a Pleasant Change from Lettuce , The Home Kitchen A PLEASANT change from the inevitable lettuce is Escfcrole-- which is a two-dish green. Many people aeo it an the market for years, and pass It by, on the assumption that U is a foreign kind of vegetable. Which it la. Only In recent yeara baa it been cultivated to any extent in this country, but tho French have used It almost to the exclusion ot the other lettuces, mare familiar to us. Bucarole looks like a bunch of flat, curly lattuce. Tha inside loarrs are beautifully white and paJs green-and there has been some attempt mads by groworw to prodiice escarole that will form a head. It It lookul more like head lettuce, it mlffht bo nire popular. A bunch of oscaiolo can servo two purposea. The lares outer leaves which aro long and a bit coarse cun b« cooked aa a green vegetable. Like kalp. or chard. The Inner beautifully whltn leaves are aepantted and chilled and servM by themselves for oalnd, or In combination with toma- tocfl, watercress, cucumbera, stuffed olive*, etc. Kscarolr- 1^ rathor candy but eajslly The tiny root At the bottom ·U cut off, AH t b a leaves then placed in a generoua sized pan full of cold watar and soaked tor half an hour. B Uiat time the sand will have sifted tself out and imuk to the bottom, jilt out the leaves, give ttiern a tliul waah under run^ nlng coid water. Separate the large leaves for cookiig from the email centers for salatl and put the latter in a lettuce t-ng and into the refrig-erator to eiil], Iier« are a few suggresUona tor the cooked e«caro)e, yhioh in a very good accompaniment o meats like baked ham, roast beef, steak or chopa. Stewet Ksrarole. 1 bun^l escarolo 1 onion salt j ork. Melt the salt pork In o. saucepan, add the «llc«d oi Ion, and when light brown add tho loanod outer leaven ot esoarole. Do r ot add water. Cover, anil l?t simmer 'or half an hour--pr a few minutes noro If necesaary to make tender. If any of the hot eKcarole ie left over, it may e uilcd later aa a. cold salad. PHa on a. salad plate, garnish with o! vets, or Bliccd toma- lona. JCithpr m lyomial'HP or «. HUB- »iB,a drcsetn»r n ay bo uaod. By ^JLICE LTNN BARRY BmkeJ Rmsroie. 1 bunch eecarolo H teaapoon imlt I labJeapoon cra*ai 1 teaspoon butter 1 teaspoon rtno crumbe. Cook the eecsrole unttl tf-nder, ·««· lug no water arcapt tho drop* thai adhere to the loaves after wiushta^, Placo in a buttered bohine 4i*h. pwcr cream over, and dot with b»t« oi bottwr wid crurrxlm. Bake ontD «*» crumba are lirhtly brawned an aerve in baking: dish, Souffle of Kac«n.Ie. 1 bunch escn.rol* V4 teaspoon 1 teaopoon lento n Juice */i teaspoon pepper dnah of iprated nntn»tir. Cook eiicorole until tender, then chop finely. A41 the flea son top and- the beaten yolits of eg-es. Finally fo!d in the «tlffly boatan fgg white* and pour in buttered fiakiiiff «Jl»h, Bake Jn a. modarte oven for abont half an hour. Open oven door care. fully, a n d if browned on top and purfpd up, remove und servo- Uun*iM

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