The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 15, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 15, 1918
Page 3
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191S. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. PACE THREE. NEWS OF THE DAY AT Ml PLEASANT] BRIEFLY RELATED Hundred Fortj JVIen Called j by Board 3o. 6 to Go in Next Draft. ' LEAVE BE!WEEN MAY 25 AND 30: WOMAN WORKS 15 IJOURSA DAY Marvelous Story of Woman's; Change from Weakness to Strength by Taking Druggist's Advice. Pern, Ind. -- " I suffered from a displacement with backache and list is Jlade Up of Bojs From Mount Pleasant, treensburir, Latrohc and ' Sony of the Xeturby Coke Villages and,Kara! Sections; Largest 1'eL . down p a i n s badly that; at times i I could not be on ; my feet and it did · not seem as though : I could stand it. l i tried d i f f e r c n t l M ut I S! Special to The ^ouribi-. - j MOUNT PLEASA.NT. May 15.--One . hundred and forty men and 10 alter- [ nates have been called by Local Board No. 6 to leave: for Camp Greenleaf, Fort Oglethorpe, some time between May 25 and 30. They are: Walter J. Roth. Flea.'ant Unity. Charles R. Fisher, Pleasant Unity. Walter Gesinsky, Mount Pleasant. Samuel E. Mears ; La'robe, R. D. Isiah Myers, Mammoth. Leo J. Hoopes. ,Yourgstown. Joe Haitian, Mount I'leasant. Henry P. Bpice. Lycippus. Frank H. Shrum, Gn'cuwald. James P. Karns. Manimoth. Andrew E. StefanaU.. Hosteller. Stull Barr. Brac^nvllie. Chester C. Knupp, Kregar. McKay' Ste-wart. Youngstown. "William Sobinsl^, Muunt Pleasant, K. D. 2. Charles E. Hoopes. Youngstown. . Clinton F. I.eonsrd, Mount Picas- j Sj/KSS ant . . " 'I One box_provcs Jos. F. Yczek. Alice. Harry Mesty, Greenslnzrg. R. D. 6. Peter O. Barto. Latrobo, R. D. 2. George Yeafcen. Mammoth. Peter Malek. Latrobe. R. D. 3. Harry S. Pierce. Stauffer. James Roadman, Kregar. Mike Koyar, Whitney. James -V. Myers. Mammoth. William L. Marks', Youngstown. Charles 1^. Tinkey, Mt unt Pleasant James V. Fiilu, M o u n t Pleasant. Harry Suyiler, Mount Pleasant. John Stoffko, Southwest. Byron C. Bmert, Andrew Kozbelt, Mount Pleasant. Vitalian Carolen. Mount Plcasan.t Andy Sapola, Mount Pleasant. John Cornulous, Hostrtter. John R. "Walker, Jr., Mount Pleasant. Steve J. -Tobias, R. D. 1. Latrobe. Martin L. Yothers, Ac~ne.. Francis A. Bridge. Grueowald. Lloyd C. Knupp, Kregar. "William P. Sauerwein, Southwest. "Merle D. Harr, R. D. J . Latrobe. Bartolo Sesario, Moan! Pleasant. John M. McShanc, Mount Pleasant. Anton! Marini. Baggaliy. William P. Mullins, FiUsburg. : Amos Eckel, Monnt Pleasant. John B. Mellinger, Mount PSensanL : David A. VaHante. Mount Pleasant. ; Andrew Kutra, -Mount ?leasant. Bert R. Ulery, Jones Mills. Charles K. Carr, Youngstown. Thomas J. Keough, Greensburg R. '· D. 5. i William C. Jackson, Mo-int Pleasant i John Ruffner, Latrobe. R. D. 2. | John D. Yeltier. Latrol e, R, D. 1. Paul J. Doncaster, Moi:nt Pleasant Alva R. Stahl, Mount 3'leasant, R. Fuigi Marca. Mammoth. George M. Miller. Stahistown. Charles H. Daugherty, Lycippus. Clarence E. Trusa!, R. D. 6, Greensburg. Thomas L. O'Bryan. R. D. 6, Greens- ourg. Joha A. Haas, Mount Pleasant. Edgar E. B. Immel, Lyrjppus. John J. Xedorosted, Cojinellsville. Anthony I^velle, United. Paul Villisar, Baggaley. John J. llacey, Ixitrobe. Charles R. Sauerwein. Sotithw^st. Thomas B. Holdsworth, Angola, Ind. John G. Karns. Youngsiown. Charles 0. Wilson, "Vi^e^llng. William M. Heese. \Vhi-.ney. Stephen VUk, Youni;sto»a. Antonia Moryiata, Hostftter. Daklas.Hoburn, Mount Pleasant. Carlo Sabato, Crabtree. Ralph A. Kuhns, Mount Pleasant George F. Ulery. Kregar. John Donohue, South Greensburg. Charles E. Roadman, R. D. 1. Latrobe. Wilbert Patterson, McKcesport. Charles Kantorik, Mount Pleasant. Raj-moud A. Hotter, R. D. 2, Latrobe. Charles Victaskiel, .Mount Pleasant. Pairmont P. Shaffer, Acn;e. Francesco Lepri, Baggalcy. Charlcj Porejt, Mount I'.'easant. Walter Bechtel, Southwe.jt. Fredrick H. Seimon, Trauger. William K. Adams. R. E. 2, Mount Pleasant William Ubrin, Mount Pleasant. Stephen jr. Mullen, Mount Pleasant- l( medicines witho any benefit a n d t several d o c t o r s told mo nothing but an operation [ would do me any i good. My drag- j gist told me o f : LyJia E. P i n k - ! ham's' Vegetable j Compound. I took j it with the result ! that I am now well j . end strong. 1-gct . np in themomingatfoaro'dock, do my i boasework, then £o to a factory and work : oil day, come home and get sapper and i feel good. 1 don't know how many of ; my friends I have told what Lydia E. ; Pinkham's Vegetable Compound has ; doneforme. "-- Mrs. AN.VA METERIANO, ; 36 West 10th St, Pern, Ind. . '. Women who suffer from any snch ail- . ments should not fail to try this famous . root and herb remedy, Lydia E. Pink- ; ham's Vegetable Compound. For a OiaSed SMn Orer 100,000 people hare proven thi'.t notliin^ relieves ihe aorcneia like extraordinary healing power. Fleshy people take notice. 25e at the Vino! and other drug stores ·· The Comfort Powder Co., Bcuion, Maw. Stephen J. Kendi. Mammoth, Oliver H. "Whetxel, Mount Pleasant. - Aithur G. Crouse, Barherron, O. Clarence Overly. Mount Pleasant. Ralph U Brindlc, Mount Pleasant John Schwartz. Mourn Pleasant. Steve Lcsko, R. D. 2, Mount Pleasant. William DOV.-TIS, Mammoth. John MetJo, Calumet. William L. Hotel:, Jones Mills. Andrew S. Gritcheck, M o u n t Pleasant. Joseph-B. Stewart, Youngstown. Clarence J. Stahi. Latrohe. Joseph F. llarhager, Mouct Pleasant, . Dcnncr J. Marks, Mount PleaianL William G. Layton, Mount Pleasant. John W. Keity, Caluraot. Andrew Bovokflovics, Southwest j George A. Llewellyn, Mount Picas! ant. .' John H. Armel. Stauffer. Frank Egnocheck, ML Pleasant. Adam L. Snyder, R. D. 7, Greens: burs. ; Ray W. .Miller, Jones Mills, i Ray C. Stairs, Moual Pleasant. '· Ak-i C. Johnston, R. D.. Greensburg. v Albert C. Queer. Mount i'lwisanl. · Hiram H. M u l l , Younsstown. j Elmer H. E. Homer, Mount Pleas: ant. Chester V. \- i;rs. Acine. i-larry Holtnei. Jr., .Mount Pleasant. ! Harry A'. Whipkoy, R. D. 4, Mt ! Pleasant. Joseph E. Showers, Youogstown. Louis Xaminsky. Latrobti. George J. Minis. Mcimt licaspjit Let Aaron'a supply your needs for Sumzner Furniture and other household articles fchat may be necessary to make your Home as comfortable and enjoyable as possible this Summer. Then you are swre of getting the BEST at the LOWEST possible prices. Connellsville's Reliable Hcmefumishers Since 1891. Because Aaron's handle only Mgh-grade, quality lines and the big four-store Aaron buying-power makes lower prices possible. Our convenient charge account system makes the matter of payments eas3/--and our "satisfaction guarantee" insures complete satisfaction. To Save Hours of Toil and Miles of Steps in the Kitchen! In Itfany Different I'rice.s Slwtinc; ut , l.._. See if demonstrated! Styles-- Of Untold Assistance in Entertaining Your Guests This Summer Grass Rugs Prices from $4 to $15 according to size. The New Process Gas Range Makes Cooking PleasantI i To Enjoy the Full Comforts of Your Porch This Summer ! This Tea Oak or .Vmeri din W a l n u t - in ICifher ^$11. This Solid Oaft Porch S win IT Complete with Chains 19.75 Kqnipped with jiau-n'.cd li^hier and (.!;· s','i01:1 j fit: arran^riMCT.l of Uio burner .'^avcs 2d per ci'ui of youi 1 fuel hill. Dawson. Harry M. Gearhart, .Mount, pleasant,-!John A. Xiyanaky, Latrobe. Miilard B, Shaffer, Ligonier. Edward .F. Max-well, Unit-xL Thomas R. Kane, Mount Pleasant. John S- Koybeli, Mount Pleasant. Samuel D. Immel, Latrol-e. Frank Sobato, Mount Plciisant. Samuel R. Griffin, Mamiroth. " Walter C. Poolc, Pittsburj,-. DAWSON, May 14.--The Dawson schools closed yesterday after a very successful terra. Lester Shallecbergcr of Owensdalo,. was calling ou Criencls bere today. : J. C. Corbin, wbo has been spend- in;: the past fe-.v weeks here, has returned to Ms \vork at Dickerson Run.: There w i l l be a pie social held on ; Thursday evening in the Halitou-n ; school house, under tht auspices o f . the Hickory Square Methodist Prot- ' esrant church. The proceeds are for I the benefit of the church. The larger boys of the home guards arc arranging for a hike Saturday ' and returning on Sunday evening. . They do not know just wh^u route \ull be taken. Last, Saturday a number o f . them task a lake to Layton. ! Otto Haas and his family motored to ; Eentleyvillc on Sunday in his new ; Chandler car. He reports the roads in ! lair should and made good time on ' the trip. . · Mrs. Frank Goldsboro is visiting her ! mother. Mrs. W. R. WHhiOm, at Ak- ; ron. 0. Mr?. L, Leighty ·was a Uniomovv-n I visitor Tuesday. Rev. H. A. Bauin's four-minute talk . recently at the "Nick" is bearing f r u i t . ; A number of new faces were si-en last i night at the surgical dressing meeting. ' ' ' | Howard Sraith oC Connellsvllle, was : ri'ceru Da'wsor. caller. L. "S. Mellingcc was a re" To Conserve Food Most Economically ! ONE PIECE-PORCOAIK LINED KEFRIGERATORS ftriccs as Jotv iis SKades Will Keep Porch Cool! PORCH SHADES PATHEPHONE--For Your Summer Enjoyroent! This Popular Piithe- phone Outfit Consists of the -?30 Mode] Patbephone and your choice of G double-faced Patbc Records. For Baby s Comfort! OoHapsililp Car- riaijcs us loiv as G e n u i n e Reed Carriages at cent Pitts'burg "caller. Confluence. CONFLUENCE, Hay 15.--E. E. Brown, vcho has been ill for several \veeku. is able to he out again. Misses Lucy Porteviield, Helen This 3-Piece Genuine Kaltex Reed Suite only Your Choice of Either Kal tex Rocker or Chair, Grofl" ".vere among thi who wont to Boswell yesterday to attend the Sunday school cnnvention. L'mben S. Severn; Mount Pleasant, i Fortney, Mabel Sh Frank Koybelt. East Pitt^burg. Frank Charwalk, Latrobe. Lloyd H. Shaw. M o u n t PI,asant. Joseph C. Chroust. Hunke-. Ja.tue= W. Keslar, Dor.esa . · Fr;i,nk /".aryeyny. Beatty. U'ayr.c K. Barnhort. Mouni Pleasant. Kalf Pury. Your.swoud. Micl'.ri'-i \V. Ki-aru?, C r . l u n e t . Louis T;'k:ir. M o u n t Plf;a? arterliela, iielen I . , . _ ip!ey and Ruth H . When Hchmg Stops tiose from lierc 'V- -- KEEP GUN OILED i Pennsville Boy Suys Hc'il He But* to Tliere i; one safe, dependable trectmcn: j Vsi H In H anting Season. ;thatrelicvco is_qhiag tcrturo and skin irri Corporal E. McFadden of Machine T. K. has'bousbt. the in- itatianalnjost ihsta'Jy and tliat cleanse.: trrc:-. bf C. G. in the Con- '."^^^^i,. a3Sc orS J taH: nuance Coa. company, located at lo c --~, D -- c ) r.-^-ly : i: Q- rjire-t~u. S.; - !yo;i~wi:l 'find "that i.-rit^-.r-ns, pimp'-:. P.o\ve:-r, is reportetl ill. Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Crav . ., eczema, L ! o:ciiC3, ^r.-.ilar sl::a IreuLks v.-I!l dii:-ppe--.t- Mrs- JcscnK DickEon of C o n r y I s - .rl:r wa? v1.-itins friends of Conty^ls- ic town yes- : The E. W. Rose Co., Cleveland. O. BEI.L-ANS Hot water Sure Relief Mrv. U u r h CODT. nntf little f r, i rryoiol:^. farmer!;' o FOR- I N D I G E S T I O N .nrake- ii:^ fr;rnflK here a few days. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hearr have re- dale; Ch-' r 'fS r-J"'e" :iimcd from a visit to. Conncllsville. Annie Mrs. E. S. Thomas of Eyerson. for- ; e n'c'rly o't'tn'is place,"is vibi'ting friends jleri . here. ' I ed H' Wed in Cumberland. Harl Martin of .Mount Eraddock aad Gun. Company, Infantry, 4th Division, at an embarkation camp, and son of -Mr. and Mrs. J. W. WcFadden of Pennsville, is awaiting the time of transportation to France, which a otter says is a matter of hours. Mer- means, too. We have had hardships a plenty already, but nothing to what we are going to have, and some of us't coming back; but H is all for : the Stars and Stripes. ' "I Seal firmly coin-raced that I am coming IKXC'A, and besides, down in my , heart i feel that if I don't get back I ; won't be called a quiUGr. I -.vili fight : lo the laft if need lc for my country, i a:id am w i l l i n g to die like a man." rill also states that lit? never felt bet- ( Corporal McFadden enli.-tcd in t h e ' ter in his life, "feels'like an iron Tnan" j Regular Army at ·Gettysburg, and was : and has nol known five iiiiiiutes' slc'k- J i n t r a i n i n g tnc-re thrt'e montlj?. Prom ness since he enlisted. He writes his ; there he was sent to Camp Cu^ea, ; brothers. Earl and Ciair, that he w i l l | Charlotte. N. C., and was m a d e a first! be back in Pennsville next hunting ' class private on November S. He t h e n i season; to keep tlic old shotguu oi : .ed · completed a six weeks course in O i v i - j up. In the letter LP says, "Mother, you Fiona; signaling, and at the close o f ! ·laric Layln'e 6l\Uniantov. r n; Frcder- , inay have heard that ihe soldiers are school he was made instructor in sig- ' cl; Graf and .\v.!\ Hady of Meyers- '. dissatisfied since they joined the col- j ualmg, in ci'.arge of 5-1 men, of Whom , .. , , , ..^,.:..,- j _ - r He was a p p o i n t e c j ; , , . of Monossen and : ors. but right here is one who studied ; 45 were draftee*. irchance; Fred- ".cairn,..arLd. EI 7 '·', were grant- it ail out before he enlisted, and the .result, is. that not. a single day has passed that I have not been glad that I joined tho army., i'know \vhat i t ' thing-else.' 1 corporal nn April 25^Ile say.s, "never send me anything but the Courier, as Uncle Sam furnishes me with every- Th D. A C- C hclfof ihc Rail road lic oat csirach The D. C. lliat could be dcbired All BicameTi aiq equipped wiili latest water is Bitrilizcd by ulira vioL-t ray piuct-ts. Two eplendij vw^ls-Oly of Mackiaac 11 .ind City of Alpena I £ -- opcraie foui i-mea a week to Mackinac Wmsd. fmm Toledo MoruJny Saturdays 30 A. M ,-Tucflfot and Tbu 6.1W P. M. From Detroit Mondays anJ Sa-ur . M., Wednctdays M J Fridayi S33 Send 3-cent ci3T3p for illtJstrated pamphlet and GrcAt Lakes M inap. Adifrcsi 1- G. LEWIS. u. r. A., V i iiiru Avenue, Detroit, Mich. HAVE YOU TRIED OtJK CLASSIFIED ADLETS?

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