The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 13, 1930 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1930
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

PAOK TCI ( H I T THE DAILY COURIER. CON! ELLSVILLE, PA. V, PT-JDRPARY 13. 1950. 1000-02 W. Crawford Ave. We Deliver. \\\\\\\^ x Protect Your Health Demand the best foodstuffs -- they cost no more when purchased at the Wrst Side Market. Here you get courteous service, prompt delivery, lowest prices and f-nest quality. Your friends buy here. Ask them about our service. Phone 620 for a trial oider. Home Made HorseRadish 2 jars 25c Bluo Ribbon Malt 53c can Phone 620 Fruits aii-d Vegetables Baldwin and Staymati's W i n e s a p C o o k I n g Apples, O K / * 4 Ibs £tlv/ Oranges, per dozen Fancy Celery, 2 Igo stalks... Celery Hearts, law bund) 35 c 15c *25c lOc Head Lettuce, large heads .. .. Somerset I'o- £CQ/» tatoea, pock ... *J*J\s Fresh Spinach, O K / » 2 pounds _.... £JrtJ\s New Parsnips, 4 Ibs. .... New T u r n i p s , O K / * 4 Ibs £dO\; Now Carrots, 3 bunches Cooking Onions *)K^» 0 pounds 4OC Grape Fruit r f , l a r g e Hiar. nf- p 3 for £l*JC Cabbage, p?~ Ib _ tlC Cauliflower, Kale, Cabbage, Kncive, eLc. 25c 25c Komo and Sweet Cream F L O U R Ib. Sac $1.09 19c Pale Vtoon Ginger- Alo. 1' bottles Crcctii Corn Starch, " boxes.. P u r e Vanilla Extract, L; bottles... Pillsbuiy Cake Flour, 2 boxes . Pillsbury Pari Cake Flour. 2 boxes . P i l l s l u r y White or Yellow Corn Meal, 2 boxes H e i n s Spaghetti, 2 m e d i u m cans.. Palniolive Soap 3 cakes 19c 25c 19c A m m o n i a , :· boiile? M a t c h e s , 6 large boxes Toilet Paper, 100 sheet, f rolls Shr(Hided Wheat,, per box Jersej Corn Flakes, 2 boxes Libby A p p l e Butter 2 l a r g e cans .. A r b u c k l e ' s Cocoa, cans, L' for -J £T ,, JL«LJv/ Franklin *ure Cnuo . --^ f*\ SUGAR 10 Ibs. 63C (j!overhlo m and Hiirh Gradp BUTTER Ib. Delicious Hrcakfust Food MUFFETS, 2 boxes Fur Quick S«ls Ivory Flakes, Ige. box MUSTARD 2 jars Neighbor ^~ __ MILK:, 10 tail cans 98c Our Own Craiid COFFEE Sandwich and Potato Ib. BREAD, 3 loaves Finest Quality Government Inspected T S 20c 45c Fresh Spare Ribs, per pound -- Break'ast Bacon, 4 to 5 pound pieces ^^f* per pound - 6«HLJV Armour's Star Sliced Ham, pound Pork f j o i n Koast, ^Q/» pound AjOx^ Veal, Pork and Beef, ground for meat loaf, QP^r* 3 pounds ~ OtJv- Veal Tireast, per p('iind Zoller s Sliced Bacon, per p o u n d Leg of Lamb, QJC/» jior Ib OeJC 25c 35 c Tender, Delicious; Full Dressed Chkkens 42 Ib. 25c 30c Sliced Pork Shoulder, Ib Neck J Jones and Fresh Pigs Fact, « Ibs Pork Chops, per pound Pork UuHs, OO per pound __ w£C Skinnal Fresh Hams, 8 to 10 Ib. avc-rage, whole or tyry 'half, per pound ^ i C Lamb Chops, * f per pound 4rO C Pork Sausage, loose or link, per pound Pork Shoulders, -j o whole, per Ib JLoC Veal Iloast, home dressed, per Ib 25c 18c 30c Sirloin, Tenderloin and Round STEAKS Ib. All Beef Cut From Year! ing Steers Beef Liver, per pound Fresh Hamburg, ground, per 11. Chuck Roast, per pound R'ump Roast, per p o u n d Hib Koast, boned and rolled, per po ind .. Tenderloin ai d Sirloin Roast, Ib 20c 25c 27c 35c 35c 35c Armour's Star SKINNED HAMS Whole or Half 25c Plenty of Parking Spao · at the West Side Market. Phone 620 for Prompt Delivery, CROW IS NOT ALWAYS A DESTRUCTIVE FOE, OFTEN AN AID TO MAN Hiologusal Snrvry I rgos Bird Be Tfetiarded Will) Tolorn- lion )j I c '«nn or. fl pronouncom nts of t h e Oopartmenl fit Agncult iro on HIP crow problem huv'3 leen i tterprctcd in some qnartor/i by oppon- nt'i of the crow as deniAmltng that the bird he protcctofl. Such an i lurprotatlon, however, Is n n t w.irrantx by anything Iliat the lepartm«'nl liar mblishod on tho snihjx-L, KIY oflie ils of Iho F3ureati of RiolopicaT Si rvoy. ('hara- pione of sportal intores a, they say, sometimes forget that an organization likjc, tho Department oC Agriculture must l o K o inlo consi 'eratlon all aepecLa of i Riven probl m, and that it must advocate tho poll y t h a t soeros Ixat for all concerned. I i Itn application to tho crow Fituatior this is well illustrated by ro«-nt recr nnicndations of sporting ma gad ties 1 lat general campaigna be undertakoi against tho crow because of itf, all* jed dcetnic- tivenees to the young · _nl eggs of Kiime birds That UK- crow (iocs ha tn, that !t is ,i species vfr-\\ able- to ako care, of itself, and t h a t it. 1 local ontrol often IK advisable are )acte -vt -y generally recognlztxl. Approval bj tho department ot lota! control me usurcs, however, does rot carry with its approval nt country-wide ?x1erml ation campaigns or of fnlensivel organized drives ajyiinsl tbia bird Biologista assert that euch form o control ILS «ide litints have bcon K lowu to do more harm thiui rood, «i' re thoy frequently roflult in Uio l itructioc of innooe-nt birds of many c her species. Tho news of the Depart, lontof Agriculture on tho fooil habttf of th« crow Wore arrtwd at after a S'tudy continuing over many yoar, nnd were ba»ei not only nixm field ljeervatioiw ami testimony but tilso t pon tho laboratory raamlim'ionfi 01 more than 2,100 atoraach!*. This fol owing num- mary of the a t t i t u r o o f th» department is made from ,i bitllotin n tlx» crow, whic'i pr«ent'o th^ io«uH , of Javcstl- and not only stat s in an nn- war both the ha -m and tho govd dono by (he crow hi t outline*? a policy regarding this hi d that the findings soflzn to justify. The bulletin nU'ten thi the crow, when feodtfng on injurk as insects, rriwtaoeans, rodenle aw] -nrrkin, anl w h e n di6pTKing s*e»ta o beneficial plants, Is worUng larBofy for the beat ititerftsts o' man; Vioweviii , when doa- troying f-mtill reptikw, tmphiblanc. wild birdn, 3niltrj-, corn and some other crops, wncn molest! ig llvoetock and AlBtributing tteir di- tsvec-H, and when spreading HtrenlH it noxious planta, tho bird is orio of b© fanner'« encmi«i; and whei d«Ktro ing spiders and molluekj, its work ap iean in the m a i n to have a ru-tura! e fed. Th« niifdfi'dt- of trbtch I 10 crow h.w boon corn loted greatly ou ntimb«r ite virtues, but thoso an not nocossiuily in importance. M ch of its to croiis i nc pou try can be pr-vcnl«l, whik» 'he bin 's sorrlcets In tho contr)! ot ine-jct r 'Rtfl can ill be «psiriHl At thf. ; arne tir e no policy can be- recommended Hint will allow t h e crow to b omf R nun erotis as to great'y accentuatn i'e ^1 irtcomings. Tho crow hat inch great apacity for both good and h a r m Bxtormina- Uou of the 'sp^ch' 1 !' wonlc liava ulti- mata coneoqnetice ivo IOEW . enous than its overabundance, Inu'imuib a« thl* invr*t igation of the craw and its habitft aimed at re-aching general C'nclusi ns respect- Ing tho etataa of tlio bir ', in ord«r that the public a'ti^ndo toward it might be baf.etl oil nounc ecnoomic principle*, h'olnglsifl of t in department slate that the laws at presfnt In force in most St-ite-p rel ting to the crow aro altof;oth-r natie aclory. It la well, tltoy fcjiy, n protection be afforded tho bin! n n d t) at the- way be loft ojion for i-hooting it. when actually doing damage. B wntiee are not reeommendtxl, 'loither arc cam- pdigns or wholt^ak doetru lion where i imiplfrto extorminatlon is the object sought. A reasonable rodi ition ot Its numbers in wmfcidered just! iable, however, in araafi whcro the ci «r IB overabundant, and where tho viclonoe of itrt destructive jiracU-cea ta jlenr. The Biological Survoy irges that tho attitude of the Indivir jal farmor toward tho crow b«' ono o toleration when no aerloiw lostes a a suffered, rather than of sucti unoo ipromising antagonlBDi JhaL it results in the unwarranted destruction of b rcle that at times are most valuable a Is IJD muti. ) SS». 1 oniiellsviU l 's Bit? !)»-parnioiit Store. Phono SOO. All Silk Chiffon Stockings OANS 300 ******** If You Need Money or Any|| Emergency SEE US Fayette Loan Compa' ly t Title Trust Bid ., Btli Floor. Coniellf /Hie, Pa. Telephone 2*4 · Bondod to tha Su co. Patronize Thoaie Who At vextice Full Fashioned $1.35 heel the Improved French and picoted top. In new Spring shades--Florida, Silhouette, Simbrown, Light Gun Metal, Neutone and Blond Dore. TrontraiujV -First Floor. 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FIRST ORDER FOR UNIFICATION WASHINGTON, Koto. 13.-- tion by the Baltimore Ohio Railroad of control of I ho Buffalo, Rochester * Pittsburg, tlie first l i n k necessary to tlio consummation of its plan for development ot a new low-grade New York-Chicago short HIM;, wan approved WcdneikUy ly the Interstate Commerce Comml.Hi.ion. Tho decision, the first uniflcation order to bo handed down since the publication oC t h e ·commission's complete plan for consolidation of railroads, in which the Buffalo, Rochester Pit lab urg was included in a suggested Baltimore Ohio hystem, was lookod upon as a notable- victory for the Baltimore Ohio and a setback Cor both the Delaware Hudson and the Pennsylvania Railroad which had oppostd tin; application. The commibMon in 1927 rejected an application by the Delaware Hudson to lease the road given, today to the Baltimore Ohio. The order is believed to forecast favorable action on the applications ot Lh6 Baltimore Ohio to acquire control ot the Buffalo Sufique-hauna, another Pennsylvania coal road necessary for Us New York-Jbieae-o short line, and for authority to ibsue ?G9,- 0111,000 in yO-year 4 J-2 per cent convertible- bonds, part of the proceeds of which are intended to bo used to acquire the two connecting rail links. The acquisition oC the Buffalo, Rochester Plttsburg, essentially a coal road, reaching from tho Plttsburg dis- tiict and sewing Western Pennsylvania Mtuminoua mines, to both Buffalo and Rochester, will give the Baltimore Ohio several important advantages not now enjoyed. It Pays to Modernize Your Plumbing There Aro Many STEP SAVERS In the Modern Kitchen Accurate measuring instruments have shown that in the old fashioned homo tho Loiivsewife walked between twelve and eighteen miles 9 day in pursuit of her dj.ily tasks. No wonder she was exhaust-id so quickly. Toe ay, things arc different. Kitchens have been arranged so that everything is corvenicnt and as compact as possible. If you are not familiar with the latest developments you are invited to visit t uv display room and seo for yourself. No obligation. WHITE IT'S RIGHT" CF1AS. F. WHITE 13( South Fiitsburg Street. Phouc iH8-J Deputy Sheriff. Greene county has laid claim to having the youngest deputy sheriff hi the Stole of Pennsylvania when Carl White was .sworn into office by his -father, Sheriff James White. Carl was 21 ypai's ot ae;t on Wednesday, the ..· he was sworn into office. looking for Bargains ! If so, read the advertising c/olumnfi Itadlv Oouo-iar. ·VMIVUV Commercial all Kinds Done git U/e Courier Job Pointing Office.

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