The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 15, 1918 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 15, 1918
Page 1
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IT Connelkville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,710 VOL. 16, NO 15S. CONNELLSVILLE, PA., WEDNESDAY EVENING MAY 13 1918. TEN PAGES HUNDRED THIRTY-THREE YOUNG MEN FROM CONNELLSV1LLE AND NEARBY TERRITORY SUMMONED Actual Requirement For the Next Draft, However, i* Only 121. DATE TO LEAVE UNKNOWN Will Be home Time Between Kaj 25 and the End of the Honth BIG PKOisPtCT frf Cross Canteen Committee Ha lli_- Job on Hand Preparinc lor Outfitting This Detachment, Uie Larepst Tet to Be tailed for Service. On orders from the government to call 121 men to go o Camp Uee at the end of* the nontii Loca Board tor District \o 2 has , rejKred d hst oC names of d-artee 0 wto will be -ium ·uoned The Us* cou a ns the names of 135- men NO orders have ye beta -ecened as -o the etact Sate on which !_e men -nil! leae ftr Camp Lee With 108 men from Dis nci No o go ing on the same day Connel sulle ind icinitv » 11 be sending 2-' men n one contingent th larse=t *et aken Trom hire at one in-e There will be a larger han u»uaJ uraout of the people tc give the ^c ectires a sent'off ^c ive p-epara ions are being made h he Red ross canteen committe to 11 ppl^ hem with riecessa'ies for the trip The list follows W F Fnllgraff Cleiel. -^d 0 Uilliam Pitz Lancaste \fiohael Henn Buc-sley Phila CANDY OUTLOOK , NOT BRIGHT, SAYS A LOCAL MAKER Unorsmn nt Snirar Inr (aiming Pur- posis U.H hmoii'.h Una U at Uirlv I'af' Hd.~r* I t irpeniei head 01 the I n b tie C a n d \ o m p t i 1 - Ua.- rcluinea from C h i c i g u v erv. o auended the aum al tnt^trng of Uw Nat onal Lon fcctioiu r tLfa GC ittton of wMch he ii a in nbt,r f i t contention %va= at tended b\ over "00 ending maru'ac tureta of the couiir NaturalU t,V suga" »iualion WHS lo the fort. I v,to, eievdoped that ·-omc 01 t b c;, o* the prodnc e\ Lcedrd Ueir allotment foi ibc si\ mouth i not euding J u l j 1 and that Urn ftill fon»equen 1\ he greatly re- str cted du"in 0 ibe t,mainder ot the \ ea some ro he e v t e n t that taey rnav haie to craae business Jt was pointer out that he necessan re- (luirenentb for t he canning sea-son w i l l be *uet and then t h r cand\ makers w i l l come in The r r i b at_ tompam N well vvitli m iht a"ioun allotted Mr ( a ^ p e ^ t e r air! N e \ e heless the outlook r or th cand\ radt i-a not good becaus of t h e d e r n a n n t if-re v- il L for cannms The a m o u n t of sugar ised m the o a f L u n o n t r i tradt ma* be grasped o o n e extuit from knowledge that ho m ? r n f u , c t u r c of he s^ccv* stands e gbth a-inosg the mdt sti ics of the nauon NEW PLAN MAPPED OUT FOR NEXT RED CROSS FUND DRIVE Members of Teams V ill liwn ame". m Persons fhcj H isli to Canvass. ELIMINATES UNFAIRNESS ALFRED MILLER IS CAUGHT BETWEEN CARS AND KILLED Skull m flr'I Ivnoi'ii ^oiiiij? ^l*u Hie lVf«t Sidi lrn!,liel Plus ol 500 IS AIM OF NAVY LEAGUERS Mi Mi nnnir 111 H Ifref 1 Vlillei 1 and \l's thai I 4 0 iariK xetrs old son of, «· M i l l e r of Uev Boj Scouts Sf-Kin Initial Drm, House to House, on cfltJ street \VeM bid %\as instant y killed his moi rung *hortlj before 81 o c ocl on a repair track in Uie Bo.lti-1 rnurt £ Ohio vtird-s o~er and w is I c t w M i l l e r was a lab etn two Lars re- MAYOR DUGGAN BOOSTER Out- ttill Not HMC Vdrintasi Oiu Vootlier In Kleii I errlfrir) a- 11 at, ta»i in hornier Uimpaiirn llrun mi; to JHke I'lace 1 ndnj Vitcrnoon Frank Kmg- Skinner ^cottdaie iloysios J Sessong Pitts^urg John Thomas Ranker ^n John Henrj- Hams Cleveland O Nicholas J \oolas McKeespon Valonune Frank Hild ( onnellsMlle Morris J Grodrin Con lelKviI'e Andrew J Rilej- Conercaush Tomo Rodio, Bridgeport unn Vito Caulo Scoudate Rzynxmd R. Thome ConneU'iTiMu. Donald W Snider ConrelKviDe Grover P Adamo Conn Us^nlle Joseph E Sii.elle' Coun llsville JaTnes S Jaynes Son *i CameHs- ille. Henry Haberer Ccrapell Tille Harrr B Smith. Connel sville Jacob Gereler Broad Fo d Martin Harrr Ansell ConnellsMlle. Joe Moore Connellsville Harry McKinley Stont, Connijlls- "lle. Charles F Leighty Coan=!lsville Prad Vlslini-friCT ConnelUnlle Joseph Levendowsky Scrttdaie August Girard, Akron O Clifton Elmer Leonard Ininba-' Antonio Bucci Connellsnlle Francis A. Lafier Conncllsnlle Patrick Coyne Connellsrlle Campbell Yotaers Cantoc 0 Jamei Quinn Ererson. Edward Hannigan Conn«lls\ille Frederick C McNarnara Connells lie. Ralph Longanecker Conn^Ilsv lie Clayton. V Forsythe Pittsbarg John A- W Giaccaglia Connells- lle. Robert L. Colbert. Dawsor Rockwell \f Stillwagon Connells Us ftedenck Rampo Dawson [Awrence B Leach East Carnegie Mama Carosi ConnellsTill Albert Van Sickle Connel svi le Louis G'eaoon Grouse South Con- ilsvllle \\ illiam E Bloom Connell ville Patsy Rosso Conrellsvillc ROT "William Baxter Con lellsville Leander Seaton JunJiam onnell = le ^hafton King Oweosdale icott "ft Zimmerman Conrcllsville v incenzo Cielanie Scottfia Ubert Howard McLaughlin Con llsville Reuben Cleveland Rowec Connells- le Vnthon"v Bierhada Connellsvnlk Robert E Beatt Conncllbi. ilte hancs Bogeacsk\ Conne Ksule Varon Caplm Connells\llie ^agene C Lucius Connellsv Ue ^Ira R Young Freed Andrew Swks CocneUsvill ·hirles Itorsantivrti W reorge ^\ btanlei Buffalo N 1 Stephen Thomas Vveish Kvcr^on iertora McClelland Connel *vil e "rancesco Lollett "rtosonvown \ a l t e r B a s a e r m a n L o n n e l s \ i l e Arthur C Granell Connehs le Ibert "ft Alsip Connellsv Il» acob B Gardner Connell-n l i e Iben Calboun Connell^v I*e urtis Pier-aol ConneHsrHie obert D Bryn.r eaiopvr nd\ Gir^rd Connellsville ov Miner ConneilsvilU ohn Pete C-lebewski Owei sdale aurence vickclson Connel a i i l l e obert Tooroas Lav ton Daw oa avid Ralph Bal lev Cornel ^ulte at hew Brodigan CounelNvt le aeCfaelie Nista ConcelLs\Itie ornehu*' J»» Fab aa Cornell 3 alph Holland Cannell~vile Ilkam ^ Beard ConneHsvi 1 e red Schiffbauer Star Juneticn fen Pase Five. LOCAL CODNCn,_ORGANIZES (iO VP mill IT R^rtT 0| IU»T N t O F l t s fclPCts OtTict rs tor ^ f a r The loca council ifap sovcrning bods of th Bo\ S*~ou troop o f h° cit} tta reoream/rd at thp Cari**sie Fre* I i b r a r v la^t cish There aure 22 ·ntMooe s in hp counc ! w'urli ha^, r w lai geri =mce the nrsi coo^regafion la *oar ^ ·'itpr P ^chrnck was el^cled prp^idf it v in I \t 1 ounc P U Homer and F- C \ oore 1= \\ f ire^idenf- f \ T r o w 1 y ua-, elcloa secrntarj treasurer \ O Stor scout roiTLmis^ionfr u n o has b^n tirgplv rcepoo^ibjp for r h p -rawth of t h e rout iie^emem in hK cit\ ^a, re elected f harlcs \. C~ow e and L C Moore were named depu y commissioners (. oDnmstiioa er V. 0 Stone was namcrt reprcsenla- ti\« of -be Conne I Mile local council U he \a tonal rouncil \ inieung of eiecutnc commit-' tte of the Rid Cro-s i as held this ' afurnoon foi mtlin ng nc plans lor the cajupaigu o be ,jndu-ied m con- I nellsril i du mg tht d r i v e for a \v ir f u _ d Tht quota for UMiiillsville has betn fi-cd at $100 0 and the com m i t u e in .hai = e here w 11 put t o r n cierv ffor to double tha amount T h e plan of canvassing w i l l Ue somewhat different d u t m g the present dm e than last j ear IT tac f r = d r H c the ut} was dindoc into districts and ea.Ui te^ro given i district to co\er Tins ear i"re w i l l be 12 tearao ot wpprox jiiiets . mt-L each DHI to ibf b leri% Ixwn campusn a d the card 3 v,sem u^ed m H V*ie "" has iii-cn nore thorouHlib mduxpci tlrin PMT bfiorf \\ith too inl o' thOie c-rds ihe til) » i l tx d vidvd irnong t h t eams On Pi lda% [te-iioon it 1 » o c cW the t . t U i captains, "ill ieol a iff draw 'or ur porsonh h \ \MI! \"'t The cjiuim o' No 1 ti-m will Araw on. nii e followed n t u i n h tach of thi olh r captiin One narnt ai Jur-e -»H Je d aw n b c-cb capii 11 a h i b urn hp taking u n i l c v e r per 1 on i i ne cnooses In ih ·. » T V no t r i m w i l l get a richer erruor^ If in an other Tnc n rim w i l l be "\i n r W r u ev-\ rapU n ~uil b a \ e th^ nim^ of i-h" pro p t r t j his learn 1= to look up in Ji's s^' emanc war it is t\ pected that the city w i l l ^e tioroat 1 cohered The cam-iaifm a ill oix'ti at ruxm Monda \ Hnn«-r r tl he hell tt aeon if t- r w u r h the i-ams w i l l se I- * U hat) pr ous! h*en pit n"rt 10 h ld he dimcr in Ihe f i n i n g hu in orrirr cams o w o r k soon«r thi i 'en rhangra \t pacb ncori 1 »lll eat toer I er int 1 ib u r-=i 1 s of Jie -.rev o\ls A-i\ i moving i jick w - t t n vhe sh ting en pint f r o m the l o v r t r i c k a HifaUed the two tar^ together r islun 0 lh« \ouiiL, m tn s akull The bod\ i - c u n v d to I- untr 1 Directoi t.ha'-leb C MitUiell s A AI lors and prepared for 1 uml la er b ing liten to the Mil er home Noun o' lun"ral la er A l f i t t l M i l l e r WT, oni of the best k u j w n v o u n g m u of the %Vest Side ind was \ c r popular ttmong his f r u n l s -\ number of his joung boy t r i c n i s v th w h o m IIP was p a y i n g j a i l last rush' !"lppeued alon^ on thtir w u to cbool just as trainmen were removing the ! d v of their com panion from the engine in addition to his parents the u n f o r tun UP voi ng man is survived bv sev eral hi others tnd s » era A brother John i in rn lifu-v service COAL SHORTAGE IMMINENT inlpr fie coal %\m SIX TOJRADUATE Coinaieiirenient at SiiiftlitK-h] (o Dp Spt-ci i L 1 hi, '"oar cr S \iITHn ELD Mav 1 0 -- ^c\ V* M. Hjan p ached the batcalau-eate ser j moc to the graduating c'asa of the l high bcbool faunda eieamg The / graduates are Mar Jami^ou Lhza ' tfe h \braham Rutii Leech J D Moab. Orval Ma'hev,s and Paul L 'Bowman The unices v-ere b e d in , the Baptise churct v,Uidi was filed j «.o capacity I Comoienceraen rsercise \\ 11 b» neld tonight At the same place BIGM1YALLEGED South l^nnellsville Man fh^reni "^Tith Warrjiuc Housekeeper Thomas C'ifford T Iutckinson South Conne'ISMlIf has been lodged n he Uniontown jail on v charge of bigiiray prefeTcd o Uis wn-e Margiret v^ho c!am« that since she and he separated 31 ye^rs ago he ha-, mamed his hous^ keeper Vvrtlp Koontz Hatchmson (loQics the second mar ria^e charge ^nd as=erts the Koontz wotran has been on y his housekeeper The ease ^as sent ip by Justice "William Henry of Moyer to get tS pHn has ihe team - port hr iiork Tbo r 1 inpiiEH » i l l last f om Moi nav \Uv 20 unl 1 Monday M i -" II has brer mioiinrtersuol 11 sc ne sect,ons and the impiesslon ha, p'e- vailed that he campaign won rt end baturdiv "^laj -i The execute c- L u n m l t e of the Fa-vutr cotnu ch ipt i has. been t i ins for some L me to locate a man to lecomc P \ « u t n e secrotin r l ibis chapter Men eip-ricrcert m Red Cross w r r k are in dem ind since the. begnning o' he wai ard lliere has been some difficti't! in aecunrg a sec retarr for thi* count) An cistern nan s m \ e-w and mav come on to this charter F U V. right of this cu** directoV i of the bureau of supplies for the Faette countv chapte^ is n the east and ! bas placed orders through the Arperi can Red Cioss National headquarters i for goods amount n£ to {15000 These goods wil 1 be distributed from Conne ISMlle A garment cutter bas been ordered and w h e n it armes u w i l l be install ed a f the headauarter* here \\iji raw matena and cut ei both on hand the goods will be cut and tf'en turned o\er to other county branches to he finished In this w a m u c h hme w i l l ^ be saved and tne garmen-s standard- | i/ed i M t u n t i O T i V \t I Imn I a5t, Sa\*, Ri«l 3 ,\s«oc ut_l f ress ^T I Ol IS \ I d \ K -- laless I roducl on rfnri irt i^porta ion I [if. i i t ^ [ e f d i h ncroased lo^t tc s Cut I shortage v« It bo nupUcatcd w i t h Ls cous^qut-il \ fTorirg imons Lhc poof to uid c irta. !men of \\ IT n dus r r » ntior Keed of \Lisso\i 1 -! n r ^ i t f t e r t r trrd"u in ar artrirF-ss Jw fo^c hi MI^-»ISM,PI \allni. S\a er v.a.\ retention Thv m tp i rt nvai mirus tbu c i ^ r n ^enaior R f r d ^aid ha r nn l~si 'ban 10 th? en n -nondi^g fwia^or nf 1 I" .in d ran^pot .at on r aciiit. ca u h i l r inn o v c 1 cannot copn f u l l ) \\ th the = tualior u n t i l t n r gnrrn r r r n t cnplo"v« eve i pos-ihl* ijency v i hm s pnw cr AIR MAIL SERVICE ON f arricr*- M Plam Start From e*v ^ ork and "V ishincton P \ « ad i f 1 f r si \\ \-Hf ,r r r r )\ M-u ! V i r p l a n e mil f m T f f w c r n A\ i bingion and N ^ w \oi\ t i en mt ) op cm on today iv en L*fr Ir m a i l firrif r piloted M i k u enint C ^i ,, I 3m ! J ft Poio mac PtL. k or I h 1 idclpb a at 11 -Jo o ckck I itr h t i r p t n o ( all 5 on I «jph» to Kulh l« Support of the Mwhi . I'orter Hranrit of Organ UdUou, ! "Sea Po»,r w t n t to i l l Hho lojiu A t t u c a.ud corcoiud efio i to u. crea, c he i etnUcrbli p of iL\. ! tv.m b for _t Brdiifii of be N..IA\ Ltiigue from lets L b i To to an oigdimaiou oC i u JH rsons * i I bet,i i T bui bdij Bi btou b w i l l me JB o a hovis in hou c canvns 1 ! colic LIES membership t a r s ti^u V iut,d lat v, eeli i h e iLeii ot lUe ] topic of t 01 utlls villt; ilfiliaunt thtm-af \t, t *. vMtn ibt Sav 1 0-a.i-iH ifa urged 1 -v \lavoi John Diijjb 1111 ' n LriahDiu in£ t j he L a Led staies Sliipoinj, Boa d a cop of ilu rebO u t j o n s j.dop ec! at ihe ti ie of th( appearance 11 t r high school hal f ( . a p t a n U H SUMUD en dors u £, the «ork of t h t b u a i d md plcdg rit; the confidence and support of t-1 Lit M a v o i DiifcgTii s u s Vfav i «a^ ill 11 t h e M u if (, n n n o l l s u le h a \ ( been n v d k e n e l In ( a p i a n sta\lon t r th^ t f i g i J t i r 'i c -\ th u \ o u are facnife and boiny; arou^ cu w e ai o holding 01 r^o \ e c in rcadi nesa o bo of *e ICF o on m ovc \ wav possible In c-l o HP i p t t c r t r n t h o m n % o r ( h i r l ^ P r? \ OP prc dcni 3 r t o M) pp is Biarcl sd v m K s p i n t ni Jie 01 izon^ ^r Cnn I HP l ^ M f i e a^ hov-n h^ t h r rpsolu ion adopted h then: is JUM i h o p rn hai « II do more (.n -A n t-o \\ai 'rin iry-tJung eter I h a \ ^ ^hf w i h p rop^ of Lhf n?^hitions to n r i h Mr H u r l p v \nd Mr · h - w a h inrt i i^ ffr n f M n c ; to all nf us ID k n o \ t h i t w« ha.i" i f t nur romminrt ih* 1 a r r ^r-irrn o r hp I pro-Dip nf r o n n p l l ^ i l n 1= ^ P T; tip n hr-r r IK« v i s i t e d n^ Tar!?i n ^'iv MJ?fNG AT 1LBEET GROWS Aostnan and German Holers 0«t To- ircilipr and \irr«t on Kmtr** ior Cap- tnred lh?ii«inces Jn^lndjnc I rth- iian-ia, Poland and ConrlanrL of t nf t h e nation f n m u e b n bf t h e NT.^*- j panif hf m a ^ o N cr i m^m^pt "ship in n n'uire* f rt^cr rmj w i t h t]r* nend^ of i h p mi firhr f o r c r ^ ^^r·^l^p^^hlp tn fh^- nrcnn 7 rion hr nss fro? nf chi ep ( h r -^ias nno ^PI Pnwnr " w h i m ronta mnntih'v -i-ticlp^ of ^orpacii-p; i r t o p-=t or n i v n i af-iir= AT DAWSON TONIGHT M t t \ OTi-K Ma; I T Ai~p'ane m ^ i in U e L [i K 1 bu.ii s Kas a ttii^uraicd o l a \ v, i L a c ,tj\ernmf at l a r p l a n r piloiorf in I letitcttani Toruy Corporal Gftiranss 1ill fell II \\ -bit I c f i Bel i m Park at. n 30 V ' \r f \\ itisQi liron w u h pouches con lairing c ome ( jOO Ic tci HAVE NARROW ESCAPE Local Ucn ^ f a r Deith iHien Thti I n l i n e Tnrns nn Side ^ \. Geir^er aad Bruce McCartnc 1 LOLJ ot this cm ·ftcre in charge of t u tugi"e of Baltimore i, Ohio train No b" v.hich v,a^ virecked i\hcn i struck i lock on the iraiks on the 1-airmonti branc Mont*i mghi neai Glenn ! Balls Nci hf man was severely in I x p c n c m e s in Fr-mce. Co"pO a Covidns w h o a* rr; LG in France %M h the Canad ^n arm and is a)U" ng Jayot ^ count} 'n he interest of ihe Red Cross M]J bpeak ai ihe co u m u n n v ^ r r icos a the Baptist chu^rb at Da-wson this e v e n i n g at " 45 o clock Corporal Gorans M i l re'a e son e of I K eiperieiicej, ard boosi thi. Red Cross COMMITTEE NAMED Kaiser's Troops Essay TO PREPARE PLANS ' Recapture of Position FOR ITALY DAY But Are Repulsed. BOMBARDlSTlS OPENED Hoe-ion Nfn-th of ITnntdidicr is H t a v i l v li tht Uav J i , V u i u u rsun of Italuin F n t r u i u Jnt/i ^ ur 1^ Uf Ma4t N a, ni unit o i ouimktoe r r j ai IA^S la^ j) $,lji th b i s p) to r or uu n.1^1 a on o' ]i ilv Dd-; nn ^.-v _-J wore ma.ri \ n A C c u t j c r nn itpf io h a v f CD ire.t f i lie or 1 a ion *a.i n a i u t d r o m o r i \ i gJi mcKms w i l l b* held o p r c j a r * a r ogi im or iht da^ Tin. role idLifj^, A J 1 r j t om o- d i f f t r ni J t a l u n i,ocic it.s bLj. H 11 nc for e \ c r \ ltd. ian in he co^t r r g on. On f b* Id.r 0 ,h j,at c r ngs of I t i i lan r v c i bt i] in hit. c t\ )s expected l b ( ^ ( c i n e n m ) i l e f n a n ' i e a last l l i e J l l f O l o w ' lia r i an K t \ I nnco Dt; V J ' v o as MSI n cba.j"if a.n \Jfon.s» iiasilonc Ru i I ana U A.u-id Glu^opp fdn- crct o r omin is a Dalducci Afltoaio I' 1 i Domtnico \ o n a rii ppo Di Te la LJ UD-O Cup "at;gi \ico a. Pe-r a LO// \n onio \ orrds Ro*c.rjo Pr ^ ua 1 ! nice co B 05113 S cola Gent U ^anunr T ccon^ bo.1 aioro ^ ari c n oa r a n k I la i i ppo Roorr j Do nau "N r: n a Michelp Donaad o l-i i l p o Ga.j.hi d iiciiele Molinaro \iieneo l) r ^ ^(\is Ian e Dr BUsw ji i 1 - p,o t o rduo Kaim"ni5o tia?!i rt 1 G a n ' o r r i d o " \ U o r J o Jcr?! ( harito ^ i pi C n npo lasearo ],,·" Jv f r f - c r r / o D P i c r r o ^ pfa n \loiE;rI i f niacr Passrro (. d -i ac san nine Nicola Rraz i zio Nain ni I-rank Pu 1 a, NURSES^GRABUATE Plas.^ 01 S^T«n H w f h t Oiplomn* .at ^n^ i r f l The CGJ f r 'Of NT P! F VSA.M Mai ,, -C r^ j J 1 n-, "^Tfi^e for ° I U I C G « o t^e Vemon? ho=pi il ~j,m nc r\ ool \TC c bf 1 f 1 at t h r \lr hod «u 1 pi^i"*c.I r J n r c s U t v o^ jprnc-- ^ Biad rio^k «?-. c **h^ r nar nf the "'·OIIDC R**\ i L K io\ rtad" n f l i"Jd r e-' : R \ ! E Ha-t"ian prc. c en rd b i plor t* I n i l c p - i n g t h e ^s^-cis^s ** u n i t re cpt en v.a=: ^eld ai the hos- P ^10*1 Moln I e J OT \ t b p 3 u"sdale v ild-rd Kalh-Fn Brooks Connel^ illc U-TCC }a r - ^r le Brooks Con e!K\ Do I i l l J i m jLrabak Coc Mi*^ ard Llla Jeaa Huon t o n n t j l s - P4RTS Mai i a -- French troops yesterda e v e n i n g attacked German [ po^mons uear Hail eb on the from bc- lov Ainuns and. c*puirod a v.ood's on tie T^est ban^. of he \\rc- n\er it = arnoniccd official^ The Germans made d counter aitack and ^\ere boat- en off with b ^ e i e IO G SP C During he n gb! here ^"as a Molent bomhard- nuni Tonh of Monidid er --nd 1 c- t^'een iontdid er and NOVOJ ^RFIJ LEIM i^( RI \^PS n not J O N D O N Mav J 0 -- T h e German dr- ( lle''^ n i r incrc2ofd i ^ morn n? D i a - M o r i a n c o u r t snut 1 - *vlhc»-| and in J-lande s nor b of Keir-n el the. r fRce roporu i iriT B \ T I I F ^ \SOTHI-B FARl^ Mai l TM^rpr.a Ba\Iie; o' \f-w Bedford ^i' l o r of hr French Tvmp nro urh doui another Gr rf s ^rorf 1 =. nnw n n*? chine-^ circe Fohrua^i 33 ri OTC PT?OTTVrr«i t O N H O N Mai l-i - Tbr A j ^ t n a n aid Cermap enipp-c r; al th r mor njj a be Gf"nan grca* Ticanquar r r ^ German n^w^papor^ =:a\ a r r n r d i n c o an srhange Telegraph di c pa;rh frn-n Copenhagen «elecira nonirnhs for I ihuania Cou~land f sihonia nnd Poland NEWS YET VRUTSTTCF \M si VTS VO^COW Mai T O A.n armi^ ice a^ been concluded between the l_k- "amians Germans ana Russian^ on tLte Ku sk frcrM ind Jae Rasa an legation is making an effort to ?rran£6 ao arroist-ee n the remaining fron Geiiei caw tac rocV w h t n ue ram w a b onH about H O c ir leogt^ ''rom it He called io McCartne^ f idt 11 ao and jumped The t.n£,ineer put on the biiKe:s t h r e w on the an and jumped 1 t f ng no urned o ^ c r on the engineer h aid* ! eiscnrmg No ,, qualified ^ a per cent L brri^ o w n d i n n g UIP w at Libert \ oan campa gn T a,rc 417 rmplovc^ at ID* L^ri^em No 2 p\art jQd t--ei 1 * 1 i er i 1 subscnpuoEs ap-g; ogated $^_ t B\ery emplove ai i^p w o bLnber a tp to This UUJ'noon Irrnal 01 Co. I) lcro«s o( Confirmed L*i to late oda^ no caras anocainre n, t 4 « r =a f e a r r n a l in h r a n ^ e nave betn ecei\fr f i o m Te nbers of (. otn- pa \ D 110th Regiment Cards recened aerr fro-n he si ! dierbo" c a e be! e^ed to i_a\e been mailed J J ^ L as the\ were leaving an c "nbarka on carrp 'or du ^ o ericas A caid received by Co'onel Jo.mei J Bai ntwi from hi 11 son Bvans L. Tarnhar prc unaab \ n Ailed on the ocean L ted hat £ m =a Ing I don i know (.he name i the noat I don rnovi \ \ i h r e I m §0125 L s STORY DIP TO 1 FRROR. 4 ^lav 15 --The statement I taat it hao been deciced no to u» ·imerjcan forces in FYance until they had become a complete nowerfui, self supporting -Vnsenean armx was i ncQir°cL and due u an en-or in conx. j p j l a i i o n according to a sta ement re- cened from the B-^ish government j b^ the Canadian government a 'nd mad a pub ic ap oScial nevr« Mr; lohnson ImproTinp Mrs ObC ir Johnson of I niontown underwent an operation M o n d a ^ a the 1 niontown hospi a! and s getting along: niceh Mrs Johnson previous to her marr ige was Miss Jean p jg man t a u g h t * r of Mr Tnd Mrs H E Pigman of 1 as Crawfoid aien te PITTSBURG GETS PL4NT DEATH CALLS HALT OF PLANS FOR AN UNUSUAL WEDDING AT SOMERFIELD \ c^t^rday wu.s io have been the wedd DL, da.% of Joseph Humbertson of Sonurhe d wi^'th coal operator and Misa bthel j^urham of P^ieida uile Md but d(ith atepped in sudden I v and changed i.he plan^ The certmonv was to aa\e been performed on a Baltimore . Ohio tram at Some- l field as it stopped on H^ way to Con, flueoce LO distharge and recede pas senders t it wlier \i arrived tht re no i bnda.1 I an gladdened he scene j M- Htuuberv-on -^ras isur ear\y and , ai he station awajung the arrival of thi? ira. u ior rnendsMlle where ue v.a^ lo m t t li i indt A half hour before uain t.u t there ca,me i mes ^age sa^ma that Mi-,s Dunha n had died MicMerh d ns tht r i g h t Big -turc.\ man though he is Mr Hum b».rt- c on b r oKe down and like a child -Vcco'ding io ufor nat on from rnend-.ville Mis Dunham u a t^keD *-uddenlv iU about 10 o clock aft* r eau rag a he rtr supper she died ^iih n JO mmiHCa She had spent tf e day on her wedding trousseaa and was in high sprits to wuhln a short time before hr*- death 4 Joe HumhensQD. is well [ al over Fayrtte countv t-orme-iv nc Has justice of the peace at Somerfield He is « \ear« cvld Miss Bunham w h o j P as 37 was a daugh er of George Dudham j The tnar-ia^e licence uaa procured ' m Unsoiuown and the wedding was l arranged for Somerfielc! because Oiat was the on 5 Fayette countv c top along the line V Ur a e party or friends had a-rauged o meet. Oie couple and give them a sendoft A, Confluence minister had been engaged GoYPrnnrent Onlpaiicw I icton lo bo Itailt Near D a t e B \ t d I r s WASHINGTON M - V 1 5 -- \ e i 11" Island u tne Ohio U P I near Pit s burg was selrcted vest i div bv the \\a-- D c p t r t i r e n t as (he tc for the gieat g o v c i n i n t r t o i d n a n c e p l a n t to | be butU and operated i i toe mtei or j M ork w i l l be nushed ^s m p i d h as possible TOG Ne i l l e Klaud plant \nl\ be the I largest m the « n r l d urpassing een j ( h a t of the Krunp 1 -, n Gerrranv It ^M 1 bp h u i l ind operaRd In the [ [ mted States Steel Coiporauon at the ^olicilauon of the government I o Build R o u n d h o u s e G \V \ d li\ 11-The Baltimore SL Ohio rail'-oid w i l l b a i l d i a large roundhouse nd lurniable at i G r a ' t o a work to be s u i t n l Ij find he ost to he ab ut ^230 000 accArding to vrcrd ro/ ci\pt bctv, tot-a 1 - f o u r tiet Stxppt ork I our prison01 b N CPL j l v r n sti cec sentences b ^ a ^ o l olin Du to {an mis morn ing GARBAGE 11PLOYES QUIT Kejiort lleacbid H* n I hp-» W e n to Be 1-ind," If ix s«H \\\ f i e iien cmp!o\ea b3 U e c ^ in the col e do o garbage qin \\ork toda^ 1 h rf wjs no c-oHc-rion in iLe c i tod-u I ho men ud ti, \ understood an en IK IIOM forct \ a s e oln^ to he put !r i\ c k ninoi r v. i"d resigned bt f o r c t e c o u l d be Gred ON O V S I M FT ^ \5HI S -GTON Mi\ J-L--The cs^u- alty list ioda\ con auied 120 names dmded as follows K )kd in action c, died of wounds 2 died of accident 1, died of disease o d^ed of oTJiec c nises " wounded iCvcreh r w vounded slight 1 ^ 4$ m ssmg in ac- ! HOOPER ACCEPTS TENDER AS RED CROSS CHAIRMAN; WILL GIVE BEST EFFORTS HI \« I- ROM ROSTOV. \ia"\ lo Rostov on Doit. \\ e largest c fv in t ic Don ( o=sacl£ erntorv \va i ecaptui ed tnda^ b\ t h r Ri *5idn -o\ et troop=; who out ibe Germans I-in T o s q $1 no«00 T C \ av lo Tire s U u t i n s in tho boiler oon of the Cmighlin , Sons s h i n v u d s beie ean this mornirg did p=umited at $1 jOn 000 .-- ^, lakt 0er 1 rotter The ^accabtt baseball team look Trotter OM.T ai ra\ette Field last night n an interesting gome 4 2 The \taccabre sluggers bat ed the ball I when runs were needed and fiplr'ed ^ vtitbout ^rors "W-iih, a successful opeun g of the season the K 0 T M «*Sepegation ex] ects to keep on ham mering out \icton-^ Sold ojjT tias sold nble house aUon. was (·oini; in VI ishmpton Miss Florence \ oon of Poplar Grove has reccnrd a government ap po nirnent anr 1 will Jeave =oon r or V-asbingto-n D L to Uowe up her new work I air inn warm FT tonight Thursday parti% clontl piooablT showers is thf noon mea her orecast ro western Penn^Uania Temperature Kt t( rd l U S D 7 Maximum ~3 t»7 M i n i m u m oO 1 Atean 63 5 The Tough river re-nafru-d stationary during the night ac 3 3o feet. 1 Thomas J lioopei rec».n h ected { pi b d e n t o-f the C o n r t l l s \ i l k ranch oi the a j e t t e c o u n t s chapie ol Llie Red C ros^ las =i b f u d ins tuUm* ness Lo accept t h e jffict Aiid declatcd bu i n t e n t i o n of gi\ mg it hi- b st ei foils and a te^tiou f u c o n v e i ^ A t o u v, lb a Co net re -rotter ho s Af»d tlui U had LOI Je f e r i t d raikug up hi=, nmd lo u\.tj) tUe pres dent^ )f the local bi v n c i Jt rough 'W tiaiucSmauon o a sin u tnat "psponsibiiu but because L tirst wished to set ihe w o i k uudent o he ) T h i r d i ibcrtv Loan campa n * it of I the w a ^ M i Hooper was capU-in of ^ o le of he learnt, aud d e m o t e d ^ va-*L j amount of nwo a n d eni. gi to tl-i 3 w o r k ' I iivf manj othe bus* ineu of Uie cU he slid I cou d excuse m j a c l * 1 Ou ma-n^ ground 1 - fn d t c l i n m - o tai e on any a d d i t i o n a l b u r d e n s 1 t J f- ' t h a t n t i m e s 0 urfcent need It | is the patriotic d u l y of even pe-son LO do no ouh w h a t he or he feels it ! ibo i obliganon o do h i t to do evon more than thr p u b l i c considers to be tbei- f u l l sl-a'-e In per'orminff atr* sernce foi which we maj have apa-1 tude or abilit' that will directl; or n d n e c t h he p to v. \ tlie \ \ a r no 3ov [ nu/cn v iouH count an; satri fict. of itn^ o th ir ov,n personal m e «.s^ 100 gi^-ai o made nc iht" Moula he\ h c b laie because ihe lungs uc\ tai or ai P -equ red lo do d? nand iinu uai o long ( 0 Li ucd ef ion J L is ^nh j\ the dit,p]a\ of i l i i b pi"i and TM]lin t o ocs }j i on conn u\ P b ionn «io mill ' n d P t e r mm at n an 3 p r j o e ihai tin. «ar v » i l l b \\oii n he -sljoi e possi e i m o uul uli (b least cosi n nun a-^d nionc^. I v\ 13 not pre^uin o i u t a t . in the arucst erilui^ia ut ^au f" rnf il w o r k t r s of JIP l OT3 isinllp - - i r c b of th«_ KeJ C 1 o j noi\ or w b J 1105 ·; vl] u ) I '·eajjze ihai he 12 1*1 v\ a aio in char"p of i " p '-cve-ia de- pa men * ar c IJMI ! an ! f f f J c n and k~m\ i or al on the HO k -an won d bf» r»s sble fu u ^ to iearn hence i ftouk ht for u^h e v e ^ i \\ ere i n c l i n e d to dictate to them [ vvi a merely to show m ia er« ir the niagnni*icent work t r i e\ art. doing m\ anprecia ion c r the scr.fices ihc^ a i ^ mailing and to encourage and help them, n eA^rv pObEibleua^ ' MOSCOW A\ o -- Th Cat casus -oi rnrucnt has yroonsr^ [ieaco iepo- i j i i o ^ 1 orei^u Mi"i^te- Tchitcheim ^ iformeri | v the ^ u k i h govcni- n u n L I W I I S O N OBJK E S TO \ ill ( O M H f PUOB1. ^ ^ ^ H l v r T T O N M a \ I T - P i c d e n t Vv son IDLV corh-mcd report tbrf.1 r ibiec s m an i n i o s t i ^ E t J o n of t h e meral c o i r i 01 of no u a r The Prt stnent i n f o r m e d c c i ] a i 0 i M a r t i n ihai e h.d n ) ohjec 10:1 ) mr mo sua c h i n m j u i i i - in o t L ( a i c r a r t "J U i l l ' 1 U M RO .nnm v i i i IM t H \ f If ! OK J(l } I 4ItS. / L R I C H b t t i t / e r ^nd \ a ^ \ ^ lennr' li pa !i o b Ni c \?- t h ^ m e i of \» u ch -j^s i AU.SI r Gi.r ti i Ua ice w tii.vd o i j r ioJ of 2 » v c a r s me uri« a nil w % 011- V 1U in All (I p OM(Jx for ltl o eS £ tcorom c and customs rtiai on s ^T I OX.1^ M a v o O HO- p Toucan v. nn n trp carh da s o' t h p \ a n n u a ' bras* P u a « m i^airer and. fir=t ba=enan nf the C l e v e l a n d club i no pnri killed himself here today a period o r

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