The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 13, 1930 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1930
Page 7
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY IS, 1930. THE! DATLY COURIER, CONNELLSVI XE, JPA. H. V. OVERHOLT NEW SCOTTDALE TRADE BOARD PRESIDENT Chosen at .Animal Meeting of The OrpnnivHiHon Ljist Kvenincr, ANNUAL BANQUET IS VOTED DOWN to The Courier. , Fob. 13.-- Tho Scott- rtale Board of Trade, at its regular meet.; tig at the Y. M. C. A. last evening, elected officers and directors as follows : President, H. V. Overh-olt; vice- presidents. Georgo Sharp, Vincent SolSKon and George Ferguson; secre- tary-reiiauror, 3. S. Cook; assistant seertury-treasurer, Ivi.n Kornley ; directors, J. B. Hurat, K. B. Gilbert, H. P. Graft, Ernest Ovei-liolt, K. O. Kurd- ing, Thomas Byrne, John II. Gordon, TCdwurd Byrro. H. M. Ruth, C. H. Lxnic ss, R. R. Graf;, Harold Kritschgau, J. M. Pyle, Ckxirgo Ferguson. John H. Ruth, ElfHit LH.nghcrty, L-eo X. S'eint. C. F. Lewis, J. L. Md-lall and Thomas O'Donnoll. Th* new officers vil; enter uou their duties tho 1lvst of Maro.h. Til* board had m u c h di.Hcussion on whether a banqu-ot should be h-eid this year or passed up on account of conditions in the boro igh. President Thomae J. Mill n^kml that there be an expression from evory mail present and I hen called for a vote. It was the »en«w there should be no banquet under irosent condition*. To have held a ba uiuet. worth while, with a good apeaKsr, would cot.t around $3 per plato and at k;ast 2o- tickets would have to be sold, it was said. Tin* board w i l l spo i.sor u public meeting likely to be hold at tho armory with a speaker from 1'tttHburg who w i l l diHcn?* for the louul mer- ohatv and the chain store. Tlvmas J. Hill w i l l represent the loard at tho bamiuet of the Monesson board on February 25 and Invited any other men members ol the board who wlilH-d to accompany Mm to Io so. I'lmrch t'ouneil in Session. Th Riblo School or St. Paul's IM- t h e n m C h u r c h imt last evening at the r U u n h . On the c o u n c i l are Virsil H. Miller, Verda Sn:;i 1, Thomas C!il- KOH, '.'. :.-. Uo'tzer, HuroUt Van Horn, HarW ('. Kns-el. W a l ' e r Beritsf. Kiiy- tnotu Baker. Charlc.- Ixnieks, Margaret Fen ton, Kthol U-oaensK*!, Mr-s. Don K. Baker, Mrs. .1. U. Uimbort, Mrs. Harolt Small, Paul Stlneman. Oharios Tilery. IClmer ' l a u R h m a n , Mrs. Illiroici Van Horn, Mrs Albert Small iind Mrs. W i l l i a m Hawthorne. M«'ii's Chorus Ranqutst, Tli- SeoUdale Male Chorus will hold i t u " a n n u n ! banquet on Monday eve- Ding at fi:.'!0 o'clock at the Reformed C h u r . - h . T u r k e y w i l l be served. The members of the cnorns w i l l have their wive. 1 , HiHters r mothers ivs guests. KU'iai-ntiiry Tests. Th't swond group f tests to the fU'iiH'iitary schools in Kast H u n t i n g don t o w n s h i p w i l l be ;;ivea ou Kriday morning. K.. II. romm-oncenient May -J. M a / 23 has betni chosen as the com- mwieement date for he East Hunti n g d o n Hisrh School. The sneaker has not b ,'cn a n n o u n c i - i l . M a n y V)IMV UNplny. l,ui"o crowds h!i\t; IXXMI attracted to th.-j' Scout display in Plttfiburg strt-o Never has KJ imic.h interest boon shown any Scout movement as t h e r e h a 4 been in anniversary week this year. Field Kxecutive Frank I-ark-r has charge. Business (Girls' Dinner, Tli- Business Cirstl Class of tho Y. M c A w i l t hold its monthly dinner F r u i t y evening at C : 1 3 i n , tho rooms -it t l i ·- Y Ml menilHv.'R who wish to attoni are asked to g( t In touch with Miss Jennie Becker. 'aim! The man who wouldn' ; drive his motorcar half a mile when it's out of order, will often drive hi i brain all day with a head that's throbbing. Such punishment isn't for one's nerves! It's u it's unnecessary. A tab of Bayer Aspirin will relic ache every time. So, this accepted antidote for spare yoursel;' a lot of m fering, Read the proven and you'll discover man. uses for these tablets. aeries; to check colds. sore throat and reduce th For relieving neuralgic, rheumatic pain. very good wise, and et or two ve a head- remember pain, and adlcas suf- directions ./ valuable For head- To ease a ; infection. fceuritic, answered that question years ago. It in not. Soms folks still wonder if it really does rallevo pain. That's settled! For millions of men and ·women have xound it does. To cure the cause cf any pain you must consult your doctor; but you may always turn to Bayer Aspirin for immediate rclitf. ASPIRIN Axpliin is fo» trade murk o Bayer Manufacture of Moaoaceticaddeater of SftUcyllcmcid o used to wondt r if Bayer Aspirin was harmful. The doctors OUT A GARDEN? Strange Garden Kiinships Tbe lettuce and oyster plnnt arc '· cousins of the dandelion ai d tho spin! ach is a brother of the pit weed. Koi tanical relationships In he jjardeu seldom are give urauch at ention but i t h o y are i.UereeUug. To the family 1 of which U;o lettuce- and o; ster plants ; sire racmburs we owe a v f c t (juantity of our.moiH b e a u t i f u l g.wan flowers. This family i:s known as the com! posites. It is so called b( cranso each i (lower is reaUy a he-Mi if a great | number of tiny flowurs f l u . tcrel upon . a single stalk and so an :ingcd t h a t ' tiiey appear a? a sins;]:; b oom. I The lottuec and oyster ilant wlien they go to seed s',ep out ini tlie world with feather - l a r a c h u t r s j ist as does the dandelion. This is a tr ,it of many members of th-o family, a though not all. In the flower garden tb i most imp o r t a n t (-·ompo'iltes are tht asters and zinnias. The chrysanther uni in the srecnhouso is another us is also the ! gorgeous cineraria. All of tho date lea j belong in this family. So io the sun- I flowers. Perhaps tts most imjtosi-ig member in the garden is th du ilia. Each q u i l l or petal of a dahlia is a separate .flower and the dehlia bloo u irf a col- j loction of s veral hundred bloom*. ' Kach quill in Utached to a seed which if fertilized bv a bee or other means, will ripen unc: become one of a collection of seeds upon a flattened top of tho flower stalk known botanlcaliy as tho r c c s p t a c l i . The cosmof is another member o'r the great fatrily of composites which j in number ol genera and species i: J | tho largest 1 \ the world. Wo are j sreatly Indebted to this family for tho I b e a u t y of th-i garden. While other ! f a i n i l i t j s c o n t r i b u t e more Kcnerously j to tho vegetables, none has Ri^en ! more io the- ft-jwer gard-on. j The artichc ke is another, vegetable : of the composite tribe a l t h o u g h not I grown in many sections of! the coun- ' try. While this family includes annuals aud perenniaiB it has np trees or shrubH uativ: to this part ot th-e world. In the perennial gardem the gaii- lard'iaa and pyrethrums are its .bent known members with the Shasta duhiy and the little English daisies of early spring. The marigolds and calendulas aro two of Hi; most popular members among the annuals. '40' -The Danger Age For Most Men lltieh 111 Health of l.atsr Years Duo to »ir)cct «i Conditions First " Noted in Middle L». Wit i i n i i U U o iiKo n P m o n t s ,,,. P t v o - i h i r - c l s of t h o - i , ' past W. I t is t ;,;,,, . . , - . . - y ·''=»' W 1 ", 1 S »uch lls- i t c . s a ; 117 svuii.-toms ".M, t a i . i ' In ba -i; ii'ii'l ( l o w u t ' i r r t u K l i (,-rolr.s, s i - i i n t ; - '-'"t f r o f j u o r t l . « n i l i i s I r i n a - I ital.i il'y ^ "* I''i«k of I-'on-o --sl.oulU Ht i).i(-. ; r v tin 1 aimi7.ini? \ - a l i K 1 "f Ir. i n a r k : : b l . ' VM'.U.; »r i:tl.»TABS ha- been p r o v i - i i b y m a n y y,-;«r:( i i f .siio««swful ua--. W h ' l - n e w '..i l a r k : Ii . K o p o r n - i'r;" '''-"· f o u n d , - i n y l ! n t . « l - i t r i c U I' i v A T A I!S." l.osf' t h i n s ; i»r l i l , t r u l y TV- UK! ITSM-H i t c i IT: "1 n n v c r · t o iny caso u n t i l I r i i . V t ' A I S H .;!'-.· t)--P In- \\V:iVuit!Hn fn:d 50 CONVERSIONS RECORD REPORTED IN MILL RUN DRIVE Twelve'More "Hit t?ie Trail" Wednesday Even hi-?, Fox Press Agent Says. TONIGHT WILL BE FOR FAMILIES mo! c p a i n , no mo: o · i i l ^ b t : . I now .tliM-ii s ' l u n i l l y a n i l S'H u| i n ' ( h i n i ' i r i i l n i f f u l l o f ; i r p -- - t l m n k a t " t ' H A T \ i : S ! " - - T h i s in ;ui u'/.ltiK ovl(Inn·:··?! N o -iiiitl.'!- I I I M V ' O U R vim h i i v i s b e e n ! r i ' i i l ) l - ' ' t or h o w s l t i b l v i i u y o u r cato t u n y s-.-.:ni \'i \«\ n f - t i - ' - l u y t e s t of Dr. S ' l i i n i ' v u - t l i s r U \T.\BS o f f p r s i o v i f o f t n i l - ' n l i e f a n d y o u '.Mr m n k c ( H e t f - s t ^A i ' . l i o J t i-l-'U' ^r o o H t . t , » r I ' i i E o n i M - v i i ^ Co.. r · a n y K"nl d r x i f t i isl. w l l ! s«t'Vl}' ^ H ! ! «··: « i i ; i f . i ;i!ti o f i n . / n « % y hark i f n u t Hat .Mi -.1. Try C K A T A I S f i l : i .v '. · Ai; - Tho revival spirit is sw oa in tho union rovlvul a with 1^ more "hitting the o'ren'ing, making nearly f Sd far in the meeting. It night and nianv families w either aa a whole or in ;ur is to bo k n o w n as, "mother ter nig-lit." Kach ouo IK to .s b r i n g tho most, mothers HIM to t h o sorvlco Mothers am of different, fumilios m n y by nu i n d i v i d u a l If ho is U brings Htrcli to !ho nufetin^ Saturday nlg'IU I C v a i i ^ o l i : w l l f rolalo lilij l e f t story clostiiK of tht'. mooting IK with tlirco K«-v".icos for vvi conriii'K Sunday. Kiicl) ovoni:i.|i; th-e evangi ins H llve-mlnuto talk on t r i j ) to the Holy Lund. ·piiiicr rig-lit Mill Him, trail" last 1 decisions VVJIH tami.'y »re pi'eivent i . Tonlffht tad (hiugh- o who can (laughters 1 daughters to counted e one who i C. .1. Pox A grout ox pec tod ry ow the ROMK. »t). K . - - - l ' n - m i o r .\ was thv- laol. n i - ; l i ' uf the Prosis C l u b of Uonit; uu.l «nH to t h o ! covi'i^f uoi'xU'nts of rmwi- papem from 1:5 [ u a t i o r s : "1 do nrt ;\«k t h a t you pr«!ie | UK. JJi.t o n l y t h a t you l o l l the t r u t h i. c i r c u s Hn-riks t H O I J . V N V O O I ) . ft't-h. · I!!. V l r p i n h i j ( s l n r i l . , ^ b a r l i i 1 'biuU.i'-j loading wo - J man, :ant. u i R h t iiiniou u-tHl tho i u r o i - i Iriiitlo.'i of her t-nif.w iuiU to m a r r y l;u*t''i W - - t , X'-w Vn Ads, vrfto a *mul!. "A lot of people want ffrollttg that comes to the takes Christ i-a personal Sa they t a k e him as (ie-Hvercr "A lot. of people are havii I'ard tinw.' -slni.ply b«'a!iK iiot doing tho will of 1 won't staiu? fur a l.hing Ilk* "My fist-nil, if you wan your Wiiy iir;.isin'fni8 ami i io h a w Kn\ KU-C(^H, Lin fu!!o\vlinj wliuro (.loil Uiadn "if you do not yield tc prat: Ions revival liko thin oi w i l l Bii'.'cly bo siifrich!«ss moi;t ( i o d In jtiilgmt.Mil." BETHLEHEM C. OF C. TO BE BANQUETED AT MT. PLEASANT President A. M. Hepler und 10 Others to He Guetits ?fcxt Thursday. i / IDEA EXCHANGE IS PLANNED Special to Tho Courier. MOUNT PLEASANT, Fol). 13.---The m«rt:hants' divlulon of the chamber 1 of commerce will hold a uanquet iiaxt Thursday overling t,t 6:30 o'clock at the United Brethrer. Church; Guosts of honor will bo A. M. Hepley, president ot the New B«thlehem Chamber of Commerce, and 10 of hie fellow mem bora. The readies' Aid Society of the church will eorvo the meal. Tho New Bethlehem men will liavo an opfwrtuiilty of studying nome ot Iho things done by the chamber liorc, und tKiine-ot tho experloncos o? lh« work they -have done in thofr particular flokl wili bo brought Lo Mount Pleusunt. llHt is giv- liln rooent f h-f* joyous Inner who v"irr bo-fore ? a mlfsrhty j t h e y a r e ) d and He | that." to mrika you want ii mart 1u you." (kid In a e thori you j when you wtit» ai DE RJVERA MUM CONCERNING HIS VISIT TO PARIS PARIS, Ffl». 1;!..--FoarinK t h a t he "may cause trouble" in Spain, T'rimo He Tllvera, former Spanish illriator, in s a y i n g notliiug a b o u t his mystori- oua t r i p to Paris, in w h U i h he han endeavored to m a i n t a i n bis incognito s t a t u s . » "I irom1»oi friftstlfi in Madrid nol to say aiiythlntc for novoi'al dny-a," h! said, 1n an' interview t o d a y la tln Journal. He Kivera -was traced to an obscure hole! in the. I atiu quarter, whero thc^ i - x - d i c t a t o r 1mci hUiden away after it had boon announced he would stop at :i h n i o t in the Vendome district. I t n r i r i g tlu! a f t e r n o o n lu- was f o u n d in pontoiial r o n v e r i a t i o n w i t h MarH-hn! I'oialn, i PAGE «^ Onr Standing Guarantee -; Sattafaction or iour Money Back. inning Annual February White Sale Our February Sale grows greater each year realize th git ^featured items are advertised that mean genuine savings. This year our tured iten i is lingerie. Here are hundreds of underthiflgs at worth whjile reductions. Pajamas ^· ^ 95c Hand made Porto Rico pajamas! Broadcloth pajnrnas! Crept) pajamas! Plain colors, figured (lenlgua, hand embroidered. Some with blouse -of figured design with white trousers. All in pastel shades. Hegularly; priced £rom $1..26 to ¥1-39. Chemises Nainsook chetnlao In regular and extra aizes. trtm- «i«J or with tailored tops. Pastel shades and white. Uegularly priced from $1.25 lo $1.30. 95c Princess Slips A featirred assortnwnt at handaome Philippin» chem- lao la white oaly. All aro hand embroidered. Sizes 3C to 44 only. Now specially priced at Rayon and broadcloth slips with hem. In dellcato pastet shades and w'liitc. All with the ViiilH-up/ahouldei- or tailored top. Some In extra sizes. Kosularly sold at $1.25 and ?1.39. Gowns Hand made and hand embroidered Porto Hlcau gowns In pink, poach, lavender, green and white. SlzeB 15 to 17. Regular 8Gc values. Special 95c Porto RJco, Phllippl ic. crepe --innslin and voilo ;own» in wanted shades. So-ne hand mside and cmbroide red, otli- orii lace trimmed. All Htylen. $1.25 and ?1.39 values. . People at prices first fea- exquisite Children's Underwear Crepe Pajamas 95c Made of fine qiraFty crepe in plain colors and fancy figured designs. Sizes 6 to 12. Regular $1.25 values. Porto Rico Gowns 95c Hand made Porto Ricac gowns in sizes for children. Choice of pink,, peach and white. Regular $1.25 values. Bloomers Mado of broadcloth, crape and lislo jersey with satin stripe. Some with reinforced saddle sent crotch. In all pnhtel shades and white. Regular and extra, nines. 5So values. Porto Rico Chemise 95c H a n d embroidered Porto Rican chemise with tailored top. Sizes 6 to 12 years, Regular- priced at $1.25. Children's Bloomer* 29c-39c B r o a deloth, crepe and nain- sook in all colors. Sizes 4 to 14 years. Some with the saddle seat crotch. All are unusual vnl- u e s at these prices,, ·^ i BULLSKIN WOMAN , DIES SUDDENLY AT MI. PLEASANT .Special to The Courier. MOUNT PLEASANT, Fob, .13.--Mr; . ]AK:|G Siini.ora, u get! Go .yisartj, \vlfo .' JJMIHM S«rt.oro of B u l l f l k l n t o w n e l i l j , died at the homo of Antonio Sunton . Diamond atrcot, yeel.roday whllo on i vfell. The body WUH rempved lo th : f u u u r i i l parlorn of .). VV. .Helchmti; , prepared for burial tind taken, to lit · home. Mrs. SiiiitoTo is aurviveO by hervhus- bawl and tho f o l l o w i n g c h i l d r e n : M r : . Ijizzle Mongoluzzo, U n i o n t o v v n ; Job i ami j Frank, Mount Ple-iu-iiinl; Mn . A n n n Pologrotto. Mrn. JVIargar : Mall.o and Mrs. Viola 'J'oHaur':, Mom -. Pleasant, anl 1'atey, at homo. T!i! f u n e r a l sorvicb w i l l 'ho Jiol i Saturday morning at 10 o'clock, at th i St. Jjernudino Italian Catholi-c Cliurc i by ilio pas-tor, Ilov. A. Di Santo. Jt- · tcrmont will bo made in St. Joseph' · Cemetery. Tar Keeps Rat $ Away A sninli q u u n i l t y of tur of tho sor ttmt Is used by roofers for eiosinj suaiuij will cfTccllvuI.v d r i v « ruts awn; from clit'lr lairs nnilcr porches nru slmibir jirnjecltons. The tar Is simpii coated on the inaido of the holes don by the rats, iind If pen'odirally np plied will result In I he of the ocsts. Civil War Veteran and 5 Generations iTIve generations of- one family Is represented in thia photograph. Comprising W. R. Johnson, his laughter, granddaughter, great granddaughter and great great granddaughter. They all live at Camden, Ark. Mr. Johnson, / who is 85 and a Con- 4«jJin-ut» wtf.nui ^f Aa Civil War was bf" '" Itf«Nair Cmnty, T«nn.. and moved to Cnmde.ti, Ark, SJuwft in the picture are: Mr. JohnaOn. Mrs. A, .£. Roddick, age. (Uj Mrs. T. M. Whlta! 30; Mrs. Minor I^amkm, 18, and Mias Mae Laml in, eight monthn.

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