The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 13, 1930 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1930
Page 6
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I'AGE SIX. /HE DAILY COURIER, CONNJILLSVILLE, PA. .THURSDAY, FEBHUA7TT T7f, . ~\ ·+4HF++++++*** P E R S O N A L M E N T I O N **+* i +i* "J Mr anil V r«i J. V. Shartzer of Pat- n v e n u e attended Tuesday pr- i o r noon t h e f u n e r a l of Mrs. ICva TjaHKliertv at McKeeaport Mrs. D a u K h c r l y w a s a urandtnother of Mrs K h . i r t / p r Wo carry a complete line ot Valen- l u i o card*., Valentine**, lamp shndre, and n a p k i n i Everything for Valentino Day, February I t t h . at Kefltner's Book Store- 125 West Apple street - Advcrtlse-m ut.--Hfeb-3t. Mrs H.inUa n. Brown of Kast Patterson a v e n u e was a Uniontowu visitor ;. osterd.iy. Mr*. H a r r y K Schenck of Rasl "Irc'PU strict t was tho guest of Mrs W. P Schcr.rk of U n l o n t o w u Tuesday Ml is El«uior I ' r U l i p . a student in the OfPco T'alnluK School, Unlontown, w i l l spend t h e week-end with her p a i - enw. Mr and Mm. I'. C. Crlslip. Mrs. Kratiei.s Seose and Mrs. W. K Herwick oi F i a n k l i n avenue were P l t t s b u i j r visitors Uxkiy Mrs John B K e v n of N o w m y e i avenue went to Pitttiburg t n i s morning. Mr*?. J. I'. Kngk'ka ot MeyertwI.Ue, w h o had bien visiting relatives here, went to PiCaburg this morning. Inipioveiuent Is icportwl to lie \ c ? i y slow in the condition of K. A. Gamble, brother ot Mrs. John Gaal of Vine street, w h o lb ill at the home o£ Mr and Mrs d K Tore, near S m l t h t n n . Mr. ( t d u i b l i collapsed tliroo weekd ,is« 111 t h e K i u i t h U m nchooK w h e r e lie la a teacher Mrs J. IV. F r i z z t l l of V i n o fitrcot w,n tho RMt'St of her mother, Mrs. J o l i t i l'um t vKu of West N e w t o n , to- Kuiu nil D i r e c t o r A A C o r r i s t a n of Ohlopylc. "vno WIM here on bublm"-t), 10tin n \ l h in PLEASANT RELIEF FROM CONSTIPATION s o i l ' . ( · h o o k s l ^ r , d r o o p i . n d f i H C . g h t o f V O I U I R , V* t e l U l V 1 Hiv lU'd. i t r a s a l l o w ind ciniwii. L'n- imnpK'i. K t e i i y--ur s y s t e m , rul \ o u k c e j . ttio b e a u t y »t I t - t t-n.-rtrs I t s I r r e s i s t i b l e TI t-n l i f e is not a f a i l u r e C l u ^ K c t l t i o v t r - M n 'd i n a c t i v e M e r f M U S , p O I H . I I S t o SOI t ' l l O l l ^ U tl!0 S J S - t c m K t i i l t h v n ' i l s i r t j ) and w l t n it b o u u t i n t c n - " r K . I ) l *- l . u ^ a ^ . Ulivt- TiiiU't* w J l l l i ' l p S.IVP j o i i f t o m t h H durk. 1 » u i . l''°r -* ^ r ' 5 · i e ; h a v e tit en p i - e s f ' i l i ' - i l In il i c i oC c a l c i n e mi u ···!! » iv t;n t i t - k m s c h d i U h ( t e x i ' i n ; f-o".« o n i M » i U ' n They easily ,iiul s m » o t h l No ilin^i K'riplriK. l " l p n i s r h r i v b e f o r e l e i l i l n g . V Th OH sail Js of mf urnl w o m ' n w o u l d n e v e r e w i t h o u t D r . r.dwurils O l l v u'let.s, i \oi;ijtiilli compoutnl. K n o w H u m by t ic.i o l i v e color K.c, t!0c .uicl )KH \ll I r i i K K l s t a . - A d v e r t i s e m e n t MANY ATTENDFUHERAL 9F MRS. M'SPJVDDEN Mciny t Mativc-j and friwids atteuiel t h i - f u n e i . i l servico for Mrs. Rebocca M HixuWc n, widow ^ J (.'. McSpadOen, held \\'ed itt,iay afternoon In tlie lain- i l v home at HorkvKXxl. Kev. \V. A VcClellai 1 of P h i l a d e l p h i a , i f o r m e r idf,toi ol ino Reformed Church ot R« k w o c x l , ofnclatfi. The Somerect (*hapter. O r d e r of the Eastern Star, holt! a .ST-UI-C at th* hou«\ Inter- m e n t w a i in tho New CenterviUc A m o n g the o u t - o f - t o w n pe-rf.on'^ at- t e n d i n g the funen. t swere Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Bitlne'r, Mrs. \V H. Johnston aurt ( l a u g h t e r MIK« Mary, ot ConneH«ville. I l a u ' v W t t n e r oC K n i i t h f l e k l , Mis. John H l e i n «in 1 son, Gt'orge, and daughter, Mihs B e r t h n , of Mcyc-i'·dale, Mrs. Mary Drlt,oll of Joniif-lovMi. Mr. and Mm. OorKt' Hi-ish. Mr and Mrs. M a t x and Mib.s Idi A m l f i f o n of Pittsburg and M i s Sampson \V^ods ot Wheeling, "SV. Lenox Held Under Larceny Charge I f o m ' · !enn\, H», of Huntsville M a , \v. -, held u n d e r $500 bail for court \v itn arralguc-ri bt't'oro y I'nioiJ- tov.ii nHlernutu on a c h a r g e of l a n e n \ . The intontuition WU-A fei-i-cd i i v Private C l i u r l e * Taylor of th« S t a t o Police w h o investigated the axe Lenox was charged with d e s t r n y - 1 a;i valuable m a c h l n e i y at the nlatit of the Yough S-aiid Company, near h e i c , w ' l i l e t r l i g to steal "junk." It was f i l l TCH! t h a t m u c h of the tna- c h i n c i y wa thi'iiwn i n t o the Y Uiver. Mi Son Itorri to Hungers. id Mrs. A r t h u r T Hunker of Unity announce? the birth o! a Kn oi J a n u a r y 31, the second uon In the tarn ly. The bano has btsen uamed A r t l i u r Thomas H u n k e r , Jr. Mr. and Mt. ITi n k e r are w e l l k n o w n in Fay- '·ttc* col u t y . Mre. Hunker waa Kie«;.i llrosky before her tnarrtege. Aunt Het W V ROB OUT "I sa\\ It v, is tho preacher, hut I just let hi a knock t'c! bean needln' a goo I cry 1'or weoki, an' once I got sla ted up I wasn't goln' to stop for n body " YOUTHFUINES BEAJTY dependent up on a strong' bod -- - ARCHABBOII STEHLE DIES AT HOSPITAL Special Lo The Courlw. I'lTTSBt'RG Fob 13.---Rt Rev. A u r e l l u p Stehl. , U S B , archabbot of St. V i n c e n t Arclmbbej and presi- d e n t ol St. V l n e n t College and Seminary at LwUrob and p r e a i d p n t ot Hie CuthoiU' I ' n l v e i s l t j at Peking, aiel at 10 ;!5 o'clock 1, st n i g h t at St Francis t-li'.c waa u nati're of »· h« was reared and i l y truncation At the j he waa oid-aliteil to j n l y arthabbot in the i i I'l.tsburg, A p r i l ::o. St. Viiuwnt Gcliolaa- N o \ H i a t e M l Profession, J u l y 11. ir i,r Arts U«.;ro('. St Aichabbol i P l t t s b u r g v, hei received (us e: ugo of 2U yea the p r i e s t h o o d He v \ u s tl\e L'tiHerii riiates. 1S77--Born : 1S»5- t i c a t e . 27i« why of a clear tkin A clear, smooth, lovely dkin. sp«aka of rich, red blood within. It- is Nature's outward reflection of internal healthiuiness. Men and women, both, Tustly covet admiration and all may expect such satisfaction to its fullest uxtent if they are the pos- uessors of a clear, unblemished skin. If yon are unfortunate In this respect you owe it ':o yourself and friends to remove the cause. Nature will then provide the complexion which is so much desired. More important still, strong 1 healthy blood nourishes the body and rights against infection and disease. THE GREAT BLOOD TON 1C SINCE t 8 2 6 Loss of strength flabby flesh and skin e r u p t i o n s are but a few of the symptoms of a d e e p e r and more dangerous trouble--a lack of the normal c o u n t of r e d - c e l l s i n t h e blood. a dec r skin, N OTHING is more 1 cautiM, more inspiring, more glorified than the supretae tnanifes ation. of Nature in thi human bod . Those sparkling eyefc, that cl ar akin, that firm flush, and that vigor at action denoting vitality, bespeak loveliness and internal healthfulness. And so, is it not our birthright to b masters over our own bo lies? To be sure not mu h is said openly a b o u t j e r s o n a l handicaps, -- skin ilemishes -- tallow c o m p exioii -poor health -- bu secretly they influence i lany im- poi tant affairs. Skilled physic lans recognize the appe irance of skin blemishes, 1 ck of appetite, flabby iesh and ' oss °^ ct\.evgy a i an indication that tr ; body's power of resista tee is low _. lh at there is a leficiency of rel-blood-cel J. Style a Day Palm Beach's Achievement? This is why set many thousands, seeki \g youthfulness .rad be; uty, have taken a course of S.S.S. It helps Natui s restore the blood to i s normal state. Without plenty of rich, red-blood- ells there would be no s t r o n g , sturdy, powerft 1 men or beautiful, healt! y women. S.S.S BUILDS STURDY HEALTH For more titan 100 years S.S.S. ~his been helpi ig people regain and retain their strength and charm. It promotes healthy body building. It increases the irnmSx ? of red- blood-cells. All drug stores sell S.S.S. in two E zes. Ask for the larger size, It is more economical. Q s a s c«. at fcM. Vlnoont ISi'J -- Trirni' ISi,'- Uuch. Vuw-etit Collcf. 1S9I5 -- Soloni J u l y H. 189S -- Ma.-te V l n u o n t Collet IS99-- O t n u i i Dl»pons,itlou wa.s not of cai l S 9 9 - i n i S -1 and Master of cont Art-hat) be 19 18 -Electi ct'jit, J u n o 115 191 S -- Klect l^gr^o, J u l y 1918-- Htosst F. Ilcgi.s Cane I'rofos^iou, of ArU Degrw, St. · etl September S. i'apal iot«\'f-iry Ixnauso he onical a^« ro)(\fior at St. Vim-wit Cort-niontes 'at St. Vin- C h u r c h . 1 Coadjutor of St V l u - n contlrni-ed by I'apsl d /..bhot by Kt. Uc.-. .1, In oi Pltt»lurg October results. Try them. 1P20-- Be -ai u Aichalbot and !'r.»sl- d«at of St. Vi cent College, September 3. 19:iO--l)ocl( .· ot S,iCi-c(l Theology De-giec, Ronx IWA -- V i , i t , tor of Ainerh an Ca 1 *Congregation of llenwliflltiCB ^1 -- Koun led ( athohc Univcisity of I'eiphig, C ilna. 1921-- Appo ntefl cniancellor ot Cdth- ollc Univer.sfi t of Pclpiug. lU2i3- IJLct r oC Laws Di-grc*. XJni- s o i b i t y of .\'o re Uame, I n d 19I!6 -- Hear Kiiut-e-d Visitator. 1927 -- Doct r of Literature Uegroe, Duquesoe Uii vrbiiy, rittsburg 192t -- ItcapDointeit Cluncellor of Pciping 1929 -CUU I to Hoiiic by l l o l y Father u di v uss p l a n s toi the establishment of ii seminary at the Catholic University t Pelping w i t h coinule1! courses hi V illtAsophy and Theology. 1!)29 -- A u t o g r a p h e d Lettor I'roni Pope Plus X I comincn Hug his work in tho Client, uldr* s.^ii !·! lit Uev. A i c h a b b o t 19W-- Died St Francis Monpital, Pittsburg on February 12. ITCHING SKIN BANISHED BY ANTISEPTIC ZEMO If t t c h i t i f f , h u r . ' i i n g skin mAlrea l i f e utitioaralile, q u i c k l y apply H«mo, the sQothlngr. 'olinjf, hulsible f a m i l y u.ntlsoptlc I'hou'UUKls Ilnd t h a t Keino brlnfTu a H If t relief from Itclilnjr, helps to draw ou local t n f o u H o i t and r«- niocu the ski i to uor.-nul. For -0 year* Xfrmo liAK b en c l e a r l n R up u k l u , re- I i e v i n j r p l n i j les l a ^ h and other skin U r l t t t L l o i i M . S e % e i ' b,s w i t h o u t it. Sold evei v \ v h e r f - .'iOc, tHo a n d ^100.--AA% r;i tlseinout G.O.P.NotOne Of Nullification, Declares CHESAPEAKE, OHIO i CANAL DRED( ING Miss Marjorie Oelricha, of Palm Beach, Fla., wrearmg: a silk coral beach robo of red and whito as she prepares to cnjojr a day at tho be»cb witlj a minimum of «»inK..i~ C U M B E R L A N D , lid,, 1 __ I report of tin 1 p o s s i b i l i t y r : of n u \ I g a t l o n on tht» (' B C itivi P-i '··· j Ohio Cium! K sir 'iiittlu n MCW YORK. Kcb II! --A r c l U ' r a l i o n i l!f «, of , Rn ,,| MU'loy(^ oi the* R e p u b l i c a n parlyV, stand *n I dixxlpiug tlu u p p e r bas 1 p'-ohihltlon by a iwiding nic«il«'r of j locks at f a n a l stret-' ha.s t'iO party wan lu-fort the N a t i o n t o d a . ' rfupci i n t ^ n d n t i t L uwood W a l k p r . Tho Speaking l u t o r f r-uo m i i n b c i ^ nt t h p ' c . i n a l hiuik-j !um also 1 -en bounhod. N a t i o n a l KcpubHran C ' u b , K a t i i c r o i i u t l T l n - c . u i . i l t r poa KM! niiv Cation about (!'p Hotel Astor for t i i ^ i i -lUb unmwil 1 tMKlil j o i r « .i,;o. L i n c o l n dinnei 1.x-. t night, Het rt'tary of j Tho !«-ad m, w l u u f h^ e wan Un ti \\'ar J'jririck J. H u r l e y , dor la ml t h a t wt by t h e C'UHb -rlanJ nd V c n n s j j - tho Hesuiblicau p a r t y "is not a p a r l y J v a n l a Railroarl s veral y -.irs as), b u t n u l l i f i c a t i o n " i '' ' b s ^ n "* f ' anotln r ivhar could fru«Hy p r o h i b i t i o n ' ^ !)lliu :lk »' UK C '"' B| tra '' k bsl(nv Thorns -licet. Jt. is bid d t h a t thcro WOMISiTARTED STUJ)ENTTRAFFI(: OFFICER PLAN WILL BE PUT UP TO BOARD 'b, 13 --Tho resumption psape.ik-c* Ac d b a c t t v i Work of i lo feeder u n d e r O Hurley's u t t e r u r n os .u cini« a Cow minute-" n i t e r c l u b nu-m- bers aros^ ami lratik a (oa«t ot j J i i n - j era! w a t e r to P r c s w l P i s f lloovoi, "Tho R e p u b l i c a n p i i r t , " «ikl I f u r 1 *y, "i.s pi(MlRo! by iw mo?' recent I ' . a t f o n n . as w e l l as liy nuwl ^.icit-*] tnirlition. lo u p h o l d th- Coiit-timticri. "Tho istli Aiiiemim.Mit IK a |)»rt of UK- C o n s t i t u t i o n . We m u c h talk (f t h o i i u J l H i c a U u n o f llml anutnhneiit \y violation of it Tho air is f u l l of Miperllcifal. arpiiinentfl a h p u t prolnM- !ion am! pL-raonal (ju.irrela and con- dicta i n v o l v i n g it "Abo%e ai! t h i i (lircu«f-!on n"^ clarrior t hore In ]ut-.t one clear noto, | .in*l that ib that t n f lU'publican p a r t y ; un.l the Ilepubllcnu PreHklent, f a i l h l t s l j 10 their trudtUoim, n r » -.landing rcho- u l o l y by 1ho C o n s t i t u t l o n . i "Tho('on»titutio!i o- any law pn.ictprl! oy Congress m a bo i c».jcalo«l or inoli-j eel by the o r d e r l y Dtw^Ben provldw! in tbo Constitution. Tnc iicpubiloivn p a r t y iH not a parlv ot i.un'flcation." The incrc-aae in Federal jurisdiction over urhn! aiil mt'-dc-inettnorw 'was cit^vi by X f u r l e y "The itateti arc o o u b t a n t l y alxilcat- Inj; portions of iliolr police power lo the FeOera! Government. In sonw in- 6tanct« (ha state government*! are l i t e r a l l y shoving their police responsf- biMHes over onto the- Federal Government. Federal jui Isolation over c r i m p and misdemeanors committed by c i t i - zens of the various statee \» constantly increasing. This is u daiig-erous tendency. Tho jMwer of local government should bo increased rather than di- inlnlahwl." Other apeaker« \vcre Jacob Gould Rc-hurnian, retired anib,.. u isador to Germany, and Dr. Will J I u n g , exchange protcsiov of history at Htuvard tlni- v*»r6ity ts about 'ID Iwata at Villiumsport, Sharpsburf, and Oeoi\ etown that could br snaiio he v i f p a b l A rc»por Ha..-, been p evalont t h a t '·nriall t i . U v D H h nl IJCMJO ordered and ! A or Kioie l)oa!; in tan .^m w o u l d ITO lowed. Former inployt t h i n k , how- i MT, tlia.1 i n i i l f j would IQ ustd a i in ino past. Kccetitl} Hie .-hief o arrin f (igi- neerh, who eanilnvl th · canal prop- -rty, stated thai the c; nal could be a n d de-'pt ued md could be t o the Yough gheny lUvor ,ind Pitt;,our to t h e Oh o Hho-r, con\ \ i t h I h o prop' h-etl Juk«s to- canal The m a t t p r of s t u d o n i traffic of- fici.-ri! w i l l be bron-'ht to th^ attention nf the Hoaul of Kducation and If a p - provfil JM frivoii the i p f | i j i r e d numbei ···f boy-i w i l l l« s e l o i t f d tg go lliro i ;a I wo w e e k u of t i a i n l n g bpfcire oe'a? to t h e i r dutic-s of Police John r. Wall on Mondav a f t p r u o n i couferrNl with S u p o r h i t e n d o u l of Schools Bela B. Smith Mr S m i t h is to bring tho matter b e f o r e t h e school board at ta uoxt session, it was aaid. Circf Wall niuf Mayor H. D. Minerd aro entlinsi-isli · about the proposition and feel t h a t the 'iclionl boy ofl\ would bf ,Lbia 10 ,uld much to ihe m f f t y o£ the s t u d e n t s crossing streets l e a d i n g to the various parochial and p u b l l f school b u i l d i n g s Classified Bring results. Try tbem. M o t n l i t y lt» Own R«ward The Krcnt trouble w b the pt-oi'li Is the., do not know -nor/ilitv Is » good tbing of I t n e l f ; tin y believe It I- soraedilrif recommend 'd only hj prearliers for religious i JUBOBS.-- K. \V M r m i h t ? Wlicu You Want I Use tbe Classifh*! Ai M-rtia«m«ntB. Custom Tailored SPRING SUITS Now Reduced . 10% Woo it of Feb. 8 to 15. I. J. TA1LOK 12i South Pittsburg Street, e, Pa. POLICE ASKED TO FIND F. MAULKIN, SALESMAN of I'oJice John C. Wall has bee» asicod o help locate Floyd Maul- kin, Poland Ohio, a «aksman for an oil and gas company, who is believed making his regular business calls to towns in V atertt Pennsylvania. Mr. Me ul) In Is wantocl ut his homo! at once us MB »on Is critically ill. Any information regarding tlu v man should be sent to 'hlat Wall imniedla^ely, A THREE DAYS' COUGH IS YOUR BANGER SIGNAL Co«f Jis from colds may lead to serious tioublr. You can slop them now with Creomulsion, an emulsified creosote that Is pleasant to take. Creomulsion is a medical dhc\veiy with two-told action; }j soot ics and heals the inflamed mem- ltr?ne? and inhibits germ growth. Of a!l known drugs, creosote is rewig- nired ly high medical authorities as ono of the | reat«;st heating agencies For coughs from colds and bronchial irritations. Creom ilsicm contains, in addition to creo- »ote, oibur healing elements which seethe and heal th stop tho in goes on to U the blood, al and checks i Creom ulsi lory in the colds, bronc bronchial ii for building or flu. Moi after takin; Ask your ti · infkmed membranes and tatioii, while the cieosota e stomach, is absorbed into acks the seat of the trouble lio growth of the germs. n is guaranteed aalisfac- treatrnent of coughs from u'tis and minor' forms of tltations, and is excellent up the system after coida ey refunded if not relieved according to directions, niggiit. (adv.) CREOMULSION /·?/? meCOUGHFROMGQU$ WAT HANG ON Boy of 14 Faces Chair for Killing His Grandmother Uy U n i t e d 1'ress ANNAPOLIS, Md , Feb. Kl - A H- year-olit colcfi-ed boj, Leroy Tyler, faced tloath In the cloctri'; chair today. He w a s convicted y^Hlerdiiy )f m u r l e r l n K his 7r.-v»nr-t Itl grandmother, Mrs. Mary Kllen Tyler, after robbing her ot a ilollur. tie i-on- feasod the iTlnic, sfiyiiig ho had been drinking. The jury rtqiiared only 15 minutes to reach UK vordict. StMilencfe will bu paaBod by Jud^e Robert Moss, »v!w said, d u r i n g the trial, tlie only way lo chock crime la to itibtct tho extreme penalty. ELECTED MEMBERS OF HONOR SOCIETY MOUNT PUflASANT, Ktl. J3.--An- nouncement was made yijstej'day of the decision of the faculty of iilgli school which voted by se ret ballot tor the new uiembeis for the National Honor Society, M o u n t Pleasant Chap- tor. They lire William Oeterwlse, Beulah Wnsliabaugh, Lloyd Kozbelt and Mary T-eluca. Dreaded Amphibian The u-lfkedest crocodile Known I* the Jnvo man eating "crock, ' (t sometimes RroVs to S5 feet tn leagth la It* wild stale. _ under ilie strain «»f a COUCH ON his toes -- ra*in to go--^jiep--push! Stored up euerijy a n d endurance. And yet, a 15-minute cough spurn ·will bringbJni'Jown ·weak--exhausted-- unfit. Mc-dical science says rhat a s\iasmodii cougli is more veitk cning than almost an ' form of bodily ext ·- t i o a I: v r a c k s t ic nervts, strains the Ii ;a- mentj nnd tears st the c k l i i a e e m e m b r a n e , of the diroitcln fact, it a fecu almost every vital c Few people realiz s the serious effects an o dinary cough may bring. Wh r»your boiy is wei.kened a id your enerjrf »n" resiatan e is reduce J, thac'i the ti ic when dangerous germs mal e moat headway. your Pertossin checks coughs quickly bccnuse it gets at die tsnmtdtatt cause. It relieves the cough by (I) clearing the chroet of dangerous mucus, (2) soothing the irritated throat tissues; and (3) quieting the cough in a natural ·way without the aid of harmfiij drugs, Pmussm is absolutely safe because it is a purely herbal preparation and is pleasant to take. It does aot upstt the stomach nor disturb d i g e s t i o n . Doctors i n the past 25 years, have prescribed It for cough* more often than any other advertised cough icm«dy. Keep a bottle hand? at all times. Safe for children. Ask druggist or doctor about it. "DON'T COUGH YOUR ENERGY AWAY" RADEIN your worn TIRES for longer-lasting better-safisfuitM LIN The Greatest Offer EVER MADE TO Thrifty Tire Buyers! To you--those old tires mean Frankly, that Is the reason w* o n l y trouble--punctures, blow- ca » profitably a l l o w you luch . . , large credits on your used-up out., perhaps e / e n aerlous ace.- t|r ^ s even t h o u 0 h t £ ey be COM . dents. PLETELY W O R N OUT. But to us--your J u n k tires aro worth money, rsgardleos of their condition. We operate) a small plant her* In which w« use your wornout caslncs to tnjke cord blowout patches, skived shoes, roliners, etc. Via even soil the old rubber in carload lots to an Akron reclaiming company. R i d e In safety. Don't take chances on winter*!! slippery roads with smooth tires. Drive around; we w i l l e q u i p your car w(th high-tread, road-biting M i c h e l l n s , leaders In the tlr« world for over 35 y«ars--better- built, longer wearing, more satisfying. NOTE: Michelin makes ONE QUALITY TIRE ONLY I --THE BE.3T. No three or four "Qualities," no three I or four "Guarantees" to befuddle the motorist. | »»· ·· WWW* WW i ^ i ' 1 SIZF 1 t · [ 29x4.40 icg. !} 29x4.40 I 29x4.oO |l 30x4.50 || 28x4.75 29x4. 7f 30x4.75 29x5.00 30x.",00 Slxfi.OO ^8x5.25 29x5.25 ;iOx5.2:"i i | 3 lxo.25 !| 28xPi.50 » 39x5.50 | 30x5.50 | ;'OxG.OO g 151x6.00 S 32x6.00 £ 33x6.00 C 30x3'.' 5 31x4 5 32x1 j! 33x4 | 32x1' . | 33x1 1/ J 3 4x4 1/. i 30x5 tfWWWVtoW^WV tiwwwvwwvrvntvwvwwwt CREDIT mrwwwwOTfv LfST i on YOUJl pitici: Worn -Out HOST Tjre $ 7.85 $2.1 fi | $ 5.69 9.20 1 2.56 ; (Ui* 9.70 2.72 10.10 2.78 11.45 ) 3.17 11.85 3.26 12.40 12.25 12.50 13.30 13.60 14.10 14.55 15 00 3.44 3.36 3.51 3.59 3.Z2 3.fs7 4.00 4.13 1510 ' 4.15 «.98 7.32 8.28 8.5 J) 8.»6, 8.80 8.99 9.71 9.88 J0.23 10.55 10.87 10.1)5 15.70 4.31 | U.80 15.98 4.35 * 1 1.63 1685 3.SO | 13.05 171G 3.90 i 13.25 17.50 4.05 17 98 4.33 7,59 i 2.10 13.50 3.71 14.40 3.97 15.10 19.50 20.15 20.75 23.98 4.15 5.23 5.56 5.77 13.45 13.(5 6.49 9.79 10.43 10.95 14.27 14.5JJ 14.98 6.43 j 17.R7 1 | ; i I 1 1 i 1 1 1 ' | 1 !i J j i , 1 . hftftflftff^f'W^fflftft^dlffWWrVlftftfflfMUUMMMMMil 3 WAYS OF ** BliriNG MIGHELINS (1.) You may buy your tires for i (2.) . . . r, on a regular 6-week Charge Acwunt. (S.) , . . or, on our Easy Payment Plan, payments to be made every two weeks, in ntiiny instances JJnounting to as low as 63 cents weekly. Buying t his top quality tire out of income is easier and mora economical than buying cheap tires for cash. There is no red tape attached to our credit service. --WAYNE Certified MOTOR OILS The Finest Oil Tor Your Car Now At WHoloaaie Prices Winter f*,ed!'jrn Regular Medi'jm Heavy 43c (Jal. 48c Gal. 53c Gal. (at rate of (at rate of (at rato of 10i/ 2 o q Jart) 12c quart) (12!/ a o quart) Hero's Th» Guarantee On Wayne Motor O i l : Huro ar» our Quarantood epeclflcationB: Winter Medium, 4CO vis. at 100 Fahrenheit; Medium, BOO via. at 100 Feh- rtnheit; Heavy, 600 vi». at 100 Fahrenheit. Produced by one of the largest refineries In tho world, and contractnd by our organization In 100,000 gallon lota, and sold by ua *t a panny-a-gallon net profit. Don't buy high priced advertising. Buy Wayne Csrtiflad Motor Oil. The saving will "keep you In shoos." May b« bought In quantities of on« gallon and up. Fill your crankcaeo with Wjyne 6irtifled Motor Oil. f^uri your car for 500 miles. Then, Jf V/ayno Certified Motor Oil ' i not the highevt quality ol you ever used--if It doesn't save you 60 percent of your praoont oil bill--If for any reaso i whatever you are not entirely satisfied--return the unusei )!! to u*. We w i l l refund AI L you have patd. We guarantee Wayne Certified Motor OH to be equal to ANY oils on the market selling for as high « $1.40 · gallon. The FiJiesl, Purest Kerosene That Money Can Buy, Now at Less Than Wholesale Prices, 111/20 Gal. in 5 Gal. Lots F. R. METRES! CO. Wesi Crawford Avenue At Foot of Bridge TIRE MOUNTED FREE "

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