The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 13, 1930 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1930
Page 5
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· l U L K S D . v Y . K K B I U A R V 1.1, IDIkX TtJ1Q DAILY COURIER, CONNEL LSVILLE, PA. FAUB O'DOMNELL GANG CHIEFS IN CHICAGO POLICE NET; 2,500TH ARREST MADE Ivotorions Criminal Suspects Surprised While Holding- Conference. LEADER FAINTS WHEN PHOTOED Hy RAY BI^ACK I I n[tfd 1' S t u l f Oorrrf |orulrnt ( HICAGO, fob 1,1 Kivo thlefUlna of the notoriou-i O'Uonnoll gang, rivals of Al Caponc .s lio^*, Mirprisix! at a "directors' meeting" in a West Side haunt, wtiro in jail teU-5 for i time today as tho unpaid police rounded up the 2,500th suspcft in the!.- drive lo run gunmen out of the city Drawn shadt s «.t tho Cafe Barrosottl, a second floor restaurant In "West Maditjn street pro«uraabl owned by Stevo O'Oonneil, brother of "Klondike" O'lionmll, c/.ir ut the West Side bcor and a l k j racket, drow tho attention of a squid of police cruising for Xunmon and hoodlums. Tho police crashed in Seated about the- table in a cubiclo partitioned ttf from the rest ot th« place woro tho quintet wboao names been .nsociatcd with murder don*ilni Ion, *-«\to-'blo*inK, bomb torpor .tiu! li juor t u n n i n g for it loai-t 10 years. Two le*sM lights ot tho g a n g alf-o "were there und an eiglith man sut- TxrUxi of connrt-tion with the O'Don- BcHs walked in. Two revolvers weir Ju coats thai hung on \sill peg*-. No ono would tidmit ownership of tho -coats but a dovo in one of them was equipped whli cork stubs In tho finger*,. To 1 ice said tho jrlove fit the hand of "Th'ce-Flngpred" Jack White, on* of tho i-onforcofi. At the nxment tho poMcc leveled ifa at tho members of the gang a n o t l er conference was In scs- bioti at tho heacluartere ot tho eecio-t law enforcement comnil too ot big "buMnei-i hr; ded by Rober Isham Randolph, form r A r m y onjdi ocr and now jirwid^n! 01 the Chicago Association of ( omtnori e The Bcncrullssimo of the business army again-a the gangs had told his aid , racketeers constituted tho ·m«tt dangerous threat to orderly gov- cr ii l o u t in (,'hk.ago ' T h M e ii not an industry, not a Tin line?.'- in t'liuago ihat Isn't paying t r i b u t e , ' (M later reiterated, "fcomo ol It it, !u ect, s-otno indirect but the ) i ' i l i l u ' i* t i i i i g in incrsoswi taxes, M-ihpt I d ! * - I n s ; bills, bigger laundry b i l ' r , l i f K f u r t e n t and in h score of ot! r w a j c ' J n l l i i wordf-- 01 t'luet of Dctectivoe t JCt.ui, f i t - names 01 t h o five leale-K (.(in-hf in [jie \\c^t Md« cafe "would, { · r i c a t"' i i t c u l i A i y ro.ster or t hang-' in, n H w a i -lint " _ I \ M l f o loiiiio!l, another brother off " K l o n d i k e ' and co-dictator of the beer , Tiuliot in w h i c h tlie gtins piouws'cd,' ijin '-tioiHH at the time Aesistant Stated A U o r n e y W U l i i m IT. McHwig- gni wae n imleied in a C'lrero ,stiet lifrrnard O'Donnell, another ot tlie Jiotorjoiifi orothcra und a gang over- h u d In certain j'itricte. (icorgc Btarkoi, ex-convict and sole s,ui-vivor if tho "Four Horsemen" of gangland. At. b-v lne«s agent of the Coal TeajnstoiV Union he hae te"ror- Iztd the i oal industry of the city. \VlllUiir "Three-Fingered" \\hlte claimant ot tho business i .anagerehip ot tho City Ash Wagon Haulers' Union, three months out nt the penitentiary and oft con/lctcd fenfe blower. Mike t'turk, former taloonkeeper ·with a 1 jng police rocoi-d, once .ic- cu«el of murder. The throe minor hoodlums «.re frank l^tcev, John O'Connor and Edv ard SIrnek \Vhen a newspaper photogiapher flafched liia powder to take a picture at polict headquarters, Myle3 O'Don- neJl tainted away. "I thought I was shot," he said. "I'm a s ck man." Hib attorney entered a plea to that effect and he WUK relea^^l on ball. The othcre were held ThB n en will lie turnrt over to tho state's . ttorney'6 office for possible Imlictnv nt under (lie now tdminal court pi ocodure. Named in 'Alky' Ring Louis Auerbach, of Cleveland, above, who vn^ fined $10,000, in 1022, and sentrnced to two years in A t l a n t a penitentiary on charges of con (piracy in connection with the "Million Dollar Hair TanJe" ri \ Is among those indicted by the Chicago grand jury for alleged complicity in the diversion of 7 000,000 gallons of industrial alcohol by a rum ring of nation il proportion*.. Take Pepsin This New Way and End I n d i g estion Delightful EUsir With Real Pppsln, Menthol am' Other Bnpremclj (ioott toniach AJds. IE you Uavo a wi^ak, lad acting, re- bolliouh c ,tontd( v it w o n ' t take but a couplo of wee! i to turn it Into a strong, hoaltliy nue, capable ot dipeat- ing tho lieartie .t moil without a f t e r distress Your «toniac i nowls pet-sin -- needs it three titnei n day at ovory inetU and tho' stoniach re ncdy that you need ia Dares MenUui I'epHin. It will do you more KOCH! in !,»o weeks than all the old tiuiis r o l i e \ j i s will do iu i lifetime. That's just (i P reason that its C a1es in good dru;; ·- oroa ail over Anmicu are enoimou-.- that's Hhy U n i o n Drug Co. is faollms; cueiis of bottles every \s eck. Stop that ac, ilo indigestion in u few minutes with ,iiot uno tublcspoonEul of this, grand toiniwh regulatoi. Tako it regu arly for two woekt and you'U learn t! e bccret of how to .il» ways have an k o t p a otroug stomach -- Ad\ ertt Scout Anniversary Week Is Observed At Mount Pleasant I'rlnrlpal Miller Ke-djrns. W. Millei, principal of tho Brownsville High Srhool lor tho past fcevpn yurs, has tnd^red his resignation to 'lie school boarti The resignation wt s to become effective at the end ot -ha presont term in June He Dee-amc affiliated with the school its 1922 w'ipn ha boc^mo head ot tae department. Looklm; for Bargains I Read the ailvertlaem^ntB f n JDally (Courier. Tie MOUNT Pi BJASANT, Feb. 13.--Boy Scouts of t h p to\vi last e-vening joined in formal o) iorvance of Boy Seoui Anniversary Ve« It Ai! troopt met at tho high Bth )ol and paratted to Memorial Squar w-here they salutrd, repeated tho c ath and pledge. Billy KunUlei roal tho Scout law. Postmaster Wll im M. Ovorho.t and President of Council Dr. W. A. Marsh were made t ndcrfoot 3couti,. "America" wiia su tg and taps sounded by Billy Kuntzl r. Troop B ( ion went to tho high school, whe o a parents' night was onjoyed, wit i excellent attendance. Scoutmast r John C. Haberlen presided aud tho following program -was presented. i Violin eo! , Warren Ra'fferty, vocal solo, Josopl Kc-ra; talks, Assistant Scoutmaster George Kartejly, Committeeman virk Bryce, Bugle Corps Loader Orra / Zuck and Scout Council Chairman V ank D. Barahart. iidJsoa a id Glenn Myers gave a d-emonetrati n of artiflciat -espfrattou. Spont«r Hyd6, Amos Pfolfer, Claronco Anderson, islchard Slahl, Yv'arren. Ra£- fert and Morgan Eollinger gavo Scout stunt . Scout songn were imng by those pr isent, led by Morgan Bol- imger and Joaeyh Roga. There was music by tb drum corps. ^ s *----**^ j --just take these harmless little tablets. Ask druggist for J'ape's Cold Compound;' only 35c. Watch how quickly all i Hat mucous discharge ends your head clears up and »topt throbbmg a;ad uorenes* all g es. Better than "doping!" R e m e m b e r t h e n a m e Any drugstore. COlfX Compound COURT DISMISSES CH1RGE AGAINST CHRIS RHODES DKTROI'f, Mich , Feb. 13 -- .Tudgo Ilonry 8. f weoney In Municipal Court TuedAy d smlased a forgeiy charge wlilch Mr ChTistophor Khode«, 69, of Unlontowrn, Pa., and madf ajfalnst I'er 20-en -old husband Slc rofuse I to testify. Ah BOOH as his ca«e was dismissed, Hhod«a Itrft the court roani. Sirs, lihod -a, who had ronrio from IIu- ioultwti t · oOf*»ct roconolllrttlon, fo - IrtW^t! lllTil "I'm go ug t_) got ti rtwiei'tlon Wai runt for 1 1m," flh» told johti« Rhodes *a» 10 and hlB w!f^ 08 wlwn they wor* inars'ted Aftftr nearly so/- eu yqara of T/cdd«d llfo, th« youth tired of h s wife nnd came to Detro'l. \5ra. Rh»6 JB got his adrfreatj nnd t,wo"« oul a w f r a n l r h a r g i n « him with forsics h r Jiaew to a $3,!H0 rii^ck, "Sh» fr im^i the r bars* J'ts to get SO* JMK*, aixodw «Ai4- ow FORD METHODS CUT COST OF IIHSTRIBUTION in selling yon lenst $5O ito $75 in addition to the savings in mnnnfneturing flTIWENTY-SEVEN years a#o the Ford Motor Company JL was formed to provide i-ciia le, economical transportation for all the people, lhat original purpose has never changed. The constant effort m every activity, is to find ways to give you grei ter and greater value without extra cost--freqpaentlj at lowered coat. This applies to distribution and sim lar important factors, as well as inannfactui-e. For the Ford Motor Compaxt j believes that its full duty is not only to make gtod automobile at the lowest possible price, bust to sec that there is no waste, extravagance, or undue profit i i any transaction from the time the car leaves the fact try until it is delivered to your home. It is obvious tb at hard-won savings in production will be of little valt e if they are sacrificed later through excessive selling costs* £ VERY purchaser of a motor c u* has the right to know how much of the money he p tys is for the ear itself and how much is taken up by lealer charge*. If these charges are too high, ou»; of fr ro things must happen* Either the price o£ the car uu«t be raised or the quality lowered* There :is no other way. The money must come from Bomcwlitnre. In the case of the Ford, tfei low charged foiraistri- bntLon, selling, finaocbag; and t oeesaorieamean a direct saving of at least $50 lo $71 · to every purchaser in addition to the still greater s wings made possible by economies in manufacturing Ford charges are not marked np or increwed lo cot far a high trad»in allowance on o uwad ear, The profit margin on the F rd car has always been fair to both the dealer an I the public. Within the past three months, it has been possible to effect soil further economies. Today, tlie discount or commission of the Ford dealer is timlowest of any »otomobile dealer. The 'difference, ranguag from 25% to nearly 50%, comes right off the price you pay for the car. of the Ford Blcaler is good because he makes a small profit on, a Iarg» i number of sales instead of a huge profit on fewer aales* He knows, too, that the extra dollar»for-dollar ^alne of the car makes it easier to sell and more certain to give satisfactory service after purchase. Consider also that the Fordt car is delivered to the purchaser equipped with a Triplex shatter-proof glass windshield, an extra steel-ejioke wheel, and bright., enduring Rustless Steel for many exterior metal parts, in addition to four Hoirdaule double-acting hydraulic shock absorbers .md fully enclosed four- wheel brakes. If for any reason yon wf»h to ?uy certain small accessories, you will find tfcat these, too, are sold at the usual Ford low prices. EeplaceKtexit pa^te^rccalso available at tow prices throi^gh Ford dealers in every section of tho«ouxnVy« are important potow to- remember la^oanKt- erhtg the purchase tf a motor car. They;0now why; it is possible to patt so nmcht )xtiu qnalitjr into the new Ford saaAfttSL nmintein the tow price. also the reasons wfrjr more than 35% gold today are Model A»Fords. FORD M O T O R C O M P A N Y Tour Dates Feb. - - -21 Mar. - - 14-28 Apr. 8-17 May 9-29 June - 6-18-28 July - - 12-26 Aug. - - 16-30 Sept, - - 10-19 r\f*+ _ _ ~ ~i i V^Vit« A- JL Nov. 8 Dec. 3 WASHIIMGTON Of THE BIGHT H! These Tours ofle to $32.70 Escorted an ideal way to islt your wonderful National Capital at low coat. Railroad, lotel and all sight-) elng expenses ln luded for ftv- dellgl tful days, the A 1-Expone'i Tour may purchase reduced round-U n railroad tickets .it fare of $9.8 ', good 1 10 days. For BescrlptlTe Jos. P. Taggart Booklet or Reaor- A. 6. P. A. TatlonH' Consult 488 U »! * Trust Ticket A«ent, covers all expenses tor fire days, f r o m ConnellsiHlo. , Those not BALTIMORE OHIO PittNbv -gJ» Fa* RAIL ROAD Vanderbflt VANCT-CIIHI1.T, tfolt. ,13 -- Tho !''ullli- ful IMonds fliv«B of tlia CHrlBtlau Church held tU monthly meotlng Tuesday owning «,t {lie iKJtttft »t Jkfr, nud Mrs. Kobert Royer on Ihe Vander- blH-OonnellBvill^ r-iad, Purlns th» biiBlHBfcB BeiiBlott It was decided ta Rive a home-talent plsr In {h§ »»ar futvrr«, Aft«f buslctew there waq A ValuUne gsui. LaiujU was served hv Iho Uo»tot«, ttfcla 1 by Mr* and Mru Mociei-, J, Jflurlu Boborlg aid §ona, Oeorgo and Joseph, of Poll t Marlon vl«!t»d Mic, Jldbnrts' pttran I, Dr. and Wru. Cl, 11, HoboiU Tli* Mitn'fl Bible I lass ctf Churah will meat i als evening with K t r h a r d H e r b a f t at ils home, *r», Piers I»ortsi and Ml»» Cuttle Bull l e f t Sunday t- r Mertda, wlisre they will BOJonrn fs sa*aral weeks, Mrs Ada Beatty isitwl Tuesday In CorniellsYille. Robert Boyer, Jr., has gone back, to work for the P. ft U B Railroad. Clarenco Lint Is moving hl» family from Mo pew ell Farm to the J. B. Henderson house, -which. Mr. Iilnt has pun-hased. The Ivadies' Aid ot the Christian Chnrch gave a very successful entertainment and social In. the- dining room of the church last evening. Mrs. J. H. Hazlett of Waynesfturg was calling on friends in town Wednesday, UNIONTOWN LOSES VOLLEYBALL MATCH TOSCOTTDALETEAM The Scottdale Y. M. C. A. volleyball play-era took th-e measur-e of th« Uniontown sextet In a match at the Un- lontown "Y" laut n l p h t Unionlow» won the first game, 15 to 13, but Scottdale rallied to win the second, 18 to 14 Uniontown come through In tlia third, 15 to 7. Scolt- dole however cam« back 1n the fourth, 18 lo 12. The flfth and deeding content wont 1 J ScotldaJe by a 15-11 dfd- aion, Carnegta Tech eutterod Hi 31th oon- doteat lael night whan tha A Jefferson quintet coast-. le a. 8B-B4 (lectsloit, oar olasalfl6d 1 1 Driving Your Business Benjamin Franklin said:--"Drive thy business or it will drive thee." Prudent is the merchant or business man -who plans well for the future. You \vill find the service of this Bank a valuable aid to your busi- nens. THE CDNNELLSYILLE , PA. S I D E i, Patronize Tliose Who in The Conner

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