The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 14, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 14, 1918
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

PAGE EIGII'l THE DAILY COURIER CONTsELLSVILJLE, PA. MAY 11 111S. SEEM TO HIT ft j I I s WtfT So EASY AS ' ( LOOKS- ta WON! IT-- ITS MAW'S GAME. f, BlAUKM'1 i: WORRIES OF INEBRIATE : BIG PITCHING FEATS MOGULS LACKING \H ENTHUSIASM !N WAR Captain Huston Raos Owners f Major Leagjf Clubs. Baseball Paying Too Much Attention to Dollars and Cents--It ^VVas Boss of Yank-es Who Sucjtfest"^ ed D r i l l i n g of Players. CUpt T L Huston s "?r*ithing nr ralgnment of nig league imsebnll mtn Coc what he ca!I" a In k of interes lo th proper extent in tb° w a r Jua\ IMJ j trrfced to a large client, to th6"M ite- ^ ineut eriven out b} ( a p t « i n Hust 11 tUinost a \ear ago t -At that time Captaii Huston was m ft frniniug camp neir I ctroit lie , hammered the inter\ te r out on a sm ill ' typewriter w M N he -at or a fanip * stool in a teit 3t was the pnit u\% i*.r of tlio \ tn kecs who sugse^ted t 1 t uhn of drill -11**. American lengiie bull pla^ r^ which vns gobbled uj bv Bin Jolii son president of the leiiru «o~q in L lily that Ban ^vas p h t n tht ptnlicit that "weuc with it The ftict th it Cn ( *- taln Huston \vj.s the originator i^aa lost sight of In tht. praise for^ohnsfxi ^Seeing Into the fut ire and outhi Ing forthcoming difficulties for base- bail Captain Huston ^uijjrested In this statement that drilling *e p-*lot*£td In the Vnerican league b\ having the accorap 1 'shed, men in the clubs drill companies of fans who uouhi act ns a sort of home guard in ^asq of need IQ this manner Captn n Ha^ton pointed oat there would be some good Crora th;e* drills so pntrlotlci Ilv pinded be- | ^''forfr the fans last simmer .Instead of takina; i p Cap aln Hus-I tott's suggestion Johnson and 1iK col leagues Ignored U to such 11 extont tha.^ It has nou been dropi £d fnrn th6 leacne The e u l I he no~dri ling'' at all this summer IT the Ami tiuto league Captair Ffu*-ton ·· m r| H;!on ry ·\\oxk in the \merlcan l^a^tif h i s gone I for niiighc ^\hlch n a\ aeco nt f ^ f 1 some of thf 1 b i t t f n p c Ins Ipitor from the land nf fire TO I b imst 11 rarrit,^. ·Captain HHSton points out a grnve ir 1 o r c f f u l fict Lhat ba^toill Is ]imn-, too im cl Kent on to the dol Itir 1 - inr 1 .int« of business rather Mi m to tl L usimss o j txortlcg t_ve T- vLhir t , in tho iniorcit o* liie \\ ir The \rner lu n fiuMk Is p u t k n t l j standing for It but % s I i f t h i . L It will c t n t t n u e to do so is «-fjii tloon The action of the mag nitts li riisinq ulnKs on fe£s alme tin. ccst of rlu \ nr tn\ w i l l not serve to ii- 1 the pub ic inrri* piticnt. INDIANAPOLIS TEAM - SIGNS HENDRICKSON According to the truthful Ned Pgun there w n s a pitcher on a certain teim in the Central ris sor'ntion iven to much dlssipa tlon Tn n game fo lowing tbe nij,ht before* r his pitcher s tin n carce to t\ ork His tenm ·went to the fir-Id and the ptt n i \ [ er reeling slightly and mighty ; ; sick took his place on the s'nb He looked intently nt the catet- er but wasn t certain what he smv He turned to tbe umpire n h o s*oxl directly behird him "What s the catcher signaling for 7 * he asked A curve ball ' replied the \ ' umpire, 'Shake votrr head at him i n r J \ me will you'" asked the · · ' \ txUrler M'CARTHY WENT WRONG WAY Olaf Her Ir'ckson for a number of yeirs on the Boston I*.od S^s: tea o a3 ntillt\ plaver and pinch hltu r has been sold 0 the Indianapolis club ot th*j \merlcnn. assoctatioo Tore Skin Off Anatomy Sliding Back to F rst Then Took Arlle Latham's Sound Advice I . Arlle Latham fnmo-as third sac^cr i of th( St Louis frowns of the *i?ht lea and the Nick Altrock of those i flays who later Jn his career -was ^Ith i the Cincinnati Reds noticed when j Jrck McCarthy a rookie, pulled off his uniform he *vns a moss of braises and scars. * Old man" Bajs Liith *you have been with us six wecl s and haven't stolen a base, but YOU have taken th« skin oft yoar amtoraj slid j Ing back to first. Try ronninjc th? j other way after Rettlnp those pood leads and take a charce on that slid ing staff going Into second, where it vrtll count." Mac T ook Aria's advice and became quite a wi?ard on tie lines Benny Leon ird worlds champion lif;hf-vel£bl borer ^ h o boied w'th his sparring partner at M idfson Scuure Garde i fnr tbe benefit o* the Women s Overseas hosi)Ital Leonard has been tralaing n corps of "Simmies at Camp Uptoo whom he brouAht with hira to tbe fhirdtn to entertain the thousands of spectators Photogriuh showa Leouurtl B corps of slugging Summies Leonard in center ii i i ttCT^^flftMM^TirffTOi^KaT^ Pitcher wltli highest perceu tage of vlctariea--Babe liuth, EOECOO .67A Pitcher with most victories-Edward Planlv, aSew Tork 303 Pttcher with most defeac Kddle Plant, \ew York 17S Pjtcber with most strike-outs --Waiter Joknsoa ^VaBhington, -5 2297 £ Pitcher with most bases oa -p baila--Eddk; Plank, New York, £ 997 ·$ Pitcher with most shut-outs-- £ Waitar Johnson Washington, 73 ji Pitcher ^vlth moat one-hit J games--Vr alter Tohnson ~Vv ash ^ ingtoa J £ ictrlrtriritlctilrtcrtrtl^^ staff for th miBelvfS "A. star p nver is wisteKt to handle Ty Cobb fiery and aRgreisSi-ve though he is hai cousod the ·ninpires less LTOB t)le taan n'raost anv man that wears a big lenfrae uniform today Few great er plajers ha\e lived than Kddle Col Una vet he rarely fig-nre-s In the roU of complnlnant. The sumo ihlng goea with Trie Speaker Joe Jaekaon Rnv Schalk StafTy Mclnnls Ray Cbapman and all ttw* other reaHv great plavera. They Iia^e as much pep as the pliye*" T?ho seekB publicity and have the Interest j of thf*ir club ut heart even more. Bad Teeth Like Bad Shoes : ! Spoil Fine Dress and · Good Looks PEOPLE N E G L I G E N T IN CARE OF MOUTH Senreco Tooth Paste Powerful To Save the Teeth and Prevent Diseases /AU T drpBSed \ip "nrtti a hole In Ii's Shoo, ^/ was a bit of sarcasm a girl Sung" at B- young man friend whose *oi- tire^botflt was ncrw except WB puno- ti_*od ehoes Klcb t euongh. too * Eltherjto TTWTI or nvomnn a. tihabby pair Df^ahoe3j"oroj d spoil the appearance bf th« {most elegant gaxmeats e\er iAY CALL DIAMOND PLAYERS IN DRAFT Pat Moran hTS a Chinese fnfleldcr named J il Tin lie ought to co\er lots of groi-nd being from China i Vldal Has FIno Record Eugenp Vldal cho^ftn captain of tha 1318 football team at "West Point, has an enviable record as an all around athlete In the UnlTerslty of South Dn fcota. Hf was the nmlnstny of the Coyote ele\ en for throe yean wnfl bos ketbEll captain and a star track man CANADIAN CAPTURES PINEHURST HANDICAP STALLIMGS is "MIRACLE \. T Hi lei f W ulsur On w h o ^on tin h in*J ip t r i n shoot it ho mu! wlnt-r loai i im nt » I'll lJl]r^t N C Tb G i i dim t,h irpsh ioter s totil w a s r o i of n i uwible 100 from ho --nrd liie Manager of Bnvcs Christened afi Such After Vrctory of 1914 for Championship Oenrpr 1 T StUilila^K rjcnnger of toe Bos*on NutJonala, v,-s christened Lfae ailruclp raiiD of bas-^1 all nftfr his world s chamyk n phip victor j of 1011 with the Bo^tou Braves. SUlllt s-» Is *ortj nine years old T*u ra radt* un won his first pen nnnt relth ibv NH^hvillc clul» In IS ) The to! ow. dig spjis jn foun(i hid MllllH^inf, Lh*; DKrolt AniPh can-« Ht* he Phil Nation ils in I Summons for More Men Likely to Wreck Many Big Teams. 6S Den L 903 I n f i ! IQQt out 1A Ntv, B u f j f o 1 ^0 t m i l s UH101S the B r t v s tn l^ and a r t ms in 1 C 93 1000 1'Krj I r K)H iftm '0 SP] ..11 in 1 0" N t v v irk » r k vm « cans 00ft 3 f»ll OU IJo^ on \a LU n n nfGi iuJi lie pen n tut vvorid s c h u n i n l o D ^ h t p ^jUHnv* PSTi TUT t h f r J In i n i Q nnd Mich l i mi n 10 K in U J 5 O'LOUGHLIN DISCUSSES UPJ1PIRE3 BRIGHT FUTURE FOR SPORTS of American League Staff Tahs of Baseball Arbiter. BeSisre to Serve them the Best-- The same good beer with the same good reputation itf had years -and years ago, when the grown-ups of todp^ were"kids7~- It is all Qualify* No expense is spared--in materials, labor or process-- to make it the best you can buy. r the Pittsburgh Brewing Co/s SPECIAL BEER CAFES, HOTELS, CLUBS- 7r-;5r-- -ORDER A CASE SENT HOME President PiUmjton of Amateur Oarsmen Talks of Ath etics Af^er End o f War Tim I IMnctor p K M d f n t f l i t "Nn t h i 1 V ^( ( IH i n of V n a t i u r Our^, men sos u hrililiinc prospect "or nil till IcMr sporth u h t . i p ace is ile I m d I ilkfnpt i who-.^ ictKi. i s ^ t K ' H T i ^ n w i t h ti (.over Ing h j d j in r n w t n w goeit L t c \ to 1S""0--\M hit a demOe of the tnd if tlu C i v i l \\iir--lieUc\ts th it toudltlorib 'o!in\«,inj; tht* cjuat w ir w i l l be reufh the sttnie i s thos W!IK!I wtro experienced here In ihc recon^trucdtin period XI n C l i\il « u r or ri Iicr he onclin,; of It guvc s i o i t its li ipt,tjj, In tli.-* countr\ said 7'in I ocnuso L ick Sum is practkaHf mikLng athletics c,o npulbon In thp land and n u v i l forces hundreds ind thousand of jounf. me i \\ ho n t v t *· before eiif, i^f 1 1 t i spo t have betomu noliiTf a i d t n i h ias-^c utllctes It is eas to see u h i r th- result wll 1^ when tl L war ends " Soldiers at L^nvenuorth camp boost j a crack teapln faqnad * * * Five De PiUMi captains have eu- Usted in the notional service * * * HI Jaspei on^e a \Yhttc Sor, hoa been sold by Los Angeles to St Paul * * * Minneapolis (association) dtib trill not s!ask salarlca of ball players nen Map M u t t De Honest and Have Cour a^e cf Convictions--Kncv ledge of Game ID Essential for Indlca tor Ho dcr \\ li t s thf roc t pi, ior '-ucct 'stsful urn u "inj, 7 tb tilt, 4.L1UZ L it i\»s put to Sll 0 I c uj, illn ilu other day V id the dean of A-inerican It-igut. ni bi nt-trs replied ^ v ell Qrsr c f all a ft. low has to e l t ^ I 3 h i s to h a v e thu courage * hi J r^n^ let ons then an lutlni te tio^'" ue 3f IIL tTdnie--and u j.i.Duiiie o\p or it, He nn et l t l ^ e contEioa seii'- c ' in al undjiicc lasl hot eortnin \ lot least T m m u i nsj lies to i ike i,oo handling U.e liniic- t r u list t *:t i It n 1 of hu i an na ure ind in IT 1 o » b 1 L \ e r in he Un or\ iii_at b r-i IH \ou wjul(' have them ttent j Most piijers con inie^i O Lon.,b 1 n ire d- tempera IR ital aa prliua 1 arms No t«o l i n e r s are alike, Theiefo e an arnpire w h o wants o I rmko good must enr[i the rhnracter c; 4 -ic t * s onol inrn 11 d th°i hnndle in In tho w a j U at ^ i plmilni te at I n uch f-icnon as possible The iuns who sit in th 0 grind fatind h a i e the opinion t h a t the arb' 'rutor is unjus towar( inmt pi i; rs tmd fn\ors others Thi is hi can^ Jiej are not fall} c o ^ ^ e i h n i t w i t h c m ditlcns The} hnvc 10* made d studv of al! as Inthrateh as i u umpiro. Tlie"^ a~e «onie plavprr- \\)o attempt to al bi ihetr o\vn failure \Y '~n^ h ng the umpire There Is another t7P« which--odd though it mtu seem--baft umpire** merely in the hope of petting pnbllcfO us peppery nKprewht. phiy era Uboallj those fellows ire ghen the gate In a hu-ry whom ihev stnrt o howl because it «, o r \ ous that their wails are not sincere- that the are ittemptins to pull some neTM spaiwr Magnates Net Sitro of Hotdino SUro T U Close of 1918 Seasoi*--Gaping Hojeo May Be Seen in Line Up of Stars. Major lenpie club Dvne-s are rt-it at all sure uf ho'ding pla\er*= -nitblD the draft age uuul the Uobe of the 1918 season ~\\ ith the n«rt druft cull men of draft a^e will be rushed to arraj can tooments just us fast as it is possible for the government o get them there, "iid as tbe boy u Cl-ib 4 - 1A are called there may be taping ho e« In many a b'j, league line up bj July 1 ~ budi players a 1 - ^enll^ Ivauff Al Manimi Bui Chapman Red Paber Grovcr CluveJ ind Alesaniler and ( or^e Burns inav be Bearing ohalii ittetd o* big ieUtjue uni/or^as b lutd huiur tr Vnd t h u t is no use ULder esj nut T^, the extent that the lod ot their t er\ices \\ould amount to Should tue Glantu lose IvauJT McGraw s outtcld w o u l d be pructicallv wrcct ed. Dav*-v Robertson s deterini ni dou to qnit the ^ume was a hard tu i ^i blow but the df shiug 1 trie cen erfieldt r of FederU 1 1,^11 e fame ·i\ 'd ht nis'-td eren more than Hob ert'-on \\ere he to g^ ]n the case of liai Chi ui.ui w h o m u j be taken f* 1 ni the Iudlanj aiis Kolug ivvuld wreck Lc* Fohl s infield OIH f ht best *l rt-ttopi drs hi the 1 ubiiL^s ChajHnai b presence on tlu CIe^Lland Inner (irUt. i 1 * imperative to n \\e it bJauct \V tbm t him t \e In d--D inlleld w o u l d bt, L i t e a Ixtai with ou a rudder Tee V\ hite ^or could ill affort to lose th^ "-f-vlc^b of K nj t ubu who IK h t i g; di-i^. d t d t n to w i n m 113 K n i m s f »r thuu tbi season \ jd should tl L t ubs ose \ cxundf r his faht t b could r u t rossiblj he 1111 u \\ hlk Al Mftiuaux Is EODieu-tin r of in ixpe,-in e L fo the D^dgeis. buelc Pobb ts c-ountlnt, J i u U J } 01 hin tf cooit, b icl and btar ab hi lumdlhier of th I rfou.HD staff so if he goes Brook lyii v.lll sufer P eix a"e a good IIlan^ oilier play crt. sh jst, aiarus U jot definite iorae of them cuLld be «paied xv«3! e lu^h but o t t c i s are badly needed b j the migLate is getting read^ to ope the s isor w i t h o j t as^jrance Ji it b can I ut a b n l dub Sn the field ind keep it there rhe inn^ni tes llOA^e^e^ a*-t not jelpinf, TIP will b a n d u j j loss \\ttli n smi o anu consider that t Ldd-s to the i blL Whaefabout the t^oth' rress in *.H yoo plea*», IT yrru op«n Tur a d*ca.ywd set of teeth ___ Jvences eiita nfft thcro rtmt a a hole In ttie oboo for you ppHee both to man and women and yousff moa. vou ioae half tbe admira,tion wlilch would be fllrec ed toward you II you tiave bod Uiolh. lou can t b« phasing 1 irlth a montbfoJ of decoy You can t l« healthy eitbf r Tho condit on Ot the teeth havo a telling in fluence on other orgrans o* tha boflj Bad loeth iLtT«ct th* int«*tlnea, storD- Gcii, heart, and cvan tho eyes iledS cal Dclenoo Bhowm tnat bad teeth p"ij- ttuca unhealthy conditions all o\er tha ftody WUh S«3ireco Tooth Paste at vo_^ iBorvloo--a Bcienuucally prepared pre- ^·ontlvo 0* Fjorrhfca--che'-o B no need of laJUinj; f prwv to *-h*"f* ]--c Ko [teeth. Lsecl reguiarly on a »e t c* Btaod tooth tho deadly germa have Lttle chance to cater K thov bhooJd «n*cr (they can t orist long 1 under its thor- oiiffh cJaanslitf proper dee. As s- cleanser and piweni vo of diatoffo Of Uie teeth it \a poBitlvely reliable Advanced cunes ehould be treaiud by Usfi Benno-o Tooth l*aste as a pro- frentathe. Aak yoar denllat 1C j-ou '*· \tju d rot pay ill attention to jour teeth O* course w e woe t say our JTootl, I^astn wtlJ cure Porrhoa. If you alrca3\ ha^~« i*» your dentJ*t is t. e Oo-'tor F\ en If you a-e loSictci -wlUi hia terrible di»ease bea- ^·ooo Tooth Paato wl)l help you to get jiid oi It, -with iour denUbt s asslst- "aivcc. But -o^e don t m-int you to con- K act any ^iPtnent ot tho month and (sJa. i or floes our dental doctor A. p-xvent e is far be u*r than to a\ e to (,0 Lbroueli the trials of a core. 6are our teetli b Seuroco Tootii Vaste and. tbe probobll'tj Ja tlvat you "won t ha.\o u dual with foul anfi paln- .fui disoaacs, B\ tai^ng 1 excellent caro [of TOOT teeth you ma save stornaca,' 3 i tstinrJ. hear and eio trembles. TfUte all precaution la k«ep tho teethi iC-aan a-iii do It with Senreco Tooth, CPastc, tile latest discovery ot dental teclence Sajrplo ot Se-reco free If jO« hHsh it fionreco TwiUi Postt, CincJn- 'rjatl i-Ohin *" -- Modem Methods and Superior Facilities The t w o stiong factors wlnca hi\e «dded muih to ihis banks ber\ ico are modem : raetlioos and superior facilities., and which lia^e been tound es- peciillj useful to our customers in the transaction of their banking business Checion:; accounts including your, are m- \ ited Pdltlmores hop^s for Surdnv ha^e ball verp hit u hlmv when thp lo^\ or Iion^ie m the Mar land kpi htu dp* ated The hi 1 Dut winld i i u e le pali7((] Kr me*. Want Advertise for it in these columns CONNEUSVIU.C.Ra. (WESTSIDE) The ITnion \alional Bank js alwajs awake to prog] ess--ever alert m sup- plvmg approved facilities for tbe coti- ^enleuto and requirements of its customers Accounts subject to check are invited. UNION NATIONAL BANK

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