The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 13, 1930 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1930
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. THE DAU.Y COURIER, CONNE .LSVILLE, PA. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 13, is«u. ft IB COVRIHR. CKX, ICISKTBT P. SJJYDflBR. PreslAor . »n4 BdiU*. 1879-191S. HT.S. K. M. £Q.iT~DmR, PlosldoDt. 1810-1922. JAMES J. DHISOOL.U President and CJerioral Manager, P C. WDMl XDSON, Vice- president. MI.^S R. A. 1ONBGAN, Secretary and Treasurer. JOHN C.ANS. Editor. s. City Editor. MISS LYTWE B. KINCE1A* Society £dUor. MKMBER OS* American Newspaper Publisher* Association, A u d H B u r e a u of Circulation. P e n n s y l v a n i a Newspaper PubllahnNl Association. Two een;« per copy; BOc por month; W-OO per scar by mall it paid In advance. i l~o j.«r -,ro«k by carrier. e3 as soeond class matter at th? postoflRc-e, Uonnellsvllle. THCItSDAV KVE'ti, FEB. M, JWIO. A SYSTEMATIC I'L.VN VOIi 'I O W N SHIP KOAIS. The proposal of Road Supenisor William I I . Gordon to !u-t t h e towft- Bhip road- of Ijower Tyrone tosvnshlp som«.whiif after the order of the p r i m a r y a n i l ,'ecoml.iry roads of the-^. h«u jimcli lo I'Miimend it. In Ib-c- th-.-il |-,!:uo it will designate as ·priniiiry ho-e roaiK w h i c h arc mot.'. viKil and i m p o r t a n t lo tho t r a i f i e rnov- ing ovr (horn Tht- roaiUs i n f r f - q i u n t l y ued. hen -o h a s m s lot.«. iniportan\x to the imbli . \ \ i l l ho rated us secondary. jSTtcr th i-!,i.--,ifU-alion lids bc-c-it inculc t h ? «-m i r u m o r s will arrange Uic-ir r pvo = ran of road work so t h a t the trcul-inon of the toj.Is will 1 e in or -corclanc^ w i t h the rating that hns been .i«r n-d upi'iv SIK'.I a ;^ proprsm ought to tuuKf^ it .-'i v i f'i- t'le. roadd lo bv Kept in i c p d i r a, w i l l as lo reduce th- -oil of ii)«i nit. uaiuv. Vi'orW oau lie doito w h e n ,uu wlioro and to t h f t u t e n t thai ia IK- ili'i , llni.t provonting lo:»s of tiioe a ad (^lioi i li aduHfd t t tin- mct'lins: tf b' hotd in l)iw:on on KiiU eve-nng, t« chief y,d;.uii.igi of tho plan will bo that agreement ha^ IxKvn reached aa 1o «lil(.l) io;ii!» iu\» of the greater im- lioita :.(., h-'iice (rntitU-d to the mofrt attenlii r on p a r t of th* road supej- viHor,-. OC r,cui-'i., 'ho duly of th-o su- p»rvi?ori is to so^ that a i 3 roa*Jd are ke-pt in a pnssubi«. c o n d i t i o n , but in absenoo of a, plasi, such as is cow- ti-nipiatt d, i( often occurs 1-hat moro ·wot k is .spt-iit 01. loiuls cf compara- t i \ M l i ' t l c importance a n d j'H't to »igoi u*o butlor in ( j U i ' l H l''- Ihcao and other reasons it -\\ould !»s-rm advibablo EOT tb.e plan to be rtd^ptotl. It will vlJ.o«j rix»d work «r tin- u w n s l i l p on a riystbiTaitif basis 11, t d s h o u l d .01-1.0 to relievo tho supervisors ,f itnich oC tho criticism that IM homo iuio.»'tc;i against tboui by tlio uix layersi v,In, HBO the roads. \T» unowivr; J'-irniTi. ;n'd o ' h c ' i w h o h.-'vc* In- b i - ' t d t h . l t ( I 0 ··'Oil Of I ' i V t H t O f ( ; U ) H y !· not .idiipte'l to ral'-mK l;iri?e corps of p c i t . t t r x s will ncMl to r«viso thur o p i n ' o n ? which have bcon 5,oni»wl»at ha.stih formed The t-hpck made by Farm 1"ib(.l ot t h p rrop of George M. C'tUii- 11 oil o) near KarminKton, Wharton townth.p, e ^ t a b l i b h e s ;!T5 buahels a» the avotaeo it-id of a tract of four anct on '-half at-ros. ' If the best acre had b f ? n solecUnl," sal'l Farm Agent Uibel, "it would doub'.kus abowu a i o l d of mere than 400 bushels." At an averige oi 3 ,'5 bubhols tliv yield (i the g r o w e r wu, almost double that 01 fanners in the neighborhood, h e n c e tuere were rtw.sonb way the largei r » t u i u wat. madu [wssible. This ih f o u n d to h a v e been in care it, s«loj- tion ol atcd, piup.irallou ot tho Boil, ( u l t i - v a t i y n , use of fertilizer anrt spraj i ix the K i - o n l n s crop. I n other \ N o r d h the ro-sults \veru obtained at the oC c a r t f u l and correct meilunS aiul the ta:t tiiat tho mountain ,il, u n d o v propel conditions of e u H i \ . '.ion, i-s adaptable to the growth uf t l i N s t a p l e ·'·'[· S o v c r a l years ago I was Ijolierwl to be almost iinpoisib.e to grow ytf- tutut.3 successfully in any part of JAti.volto t o u i i t y oxi-ofit ix)psibl!' in the inouotiun t o w n s h i p s where t h o soil and e l i m a t o ;.rc lavorable. ICvc-n there it has been I omul that the beat yields arts to bo obtained o n l y by intelligent caro i n the u n n v i t i K . Tho growers 111 t h a t hsction, and elst'wlictv in !h« i o u n t y , have shown h o w e v e r t h a t potatoes can be made a jirontublc crop and that H planted in sufficient iiuantiiy there would bo no need 'or I ho merchants of the county lo import potatoes raised in Michigan or o"I cr distant sections ot' tbo conn- t i y . The benefits can be retained hare uud applied by cur own farmers to their own udvantage and to the credit of Faille c o u n t y as a section where uotre- grown p-oducts comparei In qua'.ity w i t h thoso o£ other localities that mve acquired a reputation, due to ' h o fact thai the growers there have utilised facilities that arc no bettci than thone hero in Fayette, A rUOULE.H KOK M Y S T E K V SOLVERS. TU- diccovery of tUa nkelelon of ft inao on the m o u n t a i n wide in North I'nlo i township w i i l i a huilot hole jilt; atKive ihe l e f t eye, w i l l tend to M-t, th* i n i u R i u d t i o n s ol aiutiy people at vsorU to vxiubtruet a tuoory «.« to tho i d e n t i t y ot thp m.tii and how and why hi- iro-t bis do.ith. T'»s Uniting o( a .J2 calibro pltttol of KipAuteh make, badly corroded, nearby is 01 ly a hint of tho rooan« by -which deatli w«ut cau«ei. Wliethor the wound was 8olf-lnfl!ot«i. or, bv another harH, will remain a i-uWcct of con.- j«cti re. Tfcat. (a* body hAd lain *-h«rc foutid ·» JStnf Ou-t la* ctathin* b*t bwa ?»· tlrely rotted n v a y siig-peBip [ h a t DID death must hav occurred 11-1 IOHR us fomr or flvo yon re ajjo. Utacovory oi j it not having been mudo eiirllp-r I n d l - j eaten t h e t p m t t i ' n p H « of I h e spot :uid I the iuVretjiH'iK y .vith v,Hieh itV.os b e e n ! visited. Althon ;h there a m many places in t h e ! istnw*-. of 11^ mountains, and at K eal diManMa Irom habitations thai arc nut been by men for yi'ara, we a o reminded by the grueeouie difcco ory li'ai points much nearer the eott ocl portions of tho county arc o n i j rarely brought to the notice of cfiijtc is 3iviiu in t¥e vicinity. To thoie h.tvi ig a forKJiK-n tor tolv- iui; ly-jnif at t l i t r u n en t day myleries the- find w i l l of on! an opiwi t u n i t y to test t h e i r skill Y O U R I N C O M E TAX. Meaning of "ct Im-omp." Tho t»rm "m t ineouie-" uu'-anii gross income lens th - deductions allowed under the statu e. Such deductions include bneine^a a.nd profefhional expenses, penfikn 6 to employee, t:\xc*, kvsrb, Interest paid, bad dc-bts, 'i e prc- I'lation, deplcti in, contrfbu-tions, t'tc. Huving a r r i ' p d at the net income, thr- next s'.ep * to deduct tfio perbonul exemption-- $3 .00 for married persons I j v i n p togethei and heads of families, or 5J1.5UO for e single person, pint; the 1401) credit for each dependent, otc. The normal ta fa computed on the remainder at th rate of one-half oi one per cent on t ie fti'tit ?4,0X, two per cent on the n - s t $1.000, and four per cent on the ba nice Failure to understand the disi inetion between dcxlue- tiotw «Kai?it;t j rosa Inc-onie and crpdil^i against net icoom? ha« rectilteii in numerous -rr TS on the part of tax- payern. Husinpss ex ictiBPs form a large item in tl.o retiiri of many taxpayers. Typical bu«!n ftt i-xpensos of o mercantile establishment are amounts twiid for advei idlni;, hire of clerks and otb«r omplo- es, rent, lisht. boat, water, «telpph'ne, property Insurance, and a e l i v e r y -xpenrtos. The expense* of a m a n u f a u r i n g busmen: inelude laboi. raw mi rerials, oupplies, repairs, lisht nnd hea , power, selliiiK coKl, ad- m i n i s t r a t i o n , and other similar charges. A jirof(\^i" ml m a n , uoh as :i lawyer, doctor K. i-hit«'-l., d e n t i n t , etc , may deduct the co (t of s u p p l i e s tmed in his practice, rxp ns-ct, paid in t h o operation aiul rt^p, ir t an automobile used in nsakinfx p ofp-iio«al t a i l s , |uc« to proftwsiotKc! ociorten, Mih: crifitioiifi to prof isloni] otini.Ut-, oftico r e n t , cost of i i ^ h t , fun W r i t e r , ami telephone used In his o lire, and the hire of offlco Tho rciiour ·o-fulneea of the managers of tho Kopi TH Htorcfc Inc., u t Mol- croft, in requisitioning a new stock of goods and peninp; for businoBS the day a f t e r a 'Ire destroyed tho former j place oE bu,ne'-, given ait example ot ( quick action in m e e t i n g un emergency. T a k i n g tho t iealro b u i l d i n g afi a place ot busfnetis v f i i deprive the people of AU'Icrofl of.t iis form of fiitortainmcnt, but it w i l l uc only for I ho time required to r e b u i l d the stoiciootn. This deprivation w i l l !o suffered patiently ; i« viow of t c energetic action to pro- · vide tho m re ncodcd facility of a *tori. Meh -oft twwi a filore before, i t , had a rrwvi ' theatre-, hut it would i euffer CDIK. durable inconvenience if I it. hatl a the .trc but no ttoro. Economic Conditions Influenced Election Of Democrat in Mass. Brpnblican Candidate bailed To Mee (he Prohibition Issue as Positively as 5[is Wot Opponent. By DAVJO LAWKKNCK (Copyright 1030 by The Courior.) Tho talk? tlio ntudents of tho Uigli SchfK)! by member* of tho KiwanlB an , Hotary clubs On the work or occupation w i t h w h i c h t h e y ar« identified, .ire giving tho students a nw fnalijht jnio many lines and is en- aWififf then to .wttlo tlio vexc-d prob- iom of tiic vork they too will lake up atwr grad latiou. In thest- they shouli prove of much value. NO SUBSTITUTE FOR VIGOROUS HEALTH AS BEAUTIFYING AGENT "Beauty eomco from within, that mean . daily attention to And tho bodily requirements. Nothing less will do." This wa« the statement made !/· Dr. Theod ire H. Appcl, secretary of health, in iis weekly talk. I The teci etary discussed the u« C cosmetics ^nd ether artilic.ial beautj- ilers. "Wf'ile ho did not condema their, he stressed that for real, permanent attractiveness, good h e a l t h is nocesa y. "It is c( I'tainty more eaey and coni- fortablo ti apply the glow of youth with e cl-t!i than It i« to retain or attain it by Bleeping adequately, eating reasoi ihly, «xeruiMJug properly, avoiding i vceisiK's ot all kindrf. But it is not go d business to do so," d 3- clared Dr Appel, "It be emphasized that tho.'so who plac their entire faith in beautifying pu kasf-s, appliances and tricks that are t lleged to do the work without auy personal aseisUmce are merely f ollng themselves. Nature does not asl much in exchange for abundant health, but what ehe does demand the intiiste upon getting if happy ret tillc; aro to follow. "Impro 1 e your appearance with oomtnero L! products if your fancy and deslr · «o dictate. But don't subs t i t u t e th m for the real thins, which is vigoroi a health," lie concluded. ST. PATRICK'S BIRTH PLACE In you 'rst'tto.ilfe, about 25 miles trotu l!iU i. ^ Olasionbury, where 1-sg- onl st.ili i \ \ a i b u i l t nearly 1000 yi'.ira UKO, Eng and'ri flwt Chrlfitlan church. It i» c.l luisHl also Unit St. Patrick was bor i hfrt\ aud taiae bark t. die ·itler hi« famous mlnMlouary :ctlvlileo lu Irelan I. iloro ilao Joseph ot ArimatHea came w U the Holy Cirall, p l a n t i n g his stuff m the hill where it grow into the tanw ub G l a a t o n h u r y Thorn, which at Chrtatmag tlmo «vsry year. 1 v. o toro a (ioilBhtfuil r«Kioii for Mass., Feb. 13.-- Moht everybody here was surprised at the landslide w h i c h swept i n t o offleo William J. G r a n f l e l d , the first Democrat elected to Congress in tbo history of the Second District. I f Mr. Gran/Veld bad won by a narrow m a r g i n -- that n, if lu bad nosed lu by a fow votes-- -t.hf'ro would have be«n m-uch less nnrpris\ Put lo win by moro than 7,500, which means a change of about 15,000 votes, is something so sensational that a .search for tho causes becomes pertinent. Inquiry here discloses that as between Mr. Graufleld and 'tis Republican opponent, Fred Grlgga, thore was not inuob. ou too personality side to cause an upheaval, as both were considered good men. Mr. Griggs, lor example, made a good race in the primaries against tho tale Uve Kaynor. Two fundamental reasons arc givon for the defeat of Mr. GrlggK. Ono is his failure to meet the prohibition issue as positively as did 3i1s opponent. Tho other reason is to bo found in the shut-down cT factoriea and advorao economic conditions. Mr. Grlgge told his audiences that he was personally dry but that; nonsiderinq; the wetness of Ms district, ho would feel that ho was und«r a inandato to vote for repeal and modification of existing Jawa whenever a constructive alternative was suggested to Congress, Mr. Granfleld on the other hand Is an ou^-and-out wot. As betweon tlio t-wo the voters liere preferred the direct- ries» of Mr. Oranfleld to what they termed a straddle on the part of Mr. Origga. Mr. Griggs appealed to tho public as a champion of Prostdonl Hoover; namely to send him to Congress to support tbe President. Ncrthhampton, where former f'rwiidiont Ooolidge lives, JH a Republican stionghold but Mr. Granfiold carried ov«ry ward in it. Newspaper support to;- Mr. Gran- was not aa powerful as thaV lor Mr. Griggs. To a amall extent, perhaps, the religious iasuo may have played a part in that Mr. Granfleld, an Irish Catholic, naturally consolidated the votes of his co-religionists, though it is contended on the other hand that nearly all tbe Irish Catholics in this vicinity are Democrats .anyJiqw. ' Mr. Granfleld had the benefit ot an aggressive organization of Democrats in SprinRflold. It was this organization of young men who put Mayor Winter, Democrat, in power ia this Republican environment. The vote in Tuesday's election was u n u s u a l l y l,u'gr and this Is 'attributed to the efforts of the Democratic organization in g e t t i n g i.ho vott-ia to thu polls. Broadly ipeaklug tli« reiiuH w i l l bo .o the economic factor, nnd will acrvo tiB a warnlux to thii Hoover Administration t h a t tno dlsconUtntctl voia alwuytt tliroWH Its I hi) party in power whatievur the uneniploymtmL curya Is liigh. MiiBaacluisotls voted for Al Smith in the Jj,8,l (Uection aud it Republican sections llkt Springfield aud the Sec- EJJopment o: Margo Couzens Depicts Liberality of Family CIUUIUSS V. ST -JWART WAatitDtJton Correm ondenl ftvr Cent nil Pr an. 'WAKHI'NCJTON', D. C , Ffcb. 13--The Oouaens' aro an nncoiiT ntional family. Margo GJU*C w' rr e it oiopraent, )o marry young ,c(Vrie« Cbownias 3n Baltimor'}, was an illu. 1 '.ration of H. Tru«, ono may fus' ect that Miss Gouzeiw' paroT ta wot d hare suspected something if t ey had been strictly on th alort. £ ivance ·publica- tion of th^ baunh, a« xsquired by tho ohurcb to w h i h tho f ouwsna bolonK; tho obtaining oE a d ipcnsation; ar- rangomenbi [or Lho ) reaonco of a "mottbigiior" U ierfor n the ceremony --all th«w prclimiaaj es tatco cone id- erablo time, Ix^irfps ivolvlng a certain umtnint o! public ty. The inference is ra her strong that Mtes Couzona wa« no seriously -worried lest h-r stern f n t l er, tho Michigan senator, v4o ili- wcc. ling at the last cuinutp. * * · Young Mrs. Chownli g really told the j \vholo «tory, uudoubte lly, shortly after tb« olooement, when ehe mentioned her horixjr o£ 'aocict weddings." An olopoment, beyc id any question, ·was bor only means o escaping one. Washington simply would uo/t have endured any other ki id, if if. had had a worxl to say about 11 We mey safely assume, then, that It ram "society" the Chewnings-to-be (an- -who now are) ran away fretn, anl no-t the bride's ond Dibti'Scl generally a, Uomo- orat to Contrast for the- first time In history, It s eiiay to Infer lfaj,t an material gains by party. This is particular cause Masaacbusott musit cle^t a FUCC; Gillett. Unless co? proved in tho factoi and tho a u t u m n ther body cf opinion hoi toward the b-lio-f tha will Iwivu a aard t,i districts in tine. ' unu.iual a'twut this power alway i runs ptobiem ami gets when prosperity is is apt to lofe man: year election. the Democratic Y important be- next autumn aor to Senator ditions are im- ea between now ) is a substantial » which inclines the Republicans ae holding other 'hero is nothing as the pa.rly in nto the economic the benefit of it it its height and 'seats ia ail off- father and mother. Maybe, a« a mere matter of form, Senator and Mis. Couions honcertly were not told. Maybo thoy w^re. At any rate, the Senator threw no flUi when informed of the elopement, H« was perfectly calm. * * * Looked at either way, it was un- I'ouventional, which is exactly what might have been expected in Senator Ooiizeutt* daughter. As a multimillionaire product of the most standardized industry on earth I (an indwiry which us mighty because ] of the -vwy perfection of ite statidard- j i/.allon), tho Senator is tho most ut- t e r l y unstandardlzed individual in public life--or almost anywhere. Naturally thfe unreliability makes him a terribio, trial to tho orthodox element he ia brought in contact with --and the position ho holds brings him In contact with tbe orthodox ele- moiH constantly. * *' * Politicis is intensely orthodox. Still, thore ar« a few unorthodox politicians --our Senator Norrie' end our Representative) IjaQnardias; that type. And does Senator Couzene mingle harmoniously with thoea folks? Not a bit of it; in their company he d-evelope streaks of orthodoxy. As a spare part, there seenw to be no machine whatevei 1 that Senator Couens does fit into. * * » Being- tho richest man in Congress, according to all ruiee the Michigan Senator ought to be an altra-conaer- vativo. Occasionally a very rich young man, who has inherited hte money and consequently does not eat a self- made capitalist's value on it, bursts ·out into a pink reeh; but thte is extremely seldom the caeo with a hard- boiled oldster who dragged himself by hi« own "bootstraps into the class of super-ineDjr.e-taxpayers, as Senator Couzens did. The Senator i6 not a pink, either-or a red. And yet he sometimes talke about capitalism In a fashion to make a conservative's blood curdle. Abe Martin tale*, oticjcnt elactlou lick! today. Utronghdul Dayton, Ohio, in he Toiadq, Lima an' Hamilton c-lnie ba ., has been so hard h i t by handiu that lior bank employee lay clown Lo bo I I d ever' tlmo a car p u l l s up to tho our . I S i t t l n ' up e j e r c t e s keep the body fit. i hut you'Mo got to 10 unlK^ty ca.r«ful ' about %v4u ieta '·»» aa Life Saving Stations for Game Edwin H. Stucke and Charles Davis, a pair o£ Pennsylvania sportsrnaa, have been devoting considerabl-e,effort to takhig oare ot feathered game during wintry weather along the Delaware River in the vicinity of Philadelphia. Artificial cover was provided at several points and hoppers filled with grain were placed in the ehelters to feed game birds when enows are deep and other food is not available. The practice is becoming general throughout parts of the United States, with the result that many thousands of birds are saved from starvation. Cost of Reple.cing Restless Workers The propensity of \nwrlcan labor to h h i f L from job to job U characterized ua ono of tho itnpo -tant source** of economic ivanto by t ic Department of M a n u f a c t u r e of the "Jliambc-r of Commerce ol the United Stale*? in a re- poi t on labor turno er rotord-i. "The experience of employers, who in the past decade h«ive analysed their labor turnover records," the Department flnda, "has indicated that the cost, of continuous replacement of em- ployes may amount to laufficient proportions to con.'-liiLli! a considerable factor of ezpenee. Labor turnover among unskilled v orkero has been estimated In aotne i stance to cost at least |50 per employe, while the cost. of fllllriR jobs w b i i li require a considerable a m o u n t o " training or pre- viou« experience f n q u e n t l y entails an expense of several hundreds do larti per employe. "It has been by nr moansj uncommon for American factor es to bo obliged to hire from one huud -pd to one hundred and fifty workers loinually for every ono hundred available jobs in ordor to maintain a constant number of employee on their payrolls. Realization that constant fluctuations of employment w f t h i u their p ante often resulted in labor turnover njuivuient to a replacement, of their entire working force for the year las served in some casee to focus the attention of operating executives upon the elimination of this trfmendous eo irco of Industrial Compute Welfare Costs. CHICx'AGO, Feb. 13--Social welfare work costs average SS cents a person in the United S t a U h every year. Data compiled iy tho. Chicago welfare agencies through cooperation, of tho Council of Sockil \gettc{j« ehow fhat |2,GS;,7S« ia sprnt on dependent families hero a n n u a l l y . The public tax treasury contributed i53.7 prr cent of Ibis and .16.3 per ;;enl carne from the pinlanthropioaliy supported agencies. Dies of Jesse frwin Bla- kburn, .'{5 years old, died Wednesday of injuries suffered ·last October wh lo at work in the mine. Train Children to EC. Friendly with Dentist C e l l In,-; children lo go willingb' t" tbr dcntiiit is frequently among .1 mother's most perplexing problem* The reason for thte usually is Vaa- children make tho acquaintance of i dentist only when they .ire in great pain, Dr. Kether Schupaek, a lent)p , explains in the current issue ef Hygeia. Mothers should plan (o make It? child's Introduction to the denttet «t painless one. Thie mey be done by ~ - f a k i n g him early for examination ami cleaninjc of the teeth anc establishing the hubU of repeating the visit every six monUis. Thus i'riendhhlp and COJ - fldence are cemented, which wfil le valuable if painful treatment is «ri r necessary. Lying to a child is the way -if failure, Miss Schupaek points out. If one has a child's confidence one et n /, soothe h i m into patient and stoleil endurance of great suffering. Another Important, cause of fear £ the ceiitiot isi in careless discussion if denial aches and paine in the proson-e of children. Nine out of ten wno rebel fiercely at a necessary visit fo the dentist are In a etaie of fear because of scrape of conronsatkm overheard In the family circle, the autb Jr declares. This can be avoided by 110 exercise of discretion. Youthful Bride Advised To Prosecute Hubby SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 1J--Advit cd to prosecute her spouse, 20 years of ege, a bride of 10 ycarw walked from Superior pourt hero recently with ' l i u light of battle in her eyes. The advice wae given to Mrs. J nc A. Farnand who petitioned the oo irt to grant her aa annnullment of tnir- Hago because her husband, Mcrlo Joseph, had suddenly aanounceditt'a.s all off because he was only 29 yeirs old and didn't 7ovo her anyway. She contemplates charging him v Ith. perjury and may prees charges so t a a t he will face a jail sentence. Who to Patronize. Those who adverttee la The Daily Courier. LOWER TIRE PRICES JPLAV SAP 5. BFY ONLY NATIONALLY ADVERTISED BRANDS Bay from jour home store and sa^c money. M you prefer Brands not listed below we will get them for you. Siee Regular Path- ttinder ? 5.70 Tacnum Cop $ 6M Firestone U. S. Bobber or Goodyear Ctoodrieh 30x430 29x4.76 30x5.00 6.40 7.45 7.6« 8^'JO y.?o 38x6.00 80x8 ii CU 7.60 50 8.90 9.40 1L30 1L70 lSO 13.70 $ 7.40 8.10 ;JM) 9.40 9.75 135 12.10 12.75 $ 8JO 8.70 SUM) 10.10 10.40 1L20 13JH) 1JOO . S. 4.85 5.00 31x4 3!2x4 32x4 !£ 29x4.40 Beary Duty 10.60 34.35 60 MM ILtM 80x4^0 Ii8x4.75 20x4.75 .'{frxo.Ofl 10JK) 1QM 1L25 HJiO 12.00 18 120 60 7.10 1JU80 170 17.00 11-10 11.70 12.10 3U35 .'tlxfl.00 32x6.00 11.60 13.15 18.30 UM IGJiO 15.70 16.20 13.15 I4JJ5 14.90 J5.40 17.00 17.75 12,90 18.70 15J50 16.00 16.40 11S 150 Union Supply Co, Silt) Stores In Mae Counties ol FennsylTan»«. Shoes Freevse to Ground. KRNOS1IA, WiiS., Feb. 13--Herman Piohl, tactory watchman, .was fiozen out of his shoes when the m e r c u r y dropped to 15 below ZMO hpre. Ho tried 1o thatv a frozen padlock by pouring u bottte of hot water on it. Tho water ran around his feet, freeing his shoes firmly to the ground. Plehi unlaced hie shoes, stepped from them, and ran in his stocking Coot for another pair, Use Classified Ads, Tbe? hrlac results m *, .1 ,Jr*^ DO YOU HAVE PARKINGITIS? Are any of your family suffering from this malady that causes extreme nervousness and red and green spots to appear before the eyes. If so, cure yourself tt once by riding the electrics to aad from your shopping expeditions and jivoid the nightmare of parking ten blocks away from the store. WEST Railway* PENN

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