The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 13, 1930 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1930
Page 2
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I ' A G K "HYO. ,THS DAILY COURIER, CONNEL .SVILLE, FA. THUKSDAV, PEBRUAIV Hcnr a Family Doctor made Millioi is of Frienc Is Annual Card Party of Holy Name Society Delightful. Social Event ®--. Prominent aitioner the iwci.i.1 events VHODA. DU3N W C. T. V. of tho W W K v., , Hio annual card WILL MKJ5T MOJVWAY MGH'i party of thi» H o l y Name Society given i Tna Khodfl Dinu Won can's Ohris- la-U n l c c h t in t h . - s-ocUl h a l l of tho Im-| t i a t l Temperance Union will zmor maruUito ('( r c e j ' t i o n Churcli. The ] Mon la v n 'Slu at the- hodfie oC Mrs «*ppoinftni^riu^ \voio perfect in ovory I Angle, Cunn lings as f entie, I-Iill- deUil and not in inanv mouths has a crest. A larso al ondniiC'? is desired (lellirhtf i! social in Com elliu illo. boeu .1. K. crest. as plans will Brid *·«». l l v e l p c v ' Members ' 1 "m.p!« [ for urt aalcol to a sup- and 1) ago wore the div-ersiong : e\oU.-i«t. of tho games spent a iHijoy.vbl -. evoniim. Two hundred giu'.stt were in attendance. 1'rizo.s \v«ix,- awarded as follows: Uriilge, ibv.t, Mis.s Blanche Stafford; .Miss l/onora Grace, Honry Opperman, .1. ./. Hrad*., ,*lr^. (!ail KJ.shbaoh and Mi»* Madelyn McN'irlty; live hundred, l i r ^ t prue, I'.utl K r a y n a k ; Mrs. Mc- t ' ] \ e r n . l-t-opi Id Schuler, Max Koch, Aiiv. W. It. S n jit ho, Mrs. Frank Pas- tiilariuu. Mia:- Hannah KoUler, John Koolkor. Joseph Doer (lor, Mrs. MHner tind MI^H Rose Steindl; ln,v pn-f, Mrs. Clary R a n k e r ; Mrs. iJavid U u n d o l p h , John Doyle, Mr. Fred M natorman. Miss C'-ooeIi:i M u r p h y , ; nd W. Ooorflor. Mrs. A. .N'ardino -,von a prizo, a blanket, awarded lor another amnsrmont. T R O T T E R ( 1 ASS OBSERVES \ N M V K H S A U Y WITH I'ROG'IIA.W Tho Uvo Wires Class of Trotter C o m m u n i t y 3 anday Si'hool mot at tho homo of Iei.r»s Hart last evening in the roguiur r i o n t h l y Mission. PrOinif at.-to tb-0 aiuiivor-'-ary of th organiza- t i o n of iru' class, an intorostins; "HiH- lory of tho O ahh" was given by Bern- at the West Ponn t e r m i n a l iu time In leave on the ?:!!0 "'clock street car. ( . I). OF A. V ! L f . A l K f T THIS K V K X L X i The regular mr 'tins oC Court An., Catholic Daughters of Amor\ \ i i l be hold of the Church. The nier ing iviil convene 8 o'clock. meol home Sunslii IP Tho Sunshino i )af« of the Methodint Eplecop a Church Friday iiiRht at 7 o'clock at Fox, K.u.l Wauhlnglou of Marjorit avenu-e. Kver K The Rver Faith I tl Class or the ouih ConnellsvilJo Chu c-h will meet Fridny nipht at 1!u hows of Aliss Alma Hartman of Hno «,tr et, South C oucellu- ville. A largo a U 'danoo i« desired. 'Jlts Sara Frai ·?·, Weinier, Uiu§h- tei ot Mr and Mi (' M. \Vt;ira»r of i Hrownfield ami Hlver Mi-Intyrr of F'airchanre, w o r e m a r n v c l ard Livingston, one ot the charter i n i * h t ! " t h 1 {' !!rs ' i a j ' ( 1 ' »« member*. Ai, a t t r a c t u c birthday cako j tPrlan C h u r t h of Pain hutu-e. Rev. c. »itH) aildi'd to the enjoyment of the or- D - A - Hoon, tlie p h i o r officiated. For tho present tho n \i\i\r w i l l rnudo w1t)i tho brideV. purer s Mi- Melntyre w ployed l)y thu Union Supply Company at Wyun. K as i on. Lincoln sU'rifv. wero told by m o n i - tors and mti?i; w;u? a feature at i]^- lorval.s t h r o u g h o u t tho ovcninj;. Worship and business completed tho pro- i:ram. TA-nty-two members u n i Kuosts were .iresont. A r t h u r Soinhman, president of tho ( lass, wa« in charge or the mooting. HELEN MAT FIKK Yf EOS Miss Helen May Fink, daughter ot Mr. and Mrs Fred Fink of Now Kon- j games. Hingrton, formerly ot Troltor, and Wil- | to Mrs. Frank Ham ROOHO . f N'ow Konsiagton oiojed Charles Golden. to Ouraborla-Kl on Tuesday and were married. Tho bridt attended the Dunbar Township ilijjh School )ofcn-o locating tit Now Kensine-lon arid W.IH ompioyed in the Btore of tho F. W. Woolworth Company of Now KousinK- ton bofort* her marriago. Sho is a uioo.o of Mts. lidward Gallagher ot Blactetoiio fvennc and Mrs. John Sut- livan of McConnick avonuo. Mrs. Fink wxs visiting relatives in Connt'UsviU on tho day of h-or daugh- tor's marria,,-'. Tho coupie will rosidc Brfriife Luncheon. .Vr.i. K. A. Pi icr wa« gue ; t at a bridge luncheon at \ \ h l r l i .vtrt. Joliri Uankln was hot-- *6 yes!ertla afternoon at her hom 1:i Uniontowii. Valentino appoints ente predominated. Bridge suppleme Hed the luncheon, three tables hi ig nrraHK«i for thu 'or hish scoios went /ew !lpn and Mrs. Mr« Uarikin is a for- :outli Connellriville mer resident of "H omen Tiie Woman'.s Missionary Hoclolj- of Trinity Lutheran C h u r c h will meet tonight at 7:45 o' ock «l tho church A good attendance Is J 'IFTEEN yearn after hia graduation, Ds. Caldwell became oiie of the best-known members of his profession. A single prescription made him famous. And for forty years it has continued to make friends. As fast as people could tell others about tha marvelous way this prescription corrects constipation and relieves other troubles caused by sluggish bowels, demand for it sprend until Dr. Caldwell was forced to have 11 filled in quantities; bottled aid distributed through drug H'.ores. Today, Dr. Galdwell's Syrup Pepsin, as it is called, is the world's most popular laxative. Millions of people would never t/iink of using- anything el«a when they're headachy, bilious, feverish, or weak; when bre .th Is bad, tongue is coated or the f are suffering from nausoa, fron gas, or lack of appetite, etc. Dr. Caldwell'a Syrup Pep- in as you buy it from your drug store is made in accordance wit i tho original formula from only ierbs and other pure ingredient . It is pleasant lasting; its .ction is thorough in the most obs inata cases; gently effective for v omen and children. Abovp all, it epre- nenta a doctor's choice of what is safe for th«i bowels. DR. W. B. CAIDWEI.«,'S SYRUP PEPSIIM A Doctor'* Family Laxa, ive at iNosv Ken; Tho Fink family moved from Trotter to Now Ko'islugtou about a year A N D 31 RS. F1U/ZKLL KM'EttTAIN I'AIU) CLUTJ Dutch Lui'choon. Mrs CharloH J . Sloutfor entertained tho Tuesday AIt rnooa Bridge Club at a Dutch luncliei n Tiit-sday arternoon at i o'clock at her Uoine in South PHtsbxirg strpe . P i n k and yeliow tu!ip» cejiiered ho table, while cards were in! liuture Dutch boys. Covers vere laic, for oi^iL Following tho luncheon bridge was playea, prizes being .v irdwl to Mrs. Sinclair and M s. Charles L, Work. Mr. and Mr*. J. W. FrisiseH delight- j 'J'ne next zneotij - r»f the r;lub will bf j f u l l y entorUi tned tho 0. E. C. Club last n i u h t it their homo in Vine utreot. 'I'hroo tiiDlof were called into play for five hundred. Head prizes were awarded to Mrs. S. J. Shannon of Scottdalo aHi 1'aid Herman of this j . ( i t y , and sio ond to Mr«. Paul Herman supple- Mr, and The next meeting will be held Wed- and K, J. S uinnon. inented tho gamee. Guests of tho o!ub were r.t. J. 11. Klomlnp, held !!·, the hoi LC of Mrs. Charles \Veihe, Johnsloii aveinif-. JEust IJbe; ly Class The Altruriai Bible Claeb o£ tho ilast Ij1lerty Pr'-abyterian Church met last, night for ta regular February seseion at th i ome of Mr. and Mrs. 0. S. Harper t liberty, with Mrs. ! SSadie Budd a atssietont hostess. Thirty persons wore in attendaiiCo. After tho bufiln -ee meeting, u playlet ncsclav nigh . February 26. at the home »'«« preeooted. It was called "Tho of Mr", und Mrs. H a r r y Park at South ^ekwoods Sch.»ol."_ Tboee who took Arch street. U. F R E D KIE51AX WILL ADDRESS CLUB WOMKN G. Fred Rleman, president of thu Capstan (11. ms Company, will be tho principal meeting ot at the semi-monthly he Woman's C u l t u r e Club artjrnoou in the club rooms it the Car igle J''ree library. The .eneral Mibject for dihcussion 1s '1-oca! I n d i stry." Following th© program the c l u b women will motor to South Conuells- v i l i p , whevo they · will be taken t h r o u g h the glaas plant. With Mrs. Hess. Mrs. K v i l i i ; Hess will e n t e r t a i n tho Vanderbilt Fancywork C l u b at an all- 'lay i n e c t i n , n e x t hujne at Srnunit. We-cln6sday at her No need to be! Keep your system clean with Epsotabs. Take two Epsotubs at night for constipation relief in the morning. Easy r\M pleasant to takc.No f,i ^ng, no lost time. TJJ, them tonight. For sale at your druggists in 25cand SOcpackges. Write for free sample. THE DILL COMPANY Norristown, P*. part in the ent irtn-inment wore Mrs. J. L. Love, Ml*, teinhold Winlerhalter, Mrs. Daniel Mcifill, Mrs. Taul H. Collins, Mtets Nellt Suydev, Mtes Graco Snyder, Miss lazel Stoner, Mre, Orange Bobm Refreshments were solved. The IK a session wilt be conducted on tho i 'guiar meeting time. W. C. T. D. Tho FerryoixjUs Women's Christian Temperance Ui ion met yesterday af- tornoon at the lome of Mrs. Ira Blair at PerryorwHa. It was decided that instead oC havi ig a Frances WilUrd program on Su iday afternoon, at has always been tho cuatom, a repreaon- tative will ai pear at all of tho churches to jri 6 a story of her life. The noxt meef ng win bo heid on Marclt 18 at tilt Star Junction Motho- clist Bplsco-piil 'Jhuroli which will ba conducted In ci iincctiou with a moth- Questionnaire I ? or Lower Tyrone Twp. Road Boosters OousWorahle intoreat Is manifeei in the jiropooiod action of ihv ]eu!loK t-ax- p;iy-ers of Lowor Tyrone township who are jxpe-ctod to draw up a syMomatic road building program. This matter iviil \f$ brought boforo th'-ni tomorrow ·"vefini; at 7: SO o'clock ;it a .n tiie finwison lxpjon Home. "William II Gordon, win her toi«ni8bip ]xard of roail tias Issued l*tters to tho ontstandtnx itaxfayers who are oxvect?l to attend the nve«ling in which ((nasflona pertalntiis to road work. A noug tho quoHlions are: "How much do you w a n t our debt (township road «urersl«'icrbt reduced'' "How much do y o u r *vaiit each su- per-isor to spend? Wh«io? "Hhoold we apply for °,la(e fnaiji- tonimce on road^) already improved? "Hhould we apply for suite reward or! it»w roada? Whoro? 'iA T e wawA to lay out our township roa is aa primary roada, that in roads ace xnoliating mosi of tho taxrwiyers, uii(i secondii-ry roadf, thai food them." Thin i.s believed U lx a tf»w depar- tnro and It is c.xioi;tijd t work out for tho benefit of all tho townsbip citi- $2.00 o. o. o, $1.65 CUT BATE 301 North Pittsburg Street, 00. Connellsvillr $1.20 Flaxolyn $1.00 Wanipoles Preparation 79c Cut Prices 7 Days of the Week Specials for Friday and Saturday Patent Medicines $1.50 (B1.0 Aprarol ................. ...$1.29 $!.."( Allonrhu .... ........ $1.21) $1.85 iMercc's Favorite Prescription ............... $1 ? I. .V PierceN (Sodden IMTedi- cal Dlst-ovory ............... _.$l $1.20 Scott's KmtilHion $1 $1.20 Father John's Medicine .................... $1 $1.20 Cnldweli's Syrup of Pepsin .................... ... $1 $1.20 Hal Hepatiea _______ $1 $!.2(» Bromo Seller ______ $1 $1.00 Nujol .............. ..... 8c $1.00 Squibbs Mineral Oil ................................. 85c $1.00 Miles A'ervine ......... 85c C. H. W«nt?/eH of GreonBiburg, as- sistfint tovniship cngm^xsr, State M i j hwTiy DopartnienL will be Uie ly olatod over tho fact that Mr. Wont- acL w i l l makf tho pilg-rlmago to Oaw- 8OD despite the fact thai an injury to his l«g iari forcod h,1m tfi u«o crutctifsH. fc-tate Senator Harry J. lkH o£ Daw- aor also will »pen.h. ( lomrr. lttoe« hm-o fxeon chopen ami th-fy Includ-e the loadinp taxpayers ot UK various sxsctions of the township. Thro are IS persons on the nino com- mi'.teefi. Tbc«»« we-re mii'k* known through The CJoariw y«etxsrday. Dai n-Coinfort. Miss Mary I inn of Delaware ave- Soottdale, mid .Vllchaol Comfort of Spruce str ot, iMount Pleafrant, wore married 'oatorday morning ai St. John the Bi'ptiHt Church at Scott- lale. Miss Ixt ise Nicolotto of Scott^ate was maid nf honor and Dr. Frank Suntoro of PiUsburg was host raau. j Mr. and Mrs. C unfort will nmk their I gc !lorfl1 foreman of (lie roundhouse, homo at Mouni Plejtsant. M '' Dawson resides wlili his family in Pennsylvania avenue aud was ono of the most popular olfltiials ut the Cumberland shops. TESTIMONIAL I¥EN AT CUMBERLAND FOR JOHN H. DAWSON CUMBERLAND, Md., Feb. 13.--With more, than two huttdred guests iu alter dance, a testimonial dinner and da I R C was given lajit rviRlit in the Queen City Hotel at Cumberland, Md. by Baltimore Ohio Railroad officials an 1 employes in honor at Jolm II Dawson, who was promoted from geu- 'jrul foreman of the Cumbcsrlaifli roiindhouse lo master mechanic at the company's shops In ConnollsvUle. I. R. Laugnlin, superintendent ot thu Cumberland Division, was toast- mciSter. Talks were {riven by Mayor TLomas W. Koon, MaWer Meuhanic Tl'omaa E. Mewshaw, this city; R. W. Bvown, Kenoriil Huiierinlendeut; W. W Oaldor, master car builder; V. G. Hi.yes, general freighl. apent, of Baltimore. Other officials present included: I. B. Beltz, suporinteurient of I he Ccnnellavilie Division; A. H. Hodgee, district master mechanic, Plttsburg, Pa.; D. M. Ambrose, assdHtaut master mechanic, Keysor; C. C, Schuh, road n ·oC engines, Keyher; William yiuiw, storokecper at the local whops. Following the dlattor, the guests enjoyed clanring. Mr. Dawson entered the service ot the railroad in 1913 as an apprentice in tho local shops, from which position ht rose to machinist, than to as- si.stani foreman and later to foreman, the past five y«nrs he had been ISAAC L FIALL OBSERVES HK 93RD BIR FHDAY Tli* fact tlm ho h^rd Abmham Ijiiwx]n make nn a4Uii-e«H · i Indiana in IfvSO is own f tho i rid mem- oriot; of lajuvc I,. Hili of ( onfiuonco, who yesterdnj, In addition t recalling activities of iho G r e a t Kn ancipator, obB«rv«d h!n own !'3rd bit ,hday nn- at the hime of hii son, W!l- Hall of (Vonnueoce, ~wh re he ha,} Jived for tho }wa.fvt 16 ywirn. Mr. Hall, a .-oleum o! tho TMlvsl War, was born in Ktowart town* lip, which ' vras lator (!i!d-d nto If nry Clay township, Mr Hall a homt toeing in Urn now township stfUsr th divlaiou. H ! llvd thorc until 16 year ago whoii bo moved to biii »on'j! hoi; e. at Con- fliii«n:}. IU« wife dio3 Jn J It, Mr. Ha.1! served In the Civil war ;u-. a member of Company ., 85th In- f a n t r y and WAS tw!-^ won; tied in action. Ho w a s wounded in the log at Fort Wag nor and la th« t md at th« battle of Potorsbur;.. WJheu the Penn- syivaDia Ora»il Army of t) Republic held its stato coa.'entkm Jn U n i o n - town sovoral y * a r K apo. W Itall wa« in a t t e n d a n t s .md niar'fc d in th« parade. H** i)f o «uteai!v! tho Amor- tcan Lreglou convent Ion Uor , Yosteixlny j.t his home Mr. Hall wsuMho r'-ciiiienit o many ongratuJa-I Uo« message** and a hug birthday cake on which b«rn«l J - ; cendlon. Momibers of th^ Oonfluenc Amerksan Legion Poit il«o caiWd up- « Mr. JIait to pay thoir respxt« as t' d many of bis triejid.H Iroia l'\iyi*ttc i mnty. AmoiiR iuow* wbo col ed at Mr. IlaH'e home were Mrs. W P. Koontx. and Mrt" T. M. Bovmar, daughters, both of UniC'ivtown and L e Smith of 1 'montown. Rt»lat-ves, th« 'e inclndKl bl.'i BOH, Ch:ir!iB Jfall of TTntontown. and Mrs. J^ef- Wajjrer of C 'nnellsvi3}«, another riaiiig-hter, Mrs. J as Bloasor of Point Marion, anothei daughter, was unabio lo attend th- party because of Illne-fls wiille Of de L. HaU of Pittaburg, u.!«o was u ible to le present. Mr. Hall fittlft retains a very active m i n d and rc-ada without i iaases. His hearing is eomo^liit ir paired be- cauBe o£ tho action of leavy field gnnu on hit? oturdrtmis during the Civil war. 1 Pint Mlfflin Rubbing Alcohol 59c $1.00 World's Tonic ..~.86e $1.00 ^dlerlka S9c Malt Syrup Ulue Ribbon Budwofscr Top Puritan 53c Can Donhlo l)Ht?li fiOc Prescriptions Hosuck, Schlctin^er Company Federal and State Taxes Accountants and Auditors 1415-30 P«rk Bnfldlng Pittsburgh, Ta. $1 K. K. Tablets S7c $1 Burke's Cod Llrer Oil Tablets 07c 75o J)oan«'s Kidney Pills 63c 8tc Kruschen Selt 76c Baby Food.'; and Preparations $1.20 S. M. A. M l k $1 $l.flfl Becolac 8«c 75c Dcxfri Maltse 67c $1.00 OraSHne 85c $1.00 Ovaltlnc ... $8.39 $1.00 Horlick's .tfaltel MHk _..... 8flc $3.75 Ilorllck's iffalted Jttllk _ $3.39 1 H). Merck's Mflk Sugar .'-- _ . .. ,rc 25c Castor OH 19c fiOc California ^ymp of Figs _ _ r.ijc 40c Flet«lser's Csistorin 3.iio 25r Hfennen'H B rated Talciim ,, I9c 25n Johnson's Faby Powder _.... 20c 25c Johnson's J'aby Soap _ ,,. 20c 25c 3Iorck's Zinc Stearate 20c 25r II. B. Ha by Talc 20c £6c B. B. Bali r Soap 20c 15c Stork Castile Soap lie Toilet Items $1 Parqain's Hand Creum 90c 60c Pacquin's Hand Cream 45c Trial Size Pacquln Hand Cream 10c r»0c Chamberiain's Hand Lotion _.., 39c «0c Pepsodent Tooth Paste £2c 5(c Ipanji Tooth Past*? 42c 5flc ludent Tooth Paste *2c 25c Listerinc Tooth Paste ,,.,,. gt)c $1.00 Listorine ..85c 25c Packer's Tar Soap 21c $1.00 Coty's Powder with Compact »5e Valentines Give a box of Norris Candy --nothing could be more appropriate or in better taste. We have them in boxes priced from $1.25 to $5.00. Give a box of Norrls Candy and be sure you're right. Open Sunday Rieck's Ice Cream MRS. K LEA NO 11 HOY Graduate Corse'Uere. Mrs, Kloanor .Hoy manager, buyer and graduate corseticTc and medical tttter, will attand to your personal needs and corset requirc- mentH including maternity fittings, hernia and medical abdominal supports. We are exclusive agents in Connellsvllle for Camp's belts, --KELSON'S-- Corspt DepU, 2nd Floor, Son Bi'rn to Baxter*. Mr. and Mr. . Prank H. Baxter of Chestnut str«e are the parents of a l3-{xuiKl son horn Wednesday morning. Th« child U«K been nam«d Frunk Howard, Jr. ·' his is; the first ! K y in tho family. T! ern am'two glrlw. Mr. Baxter Is a Ha Umon, A Ohio Itoilroad C.mtbrook Had boon «ol«u. conductor. Automobile Stolen. Police were notified at 6:30 o'clock tills morning t h a i an automobile* ovrne-d by Ja.ini»s E. IfcndcrHon oC Pro-J enton Danca. By Kt. Step ion's Groek Catholic Ohuirh, li-riolt Hall, LeiaonrJng No. 1, S.Uiir.liiy, BVtu Ulry i 5j lg30 beginning at 7 " S o i, .\i Good tiuihlc uud ret ' - b t ; i i u n i s . /. timsalou. sciulonii'ii 75 · ' · n t h . J,nt'\ct 25 c t i t i f K . - . A i J - v o t t i i o - Call a physician. Then begin 'emergency" treatment with VSSJSJI QVEI?1? MILLION JARS USED YEAgLg GOITRE MM 1 A I) I; EASE J lor tor Makes Remarkable Discovery. Milwaukee, Wi3c. -- It has bfren brought to light by sciont Qc research that goitre is not a disoas and is not to bo treated aa such. Dr A. A, Rock, Bept. P2G, UOK T37, Mllw mkee, Wis., a prominent goitro spocia l»t for over 24 years, has perfected a diflrent method ot treatment for his patients that has proved remarks ly succeas- t'ul. This sama method i . now being used for a home troatnx at of goitre cases a,Il ovor the countrj with astonishing results. Tho docto · states that goitre Is a condition w h i c h worso with nog-lefjt and immediate attention no matter how small tho ijTowtb jnay uppear. He strongly opposes, uoedlea operatioiiB. Dr. Hock is Urn author ocl a book Untl tells in a i-imple Avay al out treating goitre at liomo. J3e lias p rblished U)1B book al his own exponso ; nd will sond a copy froe to anyom interested. Write him today, -- Adror laement, Son Horn lo Hi A ami, tipping the pounds, was Uorn last n o'clock (o Mi', and Mns Baircl of Soutli Pitl^buri; bnl6, thp first, in ilio fam numol Wflliaiu Ttiomas, grandson of Mrs. Saj South Plttsburg street a; Baird of lelmont, Pu, who was formerly Mlsa Ii was oiiiplotMl in the Wtta before her marriage.- Irds. icales at 10 j h t at 11:30 William T. Htroet. The ly, has been Jr. H Is a ill of d Mrs. T. H, J Mrs, Baird, artha Reese, 1 ·Pfinn offices Card Party «r»00" and Bingo Trotter Auditorium Thursday, February 13 Storting at 8:45. Benefit St. John's Church, West Side. Boor Prize $5.00 Gold Piece. February Special! ROOM LOTSof WALL PAPER LOT 1 / 16 patterns t o choose from in tMs group. 10 rolls of wall, 20 yards of border ard 6 rolls of ceiling. Now special y priped at _ '.. $1 .80 For Your Valentine Parties ROSE'S Heart Centered Brick Ice Cream --And Other Novelty Moulds. Phone 315-J. Cough Gone! What * comfort to looe that maddening throat tickle. N6 wonder children «nd grown -up» like Scvera's Cough BalMm. A favor- Ste coi|£la renicdy for 49 yearn. Soft, effective. Your drug- ha* It. Two __ _ COUGHJALSAM Third S«m Is 3 r«. A won w M f i h l n f T ciffhl pounds \vaa horn ou Salurdoj, Jfebi'v iry 8, to Mr. mid Mra. T. J. J i i f r s o South Cou- i\fllsvilli!. T i l l s ' i s the t lird c'luld iu HIP family. All ar-e ?oj i, Thj babe has bo en named Clyde 3 'ugeno. Stofk at trout 1 ome. A d a u i ; h l e r , Dolores t" leen, aiTived at the home of Mr. and Irs. C.lyrio M. f r o n t of St'iiitdalc, Ti sday uisht. ih mot!nT and d n u g l u r are m a ,iun^ l i o n s fin». Tlioi P u-i' i w t w o lifj'H il oiiij m i l iti IK iuiu ly. NIGHT EXCURSION Washington AND KETOKN SUNDAY February 16 Round $5.OO Trip FROJX CONNELLSYILLE TKAIN Will Lenvfl «t 1:35 A. 3f. (,'onsult Ticket Ag-ciits BALTIMORE OHIO LOT 2 .16 patterns of a better grade of wall paper. 10 rolls of wall, 20 yards of bolder and 6 rollp of celling. Now only ..._ ! $2 LOT 3 High grade wall papers, many of them embossed. 16 patterns In the group. 10 rolls of wall, 20 yards of border and 6 rolls of ceiling. A Bargain at Showing absolutely new thoughts in Sun- Fast Wall Papers for 1930--individuality, modernity ,conforming to the spirit of the home- Wall Papers of greater beauty. D E V O E Paints, Varnishes, Brushes, Shellac and 4 Hour Enamel M. Bernardo 5c 10c WALL PAPER CO. Wholesale Ketail -- AH Grades of Wall Paper. I l l W. A p j l e St. Pfaon« 9«S. ConnellsTill©, Pa. BIG VALENTINE NOVELTY DANCE T i He Held by tJtc Itnlnhows - - I'Valurlnjr VIC. A N f t l t E V V S 4'J) JUS SOHKTY CLUtt OIU'IIESTIJA -- Confctfi Thursdiay, February 13 -- 8:30 to 12 Side .SLAVISH HAL1, AAAeA .Ulra^ilon-^imatliiniii dance cxhlMtfor by (h^ famous stuKe te,i.«-FIUM'KS WOOLS "HIM,*" Bll.U' (I.uJ,, kuwnll Mr. and .Mr«. ( , A. iilUriilri-). ~,lnst Off (li«. |{. K. O. I/;idii's '.Joe, ttaMUMOMUMMW l0VT HISS IT! :

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