The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 14, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 14, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. THE DAILY COURIER, CUiXNKJLLSVXLUE, PA. TUESDAY, MAT 14, 191S. HENRY P. . Founder and Editor." 1379-1913- Till-: COURIER K_ M- S.VYOER. President. JAS. J. DKISCOUU Sec'y and Treasurer, Business JOHN I*. -CANS. Managing Kditof. WAI.TEK s. srn-'-titEU City Bditor, J1..3S LYNNE B. K I Society "Editor. MEMBER OF: AF-wbiatpd Press. Audit 13'jrtaa of Circulation, Pennsylvania Associated Dailies COu.fcT TACASCIES. GBASD DUKE "ffllO HAT e' month; fwo cents per copy, 50c Sa per year by maU If paici .Hntered as second class matter pootortlce. Connellsville. Pa- TUESDAY KYii-NLSO, 3tA\' -14, 1918. The Courier's Service F1»S. WILLIAM P. SHEHMAN. Hospital U n i t L. American Expeditionary Force.-?. France. RALPH F. SLIGtti'., Company H. 313th Infantry, b*. S. -V. A., Camp Lep. Petersburg. Va. MLCUAKL t GllENALPO. - " H\r.OLD RICH El". ,- '-· Battery -B; Ylld Artillery. 2$th Division, U. 3. N. G. LLOYD'S, 'cox. Company F. 37th Engineers. U. S. A.. Fort Myer. Va. J U L I U S CROL'SK. · Company K. 15th Engineers ··(Railway). American Kxpc- '- dii'.onary Forces, France. Tbe aciion of ihe State Supremo J Court in acUciiri'Jug as it were iudefi- \ nitely uatil One or l^th tue existing ! vac-:ucb;s -upon its "ocucii shall be filled is practically without precedent in Uxo history of Pennsylvania and brirg^ I;:LO a-barp relict the df-plorable caaditjuri; to ivfcirii Jag rr:T-£e:it factional strii'e hag brought the com- Thu vacancies are to be filled at the NcA-aciber eleotion and nominations are to be made by so-called "naupar- tisan ballot" tit the comir^j; primary. But meanwhile *.he cuurt is crippled and urgently in. need of assistance, and tipOE. the soTcrnor are placed the duly and re;po7j:nbi!ity of filling Ihse va*i;_i;Cics temporarily uai.ll the election. It is no scirrst, unhappily, that j thy pivoroor has been Iiaa£lcapped in his st-cU'cn. £or nt men for tht; Supreme Court bench because learned and reputable .jurists and lawyers who might appropriately be selected are not willing to beiir the odium or faction inseparable from any Brumbaugh Ledger taej- propared to enter upon a long and costly campaign, certain of factional opposition, to win an honor they have no: Bought and which may be snatched ii'oiii them by some loss capable wire- puller to whom the present law opens a path to judicial place. For this lamentable condition Governor Brumbaugh has himspli' to thai;!:. Not big enough to rise above BE K f X G OF FINI/AA'D. | appointment, the Philadelphia I J ; accurately observes. Nor are WA.NTViD --. YOUR utflnf!3iv. RENDINE'S. B Alt BERING tr WANTED--COLORED WAITER AT YOI.-GH HOUSE RESTAURANT. WANTED- houaewurk. --GI11L. F J K G K NK KAL. 217 West O r r i w f c r d D m a y t E WANTED--BHT FOR PORTER ANLi o work in drug 1 Ktort: J. C MOOJlfci. llmaytf FOR SALE--ONE-HALF truck; i liotmri collt/ g r i n d e r ; 1 '~J- ^- sllcer; : la mea,t cooler. Tht*ae l i x L u r ROW, PriCt! rcasoojilil-j. liAER, 500 V i n e trlrci.-t. · KOI i SAI..K---fuixJjV i-j^uirr'UD ice creiuii pitrlou. A m o n e y i i i u U i f l 1 JIL r i g h t prict 1 . Can plve lmiiu:f.liatc; pu;;- se.-;sion. Good ro;u;o!irf f o r u u l l i n j i . E. i-\ DcWaTT, Beil phone liD'J-J, Scott- ciiiJc, Pft. l-iniu;/4l WA.VTKD-- OUlJO "Ci-.tM-a: house iv oilk. . lCU pJHi. If OK 1U W f s L Wrtsh- H m n y t M W A N T K D -- G I l l l , VOK L o u s e w u r k . CiUt T r i - S u u e H may if ; \v A NT KT--SKCON n H A N D TYP KI w r i t e r . Call 7H T r i - S t i i t * Or Bel! 39. j 14 may 31 K K Y S T O N K C J ^ K A N J N G PAP-I.OK. B r l i i K y o u r Punarruj. a n d straw h a t n to C H A R L M S COCaS, 170 Wetft Ci-uwrord a v e n u e , C o n n c l l s v i l l c , I'y.. 3miiy33t* Desert Ion Notiue. WA.VTKD--f:Xl'i-JKi:C.VCKD W.l rt:s« :ind Lady Second i.'o.ik. M A N H A T T A N "JAFI-:. " m u y t f MT TV1FE. VIOLA HKXUEHSOX. j )' h a v i n g loft my bed and fcOiirU w i t h o u t just provocation. I w i l l not bo rt-sjjn- "~ ' s i h l c fur any debts of liar cunti-iioiinj;. ::. ],. HEN*DKKSO.\\ 11. D. 2. Comu-lla- .·11 Ki, 1'a. 30apr3i-tue:i IJ-~OniU T « ) !X.) SKW1NC work. A. tf»:iIl.'I.MAX. T r l 24 L N n r l l i I ' i n s b u r t r s t r e f i . D--DOYS A X n OITtl.S O V K R of a^u. W- pay carfare. SV1LLE. S t l . K M I L K . 13mayLf Grand J)i:ke Ad.-ir Prtorirlch o.' Mricklonburg-StrolitK. who. according to reports from Stockholm, has bcea selected as king of Finland. Stolon Cur of officials have boon so deeply j scotulale Karage 5(0 Ien WAN'TIiM--liOYS A N D GIR7..S O V K H !G y i a r s of fi^rc. Paul w h i l e l e a r n i n g , t;ONNI^LljSVlL.LE SILK. MILL. 12:iprt£cl TJIJ-: SCHOOL umiiOTnKS OF B u l h ' k i n t o w n s h i p w i l l nine I. sit K c l l » School Hi'uao on Mtiy 16. 1318, at C o'clock P -M., t" recuivo liiJ.« far ytaiinnery MippHos for tht 1 ciiKuinc; I school term. J. if. KTCKFKK, SPCIV tary. : W A N T E D -- W O M A N FOR G F . K K R A 7 . housework. A p p l y M.'IS. C. J. A R M STRONG, a t Y u u s h lioune r e s t a u r a n t . Member ot The A«*oclat*-'d ·The Associated Press Is «s- clusively entitled to Hi* ua« for repiiblication i all nt--w3 dis- ptitchcu cretlltoJ to It or not otherwise credi^d In ti:ts pa-p^r and alao the local news vubiimieil herein.* ^ [ t a i n t e d with j)arU?an purpose {that i - e' pucablo judges and lawyers wlio might legitimately aspire to the dig- aity of a Supreme Court juslicesbip ahua a promotion thai botirs tlio mark of his initiative. Meanwhile t^e court suffers and the judicial macnlnery ot ·Jie state's highest tribunal is crippled and inactive. Apple street. Saturday nighi was found ycsierciay morning along tha Breakneck road and restored to the \VANTK1-- HY Y O U N G l i l - S I N E S S :inn and w i f e 3 n r ·! u n f u r n i s h e d ·num. 1 * fo.r J i f r l i t houfifkeepi«R'. A«ldrc.-*« ;. 11., cart; Courier. 14mny5f M'HV XOT AXTI-LOAFJ.NG i ) j J i-:iH'i:.s; "^"hile agencies ot' diflVrent kinds are seeking to exact piet'ges of legislative candidates as io their attitudes on toe ratification of the prohibition, amendment it w u u l d 1101 bL- out of place, as scarcely .es= important in these tunes cf nat ocal stress, lo also require OL ihede_ jit-iie candidates a pledge as to what may be ex- peeled of them i;i :hs mar or of enacting an anU-loaiing law. New York 1 state has Joined "West Virginia, Harylaud and »w Jersey in taking a forward step in :he direction of compelling idlers, r i f h and poor alike^. to engage in some usei'iii or productive labor. The Ntsr York Jaw. ·which, was signed yester.lay by Governor" TVaitaia-n, requires all ahle- bodied men f r o m Jb to 50 years of, afier proclamation by the governor, to bo "Iiabi'jjally aad regularly r '..£:t:d in soir.e lawful, useful anu r . w J ^ i u e d business, profession, occu- piinicu, trade or employment tunil tbe t;TinOiatioa oE the war." Loitering is considered prima facie evidence oC violation. '6l the act. "unislKible by a fine of ?1CO or ircprisonme:it for three months, or both. ^ i A census of idlers has joen ordered. "When completed the "Lan^o and lounge lizards," pool room loaftis, tramps and other idlers between the ages of 18 and 50 will be iialed to court and fined or imprisoned unless they can snow that they are engaged in a useful occupation or intend to seek employment. Important as the issue of ratification will be in the fort.-i-joraiug; primaries, the redemption of our state from the odium of loafing, when the labor of every pair of h;;nds is essential to the winning of the war, becomes an issue demanding ihe election of men to the legislature who lave the courage and patriotism to join with other commonwealths in making idleness no lei a odious and inconvenient to be practiced -.than evasion of military sen ice. With i.ts 320 Third Liberty B«nJ pubscribor^ aver a-f: inn" $ JIG. 40 encli Vaiidcrbilt was in every way e n t i t l e d tn have Judfe Kc-ppcrt do the sanu- iiorjjr.* of prtiPCMl ins Us h ^ i i o r fl;u: that he did f-,r Cinnttilsvi!lft; in f:n-t. i: is n:orc cr.titli-d to thai ^is(incti"n \y 5CC.78 per subpciriber th;in Cnnnel!n- \'illf!. \vhen you comparf 1 tho Jatltr 1 ? ,-ivoraire of SiiJ-.5- w i t h t h a t of V:m- That Tjond-ncrs did entliuso «c !v.-r the apiJt-arancc of Aiv. troops ifi that i-ity is .about ;is pr'tof :LS we need that part of the Uviriir.ont was in t f - prat os?rifn. 'r:ranizati"n stir^ the bluotj ·serftTs whcrovor k appears. "Penny, penny, who's pnt ir-uni!vs m hecoino A f.T crirne, i,f\v t h a t t h e W«^ P oined w i t h :!ift war tax in pr^r HUNDRED THIRTY MEN CALLED BY BOARD 5 TO GO Continued from Vato One. Josepli K. Tward"«sky, Trotter. William. Heid i\iug, Noruialvillc. Uarry K. Barthei, Fitt^uurg. Juaaoo Kl-xuer Foust, Ciminpiou. Binger Addison Show, Oblapyle. Fruuk C. Eberharter, Siewartun.' \Vaiter Joseph Mavgel, Adelaide. Joseph Antonio Pacillo, Dunbar. James Andrew dinitit-y. Dunbar. Jost-ph ticandale, \Vayneabuiij. Karl Smith Brooks, Ctmnellsville, U. b. 3. Saivatore Eelcosta, Clurksvilie. Kus^cll Aubory Thomas, iiarkleys- barg. Joseph Kstof Conrad, Karmiugton. James H u n t e r Newell, Mill Kun. Patrick Rafter, Leisenring No. 1. John C. Giosso, Trotter. Kugeue John Saveory* Connellsville, U. D. 2fi. Pasquale Pizzata, Clarksville. .Michael -Codwapate, I^unbar. Joiin Kiramel Thomas, ilarUleys- Nitrg. f - ^ l i , my sho b u r d t t i s An' I K r i l t . v I B u i I my k r U L fL-*-| ·.!].· l.-ailuT A n ' I'tr. p h u ! i.. l..-:i tin.- tni-N \ V ! M - r i u It's !(,:· i h . - m t :-.;-. t ] ; i footsore nt. t h e riu'. t-k t i ^ i i t e r t i l l I d mo. th.; lmrcl«-ns for b r h i u d me. ; i l « . d U i : i ' . f:,r t h e - : .·--[· t ( i in t . r;.;t r- s: y i u r fc.rt .-. litti-.- 1 .' H"t jiiiust: an' t;i!:e y o u r l i M v y t n : h u : i ^ t » r i n y o u r p t r i v n ' 0 r.'.prry w h i r l oC p S t a H u r f ? " 1 t'.irn ;in' ^-c t h t - m s m i i m ' : 'ip :ny 1-iirdMis t i g h t e r . i" j.-iy t.h:st I am .w n kin* i« t--. rrir evos urow b r i t r h t c r . \VJ\NTKD--AT sixr- 1 house w i t h :ipartmerits, fail OXCK. M KII c.ttivcnicnccK, N T C i t h e r phono Noltlcr. THK SCHOOL BOARI3 OK S T U W A P . T tov. v Tii--hii» w i l l meet at O h i u p y i C ' on Mcy "fi. at 10 A. M. for i b n p u r p ' J ^ ^ l ' e 1 tii* L i n g teach «rs and r i ; c i ' i v i i i j r b i ! ^ f o r f u e l f o r i h e s c h r / . - l s . K v c r y l--.'iich'-r niutrt siK't c o n t r a c t on ab'n-i- datt nr p n s j l i u n w i l l LJO (iecla.~(Ml v ^ i - a n l by b o n r f i . J..HI.V H A U H A L ' O T I . S e c r e t a r y . V i c t o r i a . Cn.. n : : u i y l ] t * ,\ « (« Con i jj c t o SEALISD PHulMSAUS "WH.,1- HE KI- cclvod »:j u i u i l nofiii T:'.urt0ay, M i i y 10. f o r Ui« I n s u i l l a t i o n of a warm a i r h o n L f r . t f :\tid v c n L i l n - t i n c s y n i c m to \»- V V A N ' T E D -- \ V H I'.TV L A D I E S ' AND C e n t s ' sfcond h u n d clothes. P h o n e Trl-Statc 229. r--si.k-ncr. A. SHU1- MAX, 2-11 N u r t h I M t t c l n i r p Ktrer-t. iroi W A N T K J t -- M O U l ^ D ·e«n s n n i l ; a w u r k , u n i o n run ISM AX Steady hours. i n . H L a i l c t l in Uio V i c t o r i a school. Perry c o v / n s h i p . J'a. C e r t i f i e d c h e c k f'"' 31BO.OO l i .iccomvany a l l b i . l w . Plar.s and s p i ^ r i f l c a t i o n ? can be had f f i t tin 1 otllc.; of A n d r e w P. Cooper, A r r h i t e c t , 7 H 4 FTrfit N a t l c m a l Bank b u l l d i r . c r . l.'n- l o n t o w n . Pa. The b o f i r d reserves tl'.o r i s h t to rfjcct. any or all bids'. S r h o n , ON" G K E Y Buard of i h - School Pislrlct of P f - r r y core makers. T o w n s h i p , Pay,--;t(; County. I'a. DU. p. Ef..26, 8 j. H. M A R T I N . P r e s i d e n t . V,'. U Ris- BKCX. ' Socrorary. ANT^JtEW T. C O O P K R , A rch'.ipct. 1 0 m a y 3 t - c o d (7O., S m a y G t KOTl liTSNT--'TWO NIO-ZL.Y :irt--f:ui r.)o;rt.-- for light d o u K o k e 1212 V i n o Hlr.M-t. J r t m u City Ur(ii»ti»«r. j BILL NO. i'ji \VAS INT:;O:H;CK: in C o u n c i l A p r i J 1.1. HUB, urn! w i l l hi vou-d upon u t r, nir-eunfT 1 hiMd M n y 2t Scarcity of groceries and hiffh prices during the Inst year; too nuifii credit, and general baxl management, has put nia.nv grooors out of business, and has put m a n y more out t l i u t . v-'ere rated Jirst-class uianagors. Jt IK hard to run a grocery store and make money r,o\v-a-tlays. The Union Supply Company is riniuin.i? sixiy-iliree grocery departments n o w : nrici?s are advancing, gooxls are scarce. Aoiwjdi^taucJi.'Vi;. v/e lire operating and have a f u l l supiiiy all \]\v time, but are selling under greatly reduced profits. Flour, sugar, coffee, potatoes, canned goods, and all goods such as the Government is using ht'so quantities? of, are all advancing and are sold under very close prices. We are operating under a Government license, strictly carrying out every ruling of the Food Administrator, doing everything we can to help the Government, and expect our customers to try and do the same. We, iiave an abundance of goods, can take care of your '.vants and are doing it. hi our meal markets t h e usual good stock and assortment of fresh beef, fresh pork, salt and smoked meats, and all pork products, are on sale and are being sold at low profits. The quality*of goods, the low prices, the sanitary condition, couneous treatment, prompt deliveries, are all inducements for you to buy from our grocery- and meat departments. FOR R B N T -- T H U K K A N 1 TWO i s*ci: SMTTX. j i (m a y 11 FLAT, i FOJl K K N T -- K I V M ROOM A l l c o n v u n i r nofs. H n u t l l pard S'lI.iSS. F r a n k l i n nlrm-t. Hops A d d l :inn. FOil HKN'T-- THHr.K M«'rHT J t O T 3:i' r t m t n p w i t h b : i t h . I ' J O O So iiiict-. No c h i l d r e n . Tri-Sun- 1 615. A n ' I ki.ow ' t h r o u g h a bJc. But a r-.'i!?hpr f a t h t - r r - - r . i l li,for A n ' f i n --«-irr a!l my Oh, I rH'"-n'l u n d c r i - - t : i n !u- cup of i . r . r r r p w ar. Bad of i r r - v . b l n . hurt oC t r u d c i n Id o'urrun w : t h stub i-xiu HKXT--i-'\'i;NiSHi-;n UOO.MS r l i K - h t linuy»»k""pT]K. 113 S o u t h f Sj x! !l s t rf;C t, W K? I Side, 1 I --" -i_ : £.yn UK.NT--TWO J , . \ K ' ; K r . N K t - n n t s h A i l r o i - n i s f o r l . i r h t l i - n i s t - k . ^ i i i n t c . N n children. ii n 'J Ka.«t 3ro*'ii 'H.r'--'i. i t triadod liy t h « «"dunc!l nf t h e c-d by tJif? a u j h o r i t y of tho .^n/nr t l c , n 1---That. D;iv:·:?··. :i n v n u , f r ' . m P i t l K b u r ^ s t r . - ' - t t * i Oa^ -- J s t r e e t , .1 diKianct! of l.f^.S f«-^t. 1.-^ i t h ! and p a v f j d w i t h b r i c k , in afiun-danci u ' l i h j i i a n s and ^ p f i r i l i c . ' i t HMLS for t h of such work, t o t- urepart'd li ' : t y I-;ntiincf.T a n d : t , i [ i r ' , v o d bj oad B u i he '.;ii".r day? I'd "1 a b idu fo t r a v a ! h a d me. Lcl:i(l:ur- : t to -(! for m». l it, w h t n a n\y S-Ti;..n. -- -Thai th" co:^-; T h e n:\i,-l I i n p r o v - m f n t s hi- r r o m t l t o p r o p e r prup-Tty n o d l n s t n hen*?n^ as p o v U I-..' .As.'iiTnhJ.V i n p i j r h r-a.=-- approv*-i!. A. O. B 1 X I . K R . of 3 Larffe Department Siores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and AKsglien? Counties. ror. UK NT- -A I,A -.m w i t h u-.-tr.-:i..u«-. l- V,*HU.-. K l ' i - l n r : i i i -:i. K R I M i - K . r t i G Tn-Si:iU!. OF CIHC L I,.\TION. S l a t f t e n n s y l v a n i a . For Sole-. SAL1-:--Tt'MATO Fn. i r v i»: \v ;tv t n u f. L' pie. the PubHcrHior. a N o t a r v l i l i i n a n d f o r s;ud C o u n t y a n . T.;on;ir,y app^iirtMj J. , putiiic £-~ | Drlscon. w h o l)ohifc rtuly sworn accord · oC C i r - ie h a v - u r o w n r.^T.ry nurdcn: In: was bc.'iri::'; try in' h^r*l lo h'.'tifr ev I'd soon »e ta.r\n'. u r n an' !··».- P thorn fnn.Ufn' :ir t h e i r ni f -rry l a u ^ h L e r . K l ^ r l f b«:ir t f ' " i m r d i - n ? fjnfrs t h a i f f i ' . t n w n f t r - r . S A L K -- 1 - . M I H I : ;-· t a r t e r , l i i r h t , Lire _____ 1 rul.itio". of Tlie Courier, a d a i l y SIX i ^ a i""-' r pyhlislu-d in C o i i r i . - i i s v i l l o , P:i | ?.* f-x- ar!tl t -* 1;t '- ll1 '-' n u n i b e r ot p;ipc.T» p r i t i U - ; j J. Denny O'Xcll. :is Uie caDdi for Uic Ropublican nominat-iou Harvey \VllIis Miller, Marklcysburg.' governor, is being supported by (roliucal AdvcriiKorncnt.) FOR S A L K - - O A J : . . * » ; · : . K O U P A O K N cy in L\v,» Liiv-os .ff l n . f t f i O p n p u l n l i o n j ,-lich m i d ; ; i r t n i-f Ii\- ic-w.-ti.ship^. K r i i 11 r,- H t o c k of t i r t - t - . t u b . ' H , ;i: · i*f; s:i n r i , s d Fnrri p:\rts. H;il^ a v t - r a ^ t J10.H.T) r m o n t h . O w n e r in t i r a f t . i.mly rta- ti for selling. "VVF-IMICU MDTOU MPA.W. .ScottdalP, P;i. 9m,iytf OOTWE " ^ "^ T^?!^f ^v*\ foi yiMiuQ-% di f for 191S ·THi: I ' M A X !3OTT!,INV, ' F«bni:irr i)U3i:!P.i.s in UK- *;lty f o r ! M^r-'-.h ... Ktcd. d n l t l K c - n o u K h b u « i - . A p r i l y f".'O t r u o k s . Heas-on j Tiifit 135^ The CLKVX-tT IUT. oificiai DOEJCC for observing CleaE-u-p Day comes siuewhat later in Conaellsviliu than in other and neighborins cities and towns, but it means ..for us just the same as if the local campaign, had been ordered during the -week set asick for Um purpose by Governor Brunixutsh. It is no longer neco;.sary upon the part of the health auchiricies Co point out to householders tae desirability oz" inaiataiaing the ouL-ide as well as the inside of tlie Uousv in a sanitary condition. The average citizen is well | aware that without the precau- j tion to rentove rubblsb, decaying vegetable and other mutter which collects ! during the winter in greater or loss quantities about all promises, it will i become a menace 'to the public health as soon as the warm -days *Qf" early -i summer arrive." · Aside -from all^sanitary considerations ~ pride in having | cleau| neat and sightly home sur- · rouadiugs is eadi iuipeJliDg a , larger number cf perions to make a j Cpring renovation j m t as. soon as weather conditions perini:. "^"hile .macyhouseht'lders'.take this step without bc'ing reminded that it is either necessary or d.'«irablc-, a still larger number no not r c r m (iispoaed to action u n t i l a gofcer:il clean-up program is ordered! Th;it time has arrived and the order 01 Mayor Duggan will servo to direct at:cct;on io it. Full com^liajiro \:ith the ordor would bo mud) niorc certain if sys- j tematic arranccracnts wore made for j the removal of tbe rciuse. If the city i were divided into districts and pri- [ vate tcarj»;ers assigned to each d;^;-j v;Ue. Charles Roy Savage, Farmington. Judse Pirl, Nonualville. Frank D. Boyd, Someriield. Bryce J. Colbert, Dickerson Run, Matthew F. Bain, Lawrence G. Maust, Vanderbilt. Hoy I^iws, NormalvHle. ^"iUiam Earl Matbeny, Inciian Head. Gasper Laws, Norraaiville. Xicolo JugerJia, "V'andorbiit. .Michael UUazic, Duabar, R. F. 1, Andrew Welling, Dickerson Run. Albert F. Collins, Markleysburg, William Russell Shoemaker, Somerfield. Tilraan H. Wilburn, Ohiopyle, Charles V. Smith, Dunbur. Earl Myers, Markleysburg. Joba Kiles, Ohiopyie. Charloa Bieam, Mill Run. James Arthur ColJins, Adelaide. |jce Beatty, Dunbar, H. D. 32. Joseph Alexander, Leisenring No. 1. Albert Black Marker, Farmington. Elmer CoSman, Acme. R. D. John Edward. Crowe, Butler. George William Miller, Bunbar. Thomas TSli' Ravensuraft, Farmins- ton. Joseph Francis MuMen, Connells- viUe. Jonah Fraucis Clark, Clovertop. Midio Ficcione, Dunbar. Hoy Edward Shlves, Trotter. Paul Andrew McManus, Dickerson Run. Edward Joseph Murtha, Leiscnring. James I^a^'e, Normalville. Audrea C. Zin. Deer Lodge, Mon. Clarence J. Cole, Dunbar. . Michael Connolly, Vestaliurg. Krlsta V. Loria, V:tndcr)'iU. / Phiiip Dolan, Dunhar. Charles Franklin Curap, DunL-ar. Jacob Hull, NormalviHo. Frajik Corteal, Ccnucllsvllie. * Russell H. Dial, Mono^scu. HuEscll J. Spp.usftnl.srg, Dunhar. Paul Sitnko. Leisenrinfj. Aloysius Bosah Donaiy, Connolls- trict. a much more oxpediiious and specily clean-up co'i'ri be accomplished. This arrans-'ment would demand ;liat householdt'rs .be required to have their leads o:" IVOSIP rciady to be removed by a ce:r-alrt nate whicn | the mayor coijiti fix. Thri;\i^h such a ! plan tli«?:-t; cc'iiir. be n 3 re-.Disable ex- ! cuse upo-a 'vhv p - c of c-i-."*iiis io coni- · ply with i;. 1' they Tailed to do so. j tbe negligent ones co: It! bo very easily , located and be given aticniion by the! healta department. ! Clyde Eugene Goe, VanderbiU. Grant Kerns, Leiser.riug. Harry p. Boyd. Somerficld. Ralph Tosovitcb, Trotter. Frank Leghari. West Leisenring. Paul L. Stull, Mil! Run. Samuel Haum, Jr., Dunbar, "William Mordo Kelly, Dunbar. Hr-rry II. Brown, Vaiiaerbilt. Grover Boon, Adelaide. I-Vank Tarri, Dawsnn. Ernest O. Wclte. Connellsville, Vinccnzo Pepe, Dunbar. Republican leaders of our slate who are responsible for the bcs-t legia!a- tioa passc-u by any two legislatures since the C i v i l W a r - - - t h e Workmen's Compensation Law, the Child Labor law. and a number of other laws of great value to the masses o£ our people. These same lenders savrd the Full Crew JLaiv to tin? railroad men. The Workmen's Compensation [.aw is the most helpful law ever passed by any legislature of our state in the in tores', of the wurkingman and his family. The widow of a man killer] in our county a short time ago signed a clai.n; in Uninntown for compensation under this law, a feiv days ago, which claims to her for 300 weeks and to her I nine children u n t i l iho youngest becomes sixtoen years of age amounts to J-7,3 67.53. Coal digger, coke draivor, Inhororer, meclianic, clerk, employes of nil kinds, trill 7011 not stop I'or u moment and think whut that Intv mwuis lo you, t(» tiie ividoivs and to the orphans of men ivlm support themselves and tlieir ffinii)f!.s hy vorMngr /or olliers. The Ro-publican leaders who are supporting Mr, O'Ncil framed and j passed that lav,* for you. i The Republican U-aders of our state i who are supporting Mr. Sproul would not have passed that law for you. Will you vote for tbe candidate for · governor of the Republican leaders who passed that law, or will you vote for the candiriate of the le'icors who would not IIK.VO passed tliat Jaw for ! you and cnir families. j Jituijjrr,!)^!, ALtovr.ey · Gcrc v a! Erov.-r. r-'.iil tin* ether m.alo 1 I:^:.v:ilH-riA inttUr? -who foicen LJiavti : saws ibrcujsh tlio !:.^i:-!^Lurc £ro for Mr. C-S'on. They a ·« K-ll:ug the jieo- ! pie wl\y the rank r-nd file of the Re- i : pT'.biiiv.n voters should not vote for ' ' i-'ini. They knov/ what tbey are taik- j ing about. They have done enough to prove Uisrfr interest :'n the welfare ! of tho manses of the people--the work- | ing n:en especially. It is a3trays wise ; to take the advise of proven friends, j -Mei!. will you not then read, will j you not think, and then will you not act on your own better judgment in making; a choice between Mr. O'Ntiil ' a n d ' M r . Sprcul as the R e p u b l i c a n ! canrl-datc tar the highest offics in the : old Keystone stnto? j O'KEIL R'Rrrnr/TCAN COUNT v ! COMMITTEE. i FOR SAUIO- Works. J f ' H t Hie mn'ni'y ir.v n f t M t o Cnr RClftnfT. grjinp to U TVC my coun-| for Die y try. Till.-* IP w o r t h any mun'H consiil- | I O W H : e rat Ion. W K i toacii you t h i s h u s ! n u K S i 1917 in-fore ir:ivtiif:. D A \ T D F f A i t P K N . J J a n u a r y pruprif.-tnr. S i h n y i M i February . -- I/March . FOR S A 1 . K -- A M I.E-IA VLVG T H B i A p r i l .. . s t a t e . On a c c o u n t of f r e i g h t ^mlKir^.-j ' ^\',ay niu.^L sell tho f o l l o w i n g : I o n a m o i e r l ,i u n o . .. I r o n bed a n d Fpi'ltiR:**: 1 enamf].cl irrn j J u l y ... nursery br-.l cumiil'itt*: 1 5-draw«;p c h i f - : AURTUIU , fonlc.r; 1 rt(i%-t-r.pnrt'. L naU llhviipy ULble; U oak I f a l l t r r c.overcfl reciters; at an til 1 o.'tfc i'.lni:i£ r'xm t:i))',r; 4 o.ilt t l i n l n s * rooni c h a i r s : 1 !. IT. s e w i n g m a c h i n e ; 1 $-n\- r n n j T o l p i i n i r u e ; 1 Moosi'-r c a h f n ? [ ; t Gtind I,i;ck t - h n trn.s r a n ^ r o : 1 R n r i i n p l e d J I n o i l rf f r U v n n i - t o r : 1 lawn nuvvor, 1 .401 e.irrlcn tools: 1 'ileetric was*hcr. W. J. K T . I - f S . Pn.\v- Hon, Pa. H m . i y l L - M o n t h . P u i l y Av 175.^-^ fi.5L"' J T O . 165 G.f.CT J 7 0 . 7 3 J 6.5'j: 1 7 3 . S J S G.RS: · circulation ly montli*- .·ar 1317 to date vvaa jta fol- Mf Tn White. Grey, Field Mouse, Brown and Black. Thc woman who demands a ported fir. who insists on the jieWest and best styles, wno dosires QTALITY FOOTWEAR will do well in coming to us. We please you. We save you money. n t h . D a i l y A v -fil 6.831 . 1 4 B . 4 3 1 ,139.ISO .149,1.62 Total 151.3-13 f.,809 And further .^ayeth :int. Sworn t o n n i l p i i l i s r r i h c d I n - f o r e m o h i s H t h day of ,Mar, 7 M S . J. B. KURTZ, N. P. ^"D S EM - The following trucks have been left on our hands for sale by party having to go to war. Due Little Giant 3I/4. toil truck, equipped with with a Woods Hydraulic Hoist and Steol Dump Body. Good as new. Same has been in use only six weeks. One S'/o Ton Republic. Truck, equipped with cab and wood body for hauling coal. Two 2 Ton Republic Chassis. One lyo Ton Jeffries Truck equipped with wood body and hand hoist. The above trucks can be bought at a bargain by a quick buyer. fa? Cormellsville, Pa. YOUGH TRUST COMPANY EAVS YOUE PEISTTIK'G DONE AT THIS OFFICE. reel! Invested g S OOOOCJOOClCXJJXSWSOOCSOOOOOOOCiO OOOtKXX3OCKXXXXX3OCX}CCXOOOC»

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