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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, February 13, 1930
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ast Edit! ition p Jl rice i £c --------;---- :=^ Connellsville'a Biggest and Best Newspaper,,, The Be* t Advertising Medium in the Yough Region, VOL. 28, NO. SO. The M'j-i'kly C«»irler, Pounded July IT, 1S70. Tlie J U i U y C'uurler, Kuimdrd Sfo ember 1O, 1002. Merced. J-ily IS, JU2D. CONNELbSVILJLE, PA., THURSDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 33, 1930. SIXTEEN PAGES WEST PENN TO UTILIZE POWER FROM NAVIGATION DAM IN ALLEGHENY RIVER ®- Applies for Preliminary Permit to Build a Power House at No. 8 Dam Ii Armstrong County. PROBABLE COST IS $2,500,000 Mrs. William Thomas Dies of Pneumonia After Brief Illness Mrs. Jluth Thomas, 4G years old, ! wife of Wil lam Thomas of East Tho p o ^ i b i l i t i w of the canalization i GreM1 *^eet, ouo of tho most widely ' known wo mo i of OotnelK-ivillc, died HEARING ON WATER POWER RIGHT IN W. VI IS ADJOURNED Western M a r y l a n d Withdraws Objections Against Black- M a t e r Development. BIG SANDY PLANS ARE PROTESTED C O V l i Y i IN Mfljt. MAitf 1 Q U A I L r NT PLE LSANT'S T I I O R O I ' G H K A R E of streams ats sources of power for conversio t into electricity, which was j Special to The C o u r i e r . CHARLESTON, W. Va.. Feb. 13.-"ho hearing before the Public Serviee- Commiesion on lh application o£ the West Virginia Power Transmission Company, a .subsidiary of tho West Ponu Power Company, for water power rights in the Cheat River Basin, I last night at » : 2 5 o'clock at tho homo | w a s concluded last eve-rung at 7:30 by out 1 OH tin 1 features emphasized d u r i n g the recei t h e a r i n g on tho YoiiRh River pr joet before lieutenant Colonel Bain if the Army engineer's office in PHltibi re, is brought more forcibly to public notice by Hie proposal of the West Po in Power Company with respect tc the u t i l i z a t i o n of the river i m p r o v e m e n t work now in progress on the Allegheny Ulver. This coTipony has nuulo application (o t h e federal Power Commission at of her brotlu r-iu-law and sister, Mr. | and Mrs. M. latin avenue. J. CumminK-s, 112 (iat- Mrs. Thomas had never f u l l y recover, d from u goitro operation which s le u n d e r w e n t last J u l y fit Youngstow i, Ohio, bi t was able to bo about. He late illnoss d a t i n g back to only last S a t u r d a y , her (loath, resulting fro n pleurl»y and pneumonia, cario is a shock to the comm u n i t y . She was re'iiovod to tho (.'uminings ho ne last Sunday n i g h t . Mrs. Thorn; s was born at. Ijlatiolly, 11. C., tor a preliminary .South Wales, July 19, 1883, a ilaugh- tho construction of p e r m i t for tho construction ot a power development project at Federal navigation Dam No. S on tho Allegheny Kiver situated about m i d w a y between Vompleton and Moegrov-e. in Arms!ron; county. Dam No. S IK now in proces.- of construction as u naviga- t i o n darn to p r o v i d e a h«ari of 15 feet above the pool level of Dam No. 7, but it is undo i^tood that the i'nited States ICntfinee:'MS: Corps is considering the. f i d v i s a h l l i i y of Increasing t h e heiid of Dam Xo. to a t o t a l of f r o m "J."i to I'D i n t e r e s t of navigation and \ ter of Mr. a i d Mrs. E. T. Williams, now of Warr -n, Ohio. Sho came to this country with her parents when hut u small c i l l d and located in Oon- nellsville, win ro .«he had continued to make her home. She- was united in marriage Sefiomber 3, 1910, to Mr. Thomas. Ktit w. ber of the Pi and sang in 'he church choir for a. number of ye irs, also at many funerals. She w is a teacher in thf Sunday school, I ader o£ the (rirUs Band and was inter 'Ste-d in all other activi- was a p r o m i n e n t nietn- tf Presbyterian C h u r c h feet in th )ower. The project applied for by the West I'enn c n M « l s of n. power house directly connected w i t h Dam .V-. S if tho p l a n to increase t h e head of w a t e r ! from 25 to DO feet gocn through. j l l e ,, S N l U e , Mr . G p p r g p South ot Sliar- I'Yoin ( , t i m a t e s lulled on p a r t i a l j O n , p a-i .\i r . s . | . A. Blaok.-Uono of War- dat.i IKHV ivaiiuhle the p o w e r c a p a c i t y oi thit- pi i j i - c t " i l l be a p p r o x i m a t e l y "i.OO" h. ]. and the Installed capacity 'H.uOO h. l P r e l i m i n a r y p l a n s ot' tho i ties of tho c! i m h . Sne was also a member of th Order of lOasU-rn Star of Connellsvil e. Besides hi h u s b a n d , a n d patents, she Is survivt d b tho following sisters: Mrs. M J. Cum mugs of Con- ; d j o u r n m e n t to an indefinite diite. In i - n n o u n c i n g the adjournment it was ttated such action wan nect-Hsary by i eason of the fact that the field en- tineer of tho commission had not yet ( ornnlc'ted his work and had not Died 1 is report. The Western Maryland Railroad Company, which had protested the ; rant of the rights on tho score t h a t they would prevent f u t u r e railroad x p n n « i o n , did not submit any testi- nony, holding thai the applicant had i,ot made out a case. Loiter on agreement w i t h West I'enn Interests the railroad company w i t h d r e w SUs objection «o far w they related Lo the pro- |o«ed Blackwatur development, but I ermitted them lo stand ngaiutst other projects i n c l u d i n g Shavers Fork, Clady Fork, Dry Fork and Big Sandy. Tho Indian Creek Coal Coko and the Back Creek Uumber M Tho C urler. MOUNT PLKASANT, Feb. 13.--A covey of q u a i l estimate* at 100 lo 150 swept up M a i n stro,t, yf ;terday morning and disappeared m side tho west ·end of town. Much Activity Ahead for Trade Board Committees West i V n ' i Power Company cetll for t h e : n - t a ! ation til two units w i t h an estimated a n n u a l o u t p u t of from ren, Ohio, am one brother, T J. Williams of fan on. Ohio-. She wa^ a niece of 1r.-i W i l l i a m G n u i t h s of South Connell ,ville M r s Tiionia.s won the friendship and esteem of all \viUi whom she cai 10- in contact A brief f u m ral bervh-e w i l l be- held lori.OOO.ftOf' to 130.000.iiOO kilowatt Saturday a f t e i noon at ;.:3 o'clock in hourK. Tl e estimated coet of this dev e l o p m e n t i-; $w,500,OOP. , Tho p o w e r developed from t h i s pro- 1 jt c! w i l l l i K o r n o a part of the tsuppty 01 ' h e We .t I'enn Power Company i n - j · i - i i n u i h a it is located w i t h i n t h e 1 t e r r i t o r y - i - n t d by tho comp.iny and w i l n i i 1 H t niripiiratively t-hort di-tance« oi t h e t au station at Hprlngdiile, Pa. tho Cumnvngi home, folio wel bj an additional ice at 2 o'clock Iu the Fir:H 1'resbyti rian Church. Re\ . W. I*. Ilusaell ot N'ew Ken-iington. a former assistant pastor of tho local church w i l l ol itiate- owing to the illness of tbe ch irch pastor, Itov. Dr. J. C o m p a n y of Fayetle county. Pa, lot tTeir protects .stand the pro- rose'l development on IJtg Sandy (. reok in Whurton townehip, O. W. Mc- I'onald, Uniontown, appeared afi at- t rnc-y for 'hewe roinpanien and haeed Ms opposition to the i n t e r f e r e n c e of t ie water power development to railroad extensions into tho territory. Governor Connelly with the com- miftflion d u r i n g th-o heurinRH u n t i l w i t h i n «. h a l f hour of tho final adjournment w h e n . h e l'ft on a uehing t ·!]) to Florida. Kenneth A. Reid of Conneltavtlle, appeared ai a representative of the I'.aak W a l t o n league of Morguntown and took part in the examination of v itnes.sos Yesterday David Roger, stato geo- j logist, to.stifled concernijig the ad%o effects of tho construction of L. I'roudtit I'ltcrmerit tirove Comt to y. be in Hill WRECKING MOTORS WILL DELAY OPENING BY SAND COMPANY MRS. GEOF GE L DENNY DIES 0; PNEUMONIA AT WEST SIDE HOME W i t h ii w r e c k e d , tectrlc motoi-h completely Mrs. Anna Patterson Denny, 65 the air compressor badly j J'eara old, wid w oi Oecirgo L. Denny, nd other eduipim'iit tamper-! died this nooning a'. 0:32 o'clock in ,,!«,,· t rf the Yoush S a n d i l n c hcimc ot ] - er C O U H i r i ' ^°°^ r Pat ' f o r n n a n y , located along tho Voughlo- I terson. 122 Ni rth Sixth street, West uheny Ui\ -r. of tho power house' Side, of pneui lonia, which developed duns on certain partw of Cheat Kiver, p a r t i c u l a r l y b n t w e p n IJp-nver Hole and I'arsonH where they would prevent a crews to tho KittJiniiin,-.; soams of oal. Other Sfctioim, nc^ar Albright ind Holly M endows would be flooded, 6 opping mce-« to several adjacent communities. The Power Company submitted an a m e n d m e n t to HH application which, combined the RowleSaurg and Saint George dams in one- to bo located at I - win. -Much activity confr mts various u n i t s of tho Connellsvi le Board of Trade, w i t h offices on he fifth floor of the First National i ink Building, as tho organization ontinues Itrf elaborate program The homo i n d u s t r i e s -ommlttee, of which Daniel IJurio is ho chairman, was in session latt ev nlng and Another meetincr h is been calletT for 10 o'clock tomorrow mor Hug at t)ie board offlocs at -nhich umn the or- ganizai'on will b* effi :tett and, aa tho c h a i r m a n oj.presso* it, "we will K*t d o w n to busln-ess." The uddeil industries 'ommltlt-e, of which J o h n J. flatly is ho chairman, is scheduled to ronv ue at 7:30 o'clock this evening foi the conlinu- rition of Its mveitiqatioi into various i n d u s t r i a l problemM. The road committe-e, headed hy Kenneth Held, v ill aas nble at 7::iO o'clock tomorrov ,'ven! g in ;he organization s nfflc i. Ad ocates of the Daw-wn-fjiiyton-Hanning Broaknock- Chnton-.Mt Icroft ; roads will bo iu session. Major John K. and Swaugortown atten. ance nt t h i s Rli -ce, executive secretary of the hoard a id vice-presi- (-ent of the You liioghf ly Hiror Improvement Assofiatioti. w i l l jro to West Newton tonight, a; 'ompatiied by dircotor-s of the tton. A meet- from a cold, f he had been ill a. week. Previous to that tune sho had been apparently iu ier usual health. Mrs. Denny was; born J u l y 6, 1S64 nt Carmichael'4, Gre-enei county, a daughter of I ie late James G. and Nancy A. Pat erson, a'icl spent her girlhood days there. She was rnar- | ried at West Uend, !»eur Rices Landl i n g and continued to reside there un- inuehUH'ry now w i l l necensitate a | ( j l about a yc ir t o l l o w i n g the atuith I m - K f o u t l i y of (in-inces to replace i of Mr D 6 n n y on J a n u a r y 13, 1917. UK-HI and his m a t t e r be workod gno then loca( . d i n Conne Us,ville. out before ho can ascertain his next when in he- girlhood, Mrs. Denny of the We t I V n n Power Pompanj, C. C. Ilarlitiiiti of C r r e e n f t b u r K , the ow'nor, luit. not f u iy determined just w h a t his r-'\t .step .vill be. Mr. l l a r ' m a n , «ho purchased tho j i r o p e r l y i c c e n t l y at a reported figuro of b ( - t w e - i $40,000' and $00,000, had planned to resume operations but tho 'lomoiition of much vj move, The Coin ier lias been informed. The ( i r r e n s b j r g man operates HOV- united with t h i Presbyierlan Church of Garmichtiei.' and after taking up ei al nu.irr tvs. JiicindiiiE the Bluestone ! ii c j- residence a ! West Bend she became t ley. He had anticipated to p u t t i n g th Y o u g h plant into f u l l cap a c l operation It was siid t h a t Mr. Ilar'.man a member of t ie Methodist Episcopaj Ohuroh, there being no Presbyterian church at that, place. She was one of the most activ( workers of the church doavoriiii; to secure a railroad siding j until tho illne s of Mr. Denny. She at the wt rks which however gives | wa» president of tho Epworth League, indication t h a t w h i l e operations mar superintendent of the Sunday school not xv 11 ted in tho v e r y near f u t u r e alld church oisjanist. She retained there is go d prospects at a later tune. J. KIRK RENNER SPEAKER TONIGHT AT MT. PLEASANT of the K o t u r y C l u b w i l l j;o to M M i n t I'lea.^ant thi.s evening where c l u b w i l t serve as host. This w i l l bo an 'ch,uige visit. Mount l'leas.ant liavins uppetired ut the t \ u l l o v Country Club for a pr't;rain reccntlv. City Solicitor J. K i r k Reiin^r will be the po iker. Hi; theme w i l l deal w i t h "Ab'Mluun Lincoln." SHORT SATURDAY AT POSTOFFICE Annotim'i inent was made today at the I'oetoliK'o that a "short Saturday" M'hodulo It r clerk:= and carriers will ue rosum^o on Saturday, February 15. hor membcrsh-p in tho West I5end Church and since com'hig to Connellsville had attended mostly tho First United Presbyt ;rian Church. She is survvod by ono daughter, Mrs. Grace Vei non, at home, one son, J. F. Denny of Voutigwood; also three grandchildren, and one nephew, J. C, Patterson, chic engineer for tho Erio Railroad in N w York. Mrs. Donny had many frierds in Greene and Fayette counties. Arrangement w i l l nol be made- for the funeral sei vice u n t i l word is received from Mrs. Denny's nephew, who is vacatioiuug in Bermuda. Burial will be at We .t Bend. Funeral Director J, JC. Sins win have charge. POSTMASTERS MEET FEB. 18 IN PITTSBURG DAVISTOWN CHURCH WILL BE FORMALLY OPENED ON MONDAY The new edifice of the Evangelical Church at Davistown will be used for the f.rst time, on Sunday ovsnlnp at 7 30 o'clock ·when evangelist m-eetlngs w ill be opened. According to the present arrangements, the revival meetings will be conducted for three or four weks. Rev. G. S. Baggott of Syracuse, New York, an evangelist of the McKeesport district of the Methodist Kplscopal Church, will have charge ol' the services. The building replaces the one destroyed by a cyclone which sometime a;;o virtually leveled the village of Davistown. It was said that preparations for the dedication of the church are be- ipg deterred until after the pews h.ive been installed. They have not arrived, as yet. DONOHOE INQUEST CONTINUES FRIDAY IN BIC COURTROOM UNIONTOWN, Feb. 13. --Coroner S. A BaUtf has announced that the iu- quefit into lite- death of John 1\ l)ono- hoe will be- resumed Friday afternoon, at 1:ISO o'clock in tho largo courtroom. More "startling" information ia expected to be "divulgi-d" arid a large eiowd is expected to gather. Halt?,, said to have been present w ten officers grilled witnesses for 20 days in trying to track the murderer ot the- former stute trooper, is ex- li cted to prolong the questioning of w tnesses a f t e r the proceedings Friday afternoon. A meeting ol the Western Pennsylvania Postmas-t -rs Asaoclation -will be held on Tueeda evening, February 18, in tho office of Postmaster Grosser iu Pittsburg. A good a t t e . d a i u e anticipated This w i l l allow rhf employes a brief | a n d it , a l i k c i y t h a t postmaster W. S. t'roi'i their tedious tisk every S a t u r d a y a f t e r n o o n There w i l l be 'a oi' mail daily as usual. 'attend. B e h a n n a and Assistauf Postmaster Thomas B. Hye t of Connellsville Itald lit Brownsville. State Police working out of tho New Salem Barracks raided a bawdy lit use at Brownsville last night, arresting three women and a fre- cu e-nter. They were hold for a hear- i n ? M-mday night before a Browns- vi IP justice of the peace. The \voinpu arrested wcro Minnie Haller, 37; Helen W a l k e r , 26, and Margaret Murrav 26 ing of ihe board has hi on calle-d for S o'clock and it hop^l t i n t the thre (one-refiirn-n f r o m ihits locality will be in attendance Scout Anniversary Sermon Sunda/ Night At Christiai Church Tho A n n i v e r s a r y We« sermon to the Hoy S ( o u r s of the o y will l.o delivered Sunday n i g h t at ihc Chri.; Church 1\ i ho p a b t o i , UPV. K N. Duty, The serv^e will icgin at 7.110 Troopn ), , : and 8 ivill attend in a body. Members of o t h i r troops are invited, also Scouts wh are not af- filiutwl w i t h any ti-oop u the city. The Scout oath arid 1 iws will be repeated, under the 1. ade-nihip uf Scoutmaster James M. Southard of Troop S. 'Flip Scouts ^ ill also give their benediction. Then will be special music by 1iK choir. Parents and o i h e r ro, iUv«» of (ho Scouts, friends and tho qe-ueral public are invited. The subject of the se mon will le "The Rest A t t a i n m e n t s f Boyhood." A Boy Scout ?posltioj will bo held at the Christian .;yionsis jm February SLATE REPORTED AS COMPLETED Lewis Agreed Upon for Governor, Harris, Allegheny, Lieutenant-Governor. HARRIS' FRIENDS ARE DIVIDED By United Press. PITTSBUHG, Feb. 13.--The Pltte- burg Press said today that a tentative etato elate for the primary election has been formed by Senator .1. R. Grundy and W. Li. Mellon, leaders of tho Republican State organization. It follows: U. S. Senator--.los-eph R. Grundy, Bucks county. Governor--Samuel S. Lewis, York county. Lieutenant Governor--State Senator Frank J. Harrin, Allegheny. Secretary of Internal AffairB--Fred- erick A. Godcharlea of Northumberland county, now stato librarian. Justice of tho Supreme Court-Judges George W. Maxey of Lackawanna county. Judge of the Superior Court (two nominations)--Judge William B. Linn of Philadelphia, now on the Superior bench, and Judgo J. Frank Graft of Armstrong county. With one exception tho filate is likely to stand unless Mellon and Gnmdy attempt a new deal In order to avoid a fight in the State, the article reed. Friends of Senator Harris are divided a«s to the advisability of him becoming a candidate for lieutenant-governor and it Is understood he has not reachel a decision. MRS. ALBERT VAN HORN OF DAWSON DIES AFTER AN EXTENDED ILLNESS evening from 7 to !) booths, merit badge 21 and 2L', each o'clock. Patrol booths and Scout clomon trations will bo features. The pub! ; is invited. The exposition IF free. JCngiuml Huns k 'Swe«f icrt Fags." Great H r l U i i n ilocs no tolerate the ImpontaMon of Hweetonoi cigarets, according lo aii announcei ient in the Postal Bulletin. It Is sa d that many shipments have been ,se zed in that country. Taft Continues to mprovo. WASHINGKI^ON, Fob. II- --The condition of William Howard raft continued to improve today ae mling to an announcenieni b his pi yaician Mrs. Fannie Moug VanHorn, wife of Albert Vanllorn, died at 10:30 o'clock this morniug at her homo in Bridge street, Dawpon, where she had resided for the past 36 years. She had been ailing for 2f years and had been bedfast for six months. Complication of diseases was tb« caiuse of her death. Mvh. Van lorn was born in Stoyea- town, Somerset county, the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. George O. Mong. After being married at Stoyes- towr., she moved to Da\rson and re- Hide 1 ever since. Sho was a member of t!u Philip C. Cochran Memorial Methodi«t f'ipiscopal Church and the Wom.uVs' Foreign Missionary Society of Daw son. She is survived by her h-usband. Albert VauHorn, auditor for tho Wash- ingtoD Coal Coke Company, and the following children: Leonore, wife of William McOune, Theodore VanJ-forn, Frank VanHorn, Kathryn YanHorn and Kiroline VanHorn, all of JOawsou, and Alice, wife of W. A. Reed. Con- nellsvlile. There are two grandchildren, Adley and Ijeoaore MoCune. William Adloy MoCuno is a great-grandchild. The threo brothers are Frank S. Monj?, Dawson; P^dward W. Mong, Johnstown and George L. Mong, Dawson. Funeral arrangements, in charge ot diaries C. Mitchell of Connellsville hare not been com-pleted. Former Members Of Seoul Troop 1 To Hold Reunion A reunion and 1) inquet for all mem- bora and former nernbers of Troop No. ], Boy Souls, tho oldest troop in tho city, has boo i announced for March II. li was said there are about 25 persons who were affiliated with tho troop .since it was organized about 15 years ago, any of whom have grown lo manhood. R. C. Witt is scoutmaster. Tho affair w 11 be at the United Brethren Church, leadquarters of the STATE TROOPERS DENY KNOWLEDGE OF MISSING MEN "Worn-en ol the church. will troop, serve. Sixty-five persona attended the 20th Anniversary Week observance of the troop Tuesday n i g h t at th-o United Brethren Church. A play, "Mac De -ides," was the feat urc of the projrrai i. Kmbraced in tho cabt were Scoutmaster Witt, Melviu Coughenour, John Warmuth, Rodger Gorsuch, Vandyke Hunrbcrt, Don MOB- Uotder, (-'lay Btictei, David Charlea- worth, Donald Shatv and S. M. Witt. Other members on tho program were readings by Kobert Dunstan and Swan and vocal solos by David Charlesworth. Merit badges we -e presented as follows: Joseph H-over, firemauship, swimming, llfe-sav ng, handcraft, first aid to animals a n d public health Vandyke Humbert handeraft, safety first, swimming, lifemanship, first aid public heatlli, life-saving, book binding, scholarship a id first aid to ani- Whereabouts of Trio Question in Bonohoe Case Still Mysterj. HABEAS CORPUS CASE DISMISSED mals; August Sti kel, animals, hiking and rirst aid t firemanship; At tho Hospital. Mrs. Elizabeth Swift of Vanderbilt was admitted this morning to the Con- nellfcville State Hospital for treatment. Ralph Koontza of Poplar Grove was admitted, yesterday afternoon. Aged Man in Hospital. MOUNT PLEASANT, Feb. 13.--Isaac JCoontz, 82 years old, ot the Duncan Plan, wae admitted to the Memorial Hospital yesterday lor treatment. 11 City C strriers Walk 536 Miles in Week to Distribute 4,351F ounds of Mail Matter ®- Miloagc T)o«s No Include Distance From Stieets and Sidewalks lo H incs. PARCEL POST NOT COUNTED Tho 11 city mall carri rs., working out of the Connellsville c flee, carry a very targe quantity of i mil and are forced to travel consider ble distance The Weather Partly cloudy .ind col Ier tonight; Friday cloudy ami coldei Is the noon weather forecast for W stern Pennsylvania. Temperature ilei ord. ;»SO 1929 Maximum !! fit Minimum ...... U 'IS ___________ 35 65 to make-' their deliveries, according to statistics secured today. Figures secured for last week showed that during the six dayjj, a total of 40,323 pieces of mail, not including parcel po.sts, was handled. This quan- ity weighed 4,351 pounds. Ou the 'bawls of these figures, every day wvory mail carrier dispatches u total of 65.92 pounds of mail or 395.54 pounds overy week. The statistics also show that tli-e 11 carriers each day distribute an average of 725.16 pounds of mail. In delivering the GG.92 pounds of mail daily, th-o carrier has to travel an average of S.122 street miles which means that the 11 carriers every day travel 89.35 street miles or a total of 53G.1 street miles overy week. In explanation, it must be said that tho street milfes do not embrace the distance that is traveled from the fctreets and sidewalks to the mail hoxes which are located at tile homes. I£ this phase would also be considered, the distance would be increased about one-third, it wus revealed. The c o m p u t a t i o n s do not eniibrace i the deli vary .cut jaaiipftl juosJt Donald Mosholder firemanship and haudticrtpt and licbert Dunstan, flre- manship, book binding, handcraft. Promotions were: First Class, Melvin Cougheuour, I ohert K r w i n , Sec- nnd Class, James Fries and Douglas Franklin; TenderC-wl, Melvin Moon and Hodger (ior.smh. William Strawn in a Harold Kooser were made membei» of the troop. Talks v.ere mai.e by Mrs. W. R Kooser and Ilov. K A. Schultx. Joseph Hoover welcomed the gue-sts to tho meeting. The response was made by Mrs. S. L. Fletcher HEEN CAPTAIN IN COUNTY JAIL; WOODS HUSBAND Mrs. Helen Taylor, colored, of Con- nellflvllle, alleged to have wounded he) husband, William 3aptain, 54, also colorori, of this citv, as an aftermatl of a domestic qua Tel at Iheir home at 129 Peach stroi t Tuesday night shortly after 11 o'clock, is being held in the county jail «v, Uniontown, pending the outcome of his wound. Mr. Captain suffered a bullet wound in his loft thigh. I was reported that hi** condition was iorious because of the lose of blood. ' \Jay his condition was reported as f a r at the Connellsville Stale Hospit: 1 where h-o ordered reinovexl by Chief of Police John C, Wall when he waa appraised of the shooting, 'about 13 hours after it had taken place. City Detective V. Bert Ritchie, State Trooper Charles Muurer and Constable Walter Brown plat cd Mre. Captain under arrest. She w«ia taken to TJn- lontowu. If her husband recovers, it was said that a c uirge of: felonious shooting will be p'eferred. CITY PRISONERS EARN TOR KEEP: CUAN BUILDING The three prisoners at tho City hoosegow are earn ng their board. , Police Chief Jolvi C. Wail has put them to work, dealing out the basement of the City Hall which is being given a coat of whit ewash. Tho interior of the b u i l d i n g is being improved. A rug has been placed in ·the office of the Chi)f and Mayor H. D. Mlnerd while the linoleum at the hearing desk has be jn changed. Similar improvements are being made in the council chambers, adding to the tidiness o£ tho ^tru :ture. CHURCHES ENROLL 134 MEMBISRS FIRST TWO NIGHTS OF DRIVE Workers in the p rsonal evangeliom campaign ot the churches of the city will gather for dinner at the First M. E. Church this evening. A half hour service, beginning at 6 o'clock, will precede tho dinner. f Reports submitted at the dinner at the ChriBtiau Chii'-ch last evening showed that in th* canvass Monday evening 53 pel-sons expressed intention of affiliating w i t h city churches, while on Tuesday c/cnlng there were 81. Reports were incomplete, it was announced. Berry's Com! Uon Grave. HOLLYWOOD, Fab. 13.--Condition of Noah Beery, acieen actor, was considered grave in m today after ail operation for appendicitis. Physicians at the Hollywood Hospital, where Beery was taken last night, said a gangrenous condition had KO( in, makns: tbfi oceration djubly Special to The Courier. UNIONTOWN, Feb. ] 3.--Denial by the Fayette county members of 'In- State Police that they know about tho threo Ma»onto l wn n en spirited away last Fe-bruary 3; a threat on tbe part o-E Captain E. .1. McDauiel to bring kidnaping char; c« against the State Police; dismissal ol habeas corpus proceedings to have i h persons brought into court and : n- nouiicement Chat a second hab an corpus proceeding would be Institu'ed against Major Lynn G. Adams, C. p- taln McLaughlin and tiergcant John J. Tomok, tho noted man hunter of the State' Police, were tho features of the court hearing before Judge D. W. Henderson this morning. It has been said the three m «n, Oosimo Slengaao, Joe Pellirico and Sandy Motch, had been under contli u- ous questioning in tho Oonohoo murder since their arrest. It was i C- mltted in court by Corporal Geome Fierce of the New Sa!em barra ks that the arrests were at the orders ol Sergeant John J. Tomek. Tomok, It is knoipn,- has been detailed almost continuously on the Donohoo marcer since Major Linn G. Adams came to Fayette county to take charge of t h e matter. Rena UgoJIni furnished the oi ly story that would provido a clue- as to the whereabouts of the. Masontovn trio. She said that she, hor moth T, Rosa Ugolini, Ralph Fabbri, Cosii 10 Stengano and "Big Red" wore Ing in "Bid Red's" car on Sund: y, February 2. They wem homeward bound Sunday evening when th y were stopped by State Police on t 10 Maontown bridge. At first they were takon to tho N w Salam barracks, from there late that night they were conveyed to t ie Waynesburg jail, and tho mxt day ; H were released. However, she a id Stengano parted company at Wayius- burg. "Big Red," herself, her mother a id Ralph Fabbri were released. Corporal Pierce testified that t ie party was brought to the barrac is that night. Private Kunklo had t 10 prisoner, Stengano. Later Motch a id Pellirico were brought In. Where th iy went from New Salem, Pierce said ie did not know. If they were in Greers- bnrg or at Hershoy, Pierce said 10 was not aware of it. "Big Red" came to 1ho barrac is the following day and obtained 1 is car, the corporal eaid, Tho corpoi al admitted that Sergeant Tomok was ui charge of the party which had tak MI the three into custody and then t a k en them away. "This man, like Pilato, has wash xl his hands of the case but knows rno'-o than he is telling," declared C a p t a i n McDanlel. At another point in the testlmo iy the attorney declared he wanted to make a complete record so that'ki 1- naping charges could be institut d against the State Police. "We do not know whether the-to men are being abused. We don't knew anyone outside of this conrt to whom we could appeal for their pi - tection, and our only right and t ic rights of the members of the fan i- lics of these men lay in these , pr ;- cectlings," summed up the attorns.v. Unless someone was held accountable, (ho attorney declared, the Sta o Police force could move the trio ov r the state and keep them out of tiu'» custody of the courts as long as th -y deem necessary. Such stato of ; f- fairs comparable only to the ment accorded the peasants by the Cossacks of Russia in olden daj s, concluded the attorney. Assistant District Attorney Arthur L. Byrne, speaking for the Commo t- wealth, pointed out I h n t tho petitio i- ers proceeding against Corpora Piorco had picked out tins wrong nic n and that Pierce under no part of tl e testimony as disclosed could be he d accountable. Henderson thereupon di i- missed the action, directed that tl e testimony bo transcribed and adjourned court. PRESLEY CULLER, 82, DIES AT SC01TDALE Special to The Courier. SCOTTDALE, Fob. 13._p res j fy uJler, 82 years old, died last evening at h,!s home at 910 Mulberry stree . le had resided hero for many year i, He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Jei - nie Hixaon Culler, and three children, Mrs. Strickler Hill of Mast Palestin-, Ohio, Car! H. duller of West Newto i and Mrs. Alice Towasend at home. Tbe funeral service will bo held ; L the home Saturday at 2 o'clock. Burl; I will be in West Newton Cemetery. WILD GEESE SEEN AT MT. PLEASANT MOUNT PLSASANT, Feb. i;i.- v flock of wild KOPSC passed over tow n yesterday causing the wraiberwiso o product an early spring. Flight of wild ge-68e northward j sign, some old-timeis say.

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