The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 14, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 14, 1918
Page 3
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ITTFSDA.Y M Y Y 1 1 1 91S THE DaJLY COLIUCK CJNNELLSVILLE PA. PAGC THREE. NEWSY NOTES TELL ' WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE MILL TOWN l Clks «.t mharivVion Camp to Serve llemboi s of the v?r»ier. LOCAL LOi Si- r- su · N^J. - »i Scottdale l add OL. ' - i r ^ ffcey jtjiy la *..ii «.-·*;·, ·»** u £ , Clue vltlb 1 1 ts regular, "i J! C A. tCO i L \ _ i %._} l * -- j ie oca! bln.5, lave etc ·· ^ u«, L lo / i^ tc e gram, from Oit tJ.* »- -^a wlgi NO 117 of V\v Juo \\ e TV a t vou to t.ciid u, rd to Ua im*nedia *,!., eithei b\ letiu or ttle graph when inlorraa ion ru-Cite^ 'vou Lha. anj o£ ^ o u r sold tr rneribe b are going ac-obs or w l c e\pec to pass through Cainp Merntt Gu us sucl- nforomtmn including nan e regi ment rank and company and \\e w i l l locate him U e w i I not wai for him 'o come to u» but v.e want to reach him h. *u ijid let him know ^ v h e r e w e a e and \shat v,e \vant to do Our lodge is rfcadj to render an service of w h a t c » e " nature and is prepared to oiler accommodations m t ic homts of our tHw^ to such o f Jit re auvts of uhese soldier \vho desire to visit ihUr boys befo e ihej go over th re "We regard this m-itier a the li"ht ot "in. obligation and do not 111 e u haxe aa i^A ftel be is i npOMng on 1,3 in an\ manner wha. ever To make happ the du ot a, soldier bli in t-i s country we are IM! ing to go the limit. Stew Prw-ident ID Chair. The Civic club htld roo mill y meeting i^ the last evening Mrs 0 I HCS.S the new president, presided for the fi-s uine The firsi part of the program was mu sical as loilowto voc^ii i,olo Mrs G F Kelley assisted by Miss Kritscbgao. o_i the noUn nd Mrs Chartee Hall at the piano pUuo doet itrs C E Stone and Mr Mabel White, violin solo Mi*»s Margnret Kntschgau vocal sok Mis*. G lenn accompanied by Mrs Cha~les D at the piano 3-ud Miss Margaret on the violin FiHioum^ ttds -was the business meeting when all dues were asked to ot pai3 Mrs. Hess appointed the following program committee tor tb.c coming yea. Mi«*a Irene Loucks Mrs Ben M311r, Miis Bila Ktog. Miss Edca Krocse ana Mrs, Minnie Warnock. iliss NCadelme Breamen, chairmaa of the recreation committee, reported ?68 ia th- 1 treasury A meeting is to be called of this coffinutte-e to dispose of the money in this dad. The chairman of tLe olher committees will report a* tbe J-une meeting ^3 Albert KeiatT was elected a delegate to a meeting of rep resentaaves from the vanu,-. Civic cinbs of Westmoreland coun tiiat, will meet in Greensburg at an earl dote. Prepare for Drive. The financhil committee o* the Red Cross war fund met in the ovcatlon ai rooms of tne "i U. C A. last evening and made plan for Sco tdale s ahare in tne second hundred million dollar campaign The drive will start on Vay 20 The committee will meet Agam, on. Friday eveamg at 8 o clock. -Already people have responde I won, derfullj wei. in Scottdale rud *fce finance cotnm-ttee expxxjts to co over the top in this, "Tlant to tot Marned, Do }eF AlrigM, I km marry ve give ye board an lodgda print a weddtn an nouncement m the sassiety column an setl ye an equ pment (if new cJothes aU for a price that will as tomsli you \' 1 guarantee you i\ do not better in selec ion nor p ice no maaer how far yoall traveJ in I joking for a bargain Most complete is^o"! menu at cut prices here or mil'inery -.aits coats dresses skirts In fac -^verytiimg a woman child or infant wears, Broadway Ladies Sior ^s jou g^, off the car Scottdale Pa -- OthtT ews Afbert Kei^ter a membe'- ·! the ia.vy »tationed at the naw vard fn Philadelphia v,u,i, home ovs'- S mday A Kh. bis parents Mr anc Mr VI ert -veister Sr and his wife Charles Colborn of Camp Meade Admiral Md spent the week ena s-ith his parents Mr ana Mrs C A. Scaly and Seemed Itchy. Could Not Bear to Be Touched. Troubled Sts Months. Nothing Purer, Sweeter, For All Skin Troubles Than Cuticura* ' My boy had what looked like ringworm on his left cheek It was as large as a half dollar and every time I tooa him ont it got |j brighter and would turn ' red It was scaly and seemed to be itchy and he wanted to scratch The child was cross and could not bear to have anyone touch him Tbetroublelasted abouts xmonths before we tried Cuticura Soap and Ointment and in about three weeks he was heaJed (Signed) Mca Kainett Thompson 2449 Grays Ferry Road Philadelphia Pa October 15 1917 If you have a poor complexion improve rt by uairg Cuticura Soap dafly and Cuticuia Ointment occasionally Simple F«ch Free by Mail Address post card. Cutioum Dcpt R Bo«ton So d Soap 2=c. O ntment 2a and 50c ur the bp h^ld ir the Perry opolis. PBIvRYOPOLIS May 1 -- S b To^nsend ot Mane ^cn spent Suuaa\ w i j i Mr and Mrs J F Tovviiiend Mr 15 George i\cffcr of GonnUIs\ iilo =vpt,nt the wtck end i\ Lli -«lr and M s Kj It Keuer Mr and Mrs Jlmer Skile n \\ere Lnioatown callci ^iiurda-v The month 1\ mStti ig worth league w i l l be cuurch I"*rida evening Dewej Kerr or Roscoe spent Sun da w i t h town friends I Mist K t t h r v n B i r - spent the \veok end a* her home a t Seuickle'v Mrs, L A. Brown entertain d the t, \v B M socie ^ 01 the hru,uan church Saturday afternoon Ciark Campbell and Ira Flair at tended a funeral ai Dcrore Pa Sat U"day \Vil i am Brown, and Eamilv'of Con ncHs\nl]e spent Surda\ i\ith M- and Mrs L A Brown of town LUMBAGO GOES HE FEELS 0. K. Master 3Telieine to His Rwcnt Ifhcn Condition Mas ^oiM. I was a fine example of every pic tare tt 1 !*; a sto^^ javs John Jones of 1220 Camden street Hams burg I wa,s Lha c-ippled ip lumbago lha I couldn straigh en niv self up and I felt so ^o n out that I though my daje of usefu nc^s were abont done I snfTered agon es "^ h co lid not e\«.n bt-nci o%er ID no nv shoe's ·Rithoat "eehng as if a rnak o f fire was rnnn ng up and clown mv back and -when I d d gOv d o w n I uwilda t get straightenpd up again I tried a lot of different kinds of medicines without an? results so far as I cooJd see snd I had i picture o f myself out of ·wo'-k and not able to lift a hand to earn my l i v i n g Then one day I read, about TtJilac in T it paper an*l I carao rirjht SOTVTI and, got a bortle for said T If it do so much for othc" people it looks as u it would help me Did if Al mos before y o j coukl say now de do T was feeling better and rrom tha time on nrv improvement has been stead* i nt.1 now I am back on m job again a i d feeling five eans vouuger Now I feel absolutelv 0 K Lid ara back on m-v old job again and I can juthfully =ay that Taniac put me there " fanlac is now sold he^e by the Con nellsrille Drug Co Tanlac can aso be secured in Dur bar at D C Eason s Drug Store -- 4 d v SAGE AND SULPHUR DARKEN GRAY HAIR fi trandmothor's RtCJpe to Kestor« Color. Gloss ind ilrnost everyone k n o w s that Sage' " a and Snlpaur properlj compcund- e I brings b ck the natural coior and i i ae to the hair vr'ien f d d reaked or £;raj 1 ears _EO the onlj vay to gtt Uns mixture was to iiakc i a* home which is n i»bv and t*xiu- ebomp \o*adi~ b'N ass.*ng at anr * ug store for \\-\e h s Sage and NL! u Co"npoUDa you w i h j,et j, la.rL.e 0( ttJe of this famous ola iccipe im p oved bv the addition or other i~ i,rod]ents, at a sma i cost Don --v»n so^" J ' Trv !*· \o one *x r po^iblr u* 1 tii^ VQI daru red y t u r hair -xs it dots it 30 na urallv \oxi s arfip ·- t, 'pen 5 or Meyersdale. ·\rE\"PRSI\LF May 13--Mouhers I Dav was \ e r j appiopnately o -erreri ' n Mojeisdale -\t mo^t of thv local churches special se-mons and music suttable to the da was rendered Miss Mar \VeakLand oC "Washing ton D C is vibit og her parents ""tr and Mrs L AY tt eak and Prof and Mrs *L P Kephart an 1 two childrtn of Philadoli ua an here to sperd tho summci v*ith Mrs Kep harts parent^ Mr and Mrs TV II Dill Jatres Her-igon of Sand Patch ^vas a Meersdalp \isi or on Sunrtay "Mrs MTgaret McKcuzie ana diugh te- M-ss Lilzabeth of Cumberland spent Sa urda and Sunda-v 1 ere guests at tbe home of he former a brother in la\\ and ^i ter Mr and Mrs Daniel Dahl Mrs, George Beaford let Sunday on an extended visit through Ohio and Pit sburg Misa Theresa McMurrer is i i s mg her Bister Mr a J T Bell 11 Pi ts- burg T V Courtrc of Vcosta \ j friends here on Sunoa^ ^^Ist; Marcclli Kcich r 10 U a t t e n d mg school m Cumberland spon Sat urdi% and ^undaj: hero wnth her par en^ Mr nd M-s J F Reich ti^d event 1 o i bnfe u * w i t h i \0» h r ji v-pf £ j t TO v lei t 1 Hnntintr Karelins T c J will find them in our ad. colununs. irJ arau h s --·- ns one s nail rio~n ng t e TIV a. t 1 " ano he*- IP 11 - b COT-^ L pit r C ra- ·"i requ te I IB not In- atron o" i re- OHIOP-i LF Mai, 1J - Miss Helen Robinson, ril TO hu are the gucata or Ohiopjk IntEds ror i Tew o"a* ^ Georgu ·? R in cr has purchistd a I o r d car Miss V d i D r r e r of Broddock ar rived here Fnda o spend a s urn ·\ss t w u h bei rurcnts Mirv I inLu aud -nother a \ e m o ^ t d c o coi tt ot i! e 10011 rectntU \ a c i «.d b C G B'a r and nmi!\ w h o ha\*. moi ed o I ^ i c n t o u n ^ i l l t a m Drud\ bpent Fndaj recent\\ gre t ng trie-ids at Connells v l P e and I nion oim Lash BrvQei 13 %ery ill and naanyi other household suggestions that will give real comfort to your home and its surroundings during tfte warm days of summer. Ccnnellsville's Reliable "] You wUl find them he^e at Aaron's in u e largest varieties and latest styles --at pv-ces tLat cannot be duplicated anywhere. And they're all reliable, exclusive, quality lines that will give complete satisfaction at all tiine.5. Convenient Credit, if desired. Komef\irnishers Since 1891. Comfort-giving Genuine Ealtex Reed Furniture for Your Porcl ^ J^et'Tft-^rrrK'r. 1 ?:- HS This 3-Piece Genuine Kaltex Reed Suite only Your Choice of Either Kal- tex Rocker or Chair. Only To Save Hours of Toil | Of Untold Aacictancc The New Process Gas Range Makes Cooking Pleasant! and Miles of Steps in the Kitchen! in Entertaining Your Guests This Summer! Grass Rugs Prices from $4 to $15 according to To Enjoy the Full Comforts of You 1 Porch This Summer! Solid O I K j t OIH- i'.iris In Ianj Price 1 -, at it demonstrated! PATHEPHONE--For Vc Surrmer Enjoyment! Shades Will Keep Your Poich Cool! To Conserve Food Most Economically I 0" E PIECE - PORCELAIN LI* ED REFRIGERATORS Patlit- (Jit . f o i isli 1 t h e ''SO Mrxlcl 1 t i c lione i id \oili cbr re of ( domic faced P 1 Reeni PORCH SHADES Dickerson Run. DICKLR.SON RLN and M b C h d i \ \ o i p k j spon Sundi} MSI i piront Mr and Wupkev of Tast DIM so \\ H Eu kc t re limed 1 ero wot t labt i. enmg aflcr a ^ f att vnsit w i t h his fimilj at Cu U o r laurl Mrl \1 s C 4 arlbon and daug ic Miss I dytii speit vestprila oa tin. W t b t Side Connclls M i l e Read the a d \ c r t stncnts Mrs " l l i n 4tkmson o" Scot'dale ' spendiri, a row davs v itmg Mrs G i a v a \ andorbi L M Sb I oretta Ma Btirkat ic o her nonie a ountherland \ d aUfr spending a ueek nere \isi wt; her uncio Tild aunt Mr a-d M i I Miller M ! OLlLsMn loci \\ A S n t i Sundiv \ th their fan iheb MoKees Rocii aud Be^vei Falls TO MAUINAC A N J F o n 1 IHIo 1 =0 Ro mil trip 16,'iO I-mm Ocvslsnil ! 7 CO Kound trip \1 tKj From Toledo f 6 2.1 i !100 r on Et r o t So 50 RourH t r p SIC 01 The del this of your vacal on benin the moment you bo-irxl c D C Cu« 1 ne S earner (or beautiful Mjckioac Ulind-/or hyif of tbe il- £b s are in the Lake voyaflc KaUro-d nckct* wre faontwcd oa a! D . C L nc clean:-n with OL.I ci. The D ° lotiftoa nsores the ben T3d piiBFl'i^i u B ~v te Safctj aocJ bea u proMc ocs a e all tbit could c tk-siveij \I1 c eatner*- n e equipped «»h I a st*n ized by u! ra % olet ray preceit 3l-ndid vM-eh-C y of Mad me II nad Qty oi Alp. n-i U--O[ fratp four times Twcck lo Mackuac 1 land Pro r I ol do Mcndays and Saturci iyt 5 X3 A M Tu^dayR anc Th ^davs 600 P M h om )etm Mora3 days 5-00 F M \V(,du«*!ajs and FrioarS S33 Send J-cert ttjinp fcr tit a i-fleS ttjmpHet ard Grcal Lakes mat Andreia L G LFWI- Aw cue Virc* lUch. oui 1m o n lea int a hca h f u l u i i h ( \ c t l l o i t oprxmun 1^5 foi n r i l a l a j n u n i opportun iifs for ear c MI I i TM ut ^o^] t\veen 33 and 2! vcir^ of a^o N e w emplo\e» it pa I u ]eim nc and i foi rec.J -^ ^ n l Good opportan M P jcf OpLratotr of tin ce ti_l Title Trust Building, Connellsville. li Ton 11 nut Something ertise lor it in our classified, col TEY OUE CIiASSIFIED ADVERTISEMEIfTS §«Xi^sl£3S^2^X-Xi(.XV®S^^ P«®®«ra!SXSS^ umn One cent - word,

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