The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 14, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 14, 1918
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

TvTO. THE DAILY COL RIDE., CONNELLSVILLE PA. V \Y 191S COME SEE The Home o r' A Trumpet Call o/ THATW Out to every woman, out to all our good friends and neighbors,out to all our patrons of this store, goes the message of preparedness and a word of welcome to That White Sale in May. Translate that word "save" into the word cash by coming to the greatest of all White Sales in May. Yes sir, six month from now you will thank us kindly for this event -- an opportunity to stock up with wants for the entire season and many months to come. Come ! Now is the time of all times. Yes, and every day in the month of May it will pay you to come to the big While Sale. Goods and prices will do the convincing. every hour bargains will be featured in This White Sale in May. COME AND SEE, Wonderful savings opportunities evei;, cla*-. -\Lnoci You've got to be the judge, you must see for yourself goods can be sold only according to how they were bought. We bought enough a year ago 10 stock u» our-entire stock room. We saved one-half to one-third b ygetting in ahead of the advance prices. That's why you can buy merchandise here at a big saving. That's why you will see the be»t assortment here. Now i* the time of all times. Come everybody to That White Sale in May. That White Sale in May THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Women -will be enthusiastic about our May White Sale because the undermuslins offered were so immaculately fresh and new, and the values are so phenomenal Wonderful inducements and special Tallies will greet ou. Chcaj-se «9c, 69c, $1.00 np to $3.00. EW -flfiHT GOTTSS-- A large selei-tion of stales n high V neck or slip over models neativ tnmtced cow at this sale S9«, $1.00, S1.39, 1 «9, up to Regular circular open or closed eyelet or bimd rml) others are lace. trimmed. Choice now »9c, 69c, !9c np to $3.50. 1 ETTICOATS-- "With deep fiotince of embroidery or lace some have nb- bons dra-vra Choice 59c, 980, np to $5 00. EW COBSET COTERS-- Hundreds o' new styles here trimmed with neat embroid e~v or lace Ccme in o^er fifty btyles Choice at "WTme Sale in May Z*t, 4tc, 59c, Tip to $2.00. sILK Made of silk crep« de chfrie glove sitk and flne lingerie cloJi elaborate trimmed at St.39 to $3.9o, THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY New Waists \\aists in styles delightfullj varied and at un- nsually low pnees That-Whitc-Sale-m Mav Waists are made of flne sfreer ^oiies and baUstes noveltv ccrtjsn effects also crepe de chine aiid Georgette crepe damty lace and embroidery trimmed Fnces lor Uiat "White Sale in May $1.00, S1J.9, $iafl, $2^)0, np THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Lace Curtains ^o -wonder this store is coosedered headquarters for Curtains and Curtain Materials in That White Sale in May at such litte prices that you cannot resist the temptation of buying your wants here- at money-soring prices ISc, 2Sc, 35c and 4£c jrxrd Curtain materials tor draperas, a!! new designs, at S5o to £L£0 per jxri. Ito dlifei'«iBCj Vhat pnce curtzons yon buy, you save from One-ftourto 'o Oue-Thr-d on tbe real Talne THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY White Goods The looms never turned out prettier or flner White Goods than this year's styles If you want anything m the wa\ of fine White Goods you cannot afford to miss this great money-saving sale coJtptBE Qru,nr WITH ricz Lone ctoths 20c, 3oc aod e yard, Nainsooks 20e, Sac and We jart. \oveltf voiles also plaa. voiles 50c, 59c, np to Sac yard. 5000 jards fancy Utate Goods, many pieces of different p-aoras a 2Jc, Sue acd oflc j-ard. 7000 ^ards of White Ucods maay styles to" make selec t on from prices W)c» S5c iind 31.00 the yard. 1 ot o! Colored Wasli Material flne and sheer materials -t iioc. ··- 1 value 0c fancj F-gured \oiles J5c, oOc and Toe jord. biiir P'j^t Lmetis 50c, "oc aod ?1 00 the vard, IfaEdiCrchic' Ijnen u g mckes »ide $Uo the yard. Luna Lawn, sheer and medium weight 36 and 40 inches ^ ide. loc and oc ) ard Now jinghams 29c aud Sue the yard New ^ercales at 30c and 33c yard. Colored Figured Organdies, just new and one of the most desirable fabrics for summer dresses, at Soc per yard, 5 000 vards o' ant. plain ^ hite material mt luding voilo madras :nd b tiste, actual value 30c, solo price Iflc yard. THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Table linens at less than the^ would cost us no'w When you bu a table cloth or a do/sen napkins for less mone than the isouid cost us it seems a chance worth trying to take advantage of to get those unmatchable ^ahiea in table linens Everyone knows that we ha-se the best and largest Linen Department in this vicinity--(the Decry- vale Lanens-) Mercerized Table Damask ~0 Inc.ico wde at 75c and £1.25 per yafi Napkin 16il6 s^e lac per dozen. Napkins ail Hnea, fio'-al josijns at SS^O up to SS-0. Table Dairask sets napkins to match. $SJ0 np tn 512-50 Bound Table Cloth 72x73 at 5S.50 to 512^0. Tat) e cloth of do new o= dcs £n- c or patterns all iinen. KM to SLUM). THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Wonder Barsans m Turkish or Huck Greatest To-wel -\alnes ever This sounds ig but see the Towels, the kind of Towels a,rd such a lot of them Sa^in dama* buck towels l«cmin«d stitched irge si/e, M o O Linen htici towels nemired stitched at '·IS.-H Other pure jLin«.n Towels in tMs sale at 1 ^ ~c and Si Turkish Tone's at luc, 2^ 1*C-, lOc mid S.c. \lanv years *ul] pa^i. before j o u l l have -irothpr oppor tunity like tils to bjv imcn and Tu r ki h towels it thc^e prices. THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Bnry jniss and woman is acquainted with the Lucille Corsets their reputation and lonn-improv- mg qualities AH women know this corset permits stout m-xHum and Blender figures to be atttd perfectly it *1 W up to S!.7o. Sec the special m corsets we offer at -0c. All Nemo Corsets, One-Unlj Price. THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Special attention to these Dresses please for these are the prettiest lot of Dresses ever offered for sale in this vicinity Numerous French sty as in, p ny blue tan nnd Dliid" made of the best Ze-phv ginghams -U3 aro neat y male pleated effects belted pockets tiimmed w th \vlutt, and soli tnnrmiogs full skirts deep hems, si^es 2 o 34 Pricefermse from 6Uc to $S.HI. These dreseg are eitra values anc a. vroaderful "va. cLr to sel-ect frooo. Come Jook arounrl ard compare and nowhere will jou find sach dresses for the cb Idrcn THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Silk Petticoats A sale prices $00 io $12.5(1 It s rot an ask to find petticoa s to compare w i t i these u quality anc ^\ork Tuausoip and smartness of fai,hjoa "iou miist ^ee the petti coats to apprecia e their rca worth THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Middy Blouses Blouses in. new models singable fo 1 - dress 01 LVL y day ·wea- Good selection, emoracin^ oopu ar colors and white Price Cor White Sale special SOc, THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Babies' Wear at Interesting Prices IVaoies Hals ard Caps at jOc to $J 05 "\ ide of dalDO organdie and SWIBS trimmed v,UL Lmbroifler^ ribbon or Bowers 9Sc np to $3 00 Baby Coats Made of ierg» Bedford tord nicely made lined tlirougk out, S3^0 up to $10 00 Baby Dresses Ong o soor made of watte sneer a u r cainsooi. or- E beiLtifullv tri-nmed Prices raago from 49e np to and E3i le very p ett dresses in between prices nirned THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Just arrived -mother lot o tliosc beiuLfuI qinhtj Talte S It Gloves at C^t. und *J '10 } tr p u r Silk G ores tn all tile -wauled colors $100 per pair THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Neckwear v ew stocks and Jabota C ollar and CuH Seta 2e ap t) SLOO 0c up U J2.oO i Ot and SI 00 Georgette CoH ITS , Tailored Vestj $l-jQ Qp to S2-.0 Come see tbo rrec-s-wca- ill ue-w fresh and ciuin de r able necku car THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Girls' Coats P ^nt to chooso f~onr AH the wan*od colors Pekm b'ao green ro r well nfdc and Hmshed "^703 6 to 14 ca "* *6.3G and $1000 Prices tor Jji= ate on y Misses' White Dresses 33,75 to $12.50. You save on afcn^e prices $1.50 to -300 on any gu tncnt For tae £~rl grilaste conmf IK errant da 1 . vou. *5ncl a andsorue Jjne of white drci^fe specK aaapted lo jp-LCG~ ftil girlish OKUTS \11 de ribl^ ma or a's ThP^e voull fine, in tiie Silt Dcpartmnnt, Tbo u rushes tell Ui^ur own stcrj at 325-00 up to $.,*-0 THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Children's White Dresses To the mother tba M^ bu, "cnn the ^os o f G 14 VPATS this sa e O F children s S\h Dri^^es wul snrely *e of ffroit interest ^specially so ' e v \\i^ ^ tn savo rionc The^re v-cti "worth tilfcins al Tit i tj tnc«s $2.^* up to S12J0. THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Trimmed Hats for Worren, Misses and Children Cone jrins; (.he children and have theE3 ft- ted out in one of the newest II its at mone\-s«u ing puces The -nost a t _ r a c t \ o ht*le Hats s n" » r w m b ^ck whito burin or colcr"^ ^v th just r bbo.* ou j ne si jpe crovm a ?1 96 np to ^f *) For brrnjler gills hero ^ C P litt n v nc H ^ t 01 M San some bovj, o htr 1 Trimmed Millinery for Women Pui th eds of Eresh and pledsin^ " t - 1 us ] i D c *m small Loth of ^ ng trucuncd lo 1 - tnmn od ilso f j imrtl th "iu bon= Man^ to ^oicct from u clue' n b ! i n c = ml ai d i nl Jam simper at s3.% and '·-i^} Trimmed Hats, $7,50 up to $10 Our =emi m 11 ncrv d BJ, i^ ^ urc ^u 11 !. ct^rr 1 d as fi«)"JOH C'veuts Cooae to!av u d c tn 1 c d *· i ·vou cter seen ID Cojinc'3s-\i lo ind .ou i I hn 11 ila i iced a $7oO and $1000 Thr im n fi I n ibio "\ hi e m ftting Hats to heads TV! f p r s n t 1mI***; neils TO hits so w e are carefii a l v a \ t to h a \ p i ern Kdbh 1 ir_,i_ \an*t of stales nd shapes at $7 t0 (o VI) 00 THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Women's, Misses' and CHld'en's Underwear That \vliKC Sale n "* aj ^ill bo corducted on mtenty and smcentj Ladies Union bu t^ kn^e -^ngth Hci. tn nrucd jOc ^ V o n e a s \ e^ts ^i b c a n t shp siraps tm it i lan D i_K excellent vi uc Jo( \Toniens Sleeveless \ est c e\ r^- s /^ c i no rjbbod ^r Children s Oau/e "\ fa s or PaL^s all bizeb l^c u ill 2^( TliAT WHITE S4LE IN MAY Silks--A Call fco the Women--Silks Silk Messa me m ail itie «dnt«i colo a id ac*. fi; 1 S6 lach ·» dtt ?!(»; i-tuil \ - i u e '200 pei rard Benutlful ^Lripe or broken i liid S fl s all the newest conibmat tn ot colors si P j)i res SI '" up (i ^2J! Neu f^es rahle de.) ndab e qin ^^ or fai o ^ II at \ a i d N de l l f l c a Silks i -ll he n h a»b alw bl^ck at SI 7 to °12 )0 THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY 4. timelj EdJe of Skirts in ^^Ie» of ·" the ·vogues The maten i s of ihf=c SkirLb jxe f Jugli cpi?lity SiJlxS Pophn= Serges and ra.-c\ "Mianr^s You see Skirts "ver^. ·-mjlar elsowiiL^e for tl ree to five dollars more the. i the price TIP a-A 1 h" n o^i. beautiful colorings to choose irom fe iu- i^ the most gorgeoas plaids and stripes as -wen as the much liked bltws and blacks SHk SIdrta ptods o Skirls ma4c cf faiic^ -n itures Skirts of serge and porum black err blue ?n^W np io SI2 "*ft Vitite IJresa Skarts made to e eU ax S2 00 prirca 03c Thai's it m a mitsiiell, is the ^Tutc Sale news of Sfarts. THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY If you -wane to know \ihat -wonderful ba-gains await yon just shop aronnd and tn to duplacace the wonderful bargains in Sheets, pillow cases and Sheetings. Sheets of the best kno^vn brsnd SlxSO £U*3-; -ct! v-i!no $j *^~ ae best Moba-nk brand, GSrSO, $!«»; real TiL $3 T5 90IM sire -». Sl^O. Ma ch em J you ran at fl.")! Case^ 42x3u 2oc and Soc. iiohawk and Hffl Bleaxied "s« Shee'TU^ vard -to-net Tuimg vtird 43-jich Tnbinp y^r(3 ____^ _____ 4o-incli Tubing yard Red Star braad Piapf "s sfoe. SOs^O per dozen . $3 00 Red Star brand Diap rs, stee K\ii, per dozen THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Purchases for the Wlute Sile -nere months ago Quant-in s were 1 ought choicest and best of even grade of ]?ces and emoroidenes Sale prices on these Lace-? aid Embroldencb will be proof that the% ^ ere bought and selected ^ ell and prices Tnll do tJhe sellirig Beau itul desJen -a IS 3nc3 Emn'-ojcerv F^OUDCI^? · See. tenrmed Flov^c-ng So c nhro i- for =hor* ·naltung dresses for Uu h t e to^s ^hitc Sa c p-ice S5c tu Corse Co-\er ET broidorv iu tc a lo it lib nr ce to select f rom C mbri\ or Sui = oOc 7w! md **12 Thous^nos of y-irn 01 n-i-rovr cmhron n lo Jcct £TOJI in S visb Cambr c or No-niook J0( up 1 1 2ou I ne laces at big rno"o «a^ as pj ·= CT-» vo *? e l d t c « ,-nd vou w II a r ree i\nh us t i 1 e\ are 1-oui.e "!il \2. ues u th^se p-iu." Wt, lx, 2Uo tnd .. c THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Silk Hosiery Reflect a n oment on tue p~ice ii d 1 L TO eK* w i l l b° ) e e c ' b i i \ to coi \incr \ou U at t h u cp x or tui u is an e\ -aoidinan oj e e J'ruc--, 0, ~ , LI « · « i C j i l ^ r c ) s sn i\lj if w h p J orders sp a! t hi sa o )( THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY dnfi c re^li no« Pou Q U Nov- is ur n c t i n u A i l s a ._ aon.1. ^ ' J t t j ^J.^. THAT WHITE S4LE IN PI AY Sill: Sweate-s ^ uic \d" Ld olc = 1 ' *~ Mool Sn i t i e ^ ("I i j) I *·'} d THAT WHITE SALE I!v MAY Sisits at $24.75 f- r

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