The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 4, 1939 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 4, 1939
Page 3
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? \TURDAY F K B K U A K I 4, TtiiS DA1J-/Y IvUUrUJCK _,UININli,ljL,b V i J-JjJt fA PAGE THREE AMONG THE CHURCHES FIRST EVANGELICAL E I M-mkamjer pastor--Sunday school 9 30, moining worship, 10 30, "Dny of Prayer foi Missions service ·will be observed during running worship hour E L C E 6 45 evening worship, 7 3 0 subject 'The Living Bre id Wednesdiy, 7 30 Prayer service UNITED BRETHREN Fajette Charge, W J Ritchey mmistei Enst Erd--Sundny school, 9 45 morn ng woiship 11 o clock The e ·will be obseivincc of the Lords Sjpper and also reception of new nembeis into the fellowship of the local churcn Y P S C E 7 3 0 P "VI Fnycr meeting Wednesday 7 30 Brotherhood Tiursdiy, 7 30 Fairview--Sunday school 10 A M union piajei rrcctirg 2 P M Mount Oh\c--Sunday sc iool 10 Y P S C E 6 3 0 Beginning a t CHURCH OF BRETHREN Vine and Ivewnyer, F A Myers paste- 407 East Gieen stiect--Uni- fied service at 9 45 A M d i v n e w o i ship sermon Tie Soirow Which Is Blessed,' school sessions Evening preaching hour, 7 3 0 o clock piaisc ind worship sermon The Horey- combs ot Life \oung Peoples meeting at 6 45 study and discussion of Know Your Chuich PRESBYTERIAN East Libe-ty, Vanderbilt S Kenneth Johnson pnstor--9 45 Saunaav school 11 A M church sen ice De- mociacy--Hen f age of Presbytemns is serrron oUbiect 7 P M Christi in Endeivor Miss Viigmn Blaney Icid- er of the Young People s Society Miss Ruth Keeney in crnige of the Inte medi ites CHURCH OF GOD Such-man Cncui G W Byrnes pastor residence 1119 West Crawford avenue Breakneck--Sunday school 10 \ "M preaching service 11 \ M , Christnn Endeavoi 7 30 P M Midweek service Wednesday, 7 30 P M Buchanan--Sunday school 10 A M Chistian Endca\ or 7 P M , midweek service, 7 30 P M Clinton--Sunday scioo 1 10 A M , Ev angelistic serv ice, 7 30 P M Revival in progress for three weeks has been fruitful of results The-e has been seveial conversions Rev Walter Martin Ins brought good evangelistic messages The meet ng may come to close Sundav evening PRESBYTERIA\ Leisenring No 1, William Hamilton minister--Chuich service 9 45 J M , church school, 10 30 A M Bible Stud} Class for Men and Women, topic ' Pentecostal Power,' Will- jam Hamilton teacher PRESBYTERIAN West Leisenring, William Haml- lo" minister--Sundav school 9 45 R K Warnock, superintendent Y P service, 6 45 P M topic ' Our Church" Robert Lmderman leader, church service 7 30 P M Classical musicale, Thursday evening February 16, Miss Florence Wilkey talented marimba ar ist supported b talented voca'ists FIRST UMTED PRESBYTERIAN South Pittsburg street and Morton avenue George R Krupp minister-Bible school 9 45 A M Morning worship at 11 theme Having Con- vic'ions Pioneer Society, 2 30 Y P C U 6 30 Evening service, 7 30 special program of submitted questions presented by members of the congregation which will be Answered Mid-week serv ce praise Wednesday by Rev Krupp of prayer and evening, 7 45 o'clock METHODIST EPISCOPAL Philip G Cochran Memorial Daw- toa Dr Thomas Charlesworth, p-is- tor--Mo-ning sermon theme, The Willing Hearted evening sermon, "Does the World Need a New Heart' ' Song seivice led by churcn -choir, preceding seivice FIRST "VtETHODIST PROTESTANT West Apple street, A R Mansberg- cr pastor-- Class meeting, 9 A Bible school, 9 45 moinmg worship at 10 45, seimon "Religion and Trouble Intermediate Christian Endeavor C P M , Senior C E 6 45 topic All One Boay We" Evrrunj ·worship 730, sermon 'Your Christian Endeavor Pledge" As this as the 58th anniversary of the founding of Christian Endeavoi this service has been set apart for Christian En- deavoi ers Pner meeting Wednesday evening at 7 30 CHRISTIAN Merr 11 L Cndweil pisior--Biole school 9 30 A M Moinirg woiship at 1040 o clock,'The Hetui o to Pra- er Christian Endeavor d 30 P M Evening service at 7 30 o clock 'Jesus Believed in Ultimate vie- to rv 11 F de\ o- Hicks MOUNT ZION BAPTIST _ Rev R D Epps pastor--Church VSo'oclock Surdnyevenmg" a'seiies j Blb jf sch °°'. 9 30 ^o^\n Fa nt will of evangelistic meetings will be held I conduct the program 10 30 it the Mount Olive United B-ethren tlonal b y the ° mreri Church Services will oe held each evening throughout the week m- cludirg Satun?-tv evening The pastor will b"ing the messages Rev Ritchey said ' If you know the Lo'-d Jesus Chust as your Saviour come ard fellowship with us If you no not know Him 'whom to know aright is life eteinal,' come and hear Gods Word and receive the gift of life and choir \\ 11 render several musical numbers se mon by the PC stoi sub ject, Remember Your Woid to God and Your Church Obligation " The L r ustees are appealing to us for a i speci il offering 7, B Y U Samuel !ant- will lead 8 usual seivices Little Rubv Baker will sing a solo at the morning set vice PAYNE A M L H D Lowbei, pastor--930 A M Sunday school 11 p cat urg subject Ezekel s Vision of Dr Bones Saciament of the Lord s Supper 8 P evening woibhip Wedresdaj 8 P M prayer meetirg THE HIGHLAND BAPTIST S M Hajrrei pastor -- Surday School 10 A M Bertia Jones superintendent Rev J W Robm- son wi 1 ! deliver the message No service at night Rev J W Robinson will p-aach at the Union Baptist at night CHURCH OF NAZARENE Vanderbilt \ V Mountford pas- toi--9 30 Bible school 10 45, morning worship Sacrament of JLoiJs Si ppei 6 Y P prajer meeting b TO Y P serv ice topic Missionary Lesson ' leader Francis Scchnst 730, evening Tuesday evening at 7 30, W F M S meetm" Wednesday evening at 7 3 0 piayei mee'irg TRINITY REFORMED Corner South Pittsbu-g and Green stieets C George Shupe pastor-9 45 \ M Sunday school hour 'Pet"! Pleaches at ^entecost 11 A M, se-rnon Krowing God 730 P M , sermon A Refuge frorr the Storm TRINITY EPISCOPAL East Fairview avenue Hennirg O Danielson rector--Evening praver, 7 30 Boys choir rehearsal Friday at 4 o clock DUNBAR M E O G Cook pasto---Sundiy school, 9 45 A M Willis Craig super ntend- ent preaching 11 o clock subject The Sorrows of Slav er and the Jos of Libeity ' Epvvorth League 7 P M , Leader Ethel McClmtock topic "The Voices of the C ty Preaching 7 30 subject A Com- Puiison of Converted Male i 1 to That of a Regeneiated Soul Midweek prayei service Wednesday ev enjng at 7 30 followed by a Sunday school board meeting GREENWOOD M F O G Cook pastor--P-eachmg 9 30 A M Sunday school 10 30 W S Behanna, superintendent, Junor League, 6 15 P M Mrs J C Berwick, superintendent E p w o r t h League, 6 45, Harold Koosier, president GERMAN LUTHERAN Paul L Porath, pas or--Sunday school 9 A M T h e hour o f worship 10 15 A M The theme of the sermons German 'Waiem Werdcn So Vide Christen Nicht Selig' Engl s,h, "The Glory of the Loid As Revealed in His Church The Luther League will hold its monthly meeting on Sunday afteinoon, Fco- ruary 12 at the home of Mrs William Tishman Catechetical instruction at 9 30 on Saturday morning UNION BAPTIST L H Colvin minister--Sunday school at 9 30 Covenant se vice at 11 A good attendance is asked foi this serv ice At 3 o clock sermon I by the pastor subject I Will Be With You Now membeib will be fc low shipped and tne Loidb Supper will be adminifateied At 8 o clock FIRST UNITED BRETHREN Lincoln avenue at Race street Elmer \ S-nultz mmistei-- Unified ! Rcv J H Robinson of West Vir- service of worship and Bible school S" lia wl11 Pi«Jch The public is m- 930 A Rimbow sermon Christi in Endeavo- so- ciet es G 30 P M Evening ssivice dnected bv cndeavorers special music by children s choir at bo h services pas or s evening message V ' Christ and the Church by pastor «A h^ e 3 to all ol these services Pray- GOSPEL T BERN\CLE Chus an and Miss, omiy Alliance 308 Poiler avenue Whe E Smith pastoi--9 15 Sunday school Gr nt Younkin -jupeimterdent 11 mom- jng uoiship 630 \oung Peoples ,Service Bessie Bates, leader 730 evangelistic sei\icc TRINIT1 LUTHFRAN Rev W H Hetuck pastoi Class in catechism 9 \ M Sundaj school 10 lesson ' Petei Pieaehes at Pentecost irornmg chinch senice at 11 Deaconess Sundaj with special *ei- mon on deaconess vvoik Luihei Ic igue 6 40 P M topic Our Common U o"sbip leader Guv Snydei Evening woibhip, 730 sermon, Iso Hill' CHRISTIAN Vandeibilt Paul Clernmensen pastoi -- Mom ng worship 9 30 o clock, sermon First Fruits Bible school 1030 Evening ivo ship 730 o clock, special violin music by Joseph Rulli "'Bride sermon by pastoi The er meeting Wednesdjj at 7 choir ic- hea sal at 8 FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST SCIENTIST Hetzel Bu Iding 120 West Mam street--Sunday seivice at 10 45 A M Wednesday evening seivcc at Peter Preaches at Pentecost HIGHLIGHTS ON THE SUNDAY SCHOOL, LESSON (TheIntorniUonal Uniform Lcs son on the above topic for Feb 5 is Acts 2 5 IS 36 41 the Golden Text being Zechanah 4 G Not by might nor bv power but by my spirit saith the Lord of Hosts ) BY NE\\M VN CAMPBELL TWO W EPKS AGO the lesson told how Simon Peter three times deried his Savior when the latter was arrqsted and of his bitter grief over his unfaiJifulness It was related last week how he was forgiv en am 7 how he declared his love for the Risen Christ who told him to preach the gospel ·-- to feed my lambs as the account relates Peter was a strong man Al tho igh he migrht make a grave mistal e he didn t let it wreck his life or spoil the good he still could co He had denied his Savior but his repentance was smceie and now he w as determined to do what was right no matter what might befall him The Bible story tells how Jesus had said to His disciples that whereas many v\ore baptized with water tr-ev -- the disciples -should be baptized of the Holy Ghost They were gathered to gcther for the Pentecost--or Jew ish harvest festival---when sud den y there carrc a sound from heaven as of a rushirg mighty wind and it filled all the house where thev wue si ting And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire and it sat upon each of them And thLV vi ere all filled with the Holv Ghost and began to speak with other tongaeb as the Spirit gave them utterance This was at Jerusalem and there were gathered in the city people of every nation under heaven and when they heard the disciples talking in different Ian guages thev thought th°y must be drunk wn h wine But Peter stood up and sa a that i,. was not drink that made the disciples act Copyr ght 193P Kng Features Synd ca e, Inc thus but that they were Inspired of the Holy Ghost which was promised by the Man Jesus who had been crucified He told them that they should repent of their sins and be baptized So fearless and convincing were his words that over three thousand souls were baptized thai da Another sign that Peter was resolved to sav and do what he considered right no matter what happened to him was occasioned fay an accusation that he ate with Gentiles Then Peter told of his dream He was in the city of Joppa he said and in a trance he beheld a vision A great sheet was let down from heaven by its four corners and on the sheet was every manner of beast and fowl Then he heard a voice tetl him to arise kill and eat But Peter w hose people did not eat meat that was unblessed bv the rabbis, said he could not eat what was un clean Then the voice said \\ hat God hast cleansed that call not thou comrron This was done three times said Peter and so he felt it was right that not only should he cat with men not of his race but that he should preach to and convert them It is interesting to see what effect this attitude of Peters had on those who heard him He was a man now sure of himself He had taken his stand ard would abide b it despite the conse quences All this made him a powerfuf talker to whom peop e listened and who could convince them he was in the right "i ou krow vourself what a difference there is in people who talk to crowds Some can hardlj hold vour attention others keep it no matter how uninterested at first the audienc is in wl at they are S3* ing To Peter the simple fisherman who nad obeyed Jesus call to foi low had come this power to hold and convince people of the holi ness and r grhteousness of his cause FROM YESTERDAY'S LAST EDITION 1 Jeanne Hay Is Wed At Winchester, Va., David Newman To Announcement is made o r Lbe marriage of Miss Jcane Hay daughter o IVr and Mrs M S H w of Pennsville, and Dcmc 1 K ISewman ^on o e Mi s Bertha Ncwmir o£ n«ai Union Lo\vn Tic cercrrony toon plice Tuesday, Septembei 6, 1938 at the Fi st Bap- Lis Church Winches er V a Rev E T ClaLk officiated Mr -ind Mrs ewrrnn aic res dmg a 1 Umonknvn Go to Church By REV G W BYRNES V ho c ri estimate the woith of the chuiches to Connellsuhe and vicinity their ministiations of unselfish serv ice to trubled souls struggling \\ith the fieice elements of he ·world'' Blessed be God for the daily benefactions issuing from these religious centers througT the spu it mission and v o"k of our Lord Jesus Christ Go to chjrch 1 Fo the \\clfare of self friend socie y confess your Lord before men Tffilnte \\ith ore of these Christian or- gam?atio is ackrowledge your ob- igition, ard shnre its heaw burdens * Its fellowship of helpful seivice v»ill up ift and enrich our diily li^e \\orthv of though* is the migmtude of the help rendered by The D\ ly Cornier to tht, chuiches The sjmpath and sentiment exp essed in comment impartial and mentoi lous editorials ire \nluabie assets to the ministry laity and citizen tn strengthening ind stabilizing moial judgment in tempeial and spintuil activities Go to church Lend attentive ear to he unsurpassed story of Gods g tt of love to mankind Visualize the humble pe iceful silent Chiist ab He s ood divested of his raiment by the wooden cross at the plice o r the skull v here the gum circle had assembled undrr gi iy ng skies to behold the 1 imb of God mid? tl e n ten ity of torture suffering the jjst for the unjust, tint he might bring us to God Go to cbu-ch Be m n jeverent receptive mood corc^ntiate your thoughts in the presence of God It can be foi you an eventful hour M i l h in o v c r v v h e l m n g senses of the p esence of Chns \\ith his povvei and peace From e\ cry stormy \\ ind that blous Fiom t.veiy svvel ing tide of woes There is a culm a sife e t i e i t Tis found bone th the rreicy ^e it Go to church' First Methodists To Open 10-Week Campaign Sunday Moving Picture Program. Will Be Given At Woman's Culture Club Meeting Monday I C E Society M a r k s The Womars Culture Club will rj j_t _l v A / j-l c obseive Mo ion Pictuie Day at its B i r t h d a y W i t h b u p p e r legu lar meeting to be held Monday . a f c i n o o n at t i e cluo looms at the T i e Intcimcdnte C u i b t i m En- Caincgie Tiee Lib aiy Mis Cha les deavoi bocie y of the Fiibt Met lod ^ ' Piotcstan., Chuich celebiated the 1 fly-eighth anniveisaiy of Chustian Endcav or w ith a spaghetti supper, held in connection wi h the monthly meeting of the society Thuisday night at the chuich Roberu Fiee man vv is imsfer of ceremonies Tne business session supplementing the suppei was in charge of the piebident Arlie Minsbeiget The c ec etaiy Maiy Louibe Burkey and ticasuie Bcltj Mantel! submi ted leports Splend d repoits were given by chanmen of vanous comrrittees The bociety deciaed to sponsor a Chiistian Endcivor expert course so lhat meir-beis maj become more | efflc lent C E s At the request of the pastor Rev A R Mansberger, the union will hold another Sunday H StouPer wil' be leade- and Miss Jean Hoover is arranging a musical urogiam Hostesses wil' be Mrs Clyde R tVeihe, "Vhs H C Bairow Mrs C A Wagner Mis Chailes Nemon and ivlrs L M Nemon Mis A I Daniels M-s Program to Mark Jewish Council's Meeting Tuesday Ai mteicbtmg piogiam has been plinned for the Feoruaiy meeting ' e"vcnmg~sti"vYce"~The mission com- o£ the Connellbvil e Section o£ the mlttce iep orted that two prayei Council of Jewish Women Tuesday S01vlces were held ot Ule Hospital afte-noon The meeting vv ill be held at the West Penn Model Home begir nt 2 o c ock and will Class of 1934 Will Plan Reunion Sunday At 2 o clock Sundaj afternoon all members of the Class of 1934 of the Connellsvillc High School v-ho aie interested in planning a class reunion are icquested to meet at the Y "M C A m So at i P ttsburg street President Hat old Sager has called the meeting that commit ces can be appointed and u ork begun for tho reunion to be held this eai A large turnout is expected as this is the fust the class has planned a get-together since gnduntion ' said President Sager Heibctt R-ic^- ofT \ice president will not be pies- A ten-week loyally cimpiign w i l l ent as he is stucymg at the Univer- open Sundav at the F rst Methodist s ty of Michigan Ann Arbor this Episcopal Chuich The campa gn . yea" but Miss Eugenia M Dick, will include eveiy organization Forty-five teams of u oilers hive been busv curing the pnst week, en- ro ling the mcmbeiship foi the loy ilty erusnde Spe^inl rressiges and spec tl music be featured nt each service until Easter In addition a great painting has been se- ected to llustiate each subject The goal of the campaign is to start off Sunday moining \\ith a full attendance i the charch p chool and marring service ard hold a full attendance for 10 Sundays Sunday afternoons and e\ rrings will be taken u*5 by \isitmg the sick shut-ins and discouraged members of the church 1 le laat Sun- dav night of each month during the campaign v,i\l be a song service bj the cho r The other Sund lys even ngs dining February and M irch vvi 1 be stnctlv given over to the campaign workers for \isitilion sei- \icei This is a new tjpe of service which requires the workers to take the chuich into the homes rather nan asking tne homes to come to the chuich All teams w i l l be asked to make two v isi s each Sunday and report back to the church A ^tew ard^h p honor joll ·will be 1 ept by the te im workers showing the number of people em oiled the number tttendmg church the- number attending Sund iv school the number of ofliccis and workers and the number a c t i v e l y supporting the church regul rly This c impaign is pu e y a loalty analysis of the fditnfulne^q and de\otio of the en- tne church roll 'Ten weeks m Gods House ·with- out missing a Sunday shou d be the proud bo ist of every member o r the church an'i ev ci y mem be of the Sunday school on Easter morning said Rev L S Ell ot Christian Endeavorers Will Conduct Services A! First U. B. Church The leguldt Sunday evening chu th SLI ice o£ the Fust United Bicth en Cnuich will be spcnsoied tomoirovv by the Cmbtian Endeavo 1 societies of the chuich It will be concluding activity oi Chi ist in Endeavor \\cek obsc vonce by the societies Othe" activities of tne week ncluded regulai C E meetings col- t^gc pid v ei meetings special officeis meeting banquet and being in chaige of mid week prayei meet ng devotional services The piesidcnt of the Sen or society Robeit S Dunston wil pieside i t the Sundav even ng se vice Rooert 8 o clock Sundaj school 9 30 A M Herv, ck the v ce picsident and J R subject of lesson bemron Spuit DuiVon ticjsuier will have charge Golden Text II Corinth ans 3 17 Responsive leading John 4 5-9 2024 A fiet ^eadirg loom is m untamed in the same bmldirg \Vheie authorized Chi ibli in Science litei a- tuie may be i c i d o bonovvcd na is open each Monda Wednesday anc Fiido from 2 to 4 o clock of the devotional p n i od The jun- 101 chuich choir will offer special music This chou con 1 - ts rrostlj of children of the Junior Ciristian En- Rev. A. R. Whiting Will Speak Sunday At Baptist Church Hev Arthui R \\hiting of Pitts buigh w i l be the spc iker it both Sundae moirmg ind e eninj, bcrv ices Tt the Fi st Biptist Church Rev Whiting had prcneicd icie on a pievious oc lesion nd l is bten asked to make another appeironce There will be a communion service at 11 A M "Most Horrible Of Sins" to Be Topic, First M. E. Sermon secretary will be in attendance MRS H V* McROBBTE IS HOSTESS TO THIMBLE CLUB AH members but one attended a meeting of the S l v e r Thimble Club at which Mis Hen y \V McRoboie was hostess Thuisdaj night at her home in Snjder street Mrs McRobbie planned inteiestjig entertainment in Keeping vv th Lincoln s ~nd Washington s bitthdavs and Vlen- tine Day for her gi ests Pii7cs for a Tumbled words contest we e awarded to Mrs Charles Mclntire of Scottdale high and Mis B H WjlJard second Mrs W P Brooks receiv ed high award for composing the best Valentine verse and M"s Harry L Reagan, second and that shut-m services are to be held Sunday afternoon New members weie accepted At the close of the business session an e ijoyable program was given The Screw Ball Stock Company o£ the High School enacted a short play entitled Our Happy Home" It was pioduced and written by Paul Snallop The cast all seriors, consisted o£ Fiark McClure, Leonard Long Frank Secan'Dale Johnson Jr , Robert Ramage and Bill Bernardo The Jubilee Singers sang three numbers Extemporaneous speakers were Rev \ R Mansbeiger and William Shivv who spoke conceinmg the birthday of Christian Endeavorer The president gave a short talk on the organization of the union Paul Heffley wi'I be the leader at the service to be held at 6 o clock Sunday evening His theme will be All One Bodj ' Spec si music will be given by Dick Row 1 Th s is a consecration meeting The society had three gues f speakers during the month of Januarj They were A K Waugaman, Mis A D Fu mer and Mrs Ernest Heffley Society speakers included Elmer Bieakuon There were three novel mcptirgs Speakers this monlh will be Robert Swan and Henr Breakiron The committee in charge of the spaghetti Cupper consists of Mary Ellen Shives Polly Miller Robeit Freeman and Arlie Mansberger Personal Menfion Leib Mrs C A Wagner, Mrs John J Biady Mrs John I Zimmerman, Mis C M Stone and Mi«s Lynne B Kmceil will appear on the movie program The meetirg u ill begin at 2 o'clock with a business c ession Mrs B H Willaid president, will preside Mrs. Thelma C. Smith Arranges Program For Mozart Club Me ng A vaned program m charge o£ Mrs Thelna Christy Smith will mark the meeting of the Mozart Music Club at 8 o'clock Monday evening at the club rooms in Carnegie Free Library Mrs Douglas K Mcllvaine, president, will preside over the business session Hostesse 0 for the evening are Miss Susan Hicks Mrs Elizabeth Stevens Hazen and Mrs Fiank Kotler hostess served a delicious This concluded the rrost en- The lunc i loyible meeting Mrs Wi laid will be the next hostess date to be announced Miss Florence Wilkey attended the Community Male Chorus concert in Uniontov n Thursday evening and heard and rret Heler Bell Rush Davis and Aaron Bodycombe both ol Mis Davis s a for- CARD PARTY MONDAY NIGHT AT I C SOCIAL HALL Groups R and Q mcr resident of Davvson Mr and Mis J G Schmidle of Snjder street motored to Penn State College and w i 1 be accompanied " home thls evening by their daugh- Concepaon Church will sponsor tci Mlss S y hia Pcarl Schmidle, T benclt pirty at 8 30 o clock Mon- f iy night Februa-y 6, at the social 1 nil of the church Budge Qve- hurd r ed and olher gimcs will be played and al the concliibion o£ the games iltnclve prizes ·will be awiidcd to the winners There w U ilso be a doot pure Committee chnumen arc Mis John T Rubh Miss Mary Fiances Ralston and Martin Rottler Miss The "Most Hornble of Sins' will be the subject of the fi st lojaltj mess ige Sund iy at 11 o clock Sunday morning at the First Methodist Hi scop il C h t i c h The junior choir will sing two anthems and Betty Lee Di\on w i l l sing a solo The picture to iTust^ntc tne theme will be Jesus On Olivet The question s often asved 'who sin causes the most sadness in the \\oilc 1 ' says Rev L S Elliott Many ansvvc s can be submitted to this question The drurkards wife perhaps would say liquor causes tne most sadness in the w 01 Id The Lindberghs would say k dnapmg causcb the most s idncss But before \vc can ai s\\cr this question we mast ask anothei "\\h t was the sin trnt caused these c imes to be committed 0 T le a iswer to this question w 11 be given Sunaay morning in one word ' The message wil 1 be 'he fust senes of special ones th it are to be given by Rev Ell ot in the 10 week loyal v deavoi Souely Ihe pastor Rev E campaign which s t u t s torronow A Schultz w i l l dehvei the massage Sunday evening serv ce will be a of the evening us ng the Christian \, s i a tion se-vice to the home of he Endcavoi sledge as the basis of his s ck sn ut-ms and discoutaged mem- rem its A quartet membets of the j ors O f the charch by all the teurr Inlei-ncdiate and Sen or societies | W O i k e i s of the campaign vvjll furnish special music Tl is q ajtet consists of Ruth Kern Doio- tnv Witt Jean Oslerwise and Dorothy Oste wise To close the seivice the coi gie- ga ion w 11 join in the use of the Vispah benedict on Evening Service At Dawson Presbyterian PROGRAM GI\r\ AT MEETING OF DONEG4.L W C T U The Wonrms Christian Tenjpei- anco Un on o£ Donegal township me Wednesday evening t the home o f Mrs Sim Koym m Theic was a good ttend ince Important business was tiansaeted ifter which a vaned pio- giam of in instructive and enterta n- mg natuie was piesented Mrs Jessie Fieemtn Fuedline will entertain the union Wednesday eve- rt ng Maich 1, at her home Sunny Dale Farm PERRYOPOLIS COUPLE TO \\ED FEBRUARY 8 The mairnge of Miss Kntherinc Taikas and Fianklin J imes Ludwig of Peii;yopohs take place Weancsd iy Febiuiiy 8 it St Join the Baptist Chuich with Hev An- Reed of Atlantic City and Miss Miry Critch leld of Ursma, all students at the college Miss Reed will be the guest of Miss Schmidle during the mid-semester v ocation Louis Ban-on has returned fiom New York wheie he spent three dajs buying vvorrens apparel for the MRS VAN RIGGAR HOSTESS TO WILLING WORKERS CLASS An enjoyable meeting ci the Willing Workers Class o* the Leisenring Presbyterian Church was held Wednesday evening at the home of Mrs Van Riggar Devotionals were conducted by Eev W H Hamilton, after which Mrs W H Hess presided A lengthy business session was held It was announced that the remodeling of the kitchen and painting of the dining room of the church are completed The women are bearing the expense of these am- provements and meeting with splendid =uccess in raising the funds Plans are being completed for a marimba concert to be given in the near future by Miss Floience Wilkey of this eitv Miss Wilkey won high prize in a recent amateur contest Mrs Howard Leighty was made chairman of a committee to arrange tor a Colonial tea to be held the latter part of Februa j in the church dining room During the meet ng it was announced thai an eight and a half pound son was boir to Mr and Mrs Forrest Wilson Mrs Wilson not only arranged the programs for all entertainment of the class, but engineered most of thi, activities of the Virginia Sampej Class of which her daughter, Anna Jane, is a member At a late hour Mrs Riggar served a delicious lunch Tie next meeting will be held Wednesday evening, March 1, at the home of Mr and Mrs James Bailey on the Dunbar road. OCTET BRIDGE CLUB MEETS WITH MRS. ROBERT WORK Mi 1 : Robert "Work entertained the Octet Bridge Club Thursday evening at her home in the Marietta Apartments, East Patterson avenue Two tables of contract bridge wert. in play throughout the ev ening with Hollywood Shoppe of which he js Mrs Loms Genoves e of Umontown accompanied by and Mlss Barbara Brooks winning the prizes Miss Agnes Edwards, a He Mis Barren Peail Tissue and Paul Soisson of Cornellsville, Thelma McGaughy and Mr and Mrs George Cumm of Un- jonlown, and Paul Renney of Point Marion employes of the sales force of the appliance division of the Motor Saleb Company of Umontown attended a showing of 1039 appliances m the display room of the J A Williamb Company in Pittsburgh last evening After tne meeting a banquet was held at William Penn Hotel W A BHsey of Vine stieet was a Pittsburgh business caller Thursday Attoiney W H Soisson, Jr, of 1 incoln avenue went to Washington, D C , tod y on a four-day business tup Hen-y Byrne a student st John Cirroll Univeisity at Cleveland Ohio, ib spending the mid-semester vacation it his home m South Pittsburg d'-evv Shu*"an oflicia ing The bride-elect was graduated stieet He is a son of Mr and Mrs fiom the Peuj Township H gh F W Byine Schoo and un f il recently was em- Mrs Frank Snntore of Umontowu ployed m New Yc k Hui fnnte s v iMled hei biother-m-law and sister, nflil ited vv th the rredicil depait Mi and Mrs Glenn Younkin of men,, of the United S atcs Airry Jiannctli W oman Dies JEANNETTE Feb 4--Miss tdlth C Sines 28 died Thursda iftei- dale vv 11 deliver tie sermon neon at hei home here bcdj w e c o m p Theie will be preach ng services i" the Dnw=on Presbj terijn Chuich Sund iv evening at 730 o clock Rev J W Wither^poon o r Scott- Eveiy Cora Belle Riggrar Tetcd An evening o£ delightful entertainment was piovided for a gioup of young people who assembled Saljr- div evening at the Van Rigga home nt Leisenung to celebia e the biith- day of then diughtei, Miss Coia Belle An assoi tmpnt of beautiful gifts lece ved by Miss Rigfeii weie displayed and at a Me houi a delicious lunch wib b°i v ed to the following Luiene McBcth Joe Luczak Martha Bodovic Edwud Lucznk Jess e M le Goodwin, Wane Bui well, Bud Mcllravcy, Anna Jane Wilson Tumor Boge Thelim Goocman Dwyane W hetsel, Anm Haggeitj, Robert Garlic June \\ ashabaugi, Alex Bobbs John Brown Walter LuciaK I-en° GeiUo Do othy Yos- vvick Tane Cottom Claik Hess, Joe McGarrity Bernaid Burwell, Carson Bo d Doris Arnold, Syl Com nsky M-uy Foitney Leslie Sepesi, Roland Goodman and the honor guest Other Church News on Page Seven Greensburg Couple Married Mi«b Doiothy Louise Johnson and Clde Allison Funk of Greensburg were rrarned Monday af f einoon at the parsonage of the Somerset Church of the Brethren officiated. Rev. T R Coffman Highland avenue Thursday evening Edvvaid McGill of West Green stieet wen* to Pittsburgh Wednesday evening and heird Arturo Toscamm conduct a sj mphony concert at Syria Mobque Misb Anna Mary Evans a student at Penn State College retuined Thuisday to spend the mid semestei vacation with he- parents Mr and Mis R M Evans of East Ciawford avenue Wendell Stone enrolled at Allegheny College Meadville returned v\ edncbday to spend the mid-semestei v i c a t o n with his paients, Mi and Mis C M Stone, of Lincoln avenue Mr and IVis G C Davidson arrived home Thursday night from New \mk v/reie they spent several student at Grove City College, who is spending the mid-semester vacation at her home, was a guest Later lunch was =er^ed at an at- tiactively appointed table A bouquet of spring flowers in a crystal vase formed the centerpiece Slender led tapers in crystal holders -were at either end of the table Favors were miniature red hear f s filled with heart-shaped candies Mrs Genovese will entertain the club Thursday, February 16, at her home in Umontown. CHRISTIAN AQS SIGNERS MEET WITH MRS J MELVDf GRE\ Plans for attending an all day piayer -ervice Friday, February 24, weie discussed at the monthly meeting of the Women s Missionary Society of the F rst Christian Church, held Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs J Melvin Giey in East Crawford avenue Mrs James Charles- vvoith piesident, piesided Mrs J. D Mortimer led the devotional and Mrs J Frank Rust was leader of the progiam The topic was "Christ's Way in India *" Papers were read by Mis Merrill L Cadvvell, Mrs John Martin and Mrs Ross W Showman The hostess, Mrs Jesse Barnes, Mrs W W Kern, Mis Don D Biooks and Mrs Grey serv ed dainty refreshments The meeting was well attended VALENTINE SOCIAL PLANNED AT SHILO LODGE MEETEsG Shilo Lodge No 103, Ladies Auxi- liaiy to the Brotheihooa of Railroad Trainmen met Thuisdav night at t h e Y M C A Three applications for membe ship weie received A com- mi'tee was appointed to make plans foi a Valentine social to be held in days buVmg"raeichandrse""£o"'"the connec;tlon w ti the next meeting It Davidson vv omens =tore West Crawford avenue M s Arbour L Yings' and two sons, Hany and Austin of Burgettstown ictuined home today after a visit w i t h Mrs Ymgst b piients Dr and Mrs H C Hoffman of Wills road They dine here to be present foi Dr Hoffman s birthday Thursday Miss Evelyn Hoffman a student at i"race Martin s Secretarial School, P ttsbu-gh, js spending the weekend with her parents consists of Mrs Mabel Wagner, Mis June COOK Mrs Laura Tiessler and Mrs Mary Belle Tober Will Mark Anniversary. Mr and Mrs Francis Emery, well- known, residents of German township will observe their sixty-fifth wed- d ng anniv ersary Sunday at their home near Masontovvn Mr Emery was 86 years old last September 19 and Mrs Emery will be 82 years old March 2

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