The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 13, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, May 13, 1918
Page 8
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FAGfE EIGHT -THE DAILY COURIER CONNELLSVTLLE, PA. MOVDAT WAY 13 1918 BS1 NATIONAL liAGCE. Testeriay's Results. AJI games postponed ram. Standing 01 the dubs. W. L. New York IS 3 Chicago 13 6 Pittsburg 11 3 ·Cincinnati 1: FhiladRlphia ! Brooklyn : St. Louis ' Boston. i Took Lydia E. PLnkhayn's Vegetable Compound. Read Her Letter. Pottemlle, Pa--"For I was bothered · Today's Schedule. 'Bostoa at Chicago Etaladdptoa at SL Lotus Iww 'Stark at Bttsburg Brooklyn, at Ctooinnat AJOBBHXKBT LEAGUE. Attention. , Pa., May 13, 1918 Republicans of Fayed* County^ -- Mease watch this space J Denny 0*Neil of McKoesport is one of the candidates for nomination as the Republican candi- long traw date f^. Governor and William C Sproal of Chester is another ^^j* Chester is near Philadelphia Our p-esent Governor is front 1 from my trouble Philadelphia. The Republican nominee this year should come that I cooid not do from Q, e -Western end of the state Sork of tny r faSl We wjmt to sl «S est to y°" r rands, several ilery impoitant If Itaedtostraigb-j reasons why you should decide to support and vote for Mr t e n o u t when lying ' j We ask y onr considerat'ou o£ them We believe you will would tear loose, concfnde that this primary election is of the mobt important and LydiaE Pinkham'a (.^aj. Q^ questions mvotved should recerre most thoughtful con- Yesterday's Results. I Chicago 1, OeveJand 0 | (C*Hel at end of fifth account rain ) No oihor games scb«5uJed. my health and I ira' Mr O"NeCl and party "WiH tonr Fayette Countj tomorrow He qmte myseif ones ' ^ n u i, e a t Jjv rson about 9 30 at Daw-son about 10 00 it Dickei- CHO**IK.K,| SOII Run about 10 3^ at yanderbilt about 11 00 at Connells- 'Tbo^a^ds^rfwomenaraB along from 'ville from 12 00 untfl about 1 30, at Dunbar about 2 00 at Pair flay to day m jnstsach a miserable con- inflammation nIceratKn,back8chvHde- chance about 4 00 and at Smrthfield about 5 00 will be btreet meetings for everybod} in Councils-1 ville, Uniontown and Brownsville in the evening St»dto£*f the Clnbs. L Pet JBoaton Chicago _ Clereiand - JSew York ache,"headache, nerwnsness, or 'tho \y e -want every man who is interested zn tbe welf ire of onr oS*ack? 1 ^^n l L P a^ : trj 'thS vou have to vote for hjm. Tour seeing and hearing him means -J3 10 .565 famous root and herb remedy, Lydia only that you are interested in the welfare of humamts ·"* K 55B E. pmfrham's Vegetabie-Conipoimd, and ' ' ' " " - - - - - - - O'NETL REPUBLICAN COUNTY COMMITTEE find reh«f from their sufferings as sbe did. 3L Loufe Detroit _ _10 _ 9 _ 7 fPbliadetptiia DID ·°^ For special suggestions in fce^ard to j *° Tonr ailment write Lycha E. Piikham i 474 Medicme Co , Lynn, Mass The res-alt ' 412 of its long experience is atyoar servica. JOO Today's Schedule. Chicago at Phfladetpbla. Cleveland at "Washington. Detroit at New York St. LouiM at jioston Keep the little ones healthy and 1 luwpy jCiielr tender sensitive tod j j fee require a cooling healing har-n- ' IMS remedy to prepare thecr stomachs for summer's heat. HolTister's Uockj 3Eotm4am Tea is reliable aai aafe j j thoro bo* not injurious 35c --Con } ·E»ll»v-.)le Etrus Co--Adv FOR SKIN ERUPTIONS Nothing heals and clean the bkm of infants and chikh-en I0te Sykes Comfort Powder which confcnns harmless tntiaeptic healing ingredients not found m any other powder 25c at the Vlnol and ether drug stor The Comfort PowderCo , Eostoa, PARAMOUNT JHEATRE --TOD IY-- r T!P TO THP \- Indian Creek. INDIAN CREEK Mai 11-- Paydav- on the Baltimo-e - Ohio oda Edward Ful'em is transacts busi ness in CoanellsMl e and Mouct Brad Hiram Connor is spending oclav among ConnelUMlle friends | Charles P \e%ve I 1 otn M U I-un j is a business caller in Conn lls\ille aad Uniontown today Simon Necklow i-. trantacti s busi ness in Comaellaviiie Frank Koober and Walter N cholson Iro a Mill Run are Coj)ne!!svi Ic mar Veters todai H P Dopier left for his lome in You fret ha-lr whon you u^« our BVLD IirAZI H UU finOWFR* Billy Forxt. Sco«»UU^n "THE STORM AND PASSIO^S OF THE SEA ARI MIRRORCD IN "BREAKERS AHEAD" A 5 \CT METRO DRA1LV OF IltROISM AND ROMANCE FEATURING -WINSOME VIOLA DA \. ALSO A GOOD TOO AfT KJTiSTOM" COMI D\ T 0 M 0 K E O TV ^WFAR Horaer ' s ? ;, fTEAI\ Qotings o c COOC3OOOGOC COOOOOOCOOCCOCO J. B. KURTZ, NOTARV PUBUiC AND REAL ESTATE. No. d South Meadow Lin» Ce«nllvlll Pa. LOVERS OF ROMVNCE V\D CO! ORFl L \ D \ T \ T I R ] WILL HAIL WITH DELIGHT TRI \NGLbS THRILI IVG P1IU\T -. 1 LA\ "THE SEA PANTHER" FfcAIUROsG ^7LLI\M DUbllOVD 1ND \L\KV V, \ IR1 N IT IS T VK1 N FROM TUT STOR1 IN TH -, t-ATbRI A\ E\LMNG POST AT SO \ GOOD Till \ N C ' L, COMFDY Clearfield todai after spc Ilnj days in 01 r \ahe on bo=me s James Millei o£ ladiaa Head ·bnsinesb calle- ir CocnelUvill, Unioatowa todav ^Villiam and PYank Ohkr f orn Mill Run are business visitors at C onnells ville todaj Mrs C V, Ma from Mi'l Ki n ! calling on Conne ISMlle Jneads and shopping today Sam Shearer from Mill Ri n is spending todaj among Con iells\i!le and Uniontown friends Mrs S B Dull ! om Conreilsville spent a fe\s da^b amons M 11 Evun Iriends Clark S Millei from ndi.m Hcid 3s transacting bub ne» in onnslls ·ville Miss Sadie Kooser r roni ^onnells ·viile spent 01 er Sundae «nh her par ents Mr and Mrs Frank Isoosei at Mill Run S M Hutchison from Mill Run is a !DUsme*j caller at ConntllsM It f e u | 3X.xXXXOOGOOGOCOOOCx_ 3OCCO _ A prtpBraUm for reatoro? natcra! color to psy cw faded bair for nsoovjcz dandruff and u * haiplrrg- la not a dy«. C^ntm-1 sited botttce *t H Smilhfield. SMITHFIL-LD Mav j3 -- Merchant Collier candidate for assemi H n the firs, legislative dlstr ct ^ s casing on the -voteis ot the boioush Fndaj John Hlf} of Richmond Ind uas liere for the funeral of Mis Caroline Young bis wifes mother The Smithfleld aigh school held ts annual banquet m the town hall C R Williams maae if format-on before a local justice agair t Charles HotHs an alien German for kecpms dogs contrarv to tht, act ( f June 1 1315 Constable Arisen arrested Hoi lib anu hiec do" found on the place Holllb admit Ld the ownerbLip o£ two o£ LAt dogs The bird he rlameri c id n ) bt ? n 5 i-o hi n He prof ticca as hi£ de 1,11^0 Iicen LS for i^vo of he dogs u n d e r iht do^ Jaw of 191" The j laiice di In t jt?c it thit wi and fined him ?J- each for tlirec dogs ind he co^t of pruotc it on and gave him the pnulege o r ar appeal of ^hich he a \ a led h msclf and the ca.=t un ItSb oontr settled w i l l be hftartl dur irg June cou t Mis I lora bmi h w h o cime here fron Grtat Btnd Kinsas LO look after he uncle A J Smiths hoube hold a/ a.i'-s, is nsjtirg rolaines in Yashins on D C Cha-lt^ H Huhn and wi'e acknow! ^^gcd their deed o John r\erett o a ho ibe and lot on Riilroad stree J ^\ Vbrahaii of Tjnonto^n was a business \ isuot Prida\ He had a. lettei ''rom his sons John ind Paul Abraham apprising h m of Jicr ai rival in Ft ance TUcj e\perit,nce1 no trouble m getting over and enjojed the t-ip across immense y TRAVn. FESTTOO, ALASKA--CHIKA THtaUJMC TESTS OT OCAKTIC W/XR CATERPILLARS W UNCLE am S AffKY CAPTURING MOUNTAIN UONS Prices: llatincc--Children, 16t; V d u l t s ii;bt--Children 26c; Idulls, 53c, "War 'i.i\ Included. Ohiopyle. WOMEN ARE NEEDED TO HELP IN WAR can bo usefuUj c:npIoT»id la the sanded in -lairns: "ap tbo ' tats, and a thousand other wars. Jfaay Ataencan womec arc wai rsUe or BTKi^Kr- from ·woman ^3 ilts. For young' prie yost entering womanhood, 10- T« BMC at th« critical time nursing moth ·ra., and everv wopian \,hc is TUB, down," toed or over Corked -- Dr Puree's Favonto Pre*cnptioa is a spe ·ami, safe and certain help It can now 1w bad in tablet lortn Nothing stands so Ingh, a^ a reniedy for every womanly ailment, JE ( l Favor itft Presenptaon. " It's the only mcdi eme for iroican pat up -aithoct alcohol Dr Pierce 's Favorite 5 reseriptioa is an inTigoxating restorative ton-c a aooth iog and strengthening 1 nervine and a posi tiTO remedy for tho foactiotal derange jnent8, pamfU disorders, and chronic i pet alia** to the set P\ -- ' I had been b-okon down and 4.elt as though mv la-rt; da s nad come when I -was ad viaea to tr 3r P erce s Faronto I Prescno ion. I took i it and louna t did me amo have three bottles and *tcl I am cored lly liznbs are stronger ant mv nerves mre agam all right Mar Goa bless Dr Pierce. I shall Uwa 11 s b pleased to i icccmiaead h s remedies io everrbodj ** --Mas E Mir, Bearc' Spnti^ Pa. The puiacns jj yoor s^-ten ^an be thrown out "by takioj? ^r P c ce a P : eas- '»nt PeUete, txjmtosiAl o* "M"-n aop'c, aloes, root of jalar saga coated, and iyoU by ali drags^ta. Ma 13--Miss Irene Jacl^o:: returned io ^ci home here Sa u~da\ at er tit. past month spent as the gues of M"r and M~s Stnck enbtrger at CbJcago II M ss Fraatcb Thorpe spent Satur da^ sLoppi A g - m Conucils\ i Ic T B McClam was i business \isit or IT Coifnt-llsville Salordaj Miss Gertrude Sipe returned to h*.r home at Mi 1 ' Run Saturday Mr and Mrs L S Jackson returned Saturday from a short visit spent in Cnncllsville Jrbn Spittle spent Saturda IE Con nelUville Mrs Charles Collins and daughto Thelma returned to their home in ConneUsMlle Saturday atier a pleas ant visit snent hc^e ·Vrno d Shav ^\ho tiught the term of ^chool it Smithton returned to h a home here Saturday Mr and M-\ Tied Burriette Misses Gertrude Sipe and Sue "ttea-\er have returned from a w e e k s into trip through Midland ind "\irgmia Mrs I"a ShoTv and iw ) sons irri daughter MIS K« h Saovi spent Sat n i d^v Jie guests ot C-onnellsTille £ u n d * IT IT'S AT TH1 ARCAttfc IT'S GOOD niL MIO\ is V ^ S G O O D | II D Presents A \E \\ r YORK SHOW AT SLBAI VRIIsE PRICES Featunng a Big irray of Talent RAYMOND LEWIS EVA HURLEY FRED HURLEY BESSIE COY 6--BEAUTIFUL FYSCliS.ATING GIRLS--fa ON THE SCREEiN--HELEN HOLMES IN Wide Choice in Styles of Cleverest Designing Alany are exceedi i g l j well adapted to outing occasioi s othe-s u i ' l fulfill aP OIIP might afck o r a utility skirt for general wear Included are skirts of mque nairou or heaw wool finish corded weaves fancv gaTjar- dmes all linens poplins and repps Tlie ll)ustrauo^s '-bo'vv the stjles mori clearh than \ve could desc ibc them Pre-Shrunk Skirts at $3.75 to $12.50--Other Skirts as Low as $2.50. Khaki-Colored he regular army tvpe si/e 66x52 inches -weight 4 Jbs wool \Ve have already sold quite a num- bci of these to local draftees The price is $10 each. Silk--Wool--Cotton service Irlags Plug's with one and two stars in minf SISPS from I2x2i racbes up o S\o feet. ]j ra s^arb il "vou need them "We can fiimisli sernce figs of anv ^i?* 1 md an/ nuirber of stars in a reasonable length of time OFFICIAL LABORATORY MODEL IN AN EXQUISITE WALNUT CABINET k-* toes the proportions of this beatm- fcl "William and Mary cabinet. It -was ssdected by a process af efrvmnacon from a field rf forty candijdertes. F o r t y sketches weit? stmaili iiy leading designers Fie n cabinets were act Daily ccra- stmcted, nTM 1 froni each of the fifteen sketches which were selected as deserving the model oa see vims voted the DEOST beaatrfal -- ·worthy of encasing "" TZm Phonograph *vith a. No picture con do justice to this exquisite cabnaet. You most actiraBy sae rt--sea the warm nch tTntg^ the velyety testure cf the walnut surfaces. See it m onr window Or, better still, come into oar stcr~e ?md. aear the instrument Sirtmner White Goods At "Old Contract" Prices Cotton is soaring D~^s cottors ' k^ep ' \\ h-\ not bu ahead of higher prices 7 Pino ^^ r ^lte Voile N(npltfe«i 3S inches wide at oOo to 51 2« Litra fine "Whne Moreen? ed Chiffon \tr\c 10 inches vnde at S5c. Sra-dv "Wlnte Pique Suit- ngs 27 inches wide, at 35c, \\Tute Merceri7cd Pophn jard wide at 6*c. F nest Preich Organdie M inches wide ai 1 tc to V»c. Pine imported Pique yard wide at L to 7 c, "Vird w i d e Long Cloth 10 ·vard meces at $2.1^ aii Fi-ie \ainsook "vird -ttide 12 vard pieces at $2*iG to The snatch for A Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% on Every $100 You Spend. no. xouna t aici fT .an o?good, rfu i ! For Burning Eczema 5 + akBn only ^=- -- Crcas/ sat /e» and oifltmenta «hould not be applied 11 good clear Siun is ·wanted trom an driest Cor SSc, or $100 for -a large get a bottle of zemo When applied as directed it eecnve s renoves eczena quidJystccs itching and heals skin trouoles, al^o core^, bums, wouidsandchaans Itpeneaates, cleanses ar-d soothes. Zenio ia a cl«aa, dependable ard 3nexpe"si\e. penetrating, antiseptic The Soisson W i l l hho« Son t Veiv Utract - Scictn n-is Monda rae^claj and ^Vet'ne^dai Maj 3U1 lith ind Hi ^lOND^y--The Beautiful Pboto Dramatic P a j HI R FIGHTING C H \ N C E btar J a n e Grei iujior James O n e r C u r n o t r rOESD\Y-- THL SILLNT TMTNLSS Tt*c CrcT Pst Smc^ Mada n X "tt EDN'LSDA'i--R ith Koland m he C cat ^ i pen success THE FRINGE OP SOCIETY "THE BELGIAN" THUKSDA\ PRID\\ A N D S VTI RDAY V =1101 v that i ill appeil to men womeu inc c ulflrun o£ ill a = cs \ a l e n t n e Grin portr--vs tl o lead ng ole -ind s -up)p rci d h\ snme notab'o screen celebrities No ont sbould mi=s siting Oi v wonderful sc een porudction Tlie ittcrnoon pi ices are 5c and lOc Vondij Tjcsday and IV ed nesda / Tvemng ·prices lOc and 20c TEY OUE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS Prom Uflsla Rouod trip 16 SO Troia Oe\ eland 5 " 00 Round (rip 12.00 From Toledo floundfr pll 00 Vrom Detroit 15 50 Round tnp $1000 C f M cna li-n^eralc four 1 mei a eil. o Macki ac l«la d h m folcto Mondi) and S a i - d a j s S j O A M Tuculays a d 6 00 P \1 Fton Dciro I Mo diys a d Sa u't a s S C V P 11 ^cdrsKii s . d h n d a y 830 1 li nntro pimp ]e nd Adilreu 1 C L1W1S, G 1 A J l b i r d h vcnuc Detroit Mich . L lacker, Op D. OPTCMU i K I M Anything, Have Anything for Sale or Rent, Try Our Classified Ads at One Cent a Word. They Bring Results. f E E A D THE COUKIES,

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