The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 12, 1930 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 12, 1930
Page 10
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I'AGE TEN. THH DAILY COURIER, OON1 fBLLSVlLLB, PA, J3DNESDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 3930. Dependable Values Are Disclosed By The Dependable Ads Listed On This Page iaflti Anne uncemeiits William F. F 'million, 77 years old, a n a t i v e of Fayd o foutity,' died Mojulaj' ' a t his home nt ir McC^nna Ferry of h e a r t trouble. (Vo waa born and, 4p6nl ris early ll'Ju ) Jar MoOlollandtown. CLASSIFIED -- - INTORMATION All ads. ire restricted to their proper rlasslllcatlm and to the regular stylo of type. Tho p u b l i s h e r s reserve the Hglit t'J e l l t or reject a n y classified adviirtiitn!; copy. E r r o r i lf a d v e r t i s e m e n t s should be reported immediately. Tho Courier will not t 3 responsible for more than o n e I n c o r r e c t insertion. Charged ada. for responsible parties fill bo received by telephone, and, If i,aid w l t h l i six days, cash rates -will ba allowed. A d v e r t i s i n g ordered tor Irresrular insertions U kes the ona tlrno rate. No ad. is t a k a n for leas t h a n a basis of t h r e o 11.1CI. Count tho a v e r a g e words to tha l i n t . An averu^o word contains six lettois Ads. ortorod for thrco or six times and stoppnt b e f o r e expiration will be charge"-' -f'r only tho n u m b e r of times t h e ad. ao oared, and a d j j s t m e n t made at tho - a t e carried. Speclt.1 rated lor ypany advettlslng upon r o u u j s t . TpVttRTlSINQ RATES. D a l l y r.Uo per i'-a lor consecutive Insertions, Cnarge Ono Time ^ -°5 Three 'Jlmes °? -"' bix Times ° 7 03 WHKN AND WHERE!) TO YOUH ADS. Tho C t f s s l f i o d A d v e r t i s i n g Depart- m e n t la situated at C o u r i e r Place. This o f t c e la open to receive advertisements from S.30 A M to B'OO I . M. aally Al ads j e c o . v e l up uatn ii.w A. M. ivU! appear la editions the aa-me day. I'ltoao Your Cla»«ilfl*«l Aa. No. 13, 13 or -100. The Ad Taker will aladly assist you. If desired, so that the copy for your ad. is prepared In .such a manner as to bring tue sroatost results for you. Claosification index The i n d i v i d u a l a d v e r t i s e m e n t s under the follu v i n a claasltlcatJon ara ar- .-auseii li. ALJ-'IIAUJSTICAL. order for quiuK relt rence. A A N Ob Ji t ·IJ41KATS-- 1 -- Utta ihs 4 -- Cui la of Thanks u -- In .ilamoriain 4 _ Kio v o r s a"U Mourning Goods o -- l''ui o t a l Ijirouurs o -- .Hoi u m e n t s ,inii Cemetery Lots 7 -- 1'_! ,'uiials B-- Uei a i u u a and Social Kventa ;i -- sou cuus .uitl L,udjjea ID -- a i i . " d , i-icist, i ' u u n d A--- A u i iiiioi/ilu Agenclea H -- A u i u m ' J b i l o s tor fcalo j^ _ A U I J rruciia, Tractors, Trailers j j __ viuo Accc-aaoiic-a, Tirea. farta 11 _ (_«ii ,mos-- j\.utuu f u r Wire, Taxi li-- Mu o r c y c l e a and iilcyclas 10 -- ivt-i iiirjiis-- tosrvict Btatiune i; -- \ v , i n ted -- A u i o m u t . v e la -- o u i l m - i a a m v j c o Offered lb-i -- \ i ' u J o to Uiue IS-b -- taiourui,.:, lc-iuty 1'arlora t b - c -- ^v I'-colluuccua IU _ B u i i U m a atnl ContractlnB ^o -- Clo imi'tf, Uyein«, Kenovatlujf ai-- U i i a » i c i a H i n s ^nd illlllnery _"J -- ilo,.iiny, 1'JumulQfj, , Kootlusr JU-- -Itis n a n c o i»U )»u»'el BonJa j^ -- L*ti n ioriiiff ·^--^iu me, 'liuckiiis, Stoiaye JO -- I ' a i u t u i K , I'ayf Jug, DR. fcniOIjQK W. HUSTON. Dr. Oeorgro \ '. Huston, a. JTormer st of Mro I'nsville, died Saturday n i g h t at tha hi me at relatives at .Lancaster, f MISS Tho f u n e r a l will ba h e l d t cortege w i l l m brother, James Sou Hi Contioll Requiem h i g h at 11 o'clock . Human Oivtholi I n t e r m e n t will Cemetery (n eh Krcnch g. Durb VNNA MORAN. I'o." Miss A n n a Moran m u r r o w morningf. The jt at the h o m o of her 0. Moran of Vine street, vjlle, at 10:30 o'cloclf. nasa will be celebrated t St. John t h e J5aptlst · ChurcH at Seottdale. 10 mside" in the Scottdale rgo of Funeral Director STKPHBr A. PATTERSON. Stephen A. J iltprson, 64 years old. died T u e s d a v . i t his h o m e in South Union townMi'li of apoplexy. Ii Dleinorlam NICHOLSON--3 i loving fflemory of our b a b y and si! '.er, Sottj' Jane Nlohol- HO«, who d i c e February 12, 1920. Ona long jca aliice you havo gone, It doesn't a« in so vory long", Since you w r o hero so brlg-ht und gay, O e t t l n s swot e-i day by day. Sadly missel! by Daddy, Slater tuid Brothers. Flimera a id Doarnlxg' WEDDINO BO IQIJ1IT3 -- And funeral deaiuns at r aaona-lle prices. Alpha Floral Comt my, Florista, 305 \Vest Crawford nv n u n . Ehone 1153. Strajr d, Lost:, Ifonnd 10 CfJUTD--Key Ing, on ffrlday, January 83*t, on Cottt ?o avenue, near hospital. O w n e r may iavs ss,niB By calling at Courier Oftl e and Ider.tlfylng h»y ring and pa ng for ad. LOST--Saturd; y, koy case with four koy.s, narao i i cafe. Howard. Phone Ai tomotivc Anton oblles For II BEFOUB BUY NG--A Used Car, see us, It will pay t u. Evana Motor Service. West Crawf rd avonue. Phone GOOD BUYS- In excellent Used Car*. West Sido \Iotor Company, V.'ast Crawford av mue. Phono -107, GOOD USED AHS--At bttrK*tn prices. Hut'/iel - Y o u n r Motor Company, Scottdale. Pa. PI one -170. WHJ3N YOU \fAJtT KK.AJU BARGAINS --In the be it of Used Csu-ft, see us flrat--aausc wo ho,vo them. Conn o l l t ) v i l t « - O l t a t n o b l l e Compttoy, liant Apple »lr«jet Phone 574. ^y -- 1'rt lu ·ju _ itui.airms and, KetinishiBS su-a-- -A \\ nnibs and U p U o l a t t r y Ju -- Tiiuurliig and Preialng jl _ \ V j n l e d -- ijuauieas a « i v l c e JX -- llc,p Wantotl--- J-'e-male y j _ Uc. p WannjJ -- Male J l -- He p -- Malu and jj'omalo ;j3 __ tioj cltors, Caa%a.sseiJ, Agents ay __ bit nations W a n t e d -- Female ;;7 - an lo.tlOHiJ VVAJiLtiti - McilO FIN AA t"l *.»J -;SB -- lju..uscas O p p o r t u n l t l e a yy -- I n v e s t m e n t s , Stock*. Bonds 40 -- Mu my to J-iuan, W a n t e d -- To Borrow -Coi roApondcnce Couraea . 41 -- MuiicLl, Danelriu, Dramatic ·15 -- 1'rivj.te I n s t r u c t i o n 4G-a -- 1 rli'ato I n u t r u c t l o n -- JdUSJo ·IB -- W a n t e d luatructlou JJ.VKSTOUM -47 -- Doi;a. Cttta, Other Pets 4b -- Ho bCd, Jaltij, Olher Stock 4j) -- Poultry, K«Sd a«d Supplies' 00 -- W a n t e d -- livestock, 51 -- A r t i c l e s tor Sale »"!-«(. -- l.artoi- and Kxchango iJ-- Bo.wts and Accessories SJ.-- Uu ldlny;s, Building Mutorlal. 04 -- l i u j i n e a a anil Olfiue 03 -- FU.I m and U a l r y Products iii-o. -- 1 arm 00 -- l''u '1, I'^t 57-- Uo nl TiihiKa to Ku . 08 -- llo iionuidfi Tiilntst. 09 -- lioj.iuuuld Uuodu 00 -- Ji\,olry, \Vutchea, Diamonds 01 -- A h i j l i l i i o r y and Tools OJ-a -- .l til -- Spi tio -- W t oil -- \ \ t UOO.VtS » UT -- Ito OS -- Ko Ol -- Itu 7U -- V.i 71 -- Wi 7- -- W I 7^* -- »V i Hh;Ai. *: 7 i-- -\| 7u- -tiU 7U- Ka 77 - Ili/ 7s-- Oil Hi-- \S i 87 MJ St -- T' 81) -- VV. .adiu Kquiymont ls, Plunts, F l o w e r s ciala a', tho Siurca aring .Apparel n t u d -- To Buy \MJ lIUA'tJJ -- utu W i t h iiuard iiiia, W ' U i o u t Hoard jttis. for llouio »uioii i'la;ea t i o to Kit oro to StLip In Town oteU- -- ittj^ma ur .Tvru KOH KK.NT -- iritiir". t.-) u n d t'lii 'o j i i t c b j Pliii t-d tor ' i o n t uia a n d Uaudo o i K e n t U3i'3 tor K e n t v u a n d iK-sk Uootn i u . M O U I K U H I , l « i K u f o r Kent .11 b u t t , C u u . i t i y tot- Kent i t o i i -- To I t o t i t Vl'ATK I''0tl ! Vbt. k i ' i o t n Hc.U j;stjte 51 -i t- -s 1 ' t u p o i ' y f t r am .uil l_»iiid fur us. ·» Ku .Saiu i U)r Stilo u f M u u i i t i l n , l,,iK l u r b u n l f i S i l o i':\v!i^ ifii.-- H. i . t i t l e d - i t E a ! l ' - t u t u A u c t i o n Salos QKT AC QUAINTEU NOW! With T) a City's. D?st S u v a In J3x c l i e n t Used Cars. lf VKSTIGATK! Thi C ' T c r j Hated Hers At:d tid a 1'ourself Money, CARS 10U8 ( T w t ) Chevrolet Coaches. lOfiS Chev olct Coup*. JO'-'O Chev olet Cabriolet. 10:n Chev olt Coach. l«a» C b e v - o j e t l«/i-ton Truck. tff-'T Ford T u d u r Sedan. 10^8 Chev -diet Cabriolet. lUliS Oakl tnd Co-j?-;. TRUCKS ONE TON Tl UCK--(Chevrolet, in beet of condltlot Itjis four bpocxla--for- ward' transi i t s a l o n . ONE- AM) Of E-1LVLF TON TTtUCK-- Chevrolet, p ith Insai Rear Wlioola, Automotive Repairing--Service FOR ¥2.70 YOU CAN GET YOUR CAR TOUH CAR I'OLISHJflU YOUR CAH jRJ3ASED ALL THIS WBKK FEB. 10th TO loth A--- BHve Dollar Job for only $3.73. Tako idvantago of this onptrtunlty at once. " WE SAVE YOU MONffiY AND SKRVm YOU BBTTBH.! ri-RESTONTS SERVICE STORES. INC. W. APPLE ST., COR. MEADOW LANK. PHONE "VI." Service Business Service Otfercu IB T00E HJSATING 37STKM KAY NOT BE^-Crlving you stalsfactlon eit (.hla time of the year. If BO, let ino pay you a visit. My advice coata you nothing. A. R. WAR.M AIR HBATINU ENGINEER PHONE 302. Cleaning, Dyeing, Renovating £ a?ECIAL I'XXR WTS12K, FKBRUARY 10th TO 15th-- Throo n o i ' k t l e « cloa.ned (ibaolutely free .with each $J.{70 job. ConneMavllle Cleaners and Phono 180. Heating, Plumbing, ttootiug 23 FIRST CLASH 1,1 rMBING--At m«i«7- ate lilted, iihiM p r o m p t ,unl coiirtaoun aervico. C y p h e r and Hon, N. aeooiul Btroet. Phono 1710, t EATERS! FUHNACBH! HBATERSI Ilepalred and cl«Rned. All rnak««. "From W b l t e Jt'e Klsht." 130 South PUtaburff Ht For s e r v l c t , p h o n e U1B-J, C'UAliiTT PLUMB1NO-- And Ifealhig-. WlllJaai Seiler» Corapuny, S o u t h J'1ti.»burg St, 1'hone 346. P r o m p t Service. !s«nnuiee and Surety fi3 INSURANCE-- "We w r i t e U r! K hV All kinds. Cook anrl l^aijffhlln. Jni,, Insurance, KuD First N a t i o n a l Hank Bulldlpjf. Phone :^0. JNSURANC15--All kinrt!,. e x r e p t l n i r l i f e . Be,rtha C u n n i n g l i a n i , J n u , N o t a r y Public. 4IK5 F l r a t National Bank B u i l d i n g . P h o n o 4J5. Res. 10D3-K. TmcJOoiff, .JJJJ TRANKFKH-- Local and long- distance. Opp. A i l l r i f f t o r t Hotel, Phona S42. Residence Tailoring and i'ressing so ' It YOURSELF It is easy to prove to your own satisfaction that this C ossified Section is a real public service for Connellsville people. It is the only mean; of bringing individual buyers and r.ellers together cheaply and speedily. Always Different--In Opportunity The VB-O Classified Ads f Alwas the Same--In Service Live Stock Poultry, Effffs, So tpUes 40 CHICKS-- Flare y" r ordors for Sprint; deliver 1 }', at .ouoka Hardware Stoie, l^t AVeat C r*wford avenue. 1'hone 133. Merc bind for H. le WARM AIIl SBCOSfD HAND--With D svr mdlator, f o r aale. Large e n o u g h to he*t a. six rooih house. Prl ;e rfla.bc iablo. Inquire A. R. HOT ill PliC-NK 302 Fuel, Fert Uzer COAL--Huy WaalilnRlon Hun coal at prlcas by 'ruck 1 id delivered, ned coal J5c bu. Run o£ Mine bu SUck coal lie b . Plione 12S-J CXJNNBIJ.£VJtiiE COICIr G CCXAJj--12c d o l i v e r f d . pr. at tlie ml 10. West Side Ooal Jofip,iiij, N l f i t h rtreet. corucr I*l»cnrliiB liver uc. D m« 10TD. ' Household Go J''OR 8AI.I -- rfeecnd piano, BUS r.inj?i, o ( j u l c k b u y o t . h.i. 1 fnrnlture, ·!;'. Ch*ap to Son. FOR KALI-" -- Add ng inu-c i l n o ; ' r a H tnp cl«-.'k. Ho )r Kho -v Oiusc; Hat toji desk. and one nlsrh (^o)i des ; Urvj wall osuses .incl oixo b*olc wal case sti Stable tor b a r b e r Miop jr conf " l o n c r y store. J^u)!'.'! f«ra,gp 1-"- jCftHi street 1'hnno f'O. WK KJSfC'W THAT If y ti know what wo k n o w *b(jut tin sor ice given by Hallleil *ls yoV certali t-j make sure of k n o w l i u r aboir all tlic o p p o r t u n i t i e s they oftor c»i-h diy. }UCHMAN CLOTtmS--All ?22.0. Sola bnly by SlrnonB Cash and Carry Phone 10SG. Employment Holy Wanted--MaJe 33 MOTOR COMPANY Tradofl--C pen Sundays--Terms. WKST STKJ3E?T. PHONE 103. SI' B TirE KTBW' N\SH THAIOHT K1OHT KVANS MOTOR COiD'ANY EAST CRAVVJ 'OKO AVK, PHONE 77. WE HAVE YO ?R FAVORITE! MODEL NO MATTKR -What your clioico of a car may bi , we have your favorite model. A n ' i It liau bean thoroughly overhauled, rellnlshed and repainted to such it i jg-rec of smartness t h a t It's j u s t llki tho new thing. Buy one of our siTiti rt, depndable uued CA.ra for profit a ul pleasure. Small down payment.*) a id t e r m s to suit. PONTIAC CAI RIOLE1T--Not a Bqueaif cr a rattle. ^few p.ilnt, new tiren--a. smooth run ling- l i l t l o car f . . . . . $323 CHRYSLER ! EIDAN--Appearance and c o n d i t i o n oi this c«r Is like now. Has hfa.d very l i t t l e uaet^ga $370 ESSWX "0" C »APH, J(128 MODBI^--The I'et-t buy i ri tiie City at our low pr.ce 1350 HUDSON COACH, lOIJO--New Duco paint, now tlre.t, new t-av.1 covers. I'^siatest Hudson i n itils aection $250 MAXWKUx ( OUP13--Neat appearance. Well t a k e n -am of. Price $150 CH'KVKOLKT TRUCK-~DfslKned for use of Hal er, liutcher, Grocer or Tailor. l » L i model, panel bod j . . $375 MKAN-ii 'SKU CAR M A R K E T Trafiea! ( · e n I v e n l n g 3 ! Terms! 131 SOUTH I- iQliTH ST. PHONE 44T. HEAL JOBS--in K I c c t r J c a l and Radio I'leldi. No l a y o f f . Karn $30 to $100 weekly. R e a l o p p o r t u n i t y . W r i t e f o r Big I'^ree Jiouk ami i,pecidl t u i t i o n offer on E l e c t r i c i t y and llaillo SK- Sweeny Suhoolsi, ^5uo McHwee/iy r., C l e v e l a n d . Olilo. \VANTKD_Llve wire to w r i t e subscriptions for WfBltsni Pennsylvania Uojwr. Hlglieal r o n i u i i o r a t l o n . l*ada f u r n i s l i P d Mr PaMes, Weatorn 1 e n n s y l v u r j U Oolfer. .ISO Uuquesno Way, Plttsbiiig, I'ennaylvanla. \V ANTE D--NeiH~yo"uru7 man over 2S w i t h car roi- steady position, w i t h o p p o r t u n i t i e s . No exporlDiico noodetl ? r ^T ? SH. por W 6 e k t o s t t t r t See Mr! Smith, Thursdyy, Y. M. c. A., ScoU- dale, J*a. Situations Wiinted--Femalo i^ WANTED--Position a» housekeepor for w i d o w e r or couple. Address Box SOU ConnoJlsvlIle. ' GOV. ROOSEVliLT PICTURES LOT OF FOR TO RICA Unveils n Situation of Hunger, Disease and l f u«M ploymont Amont? Nat vos. Situations Wanted--Male 37 WANTED-- Stoady job by m i d d l e aged w h i t e man, w i t h family. Good mechanic and can do r n u a t any k i n d of work. Write Box 25, care Courier. Financial Family Loans NKBD MONEY QUICKLY? 2-4 Hour Llourtooua Service On CASK LOANS Up To $300. * MONTHLY PAVMENTS-- Coma in for l u l l I n f o r m a t i o n -- J u s t Phone "34" or w i l t i i i ' PERSONAL I-'INANCK COMPANY 113 WEST CRAWJi-OKl Instruction Private Instruction--Mnslo 45-A P R T V A T K -- I n s t r u c t i o n P i a n o , Banjo M a n d o l i n , G u i t a r , U k u l e l e G School, above A. Ii. K u r l i r Store. Auto Ac yssorfes, Tires, Parts IS li oNK of t t i v ' C!H' «. m o n e y t h r i t t ^ VI I S ) l ' . \ i v r i l N r for ard n a l . i ,11 (vVory \ V K SAVIO \ i U MONEY--On any a u t o - · n o b l l e i u i or parts Hint you mtiy it'i-a. s t o j ivi toclav. r u y e t t o A u t o V V r c c k l n s ? '.)., MtCornilck A v e n u e * FLAT UATI-- -- I f dPalred All m o d e r n f ' l U l p m e r i t K.irl K o H s I u r . A u l o m o l i i l f M - I V U . KliocltK Motor Bldtf , West Sido I'honc aoilM. CtAI.LHY 1 !- L 'CD \ N l J I H J D V SHOP ' · " l v .1 i 1 e i u l o r l i c p a u - - -O-ii i. i! top w o r k . Wo :s,i\e i f j i i m i ' i i y j ' l i o n e 107U. Wife Preservers If you do not use baking powder frequently, purchase smnl' amounts, then you can be sure t fresh goode. Bj LYLH C. Wl United I'roas f'.taft Co respondent, WASHINGTON, -Feb. 12.--Governor Theodore Roos«olt of ] orto Ri«o unveiled a picture .t aung. r ( dteease and tinfeniployiaoiu, 'lo»p*ra ion and POB- 'tsibly disaiiter in hie fir ,t message to the Insular I/egialature delivered in j Port Au Prince Tueed; y and simultaneously made public t / the Waf Department here. Ho proscribed lor I'o to Rico economy in govornmcntal adminismtra- tloa and a program ot rehabilitation. The economic situation /as bad before tho hurricane which evastated the republic ia 192S. Iloof jvelt eaid the ^nanclal condition of tb Insular Government wo« gr.ivc and that of municipalities defiperato, P verty and distress arc wWeepread. Many taxea aie unso intiflc and in- oultably assoeseil. Tax collectors are falfing far behind the udgetary ex- poctatioitfc. Bonds bav · been floated beyond what no^v nonet utee the legal limit. lUK»6ey»H urg( 1 the floating- indebted noas be funde . Tho Porto Ricau Government, e continued, must develop domestic and foreign marketing lacihti-os an I a multitude of middlemen niiwst !' reduced In nuinnnr. Children mm aid In cultivation oE market g miens v/hich -Roosevelt bclievefi won d do much to offset malnutrition and itarvaiion. By rtstalilishing f rm bm-eaus, RooBovelt would diasen mate practical education especially In rural die!ricts. Confronted with a popi lation o£ more than 400 to (he nquare i iile, the governor urged industrial evekipment to prevent continued star ation and un- ornployrti'Mit. "We ar3 geographica ly located," ho said, "to form a dii tributlng and maniifat'turing point fo the Caribbean and northern South vmerica. Wo have tin dove lopttl wate power to the amount ^f ^5,000 hois power which can bo developed imme iiately that industries demand if, bos Jea'a potential 25,000 horse power yet undeveloped." j To meet vKal iui jstrial nepds, Roosevelt rcconimendc" creation of a. Bureau of Commerce : ad Installation of a f u ' l time jmbltcit* man "whoae mi.'eio:, v/owld )o to P 1 oaent our case to the United States by iv.ery available ino-ans," Jjioot,rvol1 will mali£ more detailed in n ubeeuout Merchandise BadJo BOSCH RAIJiO -- Screcn-Orid. Free demonstration. Jtadio Service Co., 13Q Houtli Plttaburg; street. Phono 170. iiUTKON AND PH1LCO--Hadlos. ilemonstratlona. Thomas J, Lleb, l l ' J Wttst AppJc street. Fhone 108^. 1IKAR--The Stowaxt-WiiLrnsr llacito bclore buying, A. A. ClarJte lr«g Bf.oro, North l j ittspburi}- at. Phone 104. 1SS3, SALJiS AND SERVICE -- Phone ' THH N13W MAJESTIC RADIO -In and hear it. Golde Tire and Badlo CD,, Kaat Crawford avenue. Phone 10. Specials at tttc Stores 64 KAIUiWARK "JSvorything in Hardware." We save you dollars. .See ua lirat. 134 Crawford avonue. Phono 1(M. Wanted- lo Buy 6* ULJSAN WltTTfi RAC3S--Wanted. Will p*y 0J per pound. Courier Company. WANTED TO BUI*--Flat top typewriter deals w i t h typewriter com- p*.rlnient at alUa. Call iiuaiucaa UtUco, Courier. Real L-state For Rent Auctions--Legals Legal Notices 91 ioa;EOtiTons' NOTICE. ESTATE Uli 1 FLORA A. LYTLB, Jate of the City of ConnellBvllle. County of Faye-tte a id BtaU of Pennsylvania, deceased. Letters Tosta- montary on the abo/e named Kstate h a v i n g be«n grranted to the undersigned, notice Is her *y R i v e n to all persons Indebted to aaid instate, to make Immediate paynent, and to those having; claims uyaln )t, the same, to present thorn, proi»et ly authenticated, for settlement. Jamos C. LOUR-, Kxecutor, , Box 637, C o n n e l l s v i l l e , Pu., 1 Oliver C. Harver, Executor, '* 512 NorU Maple Avenue, GrecnRbi rs. Pa. H. George May, Attcrney. NOTICIS. BSTATE OF W LLIAJM BISHOP, late of the City of Cr nnollsvllle, C o u n t y of li^tyotte and S t a t OJT PPDneylvania, deccarcd. Letters Ti s t a m e n t a r y on the above named Kst. to h a v i n g been grranted to tho u n d -ralgncd, notice in heroby given to all i ersons i n d e b t e d to said Estate, to m a t e Immediate p a y - ment, and to t h o s ! h a v i n g claims against tho same, o present them properly aulhentlcal eJ, for settlement. Mary J. Bishop, B x i c u t r i x , 201 Bast Green street, Conne Iflvlllo, Pa. H. L. Robinson, A t t o r n e y , U n l o n t o w n , Pa. MADRID RADICALS URGE VIOLENCE AS MEANS OF LIBERT)' Thousand Join In Demonstra - tion Slioatlng for Down(all of Khig: T ALFONSO IS ARRAIGNED! ADMINISTTIAT.UX' NOTICE. KSTATK OF GEORGJO.T. GRIFFIN, late of the Clly of C mncllsvllle, County of Payettc and Stat a of Pennsylvania, deceased. Letters 01 A d m i n i s t r a t i o n on f h e abovo named I s t a l o having- been granted to the undoi-slgned, notice Is horaby R i v e n to all rerBons indebted to said Kstaio, to nia.k immediate p a y - m e n t , iLud to ttio .e having clalmfc against tbo name, to present them, properly ttuthontlca od, for settlC7)ient. Dorothy E. Orlffln, A3minis .ratrljf, 210 Wese Green street, Cannon; vllle, Pa. H. George May, A t t o r n e y . Sjan-Ot-wed and Flats WILL SHAKE JfUHSUSHED A PART- M1£NT--Or r c u t i w u f u r n i s h e d JlBl't hou^ekcoplng' rouraj. C e n t r a l loca- t i o n . Phone (570. Places tor iicnt 75 STORK ROOM--At 10i» W. Apple St. e f u r any storo. J U x 4 U . J n i j u i r e a n d 10c Wall I J iper Company * lot ttent E. J. McDanl l. Attorney. TO RAIJPH V. BOARD, JJ*alrc!mnce, Pennsylvania: Marjaret B. Aotird, your wife, a minor, by hiir father and noM friend, .*:-seph KosJ man, has filed a libel in the Ojurt o ' Common Pleas' of Fayctte County. Pt nnsylvanla, at N'J. ·1U7 September Tern , 10^0, praying for a divorce a v i n c u l o ma-trirnonli against you, a l l e g i n g that } ou did by a cuurtte of ci^ud and barbni ous treatment, ea- danijcr Che lite of the llbellant, and have otfcriHl such I n d i g n i t i e s to her p o j b o n aa tn rendu · her condition Intolerable and l l f o I urdonisome, forcing; her to withdraw t r i m your home and habitation In J u n e , 11)20; aod 'urtlier, that you did w l l f u ' l j , maliciously and w i t h o u t just or reas inable oause. desert and abandon the Hbollant from your h o m o and habitation In June, 1026, and have continued ann pemisted in fsatd desertion from t h e l date u n t i l the present time. You are hereby n o l l f i p d and r e q u i r e d to appear in n«ud J o i i r t on or b e f o r e Mosday, the 24th day of February, (MO, to u n a w e r th i complaint or thi- said Ma-reraret EU B .ard, and 'in d e f a u l t of such appearance you w i l l be lia-blr to have a divorce ^ r j i n t c j In your absence. Tlios. J"{ A u i r e , Sheriff of Faye t t e C o u n t y . ^!jar.-3 A MODBJSN BRICK HOME OF--Klght rooms arid two bathes. H'as throe llnl«h«i rooms in Attic. Ainu a (inlahed cellar, wlUi a new steam lica.ti.njr aystam, and a Rudd Instantaneous Hot water heater, liouso In very sood condition. Located, on West Side, 201 North First street. K o n t s at $50.00 per month. lrq.ulra JTAYBTTK RKALTY COMPANY 8KLLKRS AKCAUK. PHONE 1378. FIRST STIUSOT. NORTH, 201--Brick Home of eleven rooms and two baths. .Suitable for two famlllua. lias electric, Kaa and steam heat. Kent is very raaona.ble. Inquire A. 10, Wagoner and Hon, 1UOU West Craw- lord Aveuue. Phone 148. QHJBEN ST11BJET, EAiiT, 218--South Kide, ueven room houae, bath, f u r - nac«. Rent *i5. Pholno 131T-R, PlTTSBOttG STREET, fe'OUTU, 134-four room apartment, partly f u r n i s b ed. lieat and water furnlahec'i. I'hoae TJflUKP AVBNUK, 819--Five room house with balti. I n q u i r e 402 Kaht street. APARTM1SNTS, HOUSMS, STOUB- WOOMS AND GARAGES--Inquire 1:20 Weat, Peach street. Phone 475. FOR ^^!3NT--Four room house partly furnished. Trader avonue. Call 1048. FOR RIBNT--Modern B|X room houae located a-t SOS Sycamore street, r.owly papurod. Inquire 314 Celar avenue. Phone 5S-W. VANDERBtL-T -- Ambrose Wolllng property, six room house, store bulld- Ingr, nice garden. I n q u i r e K. H. Well. Ing VandorblU. Real Estate For Sale Houses lor JFOR BALE--My houae of 10 roomfl, nev? hot water f u r n a c e , Ruuti water heater, two bathrooms, lot SUX12U, corner of East Green street and Isabella Road. Buy from the owner and .ittvo agents' commission. J, M. Semtoowor. , ' Auction--Legals Log-ill Motives 91 ADMINISTHATOIl'S M OTIC1B. ESTATE Oif HUBKHT I J . M A K J K T T A , lato of the CHy of C u n n c l l s v l l l u , C o u n t y of Fayettc and b t a t e of P i M i r t s y U n n i . i , lcuoa»od. Lcltei'H oC A d m i n i s t r a t i o n , d. b. ii., «.'. t. a., on the above num* LI Jflstate h a v i n g been granted to the underlgrncrl, n u t i c o Is hcro-by g i v n n to all p e r b u t i H I n d e b t P i l to MB id lOhUttt., to m«ike I m m e d i a t e p a y m e n t , a n d t" those h a v i u s clalma uBahi.sL the «ump, to present them, properly a u t h e n t i c a t e d , lor s a t t l e m e n t , 11 Uoorge May, A d m i n i s t r a t o r , d. b. n , u. I. a., C o n n e l l a v l l l e , Pa SKELETON OF MAN DEAD FOR YEARS FOUND IN WOODS UNIONTOWN, Fb. 12.--The alrolc- ton of a man was f.jirnxl jn the ttrtckets of the mountain side near what Is known as Jucfeo IC11I In North Union township Tuesday afternoon by Robert Martin and Paul Mina, both of Coolpring. County Detective A. A. Downing, Coroner S. A. B ilta and Private Hanna ot the State Police went to the scene and found ,he skeleton intact with the exception el tbe right shoulder blade which w is missing. A bullet hole was founc in tho left sido of the skull just alx vo the eye. A .3i calibre pistol of a Spanish mako, badly corroded, waa tound nearby. All tho clothing had entirely rotted away. Coroner Falta expressed tho belief that the sk loton had been ox- posed not less ttan three or four years, By U n i t e d Pr MADRID, FcT). 12. -- Incendiar/ speeches in which it was declared, thn t "the only way. to achievo liberty ie b/ violence," maHtt-d the Tmnqtiet f l.WO republicaiws oC MadrW last nigh ,, in celebration of the anniversary t the republican pro(!lamaticn of 1873. Seven addresses by prominent rev - lutioniats, Including the chief of tta Republioait Alliance, Alejandro lx? roux, were Interrupted by cheers f r tho ropufclic and shouts of "death (o tho king." . Trie king Js afraid to cell for genor; I elections, Lcrroux declared, since tl a government responeibility lor t f a African disaster of 1921 would h° i campaign issue. "U*t there bo no illusion," Ii« eai i. "There fa only ouo romaining path 'a tho revolution." Manuel Awana, noted intellectual, repeated that; "the only way to liberty was through violence." An alleged assault by .Toee a r d Miguel 'De Rivera, sone of the former dictator, and Julian I J ermartin, a nephew upon General Loopoldo Quelj o DC Llano, in a. cafe, has rreeted a sen-., eation in political aud military circles, Aiverton ALVBRTON, Feb. 12.--Mr. and,Mrs. Ralph Myers of Vunoes Mill lielti d, relativs here over the week-end. Mrs. Be-lle Hedge of Smithton call'd. on Alverton relativee Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Wilkinson f Green6burg ^sited relaUves hero ia Sunday. Mr. end Mre, Warren Kidb«r o£ Co i- neltevilie w^re Alverton callers Su i- day. Mr. and Mrs. Arrest of Scottdcla callwl in Alverton fitrriday. Clifford B=}ifitel and wifo ami ]v r. and Mrs. Brohrn of Wilkmsburg spe ic Sunday the guests of Mr. Beistel'« parents. Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Sturta it Scottdttle vfcited relatives hero Saturday evening, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McBoth a ul children of Brownflold spent Sund iy with relatives heiv. Mr. and Mre. Robert DePrieet )t Masontown visited the forme ''a mother, Mre. Celtua DePriewt oa Sunday. Mias Eva O'Roark hae return 3d home after being absent sevetal ·weeks. White Bridge WHITE BRIDGS, Feb. 12--Mr. a id Mrs. Randall Lyons of Connellsvl la visited with Mr. and Mrs. Koy Cooj er on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Paake w ra Mount Plea«ant ehoppens on Saturday. William Zelihore was a, ousini 33 vieitor to Uniontoui-n Friday. Mre. Morris Stahl ond son, Claren :e, were recent Bhoppere at Moi nt f Pleasant. Mr. and Mre. William Zehnoro bus as their guests on Sunday Mise Anna Keunell and Master Jack Kennel I of Scottdale, Albert Grimm and Richard. Grimm of ConnelliivUle and Mr. a ad Mrs. F. B. Zelmore and 6011 Duane oC Lemont. Helpful Advice to Girls By APCNIE LAURIE D B5ADR ANN1B LAtTRIK: I've bee t married ftttoeo yeara »nd havt foul' beautlfal chfl- dnsn. I alwty.i attld I wouM leav» if evw anythl IK occurred in our tornily. Now I .'a a difficult matter to wittle wlUi four children. Mj husband U a sUeoman and a vary good man und! recently b« i»«t a girl during wtrWng hours and It baa changed everything. Our home la not th» happy home It always has betn. Ie to many ·worries now toytnfc to pay for th« houaa and drwa the children. I Ju*t want to g T* up everytbiaa:. Ploaao don't \oe* U heart altti mgh such a frightful situation baa a, laen. You certainly must take action and cannot condone -rour hUBb«.nd'» conduct by remaining Indifferent to 1L Have a plain talk with him, nalt him U he Intend* to continue as h» 1* doing, and HM- »ure him that you do not. Whatever you may decide, think ot your children «md tr / to keep your born* f*r th rn. NOTICK. THIS ADMlNlBTRATOn dl' TUli K s t a t n ol' I t a r r y Ford w i l l o l f o r at p u b l i c s u l c at tlio guruue oi H. U. Morris, In Hie roar of No. IIiiO S o u t h I Q I g l i t h street, West SKlc, C o n n o l l s v l l l c , Pcnjjiylviinla, on Tuesday, February 25th, 10UH, at 8 oclock P AI. One C.iryslur Sedan, No. 7J, 1026 Model, Tornis of Sd.le.--Casli J u l i n It. JPoi'd, A d m i n i h l M t o i * . fit (lif Kat4(c t»f H a r r y J'"crd, i l c t o a h r d frb-l'2-10 T11K MORIS UliTAiLS you tell In a classified ad Uio mor« attention yoilr D EAR AKN B LAtTRTSJ! Do you t h i n k It is all right for a girl of fo irte«n to gt) to early evening openings, cmoh «u» \xuket- ball gamefl, trith her schoolboy chums, tf her parenta give their consentT «Ltm BYKS. B LUM XSTKB- It th« fldrJ'B parents have given their consent 1 fool sure they have i little daughter who will amply rope y them for the trUHt placed In her 1 y conducting herself ae a little Vfcdy it all Um«». D HAK AKN'H LAITRIH: I itm It love with a boy whom I will mil Bob. 1 try la ·very way to be noticed by him. yjt he aotn w unconcerned am thouffh I 'wort not even existing. My girl frienl knows a boy of wham nhe iq ntther fond and he neonu to cotlei her and me a Uttie more than Bc doos. There Sa a boy also whom X dlatlke and he IB try 1 09 tff attokct mjr *t- ' tor aiy friend and Burnett MI MM c*n get these boys to siotloo urn mot ·o wa oui rei thla other p«*ertnr boy off our track. Wo an taotli tn our taena. Wo want advice from ·orae oa« experienced. We waot to fallow any advice from which we may profit. Will you dell u» how w» can keap them wfasn w» do get them. An bonost appe*! for help to get the one we Htm best. And oblige DOLLY AND BABE. P. S.--W« do not ro out much and are not popular ·· we do not de*lr» to be known, D. * B. I OLJLT AND BASK: You ema to no more than b« plettntnt M the youny rnftii, without rovemllna your fe«Jln£»- Forced lore !· alwmjrw a fallura and jr«nera.Uy dim a p«edj death nft«r cauatn* nauch nnhappt neiut to all oono*rocd, A» to the boy who trie* to attract your Attention* you mum firmly toU htai that b« muat cease annoying you, tut Midi conduct 1* d!«tn.-KtftfuI to ywu, TMI tail mo you do not fat about maaH and ere not popular. It would b* bettor If you remedied thin *ttuattoa, rather than ·pond your tta ln« after ·otneen* who 4o«* not i to raclpromht your at(e»Ue« «| D c I am a y«ua« gM tn my working for a young BIJUJ with whom I bav* fialkm in kv«. ~e» ha» been very nioa to me but to hajj been no funny. H» baa takea me out a tew times to diCfereat places. Hin friends tell me he lovcM me but the question i*, t^em be? Do you think hi* frl«-nda U4d nie t'-tat jujit to M« it I luve hlu»T I did not let MI to them X cared. ' WONtEffUNO. tor tb« to. or goo* ntfloc* of to inform yati «f hJa aftection you. Tuoir rumorW* may oav* made with tbe to ten Hen of -dj you. If eh» friendship te tw ____ Into love, it will do so «t lt» accord ^Uhnt th* *t* n

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