The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 13, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, May 13, 1918
Page 7
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MONDAY, MAY :3, 1315 THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVHUE PA. PAGE SEVEN. Written by a Prussian Who Participated in the ing and Piltagmg of Belgium CHAPTER X I I Thfr Inhabitants of Cemn who had remained, raonlv old peopl* \ all fathered in n bam tecanse f tbe fear of splex. Here rJiev were jnian]el by soidlors AJR the enumy bo obanlment always occurred at a certain fcour onr comronnder tbonsrht thnt somcbod\ in the village was in cormn«nl«~j Jon with thp n«7iT bv rocnos of a com.ciled tclephfu*- It was even f1I*co\pred that the hands of the church c'ock had been turned onti at one tin e stood at six and snortly after at fi\e o'clock The spy -who Mffnal«d the eoeuiv by means of this* doc.. ^vng not di^eov- ered neither anvone u*0np n concealed telephone Instrument- In inler to catch th" ri£hi one all tl e civilians ·were interned In the hn -n These civilian prisoner; were sqp, lied In the frame v*iy the ?oliHers wer* \ut2i food nut! drink but were a3=o e^po^od III e the sold ers to the daih bomtiinl ments, which In time destroy ed the whol« village Two worn* n and one child had been killed in *»!« nmiiner and yet the people were D f removed Almost dnllv houses enuKli tire n the Tillage and burned down The OieJl*i ·were now falling rej^ilnr'v nt f^ht o'clock la the evening Tl ey vrtrc of heavy caliber At eight o c ick prompt lv when the £r*t she]] vriwl -wo left the town Ther« followed In short In tervals, fourteen to fifteen ihrtls the "iron rnfcofc." We bfiUert-d that the French cannon sending these sheila ·were bronyht np somewhere it m^ht. When we returned from our promenade, as we called the rm,htlv excursion T\e were sent to onr f laces 'n the trenches. There v,e ^ore used for ev err kind of duty On« eveninc we were called up to fortif a farm taken from the French the prerK o? flnv We had to bnild machine gnca and place them. Oar camp at Cemay-*n Jermo( ; was continually nnder hea\v b nbardment. Finally rest became Impossible The heavy-caliber shells strnrfe the roofs of the hooses and penetrated to the cellars. The civilians werp takrn a\cny after several had been killed b-% shells. After aboct tec ^eck^ In this conntrv we were sent to another p^rt of ths front. Our destination WLS kept from C3, At the depot at Cballerange we *n tered a train waiting for \ * It con sJsted. of second and third (lass conches The tmin rolled slowlv throcca the benntifnl com trv and for the flrst time since the wir began we saw the light behind the front. All the depow cro^slnEs and bridge** were oc cnpied by the military Everywhere was actiiity Ixjng trains losded w*h Birrlcaltiirnl machinery of every VEL ety stood at the larger stations The crew of onr train consisted of oOIclnla of ft* Prussian stite railways They bnd traversed thts country often and told DS that there was no agricultural machine In all occupied territory The same thing happened with all machln ery of IndTwtrv thit con'd be spared Evemvhere we saw the finest kind of ronchlnery en ronte to Germany In the erening we p issed S(xl°n Earlv the next morning \~c nrrhed nt Montmedy Here we had to leave the train and were permitted to go to t3ie city for wveral hours \Tontroed* is the principal base o* the Flf^h nrmy commanded br the crown prince E ion mons stores of war n« ^enals were gathered here Added to this there was the army *!pld port Institute and the executive offices of the railways as well an n number of hosj Itils, It was very Ifvefy In Montmcdv JIany wounded ni«i were seen strol ling throogh the city and ar especially large ntrraber of officers all at hotne were attached to Flnglt etapes Tn faultless uniform, carrvlng riding whips they KtroHrd. arcmud Tills point waa about thirty five kllomettrs behind Verdim end one hondred kilo meters from otir former position AB we marched a'wuy shortly aftor noon w* Kispected that we were beinc tmkea to the nejghbo-luxd of Terdan The Of a Deserter 'I BLOOD POISON Neuralgii RhcinrU. sn Pa.ins In Client Back or r*er\ous Deb i l i t A SBC A.T O'NCF JR It, \V TIncKTCIS /IC, SPECIALIST Chron c ( iseases of men diseases of the biiddf-r and kitlncj f Wriknc** and los t «!3' ucce Q ifull} trc ited Diseases of tl e fk n Gridimte 1 rtprbnerrd tnd HCMIBCI *U nn specialist In c h o r i c disci^os o* men a.nd womei was oTerpd as by the IT habitants \Ve v pre treated \vith cof tee milk and meat \Ve wout on ear^ the next TDorniDj; and la the even n arrived at Din ^Hlpps when IVP l pji'- me TO were anout nve Kuone'-er* ne- ilnd the firing line. The same c \ c n l n s *e advanced to the little M Inge of tt a^ rtlle wh'c'i fta* 5 ow destitution We toot up our quarters In a hou^e \ hlch h id bet a ab-ndoncd by Its in 'labittnts Vre \\ere attaclict! to the NInth reser* e dii ISK n and i-he nt t xomlng went to our position Fifteen 3* IH wer* n^sl^ned to dnty with an infantry compuny On the entire line 33 far as vre could se*, there was no musketry, flrc Onl\ the artillery on botli side 1 ? Lept up a wenk action We wero not acLiistomed to IJMS quietude [n tbt* fenches, but tiie men who hnd been there for some ttmo told us thnt f'-wiusntlr not a slrgle shot was fired for chi * antl thut no actHtty was I noiinoiis forces of artillery \\ero tieJng mobilized New guns continued o i r ~ U t t ^ e r y day and \vero Itibtalltd without guios In^o action The trans (wrtatioo o* zntmltion^ and material \ ^ al«« \e"\ brisk \\e did not KUS pect at thin time that this TI as the first preparation for a. ^reat ofT«_nHl\e. «J!ttr fonr weeks in *hla viciultj w e v\cre sent to nooiher part of tht frf nt, Dine more without belis told our d*.s tlnitlon We marclied away and in the afturnooa ^\e arrUed at Dun sur Meuse llttnlly had \ve entered the town when the German crown prince a (.coin pnnied bj Severn othcers and a large pack of hunting dot^ "ode tij out to us. Phui he Inspected our unit closely j He spoke f o our captnlu iflw \vhJch one of the officers of bis Staff took us 914 Cures You Quick I un pn.pi.rert to f i \ e % ou « runty I actorln-* x acoin s «"d firtv i 1 nil form-* o f irr-a mon r C t h i H ! t\ri\c tr Cliars s f o i ri^at "^n i r T.IWJ.JB mod(*r te n p r i t. ind ire "f low n I n o n f L l L - t t t t , i mot n t ( cil! 'or treitmcnt * nri \i)Vin« 1 \ f H'V PHI'S r, C O V K I D F N T I \ I DK H \\ 11m K I \/\l · \ v ^ l J ^ I * . D \ . · v o M ^ \ i \m MI i u NCT stair M i (rl J I 1 *. I llt«bars st o n n r l l « * i l l p GET VITALITY STRENGTH AND VIGOR J I T hil' i I rmif,h liilf a 1 fc . u t II '. \l b thf IP 1 or not i 1 I \ h v . h i h c u-ri. no · ir ^.ift ^ p i niuiin nt ' - L Inun i f t n i t l roi j (r th(* icut tl rouble -inrl 1 u i l l i n j ^ Vi G in i t e j to c Our f! trp^s iff 1 rf i^nnibllf ind p nstilt on Find r x nil iiti n tr r i j con dt nt U \r 1 T. t come in an i t i l k v Hh us ou ar p rfi-coH -w^lfom W t i at b\ the l i t M ind I f t CHAPTER X I I I Aft«f a marcn of 1*5 Mlometers we efi ch ed the town of Jmnt tz H ere Only the Artillery Kept Up a Weak Action to a Bed Cross establishment where we were banqueted and given wine The headquarters of the Hohenzol- lern heir were located at Dun sur Meuse Th« i lies of the Red Cross treated us coi^mUv V* e a«Ucd them If all pafl'Hng troops we-e as well treated as \\e had be«a, "Oh, yes ' a yocog woman answprcd, "bat only a few come her? The crown prince however, has an especial attachment for the pioneers M We were quartered over night. Soldiers told UK that Dun-sur Mense was the headquarters of the Fifth army There were gay times in the town with an open-air concert every day The offl cers of t**u reed-red worn en Tieitors from Germany TO BE COVTINITDD Siecilir PI 1 I n" r t i e s ?«» i i n t l d! throit di eas Read our afo ertl3cmen,ta IIid C ane of "S«T^ ons T rouble F o r Ion;, i m t h i l l n in «l lod w it! i s( \ n r r "nf n T n r \ r u i ill n fT.t ind f r r w h ch I h rl r C" f 1 1 i creit dPil nf t r o - t i i^nl T r u in need | t r c i t m c t w i t h tt T u l (d c ( i i l i i l 1 IT 1 irn "ow. f c o l i n p in h c o n d i t i ) i j r eld ienJiP Chftrltrio Pi PI J I S OFT FI U P \ T M)W T h u i b w n i t ! fur n ^ \ - i ^ ^ ih i h d ir f H t r r ^ e h k i n ^ % ind 1 hi id if 1 t r o i b l c I « PH I n h e I n l i o l j Spc-cliii H for t r e i t n i e n t and im r fnv f e e l i n g n flni clns*: ipo D \.\ ID sf PL I TJ It F ~ i Grc nsbur,,, 1 i roV-spj i s\ jr T i- r v r i F v r SF-I IK*» Por ihrct, \ L J T S I h ul In » n t r o i i l l t d \ \ I U i "-h rLno-* 1 ! n f brt. ith f \ n u l d pf^l so bid t nirlit I coulJ not -Onp h in^, ilow, I v - o i i l d 1 T.T. t o ·]!. up w i t h j p i l l o w s I h i n d me 1 ' t i t ill u p | ind run dow n ind did nt t set m o liavc my strc"utli an J t o f f e t h r r w i t h t n \ i-S^ th iffht ni t i m e for ling \ \ n r l d IMS short I c U l e d upon the L n i t o d "\fedici ^ponil «*in ind i f t e r a month | ind i h ilf troitmen l a 1 - 'of Imp- fin and v-orkinp: e i t r j dij 3rR J N P ITT^RSON G b on j\\e S C o n n o l l s v i l c Pa Tucsa i o\cr \veck 9 A V to 8 P V C i l t l m o r e HGLK near B A. O station ro ·" ^ecn"^ floor re nnelli^ !Uo 1 \ t r W c d r n d i \ txnd Sutjrtlrtj at L(Xohant,o Hotel Unlontou n "A great net of mercy drawn through an ocean of unspeakable patn" Did you know that-It has established and is operating twenty dispensaries in the American Army Zone in France to care for the needy families there and to improve health conditions in that section ready for our troops? It is housing and feeding thousands of children in the War Zone to keep them away from the danger of gas and shell fire? It has divided the entire War Zone into six main districts, with Red Cross workers at each point to distribute cooking utensils, agricultural implements, beds, bedding, food and clothing ? It provides builders and ready-to-put-up buildings to house the homeless in the devastated regions, often before the walls of the destroyed homes have cooled? It is bringing over two hundred tons of supplies every day into Paris, from which one hundred and twenty-five tons are reshipped to branch warehouses over France? It is providing an artificial limb factory outside of Paris, in addition to special plants for the making of plints ? What will you give to keep this Hand of Mercy at its we 'k? Every cent of every dollar recexccd ftyr the Red Cross War Fond goes for Wa Th* Vovrrtean Red Crone Is the targjeat »JW} moat efltefeot orExjateit on tor the reUtf' of mEfCerittjp tint -he World has ever seem. it t* mad« op almost en trdj of TOhr-tcer wvrhmM, the h*g*ier executives being without exctsjp-tms. men ac- cuatoroed to Ur«B atTitrs who aro ta »test 8 dues EiTltMF their servicea without pstj It fa jOTpportrd evntJtrelT by Its eoetnbersh tp Je»ea KIM! by voiaotarr eoatrnmttorts ti is tottej briDgiitK re*f Co scffezing btLn*anftT both roHHary ami civil, ID ovtiry Whr torn affled ccwtntTy tt pfc«» tomorrow to help In tb« wtirlc of r«*torft 1km throttClxmt Iho workl* IX feedn aad skrtiww enttn it need. With fts thousKamJn of 5tan?a xsd tfmooCh renaiaff Ccajuipartatiozi Et s serMt^g- as America, a - to 'win tb* -mr. antbociseo tt. L htadte ft. Tocr at tScma aft TCPOT X»TTT and yora- AQles tt "CAP"8T0BBS IT TTAS A MEAN TEICK By ED'WISA ICE QREftM KOR -0°iP~ AFTER UJ TVl- CARD CUUB 1 r, ERRAMT3. ER HEU CLEANS HOUSE 'VE AIN'T 5EEW ~ /*\e^. OtT THAT' r""

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