The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 12, 1930 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 12, 1930
Page 9
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, FEBRUARY 12, 1930. Basketball COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE3, PAGE NINE. SPORTING WORLD By JAMES M. DBISCOLJU Boxing School Loses Great Floor Game to Latrobe; Inferior Foul Shooting Paves Way for Defeat ®- Cokers ale Hectic Contest in ThtjriJ Quarter but Lose In Laat Frame- QUINTETS ARE EVENLY MATCHED High School passers down to defeat last evening at Latrobe stter a great str igglo. The flaa! acoro was 21 to 19 Bill Dolde'a boya made A great fight and kept ev«oa pace with ttie Latrobe basketoeri and when tho third quarter ·was brought fo a close, thi tally wa^ tied at 1 all. However th« home teem ·waa able to forge into tbo lead in if registering five points to ute (Jokers' three co ped the hectic battle that featured t'ae calendar in Section l», W. P. I. A. League. Inferior foul shooting marked tho battle an 1 the High Schoo lo? .. a neat opportunity to win the contest fiom this phaie. Th-e Orange and Black account* I for but five ou of 15 tries from tho free line. Latrobe made three ou . -of 11. Latrobe---21. .. Guskeirtez -- Campaeil Mailey ..,,._ ftoborty ConneHa rllle-- 19. Schrum Miller --Johnson .¥* Jones -Q Moercb. Substitutions--Conneilsville- Bmd- ley, Ruite, Kerns, Shaw, Fronchula; Latrobe Goldman, Cort, Mahady Field goals--Schrurn, viiller, John- 3--19 --^1 Sports Comment By JOHN H WHORIC. Campbell, 4; Doherty, Gcldman Foule -- Connclteville, 5 out of IB, batrobe, 3 out of U Score by iterlo'lci: Counoll *vlll«- ~- t 6 LatroJx 6 7 Refei oe--Snyder. Keagy Cor«er Meets Uniontown Quint Tonight Contffal Chri ,tian Church qulnte'. of Uniotitown The gamo at tho Sfdto A r r o w y will begin at 8:30 oXIoc.1. Thj9 invttUetb are roi ardod as vorj p o w e r f u l , havuiK ben sw«opln« throu/h stiff (omp«U ion iu tiu i h i i r e i .'caguo at tho roun'ysoat The C'oitKr combination likewise has been doing a great yiece oE work. lu tho preliminary, the Wjst Side quintet, managed by Billy bobbins, \vi!i tako on tho Amoco club of Scott- An official ruling has been lnuded down, decreeing that State An icnes are to bo used only for njilitai purposes and activities ot mllitaa-y rg«in- izatkms. If this regulation is strictl enforced, it may hare much bear as on scholastic and independent bB,s v.otball at Scottdale and Independent -imp«- tition in Conuellsville Other towns also would bo affected. It Is believed uoWcvtjr, that unless a dispute arises over the oomtnunity use of the armories, tho rull g win not be rigidly carried out. 3 andom is hoping that everything \ull go along smoothly for tho cage port is due for better days lu this c ry, nnd who wants to go back to th it "pill box" at tho Scottdale "Y " T' e armory is an excellent place- to play at the Mill Town. A Fayptte county coach s nds us this one. "Some time ago when a all for track candidates was Issued, bout EO boys turned out. Conspicuou among thum was a tall, raw-boned f «ahnu.n who bore out every 'sign' tha he waft 'fresh from the farm.' In need of wtrie good track material, I walked over to the young chap am ashed he had. ow Bill, smiled and admitted that whereupon I asked him: }u«t how long do you think it would iake you to run a hundred yards'.'' The freshman pondered for r moment and then nonchalantly repli d. Mr. Coach, I ain't triad it but 1 think I (.AH make it In 15 nlnutoa." And the Caseys and Kaa Corners are far frora being iiign i! up for a game. It's H good picdMion that these teams will battle ',t o t *«r the championship ot Connellsville "Deaf mutes cho«r tholr favorites on to victory," reads the headline Aud it didn't bother tho layer* a bit. There's a game that wo could The- Ku^igy Corner passer, will 11TM^ en ^- The Mbit* rs don't -.wing into action tonlgl t, maoiiug tho ll "» vc anything on somo of 'hoM- rfett- appolnted "official advisors at scholastic athlQtlt; eompetitloi s. Isn't there some way to get rid of them? A Courier reader wants to know how tho championship of tertkm 12, VV. P. I A. J^eagub, will be decided IE Perry and Duibar end up led They will play it off on *»me m utral floor --just one warns. The o HclalK of both institutions have, a ready asserted that they would n it play on ea6h other's floor. Perry claims the D. T. gym Is a jinx an** t) o Red and Black emphatically relt ratei. th« same contention Connell nrille and Uniontown j;yms are pr* ferrfd out there's a livelihood that tho tatter will bo selected llowev* r this will be definitely decided whai the regular sonedui^ is exhausted -if the two clubs ond up in a tie. Benny Leonard, owner f tho Pittsburg Pirates hockey tea a, declared recently that "Pittsburg i y no meana is a poor hockey town." HP follows this up by transferring 1 ome games to otljor communities .In it u matter of "practicing' what j o u preach--so it seems. Prlmo Camera came t the United States to look for the w rld'a heavyweight boxintc champio tship. lie seemed to avoid the title n hii native night vill tlnr tie da Io. Tomorrow Kcag/a playing at Boo h Union Township High, encountering the Alumui Meyersdale Feb. IS:.-- Mrs. B. I). Pfah \er k ntei tained v lit a o o'clock dinnor at her homo in Boachtoy stieot Monday evening. Afto- dinner soveral bours wro ploaaautl;' spont ^u a o- clal mannci ( !· ftlnoch d-ehghifully oa- torti ined tbo memlwi ·« of her bridge club at her home in Moyeti avenue, Monday evening. At the conclusion of the game- lunch WAS servwl by the hostess Mrs. N S. FrtodUu was hostesss on Monday evening when sho entertained the tezichors bridge lub at hijr homo Sn N'orth street Thre- tables \/ore brought Into play^ ana after fie game a dainty lunch was torv-ed liw'rv S t!ros^, a member of the High chool faculty In Altooua, spent the we«k-ond hero v ^itaig his fathoi, Valentine Oreb*,. i*r. aid Mrs. UtHjr; e Barker pnd the lattor'ti mother, Mrs Aie-x Sitratton of CoouelKsville, spent Saturday and Sun- dv hiro with friooc'd They e.une up to attend tlve f uuei ul of Itaymond Blttior, who was biinod Sundav Mrs. K. II. Philaoi foft Monday for a 1-sw days' visit w i t h her .parents, Dr ami Mrs. Itegar at fjuokhannoru \V Va Mrs. (Sertnide Brown spent Monday vtelting in 1 ifhburj! (ieorge Deist of Kteubauvtllp, Ohio, Hp-jnt a few dayi l u i e at Ibo bouio of 1.1 1 sister, Mri Anirio Hady Vh'H Jamc" Me03%vcll of Huntingto j, W Va , Is. ^pending a few weoka b.r« visiting reldthes uud friends Mrs. John Adam ou and her house srt est, MHs Lauia T vsigs o£ ildltmioro, M L , ri'tiirnr 1 Monr'iy from P'tthbiirg wic-ro th^v vifelteti or a f s w d.i\a w i t h tto foiuwrj, H t P i Mr^ John llene.. Sirs John btom and I et daughter, !ra. John Adainvm spi^i.t lortay iu Hockwood, w h i r c tht attends! lunerat of Uioir dicnt. Mr. land--Italy--whoro Kobe to Robeitl rolgni having knockoi ut Buffi In the fourth round. American Lawyer Doubts Paris Divorce Legality PARfS, F'sb. 13--Pans divorces may bo faisnioilablo Hi tho United States but gravo doubt have been cast upon their validity by an American legal export visiUi ? Paris. Otto Krwin Koege!, la 1 * yer of Wash Ingtqn aud specialist i n - uarriago l a w n on which subjott be ha written sov- oral booka, declared di ting his atay hero that he doubted if 'aris divorces would hold watoi if ontesled in American courts "I beliove,' he said, · that Paris dl- \orc i s, in which es1enos is o«- tabliaheti solcb in ori er to comp'y with the loc-nl lawn a e v n y HkL,lv illegal in the United St tea the\ aio seldom hthj*i t to lollat .ittack as tho n i l n c l p a l - i a^ic-o to divorce beforehand ' Rooters "Yeli" Silently in Mute floor Game By ARTHUR H. RICE United Piess Staff Correspondent. MILWAUKEE, lab. 12.~Converea- tion waa not mieeed, in a basketball gamo here when I he Chicago Wish- bonea defeitxt th- Milwaukee Silent Club, 26 1o 24. 3t was one ganve where players played in earnest, andetracted by no! so. Both teams, com osed of deaf mutea, gavo the roteree more trouble by their inabjllly to understand conven- ttona! refereclnpr, than, by Improper playing, Tho wbiie-elothwl individual, Lawrence MoKeolian, had more of a workout Uian UK otcer ten men on the floor In desperation, he gesticulated Avlldly, like Buffalo Bill mowing down oxen on th prairie. Ute lnaB« we/io overworked «UK! h« uiopped his brow in the mat nor of a battleship j etoker. Won tha uicore was clo^e, the spectators, alio doaf and mnte, burnt forth in long, drswn-ont, "Ohe" and "alis," but there i?ae more cheering in the »lgn laaguagii. That sisT\ lanFuage caused th» rt 1 fereo much trotble. When ho flr»t Psychologist-Coaci Hss Great Record It be that he removes th»ir inferiority romplcxes or that he pcp« up their sadittlc teawlendw, but w h t t - cver it is, Prof I, D Lawthf of tlw* t, at football coach in addition to h ing a profeesor and a court ioach. I e has bis M A degree and has done v ork toward a Pb D. Mrs C. K \W»OV'ver h us f i o n . a fow dav 1 - vlait with Ui GreoniburK \tr-- (!ooi«fe Ik 1 'Ion 1 !w^ X em i v M t v,i\\ t .end« lu Iomon*.intH'»H in , Lrcw of hrhoonei JU'seuod. il tho S ivOJRFOLK, Feb 12 -A dteputch to "'· ( | tiu United States hyd ographic office here last night ndvisei that the cio\v of the schooner Doiotly liaird, w h i c h w.i, aflre ami slaking (iOO milee c«»t ot B'Tmuil'i luul 1* en cavt J bv f i e 1 1! in arrivod, ho was unable to make t?ao p)«oru or specUbtors undenstand that he wanted a dresilng room In which 1o change to hte refereo togs Fina!l he thought of expressing his wish in wriUnR awl tha situation was im- provml after had "worked" eevprat minutes in Civilian attire He admitted later that th"f« was om advantage Jn hia Ignorance of tho "muto lan- guage"--ut least tli.oy could not gel his goat by call njj lilsi namoe At the end of periods and when tiroes was willed out, the player* revamped their signals in sign language. If tie other team had not been so busy go* ting Its own, the first team would have bten unlucky is tho following period. Tho (psychology clo-parteent of WoMKifas'sr' In three «c.i'on'e TAWther'fe, Titan. j College, Ponnts'ivania, h«/d coa:h o f ' i wketball team ha^ won 57 ef 86 hss bad clampioumip, j uses, and etartod tho present »ciwon over since !ic took ovpr * h p ' ! r vrinnint; the first 10 lu a row, four yenns ago. A former fx**baU " star at Wp«tmln«ter plav- 1 !ng thore -vshllp "Tuw," M'lj«jighry, now at Brown. »ra« hrad 'oacii, H faculty director of ethlotif* and ; ear his Idam was given tb« Pltteburg » ifltrfct cbtmplon«h5p by the Aseo- iated Pr««s, while two years ago the ttattK ·were TrS-State Conferen«e Itatnplons. I^awtiier'a team in again tho conference tUte year got the. aiimale of e%ch twun, but poJJtely rofralnod from expreesing their feelings. North Union Neau Group Title, Winning 10th Game In W.P.LA.League Slate SHIPPERS DEFEAT MACM SHOP CLUB IN CAPSTAN LEAGUE Shipixsra w«n the odd game frum the Machine f!hop Idst nlgbt on tho Ktks alleys Itloom waa high a r o j o r wtih a total o 467 for three/ ganves The scores. MAif'HTNB SHOP Ruby , 111 100 120 331 Benkto 7J 84 157 Keany .. _ _ - S8 114 87 2S') Bailey ~ 91 13S 80 5(Ht Tipping 101 128 l«Ki :t7\ North Unkm Township High School neared the ohflciploneb^p of Sec Ion IS, W. P 1. A. tei*guc, by c h liking u\ another triumph last («ntt»g 'vhen South Union was bo»ki ovo- uy a tally of 27 to 17 The protegee of Conch Ray Welsh, formor OonneUavtlle ami Wayiwx.hur^ College etar, made it U ooiuecutiw tontetsta Jn le*i,TU* eorapt'Ut ion in4 arc Ct. Olawson li Olawson TotilH Scallop Dushaw Sehee -Moorman Bloom Fro tick Smith _100 06 -b64 703 SHIPPING 115 105 SG f.7 lt 12O 80 183 - 88 .136 .100 122 638 135 88 145 148 00 113 (196 71 355 173 ass 32? 167 418 71 ..6143 G07 7 S3 20 JEANNEHE WINS LEAGUE GAME FROM MOUNTPLEASANT Mount Pleasant not up a great bat- tlo in tii-o fce;oni 'half aft«r a ko»o «KJlibitin Annual Klwanis Conventlcu. ATLANTIC! CITY, Fob. 13--The fourteenth annual convention oE Ki- wania will bo held hero June 29 to July 3. Six thousand delegates and visitors will be ia attendance. The Atlantic City Ktwania Ciub -which will be ho«t to h e vifllting Kiwanians IB already forming iU, permanent convention committees which will wel«inie, cure tor, and entertain tho thousands of 8 5 a 7 Ilefere'j--Dusic. 11 Injured In Trolley Crash. WOFCES't'BR, Maep, l«"eb. 12,-- Blesen pemons were- injured, t w o sci i- ously, in a collision between tv-o cars here h'Bt night hea Oaptaln NBW YORK, Feb thouBauils, Nichols/I/ to Death. -In eigh1 ! Itambmekf, of j,ea captain leapoi/ to lite death 1 st night froni twelJt/i flooi of the St jk Bxt hftiige buildlnf.'/, Rank booka foi ad on him showed deposits oC 4 12,000 i ad hii had almoel ?'i,000 lu c.ish in de clothing. Sav« mou«y- read the a!fl. todaj. on tho verge of olluchinj; the j e n n a n t opening fram«ft There aro bul foutr more starts f t i Itie baakeUx^ru who hold a thrce-g iroe ad vantage ow lht nean»»t r'vol - Brownevillo Th,pr« H no likelihood o tho Wetehmon dropping the rn it of th schedule or cvon thr-eo of tho buttles Th« Mn«-np North Unlon--37. Soath Unioa--17 Ixswte , Jf Dill KArrmie-r-sky ,3T 3e!aratl Shiffbftuer _---,--C Hale Oha£l«. CJ J Karpn Selons G Vontur Substitutione-- Goodish for lAvelt , lusher for KasmiersVy, Gr-ary ft Shlfffiau-or, Cintiric tor Uhazla, Cro«! land for Selong, Bey for Dllte, Cab) s for Cofaattl, T. Karpus for J Karpu , Sanford for Ventura. Field goals--Ixrwis , Ka*tmteruk , Fteher, Sbiffbauer 4, T'hazle 2, Selor ?,, 3, 0111s, Crable, Half-y, J Km pus 2, '. Karpue. Foul goals--North Union, 8 out if 13; South Union, B out of 10. Score by periods: North Union South Union ,J«aanetto in tbo the .lays won an- ac to n .Fcannctte--Sfi. Casini _ Crtbbs Kryza«k other lftguo game, Tho lino-up. Mt, l'I«asantr~J8. Benedict -.. ( J aladin« --F I**re6tl ,.,.. _c Volkln G Abromwn fj Wurtscll SiibatltutioDB--Stmmona for Abrom- Hon; Carroll for (''Mini, l^avallo for Cribbs, Fath for Kryzack, Galairde for Ixsjclufl, Bengal for Wursusu. Flelfl goaJs--Mount Pleasant, 3 out of 4; Joannotto, 6 out of 11. Boore by periods: Mount Pleasant ,,.! 3 J'Sannetto _.,,.___,,__. _ m ,6 S lief ore«--Bi c hards. 2 7--13 2 10--26 GERMAN TOWNSHIP UPSETS DOPE WITH WIN IN SECTION 13 German Township sprung \ big surprise in Section 13 last night by defeating Point Marion, 15 a to 13, in a great sec-saw battle. Brownsville whipped Carinichaal^ 34 to 30, iu another thrilling contest In this division. Georges Township was unable to check the powerful Redstone doteus- ivo in the final half a? Republic von, 18 to 10. North Union trimmed South Union, 27 to 17, to continue at the helm of (he division. Save money--read the ads. Babe Celebrates His 36th Birthday KLD O I'Vb 1,' - L u t i l 3 in f guthoiei boioro tbf SovuH em- VnodsUym's nsf thea ro is complt'tcd, I a-n\ ) i » M t loot ni,;)il in lieuviVnUion iuilt«nums of twu t ity schoolii .111 i onitctt"( w i t h t i ' o4m 01 i o n e i . l ; being UCH.H! f«i p u t u i t»hovvs Funci Kotitt in ad ut (In i lute , J'J. d e r i v e d lnu l a d f « t t 1m l iir»eit h Babe Euth, the mastodon of the swat, sunoundcci bj friends at St, Peteisburg, Fla., when he celebrated hia thirty-sixth birthday. Left to right at tVe table laden with good things to o»t are: Col. H. G. Peddy, of Asbtiry Park, N. ,7.: Adolph (·rant, of New Kochelia, N. Y ; the Bab* (clad u: irolfinit sweater), /S. S. Barnard, Diesideut of tho Air »rican Leagrue; Ohver C Fuller, well- known Mi waukee banker, and Billy De Beck, famous co ric strip artist and creator of "Barney Google" The Babe is enjoying go]f wh'Ja await mi? 1 le visit of Col. Jacob Ruppert, owner of the Ya ilfees Tha two are expected to come to a ·jaJar' aJEreenaenl; a.t thai bm» Scottdale Is Eliminated V From Section 10 Pennant Hopes by Greensburg High W.P.I. A. League Summary SECTION TKTf Yesterday'* Results. Gfoenaburg 35; ScottoV.? 20. Jeannette 28; Mount Pleasant LAtrobe 21; ConnellsYille 19 Standing of the Clubs. TV. I TTniontown 8 Jaannetto 1 GreeneKmrj? -- 5 ScottOale . --* Latroe Connell srille -- Mffuat Pleasant PC'. 1.00) .77 i .558 .5CO 175 2.1 .1 1 Games Friday. Greensburg at Uniontown Mount Pleasant at Latrobe. Jea»ffcette at Scottdale. SECTION TWflfcTE Yesterday's Results. Mone«s«a 21; Cluarlerol 17. Donora 1; South Brownsville 17 West Newton 43; California 36. Standing of the Clubs, Charlefol Do nor a, Wast Newton South JBrowiMrrilie- MorioHgahela California .-- 5 8 Fct. 1 i'00 . 78 5i 145 175 !7B )00 , Gameei Friday. · went Newton at South Brownsv lie. Donora at Mouongahela. at IVUlfornla. SKCTMW THIRTEEN 1'iwterday'n IlennUs. BrownarUio 34; Cannlchaels 20 North Union 27; South Union I f Redstone 18; Georges 10 German 16; Point Marion 13, North Union Brownsville ~ Redstone -- f Point Marion Clerman - -- Garmichaels of the Clubs, W. 10 7 South Union Q G ... 2 .. 1 - 1 0 J 3 4 ^ 9 a Pcf. 000 .700 .800 600 221 100 100 Gnmeg Friday. BrownwriHe at North Union Boiith Union at G-corgcs. Point Marion at Redtone. German at Carmichaels. SPORTS GLEANING!! West Virginia and Duquesne will claeh tonight at Morgaatown. * » · Carnegie Tech and Washing on Jeffereou battle on the PittaburE court this evening, » * » The Dodgere started to reorganize the chib yetsterday, purchaslnj two crack minor league inflelder-i for $50,000 and one player. Noc.1 Fi in and Gordon Slate of the Mission Pacific Coast League club were secure 3 * * * Westminster College upset Allegheny, 26 to 24, last night. * * · Prime Camera scored . nothor "knockout" last'night when he rockud Bueter Martin, Oklahoma pol ceman, Into Blumberland In the second rouud The,show was at St. Louis, 20,(00 i'anH witnessing the show. * * * Bethany College lo«t to :* Ichlgan State, 36 to 22 Telfalr, Bethany center, led with 16 points. » * * Pete Walsh, a former proiewsionel golfer at Nemacolln, Soiueieet Yough- iogheuy and Grpcnvllie CoUnli y cluhH, died yesterday in GreenfleW * * * Belle Vornon scored a hig surpiise last evening by -whipping Ben l e j v i l l o 25 to 23. ' Chewing Gum Aids Science By y n l t f d Press PHILADELPHIA, Feb 12 -Thoujth roaaiderad inaigniflcant and nf no »tse other thau to che 1 *', t h r o w on sidewalks, divl stick under chiirs and tables, chewing gum has been Inatfii- mcntal in aiding scioncc, ace nling to A i t U u r S Cogge-.hall, ot ''Htsburg, who spoke recently at thft Academy ut Nttturrfl SclPHfi") on '"7 be Fii-ht People of Ameiicu " Ouggebhall i« now director of tlio St. Paul Iiibtitute, St. Paul, 'linn. Ho was connected for a period of years with the American Museum of Natural l l b t o t y in New York It was white in search oC liicle, the i n i l U \ ) u l ( i ( i ' h e \ i'li t MMDS gum ' i i \ i luiiiaus ro^dx' ( IP A liU 1) ruMilled in aojui IH Oi.atamaU, ( m i h i j L hall said hmatlpox 'I'ltrciifceris Co orado. UifiNVEH, Feb. U.-- The t^u board of health last night warned itd 250 health officers that in ei idemic of iinalipox is threatened, a K) orilprtx! tlietn (o tug Kirfeman IFachino Unable to Check WpstmoreUnd County* sea tor Team. FINAL QUARTER IS DISASTROUS SCOrTBALE, F°- 12.---Greenaburisf High Sohool baskotetrs plimiuated the Scottdale quintet froiu all mathemu»- t!'al consldoration and poBslbllllies ot w i n n i n g (ho gonfalon in Section 10, W. P. I A. L-eague, %vhon the Westmoreland conntyseai.ers, playing on the home floor, enhanced the oppor* tunities of Uniontowu with a 36 to 2d| t r i u m p h Kirkman's pasbrrs were baffled b.v n, sweeping altatlr of the Groenfiburgcis In the fli'bt and ftnal quaittrs, the la«t ono in p a r t i c u l a r when t h e couuly- seatora chalked up a total of H point* wh'le holding tha Scottiea scoreless. In the opening stanza, the home c l u b tallied H to the Scots' five The line-up' Scottdalp-- 20. Camliu . . Kit he i- Cox Rush - Waide . _ Substitution!--Stiuiltei for Camhn; leyowslti for Kichei , Skerap for Cox; t'oawuy for W.Ude, Schwartz lop lUiBh, Larue lor fctrassor, Khrenfield for Hlhbs, Strailt for Khrenfletd; Shaffet ioi Wright; Kelly for Page Field goals--Stauffcr, Kicher 5, Cox, Strasser 2, Uiruc, Hibba 2, Anderson C, Wrighl. Page 2. Foul g«u!fc,--Scottdale C out of lOj Grconsbuig, 9 out of 1'5 Grcenfaburg ... 11 7 3 14--3S Scoltdale _ 5 5 10 0--20 Jletei ec--Fawcctl, - F .. F -- C - G :;.. Strasser . _ Hibbs Andersou. Page POLISH BOWLERS SCORE COUNT OVER SUPEWNTOENTfc Polish Department won the odd from tho SuperintondontV Ofll'j night on tb KIks dHav*. P1tt.s- »»nl was the high vor^r lor thico gamca ·with a total of 44S. The scores. S UPERINTENDEOTK. Dushaw 118 146 115 38fl H. Younkin lid 98 77 289 MoNauiarit 85 148 120 ,153 Rit-enour -- lir 113 185 3«3 Moorman 131 125 124 880 Sheering 117 121 152 390 Totals POLISH Pittsment .f Ajrcbribco ., Shipley -- _.,, Hudock Noscheeee M«tcalC Totals . -J1..6SO 751 724 2165 DBPA.RTMBNT. l'$0 219 99 443 133 90 137 :i6(! , 105 109 94 303 130 1W 112 343 131 JOS 101 J4O 149 125 169 4'5,l _77S 767 703 2V37, Farm Calendar Timely Reminders T-om The Pe i r i s y i v u n i a SlaLt College IlJgJit 1'ertnfzer--Commei- ^iai fertilizer for the garden bhould bd 6Ultel to tho porticular needs of Ilia soil On light to medium soils, wheia only a snwll umouiit of manure haa beoji applied, a good fertilizer is ona anly^lng about five per cent nitrogen, ten per coni phosphorus, aud lire ppp CPU* iiotiieh On medium to heavy eolls, with a heavy application of manue, a ferllliKer roiifnhiiiig about four per cent nitrogen, 12 pei conl pliosphoi ii'i, i3il l o u r per cent potfibh gner»illy in the moil profitable. Cull Out Poor Trees--Weeding and t h i n n i n g the woodlot overy 10 yeare it the uual piaetir-e followod by laruicra who \\unl to develop u wtanti of t«UJ t fctraight irpes ftoe from ieray or lot. To divide the work up bcfet it is ath K- to go over ojie-teuth of tho farm c.irh winle-r, «*«»1 HUJRIIIS In i n y i«'corl-bitdki )g dry cummois th« .ibility o! the I'cn»«ylvojiia Hlatc I o)» k ' p e o i o h a i d 3lott to vithstand «irontli hiia b'-en I n i i o p o r t t o u to the nmounfi of orgaiik' nwtier turned i n t o th/»m. The phort (3 nd rotation plot* wlitrli Mere under r u l t i v a l i o n luet year grew tho lioiiviMit cavn crop lit th« or- thoid To Find Tort's Efficiency-- Twelve CO^H ~.T" being uhcd by t h e InHtitute of Aiiimil Nutrition at StatP Collega ii» an e%p liitioit to determine th« efft- cieiic/ of tbo cow 111 changing feed into wilk. Urow Healthy Chicks--Dead cbicka pay ro biil Vho of clean practices meann moro^ iiv« cbickfi end better profits. Saul ntlon will eav^ one inoro thick In ii\« Ui ui will liyft \m4or -llrty comlltlotm flaw Wire'. t'orrcHly- All dglUnius W b*- at loatot eis; fool Away trii w f r t t e an 1 conduits to fle U M h m ^ Thte also in- oludcH ,m i H f t . t l conncdu to the rode ruclio'load-iju. Homes 1 Everyday you will ftud aomei *ad noma sUffl advertteed In our ci«Mi. th*oi

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