The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 3, 1939 · Page 15
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 15

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 3, 1939
Page 15
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Page 15 article text (OCR)

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 3, THE DML.Y COURIER CONNELLSVTLLE PA FAGE FIFTEEN. The Daily Conner Pattern AS NEW AS IT \S SLIMMING! PATTEKN 0975 A fieshly tested-and-approved formula fni slenderizing flgines into youthfulness 1 Marian Martin prc- EU ts new Patten 9975 w'th particular pude and it IS as. smait and giacious as can be on eveiy Thi- v- Four or Fcrly-Si\ Considei how useful it will be fot e\eiythmg fiom club meetings to bi idge parties-- especially since Spring it just o\er the horizon Have shur ng 01 dirts at the shouldeis and above the waist At the becoming neck have posies 01 else a bow drawn thiough buttonholes' You've chojcCj too, of cajght- in puff slec\es 01 cqaallv d unty flaied sleeves And note---the lovelv s n t is panelled for contort The malting is so simple--with the Sew Ch-ut he'pme' Pattern 9975 may be oidered onl} In women s sues 34 36 38 40, 42 44 and 46 Size JS requires 3 J _ y irds 39 inch fabric Send FIFTEEN CEBITS in coins 1m this MAHIAN MARTIN pattern Be sure to write plainly your SIZE, AAME ADDRESS, and STYLE MJMBER Send for YOUR new MARIAN MARTIN PATTERN BOOK Ol SPRING STYLES and enjoy sewing foi yourself and youi fjmil} 1 See more than 100 beautifully illus- tiated patterns easily stitched tip «t Iiome Included are 39 yatteins foi misses 17 for junior mis es, 17 foi matrons and 19 for children Read up on Prints, Trends in Coloi, Budget Tips, Suit Accessories' Discover iew jdeas in Wedding Gowns, Graduation Modes, Cruise Togs Day and Dance Frocks' Older today' BOOK FIF- 1EEN CENTS PATTERN FITTEEf, CENTS BOOK AKD PATTERN" TOGETHER JWENTi -FIVE CENTS Send youi ordet to The Daily Courier, Pattern Dep rtment, 232 W 18th St, New York N Y .By BILL Telling Mel L BRACCHEB 1 The foo'ball season « closing swiftly, but the fan who gets lone some can put on his overcoat and gc stand in a shower bath, eating a ho1 * · · We won't belie\o the army Is me chanizcd until v,e have a little talk ·with the boys who peel potatoes * · * Now that zippers are being used on tents in Africa we suppose the Arabs fold their tents and silently zip away A Detroit man, 60, became tho father of twins twice in 20 months. Bett r luck next time, old man * * * Coach Bo McMillin of Indiana BUgg-ests the football coach should bo quarterback and call all the plavs Destroying a perfect^ good alibi' * * * A glance at Europe's leaders re- rcals that all men do not live by Bread alone, but a great many of them by crust Certain European parties seem *o think John Bull really is Perdi- ' NUMSKUU. ' X/ ^ r ses * * " . I) DEAR NOAH--IF A BAKER HAS SIX VJEJEJ«iS L^TIK PAR.1S IS THAT A t-QNS L-OAF 7 NOAH" DO /V\OTORJSTS SET CROSS. FRO/VN CAJTTIN® ACROSS CROSS cDADS -r SOUTV1 SGJP INCX toan-Y JOE PALOOKA It Must He True. By Ham Fisher WELL I WIN A CARTON PROM YOU.THE BELU CAPTAIN OVER AT THEIR HOTEL SAYS THEY WERE BACK SINCE THEY LEFT PALOOKA 5 , YEAH BUT HOW DID THEY LOOK AND WHERE ARE THEY NOW? HE SAYS RODNEY AND PRANK CAME IN AND GOT A TELEGRAM. THEY BOTH LOOKED SWELL AND ARE LEAVING FOP. A VISIT TO RODNEY'S FAMILY. OKAY. YOU! WIN'HMMM. I TRIED TO BELIEVE THERE WAS SOME TRUTH IN THEIR STORY-- BUT ANYBODY WHO V SELL HIS TITLE IN A PHONEY DIVE MUST ALSO BE A LIAR. X GUESS I'M AN INNOCENT SAP. I'LL WRITE A COLUMN AND TSAR THE EAKS OFF "EM YOU'RE RIGHT/I NEVER THOU6HT OF IT THAT WAY. WHY EVEN RECOGNIZE THEM IN PRINT?! WOULDN'T GIVE A LINE.THEY PROBABLY WANTED PUBLICITY. BARNEY GOOGLE and SNUFFY SMITH A lapse oJ Item ory. By Billy DeBeck WcPTO ?e£V.S SVOWMJW - WiUSTft OOZED OPr VMPiT QPM \5 T W3 2 VN\ SUPPOSED to GET X ? SORE -PIECE CQUSKsl- (W V.ET N\E G\T Pi LOOK KT VE-- JEEPER8 1 . SO'RE ?PtV£RN ft CON\E SPICK ME GOT ' T o TEU. xe V RADIO PATROL By Eddie Sullivan and Charlie Schmidt WHILE PAT HAS BEEN PLACED UNDtR ARREST, THE NW5TKIOU5 MIKE SEEKS om SftLUY SftLLV, I'VE BEEN IOOK1NG FOR "flDU. I'VE BEEN WORKING UPBIH15 FOR ft LOWS HMt. I THINK YOU KNOW 1 LOVE MOU, SfiLLY - WIU. YOU ~ MftRRY ' MIKE / WONDERED YOU'D EVER. I'VE IF A5KME AND THE AN5VJER. ) IS "YES' -^ JUST KIDS Oh, "»U1!, It Coiildn Been An ilcpliant! By Ad Carter I'VE JUST ecr A DOS--HE S NO SPECIAL MAKE A DOS IS ALL RISHT-BUT I'M STRICTLY A WHITE MICE WAN --NOW TAKE MY TWO BEAUTIES -EVELYN AN MABEL--SOM£ MICE! NOW LISTEN--THE BEST L PET IS A CAT-AND I HAVE AN AKSORA CAT WITH .VERY SHORT MAIR MY POP \\ONT LET WE HAVE A CANARV-WE'S SET ME A HIPPOPOTAMUS MUGGS McGINNIS By Waily Bishop / SAV,M030S! COME^-X ( SHE IS II »- ^ C?UICKLY|I EFPIE /WAS VoH,M'3OSH» HAS DOUBLE-Cf^OSSED S VVEVE GOT TO US SHES DOWWTOWUJ DO SOME1H U WITH HER JUG TRVIMG z - x ASCXn' THAT" TD AW/E TME 'MECHAMICALA MAN" LAUGH " IF SHE AWKES HIM LAUGH, UHIMELANDER IS SUWK~. AKJD WE'LL LOSE ALL THE DCUGH WE LOAMED HIM." EFfl CAWT CO THIS TO US" Copr I9S9 King ?eatun* Syndicate, Int. World rights To«rvd WELL, SvVARTV YOU'RE WOT GOT TO GET EFPIE OJTOPHEREI SHE'LL HAVE THIS GUV DOUBLE- H/M LAUGH VET" AUREADV R\TT1W HIS FDOP! TIM TYLER'S LUCK IJarofoot Boy. By Lym Young THE HOR5ETHIEVES 605H T!M- THAT'SASWELL OUTFIT' r I'LL PAV VOU WELL FOR THE LOAN OF THESE OLD CLOTHE5,SIR AND PLEASE DONT TELL ANYBODY THAT I'VE BEEN HERE -- rMGOINSTO 'V' OKAX FELLA TRY TO LAND A \-AND AS SOON JOB WITH CLOWN I ASVOUCANSLIP BACK TO ME TO REPORT-IU ThEY BELONGED TO MV GRANDSON- HE RAN AWAV FROM MV HOME WON T SUSPECT I M REALLVANIVORV PATROLMAN,SPUD CLOWDV'S SANS, SPUD BE HERE WITH OUR HORSES BIG SISTER By Les Forgrave MAYBE X COOU3 ^UV HVVA C3PF, D-E OSOCX.* BUT \fji-r' ? VP x COULD GET - 'DEV'BE ^ORT' REA.U OS -i/^ME O SIM EsJER. MADE MS GET GUV TO CDME AKSD PW^CV 0^3" HE VJAS X MIGHT WA. «.WCf*)lED UE D DO CIS OT^ER e^·RD X"5 1MK ME't-L CL.BAR.OOT A.VS.'D SO YOU CAN'T mi, Kirg fcrnim jnd£m_lnc^Wc Id ni^ij. rtsaNid W --

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