The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 13, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, May 13, 1918
Page 5
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MOXDA\, MAX' 13, 3918. THE JDAli^Y COURIER. CONNEJ-7..-SVILLE, PA. PAGE FIVE. COLORED DRAFTEES The monthly business meeting nt; will be out. R. C. Coyer, manager the Women's IJible class of the First, of the W h i t e Sewing .Machine con-.Baptist church 'will be held Thursday pany. ha.4 provided a sewing machine, afternoon at 2.30 o'clock at the borne .Meetings w i l l be hold each Wednes- of Mrs A. A. Wethercll in North day. Pittsburg street. The Ladies' A i d . society will meet Friday r.ight at Mrs. WoihereH's home. All women of the church are invited. PERSONAL. .Miss Mary C. White was the guest if friends in U n i o n t o w n yesterday. Continued from Pag-o one. list in the Quartermaster's Department as a tailor. Donato has been employed at Wnrtheimer's store. He Is one of the leading musicians of the band. C A S T O R I A For Infants and Children In Use For Over 3O Years Always bears the Signature of KKAKX.S ALSO ' AMOM; THOSE jx VUATE. John K e a i n s of has arrived safely "over thare," according to cards received here liy friends. Voting Kearns is a member of Corn- TTlii© ( par.y C. M a r h i n e Gun company, and j was stationed at Camp Gordon, MRS. b'LdZABBTH A. ATWOOD. Mrs. Elizabeth I Anna Atwood, Ronublicans: Mr. O'Nci! is a suc- Tho Ladies' Auxiliary to fie Order of Railroad Conductors will inert Wednesday afternoon in Odd FciU'V.-s' hall. cessful merchant--- Adv-Ki-H. I yeiirs old, wife of Edwin : Atwood, : j Pennsylvania railroad agent at Dtin- DICK C L A B K l.V j bar. died Saturday at the home of her ; KIIAXCE, ("VHIlfi SAY. · sister. Mrs. Charles Guy, at I r w l n , ' Friends of Dick Clark have received ! w ' bore ^ ha1 bee n ill for the past! cards announcing his safe arrival in ! Ulrec weeks. Previous to some " Ir' France. The jotmg soldier is with the . w ' in stlB tad suffered fur several Mr? P K Swarzwflder. o( Scotutalc.; Sold a r t i l l e r y . He is a son or James ', months at hachome at Dunbar. Fttncr- wa~ '!te'atii's't of her a u n t . Mrs. L. S. i Ciark of ;x.isenring .N'o. 1. a: tomorrow afternoon at 2.30 o'clock _ Michael of Greenivood, over Sunday. The wceklv meeting of the Du-siticssi Th 1)e3t P |ace to shol a f l e r "" Women's Christian association will be.' ""well Shoe Co.-Adv. Mis? C a t h e r i n e O'Connor and Miss j from the First Metltoriist Episcopal church at JrflTin, interment held Thursday night in Odd Fellows'' HOY OFF FOR FORT THOMAS!' 1 1 t h e ' TM n cemetery. Mrs. Atwood · j Perer Friel. son of Mrs. Lawrence * as a native of Frwin ar.\l for the past i ( ' Mrs, Meegan of Luisem-ing, left today w i t h : f o l l r - vears nad "esidnd at Dunbar. Jn ' yes- the draftees from Morssmovn, w.j a o d i t k m -° ller husband and f i v e . The W c« Side Need.e^ers ,-,,, ~ r f , f ' " Va, for Fort Thotttas. KemueKy. «^ » = ^ude. Don,thy, ' ^ oTTM' ^t^^tH'"- P"- -- ^ " j A K K r V K S MTB AX.,, by her. parent., and o n e ' -Mr,. 0. B. Craft m -North ' i u s » u r »| and tour kl , 5?l H TMard il returned to «««"'« «vv,vr: s n v . b r o l l i e t . The regular n^eeting of t ; ie I Courier office.--Adv.-]3-Jt. Mv. and Mvs. Harry Wood of Uninn- Mrs. Joseph Hartley and daughter.. Misp Anna ^Eae and son, N*. L. Hartley i town, motored to Dawson yesterday | of Adelaide, .irrived liomi' last niijht: man's G u i l d ot the T r i n i t y I.piscona!; aj][] ^ j s i t ( ,,,' u . c f o r m e r's parents, Mr. j f r o m New York. They left here ch.irer, will be held V.'ednesdjy night 3t the home of Mrs. "U". B. 1 truce at South ConneUsville. The T. J. Hooper Bible clas.; of the j first Presbyterian church w i l l meet ind Mrs. John Wood. Wednesday last day for high shoes. If you haven't already bought your Down's shoe =;ore for for an embarkation camp to see Mrs. Bart-, ley's son, Frank Lewis Hartley, b u t 1 arrived too ia'.e. Hartley is a mnmber ; of Company C, 11Kb United States; ·tions in town. A glance rinfantry. inhe \^. \vi n dow/ w h i l e passing w i l l :his evening at S o'clock in t h e : conviprc , TOU ._.\dv.-13-3t. rhurch chapel. The e n t e r t a i n m e n t j Mrs . Joiei)h Dilon a n d M rs. W. a j . ! LOCAL ttOAKD UKTS . .,,.,,. ,,,,,,,,..,,...,,.. ,, - . _ . . O B I I K H S FOR 10S.M.KS. committee is composed of Mrs. W . ' - J K n o ^ p w ., rc in puwhurg Saturday. Local Bonril tor Dtstriot No. a has Bouscher, .Mrs. J. R. Mestrezat, Mrs.. ..,,. £ c |,rj ai! " j s r-oming to the received orders to prepare for entrain- °'^\^, : -;!rm Johnston Brendel, -Mr?. ^arpemer and Mrs. C. \V. Downs. Thursday. Friday and Satur- The regular monthly busin-'ss ar,cl . R e v , day . M . iy ]6 17 and · 1 g Adv-13-lt. jf s grand.-- Nelson. Icfi today f o r ; iug 10S men to go to Camp Lee d u r i n g the latter part of this m o u t h . The orders do not-give the eir.rnining date. MRS. WTU^AM UBWICK. | -Mrs. \W!liam Bewick. IS years and ! 11 months old, diod Saturday at her ' home at LeimriDg No. 3. Tbo body ; Dirorror J. L. Starter and removed to the ?ifcU]odis.i;Bpiscopal church, w h e r e ; Jj services wiU b« held tomorrow aftpT- iioon at J.-15-o'clock. Deceased was born at Tarr, a daughter ot William ,\ and Minnie M. Mnrdock HershhcTgor. FRA.NK BALASH- ! The funeral of Frank Balash, w h o ' was k i l l e d in th,? mine;*, ai Adelaide. social meeting of tho J. 0. C. class o f ; S a g j n a W i Mich., to visit his mother, I Ki.V ATI l"S SOI.SSO.V KMJST.S ho First Methodist Episcopal, Sunday ;chool will be hold tomorrow uighr at ' , Nelson. y ou rcr(1 a r e w su i t for spring! I.V A I K I U C . U , St'l'I'LV DKfOT Ignatus L. Soisson left last night for j he home of Mrs. Robert Allen, 541 . j e sure an a gel a gnod one by order- j camp Upton when; lie has hecn a? ilorrell avenue. Greenwood. ' j n g j t here! Dave Cohen, Tailor.-- [signed to the Mi.-dical Supply Depot. 1 Adv. ! Ho enlisted in "Washington, D. C., last Miss Marie Nelly of Scottdalf 1 , was Veek. : oi MIES Rose Leech of North A dancp and euchre will be leld to-: norrow night at i h e armory by the t ;ounty board o{ the Ladles' Auxiliary o, the Ancient Order of Hiht^rnians.i The proceeds will be used Tor buying Cntiagp avenue, yesterday. Republicans: Mr. O'Nfil is a successful banker.--Adv-13-lt. .iberty Bonds. Mr. and Mrs. William Reid motored -- here from Denbo Saturday and visited .Mrs. Percy R. Sheetz will entertain! relatives. he Daughters of Ruth B:bl? dass of; The popular numbers In women's ·rinity Lutheran church tomorrow ; footwear right now are patent lenth- .'.pht at the home of her -/arents.'PI' lace oxfords in high heel:-, and Ir. and .Mrs. R. L Ilannam. : tans in the now tony red shade, rmli- - a ry neel. Downs' Shoe Store have The I X L r.ible r-lars of tte U n i t - ' b o t h and ready just now to give the d Presbyterian church v-ill n.eet to- women just what they want.--Adv.-sorrow night at the home of Miss JCMt. .nna .lamiesoa in South ConneHsvUle.; Mrs. IV. P. Clark of Lincoln avenue became the bride of Dr. J. 'ersons who expect to attend sked to leave on the 7.30 o'c treot car. The regular meeting of the Oaugh- ?rs o: Isabella will be held tomor- w i l l go to Pittsburg tonight to visit , k her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and · Mrs. .G. M. Hosack. ! Republicans: Mr. O'Noil is a suc- cespfu] publisher of a daily newspa- per.--Adv-l3-]t. Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth Evans and nvr evening iu rhe Parochial school ^ c h i j d r o n qf p a w.son, motored here yes- a11 - ; terday- to .visit friends. Today only. Lyman H. Howe's The Little Mothers' club wa? en- Travel Festival at the Orpheum.--Adv ;rtainer! Saturday r.r-ernnon f r o m 2 ]3-n. n t i l 5 o'clock by Miss Helen Mona- ; \VedDt-sday, May 15, IB the last day an at the Haas Hotel. The alter- · f o r ^jg-Q s hoes. If you haven't al- orin was ;'-penl in k n i t t i n g for the ' ready bought your low shoes, you rf- (UcT? ami raiim"?. Dainty shrnents vc e r.erved. ^ y f n t were Mary Kins, Esther ^ · o r . Ka-.hlecn Dougherty, Jes- *.:nt- Harry. Eleanor Tippman and irn Q n i r n . should see Downs* shoe store at onco Those f o r the biggest selection :n town. See ' their windows for display.--Atlv.-53-3t : Miss Violet Bloom of McKedsport, CELEBRATION MISS ANNA WALKER. Mis.*; Anna Walker, one of the host kno'.vu rpsideuts of Uaioruovrn. died yesterday at ihe Motel Morton, A t l a n tic City, following a lingering illness. DR. CRAFTS HERE Spcnifi to .ninii.ters; WiU A Mass ileetinx Titnlclit. Dr. Wilbur F. Crafts and his musi- Kev. J. I!. Uci'd, SI V«irs .flilrrM; Ills laii!,")i1(T 10 Years. The home df Rev. and .Mrs. J. 13. eian, David Reid, arrived this m o r n - ' Reed in Highland aven\u\ t'r.ioiuovm, j n g f r o m WilghiDtTTos ((» deliver n was the sccnu oi a family reunion and number of addresses m Conn.'illKvillo a double wedding ccU'braiion held lm d e r the auspices o( the Saturday, ins-raid of yusterday Ure i association. Dr. Crafts reached tho real date o! the two wodaings. Fifty- j c n. y !oo laic to address the high schixil four yeara ago yesterday the marriage i s n i d e n t s and his lirs 1 . appMraiu'e wad of Rev. and Mrs. Heed was solemn- !.before the ministers at HI o'clock. At ized, and 10 years ago t h e i r d a u g h t e r . n n o n h e spc)kf . at , he n o sl , ops Smith He addressed the bigh sctiool students: of Philadelphia. All of Rev. and .Mrs. '. ta J^JQ o'clock. Reed's c h i l d r e n , w i t h the exc.-ptiou o f , Th , 8 e T e n j n e at c.45 there w i l l he a ' Mr. and Mrs. Prank M. Sislev of Oak- : strcc( mei!l)n g a , Brimstone Corupr land. ral.. wcro present. Those prcs-; and at 8 o . clock a roas ,. !nec ilng I n : em were: Dr. and Mrs. H. J. tho Methodist Episcopal church ar of Dawson; Mrs. Effle R. Jlopwoo.1. w n ( c h Dr ^^ w j ,, stK . ak on .. The Mr. and Mrs. K. P. Phillips, Dr. and H a n d w ,. k , n g nn tne Vnl ,.« Dr . Crafts'. Mrs. J. M. Smith, Miss R u t h Hop- , g s ,, p , rliunndcnr , ? t h e i n t e r n a t i o n a l : wood and Ralph Smith. Reform Bureau and j.-- talking in the For more than a quarter of a cen- , _,,,.:.:,._·£ ! tury, Mr. Reed was pastor of tbe Presbyterian church at laurel H i l l , and yesterday he made the ordination ; prayer at the service of the Second" Presbyterian church, Uniontown. interest of prohibitiori. hom* 1 this morning after a, ; visit v.'Uh relatives in South Counells- EPISCOPALSJO MOVE »TT Plne.e of WArehlp IVfll I'rttbahlj- JJc Itemly b j .Ni'xi Stjnduy. By next Stind;iy T r i n i t y Episcopal ; congregation. CoitM^lL-v-illi-'. w i l l prob- Lnst Public Tests for Teachers Iu ably have moved :nio its new pl'.ic.e o!'. EXAM. DATES NAMED In honor of the fifth birthday of her . County August T. '· worship, the former Poner property Dates for teachers' examinations for ,' in Fairview avenue, whirh was pur- , normal students only were announced i chased some lime ago and which has . Neos Henr.e will restore grey hair : Saturday by Coul uj. Superintendent ' been remodeled. I in. John D. Jr.. Mrs. W i l l i a m Percy to its natural color in one application. John g CaTtM as fottovs ._ The structure will be ready as soon ! East Crawford ; R( . dstone High school-- Saturday. : as the p?ws are delivered. They are 15. ^in E made by the Cnnnfllsvill.- Con- | The congregation at? hostess ai a charmingly arranged The Novesta Shop. 11 iildr'.a'.- party Saturday afternoon a t : avenue.--Adv.-- S-6t. ?r home :n Kighlh streel. 'Jreen-. ood. The hours were f r o m j to 5 O.. formerly of Connellsville, c'.ock. Six small friends of the 1 guests of the latter'g brother, M. J. -·nor' ^ruer-t. ;iccoii:p:Lnicd ihy their ( Cummings. other-- altenwi. Patriotic a:-point-j r.epuW'.cnns'. Mr. 0'Xei; is an effl- mts were p r e t t i l y carried out. Am-: cient piihlic official--proven so in sev- ·ii-an f!^^s temg usetl in deco:atins/oral different public offices.--Adv-13-1 j (Iclicimis luncheon was served The! · J[rs - H - c - Jon e s a ntl daughter. Miss j Mr. and Mrs. J. S. McKce of Ada. j "^ mh connellsviUe High school-1 stniction company. arc Saturday, June 15. i:f planning for a "house warming." California State Normal--Saturday, J u n e 15. Markleysburg--Thursday, Juoe 20. Dunbar township--Friday, June 21. North Ur.ion--Friday. June 21. , York Run--Monday, June 2-1. bio was centered by a bhtbday i Helen, of Ohiopyle, were in t o w n this | Examinttt!ons (or Normal students ,, j who have no'- attended school at least f o u r weeks will be held as follows: Nonnalville--Wednesday, J u n e 2C. Perryopolis--Wednesday, June 2G. Connellsville--Wednesday, June 10. ike holding iive candles and a simi: morning. :· number of Has?. The favor? were "Coney Island by Day and Night n a i l llags. Sirs. Harry Porter ami, shown in I.yman H. Howe's Travel .11 Harry, jr., of Scoitdale, were' Pictures at the Orphetim today.---Adv. ; ;t of town Kr.tx'-s. ] 13-11. i · Mrs. Catherine Wait of Sycamore A called meeting of the Royal Circle ' street, is spending the day in Pitts- a.-ri of the l : n:ted Brethren cliurch ' burg. i l l be hi U! Tui-i'ria;.- evening at the '. '·'· R - Porter \vas in PHtsbnrg today u:rch to close up affairs connected , on business. :th the recent entertainmeat. The ' Low Shoe Day, Wednesday, May 15.' Son of Local Jlere.hniit Knpigpil We have a complete stock of oxfords ! 3vt'h»n!cal liriiufh. Ilmv -Hen Handle Their Money -- Hiujh Clmlme-rs. When an office boy in a Dayton factory Hugh Chalmers proved his ability to save money. At twenty-nine ho was making $72.000 a year and he saved money jast as he had on five ] t e r b c i n guild w i l l hold its regular dollars 3. week. Now he is a man of i great wealth, but he hold? his f a m i l y expenses down to ?300 a month. Such men, who Seamed to save early i" !ife, Ijniontown -- Wednesday, August 7. 1 are the men who lend money to the Government and encourage business and improvements. The Bank helps industrious people to a c c u m u l a t e money- and property. The Citizens National Dank will serve y o u r best Inter- IW IT! in Tuesday evtning. , a n d p u m p s for every member of the i isiness meeting le Christian Endeavor society wil ild a rally Friday evening fo:- the ·ung people of [he church. The Prise-ilia Sewing c l u b w i l l meet I ests. The Bank if, at 138 North Pitts- J u l i u s Crodzin, son of Mr. and Mrs. | burg street, Connellsvil'.e. family. Crowlny-.Mestrezat company. 1 Jacob GrodKin of Connellsville, has --Adv.-13-lt. ' j enlisted in the South African Mechan- I .Knittwl Uarments JfpeoVd. j J. S. Darr was transacting business! ica! Transport corps for service in Q n acc ount of the large number of j at Point Marion today. Central and German Kast Africa, and : d i a f t c n s leaving Cormeltsville the lat- I ·Fr. and Mrs. J. P. Apgar of Pitts- . is now in training at Robert Heights, I lfr par . of y,,, raon th, Miss Harriet ·iday afternoon at the home of Mr* I burg, we; e the guests of the latter's ; Pretoria. Mr. C.rodzin has been lo- | Clark, chairman of the K n i t t i n g com- bn \Vishart. sister. Mrs. Klla Cook, yesterday. i cated in South A f r i c a for the past | niitiee of the Red Cross, urges a l l ! present address is j knitters to speed up in t h e i r worlc so Downs' Shoe Store is overflowing j four years. In the absence of the USE tor. Rev. '- ust now wilh new Joo f' v ' ear Cov everybody. The ne-.v styles this season are beauties. See. our windows for dis- i l b u r Nelson. James Fomwait w i l l ve charge of the Wednesday i ven- - prayer service at the First Baptist urch. 75S7 M. T. C., Robert Heights, as the Bed Cross w i l l be able to sup- Prrtoria, South Africa. Morris Grodzin. another son of Mr. The election of officers of e Christian C u l t u r e class of the iltcd Presbyierian church w i l . b-j ;;1 Thursday evening at t h e clu.rch. ere win be a reception at o o'clock · the uunhers and their r.e\v bajics. pper wil! be served to the class. play.--Adv.--10-4t. ] and Mrs. Grodzin, will leave hero Lieutenant G. H. Roeder and Rob-1 wilh the draftees on May 25, for Camj ert Hook, the latter of C n i o n t o w n . ! Lee. were guests at tbe home- of Mr. and j .Mrs. H. C. R u s h at Dawson yesterday. I .\otico. , p l y each draftee w i t h knitted garments. Arrested IVteh Run. John Homy Slarks, a negro, of Dallas, Tex., was arrcsterl ye^,lrrriay by City Detective J. W. M i t c h e l l f o r ! ool oo Lyman H. Howe's Travel Pictures. .The ladies of the Christian c h u r c h I st o Otiug a revolver Iti'a'colored P' the Orphean. today.-Adv.lD-lt. , are requerled to meet on Thursday ; room l n Wes . C r a w r o r d avcnue . Mr,-. V.'i'.liim M.inlor- of Pittsburg, i evening f o l l c w i n g the i ' the p;rix of her Mr. and Manila Norton EiWc cl 1-3. J.'j. Ro'iison of E i g h t h itreet, i the business of servi-j reenwooti. ' i the Red Cross driver; i Republicans: Mr. O'Neil is a Sleth-|-May 21.--Adv.-13-Jt. ri "-' ortist hv rtescetit and a Baptist by mar- I _ , _ . : /-,,,..,. j _ it- i Cross drivers on Tuesday, Jlnrerains 7 You w i l l find them in our ad. columns. ;ve. to whicli all ladies are in 1 , i t o d L'ome, assured t h a t the latch-st-ing room for the use of merube Red Cross has been fitted u;i at riage.--Adv-13-lt. " j f ' O! ' s ( " IVeslUngton. home of -Mrs. N. B. Kell at Poplar i Clarence Hoop of Homestead, was ' Miss Desse Courtney, a teacher in the guest of his parents. .Mr. and .Mrs. | 'he city schools, has received an ap- ,Tohn Hoop of Greenwood, over Sun- i poiatment n-ith the government and I . day. ' «·'» lea« W«lne,,day night for Wash- | ,. BH , S N a t l v o H e r b Tabh;tK a r p ,,.,,,,. | i Storris Grodrin has returned from ington. D. C. MBS tlsie B u r h h o l d e r of out doubt the beat m s d l c l n c for r h u u - 1 iTnlsa. Okla., where for tie past two Limestone Hill, also received an ap- ' m u t i s m t fver-^ useil." s. W. Mills,! i years lie has been engaged in the oi! · pointmect. j'^M' am nn s'tronB V! anii h a a i t h · at SL-V-! j and gasoline business. .. _..:. . I n n t y - f n u r , t h n n k s to Bliss N a t i v a j Herb Tablets." S. C. Martin. Stevenoiis- bU BLISs"NAT!VE KERB TABLETS for over t h i r t y years liave reliovcd thous-and-s \t .·iufferens frotn rheu- consti lint ion. Gcntif; tuid effective in ennstlplpation. G e n t l e and Affective in net ion, and economical, in price. One tlollr per UOK of u*0 tablets. Insist on Bliss ami you -n-ill pet /^N t h e g-onuine. Ivook for trade l/gj iiiark nn box. ^t-* j Sold by A. A. Clarke and a-gents rowds flue Store With Thrift? Shoppers C* ii In spite of the rainy, windy '/feather, the people Cc.nne and kept on coining and bought most freely of the extraordinary offerings--knowing they were saving 20 to 30 and even 4Q per cent. THE H K A S O N MO PRICKS A!(E I ' R I X T K I ) I N 'J'.'IiS A J t V K f J T t S K M K X T is liccauso, the difierenf 'department heads are so IIUMJ- tliaf it wis impossfliEi- for tlicm to siv' details uboiit the additional merchandise, tlic value.;, t h o prices. ·{·., in f i m n for iliis jiaprr troinjr to press. One depnrt.'iipjit niji»:i"''i' prolml;!y voiced tiu s o n t i i n e i i i s if the entire store when lie said: "Wlutl's (lie us of lUiiiSisiiUiir jirk-es vvii'.si ·.·wry hcm'is a i!witi-siit(i otii-aTid- oiit bargain." CROWDS Vm,L U K . E V K M G I J E A T K R n.'ion {he (lc!.-i:;iii(.i:s from MJIS city und fifty niiies around liavo troiie home and spread tin; news (if t i i e v, under: ui sui iuiis to lie had in this A universal"} Sale. K A C H 1NCOM1MO E X l ' H K S S brings fresli iieiv nnlcr]rif?d liiirrhases from friendly mannfartiirfT.s and w!iic:'i ive in turn ;;iss on to wir e a ^ f o m e r s at (he iins! sensational savings as a substantial appreciation of t f i e i r een-'roiss a n d loyal Miitrciiiaite. A N i Vi'IiEN Y O l ' K M C f T . H f i O R S show you iiu-ir bare-Mills ;;)!:! show you the liisr a m o u n t tliey have SBTW!. yoc -,vil! rr-i.-ret it if you Iu;vi'n'i tuiiea advaiitap-e of ( h i s oiijior- {.ii ts ity. Will Present the following VICTOR RECORD MAKERS Honry Bl'RR. Tenor A U T H U R COLMXS. HarHitno Al.HKRT CA.ttl'BKU,, Tenor lJi: TiORSK. Pianist The Stoi'lint: Trio, and R I L L V 3STRKAY, Tenor «Y1NI.\ 0!. J I A K I . A X . Tcti;»r ·JOIEX II. .MVKHS. JJnsso F l i K U V A N KPi'S. Biiiiioist The Vi-crlt-is (|uar[otto IN THE Conone!ls¥ille; Pa., on "Br; old TRICES $1.00 AM) $1.30. All proceeds will be donated ;o the Edwin S. inch of the Navy League. Tickets now on sale at 3Ic 's Music Store. of POST TOASTI^S FOR WHEflTLESS \ The condition of George Gregg, who! was struck over the h.ead by Leo Opp-1 man following a quarrel over Liberty! Bonds, sti!I continues to improve and : ! hopes for his recoverv are entertain-- Shirt IVnist lnnci Toiilpli N'ight at Jacques. Kiierle's Adv.-- ll-2t. Q ADTASCE IN i?ItICE O T H E R S Keep the family free from colds by using- 2Sc--.We--$1.00 A Clean Q n i c t Place Tor Your Family to Eat. --o-Lot Us Know What You Wan: and How You \Vant Iu --o-GOOD SERVICE. --o-- 31s. C. J. Armstrong* Prop, FILL! \Vork n c n r your lioiiio in JJ:C.-,:::H ;::;.] J u ' r i M J i l u i s u r r o u n d i n s s , b c x r o M e n i o i i p o r i t i u i t j o s fur :^,)ifJ :i;l'.; ; ::i;':;:;·!!:. rin:-..;::!! cpport'initn . lor oai'::o:M, ii:: "I!:,-«':u v G , : n:; v.v::icn l.o- i-n 18 r.nd --\ y.-ari- of ar^\ X;-\v cnciloyos arc paid wjiHo Ir-a/ni;;:: :;;:d ;:re :·· aui!v :ijv;;-icod. Comfortable s i t j i n g room tor read:::.,; --KJ r o i a x a i i o i : \vhc-n off duty. . 3 Toks no olaT. any oTymtf * 4 "rnrrl"'- Alt for Clli.oafeg.TEC 0 I, DlSSo.VD UltAKa PI1J.S. ta'JS 4 j««fcDDTOaaBca.-.S=fcsr.Alwa 1 -:r,c!Ubla " soio BynpiJCGisrs mmmfsr ^ ConnehsvlHe.

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