Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 16, 1974 · Page 19
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 19

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 16, 1974
Page 19
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Time Counts in Heart Attack 125 Striking Nurses Fired After Warning By itauwrcfc fu*e«f Ittttaufk Lutititle The expression "time is of the essence" is never so true as when someone is having a heart attack. In this potentially life threatening emergency. even- minute counts! A few simple measures could make a lif e-or-death difference to a person who's heart is faltering. If you or a loved one suffered symptoms of a heart attack, would you know what to do? ABC* of Health Should you have reason to suspect that you or someone else is having a heart attack, call a rescue service without delay. Then contact the person's physician if possible. When phoning for help, and upon arrival at the hospital, emphasize that the situation is a possible heart emergency and request immediate attention. What should be done until help arrives? In general, cardiologists suggest placing the person in a semireclining position, unless the patient's condition dictates otherwise. The patient should be kept calm and quiet. No food or drink should be taken. Keep the person warm, but not to the point of perspiring. Loosen or remove tight clothing or anything else (like a wrist watch) that restricts circulation. The patient should be able to get plenty of air; no one in the area should be smoking. Do you know how to give artificial respiration and exter- ' nal cardiac massage if the need should arise? These emergency techniques can not only save a life, they can prevent irreparable brain damage which may occur within just a few short minutes if the brain is deprived of oxygen. Ask your local heart association. Red Cross or rescue service where you can get instruction in these first aid procedures. You'll always be more prepared for a heart attack if emergency p'hone numbers are readily accessible to an- yone'in your home or office. This means pasting the information on your telephones. Get the name and phone number of the ambulance or rescue service (such as the fire department) which can provide the fastest transportation to the closest good heart care facility. Your local heart association or physician can assist you in determining the hospitals nearest to your home and place of work which can give good, prompt emergency heart care. Do these hospitals have a mobile cardiac-care unit which can come to you? * * * YOU CAN also carry information with you which may be Momlule Hits Nixon Effort In Watergate to aUe*dwg pfcvsi- eiaas in fee event tfeat you suffer cardiac symptoms while .you're away from home. Heart specialist Dr. Lawrence .Lamb suggests making up a simple "EGG identifica- tioccard" which can be photographed and placed in your wallet or card hoMer. An ECG (electrocardiogram) charts your heart's electrical activity from 12 different views. Simply take the charted impulse of one heartbeat from each view and paste them on a card so physicians will have the information for comparative purposes in the event of an emergency. Next to this you can put vital medical information such as allergies, medication being taken, blood type, rh factor, any diagnosed heart problems, your name and the name and telephone number of your physician. Suppose your heart attack is "silent?" You may recover and go on about your IWSUKSS without even realiiiig you've had cardiac trouble -- only to drop dead of a second attack. To reduce your chances of a heart attack remaining undetected, heart specialists recommend that an ECG be taken periodically. An ECG is not a guarantee that your physician will find hidden heart problems, but heart specialists point out that a single ECG taken while you are resting will reveal up to 50 per cent of such trouble. If results are negative, depending on your case history your physi- .cian may suggest a second tracing taken under the added exertion of climbing steps. The diagnostic accuracy of, this master-two-step test is reported to be about 90 per cent. You can also give your physician a "diagnostic edge" in using the ECG to detect hidden heart disease. It will help your doctor to have previous ECG's with which to compare your latest tracing, since the ECG has a wide range of normal. The late Dr. Paul Dudley White noted that "No two aess Reseaiefe Institute s tew paperback anthology, Health's-a-Popjpia'. The book contains 21 chapters by leading national authorities with the latest wtfortaaUoa oe a variety of health topics, and is written in a popular style. Health's-a-Poppin' is published by Pyramid Books. 919 Third Ave««e. New York, N Y l«g£2. It is available in some local book stores and from the Institute for $1.25 to cover costs. STERLING. W-#- Tfee «fc»ef adouatstrator of Com- ntttnity General Hospital on Saturday dismissed 125 nurses who had been on strike and ignored an ultimatum to return to work or be fired. Beraow. eead of tfce said six bead nurses were tactaded in the dismissals while two others returned. He said staffing tbe hospital remains oo an emergency basis but that he "anticipates no Same swsrses returned, ae said, siace *e strike started at midaigbt May 31 over a dispute involving the Nursing Sen ices Association's status o* ifce eight bead nurses. hearts are exactly alike, not even those of identical twins." * * * EVEN if you're still young and healthy, have an ECG test taken now and tuck it safely into your personal file. Twenty years from now, it may prove invaluable. Dr.. White recommended that a young person have a battery of vital testing done and file away the results for future medical reference. Because, with time, your heart tracing can go back to normal after a heart attack, having testing done at regular intervals will increase the chance of finding existing heart trouble. Remember, when it comes to a heart attack, what you don't know can kill you! No one wants to plan on having a heart attack" -- bat. be prepared, just in case. For hints to keep you a heartbeat ahead in healto, see the chapter entitled "Heart- to-Heart Talk" by cardiologist Dr. Robert B. T. Skelton, in the American Physical Fit- SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-UPI- If President Nixon, is allowed to deny evidence to House impeachment investigators, the United States might as well forget about representative democracy, Sen. Walter F. Mondale said Saturday. "And if the President is unchecked and the powers of Congress are taken away, we lose the only real hope for the average citizen," the Minnesota Democrat said in an address prepared for a Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner, Mondale. who is exploring a run for the presidency in 1976, said Nixon's attitude of "stonewalling'' Watergate investigators is "one of the most frightening and far- reaching threats to American democracy that we have ever witnessed in our 200 years as a free nation." "If we allow Richard Nixon to 'stonewall' impeachment. Congress might as well pack up and go home, and each of you might as well forget about representative democracy," Mondale said. "For impeachment is the ultimate way to hold a president accountable. If you bury impeachment, you bury the most essential'means for checking a runaway president." he added. GED Test Center Opens in Putnam WINFIELD - The first GED testing center in Putnam County has been opened at the Putnam County Vocational Center in Eleanor and the response is so great that additional test dates have been set for Thursday and Friday. test times wili be 5:30 p. m. Thursday and 8 a. m. Friday. The fee is 16. RICHARD KCKSON RICHARD JKKSON, Agent FOR NATWNWDE INSURANCE 414 DIVISION ST., SO. CHUS. has won membership in "Millionaires" Club Nationwide's Elite Sales Recognition organization. The Company notified Jackson of election to "Millionaires" Club in recogni- I tion of his outstanding performance in customer sales and service last year. He will receive special recognition for his achievements at Nationwide's 17th annual "Millionaires" Club conference at Ft. Louder- dale, Florida. He and his wife will attend as the company's guests and will get personal congratulations from top Nationwide executives. Jackson has been a Nationwide insurance agent for 10 years, this is the 1st time he has won membership in the "Millionaires" Club. Nationwide Insurance Nitxnmidt Mvtul I NttiwrK i*- Malal Fire IBS. Co. NatiomcMe life Imvranct Monday and Tutsdqy--June 17-18 2 DAYS TO SHOP DOWNTOWN CHARLESTON AND 2 DAYS TO SAVE ON TERRIFIC BARGAINS THROl GHOIT (H R STORE Men's Famous Name Knit Slacks SELECTED GROliP WOMEN'S SHOES 2 Pair For 2.99 Pair BROKEN SIZES SPRING SVMMER STYLES Street Floor Special Purchase of 9 to 15. values 7 Polyester knit flares with wide belt loops. Solids, Prints or plaids, white, navy, green, beige, brown, blue or gold. Sizes 29-40. MEN'S SOFT LEATHER LOAFERS 5.00 Compare at 16. value GENUINE LEATHER UPPERS FIRST QUALITY BROWN OR BLACK BROKEN SIZES Street Floor 100% ACETATE SATIN PILLOW COVERS 2 FOR 3. REG. 1.59 VALVE FITS STANDARD PILLOW PRINTS: PINK: BLUE OR YEL LOW. r Strert Floor Polyester Fiber Filled * Bed Pillows Women's . Polvester Knit · *t * Basic Dress Reg. 12. 10 Sleeveless polyester knit basic dress... Solid colors, prints or jacquard designs. Pink, blue, red, navy, green or yellow. Sizes 1 0 t o 2 0 14^24%. Second Floor SELECTED CROliP CHILDREN'S SHOES 6.00 Values to 10.99 BROKEN SIZES DRESS CASUAL Street Floor BOYS' POLYESTER ANDCOTTOM SLEEVELESS BAGGIE VESTS 2. 2.59 VALVE SOLIDS PRINTS SIZES 8 to 18 Third Floor 20x26* FOR 20x30' Ouren 2 7 FOR 4 20x36" Kin? 2FORO. Polyester fiber filled Dupont" Label" Bed pillows. Resilient, odorless, mat resistant non-allergenic. White/pink or white/blue prints. 7 Fourth Floor * 22x44" 24x46" Cannon NYLON PILE CONTOUR RIGS REG. 3. 1 00 VAL .3. T| I K 1 SOLID BLUE, GOLD, RED, BLACK, GREEN, NON-SKID BACKING Fourth Floor Bath Towels 2 FOR 1.59 each WOMEN'S SPANDEX NYLON ANKLE-HI STOCKINGS 00 3 PAIR FOR Women's Agilon Nylon Stretch Panty Hose V !· ONE SIZE PECAN, NAVY, BEIGE OR CINNAMON Street Floor SIWBEAM HAND MIXER '00 8 ( COMPARE AT 14.94 WHITE FIRST QUALITY Fourth Floor Cotton terry or terry velour Cannon bath towels in solids or iacquard prints. Soft, luxurious 22x44" size. Slight irregulars but will give you plenty years of good service. Decorative color of pink, brown, blue, green, gold, black or yellow. 1.99 2.99 Value if Prrfeel Fourth Floor !·· Reg. 99* Value FOR Sunset, Rosetone, tantone, beige-tone sizes small, averdge, tall or X-tall. Women's Briefs Bikinis for Brief sizes 5-10, brief sizes 4 to 7. White, Blue, Peach or Yellow. Street Floor oo MEN'S STRETCH NYLON SOCKS 2 PAIR "I FOR J. Reg. 89'VALUE 70% STRETCH NYLON 30% POLYESTER ONE SIZE NAVY, OLIVE, BROWN BURGUNDY, BLACK Sreet Floor Baby Sale 100 Solid Kimonos Gowns WOMEN'S NYLON KNEE-HI 2 PAIR | FOR 1 00 REG. 69' VALVE ONE SIZE SANDAL FOOT Street Floor STEAM'N DRY IRON 8 00 COMPARE AT 15.95 Fourth Floor Men's and Women's Sunglasses Values l o l O . Keep the sun out of your eyes. Put on your favorite frames. W. wires or plastic frames in lots of shapes and colors. polarized, lenses. *-. Street Floor .;-· Women's Famous Name Solid or Print Sacques Training Pants T-Shirts Size 2-4 Your Choice *L FOR JL · Third Floor MEN'S POLYESTER/COTTOiN SHORT SLEEVE SHIRTS VALVES TO 5.99 5. ONE POCKET FRONT SIZES S. M, I, XL SOLIDS OR PRINTS LIGHT Bl'JE, GREEN, BROWN, BEIGE, WHITE Street Floor COMFY SLIP COVERS CHAIR COVER SOFA COVER 3. Fourth Floor QUILTED Pillow Covers 1.00 REG. 1.29 VALVE 19x25" SIZE SOLIDS, PRINTS, CHECKS, ZIPPERED ENDS * Fourth Floor Polyester Siw? 10-204 Famous name port! sch o» c soing price. Polyester knii, or prints, long sleeve jccVet styling wHh pyS-on {lore oonts. Sizes 10-20 1A '.7 ?c 22'-?. 3eige, Slue. Navy, Sed, Pink. or Green Second Floor

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