The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 13, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, May 13, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE -FOtTR. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNELLSVILLE, PA. / MONDAY, MAY 13, 1918. onrtnr. ? HENBT P. -- rounder and Editor. THB COVKUSK coitrAinr, K. 3JL President. JAS. J. IXJUSCOLLi- 5 JOHN-L, -GAN8, , ,, t* Managing Editor. S WAI/TJ3R- STOWCEU. t* City. Editor. V ~ i- MISS I^YNNE B.' JSNCEIJX ' . t- Society Editor^ ' ·* MEMBER OF: * Associated Pros*. - - £ Audit Eurean_o£ ^Circulation. cvu» ier copv; 50c per month; iiarlby-mail if paid la advance ed as second class matter »X the e. ConnellsvHle. Pa. -XOSIUT 1918. T» SHBKBIAN. ·o«pUal Unit 1^ American Bx-: £· petitionary Forces, France. -» . RALPH P: SIJCER. · · *. 'Company H, 31»tn Infantry, * ·".'···' · tr;' N: A.; · · · · ! - Camp Lee. P*t*r»bur», V». '' HATROLD RICTHET. ' Battery- E, Field Artillery, 23th ~ " " Division, U. a N: G. £ I*LOYD B. COX, * Company F, 37th Engineers, TJ. Z . I';.S,^-i...Fottt,34yer, ya.-- - - JULIUS CHOUSE, ^Company ' £, "lath"'" Engineers' £. (Railway), American 33xpe- J3 Ultionary Forces. France. _ . . . . , - cluslvciy entitled to the use for CrepabltcatioA at ·U'.ew* dia- - patches credited to It or not -. oth«rtrl*« credited _' and also the Local n -- herein. " (Emitting from present consideration the* patriotism and- .cominuiiiiy- pride that were display^ ty : tiie "p pl«- of the CooneUsTille: district.-.d in'j the recent Third .^Liberty-:Lqas cafopaJsn, have you reaUzei^.jrhar the $urcb«3e of. f 1.411,750 wortE. "of these proposition, the security of which ia the incalculable -wealth, of., the great. *st iialii^-oirearfii^'it means thai" the 9,250 6oad. : soS8cri«r»--wili receive,, la round xttmbers; an anntial. interest iu- come'pt $70,000. If they retain pos- "Bessioifjpl these bonds .until -their maturity 10'years, hence they will mean- 'time have xeceired'in interest the mu- tiiflc'ent siim."bf "$700,000, and Uncle Sam will return to them th'e amount of the.'^drohaae price. - ?.'': ,' Long accustomed as we have been to lat pay-days ia this section $70,000 a rear^may-iiot^eetQ to be an extra^ ordinairily'iarge'simount, but, there are none wh'o dare 'say that addition ot an average:of 55,836 per inoath, or Jl,: per week, or, jl§2'. per day, is not a very ^respectable .increase .in the · tangibii^Avealth dt* V^ e ''Community. "'That iS; r iTMi£ the payment of interest oa. the ; ,Thircl' Liberty Bonds bought by " peoplel'lk this district will mean wh'en reduced to the terms oC the pay-roll, which ja a commonly accepted measure among our people. The purchase of $1,411,750 worth of bonds by 9,250 persons represents an average of $152.62 pfr purchaser. From ;the standpoint ot investment this average is not a large amount. It means, ^owever, that, a large percentage;, oC; the subscribers consist of personi;wht have, never made.invesi- ments 'In 1 , ^government securities,- and perhaps'ln no form at all. Thus 0 have learned their first lessons .ia the * prudeot''conservation of their .-inei and have been given the incentive 40 practice "thrift and economy. The wide distribution of bonds, even if many persona limited ihoir subscriptions to the minimum of $50, has an equally significant * meaning. The holder o: every bond, no matter what its denomination »,may be, now has a substantial interesEJJn the government and a deeper concern:, in the..progress, of^the .war to a victorious" conclpnipn'. This, relation invests citizenship with a new importance;and patrio:isci and loyalty with'.X.riew sincerity, strength and effectiveness that will have concrete expression in a unfty.of "purpose in our nation wblich will-malic-iti invincible against"thV foe-"ol civilization. This has a value that cannot bo computed in dollars jand cents; but it will be worth more tp a people and a nation tban,,13ie,redemption -ol all the Liberty .Bonds' the gavernment may Issue wiU-eosi. V. -".': - . In the last analysis that is the real meaning-to'the Conaollsville and all other districts' -or- the largely Increased^; amount- and-number ot subs c rip ti ons£i?y^ber-TMrd: 'Liberty Loan, good" r u n n i n g ~siaH. Doubling up the quotas on the drr.ri calls may come. a little- hard, but it means that tho JHiins ·wjjl bo doublet) up and laid away thr.t much sooner. · N«w» of thV FMt Con- . . :. ·.-. d«h«*« ffom tH«TJlM.ef,: · . - ·-- ·'· -Tb» · CoUrtwr,' ,* ·. 5 ," : : KBUJAY, MAT 18." 1888. "Work Is resumed! .at Morrcll coke i-nlta^ " Wagres arc:-Min!n^ t SOc; di»w^ ·ng.ovens, 4Sc per 100 bushels. ' Pirank HcCorrmick, tr^uke»nmh on the BaJtiraore Ohio. ra-'Iiroad,.- falls between two cats at- tha Touph si cling. Both logs arc crushed off and "be d^ea shb-rtly ^a/terwartte.* ~\ · · · ·· William Brow-n, a miner eauployed at orrtll, '-is struck--by- an 'etnpiy 'trip ana instantly killed. . : 3r. G. "W. NefE of Masonitown, i» ap^ nted asvivtant iufeeon of the Tectib ' ' * ' T h e pootoftlce at Dun»b»r is moved into the new Speer building Christian "Wurtz dies at his home In Franklin txxwnship, . ' Snow "falls at Mill Run. Mrs. Julht Steyer, 82 yeare old. dd3 it hef homo (n SpririjrJleM townahjp. "W;: L. Gra-ft, ·wrpertmendent of- the SeotWaJo rolling mill, reslf-ns, and Robert Ske-rnp, is..e]eotfcd his successor. MT. Skanrp had been acting 1 as' secretary, o f t h e company.' . . . The boIJor of a Baltimore Ohdo en- sine, explodes near Ra.wlin.g3, "W. Va. Engineer S.' X. Woodruff-and Fireman H, C. KAtsmHlOT of: Cumberland, Mr., are killed. FRIDAY, MAY 13, 3898. .rapoiit of., fhe ConnellwviUae coke trade ror the week endJirg- May shows a -total of 13,608 ovems in the rplon, of -which 14,637 are active and 3.71 arc idle.-with an eotiTBated production of 10£.7St}' tons. Sh-ipmewts for the week affSregn. 3,175 cars, dJ»trJbutted as follcxws: To Plttsburg", 2.7S4 cars; to points west, !»; to poin-ta cast, t 1,25-1 cars; a decreaae of six cans as compared to th'e previous week; Cornpany D t Wie Tenth Regrfcrw in cacrj) at Mouot Gretna, is reorganized.. Captain George. A. M-unson 're- si g-ns. IjIeittenJinit Alex Johnston Is captadn, PMrt Sergeant H. A. Crow is.oh.oeen first lieutenant and CbiwJes lUchey second lieutetiant. The other offlcere elected arc: First ser- .£eattti."A."' J. ButtenmoT*; second »«r- geant,- gonv-Ti-UWh: -third "iserg'es "Rofcert ' " Shaffer; 'quartetrrwve' ser- .at. S. S. Cte-rfc..,I-!eutenaiK 9eum H. ~ ia rejeit*d because o£ ptoys- Even if you did \vctir a bright colored flower and take pert .in .yesLerfly'p observance of Mother's- r»ny. *· that-does not' give you licence co let mother tl all "the w o r k in the h'-me. ,,,, thi efforts of I* I*. "West and bthar« IS carts ,pl-.trb)*t Ir;'. *tre 02s- ,trlbutei .in,-.nearby atrtftma. The 38 "cans contained about 30,000 ytmng trout. ''L'JVadJB .H. AEariette and Mlae Percy ttre married at Oakiand, Ma. .'. A. J. 'Case, proprietor of. the. Baltimore t House. Iff *te**jed 3a the breast by an nnriily 'nepro wh'otn he eject.from .the hotel. 0 J. li. Barnes and J. D. Boyd sail two tracts of conl In Menallen township to P. A- He^urne of the Biversrtdo Iron Works, \WieeUns, W; Va., at J140 an acre". TViiea^. reaches the his*ie*t price kno-wn.stace 1872 and H Is still advancing. The price ranges from $1.60 to $1.^0 a buahl. A Texas estate o£ nearly $1,000,000 has foumi its heirs in Fayette comity a'.wl "West "V-lrginria through the persi»l- entent eCorts of Thomas Hyatt, an in- vafld residing-Jn ConnelJ«vW3«. Notary John Knrtz· receive* a. letter from at- tornej-s at Iallas. Tex., axlrislng him that they have in th.edr posoesuion $117,000 coming from t*ie- estate ot tHija, Asa and W-lllfam MItcJiell, of Dai- las, Tex., and that there is some *700 000 to fSOO.OOO worUi ot real estate In the" city yet to be' diypo*Ki at. The Ict- ·te-r inqalree for Thoma* Hya^U. who 1« an heir. Marriage licenses are issued In Union town to Ohrules A. Vanbrernen 01 ^oanellsvnie. and Gertrude - Uiilpnto.WTi; ·Wnifajn M, -Oroaelnnd and ·Bartara. Eoytl, BuUsk-in 'towrvah4p' Georgre H. ProvarKre and Mangle E r-artln, tuntiac; William F. Kennedj of Connclls%'411e, arfd NOTA Morgan of Greenaburg. Joseph GoooVvrin. 15 years old. of Coolsprln-g, near tTnlonlonTn, kills his uncle. John "Welsh, -with a «4 mer. Miss Alice Hbrner. teacher Jn the Connellsvine schools, la called to Fltts- hurp by-the death of her weter. Mrs. J R. Porter, ivlfe ot the principal of the OonnellsvJlle schools In- tii 70'a. Mrs. Phoebe Hart, S1 yoara old. ·'ow..ot- Jacot Hart, clios at the home of ._lien* son-in-law. -"W. K.^Murphx : avonue. CIonnGlisviTlB. . Hoy X "McCormSck, wtille uslnpr hatchet, strikes hds arm and breaks it Invfta-tions have been Issued by Mrs John. Thomas H'ojrg of New Haven, for tbe marriage of Her : d»uRhter;.M Kattierlrie Amelia, to George TV. Jnc'r- son Btel of PittGl.urg. TnUH5DAT, MAT 14, 1WW, · . Detntled report of the-Connellevills coke trade for the week ending May 9, shows a ttifci-1 of 37,473 oven* In the refiion, of which 14,055 are In blast and 22,518 Idle, with a total estimated production of 173.045 tons. Shipments' for the week acrsregatd .^,S,"7 cars, d is t ri b'u t e-d as fx31 oirs: To ;PIttsburs. 2,X"J5 cars; to points wwt, ^";200 cars; to po-In-U east. S32 cars.'a '/locroasfof "2ft?'cars as compaTed' -waUi the previous week. Orfn J. Stunrte, a U-n-iontown editor, ends hia life- with a revolver." As a result of eating poison Ivy while -playing: in the garden :it thoir homer jx-t .Tuniata, township. rhr»*e children of Jamie? Bolpe are in a 'serious condition-'rom internal pol^on- inp. ·'- *· .Rev. C. S. Cossman, ^Tathodiat mdnla- tcr, murders his young* wife-'with a carving k n i f e at their home \n Fairmont. I.opran Mitts, 33 years old, former policeman, dies. T=liJrty-one persona, members of the Mrthodtist church, NormalvHle, are baptized In Indian creek. In an opdnion ha-nderl down by Jutl?:e Van Swearinj^en, -in fordsners arrested f o r . viola/tine the SabbatH la-ws ny working for the Ba-ltlinore ft Ohio railroad company at Dunbar, are lis- c-'ia.rged. · - · George W. "Washaba-agh. GO years old, a veteran of the -war, and a former resident of Fayet^e oounty, dies at West Ne-.v.ton. Mrs. Ellen Ilawk. 7S years old, dioe Jn South ConneUs^lle. Mistaking poisonous tablets for candy, a cfrild of itr. nnd Mrs. Edward Eicamon-of Scottdale, is made seriously ill. Jfrs. JjCnfirn Hampton, "G year« ol-d, flies at Dunbar. THE COM* BAD*. Th* wind IB cold» the sky Is wet, tho rain's continuous and moist; and many people sigh and fret who oh the sunny days- rejoiced. · Some voters ar« so pooriy buiit they view a dark day with affright; ( tbey think that all the jeans are spilt If there should be a cloud In sight. But I have made a guady ftre, I hear It roaring up the ftu«; and here I sit and swat my lyre, and raise a happy howdydo. I look out at the liquid rain that hasn't sense enough to Quit, and see it washing down, the pane, and do not throw a lorbid St. ' Th'e rain will make .the fields TTjOre fair, and that should cheer up dismal souls: and it will purify the air,.fand make the microbes hunt their holes. .The rain will save the: oats and ryes--that's what the good old. rain Is for; and thus we sec, if we fiav« eyes, that storms like thiff will win the war. How often, throuffh a lack of rain, has this drouth Mricken country grtw-ned 1 ! So it is sinful to complain bocaus* your picnic is postponed. -The country roads are dripping wet, no motor cars along them purr; Irat it's; a -wicked thing to fret because your Joy ride won't occur. Graduates of the Connt-llsville high schpol are trrndunJly filling- up the ranks of the fr.cuHy. As t h e i r desire to Ret at the Huns jncreas-es fro- t i c k e t * to Frr.nce are becoming more popuUr than furloughs with t h u soldiers. "Hinily" is a loni; time 'coming out of his hole Not surprising when he kiHAVf* what kind of a reception is in store for him. With the Bond canpaig-n experts Jn control of the Fieri Cross drive there ;an"be no doubt of its success. Skirts Shorter m Johnstown. Johnstown ] t-r.xocrat. It Iff no lonci-r reopj^ary for the ndies to wait on w i n d y days. HOLDS GET THREE That Socms to Be the Capacity of the Federation IVuter Wagon, Says Hill. Thomas J. Hill ot Scottdale, a candidate for tbc Legislature, "when asked hy a Pittsburg newspaper to state his attitude on the ratification of tbe prohibition amendment, gave answer as follows: "Personally I am for ratification, and have asked the indorsement of the temperance federation, out this irater wagon does not seem to be large enough for more than three candidates. Consequently they refuse to indorse me, and in the opinion of the temperance federation I will uot be known as a 'dry' candidate. Jf nominated and elected 1 will be governed by the will of my constituents. ! "WANTED--3TA"LIAN GtKL SPEAK-. Ing good English to wait on tables and ivttend to fruit stand, TOBY'S QUICK LUNCH., Dunhar, Pa. lOmaySt* WANTED--GOV.KRNMENT NEEDS 20,000 Cleks at Washington'. Examjna- Uons everywhere May 25. /Eiperienct unnecessary. Men and -women dcslrlnsr government positions write for free particulars .to J. C. ^LEONARD, former Civil Service Exararner, · 838 Kenoia Bids.. Washington. ImayGtx FOR' KENT--SMALL, . APARTMENT. Inquire FLORENCE SMUTZ. Snmytfd . FOR RENT--TWO NICELY FUR- nlahed rooms. Tor Ught housekeeping. 1212 Vine street. lOmaytcd FOR RENT--THREE FURNISHED rooms, 135 North Ssvonth street. lOmaySt" FOR BENT--TWO DESIRABLE foonrs. Central location'. .Address "ROOMS," The Courier. 23may2t FOR SALE--OKU 1316 IJRISCOE tourlnff car, electric lights and starter. JAMES McGARRlTY. Dunbar, Pu. FOR SALF.--WE BUY LADIES' AOT3 gentfl* second hand clothes. Phone Tri-State 229, residence. A. SHTJL^ MAN,.' 241 North Pittabursr street. lOmayGt FOR SALE--OKE EIGHT TON. IOH machine, fully equipped. One' 3 H. P. electric motor, fjot of Dcltin^ and shntUne a* » bargain. M. p. ROHM, imay-tfd-slits FOR SALE--1914 HUPSON SIX electric starter, light, tires; good, 3 extra. Good ..condition. DraUed. 210 Pittaburs street, Scottdale.'' ;. 7- FOR SALE--GARAGE. FORD AGBN- cr! in two towns of 10,000 population each and parts ot five townships. Entire stock of tires, tubes, accessories and Ford parts. Sales average $10,000 aer month. Owner in draft, only reason far selling-. WEIMEJt MOTOR | CO1PANY, Scottdale, Pa. Smaytf FOR RENT--FURNISHED ROOM. Gentleman preferred. 202 Nortli Cottage. 13may 2t* WANTED -- YOUR boalneas. BAJ1BBRINO U WANTED--SECOND TRICK COOK. B. If O. RESTAURANT. IQmaySt WANTED--COLORED WAITER AT YOUOH HOasE BESTADBAJiT. · 29aprttd WANTED--GIRL FOR GENERAL housework. 51T Want Crawford . Smart* WANTED--BOY FOB POBTEU AND to work In drue: store. J. C. MOORE. llmaytf WANTED--EXPERIENCED WA1T- ress and Lady Second Coolc. MANHATTAN CAFE. maytt WANTED--OIKL FOR LIGHT housework. No baklne or washing. Small family. Good -wages. Call Bell =15. 13maylt WANTED--GIRL TO DO SKWLVG and repair work.' A. SCHULMAN, Tri- State 229. 241 North PittsburE street. ISmaytfd W1ANTED--BOYS AND GIRLS OVER 16-years of age. W-e pay carfare. CONNBLLSVTLLE. SILK MILK. WANTED--BOYS AND GIRLS OVER 16 years of a£6. Paid while learning. CONNELLSVILLE SILK MILL. 12aprLfd WANTKD--WOMAN FOR GENERAL housework. Apply MRa C. J. ARMSTRONG, at Toueli House restaurant. SOaprtl ATANTED--AT ONCE, KEDfUM size house -with conveniences, or apartments. Call 7*7 either phone or Bell 77. ImaytJ FOR REN'T--THRBE FURNISHED liousekeeping: rooms. 2KG Ease Crawford. Bell 613. l.lraaylt FOK RENT--FFVT3 J1OOM FLAT, Ai.1 conveniences. Small ffarden. E. SOLES, Franklin street. Hoes Addition. lOmaytfd FOR RENT-- TWO LARGE DESIS- able furnished rooms lor light housekeeping. AH conveniences. 410 North Flttsburg street. 34maylt FOR RENT--A LARGE STORE room with warehouse. East Crawford avenua. Fine location. Call J. M. HBRPICK, 640 Tri-State. Sroaylf »«r Bale. FOR SALE--LANrT FEETILI2ER. Price right. CONNELLSVILLE CON' CO. lOmaytfd FOR SALE--TOMATO PLANTS. 15o p*r doi«l. Apply H. T. WILSON. 316 East Fainrtew avenue. Smaytf FOR SALE--TON TRUCK UNIT FOR Ford, bed and cub. 300 HU1 street Tri-State phono 112-3. lomayjt* FOB SAM!--TOMATO PLANTS, Jl.OO per hundred. MRS. HYATT'S GREENHOUSE, 229 South, street. llrrwiytfd FOR SALE--THE DEAN .BOTTLING Works. Bast business in the city for the money invested, doing enough business to employ two trucks. Reaf?on for selling, going to serve my country. 1 ? ThiH is worth any man's consideration. Will teach you this buRinews before leaving:. DAVID HARDEN, proprietor. Smaytfil LOST--SATURDAY. HAY 4, G OLD watch and fob, initial J. S. on the wntch. Howard. Care Courier. ' 13 may It* LOST--BUNCH OP KEYS NEAT! tbe Columbia Hotel. West Side. Finder plcasu return to Mayor John Dusgnn, or the Courier office. - jSmaylt Notice. KETSTONE CLEANING PARLOR. Bring your Panama and straw hats to CHARLES COCOS, 170 WeEt Crawford avonuo, Cownellsville, Pa. SraayMt* THE SCHOOL BOARD OF STEWART township will meet at Ohiopylo on May 26. at 10 A. M. for the purpose of electing teachers and receiving bids for fuel for the schools. Every teacher must sign contract · ttn above date or position will be declared vacant by board. JOHN HARBAUGH, Secretary, Victoria, Pa. Uroaytlt' WANTED--AT ONCE. EXFER- ienced saleslady, must understand alterations and furnish references. Apply PEOPLES' DEPARTMENT STORE, 120 N o r t h Pittsburg street. 26aprtf WANTED--MAN FOR SWEEPING cars at night: 11.30 P. M. ';o 10.30 A, II. Steady work. Apply MASTER MECHANIC, West ^"enn Railways Co; 8may5t j WANTED -- SEVERAL CAftFEN- ters for repair work on sirwt car« and building. Steady work; S-hour day. Apply MASTER MECHANIC. "West Penn Railways Company. SmaySt WANTED--1[.)ULDERS ON GJU3Y Iron, green sand; also Cora makers. Steady work, union shop, $5.25, S hours. CHRISMAN FOUNDRY CO.. Morgantown, W. Va, 9m«y«t WANTED-^FOREMAN. MANUFAC- turlng company about to locate In Con- nellsviiie wants competent foreman to take charge of Its tin plate lacquering and metal stamping departments. Must have good knowledge of combination dies and experienced in the management of help. Heply flhould state fully ago. experience and salary- expected, "FOREMAN," care Courier. Umayit' FOR SALE The following trucks have been left on oar hands for sate by party having to go to war. One Little Giant sy 2 ton track, equipped with ·with a Woods HydraoHc Hoist v and Steel Dump Body. Good as new. Same has been in use only six weeks. One 3Vz Ton. Republic Truck, equipped with cab and wood body for hauling coal. Two 2 Ton Republic Chassis.- One iy 2 Ton Jeffries Truck equipped with wood body and hand hoist. The above trucks can be bought at a bargain by a quick buyer. Wells-Mills Motor Car Co., Connellsville, Pa. F. C. DOESCHNER rittsburg's Ijargcst EicclnsiTo Furrier ANNOUNCES tlio arrival of MISS E. MELLINGER (EoprcsontiitlTc) !or it tfiree day's cxMbit of . fine furs at the SMITH HOUSE Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday May 13, 14, and J5 Tflio cordially Jnvitos women of this city who appreciate fnrs of superior quality to witness tlic brilliant display of exclusive lurs for the season of 1010, including Coats, Coatees, Sets, Capes, Scarfs and Special Snmiuor Kurs, Scarcity of groceries and.high prices during the last year; too much credit, and general bad management, has put many grocers out of business, and has put many more out that were rated first-class managers. It is hard to run a grocery store and niake money now-a-days. The Union Supply Company is running sixty-tliree grocery departments now: prices are advancing, goods are scarce. Notwithstanding, we are operating and have a full supply all the time, but are selling under greatly reduced profits. Flour, sugar, coffee, potatoes, canned goods, and all goods such as the Government is using large quantities of, are all advancing and are sold under very close prices. We are operating under a Government license, strictly carrying out every ruling of the · Food Administrator, doing everything we can to help the Government, and expect our customers to try and do the same. \Ve have an abundance of goods, can take care of your wants and are doing it. In our meat markets the usual good stock and assortment of fresh beef, fresh pork, salt and smoked meats, and all pork products, are on sale and are being sold at low profits. The quality of goods, the low prices, the sanitary condition, courteous treatment, prompt deliveries, are all inducements for you to buy from our grocery and meat departments. «3 lease Department States, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and AQegbeny Counties. In White, Grey, JReld Mouse, Brown an3 Blacfe The woman who demands a perfect fit, who Insists on the newest and best styles, who desires QUALITY FOOTWEAR will do well in coming to us. We.jplease yon. We save you money. YOUGH TRUST COMPANY HAVE YOUE PRINTING DONE AT THIS OFFICE. § Try Our Classified Ads, It 7 s Money in

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