The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 12, 1930 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 12, 1930
Page 7
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i-yiMT ,, ' « · t;«" I A * , \ ^ , FEBRUARY 12, · HOUSE GROUP IS READY TO STUDY PROHIBITION Judiciary Committee Has Seven Proposals for Changing 1 uw. «y H K R H E R t ' LITTLE I nited Pr«,a Stafi Correspondent WASHINGTON, Fab, 12-Investigation ot prohibit on a A national policy aftor 10 year* of trial will be started formally today by t h House Judiciary cor/»mitt«e in its impressive big hearing room In the House office building. 1 ho 23 repro«ento ive« on the committee, moet of them prohibition's, will liatan from their elevated eeml-cJrcu- lar roatrurn at one e K! of the room, to wltaeswHj expected to number more thaa JOO, appearing before them In the nest low week!. Tho hearings weio stnaounced t w i week* ago by Chi Irniiw Cleorgp S.-ott Grahern of the commltlon, and c largo number ot out landing naUomil flKurea are to testify on both hides Presence of «w»ver( ' of tho most prominent and volubJo of the wet members* ot C'onpirei.s, including La- duirdia, Republican, N. Y., and Dyer, Rcfubllcan, Mo., on i h e committee. In- Biir.jB that tho "antte ' will get an ade- quato hearing. Thl« committee h;.ir been tho final reeling placo ot several hundred anti- proiibltion b'iis in tho last 10 years. In 924 it h41d a *,erieK of hearings on anot iflLatSon proposals -without recom- meiidlns; any legisla IOH, and in 1D26 a Snnate committee t «U1 similar hearings w i t h o u t taking xny action. Tio reason for ho ding hearings at this time ha« nor been explained although Chairman Ciraham did say he "bell jved th anti-ptohibltlonits and 1 modlfiationist*} wore entitled to a hearing. He announced ihe hearing without Jormal reqtiett bf ng made, shortly after tho House "wt bloc" of some GO members announced its Intention of holding unofficial lw c-rings to place it« i.ldo ot thfl quest iou b( for* the «ountrv Seven joint rewilutiotis, providing everything trom outrigt t repeal ot tho ISth Amendment to *Uite regulation of liquor and authorization ot three per c«nt alcoholic bevcra;eis, ire before the .-ommitteo The uroposal of Mrs, Norton, Democrat. N J , for ji refor- endum by stutet., is ulho before it. After these hearing, which may talte wevoral we«kh, u aubcommittee headed by Heprwsentt tivo Tyer will hold heurings to get xpert testimony on the Dyer btil to ullow beer con- t'uinng 275 per cen of alcohol by ·weight to be made i,nd sold. Dyer eont mds this bewra» e is nou-lntoxl- oatii g. Tie cornmittoc Inclndea 15 Republl- and eight Democ -ats, all lawyers. TfoTS FINED POOR COWS EATING HERD PROFITS riTVTi; eoUJEOK, !Vb. 12--Depart- Jug ir-om the holiday spirit of g'vSng, Keystone dairymen in December decided that 23S "boarder" cows In their hordu had received enough gifts and s« sold them to the butcher. In 70 itoboc tatlons 25,154 COWB were tested f,r t l i o i r efficiency « th« milk pail lurir« tho month, C. R. Oearhart, sUto .supervisor of U sting for the Pemnylvama State College extension servi t, reported todaj ICvi ry seventh cow produced more than 40 iniuuds of lutt«rfat, 2,824 lows oxcoedlng that mark. There ·wore 1.7SO cows which gave moro than 3.000 pounilH ot milk. 0£ the 40-pound fat producers 1,461 pafiael tho 50- pouiul mark, and J.722 of tho heavy milkers exceeded 1,200 pounds. REP, MARCUS IS ROBBER VICTIM By U n t t o d Press. 1'lVrSBUHG, Feb. 11.--Representative Joseph A. Marcus Pittsburg Mol- ICfn sjiokesman in the lower house of the i-ei;lslature, -waa held up and robbfr-i cy three rnei n the Squirrel Hifl t tetrict shortly boforo midnight, pollco repoitexl yoaterd.iy. Marcus «aiJ tho holdup men, all carrying gum*, took a vatch vpluel at $176, a chain set w i t h diamonds valuec at $200 and a small amount of cash SADDENED LOVER PROVIDES DOWRIES FOR BAYOU BRIDES Iron Bridge IEOV BKIDGK, Feb. 12~Mre. Wil- Howard was in Sx'jttdale Saturday shopping and visltluE friends !;*, Kuth JH'lrr w is in Mount Pleaeaur Saturday Ccilllng on friendb.j Miss Ila^el Nowcomci- ep^nt Saturday an! Sunday with hei s.chool *rl«nd, Miss Jila Adams of Alvo"ton. i a air»ni-se thosf who utivortise Mrs.. Klmer DiHingor was a fecwtt- dale stopper on Mondaj mornipg. Jlr. t n d B're. Samuel CJInseburn and j e-or of \Vilkinebujg, Mr. md Mrs. John Pyle and children of Scottdale, and Mr and Mrs Lawrence Palth and sons ol San lng were tho u«stn Sunday of Mr G3 ssburn'is cousin 4 Mr ami Mr». ! $35,0j|ft (o Be Divided A mon9 Brlies of fits fhvn Nweetheart's Koine. By U n t t e f l Pr -m BATON ROUQ1S, La , 3 'eb X2--Back in the eighteenth centur/ when Louisiana was a mysteriou region of swamps and bayous a 'd foreste, a young man maio lov-o 1 a girl who lived along trie Missteiip J. She would not marry beauwe she was too poor to bring iin a dowry. But to his death at the age of 84 he remained faithful to h«r memory. his wilt provided that the from $35,000 should be divided annually arnonj? the worth) brides oE his loved one's home a« flow r money. Recently the police jni v, which oor- respowda to the county t ipervlsore or vommls«ioniiw in other B ates, of Wst Baton Rouge parish ill tKl cloao to $200 e^ich to 13 gir!'- .'ho maril'ed within the pa«t year. It was their dowry, i sift from Juli-on Poydati, a boy 1 ~om Nantes, Brittany, who came to tl 11 country in 1768 aftor colorful ypar i beforo tho mast. Ho peddled odds awl mde up and down the Mlsslesippi. la lived a simple life, and ho worked hard. Not strange, th«n, that by^ IS- )0 ho owned hundredti of glare* And fh » plantations In tho parishes of West 3aMn Houge and Polnte Oonpee. Honors, too, ocune to this adventurous Briton He wai 110 president of the first Icgtelativa ocuncil of Louisiana Territory. Fr tn tSOO to 1612 ho w«e a delegate o Congress He wai president of the c institutional convention that opened In Vow Orleant, on, November 4, 1S11. Wh m Iioulslano was udmitt«l to the Unic i, he served ie preaident of tho SUtt Senqte. The will of Julion Po^das ordered that all his «I»vcs be f fc rt within 25, and it gave metre; to ichcols, hotpUals and charitable o ganlzationH. U'Jt tho bequest beet re Domh?red ifl the dower nioney. For 100 years it hits meant added heppi) ess for the glr\a in the parish acrost tho Mieei/)- slppi from the capittSl clt . To tham Julien Poydra i was more than a great Louiekuitai --he wa« a man who appreciated tht pangs of a girl who must como dow rleee to her husband. Great Britain Re tains Tea Drinking Supremacy NSW YORK. Feb. 12--Great Britain etill bokls th« tea drinldi g rocord of tho world, according to fl urea of the India Tea Bureau In the U iltod States. This country Is gaining n fea consumption, the etattetics £ tow. India furnished 73 per cent of the world's tea output, production ft r the year totalling 883,000,000 pound This amount, ftgurinK 00 cups to tho pound, means that 17 :,00,000,000 cups were consumed. Bi tone drank 424,000,000 poundfc, or ne, rly S5.000,- 000,000 cups of tea in 2 monthe. Americans In the same p rfod, drank 18,000,000,000 cups. Confluence CONFLUENCE, Feb. 12.--George Seibert was a busJness visitor to Urslna yesterday. Mrs. Kdna Burnwortb h is returned from a visit with relative at Peons- ville and Bridgeport. Edward Lumpfcins of Baltlmoro, Md., who was here »e\ oral daya transacting- business, l«ft yesterday for Cumberland, Md., on I oBinoss. E. II. Beggs who has tx an yej|y 111 for several days snows some Improvement at this writing 1 . Orvilie Fifce, the insur, nee man, was a business vlsitoV to SomerUeld yesterday. The students Hi the III :h School will present an operetta 1 ere Friday night entitled "The Wimlrn Us of Holland " Dr. Joseph E. Smith o Brddoek was a professional visitor 1 at the Frantz Hospital bore yest rday. J C Reid has returned t ) hia work at East Titteburg attor a visit with his family here. Perry opolu PURRYOPOLIS, Feh, 12- Th« Perry Hign haaketball team play d Fayette CSty Monday night Instead « t Tuesday the regular scheduled night Tho date was changed because the F Try grade schools gave an cutertainu ent Tuesday oveninjr. Perry boye won over their opponents by a score f 24 to 6. Ray KPSppri has rotuj net) from the Monessen Hospital whoro ic underwent tonall operation le te Improving nicely. The last number on th lecture course this season will be n Thursday. Zlerias Hawabene w 11 ho the attraction. Dwlght Forsjtlis is ill at his homo hero. Tutronlze those who DAiJvr ccruirrjrari, VV^ WIHAA AW 7~~dRffiflflflll The younger set of today will find more pleasures at home, when furniture like this makes them welcome.' The finest type of construction insures lasting comfort, style and long service, Mohair of unusually fine quality is used throughout and the,loose spring cushions are reversible. Read about the oiJier attractive pieces we have in« eluded to make this group an outstanding value. Agai nwe have done the unexpected in providing complete furnishings for the living room at a price that proves our superior value giving. Grouped in the panel are i. magazine basket, a smoking stand, * bridge lamp, an occasional table, ail end table, a pair of book ends and a table lamp. AH of these have been included with this mohair group. Ifcrms are available for those ' who wish lo pay from income. Large Varieties of Lamps Junior Lamps _ $7.05 Uridge Lamps . ,--, ..... §6.05 Table Lamps .. .,, §5.50 Your choice of Bilk, painted, parchment or glass sliadew complete thefw lumps. Open Evenings By Appointment. Call 376- 4-Piece Bedroom Suites in d* 1 ! OQ Walnut With Othnr Fine Woods . ,, /*P l£* Now is the time to select your bedroom suite, as prices are almost unbelievably low on ev iry suite in oui- stock! Some Rirnishers Bed Outfits $29.50 Al three pieces, as illustrated above. Beautiful Simmons metal bed, a cojl sprirg and a comfortable cotto?i mattress Quality Furniture Lowest Prices MUMWWW* "Why Not Serve the Best?" by All Independent Grocers Fashions Jet Jewelry and Black Suede Glovee at Openings. Everson Air. inl Mr'j Sumae Manila and Mr. tin I \!(x .lack l,lloiy and sou ot Wooddi '.f ·ucio htrt» SiiiUi.i -ivith Mr. Ma dis tne-itl. Lto Roy rCi-Uy Airs. ICIl C'r««.b\ ,li , \ns in M o u n t J'^eaeat t Saturday \ i t l i IIPI mother, Mr IJ ui i Fox John ('""H-b^ w.i-. MSU n ^ i t it. n,qi te ! i^l au 1 dt aphlor Sul! 1 MJO wi'rt- ui Mount I'lt i S.ituniay \lsiilniT at tho homo- 01 Mr*, (iadd'b »i«t»r, lr- tMivln St'U^r^s and when uit th« col- Ttie Daily C,vur*r. i FVKRSON, l'b. IS - T i e ' Brotherhood Class of t h United I Uiethren Church held its m 'etinqr on i Sunday fiftprnocn instead ol the usual i tini^, Monday evening, on ,1 c o u n t ot { t i i f t quarterly conference m Hint: being scheduled at t l u i t time j W i l l i a m M t i i r ol D r o w n ^ t r c e t i-? i a?.un ablf to be ill aftoi h lug tua- ' hnett to his bod l o i soseral w ek-, w i t h a s«\f i ti i old. I Mi-it, Pt-iitl i^tidwii K ol Yi uiiK^ood 1 w a;, uu i:\erson caller on J ridaj Mias, Martha Hall, who ) as been visiting -with Mis Ilattie Ki g ot Ai- vertou for several dnyt, has retu'nod to ' h « home of b.«r undo t a d aunt, Mr and Mris John C. Ston* . Friends Finance Old Book Dealer; Keep His Stocks By 1 u J t e d Pro»s. ST. LOUIS, Mo , F«b. 12--Bare bile of binding, flrvt edltione, beautifully printel and bound -volumes, and just ordinary musty second hand books hav«* been relogated to the ftsh heap-- superaedeU by the itvdio arid talkies-according to Clejrgc» S Toarville, dean oj 1 St. Loui*, bookaeUei " For 50 yeur« St. Ijouw book had been dropp ng into OHrgt's to browse amo ig the volumes, and George, always re»dy to gosbip about hie boolts, enjojed a lucrative Intoaan But with tho advent of the radio an-d the talkies, fleopla ^vore no longer interested in George's muety, fiusty volumes, and the veteran bookseller found himself In flaaucial strait.* Friends of Tou -vllle, t»ome of them men who as lads tnunchtnl their sandwiches in hte bosk shofl 1 while they epent their noon hour devouring a, volume, havo coin a to tho rescue. These friends havo decihed a plan to refinance the shop and put it on. a paving basie. Thiy plan to Incorporate the shop and issue stock. ]*ifty shares will bo fcold to provide a working capital, Tourvill-e receiving tho le- mainiug which will b£ non voting slock until dividends equal the timnunt subscribed. Tho veteran boukium i^Hl remain in chargu of his bekmni booki . l)e JUrcni Beaches Parts PARIS, Fab. 12.--Unbeartded (en- cral Miguel Primo De Illvera, resifrned Spanish dictator arrived 1n P«i i i oaily thjfe morning Hia haggagf WEIS two suitca«c«. By FRANCES PAOKT Copyright, 1930, 'by Style Sources NEW YOKK, Fob. 13-- It bas become something of a fad to accent color or white, with touches of black. Prints m "which black occure are numerous, but the newest oxpreeeion IB th« Introduction of a touch of black in Jewelry, glows or other accessories. Tho black suede glove has beckoned for some time, but really baa com- ttaarttvely few follow«r« Tlie Paris openiHge again eniphaelze their chic. Another ho- use, Magg-to Rouft's makes a feature of black let neck- lacee, thoae worn ·witli all white or all black froclcs, end as liktly as not in landed to wi?.ar with nuigpio combinations. Pollqwing tho recently estab- )leh«d ctwtom, the haute couture included coeturati j-ovvelry in iheir displays. Gloveft were also featured nml choeen to round out the ensemble, as for instanco long white gloves the tops of which wero embroidered In colored bode. Alexandrine has a new and intereatinjr evening glove to their credit, it ie ruore often seen in rosy beige suede u,nd has shirred tside-seams but some of the kid gloves in other colors from this house also show the side shirring. Glove interest centers entirely around slip-ons, and long tnouee- quetalre typ^s. Previous effoits to reinstate long gloves for evening have been more or lees in. vain. Paris is credited with calling them an American lafchlon. Palm Beach pohtoiy ignores them, M h i l o New York is of a divided mind concerning their importance, Do^en'f JUhid Broken »Iass. SAX FRANCISCO, T-b 12-- Mrs. Lillle K. Bond didu'l core about liaving ( ier ex-huabaud, Dr ITarry C itond, pay or damages done when he threw rocks through her windows, but she wants him to Jeave her akme, e^e told .1 udge Lazaius - Use Classified Tbey bna* the old folks-- The old folk 3 back home -would like to hear your voice. Give them a thrill --call them up-tonight. T E L E P H O N E GOOD TEETH ABE JVECESSAI.Y *OR «QOU HEALTH PLATES -- BRIDGEWORK AT ROCK BOTTOM PU!C£,S Daily, Hours 9 to 8 Appoinit- TEETH EXTRACTED WITHOUT PAIN No Charge When Other Work In EASY PAYMENTS DR. MALLAS McCrory PI one 1023.

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