The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 12, 1930 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 12, 1930
Page 6
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PAGE SIX. ./HE DAILY COURIER, CO'N! ELiLSVILLS, PA. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 12, ll»30. P E R S O N A L M E N T I O N Mrs. Eloanor Hoy, manager and buyer for the corset departun;nt of Nelson's store, has returned from New York, whe^e slx« attended the corn-el style show. , We carr;' a complete line of 'Valentine card* Valentinne, lamp shades, and napkins. Kv-erythinj? for Valentine Day, February Hth, at Keetnor'a Bcok Storo, 125 Wast Apple stw*t.-~ Ahrertls60,ent.--llfeb-3t. Mrs. D. .V. McCleary oif East Crawford avenue spent the day in Pilts- Mrs. W. D. Long and Mrs. J. H. Bowman v.-ere PittmbUTg visitors today. Mrs. G. M. Tipton of Homestead wfts hero this morning on her way from Somerset, where she was tfie guest of relatives. Mr. Tipton is a 'former Baltimore Ohio freight agent In ConnellsYl Ie. Miss Evelyn Widraer of Gibson'ave- nue went lo Pitts'burg t h i s morning to visit Mfss U u t h Carter over night. Miss Vli ginla Cuneo or Vine street spout the day In Plttaburg. Walter T. Smith of AVllls road at- toude-d t h e uur.ual banciuet ot Class 10, of the f j r a a t Bethel Baptist Sunday Scboo! of U n i o n t o w n last night. Mr. Smith Is a former member of tUc elass. William Captain Shct in Leg; Wife Reported Missing Wlllhun Captain, 2 ycsars ' old, of V-'oal I'eaoh street, wa.? taken to the OonnellsviMe State .Ho.spital «U 'i o'clock tli is Afternoon, suffering from a bullet ? omul tu hl« left log, said to have been inflicted by Ms wife, Helen Taylor C a p t a i n , who to reported mittts- Atnt Het · V "I always say somethin' to Pa about the for.iishnens o' mon when he's gohi' o! t by the Sirica door, The door's lo ise nil' won't latijh If * you don't slain, it," / " · ' - . - ' ' · . : ·'.''',., Magnesia Best for Yoi r Indigestion Warns AalnRt Doping Stomach WHh Ar1iti lal The shooting was eakl t: have place at 11 o'clock last night. Captain bled con;»;iierably and Ulte Is said to havw c«.Uf -ocl ,hia condition to become very s«rku*. Chief o: 1'ollce Jonu C. Wall is in- Alout aionally or - hr ne»8 and I n o i K t l n u u d d l s a g t e j ix nd the "«-' yf ; Ionics, meUl'-'ln j ante, and lust i or four tabieU | In a little w n t ; result that Ui ;· troubles tliom. j an they plsasi- | hotter Hen.Hi I l i i D U r u t n d Mae ; approach of ri ; know t U l u ' w o h ourroctlv?, wli! .any jfOod drll; . Just Off the Wire LO.NUOX. I''c.'o. i;J.--Tlia important problem -U liow naval tunnago shall be u p p e r , t n c d auiong the nations was taken up by the Five-Power Nava' Coufercn; e icriay. The t!eteg:itea diet as? i£ committee its a whole at 4:30 P. M. to receive the reports of the ut-:oinir ittee ot experts, to. w h i c h had hut-i! r e f e r r e d tlu 1 (iiiestion Of limiting- -Uilpd ot global toniuigo or louil stn tigth and by categories or c o m p u r u t ve s t r e n g t h in each cUisu ot ship. A compromise between the two methods ,vas suusht. SARAS OTA, Ftp.., Feb. 12.-- Draper' L)anglioi t , - , BOH of Former Attorney G o u o i u l :!arry Divughoi ty. clieil hero tuduy u t Jlaltou Jlf;«pilal whevo ho u r . v l c r w o i - t uu emergency operation la. ;l . uisl I ID relieve complications w i n c h f o - l o w e d an oiieration for up- P^ni'.!::;'.it performed tv.-o weol:fl ugo. POUT \L' PKINCK, Haiti, Fob. 12.--. The rloti is niKl bloixlahcd of lost. Do- ueutber w c r i roe-ailed today when a crowd oi HuitiiUKS held a niaalteslatUai in f r o n t -it thi cathedral hero ul'tor « inu.s.s hud beon held in memory of the nsilh-c« KtihKl by I, 1 ill led States nm- r i i i u K ut Aux Cayw In December. A u i i i o r l t l c r i broke up the deiuonatru- t i o u and in«.de HI arreutw. th« stomacrh. p and make rilg plnn yourself, Blsurnlffl Mas f o r stomach \u ivhci suffer, olthor icoa- mlciitty tioif\ ku--), now- atluTi. have now'.0l»con*. ib1o diet*, pa,tont' focdH, h a r m f u l liruga, ettimach ·a aiul artificial dl»BSt- ad isvks a tt-ttapooriCuV of Hlsurated MitRi-iasHi r atier moans with tho ; r jftomacti Do lontf^r is 'they arc ab.lp- to eat and t h « y tnjoy rnurli Those who use ic* In. never drcail the *at t i m e bi'cauM th-^y l e f f n l a n t i - a c i d and food :li can be ohtainei? trorn ·a. w i l l Instantly itomnch n c l f i l t y , swoeten «vcht foot! fermentation, ation easy. Try this ·nit be certain to iret lesla especially prepared CROWDED GALtERJES FEW SITOOBS HEAR ATTACKS ON HUGHES WASHING! of westerners to block or Kvana Hnglie; United States in the Senat Dill, Democ BiookharC, ft* Ins against ci TJforo cro i a small attoi j a t i d B r o o k h u tending Mir theory of go- exa-it prop«rt the people. "You Dem .Jefferson r.nd to voti court, who pi w i l l ovei'Hirn everything .; Lincoln sUw ) ' __ i ON. Feb. :'i2.--Tbfe fjght of both poliUcai p;irU?s i(irmaMo::i of Ch'arles as Chief Justice.of t»e Supremo Court spread tcxiay, with Souators at, Washington, and publican, Iowa, protest- nfiriualton. dc! gallerlefl, but with d u n c e of senators, D v ill t made Bpcecliics con- h«s represented- the ernnvent which would rights* aboro these of i c r a t i c descendants of Jackson anil Republican t Abrtiham Lincoln are to put a man on the tachi-S doctrines ·which and (lo»troy practically ::9trson, Jac:lson and f o r , ' Dill MOTHER, CHILDREN BJRNED TO DEATH ^.liltic Itouls Bursrlnrs (UKCLSVlbLE, O., Feb. 12--Found: A u : ;t for statlcf Whlla two robber* woro ace ;ing loot lu his grocery atore .luines Nuwlaud happened to open the door to l i d living- uuartevrf jinst ae his wife tuiH'd lu isome-utuile. The robbers llol u n d e r u barwigd ot static. Bj- Press. Hwarinir I'ontponed. A pool room proprietor, alleged to hiive p u r . n l t t c d guming in his business estn.MishuKMit, und eight allege*! Inmates w i l l be given a. hearing on Mon- (Ui.v i!ior:iiUK. Owiii-jf to the inability of coxiua il to appear today, the hearing was continued. for Bargains \ Heud : .ht advortlaerueiits in JUaily Courier, Tho t'atronlze thoao who advert!**. When Rest Is Broken Health Suffer* Wh»n Kidney /rr«f ularitie* Disturb Sleep. I F troubled with bladder irritm- tior-s, getting up at night and constant b«.ek;icbe, don't tak« chano-j. Help your kidney« with Doan'i Pills. R«oom!t«rnded the worJd over. Sold by dealers everywhere, 50,MiO Users Eitdorse Do.n's: Mr«. CUr. Nl«Ur. »M Cn^U A..., »nJ · f *riitcnt bMkwstM. 1 f«lt »u tiiwi Ih.t I couldn't a» wy ho»««swlr. Th» kidnmy »ecrititt« wut* too !r*q«a*iat uui brok my net tt oUhl. Altai Dun-* Kit* 1 felt to*" DpAN'S'iPJLLS 1 ' . J i , . . A · , ,, - , . - . BLrUMFIELU, W. Va., Feb. 1?--- Two children an -.; their mother -were bur-ried to d-e; th and three others suffered serious injuries today when fire dstroyd. .thi- ' home ot ,f- Harmon Mulllna of B-ush Creek, Va., west c-f thia place. The dead ; re Mrs. Mtilllns, 1-imma Lee, H; VC-T! ie James, 12. MTK. Jack Robinson, 23, of Clliichco, n daughter, visiting at t ie Mulllns homo; Joan Mullins, ,10, and Gloria MulUus, 20, are Sn a hospital at Clint-wood. , Four- day old twin tons ot the Mullins family were vrr»p-ped in a mattress and tossed to saf ty f r o m a second story window 'by ! l e father. Clevis was injured restuli 3 Joan. Jiabe lU Mr. and M .receiving cc birth of the i night at I.0':o Mrs. Jones' M. Wad« o.i arrival, tho and Mrs. W; eight -pouudi- fore her mu WadCj assist dertaking bi her husband me r from fh Chicago. M the WhHsott son are r«pi nluely. At . Samuel W. the round hot general yurc Simmons, gw d e p a r t m e n t , yards of i h t Uallroad ;Ut day nlsht. in c o u n t » ( ' t u n w ut" the Agi'iu rg Likfc.i Perryopolis Home. s. Bennett R. Jones are jgratulations upon th-e :· first ohild, a son, last ) o'clock lu the home of ·arents, Mr. and Mrs. B. Perryopolis. The new Ilrst grandchild ol! Mr. de, tipped tho scales at .' M r s . ' J o n e s , -who be- -riugo w;»a Miaa Uuth ;' tier f a t h e r iu the uc- sinetiH. Both -,3ie , and vere graduated last eum- · Embalming School ot . Jouen ia a teacher In schools. Mrs. .Tonojj aud rted to be getting along Kturle SHKLBY, belonging t rlJ«} lu an c- w i t h its life to- drop M* weigh* vgenls' jllcellng. Inks, general foreman of ie; William J. Weekerle, :uaster. aiul Wiili:nn H. leral f o r e m a n oC the car ut the- Dti-kerson Run PitubnrK Lake Erie :ul«-« t h e b a n q u e t Mon- I'ltfiburB which was lu ih t i n ) silver anniversary Association of iht- T'ltlfl'- Krl(,' U a i l r o n i i . Tukos Boy 1 tiding)., Keb. 12--A collile dog Sieve Ciwiri./,, a Carm-or horo, had a t h r i l l i n g air iglcVs lalob* but escaped ·#hou the biiJ -was forced Tey b*catiB« of ilid dog'* l/psef Not Serious If Itoweh Get This Help When you're out-of-Soris, headachy, dl;;sy, bilious, with'coated tongue^ bad braalli, ')in u'ppetlte or energy---clou't worry. .'It's^probably^t'oiistipatlon. Pake a.^pandy Ca^earot tonight, niicl se how ftu-tcikly ; yottr trouble clears up. No moris beadache; . nov gaa ,-4ii stomach,': or bowela.. Appetite- ISs- proves:- tligestkin is encouraged. Tal(.e a'nbtiiet',,16111 ,orrov n i g h t 'and t h e next *a\;?ht. ..·.-'·fe«t evWy tH of "thfc souring ifrusta. out.of your' syHteit. Then see how bowel action IB regular and com 1 pK'to. . . r-Cascare-Ls are made f r o m cas:ara, wjliitili'. doctors .;| ngrne actually strenfeihena bowtfl musule^, Ton cents at all drug EVERSON COUNCIL HEAD APPOINTS COMMITTEI President 'GfXKKe A. Bambrey ot E"-eraoa -BooiiEtx Council has ijtppoint- cfl oorh-mitteca to Bervn toy.. the eusiv in? yejjr. They are aw follows: Finance--Owen King, George Burnu aid Street -- John ' Sadek, Hark Fazea- bs .feet. and .Fr»Bk MeSiBs, . SewcT--GeoTfio Burks, Stove Wol«k it :l Owen King, i \ Police-- -St e vo Wo!aK. Jo'hn Sadek attd Prank Men«s,: Fire and Water -- Frank O Von King and Mark Light -- Mark FazenbalroiV Stsve Wolak a n d George Burj ( « . " . Mr, BaMbrey is presktent.; Robert Give, secretary; J. ,K. fflyrte, ireasur- et, and Reriw ByTBe, 8H»iicilor, of council, Oliver. Shan non is the bur^ g!ps, and Stanley Ku'lriak, chief '· -ot ' ' _ ^Syheu council meets on 1 Monday, March 3, th« tax uiiHage for the wijl be set. . - " . : . ' . Use is, small, Ada. Ke»u!t» jvr» biff. How They Grew Thin You will be surprwed, if yott look around, at how many people h«vo grown thin in late years. It is evident that some new metfaoa has come into very wide tue. , It haa been found that a weak gland is a great cause of obesity, So modern physicians have been fighting that cause, without starvation diets. ThU right method is embodied in Mamiola prftscription tablets. Peoplts have used them tor 22 yftars--millions of boxes of them. No*- in almost every ciicJe the delightful results are apparent. A, book in each box of Marmola tells you how and why it arts. The formula us given. Go try this remarkable, this natural mean*'. Aak your druggist today for a }1 box of Marmola, You owe that to yourself. Birthday of the Great Emahcipator .-Hfyr^^,----, H' s ¥( ¥ '«f£ TRK SPEECH OF GetTVSt!.URXj- HTS MOST FAMOUS UTTESANCB. THEWG CA5IH IN KENTUCKY SClSHt At FIRST JNAUGUjaAk 1861 FORDS THEATRE * DEATH BED OF ARAJMK JUNE WERNEEE) PLAINS .Ml«s June IS, Worner, of Som^rwit county, as In Fetera.l court In PU days a^o Uurlns the tr Judge J. A. Bo'rkoy f S ty on Jiqtior-glot machii cUargofl. \\orn«r she had di9chjvri?e«j hnr A, -Welsh,, not U-x!tiu»« against Borkoy tut IKK* mony nbowfld ho violate o(B«, Welsh wua « prothontrtary ;h« apT»ar»d sburg a (ew it of former. ater»et co«h- e conspiracy cplainod that :lerk, Claude he titiiitiflBd i«« his testi- 1 his oath ot '.ar Tvitnese PfttroulZ'9 thoso who idvertlM. SEiyOUS CHARGE IS WITHDRAWN An ·information against W. S. Deal, 57, employed at Perrysville, -Allegheny county, charging him with a serious prime was withdrawn, yesterday by Sarah Mae Piper of Connellsviile before Alderman W, H, Sbowman. Deal was. arrested by Allegheny county detectives yesterday at the request o£ Chief ot Pollca John C. Wall. Constable B. 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Noted Woman Leader Qnits D. A, R. Society WORK TIRES STRONGEST MEN Dr. Valeria H. ."taker, of New York, prominent i i aevoral national organlMtions of women, Announced her with irawal froin the Daughters of the American Revolution, Her lett ?r of reaig^c^tion contains « protiBt mgainrt the recent policiea and activitlca of 'the patriotic sof.\i tv. Children Like This Safe Prescription Coughs and -torn Throat Relieved Aim-IK t Instantly Stop children's coughs and sore throats before thes aihnenta lead ?,o dangerous ills. T loxino, a doctor's prescription, now assures relief within IB minutes to c illdren aa well as adults without tbe danger ia tike use ot patent medicine* containing harm- 1 fill drugs, Thoxino works oi a different principle, goes direct to ho source of trouble and relieves tl irritation, which causes the coughing and sore throat. Ideal for children because it is safe and does not havo the usual "nasty- medicine" 'taste. :^o gargling. Just aek for Thoxtne, pM up re^idy for use in 36o, 60c, and $1 00 bottles. Money back if not relieved Sold by all drug- gisia.--Advortlsemc- n t. Intense Heat Likely to Slow Up Actia of Kidneys. Sweating- aloffUskte erc«.t msuiaee a nvoltei! Jnctal for lioura nt a. time Is severe drain on tlie strengrth of any I on« ( Men In tho big steel mills w!» l a r n expoited to t h e Ititenrte heat o m e l t i n g metals sweat u n t i l the pore of tho okln arc all open, and ab»or t h e f u m p s f r o m metfU and tho gaxei ' T h u s they make extra work for the) k i d n e y n to keep t h e blood clean. B-u because t h n y sweat so much the kit) i neys are nut l i k o l y to Jo much worl ' ] and sotneUmfca the men BUftor. | Then when thoy gro out In th« col I f r o m theao hot rooms Lh«» pores c J t h e skin cloap up, and they usual)- j s w e a t no more u n t i l the.v cuma bac I aifain. Thus neither the skin nor th !idni;yn ,'irn working- a-s they shoul The exposure to the e.pld often Inav* them with colfls to throw off, and som of the men suffer all tho year throug from Inflammation of the noae an throat--catarrh. The poisons absorbed by open porw the poisons the klilheys fall to thro 1 · off and the .poisons of the catarrh? condition sometimes affect tho stomnc as -well, BO that the difi-fiBtlon Is nc Ifood. Then, unless nomithinK Js don 1 it Is only e, question of time imtll thct Is a complete breakdown. Workers who are compelled to r durr. I n t e n s e heat should drink plant of water outside tho mUI, as well a Inside, ana they should 0ot the bcne! of a good medicine that will keep tli kidneys at work and kcap up tho tor of the stomach and bowela n « well n check tho tendency to catarrh. WorlJ Tonic Is intended for j u s t th«Ho con.i tlons. It Is n o t only indicated ivtu:! one lias waited u n t i l h« Is realty aid but B h o u l d bo taken w h e n e v e r oi feela badly, World's Tonic la a foe ' catarrh, a R o n t l f t a t l m u l u n t to the ki neya, a line help to bowoi r«KUlatlo and an aid to digestion. Hundreds · workers have f o u n d tt the one t h i n that restored t h e i r healtn - and koi them well, according: to their own to; llmony. Maybe it is the nne thln^ ·· I need to ls? in perfect health aRa; j you. can obtain World's Tonic at Cor i n e l l a v l l l e Druff Co., or any other fi r clasH drug store. (A-in*--Advertis hient. Serrln? as SOMERSET, Fol absence ot District Landls, a witness i: John A. Berkey, / Grose is (serving ae in the Somerset co was named by Boose. Prosecntor. i. 13.-- During the Attorney James B. i tho trial of Judge attorney Henry G. special prosecutor iviy courts. Gross Judge Norman T. Morality lu Owa Reward The grent trouble with the peoj) Is they do not know morality Is good thing of Itself; the.v believe li Something recommended only |.; preachers for religious reasons.--15. '," Howe's Monthly. Gets Highway Aid. HARRISBUIIG, Feb. 12.-- East Huntingdon towns lip, Westmoreland county, wjll re:eiv j a chock for $!H1 as state reward Dioney for highway Improvement projects, embracing the State's cost. Onr-mer township in Somerset county it to receive $183. Our 1930 WALLPAPERS Are Now On Display FOX'S Wall Paper Store 107 South Pltfcsbnrg Street i Black Satin, i Broadtail for Afternoon Ensemble Black aatln « r d broadtail fa«h!on thl* charming ufttraoon ernembl*. The wtverlng mcvement of th* iklrt (· very amart, «nd It »ff«rtlf · rnoa* popular oatflt. Now Order Your SPRING SUIT Entire Stock Reduced 10% Vieok of Feb. 8 to 15. H - J - 1?2 Sonth PlttHbwrg Street, UP TO IfiW). / W« lire in · parit£Mt to ,, ,, J««uii8 quickly to folk»"wb* ·eedl ready «uh tor »r hoocchold etmet Owr service U swift---dignified. PERSONAL FINANCE Co, Second Floor 112 Weit Crawford Avenue (O»er McCrory'i f tc,d 10 Cent Scent , PA. . Open 8UO to f--^uurdty *iJO -- UOBJTOO »T VHS *TAT»--

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