The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 13, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, May 13, 1918
Page 2
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?AGB TWO. -THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. MONDAY, MAY 13, 191! COME- AND SEE THE E. DUNN The of Quality and MAY WHITE SALE A Trumpet Call o/ Readiness For THAT WHITE SALE Out to every woman, out to all our good friends and neighbor»,out to all our patrons of this store, goes the message of preparedness and a word of welcome to That White Sale in May. Translate that word "save" into the word cash by coming to the greatest of all White Sales in May. Yes sir, six month from now you will thank .us kindly for this event--an opportunity to stock up with wants for the entire season and many months to come. Come! Now is the time of all times. Yes, and every -day in. the month of May it will pay you to come to the big White Sale. Goods and prices will do the convincing. Wonderful savings opportunities every day. Almost : eyery_hottrjargaias will be featured in This White Sale in May. COME AND SEEL : -~~ " You-'ve got to be the judge, you must see for yourself goods can be sold only according to how they were bought. We bought enough a year ago to stock up our entire stock room.. We saved one-half to one-third b ygetting in ahead of the advance prices. That's why you can buy merchandise here at a big saving. That's why ~you will see the best assortment here. Now is the time of all times. Come everybody to That White Sale in May. That White Sale in May Commences Tuesday, May 14; Lasts Through Entire Month THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Women will be enthusiastic about our May White Sale because the undermuslins offered were so immaculately fresh and new, and the values are, so phenomenal Wonderful inducements and special values will greet you. ______ Chemise, S»c, 60c, $1.00 up to $340. A large, ^election. of styles in high \ neck or slip over models, neatly trimmed, now at this sale, S9«, tlM, $1.39, l.K, up to $3^0. DRAWtKS-- Regular circular open or closed eyelet or blind emb , others are lace ti immed Choice now. 59c, G9c, 39c up to $3.50. rKTTICOATS-- With dep flounce of embroidery or lace, some have ribbons drawn. Choice 59c, 9Sc, up to $5 00 SEW COBS! T COTkBS-- Hundreds of new styles here tnmmed with neat embroidery or lace Come in over fiftj styles Choice at White Sale in May SSc, l»c, 59c, up to $2.00. SILK LEfGinUE-- Made of silk crepe de chine glove silk and fine lingerie doth, elaborately trimmed at $1.18 to $3.95. THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY New Waists Waists in styles delightfully varied and at unusually lotf prices That-"Wlnte-Sale-in May Waists are made of fine sheer voiles and batistes novelt/ cotton effects, also crepe de chine end Georgette Cicpe, dainty lace and embroidery trimmed Prices for that White Sole in Ma JUKI, SIM, *, $2.95, np - to *12.S0. THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Lace Curtains No wonder JhiS- store is consedered headquarters for Curtains "and Curtain Materials in That White Sale irr May at such litte- prices that you cannot resist the temptation of buying your wants here Curtain at r*oney saving prices ISc, 25c, Sue. ,iod 45t yard Curtain materials for drapenes all new designs at Sue ~ fo $1.50 per Tard. Lace Curtains $119, §2.50, $3.50, $5,00 and $7.aO. No difference what prie* 1 curtains you buy you save from One-Fourth to One Thud on the real value THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY White Goods _~ -- Thglopms never turned- out prettier or finer -isyhite Gosdsfthan this gear's styles If jou want ~.anj thing nnthe/way of fine White Goods you cannot afforcTlo miss this great money-saving sale : "_- * coxTiKi QUAirrr ~KTTH PRICK- -- Xong elotbs 20e, SSc and 45c yard, Nainsooks 20c, 35c and 50c Tard. Norelty voiles, also plain voiles oOc, 59c, np to SSc yard. _ ~5,000 ycrds fancy ~WTnte Goods many pieces of different .patterns at SSc, 35c oniTiOc yard. 7 000 yards of White Goods, masy st les to make selection from prices *0c, 8»c and SI 00 the yard. Lot of Cc4jred Wash Material, flue and sheer materials, at Sic; real value 50c .Pancy Mgured Voiles SSc, SOc and 5c yard. Shirt ·« aiat Linens, SOc, 75c and $1.00 the yard. Handkerchief Linen 3§ inches wide $1.35 the yard. Luna Xawn. sheer and medium vi eight, 36 and 10 inches vide SSc and SOc yard. New Ginghams 29c and 3oc~the yard. New Percales at 29c and 33c y«d. Colored Figured Organdies, just new and one of the most desirable .fabrics for summer dresses at SSc per yard. 5,000 y-irds of fine plain White material including voile, madras ano batists, actual value 30c sale price 19c yard. THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Table linens at less than they would cost us now When you buy a table cloth or a dozen napkins for less money than they would cost us it seems a chance worth trying to take advantage of to get these unmatchable values in table linens Everyone knows that we have the best and largest Linen Department in this vicinity--(the Derry- vale Linens ) Mercerized Table Damast, 70 inches wide at 75c and i-1.25 per yard. Napkins, 16x1* size, 95c per dozen. Napkins, all linen beautiful floral designs at $3.50, up to Taie Damast sets napkins, to match SBJM np to WiSO Round Table Cloth, 72x72 at $SjO to $12j0. Table cloth of the newest designs or patterns all linen, 8,5.00 to $12JX. THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY, Wonder Bargains in Turkish 01 Iluck Towels. Greatest Towel values ever This sounds big, but see the Towels, the kind of Towels and such a lot of them Satin damask hucfc towels hemmed sUtched large skc. Linen, buck tow Is hemmed stitched at $1,25 Other pure Linen Towels in this sale at 45c, 7Sc and $1. Turkish Towels at ISc, 25c, SSc, oOc and S5c. Many years will pass before you II have anotbe 1 - oppor tunlty like this to buy linen and Turkish towels at these prices THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Every miss and woman is acquainted with the Lucille Corsets their reputation and form-improv- mg qualities . All women know this corset permits stout medium and slender figures to be fitted pe-fectlj at 81.00 np to $3.75. See the special in corsets we offer at 50c. All Nemo Corsets One-Half Trie*. THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Special attention to these Dresses, please for these are the prettiest lot of Dresses ever offered for sale in this vicinity Numerous French styles in pine blue tan and p aids, made of the best Zephyr ginghams -vil are neatly made pleated effects belted pockets trimmed with ^mte ana self trimmings full skirts deep hems sizes 2 to 14 Prices range from o»c tt $S.SO. These dresses are extra valaes and a wonderful variety to select fi om Come loolc arouiid and compare and nowhere will you find such dres e» *oi the children THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Silk Petticoats At sale prices $5 00 to $12 »0 It is not an easy task to find petucoais to compare with those in quality and work mansliip and smartness of fashion, 'iou itust see the'pevti coats to appreciate their real worth THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Middy Blouses B ouses m new models suitable for di ess or e^ er day wear Good selection embracing popular colors and whi e Price for 'WJute Sale special 89c. THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Babies' Wear at Interesting Prices Babies Hats and Caps at oOc to h2.9o. Made of dainty organdie and Siv =s j-immed with embioiderv ribbon o- flowers 9Sc np to S5JM). Baby Coats Made of serge Bedford cord niceij rijbde lined throughout, *i )l np to S1000. Baby Dresses Long or short, made of white sheer lawn nainsook organdie beautilullv trimmed Prices range from We np to $5.50, and some very pi ettj dresses in between prices named THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Just arrived another lot of those beautiful quality White Silk Gloies at G9c and $1 00 per pair. Silk Gloves in all the wanted colors SUM) per pair. THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Neckwear New Stocks and Jabots -Collar and Cuff Sets Dainty Georgette Collars . Tailored Vests 25c up to SLOO 50c up to $2.50 50e and $1.00 $LaO op to $2.50 Come see the neckwear, all new fresh and clean, desir able neckwear THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Girls' Coats Pico 5 to choose from. Ml tbe wanted colors Pekin blue green rose "well made and finished. Sizes 6 to li years $.50 and $10-00 Prices for this sale only Misses' White Dresses U5 to $12 50 You aave on above prices $1 oO to $3 00 on any garment you purchase--come and see , For the girl graduate commencement day -- you find a handsome line of white dresses specially adapted to graceful girlish figures All desirable materials These youll find in the Suit Department The dresses tell uh«ir own storj at $25.00 lip to $J7-oO. THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Children's White Dresses To the mother that has a girl between the ages of 6 to 14 years this saio of children s White Dresses will surely be of great interest especially so if sne wiehes to save money They're well worth talking about at these prices $295 np to $12.50. THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Trimmed Hats for Women, Misses and Children Come, bring the childien arid have them fitted out in one of the newest flats at money-saving prices s Iho most attractive little Hats is of straw in black white burnt or colois with ;just a ribbon ou it new shape crow n at SI 95 up to $6.95 For smaJ er girjs tlieie are little white Hats of Milan straw some with bo\\s otb^is with bands at i) 4 *. Trimmed Millinery* for Women Hundreds of fresh and pleasing Hats large and small Lots of wing trimmed rose trimmed also trimmed with ribbons Many to select from including large imall and medium shapes at $3 05 and Si.%. Trimmed Hats, $7.50 up to $10 Our semi annual millinery displays are uefc legarded as fashion events Come today and ee the best displaj you evei seen in Connellnille and you w i l l find the Hats priced at $7.50 mid $10.00 The most fashionable We believe m fi^t ng Hats to heads and faces not m fitting heads to hats so we aie careful always to have a remarkably arge \ariety of sty'es ad shapes at W-oO to $1000. ' THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Women's, Misses' and Children's Underwear That White Sale in May will be conducted on mterity and sincerity Ladies Lnion Suits knee length lace trimmed oOc. Women s Vests with can t slip straps finished tape neck excellent value ic. Women s Sleeveless Vests ex 4 ra sizes flne ribbed 2 r c. Children s Gau7e Vests or Pants all sizes 15c and 25c- THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Silks--A Call to the Women--Silks Silk Messaline m all the wanted colors and black full 36 inch width $l/o; actual \dlue ?200 per jard Beautiful stripe or broken plaid Silks all the newest combination of colors sale prices $1.75 up to $2 25. New deshible dependable quality or fancj Silks at $1.75 to SSUfl. Tard v ids Taffeta Silks in all the new shades also black at $1 75 to fe2.50. THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY A timely sale of Skirts in styles of all the vogues The matenals of these Skirts are of high quality Silks, Poplins Serges and Fancy Mixtures You see Skirts -\ e^ similar elsewhere for three to five dollars more than the price we ask The most beautiful colorings to choose from, featuring the most gorgeous plaids and stripes as well as the much liked blues and blacks Silk Starts plaids or stripes $oOO TTJ to SM.5C Skirts made of fancy mixtures . KL95 u» to $7 "C Slur's of serge and poplm black or blue $5.00 up (o $12-^ White Dress Skirts made to sell at $2 00 (priced *)5c That's it in a nutshell, is the White Sale news of Skirts. THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY If you want to Know what wonderful bargain' await you just shop around and try to duplicate the wonderful bargains in Sheets, pillow cases anc Sheetings Sheets of the best known brand 81^90 $1.35; real value $1 7 Sheets of the best Mohawk brand 63x90 $1.3o; real val ?1 7 Sheets 90x90 size at S1.90. Match em if you ran at ?1 91 Pillow Cases 42x36 2"c and SSc. Mohav.k and Hill brand Bleached 9x4 Sheeting ^ard 70 Bleached 10x4 Sheeting yard ' 7" 40 inch Tub ng jard 40. 42 inch Tubing yard . 45 45 inch Tubing yard . 49 Red Star brand Diapers size 20x40 per dozen $3.0 Red Star brand Diapers size 22^44 per dozen $3Ji THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Purchases for the White Sale were madi months ago Quantities were bought, choicest ant best of even grade of laces and embroideries Sal prices on tfcrese Laces and Embroideries \ull bi proof that they were bought and selected well, an prices^will do the selling Beautiful design m IS inch Embro "lerj flouncing at 35 Heiomed Flouncing Just the embroiderv for shor walking dresses for the little tots Wnite Sale price SSc t $1.25. Cortet Co\er Embroidery quite a lot at this price t select from Cambric or Swiss 50c. roc ami $125. Thousands of lards of narrow embroider} to select frot in Sw ss Cambric or hainsook lOc up to 2oc. rme laces at big money saving prices Come see th laces and 3011 mil agree with us that they are wonderfc ·values at these prices lOc, loc, 20c and 25c. THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Silk Hosiery Reflect a moment on the prices and little els ·^ill be necessarj to convince ou that the oppor tuuitj is an extraordinary one Sale Pruts, $1.23, SL50, $1 73 up to $3.50. Children «, socl s white with pink blue black or brow borders special at his sale 39c, THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Snow dnfts'of fresh, ne» Bed Quilts crisp an ddaint are here N'ow is the time to buy quilts You who buy * Jiis saie will sa e monei $2 2 to $3.85. THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Silk Sweaters All the wanted colors all sizes $7.50, $S30 up to $15. Wool fcweaters $5 00 up to $12,50. THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Suits at $24.75 For lomcn and Jfisses. These Suits go on sale Mondav for the first time at tl lowiprice of $21.71. See the suits the saving is great, actu. \alue 54500

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