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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, May 13, 1918
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IT I Connellsvflle's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily i Circulation Last Week, 6,756 VOL. 16, NO. 156. CONNELLSVILLE, PA. MONDAY EVENING. MAY 13, 1818. EIGHT PAGES. YON HINDENBURG IS DEAD ASSERT GERMAN PRISONERS PASSING THROUGH LINES Report is Circulated to Explain Failure of West Front Drive IACKENSEN TO THE FRONT Ian of Escape of Termer Bns- sian Czar is Dipped hi the Bud. STIUL ACTIVB ONE KILLED, TWO HURT WHEN AUTO TURNS TURTLE Frosfbmrg "Pemata Ticttms of Accident Testerd»y .Afternoon X«mr Addison. Michael Sullivan, 12 years old, ot Frostborg, Md., was tilled instantly; John Kirby, 28 years old, sustained fractures of the shoulder and hip and internal injuries, and Albert Kirby, 32, his brother, a fractured skull when their automobile turned turtle yesterday near Addison. John Kirby was driving the car. gkting om Wc«t Troat United to i Cfaaoa*ams,-S*f Official Co««M»i- c«Uoos Trom Lotion ud Tarn Office*; 96 in CaMaUj lirt. By Associated FTe«s. LONDON, May IS.--Ml German rsoncrs captured in France say it Field Marshal Yon Hindenburg dead, letters from British officers the western front report, accord; to the Daily Express. At th« oae time the name of Geiwral von ickeosea is brought into protniaeac* thai ot great man who is to bring Germans victory. Phe Bxprm assumes that the Hin- jlsirg story is circulated to explain of the great offensive. SSS BOTAMT Ef GIRKAX HA5BS. VK3TERDAM, May 1J---Th« raraiao press bureau has received oroiation. fxom Odess*, according to ici tbe former Dowagtr Empress ria Feodoromna and Grand Duko iholas Micholaievitch and Alexander iholaiewiteh irho have - been living Dojbar, near Attodoc. in the m«i. are in the hands of tee Get- X HOICK AIEBICA5S KILLED CT ACTHW. 7ASHINGTON, May li.--The cas- ty list today contained 96 names ded as follows^ jlled IB action, 10; died ot -womnds, lied of accident, 2: died of diseaso,' died ot oifM! causes. 1; iroanded srety, 12;'"wounded slightly, IS; sing in action. 3S. COLORED DRAFTEES To Huiber of 7« leme Fuyette Conn. ty Dnjng Week oj Buy 27. ·The announcement has been made from state draft headquarters that colored selectives will be sent to the cantonments during the week beginning May yj. .Fayctte county will furnish 76 men on this call, distributed among the districts as follows: No. 1, 30; No." 2, 16; No. 3, six: No. 4, two;-No. .5, eight; No. 6, 20; No. 7, four. District No- 6, Westmoreland coon- ty, will send five and District No. 7, 10 men. JOIUf I). FRBBEE ORDERED TO OFFICERS' TBJJinHG CA3CP. John-D. Frisbee, son of Mr. arid Mrs. H. C. Frisbee, who recently Sled application for admission to tbe fourth Officers' Trainimg Camp, has receiTed orders to report at Camp Meade, hav- Inc successfully passed the entrance examinations. He leaves tonight, the next series ot training camps opening on "Wednesday. Mr. Frijrbee graduated at fte Pennsylvania Military Academy, Chester, in the class of 1917 after pursuing a four year's course In civil engineering. HOTTED TO AKTILLEBY. KIS, May 13.--Active artillery Wag in PScardr on both sides ot Avre river is reported in today's ial IS BOABET TITE SOMKE YAtlKt. TNTX3N, May 13.--'The hostile ar- ry was active during th'e night (n Sornine valley and Albert sectors, between Ixwon and the forest of .pe, Flanders front," says todays ial statement T TO TREE 5TCH01A9 inrrio BI BOUSKETIKL )NDOK, May IS.--The Soviet gov- ient, according to a Tim« dls- h from Petrograd, dated Friday, nas the report that Nicholas aooff, the former emperor, to- r with the former empress and of their daughters, was removed ."katerinbcrg from Tobolsk as a t of the discovery o« a .peasant piracy to assist in Ms escape captivity. Alexis Eomanoff, the er heir apparent, remains at Isk owing to ill health. EDBATAM.VSI :STBRDAM, May 13.-- IJentenant ;1. a star Bavarian airman, has killed on the west front, accord- o the Cologne Gazette. He was ted with 15 aerial victariea. "BMTKRECARDiES renee Boy Was ScMtae, i* Ser- Ttee at Sog»le«s Art*. Special to The Courter. ·WLUEftCE. May 13.--Mr. and Fred Kregar received a m«s»ge «· stating that their «on Joseph, ?as a soldier in camp »t Nogales, for the last year, bad dial of lonia. Mr. Kregar has ordered xiy shipped to his home here, iph, familiarly known as "IJnd" have Iwen 21 years old toraor- He enlisted a year »go on Meat- Day and after a few weeks was .o Nogales, where he has been The body will probaMy arrive Tuesday or "Wednesday. FIRST WAR BABY s Claim Mmde lor Girl Arririmg Tod»T *i Seotttefc Hoa«. Sp«ci»! to The Courier, TTDA1£, May K.--Whmt is hews be the first "war "baby born ·snoreland county came this ig to the home of Rev. and Mrs. Hamilton. 208 Mulberry street, lie, the mother being their «r, Mrs. F. S. McCairns, whose id is to France with the .war laurancc bureau. The babe is :y littla girl. re her marriage in -July, 1917, ther was Miss Mabel Hamilton, ther !s pastor of the Methodist ?al church at Alvertoa. SltlTABT BA1TD PLATER EfXISTKre AS TAILOR Vincent Donato, baritone player in the Conn«Il*vill! Military band, -Bill leave Tuesday for Washington to en- Continued on Pa«e Fire. PENNIES SCARCE Increased Trolley Fare Creates Kew Bemad fqr tbe Coppers. The one cent increase in Uie fares of tile West Peon Rail-ways company went tato effect yesterday morning and coke region travelers have found additional use for tie old copper penny and conductors on the lines also realize just what a penny means. The company was hard pressed at times yesterday for pennies. x Conductors were supplied with them when they started on their runs, but making change soon "ate up" the available supply. The supply today is somewhat better. At Connellsvine, Qreensburg and Uniontown about $125 in pennies is required each day. The demand for approximately ?400 in pennies each day i« hard to fill. / The war tai is now collected beyond the sixth fare zone instead of the eighth as formerly, when the five cent fare was in effect. Conductors have been supplied with strips which, show at a glance just what the fare and war tax amounts to. COUNCIL TO ORGANIZE 6oT«r»i«f Body of Boy Senate Jlceto at library Tsaorrow Kight Th'e local council, the governing body of the Boy Scout movement in this 'city will be organized ' at the Carnegie Free Library tomorrow. evening at 8 o'clock. The . organization of the council Is almost two months late, due to tlie Liberty Loan campaign and other war activities. Twenty-two men have signified their willingness to serve on this council, and all are requested to be present at tie organization tomorrow evening. Other men interested in boys and the scout work are also asked to attend the' meeting and Become a member -of thu council. 'After the organization the delegates to tie National Council will be elected. FRENCH PATROL BOAT PROTECTS THE AISNE CANAL OF KOVtti) Fll-TY YEAltS OLD TKJIY M.ITH AIIYK. Special to The Courier. SMITHPIEL.D, May IS.-Aunt Jtiuo Abraham has, or did have up to a few days ago, a relic :hat she very much regrets the loss of. This was a litUe gourd that had been in Uut family for 50 years r.ud was used- L*o darn the family socks. While using it for this purpose the oil:er day she lot it fa;3, when it rolled under a rocking chair and was crushed by the rocker. Her son, W. H. Abraham, ]a!:gl3- ed at her when site gathered up the seeds and ^aid she was going to plant them, paying: they were ton old to grow, bin A u n t Jane proceeded to plani them in a box prepared for the purpose and now the iaugb is on William. The seeds have begun to germinate and arc peeping through the ground. / French gunlioats bave been armed with anti-aircraft guns to protect the Aisne canal from enemy fliers. These guns have b:en instrumental in driving off raiders attempting to destroy the caual. The picture shows ; -. the deck of one of these boats with tss battery of anti-aircraft guns ready for^ action. I This is Found in Count cd 300 Passing a Given Point Saturday iMORE POLICE DEMANDED Mayor to Ask West Penn to 1'Iace Officer Near the Waiting: Room. 'iDUGGAS OX THE W. Executive Ficady to Proceed Against I'ersisU-nt Ignoring of -Ilules Laid IKwn by the.- City; Motorcyclists Chergvd Vi'itli liclag 'J'oo "«isji ffGS PRESENTED AMERICAN ARMY TO BE USED AS IT ARRIVES AT FRONT IS BRITISH AMBASSADOR'S VIEW Confldential By ^"sociated Press/ WASHINGTON, May 13.--Lord Heading, the British ambassador, jn it statement here today declared that the announcement coming b'y way of Ot-j plan as outlined from Ottawa was tawa that the American army would j under discussion, not be fully utilized on the western! The decision not to use tbe Ameri- front until it developed to' its lull strength -was directly opposite to in- cer.s found themselves today on read- between two school of military ing the announcement from Ottawa, strategists which have been contend- eve; formation he had received from the British war cabinet and that he was in the dark as to its meaning. The ambassador's statement added to the puzzle in which American offi- can army in France until it has been built up to proportions of a complete and mighty fcrcc, first disclosed to the liublic in last night's dispatches from Ottawa, based on advices from the to use the AmcricDji forces. The one thing 'hat seems certa '"''' however, is that tbe business of rushing American troops to Europe will be pressed rather than retarded and that there will be a redoubling of effort to equip them with all the necessary heavy artillery and other engines of I With the warm weather which baa brought out hundreds of automobiles that have been stored :n garages dur/* ing :he winter months, the police are again having trouble with violators of the law who persist iu reckless driving, runaJng u-ithout license plates, run-iing at nights without · ; lights and using cui-outs. The raayoi; Jnd«o E. 11. Kcppert Speaker at Tan. ; ^ moralng asked that auiomoblte ilerWIt Itally Last Evening. i drivc . a , H , T ,. arn cd that arrests will The Third Liberty Loan JSonor-Flag i follow repeated violations, for the Vauderbiit district was pre-1 The heavy traffic" Saturday nighi scnted Sunday evening in the Presby- j brought up the question of reckless teriah church ay Judge B. H. Reppert I driving. The police- had to warn many, of Uniontown. The flag was received · persons who failed to slow down when.' by Her. D. C. White, pastor of the going through crowds and -never Presbyterian church. J. B. Bender- stopped when passing a street car. son had charge of the services, which loading or unloading passengers, opened by the singing of "America." j Count was kept of the cars passing !A double quartet, composed of f o u r : the West Penn Railways company; i ladies and four men, sang "Keep the | waiting room where hundreds of per- j Home Fires Burning" and "Tenting sons were loaded and unloaded during Tonight." The audience then sang j th e evening, and out of 300 cars pass- "Thc Fight is On" and "Onward Chris- i j ng between 7.30 and 10 o'clock, it is tian Soldiers." After the addresses of I estimated that 60 per cent were viqlat- the evening "The Red, White and i i ng onc ja. w or another. Blue" was sung by the choir. The! The police do not intend-to show- PART OF 110TH REGIMENT iRELATIYES OF MAY HAVE BEEN AMONG j PARADERS IN LONDON »-ar committee of the British cabinet, j war to Quickly bring the. full strength j campaign, brought out that the Quota follows a long period ot consideration j of a great army to the battle front. I ror lh j s district was J24.350, and that . " " ---1 320 persons subscribed the sum of ?70,250, or over double trie quota, which gave them a star on their honor flag. Vanderbilt district also is fourth in tbe county ia its 'percentage. service was concluded by the staging j partiality in lining drivers who com- of "The Star Spangled Banner." In a short talk Chairman Henderson, who headed the Liberty Loan! and drivers will not lie picked up for offenses. There will be no wanton crusade against automobile owners. Sisters of Late Jurist and dren Arc the Chief Beneficiaries. LOCAL YOUTH IS NAMED Great City Thrilled as Serer Before by Sight of Our Troops Starching Through Its Streets. . Reports are current,' but nothing is- definitely known, of the presence in the big reception London gave American, troops oa Saturday, of contingents of the 110th Regiment. Press dispatches- maJce mention of troops from Camp Gordon, which was a National Army cantonment, as . being in the parade. It is barely possible thai part of the 110th Regiment irero also among the paraders. It is understood that the headquarters, bond, hospital corps and the first battalion of this regiment sailed ten days or more ago, heace their arrival in. London on Fri- . day or Saturday wonld be in accord- j -,r?- ^ t^nn^i ance with the schedule of overseas 15300,000 10 ?400,000 i HIS ESTATE DUNBAR TOWNSHIP ELECTS 50 MEMBERS OF TEACHING CORPS Keraalndcr Will lie Selected at a Later Date Says Aniunuicenuuit After Saturday Session. At a meeting of the Board of Education of Dunbar township Saturday evening the following teacbers were elected: a minor offense unless tbe practice is continued. Mayor Duggan declared he believed the West Per/a company should plica an officer on duly at their wailing rooms to handle the traffic during the loading and unloading of cars. "We can't put our police forc-e tacre all the time," he said. The mayor also said the cars blocked the streets too long after being unloaded. He said he intended taking the matter up witn Uio corn'parjy. Councilman M\ B. Pryce suggested that an officer be stationed at the GETS SIX MONTHS Sentence Meted Out to 3lan tin Confession of "Going Along" in Robbery. At the weekly session of court in Uniontown this morning Carl Sherby who was arrested in connection with j cornw of ^ rch s YrceVana r \Vest"crawI the robbery of the Penn Traffic De- rord avpmie lo divcr , as mucll iramc Hazel Jliller, Hannah Williams, An- partment store. Councils-vine, pleaded as possible north over Arch street in- I stead of up Crawford avenue and Son of Attorney E. C. Higbcc, Suiile- sofcc, $100; Ten Others Xanted After Distinguished Fayotte Coontuin ]U- ceive Like Amonnts; Value. $30MHX!i na Eagan, R u t h Robinsra, Nora j euHiy 'to "going along" and "holding ^ _ r _^ Creedon. Harriet Sparks, Hose Bailey, ! a suitcase" while others filled it, and; t u r n j E g into pstuburg street, thereby. Nettie Gitlesplc, Myrtle WnUc, Mar- ! was sentenced to six months in the relieving ilie heavy travel over the ] garet Duffy, Ruth Simpson, J?«rn Sher- Allegheny county workhc-use. main streets. ' " Callis, Anna Wtito, Mar- Edward White pleaded guilty to ma-; ..^ have conaitit)ns here which aa liciously disconnecting wires at the, worth disposed of rer, Mary Callis, Anna White, Margaret Doyle, Mary Leighty, Gladys Porter, Audith Biiler, Georgia Mac- Burncy, Sara Schaible, Minnie Miller, Margaret Harrigan, Iflsie Smith, Mabel Waite, Lucy Scott, Loretca Lowney, O. P. Moscr. Grace Raukin, SECRETARY CHOSEN Its Anne 31. Brans of to Handle Belief Yfork Here7 Miss Anne M. Evans of Washington, D. C., has been secured as executive s'eeretary of the Bureau of'.Civilian Relief of this Payette 'county chapter of 'tbe American Bed Cross. She trill assume her new dcties in a few weeks. Miss Evans Is a graduate of Vassar college and has also taken n coarse in the School of Social .Economics of St. Louis. She -was a juvenile court probation officer and-an -investigator for the Municipal Commission on Tuberculosis in St. Louis. movement. The second.and third battalions are understood to have sailetl on later dates: . g According, to the London newspapers that great city was thrilled more by the passage' of the Americans through its so-eets than any other spectacle of the -war. "Loader.ers cheered yesterday as they had not cheered for many months," says one paper. "Prom tha moment when the first battalion detrained to the last minute farewell when the crowds called out "come back soon' the day was one of heartening friendliness. "It -was the women who gave the Americans a- special welcome. 'God bless you,' they cried all along the route.- Mothers lifted their children that they might have a. sight of the tbe will of Justice S. Leslie Mestre- zat, late of Uniontown, placed on file there today. Sums of ?50,000 each arc made to tho nephews and nieces ' of the deceased Jurist--the children of his sisters, Mrs. Harriet if. Hudson of Car- linsville, IH., aud -Mrs'. James M. John of Trinidad, Col. After small bequests are made the residue of the -estate is divided between the-sister, two-thirds to Mrs. Hudson, one-third to Mrs. John,, and at their deaths to their children. Fire hundred dollars each is given to Mary Hudson Floyd of Trinidad, Col., and to the children of Thomas "William Mestrezat. ' Ten namesakes, among them Doa- ; Anna Cassidy, Mabel Richter, Grace Wftite, Alice White, Anna Bovie, Anna Cosscl, Agnes Smith, L. D. Hose, J. C. Baker,. Marguerite CochrLn, Elsie Burkholder, Rose Meegan, A If. Snyder, Rose Hoey, .Mary Lavcry, J. C. Grossman. Catherine Henry, J. H. Keefer, F. A. Jiarah, Ruth Deahtn, Marr Huston and Harry Witt. The above named teachers hold either college, normal, state, perma- was picked up and brought to the £ot- Columbia hotel, Conrellsville, and was; I not exist in another city the size of sentenced to 30 tiays in jail. Harvey j j.-.^j i= al! ' on Miller was given a simiiar sentence ; for stealing oats !rom the stable of Dr. F. N. Sherrick. n.nellfville, because our heaviest ono corner." It was suggested that a dead line be made at Brimstone corner, requiring all- drivers to stop before going around, FOUND UNCONSCIOUS ' Tooth Trying Alonj; Tracks Xear. Oliio- pyle is ill Serious Condition. Garfield I.inderman of Confluence, was found lying along the railroad tracks at Ohiopyle yesterday after- S rea " ! ' inconvenienced, by noon in a delirious condition. Hc 'i who approach with their brigh QNIONSFORNOTHING Thirty Bushels Available at 1'onnkin's , ------0 Produce Establishment, aid.Mestrezat Higbee, son of Attorney j Thirty bushels of matured onions mat uK f luisu.. "-= - ~e"i «"· -'=.j alld Mrs - E - c: Higbee of Connells- · which may be of value for planting are soldiers from across the sea who w e r e l v l l l e - are bequeathed $100 each. available for the asking at Osborne aeot or professional certificates. The corps of teachers will be completed at a later date. but it v,-as decided to let the traffic policeman decide whether a car should stop or not. Drivers will be required to slow down or a reckless driving charge will be made if the corner is approached at a high speed. Corner policemen at night are also drivers bright lights Jon full. Tlie glare blinds tie offices uigc State hospital where it was dis-j all1 = T «7TMe in the path of the car. covered that he was suffering f r o m ) The cut-om question -was brought concussion of the brain and injuries to , up again. Councilman Pryce said he the back. ' had been looking into the question. ·'! Linderman was delirious through-i thought maybe a car gained power go-* out the night. He is unable to. give j ing up a hill with "the cut-out open,'« an account as to how he- met with the! he said, "but 1 found that it is prob- injury. He is employed on tbe sec-j ably Just because the driver %vants to tion gang ot the Baltimore Ohio] hear the noise." Mr. Pryce had in-i railroad. going to Daddy." fight, side by side with Other bequests are: .A gold watch to his nephew, William, Leslie John of Trinidad, Col.; -a gold watch to Charles Leslie Mestrezat of. 'Waynesburg; two diamond studs to his grand nephew, Leslie Mestrezat Hudson of Carlittsville; personal effects to his sisters, Mrs. Hudson and. Mrs. John; his library to Attorney T. H. Hudson, year than ever on account oC the war, i Dniontown. Mothers' Day was fittingly observed Tbe sum. of $500 is set aside for the MOTHERS'DAY OBSERVED Is Marked by TYearing of Flowers and Services in Churches. vmg a Deeper significance this Younkin's produce establishment the rear of the store of Dull Company, Peter R. Weimer, chairman of the war gardens committee, announced today. The onions are sprouting and are of little or no value for food but may be used tor planting and will produc quired from automobile men on lha cut-out question and learned that some big motor car concerns had stopped ' making them, one company not hav- ."lioetim: to Ilc Ufld-Tomvrnm XiRht;'ing put a cut-out on a car since 191.5.. ITALIANS TO CELEBRATE to Mim fur "Italy Day" Fnrnde. A meeting of Italians will be held Tbe inotorcyclists'are lhe worst offenders with the cfl\-out. The noisa tomorrow night at 7:30 o'clock for the s sharp and penetrating, never fail- purpose of making plans for a celebra- Tion to be held here en May 24, the ing to ivalce a sleeper when one goes | past Ills house at night. Mnny corn- yesterday by virtually all the chnfeh- es. The name ar.d memory of mother was" lauded by pastors, who delivered appropriate sermons, while the churcu. choirs rendered musical programs. In some of the churches the carnation, the official flower, was substituted by Radges of white or colored ribbons. Sprays of the- simple lirtle wild flow-ers were also wore. Asks lie-hearing. A petition signed by 362 persons was presented to court in Unitratown this morning asking for a re-hearing' on the case of Peter Gorsky, proprietor of tie. Eureka House, Everson, who was refused a liquor license after 33 years continuously in the hotel business. Miller Inquest "Wednesday. Coroner S. H. Baum will hold an inquest Wednesday evening' at 8 o'clock at Mitchell's undertaking rooms into the death of Irvine E. G. Miller, who died from injuries received In the Baltimore Ohio yards. Egg iritlt Cop.. An egg- laid by a hen owned by Andrew Dorchock of Davidson, yesterday laid an egg with a peculiarly formed cap. The cap is strikingly like the letter C. - · . upkeep of e family lot !n Oak-Grove cemetery, Uniontown. The will was made December 20, 1917, and .was witnessed by Bertha Thomas and Maude Anthony. a good; crop of seed tor another year. -' l Q i r d anniversary of the entrance of j plaints have been made recently on Persons wishing call at the store. them are asked' They are free. THIS IS CLEANUP WEEK j Italy into the war, which will be ! the use of cut-outs, known as "Italy Day." j «if Wc can ' t br^ Hn iQ(?se viola . The meeting will be held in the t i ons without having to have arrests, lodge rooms of the Fraterna. Italian* | then we will have prosecutions made," declared .Mayor Duggiin. The parking of cars in the business section over the allotted time is also becoming a dangerous practice again as it narrows down the available space for traffic. Drivers will be warned. Christoforo Colombo society: TRAJX HITS Generally fair tonight;and Tuesday; cooler tonight, ' probably frost i£ weather clears, is the noon, weather forecast for Pennsylvania. : Maximum Minimum. Mean 1918 .SS 66 1917 59 43 51 The Yough rtrer fell during night from 3.20 lect to 3 feet. 3layor Issues Call for lilUdance of City of AJJ Obnoxious Wiutte. Mayor Dnggan today issued notJce ! Qhfopylc Bovine Not Much "Worse for ·that this week would be "Cleanup ; the Experience. Week" in Comteilsville. j OHIOPYIJS, Hay 13.-- A.cow belong- The order calls for all streets ana j fag to Cyrus Sbou* was struck by a alleys fronting or in the rear of properties to be cleaned up and the refuse to be hauled away; Premises must also be cleared off and the winter's accumulation of rubbish removed. '··. Traper Trial Opens. ED^ARDSVILLE, IH., May 33.-The trial of eleven men on murder Western Maryland train Friday but was not h u r t seriously. Bossy walked home with -bruises and a Hm'p- against leaving their cars near curbs over the allotted time. the Heads Rel Cross Speakers. J, Kirk Renner has been made chairman of the committee of speakers who will promote the Red Cross campaign charges growing out of tho lynching, in tbe drive next week, on May 5 at Collinaville of Robert Paul Praser, enemy alien, was begun today in Madison county circuit courts here. Sixteen men were indicted,-including four policemen, z Peter Hoy Home. Peter Hoy, stationed at Camp Loe, Petersburg, Va., is spending a furlough at his horn© at Ld searing. NEGLECTED HORSE Alderman Fines .Felix Clark $10 and Costs for Xot Feeding It, Felix Clark was arrested Saturday night by Constable Charles Wilson oa a charge o£ cruelty to animals, haTi ing neglected feeding and. ·watering his horse. At a hearing before Alderman W. B, Colborn Clark, was discharged after, paying SM fins and costs.

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