The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 12, 1930 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 12, 1930
Page 4
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fc* THE DAILY COURIER, OONNKLLS /ILLJB, PA- WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 32, HKNIIY « SNYDBR, and Wdltor. 1878-1MO. MHn K. it SNVDKH, President 1»10-1OZ2. JAMB58 J DRISOOU* Prssidcnt »ni General Mau««er. P. C EDMUND«ON, Viee-Fresldont MISS R. A. DONEX3AN, Soiretary »nd Trea«urer. I* OANS, WAI^TEIi 8. BT1MMKI* Cltf Editor. MISS LYM'TOO B. KJNC1BJJ* Socioty Editor. MTBvIBEK OF American Newspaper Publi»h«f» Association, Audit Bureau of Circulation. power and authority t carry Ite con- soHdullon plans into Cfect Ai-soclatlon. STUDKHT TRAFF1 ! OYKI^JJUS. The plan to use atu l«nt officers for the direction o£ trafto et the school builditi(g« and'street Interjeptlony in the vh'inlty, is not tu entiiflly new idea, Tt has been tri cl elsowhcve and with very eatiefactoi / reeulttf. Iu fttct, it haa been four l thc.t the youthful guardians of the school children have been v«ry effioi* it an* faithful. Tho inno^.itlon in trade llrect|on here will, theretova, wt be an experiment. It will, bowoi er, be a new experience loi .tho yp mg men chosen for the duty. They v 111^ bo given prior Instruction and training so that when they take their ploc « on the streets they will know wh$t lo do. Any motorist wh_ disregards their direction under the mistaken impr«a · aion that the boy's ar 3 merely "playing policemen," will flnti they have underrated them when th' y ar? later called upon to Hvak-e anaw v to churge«j prc- red against them by Chief of Police Wall. HOPfe SPRINGS ETERNAL T \ o centM po- copy; 5oo per month; S~.W pet 5 e n r jy mail If paid in advance J J o per week by carrier. r,nttr.d sm »· 'and class matter at Uio posloillce, Conna.lsvllle. ·WEDNESDAY KYK'G, FEB. 18, 1980. NBA1, ·REDUCTION 0V KATIES. Ijwil reduction of navies ot the five po'vers at the Ixmdon Conference, becomes more urobablo as tbe confer- on^ eo'itlnueo. The British have proposed tho oinplete abolWon ot battlo- ·rtiips, but falling In that they agree ·nUh tho American sugg-estlon of an Immediate i Auction in battleship flief! T h i s induction will involve the scrapping of five British and three A nerlcan baltloshlps, to bring to the oc udlity of i umbers 01* crpital bhijw w h l f h under tho c a s t i n g treaties would bo roiched in 1936. Furthei- moro a building holiday until 1931 will ix«tpono indtinitely the very expensive now bu Icllng programs that are duo to start in that year, unless the (onferenfo i i icc-ec"ds P accomplishing ils objcc tivH in the meantime, thereby preventing an estimated expenditure i f approxini itely a billion dollars. rhe British have ledueeil their cruiser program from 70 to SO vessels "he Unit-od States and Kngland aia 1-ecor.dllng their cruiser program by un agreement gi\ing the United States .51 large cruisers as compared with Emglixnd's IS, while the laftei nation has a Jew BIOTO cruisers Kngland, ho United States aad Italy nought to h iv e tho aubmarine abolished from nw in naval warfare France and Japan wore unwilling 10 ?;o BO far. Failing to reach agreement on this proposition all flvo powers yesterday definitely i greed to restrict the UBO t! biibmarl icw against merchant ships to the san e rules governing surface v =i u els On the suggestions looking to reduction m thf sUo of navlea the Fiencu have proceeded on the theory that jiavlot, sho ild bo limited, not by classes of s h l p j but by the total tonoiage, 'eaving earn country free to dl»- frlbute Its allotment of new tonnaga among strps as it wishes to build. While Etij And and tho United SUteis do not acreo that this is desirable, 'preferring limits for each clawi separately, the French suggestion of grouping destroyers and small oniia- orfe in tho same class roaj fcolve without «p?nBe to American taxpayers the problem of parity with KVK- Untl In fctnall crulsorfi, as the exirftins \tn-orican d^strover fleet is far super- i or to thf t of England Thus tho conference approaches th« eduction of the likelihood of war a.s t carofti ly fools il.s way toward re- JurHon ol' uavlea. YOUR INCOME TAX. "Gross" and Met" Income. Two of the tern i used in, ibo income tax law, uam ty, "aroRa Income" and "net income," should be notfcd particularly, iuasr uch as th?y ar* Stally lra.po.rta.nt t tlte whole subject ot the income tax. , All income defiv d from any source whatever, unleggr e tewpt from tax by law, should be la hided 'in gross income. The grot.8 i itCont* of the usual merchandising t»r aercutttile business ·consists ot the fc tal swile», lesa the cost of goods Bol , plus any Jiieoni« from investments .ind incidental or outside operation; or sources. Subtractions should n t be made for selling expenses, der eciation, losses, or other Hams not rdinarily used in computing the'ep t oC goods sold. For example, if he gross sales wne $50,000, the cost f goods sold- $35,000 and the. ,butrfnef.a expenses, etc, ?12,000, the statutor gross income it. $15,000 and tho i ot income is $3,000. In this case, if th taxpayer was married and Jiviag rtth his wife, ho would oe' repair id^ to fllo a return, although hta not ncoipe is only 3,000. The return tnust *brow the grobs Bales, purchases, anfl n at of ^ood* sold. To reflect Incajne arrec^ly, tnvemtorie* are neceasafy a tnfe beginning and end of each, taxa ila y-aa*. A lawyer, doc or, architect, author, clergyman, or 01 Her yrotesslonal mai must Include In jross income ill ieea, salaries, and c nrueiisatiott for professional service. 1. The revemib ct pTovlde» that rcr- tain Hems shal be excluded from gross Income ai tl slmll aot bu subject to the income u x. Among guih items are proceeds I'K m Ufo-iHsuraaco policies, gifts, bequ sts and d«Vi8«w, Interi est frcni inuult pal bonds, etc., daai- ageg recoirew d Tom personal iajU'rte* or sickness, Wt rid War coiavansatioa payments, pen; ions for Use services' ot tho beaeflcia -y or another, interest or dividends ot not over $300 from a building and oan association, atwl rnial vahie c t a gospel minister's dwelling. Oth r items to tie excluded from gross ncome arc alimony, nutary feds, city jury Ieea, salarj ci edited to an mploye but not actually or construe lvel received by him, or an insurac ;e policy covering th* death of a bus UOSB partner. tions for tho hueband--tho actual wage earner iu tho average homo. A wife may will lier owa 's0par*iU estate* aa she wlfiheB, and, (surprising to suy, may also will away JUBI a« iroe- lianded one-half of all joinniuuHy property, leaving her husibind at her death ypai's with only one-half i f what Ills of earning lia,vo produced " PIONEER CUSTOM OF NAMING (MS REVIVED Developing a New . Chestnut Tree Bullct'n The old cuetoni of characterizing favorite flrearmo by a glv u name baa been revived among rifle enthuelaKta. Fifty or elxty years ago, ^hen practically every American ov tied a gan, the personal naming of tbe-so weapons waa not uncommon. Ma ny a trusty \ "Mary Jane" or "Betey" jor;e Witneaa to the ownert prefpeoia n aweet- hesrts. Sometimes the nime wa» engraved on a stiver plate let into the wood of the stock. Fr 'quoutly tho plate wo,s also decoratet with intertwined h jarta, A certain type of Sha - pe rifle was known a« "Beecher'e Bible." The famous Brooklyn prea-iher, Henry Ward Beecher, wa« detarmlned that Kanaji should enter thu Union ae a free State and raised fui ds to provide aatl-aliivery Kansmm w i t h rifles. Today gun-love ns are again giving their weapone such nasaee as "Killdeer " "Samanthy," an-d "Jane" in imitation of tha old settlers. SMungely enough riflea, Ukj} ship., are usually spoken, of aa "aha." Bathtub Savon Calf. AINSWORTH, Neb, Feb. 12.--Clyde Willianifl, farmer of ne ir hore, found the bathtub useful in «aving the life of a frozen call," Wil ianis went to his barn,and found ^ newly born celf ao badly .frozen that it was almost dead. Noticing signe oJ life, however, he carried tile calf into the house and placed the twwen anlmil la a bathtub of cold water. After the cold bath he tjave the calf a bi-le t maasage. The reetilt was the ooajpMo recovery of the cal£' from the eff cts of the exposure. --/5fe»£* ^^ TO SOLHATIOK PLANS PROCEEDING. Tho fr nig of March 10 as tho date for the 1 oailng on thu applications ot tho Pittsourg West Virginia and I he Nlcklo J'late roaub for authority to acquire control o£ tho Wheeling Lake Er o Railroad, aud April 9 as tho date ot iht hoiiriugou tho application of Uio i'ittbhurg West Virginia to acquire control of the Western Mury- la/nd by stock purchase, should advance 110 consolidation plans o£ tho Inlerstu-e Commaice Commission, Insofar d they reUto to tho Wabash- SoaboarJ Sstcm I n a s n u c h as both tile Wheeling Uiko K le and tha Western Maryland \\ill tor n physkal connection with tho IMtsbin g West Virginia when tho latter s completed to ConnellsvtHe, and all three constitu.e an important link iu tho Waba»h~S('ab.iird .System, as outlined by tho commission, it seems ousonablo to sunn No that, un- Idss tho Nicklo Phitu can submit es- M-nall-" fatrong ,'nd couvlucing reason, v hy it should be awarded tho Wheeling L«iko £iio, tho commission w il adhere f o it, plans and give contro C this 1 ne o tho Pittsburg Wti» Virginia. I'.y ho diicct on of this Interstate Uomniirco Coirmlsfalon the Nickle Plato, jointly with the BaHiiiiore Ohio i i-d tho New York Central, has bold t H. t ppi cent of the Wheeling it, L,akj Krie stok, A\hich IB now hold iu status tiuo ujder a trust agiee- ment mtil tho final disposition of the Whpoliug Lake Erie in consollda- tiou p.-oeeediugs. So 1 ar there lt uo formal opposition 'o tut application of tho P ttsburg Wi n Virginia, to purchifae control,oE t h e V et»toru Maiyland The Baltimore u, Ohio's retiuefct toi ( U o same prtvi- iesc- iiavms bton d« u ! d It does not seem probable that it vull inttrpobo i»uy ibjecUons, ospcci.Uly in view ot tho l,i( t iluu Uio t'ltt^burg Wes't V^rgUUa luts \ ' h d u - w i i us opposition to t h ) efioit-a. . t B.dtiMune Ohio to a - q u l i o control ut (ho Buffalo, Kocbe^UT - Ptttsbiug, tl'^ilnd by that ( o m j am to complete- its f-j.stettt in u t . " il.un o vith t h ailociktMiis ot t h n into' state Coinmeri e t oinra;ssloi\ It is booming l a t h a r plainly app a r e n t uiat t h t plans vn tht P i t t b b u r g \\ \ ' Vi r s;'ri it, A i t i M t . i 4 i 'o IU t ^ s u, \\'.'H t c sV'dbus i fc} atom, its u u l -Ito !Ju plan of tho Baltimore t O ijo to budd a new shor! low critic Hoe from Chicago to N°sv Y o i K w i l l nc»i be iotnore*l w i t h ' i h o l n i r - iou lut Hie YOUB INCOME TAX When State Compensation 1$ Taxable. With a certain proviso, tiou paid b? i Stale of "political subdivision Uure -£," tuch as a county or City, to its o fleerd and employes to not taxable sacomo. The prlviao iM that tho vsaj;* of such officern cmd employee mm l be rendered in connection with the "·OKtsential governmental functions cifH^e State or political sub- divisiou" ae Jistinguifihed frorn its proprietary functions. The salarieaof tho governoi of «(, State, mayor of a city, council man, board ot aldermen, public schoo! toachere, and policemen and firemen ure not taxable. But the conipeaeatioj received by employes of. waterworks wned and operatel by a municipality or of a municipally owned and ( pirated street railway, ia taxable, for the reason that they are engaged in activities which are not govarninenU 1. Feee for tpecial e«rvlces to a State are taxable, as, for example, compensation paid crchitecta and builders for planning auJ erecting a State oapitol or other St ite or municipal building. An officer r employe o£ a State, for the purpoec of tho income fcoc law, ia one whose t arvic«a are oonti'nuaus and not occasio 1 lal or temporary, How the Government Protects Fool and Drugs ' 'ii* Food and. Drug Adinlntitmiion hundreds of fraudulently presented of the "United 8t«t«s Je})arttneui of [patent icdt t|ns aif^ ai nuoily ye- Agriculture ftftfarcw th« Federal i'ood inofed from «ur uarketa or *re re- a»*i drug act H altic administers lUe Peicrai iiueoticifie act, the tea i act, th,! impoirt silk uct, th* uaval «itQrofi ao., and the caustic poison oct, says "P. B, , assistant chief, food drag flivision,, Dppartmant of Agriculture-. Its personnel coc«itte of 500 and 600 individuate, including In- siectors, chomiste-. bactenologieta, mi croeoopiste, medical oKlcpra, veterina- rlaa« aod other technical and non- Uchnical workers. Its laborntortes are diatribated ttoVouffhout the Oniid .ate« at important cuatere and at the principal ports* of fused admit ajioe it out jporte of entry. lh,r Hprlng up Hko mueh- rooma /aster that tuc f rro of the Food, and Ohig \lminU .ration can cope with tljeni. Th" !jit st pamphlet giving the «*u!te of art ous against drugs «P!C forth the fram uleut therapeutic c,lai;ne m,ad for an "ague tonic," for u mimijoi of s lloged cures for iafluon^a and grip, or «o-callotl hcsodache powders offerei as atrolief for a variet-/ of painful oc idition«, and for a preparation for «ilc -hogs. It alao Hhowe what /as done to zld th« raaiket of oortair alleged cod- ilver oil products contai ling little or eatry. These labora(or!es supervteo no cod-liver ofl aod of ci rate of mag- not only interstate traffic in the pro- neaia that did oof aiee tho official but luct« covered by the six laws, lifport and export traffic as well. Day after day inspectors and chem- lits, from New Vorlc to San JYanrwco, I atrtM the warehou*ea and docks foods, drugs, and other pro-j menace aa, standttrde- Tho un-eRtn ,ted distribution of dragfe that fiUl to reach the standard eat for them i ad of falsely and ^fraudulently lane! d medicinal 5 oomitltute t public health well ai a erloue fraud. tlucta coining under their eupervlsion Moreover, their aalo i« Itatlnctly un- nro received from ecroats the ocean o r ' l a i r to eihical tnamif cturera who )rom other States. 7'hey visit roanii- j endeavor to market m ritorione and acturing planta to mako euro that tho j truthfully label* 1 prtpa atlonft, raw materials accepted and methods employed ere-kucn aa to give only pure and unadulterated products When they find a need of changes In teehnic they give tho manufacturer constructive advice, so that he meet the requirements of tho lawe enforced by tho l^ood and Administration. They collect ipd I IWutlc B the .ftatec ent that ele- analvze eaiupleu f r o m numborWas ^ hant hunting in an u necessary and shipments and inaugurate corretJUo bruta[ s t' orf ' C o y a t V «co legal action when violations of Ui« is.w are met. can six African \Votn«8i in Trees to Scare Elepha its Away X/neensetional it Is, this grei;:, in an article oa Soufl African hwnt- iK tbH nwth es of the African f)i«sto fruqiieutJi have nothing Tho eup; orters of tho proposition to establlel a penitentiary in Fayetti county, am who argue that it will be the fruitfu eource of orders to J^ay- ette countj merchanUi ami other dealers in com aodities, net-d lint to be reminded thittthe State'e Department of Pioperty i ai Supplies in Harris'bur j doee all tl e tniying for State institutions, whk h Include the prisons. The certainty diet such an institution ia tho county ·will serve as a local market is by no i leans assured. At leai.t those e«Ili \K to it will he brought 5n ocmpetltio i with rflany who seek outlets for th -Ir products By Bxin^ the tax levy at 20 mills, the same ae laKt year, City Coum 11 has showi its determination to refrain from jolnuig w i t h other municipalities that have acquired tho habit of Jn- crcaeing !e expenses yaar after year, pemistent, organized supervision of , wt * cause of dove rtatkra of their our food and drug supplies aafeguardu . P*« D tetions by elophnr *. the Nation's health and protects th,j ' TM ]a a » ite ot th * act that the people's pocketbook. Becauee of the natlVM - w «'' tTMo dl« agard for their Women Should Make Wills to Assure Protection of Heirs Wbether hor hiwhand has a wilt o* not, whether sho now hae anything tp laavo or not, eveiy woman ah cm Id make her w i l l bo that her children 1 or otiera she Hooves as her heirs, Bbould huve the utmoat protection. KxpIaJ ing how the laws of tnt States may aometimefi tragically destroy inheritance plans, Georgia A. Poet writeg ip the March Issue of McCelTe: "How many vrives are familiar with statutes governing their personal prlv- 5f«g«s, and how many have taken the trouble to make «. will? "The point for a wife and mother ! to consider le: Whom doe« she want | lo benefit from her estate? H«r children? Her husband? Or--perhaps-- liier husaand'a second wife? Only the j most BalllBb. ot women resent the thought ot a htisband'e ecoond marriage In case of their own death, but our time-honored aenee of the financial · proprieties tells as that the second j j wiie should oe aupported by the husband and not by hfe flret wife's por- ' sonal estate, whlrh beyond q.uesti should be used for the benefit of her own children, "J t Is not necessary to own property at i.he lime a will is made In order to twive It legal. Many women who have no monoy in their own name at; the preaent time do not realifce how unfair tiwy may be to their children's future by neglecting to make a will providing for emergencies "Doeei the la^v in your State allow you to dictate who will inherit your personal possessions? Have you the right to bequeath them precisely as you wlBh ,oir must you bow to statute* governing tie disposition of your own property? "Wotaen have always had certain recognised dower rights In their Jms- 1 banda' estates oven when, for one An inmate of the' tftddlesborotigh, England, workhoueo, von arrested recently for having conducted a football sweepstakoa among t)e iumatee. To previously expretted opinions as to tho possibility o£ tho icturn ol bearing chestnut treee to Pennsylvania's ride and moutain land«, D?. Joseph S. Illicit, deputy secretary of the Htatn Department of Forests and "Watore, adds note of authority, jt being hl« belief that now growths of "heetnut giving every sign of being strongly resistant to tho blight which a few year* ago well night wiped out the cheetuut trees in the Stito, will eventuate in tho development of a strain which w)i{ be immune lo the scourge Many visitors to the ridge lands have reaterked upon the persistency of life in the roots of trees blasted by the chestnut bllffht, ard from thie survival of life, new eproijtts have appeared, leading Or lllick to the conclusion that there IP real hope that through planting of the nuts^from the eurviving treee, new stands of chefit- nut may be brought to pasa, in tie yeais ahead. Only those who can reoall Uio part the cheetnut tret* once plav^jl, not only in furnishing food tor wild lite, but in affording; recreational opportunities for thousands, and In providing mankind witli a real delicacy, could appreciate what it would mean to have chestnut trees onco igain, in. the neighboring hille; and a« some one, commenting upon Dr. Illlck's recently expressed hope, remarks: "If Dr. Illick encceeds in this single enterprise, the entire expenditure of the Department for all purposes will have been justified, for a return of the chestnuts to the foresta of Pennsylvania would be worth miUfons of dol- lar« to lumbermen and sportsmen." Skirt Battle Wag«d SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 12 ~ The longs and shortfl are et aging a real war in San Francisco with bitter controversy waging over the long and Center, generally given over to problems of national and international significance, gave itself over to tho battle here recently. ' LOWER TIRE PRICES PLAY SAFE. BTT ONLY NATIONALLY ADVERTISED BBAMDS Bay from '·our homo store and save money. If you prefer Brands not listed botow i»« will g«t them for yon. 20x4.40 30x4J50 Ititgnter (· Pftlh- finder 9 6.70 29x4.75 30x5.00 S9xSO 88X00 88x6.00 SOxStt 01. (Ul 7.45 fUO 9.70 Vncnnm Cnp I 6.90 7.40 7.60 60 SH 8.40 Firestone U. S. Eubbcr or Goodyear Goodrich 12.00 31x4 S9xl.50 2fcti,75 Dtc:iy Doty u 5.00 13,85 11.70 IS^O 18.70 6.00 7.00 10.00 10.60 14JW $ 7.40 8JO 7JN» 9.10 9.76 lOJJJi 12.10 12.75 M-fiO 1WM 6^86 6.50 10.90 * 8.10 8.70 9.00 10.10 10.40 11.20 18.00 18.65 15££ *Ufl 7.10 10.00 10.20 lM 10.50 10,80 12.70 17.00 31.30 11.70 12.10 31x6,00 82x6.00 38x6.00 82x4 18.16 18.60 14.00 15.50 15.70 120 1SJ5 12.00 12JM) 12.75 18.70 14JJ5 150 14.90 16.00 15.40 J«.4« 16J* 18.15 17.00 17.76 14J36 J5.60 enormous volume of the annual traffic women tolk *- ^^s ke °P a *«w of In foods in the United States, the do- thom P° stt] i n tree t- P* at night to) reason or another, the hmband has «hout at the (lepnen i The this liberately or caroleasly adulterated or Olci E'erbies and Si! c Hats Salvaged By Carlod Dtsiiu LH! ·derby hala and a ilk toppers ure gathered in taiload lots b / n Fall Klv r Maes, merchant, who puts them -h ougl a ^aU aging prorest, to ncovor he f h e ' i a c that provider ihp and constitute one-third ot o w e t ht o' ^ticli hoadgear AU-JI tie f h e l l d c i ^ dieeojVert i i a iO utloit in -nJili-ti Die hate are '! rh« iiMnaiiuk'i i h btilpd aud U) «i loitlli/'er J m t o r y . misbrauded products, although but a small proportion of the whole, would constitute a dtetlnct public menace wero It not for official vigilance. Poisoned foods are extremely rare. Adulteration by substitution and mia- brandlrg by misrepresentation are the more common typce of £oejl fraud today, although those who sloop to such practices are but .1 small minority In the food industry as a whole American food manufacturers ee a claes are punctilious In insuting pure and legal products By and largo they realise that tna American ronbumar is e particular Individual \v!iose patronage can be retained only through honest dealing. The character of present-day adulterations and mlsbiandlngs In the case ot fooda Is shown in the inoet recent publication describing two legal actions lerrninatod under the law Of these 25 tsdboa, eipMinvohc hblprnMUs of high moisture or hhoit weight butter, three cover tomato catsup 01 puree made from rotten stock 01 containing undeclated artifluial coloi, throe relate to wormy and short-weight rxxn- ned chen-iea, and three deal vUth animal foods variously misrepresented at to composition and quality. Cloves adulterated with Htaich anil ground «eede, le composed walnut moats, Bhort-welghUvl confectionery, icttea, irozcn e^g, canne-d field corn masciaeradiiig », sugar roin, decayed , , , ' canned apiunjh, wormy and ftlthy ligs, and short-volume vinegar have one notice of j u d g m e n t .ipie-cc. in th'a pamphlol Americas riitic; s u p p l y lorlav ih t uoubly hieli mulm a- lth «»gh P mist ,t ' this practice, ne/orecaiia the elephants Dw oar claiwlned i jv-ertluereetits. Abe Mzrtin OHO a isJ i h i itf a-t u t (jcin J± n c o i ' - d o - · \ \ , H -- t ] 4 L j r c i ia iu» s u t c t take all tho pood, u e f u l c i t / e n b befo e lie g i t s ai ou'irt to 5 ou Sojiu fo! ti s U P'loiUh i PI l \ l ] l l ' l in n t l U 7 1 -1\ A l l l l t l l O \\ n t i I 1 » c » Hi I t. h n i t i i wl's tried to prevent his wifejrom Inheriting her juat share. In addition to this rather comforting protection, women, in most states to the Union, have had the additional privilege of bequeathing their own property as they wtehwl But gradually the law Is stepping In and depriving women ot the choice to wilt their personal property according to the dictates ot their hearts. "Women who own property ia thoir own name have usually com« by It In one or two ways; either ny inheritance from their own parents, or by earning it through their own efforts. The piobablo thought in tho mind ol' her parents te that tho euin (hoy lire able to leave their daughter will help smooth the path that is often rough; will provide comforts for h e r ; and perhape mako possible an education £or hei children--their own grandchildren. Did tbpy intend that in case of thoir child's death, her husband bhould iQCelvo one-third to one-half of ^ h a l thoy had painstakingly suvod ioi' Ihelr own blood? Yet that if, w h a t may happen unlesse women awake to the fact that they should see their lawyer and diawn up a will that shall, as far UH Is possible, allow them to piotect their children's rights--if they need protection--and carry out what ·wa« ptobably the intention of the K'-andparents. "Many web tern elates have the community propoity law/ in. which ·uiEo .uul h u h b n i i d hold efliial r i g h t 1 to all w o i i l t h auidbftod altc: Un'Ir ai*u- i iage Contraiy to Lho gradual ciu- of women's prerogative :u dls- ol tht'ir own pioperty in tJio hiiit, ll)i Wc-.t o r i H on tho titli- of l i b e i u U t v t o \VOIIHMI 'I'lns hnnj't- tiio uo -siblhties ul uaiair Union Supply Co. Sixty Mtoreft fa Wine Counties of Pennsylyaafa. DO YOU HAVE PARKINGinS? A re any of your family suffering from this malady that causes extreme ner- v ousness and red and green spots to appear before the eyes. If so, cure yourself at once by riding the electrics to and f-om your shopping expeditions and avoid the nightmare of parking ten blocks away from the store. Railways Company

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