The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 11, 1918 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 11, 1918
Page 10
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·PAGE TEN. DAILY COtTRIKR., CONNELLSVILLB, PA. SATURDAY, MAT 11, 191S. DKVOTED TO THE INTERESTS OF. TE STUDENTS. C. E. KEAGY BDITOB8 N. S. I-LOTO JTOTBS. (By Myra Conway.) The Juniors are loosthig the Senior class to posting 1918 bairaers in the assembly rooms. , '. Give ear to this, lor it is true, ..'. - We ccrald say nothing wiser; . Bach time you lick 1 a Thrift Stamp : You are helping tick the Kaiser. . · Green Freshman looking ?.t a Cae- sar--"H'm, Latin ain't hard," and he actually translated at sight, "Pass me 9ome jan2" (passes sum jam). X«tter Coote Bhnet. S--Stands for Sarah, lYrand soMb, east aim west, But Then making a speet h . Sbe is found at her best. E--Stands for Eleanor, She goes with a btnsn. Followed by Alfred "Who comes with a rush. X--Stands for Norwood, . They think ho's so swell, If he's not with a teacnor He's with Elijabeile. I--Stands for nrjself, . 'Who am writing this tale; I walk in. the alleys To keep out of jail. O--Stands tor Ora, She's fast on the (Soar; . She's really some bidder II you only know'er. It--Stands for Robrrt Whose last name ie Cage; When he's with Helen You'd best turn the page. SDITOKU1. . Thfe is the fourth issue of "Th» Tiger," and represent*: a, month of hard wotli and .earnestness on the. part of those publishing it.:.It:i* not the easiest matter in the world to start a school paper and* keep it go- iag. for sometimes the news -is scarce and the items that mike a- teresting iiard to get. Cr«nt mart fee giren, bowe^r; to-the-Btudentf from whom' w« hava -receried max? inter- eating items. As ym will notice "The Tiger" has doubled its space and haa grown larger with each Issue, mot f«r- getttag.the fact that it has also grown more interesting. This, howerer, Is left.for the readers to!Judge, and we feel certain that we are pleasing J»i and hope to retain' your 'cooperatioa and good, will; "The Tiger" is .j»b- lisfaed evajr e*t»rA"y and you abo*M not miss Saturday's paper or you win ·be left behind in the too*! edge of ·what is going on to C. H. S. High school students should show their parents "The Tiger" and get than intonated in the events thai happen in pur school, and yon wHl soon.find that they .will" begin to look for it every Saturday just as eagerly as you do.--The Editors. Tlie ConneUii4Il« School Board has decided that tbere shall be no German taught in C. H.- S. next year. W« know every student U glad to hen this, for fighting a German text-book Is almost as bad as fighting the Germans themselves. There hs been much ilsaa- sion among the students as to .whether it would be eliminated or not, and wh*i the school board decided that i; should be cut out we all breathed a aigh at relief. SOPHOSOKB -VOTES. (By Dorothy Mctlaren.) The Sophomore literary society i as follows: met Monday evening after school. On j First Tear accoont of not being able to hold the Second Year ' meeting in the auditorium it was held ' Freshman . In study nan "A" and, tbe "program Sophomore . w«B of necessity shortened. The so- Juniors ciety chose nile and pink for its- col- Seniors ors. They' also decided upon five cents as the semi-monthly dues. The Total . choosing of a name was brought up .but wa* held orer till a later meeting. Tie Thrift Stamp salee !n C. H. S. last Tuesday amounted, to |196.7«. The amount purchased by classes is JOilOB 1WTES. (By Bstella WlsonO . A number of G..B.-3. giris under the direction of Miss Waterbury gave an exhibition- in. the gymnasium. Thursday evening. It was to show -what the girls had accomplished during their year 'of gymnasium wok. - The. girls performed varions "stunts" and dances which were greeted with much appinse on the part of the; students. Credit' must be given to Miss Water- bory, under whose direction the girls performed so uicely. Characters in Greek mrthology -personified by our faculty: B.-B; Smith--"Zeus,' 1 father of gods and goddesses. Ha-viland--"Orpheus,*, natron of -ma- lic and lyre. F. Smith--"Bachue." god of ndrth and revelry. Airostroag--"TerpejchoMk" goddess .ot grace and. dance. Alderter--"Narcissus," beJowod of Echo, Meyers--"Echo," njmpb who pined away for Thor. . Mayo--"Circe," enchantress. Moland--"Venus," goddess ot beanty- nrteman--"Cupid," god of lore. OOer--'^Mars," god of van:. Woodbead--"Sylvan." god at, mod- lands. The editors of "The Tiger" would like the Juniors to take more interest in their class column and hand in more itazns to their class representative. Gladys Lyon--"Oh, I am jnst seared skinny over O 1 ** test." . George Richardson -- "Impossible-- er--aw--I mean it won't be very hard.- "Wednesday evening. after school -Prof».ssor Woodhead took ais biology classes out into the woods to gather new specimens for ti« students' botany collection, which each student must have before completing the course. If you want to halt the Hun now it the time to practice what this little rhym* says: "If you love the U. S. A. B» patriotic every day; . If yon are too young to fight, Work in your garden every night." Two -girls -were overheard talking about a copperhead snake they waat- ed to give to Mr. Woodhead: THE PABAMOUXT. -4 55.76 _ 50.08 _ 27.12 _ 19.80 _ 25.96 _ 17.38 _»196.70 All C. H. S. students.are being gvren a medical examination iy Dr. Katharine Wakefield. Mary Kathryn--"Does Mr. Woodhead want a copper head?" ^ . .AroaHa--"No; I tMnt he'll "keep the one he's got," "Win someone please ask "Bill" what was so .interesting Wednesday afternoon in English, class ? Nanna Hood evidently thinks Caesar was as-ruthless as Von Hlndenburg, who said he was'willing ^o sacrifice three hundred "thousand of his best men, for when translating on Wednesday she said: "Caesar placed tte auxiliaries, in -the middle of .the. line, Candidate For tfc« Second District J. SHELL SXTDEK. "FAITH ENDURING."--A fiv« part Trjangle feature in which Roy Stewart is seen in a splendid role, is being shown today. Jeff Hags Is rescued from yeggman by Jim Lee and they start raising cattle. "WJien the Hex Copper Mining company begins operations nearby L«e explains to Flagg.! that the erection of a smelter will . prove disastrous to their venture, as the copper will poison the water. A feud is begun in which Flagg and Lee are arrayed against Edward Crane, general manager of the mining .company and also against Sol Dnrkee. she-riff, seeking tne miners' votes- Flagg falls in love with Helen Dryer, stenographer in Craned office, and after many exciting adventures the couple are married. A Christy comedy is included. Monday.Viola Dana ·will be featured in "Breakers Ahead," a Metro attraction of considerable interest. Thursday Kitty Gordon will be seen in "The Purple Lily;' a World attraction. Madge Kennedy will be seen soon in "Onr Little W5fe, a Goldwyn feature. TEE for be expected them to be captured!" GARAGE IcCreary Motor Company Builds 'Addition to :Crawford Avenue Plant ' ' The J. A. McCreary Motor company has completed an addition about 70 feet long and 22 feet wide to its garage in Bast Crawford avanue. The extension wffl be used for repair pnr- poses. . . '.' On tbe western side is a skylight eight feet wide nmnini; the length of the.buMtog. . LETTERS" -- The danger of indiscreet letter writing is vividly brought out in Dorothy Dalton's newest Paramount picture,- "Ixve Letters," which was written by Shannon Fife and personally supervised by Thomas H. Ince. As Eileen Harland, wife of tbe district attorney, she finds herself in many a difficult position due to a girlhood mistake in placing too much trust in an unworthy suitor. How her husband's assistant, also an old admirer of fiers, conies to her assistance. and how she finally regains her husband's confidence id vividly be' " ' trayed. Miss Dalton's" wort'and that of the splendid cast, including William Conklin and Thurston Hall, is very sooii. Subject to the decision of the Democratic Primaries, May 21. "I am in favor of. the ratification .of the National Prohibition Amendment, and if elected will-vote for it and use my influence-to have the State Legislature pass it. "I am fa favor of pushing the war to a successful and honorable" conclusion. . " ' . · "I favor legislation that, is 100 per. .cent fair to the-working man and 100 per cent fair to the employer." Ytror vote and influence solicited. way up fill* 20 to SO-feet high on the ·nay inland to spawn. The Alaskan tocr, which is one of the headliners or 'the new Travel festival, also present* the birth of an. iceberg la the North Pacific, The immense mountain'of ice, was caught in its moment of breaking from a glacier and-crashing.'into the sea. The picture was made t from. an open boat, at great dafcger to the photographer. Other features .of the Mvers of'fishing will find much to I neT Holre P^sram show Uncle Sam'8 ' gigantic caterpillar war tractors to spectacular acMon, a joyful d*y and nishi at Coney Inland, a. fascinating tour of China, and the thrilling cap- ture.of a.wild mountin lion. Amusing animated caricatures and film nbv- j eitiea, the creation ot Mr. Howe'i own l»ts. .will be freely interspersed interest them in Lynnui H. Howe's latest Travel Festival, which will be o'ffered at The Orphenm on. Monday. A "feature of the new program is a beautiful and entertaining Alaskan, series, which, among other things, takes spectators on a salmon nshing trip, . Salmon return to tie places or their birth, scientists have coond; after four years to spawn and die. Often they travel 30.000 to 30,008 mftee in a Waat Help I lifetime. Mr. Howe h*B secured some Then «» our clanifled column. very interesting pictures--me most I »""» -*tU follow. remarkable ever taken--or salmon . " throughout the entire entertainment. Ke- leaping against the powerful current Hnntteg Bargrali* J ,, up falls. They frequently work their You will find taem in our ad. columns. we shall become if the irar makes it a necessity: Althea--A Fisher. Katharine--A Herd girl. Minnie--A Rich girl. Gertrude--A glory teller of Mars. Harold--A.bull soMier.' Sarah--A Porter. Charles--A Harrow. Gladys--TSUI .make Hockey sticks. Thelma would cease CSeese) to be. Margaret--A Gaurd. Tom Newmeyer (again) -- "How should you treat sicl: bees, Mr. Wood- lead?" Mr. Woodhead (as usual)--"With great respect." Katharine List is back te school again after being absent on account of illness. Some thought it was' measles but this was later discovered to be a mistake. Bill Harry has been appointed knitting instructor in Mr. Smith's . study period.. He gave the class, its first lesson Friday afternoon. PIG IRON PRODUCTION RUNNING WELL ABOVE 90 PER CENT CAPACITY Distribution the Present Big Problem in Steel; Contracting is on n Re- i diced Scale, Except War JUtoritL Special to The "Weekly Courier. NEW YORK, May 8.--The American Metal Market and Daily Iron Steel Report will review the steel and iron trade tomorrow as follows: Blast furnace operations have improved, and pig iron production is running at welVabove 90 per cent of capacity. Steel mill operations have ] improved but little, and art averaging under 90 per cent of capacity The divergence is due to shortage of scrap, which is being keenly felt at many plants, and market offerings of scrap have not increased this week to j any extent. 1 The distribution of steel other than | that called for by direct government orders, still engages the closest attention of the steel mills. There has been no .difficulty in carrying out tbe requirement, as agreed upon by the steel industry in the past fortnight, that every ton of steel available for filling government orders jShall be so directed, but the problem "of distributing the remaining steel, where it will be most useful in helping to win the war, has been producing countless problems. Steel for oil development and', transport and steel for. agricul- ' ture come first, but there are almost" infinite graduations from the, most- ewential commercial steel . requirements to the least essential. . The problem is being "attacked from many angles. . For instance, the steel makers expect much assistance from the Washington, authorities by their making agreements with the least essential industries to curtail their \ operations. In general, however, the disposition is to proceed from the top downwards. .The steel market ie still in operation, contracting between mills and regular customers proceeding much as -usual, but on a reduced scale as old contracts are working out very slowly. ' Chance buyers find the greatest difficulty in placing'any orders. Unless the material is closely connected with the war there is no semblance of a delivery promise to be had," and practically not-even an intimation as to the probable time of j delivery. With the closer analysis that has lately been given, and the additional information furnished by the Washin- town authorities, the war program is clearly calculated to absorb much more'steel than was being assumed by the steel trade even 60 days i - i ' I PARAMOUNT THEATRE Program For Next Week After reading · (kit program be convinced that we get the beaL . MONDAY " : Ths Storm and tin; Passions of the Sea" Are Mirrored In "BBIAKEKS AHEAB" A 5 Act ideuro Drttma of Heroism and ^Romance. Featuring Winsome VIOLA DANA. Also a Good 2 Act Geystone Comedy. XTJESDAT Lorers of Romance and CoJor- iBi Adventure Wffl Hail with Delight Triangle's Thrilling Pirate Play, «TKE SEA PASTHEir Featuring WILLIAM DESMOND act MARY WARBEN. It is taken from ; the story In the Saturday Evening Post. Also a Good Triangle Comedy. WEJHTESDAT Blue Bird Presents LOUISE LOVELY in "A KICK MAJP8 LOVE" A picture ot true love and how a rich man won a poor girl's heart. ' 'Also a Good L Ko Comedy. THFBSDAY World Presents .KITTY GORDON in tne "THE PUBFLE ITLT" Mist Gordon has one of the most dramatic roles of her career in tbJte production. The picture moves fast and gripe your attention from beginning to end. Also Current Brents. FBIDAY "SATUBI)AT Goldwyn Preaents TiIADCE KENNEDY with her eyes and her smile in her unusual and powerful production. A swift moving story of action, ever- caanging plot, jealousy, suspicion, laughter and speed in "OtTB LITTLE TVIFE" Also a Good Comedy. --COMJS-- "THE KAISER -- .THE BEAST OF BERLEV DID YOU B1TY YOUH IJHERTY BOJD» scrvcna for ftjr time. Roofing ikiit -nlll keep tihe rain F»ul*T7- vrirtf jind l»w» lence. COME DOWTi AXD SBfiS «» 'OPPOSITE n. . o, DEPOT. Connellsville Machine Car Supply Co. GRANT MYEKS, SPECIALIZING STYLISH TUB SKIRTS Wide Choice in Styles of Cleverest Designing Many are exceedingly well adapted to outing occasions; others will fulfill all one might ask of a utility skirt for general wear. Included are skirts of pique, narrow or heavy wool finish corded weaves, fancy gabardines, all linens, poplins and repps.- The illustrations show the styles more clearly than we could describe them. Pi-^-Shrunk Skirts at $3.75 to $12.50--Other Skirts as Low as $2.50. Khaki-Colored The regular army type, size 66x82 inches, weight 4 Ibs., 72% wool. We have already sold quite a number of these to local draftees. The price is $10 each. Silk--Wool--Cotton Flags with one and two stars in many sizes from 12x38 inches up to 3x5 feet- Extra stars if you need them. "We can furnish service flags of atty size and any number of stars in a reasonable length of time. The OFFICIAL LABORATORY MODEL IN AN EXQUISITE WALNUT CABINET O1UDY the graceful O lines: tbe satisfying proportions of this beaoti- fal Wiffism anH Mary cal- inet. It -was selected by a process of e}irnicOTon from a field of forty candidates. F o r t y sketches were submitted by leading designers. Fifteen cabinets were actually constructed; ooe'from each of the fifteen sketches which were selected as deserving consideration. And finally ,the model you 'see was .voted the most beautiful-worthy of encasing " The Phonograph with a Soot" No picture can do justice to this exquisite cabinet. Yon most actually see it--see the warm rich tints, the velvety texture of (he walnut surfaces. See it in our window. Or, better still, come into our store and, near the instrument itself. Summer White Goods At "Old Contract!' Prices Cotton is soaring. Dress cottons "keep." Why not buy ahead of njgher prices? Fine White Votta 3S inches wide, at oflc -toJ Extra fine White Mercerized Chiffon Voile, 40 incnes wide, Sturdy 'WWte Phjne £nit- Inss, 27 inches wide, at SSc. TOute Mercerized Poplin, yard wide, at 85c, Finest French Orgaidie, 44 inches wide, tit «c fo 85c. Fine imported Pique, yard vrtde, at SOc to 7Sc. Yard wide Long Cloth, 10 yard pieces, at $2.15 and $2.35. Pine Nainsook, yard wide-, 12' yard pieces, at $2.50 to. $4.00. Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% on Every $100 You Spend. Tough House LUNCH STAND The leading, lunch stand of ConnellsviUe. Supplies received fresh every day. Read the following list ot sandwiches: "Weiners _----_- 5; Boiled Eggs , -5c Pie, per cut 5c Ham . lOc Cheese , lOc Pried Egg '. lOc YOUGH HOUSE 1TESCH STAJO) West Crawford Avenue COAST l/NEat The delidbu of your vacation begin ibe moment you board » D. C. Coast Line Slesmcr for beautiful MEcUnic Island- for half of the deli this are in ibe Lake voyafce. Railroad iJcicju are honored on all D, C. Line flcamer* wrib- ont extra charge. The D. . C. Jn*i£aU inture* ibe best in appoint menu, cuitine, nod painstaking tcrvicc. Safety nad health prorniom arc all that could be desired. * All steamers :ire equipped with Jiie*t wirefeii tervke. Alt ·water is sterilized by ultra violet ray proceu. Two tplendjd i'es»els-- City of Mackinac 11 and City of Alpena II--oper*te four tiraci n week to Mackiotc lelacd. From Toledo Monday* acd Saturdays 8-3) A. M.. Tuesdays and Thundaji i 6:00 P. M. From Detroit Monday i end Salur- ! daysSiOOP. M.. WednesdayB and Friday. 8:30 , A. M. Send 3-cent Marap for illustrated pamphlet and I Greac Lake* map. Addrew L. G. LEWIS, I G. P. A., 9 Third ATenue, Detroit. Mtcb. I TO MAOONAC ISLAND From * BofMo I 9.50 Rwod trip 150 IF YOU WANT BEAD THE COURIER || Anything, Have Anything for Sale or Rent, Try Our Classified Ads at One Cent a Word. They Bring Results.

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