The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 11, 1918 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 11, 1918
Page 9
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THE DAILY COURIER. Kline Simpson, furniture. Keiser, D, S., mdae. Kaufman Bros., fruit. Lockard. E. M., lumber. Lenthardt, Henrj, meau. -Miller Auto E\change No. 1, supplies. Miller, J. H., meats. Makinson, A. N'., mdse. -Maple. A. S., theatre. Miller Auto Exchange No. 2. supplies. Newton, Cbas. F. Co., mdse. Noffarth, A. J., meat. Peoples Cash Grocery, mdse. Point -Marion News Co., news stand. Bison Theatre, theatre. l Barr House, cigars. ' Bulger, H. H., drugs'. * '. Bulger Sons, J. Hi, grocer ' Central Pharmacy, drugs. Catmno JulLa, grocery. Chdmijprl,ind. ('. E. leed. Capite, Tone), store Clilago Dairy Co Dairy- Johns, W. P. grocery. David, Mike, confectionery. Bllien Co., M., confectionery. Fisher, Joe, pool. Fisher, Joe, cigars. Palmero. Robert, mdse. Point Marlon Bakery, bakery. Point Marion House, cigars. Poletano, A., grocery. -- , -., - Quertinmont, Jules, So. I Store, mdse. I Joshan, Alexander, conf. SJuertlnmont, Jules, No. 2 Store, mdse. i Keystone Bowling Alley, bowling. FlnK, A. H., clothing. Flower Stand. The, flowers. Herbertson Hotel, cigars. Herbertson Sons, J., fittings. Sadler, Ftanlc, hardware. Seigel Dept. Store, mdse. Schmidt, Mrs. Hene, dry goods. Travis, B. R., wen! stand. Tyler, E. S., drugs. Titus Bros., plumbing. The Great Atlantic Pacific Tea Co,! Mason. F. D., grocery. Victor Milling Co., feed. Mason, H. G.. grocery. Vanzandt, J. M., restaurant. Wisdom, Geo. B , jewelry. PERRY TOWNSHIP, Retail Dealer*. Krouse, Max, mdse. Klein, M.. meats. Keystone Bowling Alley, cigars. Liberty Confectionery, confectionery, Lewis, W. I., drugs j Moore, G. L,., hardware. Bononi, Bgtdlo, Star Junction, Pa., grocery. Carson, D. X., Layton, Pa., confectionery. Cortes. Wm S.. Perryopolis, Pa,, confectionery. D. S. Garage. Perryopolis, Pa., garages Essington, R. L., furniture. Elentenn. V., Perryopolis, Pa., grocery. Marshall Hush, brokers. Miller. Abe, clothing. Mt. Joy, T. V , Keystone, bowling alley. Penna Hotel, cigars. Pronty, J. M., grocery. Peyton, Russell, grocery. Percy, J. W., confectionery. Piersol, Arthur, garage. Redman, Ellis, pool. Reynolds, E. D., grocery. Ronay, W. R-, grocery. 'Steeling, W. R , jeweler. Sargent, A. M., Ice. Springer Son. G. W., mdse. Springer, J. O., grocers'. South Brownsville Grocery, grocery. Fretts. Mrs. M J, Perrpopolls, Pa.. mdse. George. N. Bros, Perryopolis, Pa.,. St. Charles Hotel, cigars. radse. (Sabln, John, fittings. Hoenschell, D., Banning, Pa., grocery, Hamilton. S. B., Layton, Pa., mdse. House, J. J., Layton, Pa., mdse. Hlxson, J. M., Banning. Pa., grocery. Joseph. Abraham, mdse. Perryopolis, Pa., Johnson Supply Co., Star Junction, Pa. mdse. Karollek. Mike. Star Junction, meats. Pa, Kallman, J. A., Perryopolis. Pa., grocery. Kranlk, M. P., Perryopolis, Pa. 5 lOc store. Martin, Edmund, Perryopolis. Pa., Jewelry. N'agler Greenhorn, Whitsett, Pa., mdse. Nader, Jacob, Whitsett, Pa., mdae. Perla, S. Bros., Layton, Pa., store. Rlsbeck, W. L., Star Junction, Pa. picture show. Stuckslagor, C. S, grocery. Stickle, Geo., pool. Stickle, Geo., confectionery. Stickle,. W. S., Perryopolis, Pa., confectionery. Stewart. Mrs. L. C., Perryopolis, Pa., confectionery. Stewart, Mrs. I/. C , Perryopolis. Pa., restaurant. Sechrist, W. A.. Layton, Pa, Meats. Spacc'iopolll. Pietro, Layton, Pa., groceries. Trenching. E., Perryopolis. Pa., mdse. Wllley, C. W., Layton, Pa., mdse. WIneland Supply Co.. Banning, mdse. Welmer, William. Perryopolli, confectionery. REDSTONE TOWNSHIP, f - Retail D««ltr». Asa, John, Smocft, Pa., grocery. Pa., Pa., Schwartz, Benj., meat. Trumper, J., clothing. Vigilottl, Antonio, grocery. Vorhes, C. H , hardware. White Tldball, confectionery. White Tidball, restaurant. Water Street Garage, garage. Weller, J. G., electric supplies. Wallo, Mike, restaurant. Wallo, Mike, cigars. Yanniczz, Frank, broker. SOUTH CONNELLSVILLE I OUGH, Ratal) Dmitri. Anderson, S. J., confectionery. Anderson, S. J., restaurant. Baughman Bros, confectionery. Brown, Geo. H., grocery. Ball, H. L., grocery. Cole, Alex, feed. Collins, C. C.» meats. Hyatt, It. R., grocery. Marshall. Burt, mdse. -Miller, S. B., poo!. Miller, R- D., meat. Ringer, W. B, mdse. Snowman, Mrs. L. F., grocery. S. ConellivlUe Lumber Co., lumber. S. CcnaeilsviJle Garage, garage. Thomu, .A. P., restaurant. Thomas, O. P., confectionery. 3MITHFIELD BOROUGH. R.UII Dtal.rt Bowman, B. O., hardware. Brltt, Robert, feed. Burcblnal, R. S., mds«. Consumer! Supply Co., mdse. Dunn, Ch»§., confectionery. Downey, B. L., garage. Feather, G. A., mdie. Hardln, X p., restaurant. Ilardln. J. P., pool. ' Stewart. C. B., feed. Brier; HB1 Supply Co., Brier Hill, pa., I Show, C., hardware. , , I Button, A. J., gasoline. Boyd. BrownsTllle, Pa., H. D. Xo. 20, mdse. Bajuna. E., Republic, Pa., jirobery. Crescent Supply Co., Republic, Pa., mdse. Capuzza Bros.; Republic. Pa., mdse. Crlcchl, John, Republic, Pa,, conf. Central Restaurant, restaurant. Central Restaurant, Republic, Pa., cigars. Cory. Geo., Republic, Pa., lunch. David. Jacob, Republic, Pa., confectionery. Dtanos, Geo, Brier Hill, Pa., mdse. Dunlap Supply Co., Brownsville, Pa., Button,' B. F.. meat. Vance, O. S.. furniture. SVI»e, T. O., harnesi. Whetstone, S. F., restaurant. 8TCWART TOWNSHIP, Retail DelUra Inks. Thoa., Ohiopyle, Pa., grocery. S P R I N G H I L L TOWNSHIP. Retail Dealers Adah Supply Co., Cheat Haven, Pa., · milie. Clemmer, J. E., Cheat Haven, Pa., grocery. Crescent Supply Co., Atcliison, Pa., mdse. Durr, E. P., Cheat Harm, Pa. R, D. R. D., mdse. Flora. Guy, Republic, Pa., restaurant.! No. II, grocery. Gaddis, J. E., Republic, P n , drugs. Everly. Everett, Smithfield, Pa. R. DC, Groves, James, Republic, Pa., pool. j gasoline. Guerrieri, A., Republic, Pa., Box No.|Ernory, William, Gans, Pa, grocery. 207, confectionery. Hoffman, J. W., Republic, Pa., genta furnishing. Hepner, M., Republic. Pa., store. John, Le.«, Republic. Pa., tixtures. Johns. CTftarley, Republic, Pa, confectionery. Johnston, Walter E., Grindstone, Pa.. R. D No.l, giocery. Jubelier ' Bros . Republic, pa., mdse. Klein, ST.. Smock, Pa , grocery. Uice, Lewis, Republic. Pa, broker. Lllley Run Supply Co., Rtpublc, Pa., Thompson No. 1. mdse. Luce, Lewis, Republic, Pa , broker. McMillan. Homer, shooting gallery. McMillan, Homer, Republic, Pa., restaurant. Melon!, S., Orient, Pa.; grocery. Eagle Supply Co., Cheat Haven, Pa., md»e. Fisher .Son, J. W., Cheat Haven, Pa. R. D. No. 10, mdse. Outcrop Supply Co, Outcrop, Pa-, mdse. Scott, C. N., Guyaux, Pa., mdse. Sisler, L. D. Sons No. 2, Cheat Haven, Pa., mdse. SiUer, L. D. Son No. 1, Cheat Haven, Pa., mdse. Superior Supply Co., Cheat Haven, Pa., mdfe. | Trimmer, John, Smithneld, Pa., grocery. Tacoch, Mike, Cheat Haven, Pa., gen. atore. SALTLICK TOWNSHIP. R.UII D»»l«r« New Salem Supply Co, Fairbanks, Pa. I Berg. John C., Indian Head, Pa., indue, mdse. ' FuIIem Co, Homer, Normalrille, Novotny, Mike, Brier Hill, Pa, gro-| Pa, mdie. eery. ; Kalp, S. C.. Indian Head, Pa., mdie. Null Tedrow. Republic, Pa., gro-lMowry, C. M., White, Pa., mdse. eery. j Myers, F. S., White, Pa., mdse. Orient Supply Co, Orient. Pa., mdse.'Stickle Co., A. C., Indian Creek, Palo, E. N., Fairbanks. Pa., gasoline, j Pa., mdse. Paul. Bruce, Sinock, F.-i., R, D. No. i Showman, H, S, Indian Head, Pa., 35, mdse. store. Palo, Vincenzo, Republic, Pa., confec-; S P R I N G F I E L D TOWNSHIP. tionery. ' Retail Deaf«r» Palo, E. N.. Fairbanks, Pa., confer- Balsinger. W. H. Sons. Normal- t:onery. I vjlle. Pa-, mdse. Jalo, E. N., Fairbanks, Pa., confec- Colborn, W. S ^Son. Mill Run, Pa., tionery. , mdse. Princess Theatre, Republic, Pa., the-'Balsinger, Wm Mt, ConneHsyille, Pa, ' atre. I R. D. No. 3, ·grocery. Republic Hotel, Republic, Pa, cigars.,Eicher, J. D.. Mill Run, Pa, fertilizer. Rodney, A'.. Republic. Pa., mdse. .Fullem Co.. Normalville, Pa., mdse. Republic Fur. Hdw. Co, Republic. Hutchinson, S. M., Mill Run, Pa., Pa, fur. hdw. ! broker. Sparks. Ray, Republic, P a , feed ; Johnson, J. P., Mill Run, Pa., feed. Simpson Supply Co., Unlnntown, Pa.,'Livingston, F. B.. Mill Run, Pa., mdse. mdsc. , ' 1 May. J. C., Mill Run, Pa. feed. Solary, Jacob, Grindstone. Pa., mdse.; McMfllen, F. B., Normalville, Pa., Santo,..George, Republic, Pa., confec-j grocery. tionery. .Miner, John W., Normalville, Pa., Solomon, Abraham, Republic, Pa., con-1 mdse. fectlonery. ^Sherbondy, A. G. C., Normalville, Pa., Santo. Geo., Republic, Pa., gas. : mdse. Solary, Oswald, Orient, Pa, mdse. i SOUTH U N I O N TOWNSHIP. Tarcone, Antonio, pool. Retail Dealers Tassone, Antonio, broker. !Dnritgfcy. L. J.. Uniontown, Pa, Tassone. Antonio. Republic, Pa., mdse. 1 grocery. Zarilinsky, Rosa, Republic. Pa., Box' Franko. George, Uniontown · R. D, No. 31, grocery. . ' grocery. SOUTH BROWNSVILLE BOROUGH,'Hagans, Frank S., Uniontown, Pa., R. Whol", le D «'»»- liwrtTftSb, Uniontown, Pa. R. D., Ward Supply Co., groceries. I grocery. Retai! Dealers. IPetro, Mike, Brownfleld, Pa., grocery. Atlantic Pacific Grocery, groceries. Aaron Furniture Carpet Co., fur. carpets. Brownsville Construction Co, Plava, George, Brownfleld, Pa., pool. Reese. J. S., Brownfleld, Pa., grocery. Stone, W. A., Hopwood, Pa., mdie. Semani, Geo., Hopwood, Pa., mdse. Takoch, Mike, Uniontown, Pa..R. D.J mdse. Ulery, J. C., Hopwood, Pa., gas. Ventura, Sam, Brownfield, Pa., grocery. TYRONE TOWNSHIP. Retail Dealers Addis, William, Connellsville, Pa., R. D. A'o. 36, grocery. Chllds, Jesse, Broadford, Pa., grocery. Herrington, L , Broadford, Pa., mdse. Graham, Ceo., "scottdale, Pa, mdae. Klingensmith, R. F., Connellsville, Pa., Box No. 315 R. D. No. 1, mdse, Maglierer, Mike, Scottdale, Pa., Box No. 315, grocery. ShaHenberger, Allen, Owensdale, Pa., mdse. Sherrick, D. I*, Eversoa, Pa., R. !., mdse. Zontlne, A., mdse. Zonttne, D,, Scottdale, Pa,, mdse. UNIONTOWN BOROUGH. Wholesale Dealers Adams Produce Co., fruit. Armour Co , meats. Craig, A. S Sons, fruit. Eggers, C. F., lumber. Farris, Risha, dry goods. Fayette Candy co., candy. Gulf Refining Co., gasoline. George H. N., dry gooda. Hogsett Son, J. F., feed. Hygeia Co., Ice. John Bros., Simon, confections. King Bros., feed. Lewellon, Frank, tobacco. Monaghan Tobacco Co , cigars. Sanaone, Bros - Co., fruit. iSmith Carter, confections. Uniontown Builders Supply Co. Uniontown Jtdw. .Supply Co. Uniontown Shoe Co., shoes. Uniontown Grocery Co., grocery. Wilson Co, meats. Westmoreland Grocery Co., grocery. Retail Dealers Arch Confectionery, confectionery. Adam, J. W., restaurant « conf. Adam, J. W., confectionery. And.-eus, Mike, grocery. Altman Hotel, cigars. Ache, S. J.. grocery. Alpha Florist, flowers. Abdoo, John, mdse. Axelrad, Abo, shoes. Auslandor, S. S., grocery Allenstem, Sam, clothing. Auto Quick Lunch, restaurant. American Florist Co., flowers. Asendorf, J. H., grocery meat. Auslander, S. S., wall paper. Bumgarners City Market, meats. Bulger, David, mdse. Bowmar, J. M-, grocery. Bumgarner, A. J., meat stand. Bumgamer, A. J., weni stand. Baum, Max Son, clothing. Balluch, John, grocery. Bero, John, meats. Baluch, Andy, grocers'. Buzz!. A., confectionery. Barclay Keener, maqhlnes. Bunting's Restaurant, restaurant. Boulos, Joseph, confectionery. Balaa, A. J., grocery. Bailey, Qeo. M., Jewelry. Brunswick Hotel, cigars. Beeson, Harry, books, ^-unswlck Bowling Co.. pool . alleys, boulos, Lewis, confectionery. Ballog, John, meat, Brumberg Bergman, clothing. Brown. C. W., grocery. Brembert, L., men's furnishings. Barkett. T. S.. conf. Bis Mike i Co., wall paper. Central Pocket Pool, cigars. Central Pocket Pool, pool. Campbell-Hathawayi* Co., shoes. Craig Motor Car CoT, supplies. Central Hotel, cigars. Clark Hardware Co,, hardware. Crawford, L. L.. drugs. Coughenbur. H. S., drugs. Crystal Cafe, cigars Conf. Craft Hdw. Co., hardware. Cohen, A. H., conf. Clark. J. O., broker. Cohen, Harris, clothing. Caplin, H. .Louis, clothing. Cohen Furniture Co., furniturs. Central Coal Co, coal. Cash Variety Store, mdse. Chlsholm Kunkle, brokers. Clark, M. H.. feed. Clark, H. B., drugs. Central Drug Store, drugs. Central Fruit Market, fruit Cycle Supply Co., supplies. Curl, Abraham, dry igoods. Davis Furniture Co., furniture. Day, Frank, grocery. Duquesne Hotel, cigars. Davis, Jacob, dept, store. Deyarmon, T. Robb, broker. Duckworth, T. L., grocery- D'Aurla. Mike, leather. Davis Millard, brokers. Dittmore, W. P., hardware. Dice, A. W., mdse. Dixie Theater, theater. Dickson, Mrs, C. H., grocery. Dudley Electric Co., supplies. Dushik, Mike, grocery. ,' Dletrick Meat Market, meat- East Main St. Barber Shop, cigars. Espa, jr., conf. Elgin Market, grocery Ellis Son, A. I, pianos. Eggers, C. F., supplies. Exchange Hotel, cigars. Ewing'a Meat Market, meats. East South St Restaurant, restaurant. East South St. Restaurant, cigars. East End Market, meats. Economy Meat Market, meats. Flenberg, W. H., dopt. store Fell, L Lee, gent's furnishing. Friedman Shoe Store, shoes. Frankos, J., restaurant. Frankos, J., cigars. Franko, Geo., meat grocery. Fifnk, Joseph, grocery. Feds, John, dry goods. Fountain Pharmacy, drugs. Fouch, A. C., buggies. Frederick Piano Co, pianos Fayette Real Estate Co., brokers. Friadman, S., mdse. Friedman, Morris, grocery. Fayette Drug Store, drugs. Flcks, Solomon, mdse. Ficks Furniture Co., furniture. Fejdstein, Aaron, mdse. Francis, Z. S , meats. Francis, Mike, confectionery. Freedom Oil Works, gasoline. Fayette Electric Co., supplies. Gallatln Auto Repair' Supply Co. Great Atlantic Pacific Tea Co., grocery, G. L. Store, ladles' wear. Groleau, Geo. I,., broker Gallatin Hotel, cigars. Gentilcoro, Joseph, confectionery. Guyton, W. H., drugs. Christ, W. D., harness, Great Atlantic Pacific Co., grocery, *Morgantown SJ:. George, Mary, confectionery. George, J. E., dry goods. George, Salem, dry goods. Gismondl, M., confectionery. Goodsteln, Max, mdse. Gregan, Martin, restaurant. Gregan, Martin, cigars. Goodlih, Mike, grocery and meat. Qallatin Market, meat. H. H. Grocery, grocery. Hagan's Restaurant, restaurant. Hagan's Restaurant, cigars. Hagan, I. N! Co., produce. / HIU,, P. A , grocery. / Henderson, W. p.. confectionery. Helmey, W. H. plumbing. \ Hatfleld Hook, dry goods. Herskovlu ft Co~, Adolph, jewelry. Hackhelmer, Mrs. J. R., grocery. Henderson, W. P., ij-estaurant, Hoover, John T., supplies. ' Hunt, William Sons, jewelry. j Harah Sons, Jno. 8., shoes. Hardwick, Joseph, (music. Home Furniture Co., furnitur*. Ideal Diary Co., butter. Imp Theatre, threatre. John, W. S., broker. sson, O. M., grocery. Johnson's Dairy, milk. Joseph, Nassif, dry goods. Joseph, Fifflck, meat, Joseph, Sofhia, confectionery. Jowel Tea Co., grocery. Joseph, Millan, dry goods. Johnson,-A. C., auto supplies. Jabour, Ellas, dry goods. John, Lulu, grocery. Katz, Max, ladles' wear. Koury S., mdse. Kins Bros., feed. Kovack, Michael, restaurant. Kovack, Toney, grocery, Kovao, M., confectionery. Keystone Garage, garage. Liberty Restaurant, restaurant. Liberty Restaurant, cigars. Lyric Cigar Stand, cigars. LaFayette Hotel, cigars. LaClair, C. O., plumbing. Lalng Co., J. H., confectionery. Lynch, Maurice, clothing. Long Furniture Co., furniture. Lyceum Bowling Co., pool. Levinson, S. Joe, jewelry. Levlnson, J. L-, clothing. Lyric Theatre, threatre. Lertne, Samuel, junk. Luccloni, E., restaurant. Ladies' Shoe Parlor, shoes. Lux, George, jewelry. Lux, George, pool. Messlck, John, meats. Sillier, Clyde B., grocery. Martin, W. A., grocery. Mose r Son., D. K., grocery. Monarch Billiard Parlor, poo!. Moss Tailoring Co., clothing. Moser Bros., grocery. Meyer, Loujs, mdse. Miller, Wm. H., grocery. Mahaney'a Quick Lunch, restaurant Mondalek, Alek J..dry goods. McClelland Hotel, cigars. ' Miller, Wallace Bros., jewelry, irv I. W., grocery. Mondalek, Alek J., gry goods. I Millers Foundry, hardware. Market * Frank, broken. ·Miller, C. W_ meats. Morris, Stewart, grocery, McCrory, J. G., 5-10c store. National Woolen Mills.-clothini. Nichols, J. W., jeweler. JNIckman, Blias, confectionery. '. [National Auto Co., garage. j Nara, Jo«, confectionery, Nara, John, confectionery. |New York Grocery, grocery. [National Shoe Shine, cigars. Oilander, Philip, meats. Oponhelm, M., shoes. Peoples Department Store, mdae. Payne, O. Emory, lunch. Plckens, Joseph, grocery, j Peoples Brokerage Co., brokers. I Producers Coke Co, brokers. ! Peoples Furniture Co., furniture. IPuglia. Alfred, grocery. I Penn Theatre, theatre. 'Penn Billiard Parlor, billiards. JPenn Delicatessen, delicatessen. -Pena Office Furniture, furniture Penn Soda Fountain, conf. Penn Restaurant, lunch. Rider, W. H., grocery. Robinson, J. M., grocery. Rlley. H- H., grocery. Rex Theatre, threatre. (Reliance Electric Co., fixtures. )Rhoods Gllmore, hardware, j Rutter, John, grocery. 'Reislnger Motor Co., garage Robinson Furniture Co., furniture. Rosenwelg, Jacob, clothing. ' Rider, J.' C., meats. Rosenbaum Bros., mdse. Rine, Nick, confectionery. Royal Restaurant, restaurant. Hoyai Restaurant, cigars, '.Ross, Louis, grocery, i Robinson ft Walters, plumbing. Rutter Bros, grocery. Beesha, P., dry goods. Rosa Broa., jewelry. St. Charles Hotel, restaurant. St Charles Hotel, cigars. South Penn Building Co., lumber.' Simon, John, confectionery. Sift, E., confectionery. Standard Auto Garage, garage. 1 Stern, Jo» , clothing. Stanfslav, Mrs. Mary, grocery. Singer Sewing Machine Co., machines. Simon, Joe, confectionery 'Storer, Z. C., confectionery. {Simon, P, W., music. Stewart, C., grocery. SScheick, John J., news stand. ' Smith Bros., shoes. ;SInay, Henry, gents clothing ' Sharp, Fred, grocery. Saber, Elizabeth, grocery. Spaw, B. S., conf. Saber, Elizabeth, confectionery. Stenson McOrall, florist. Shedy, Mary, confectionery. Sanitary Grocery, grocery. 'Slff, Sol., produce. Sanitary Bakery, confections. Springer's Drug Store, drugs. Sposhock, S. G., grocery. Tormina! Candy Shop, confections. Thomas, John, confectionery. Tea Cup Inn. restaurant. Trl-State Garage, garage. , Titus Bros., plumbing. iTripoli Restaurant, restaurant. .Trout, C. M., meat Union Fruit Market, fruit. I Umbel, G. W. M. G., grocery. , Unlontown Produce Co., produce. Union News Stand No. 1, news stand. Union News Stand No. 2, news stand. Uniontown Hdw. Supply Co , hard! ware. ~* Union Auto Co., garage .Uniontown Builders. Supply Co, sup- I plies. I Union Billiard Parlor, pool. s I Union Billiard Parlor, cigars. Volpl, Frank, restaurant. Vdpl, Frank, cigari Wilklns, J s , grocery. Wandel, Mrs J., gruosry. West End Barber Shop, cigars. Wilson, T. J. Co., brokers. Wright-Metzler Co., dept store. Weiniger, E. E., toys. Whyel, John, coal. Wahler, Martha, grocery. West Etui Theatre, theatre. Wolberg,,S,, grocery. West End Hotel, cigars. iWoolworth, F. W., 5-lflc store. [Woody, Grant, confectionery. .Weiss, Samuel, cigan. j Weiss, Samuel, restaurant West Penn -Fruit Market, fruit. Zebley. Harry, broker. VANDERBILT BOROUGH. Retail Dealen. Brlerly, W. M., jewelry. i Cochran Store, James, mdse. Capo, Luigi, grocery. Caplin, Pervine, mdse. Dayton, L. L., plumbing. i I Evans, J. E., 5 lOc store. Edwards, J. H.," furniture. Great Atlantic Pacific Co., mdse. Galjey, F. B., mdse Gween, J. w., mdse. Johnson, Wm., cigars. Johnson, Wm., pool. Kelly. W. B., jewelry. Litten, J. H., grocery. Leezer, V. K., confectionery. Lester Theatre, theatre. Muloc, Joseph, grocery meat. Morris, Lewis, clothing. Mongzlezz. Giseppe, shoes. Moon, Moses, conf. Oglevee-McCIuro Co., lumber. Oglevee, F. E., drugs. Auto Sales Repair Co., supplies. Poppovlch, Mary, cigars and conf. Poppovlch, Mary, restaurant. Pollock, A. S, meats. Porter, S. E., drugs. Rizzo, John, grocery. Rulll, Joe, grocery. Shaffl, David, mdse. Talotto, Raso, groceries. Vanderbilt House, cigars. Vandorbilt Garage, garage. WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP. Retail Dealers. Cook, W. J.. Belle Vernon, Pa., R. D. i No. 4, confectionery. (Gillespie Supply Co., Fayette City, Pa., mdee. Glick, Sam, Fayette City, Ps,, H. D., mdse. Hough. Harry D., Fayette City", Pa-, R. D., store. Otterhouse, Henry, Belle Vemon, Pa. R. D,, grocery Standard Store Co., Belle Vernon Road. 1801 Kirst National Bank building, Pittsburgh, Pa., mdne. Peoples Supply Co., Fayette City, Pa. R. D., grocer}'. WHARTON TOWNSHIP. Retail Dealers Samuel, Thomas; Chalk Hill, Pa., mdse. Gleason, C. H., Elllotsville, Pa., grocery. Hsger, Tlios. G., Farmington, P»., grocery. Hilling, W. T., Chalk Hill, Pa., grocery. McCollough, Mrs. Margaret, Farmington, Pa., store, O'Nell, J. H., Gibbons Glade, Pa., grocery. Rush, F. C., G16bons Glade, Pa., grocery. Spiudler, Mra J. M., Gibbons Glade, Pa., grocery. NOTICE. For the purpose of correcting errors of appraisement the Mercantile Appraiser and the County Treasurer will hear all appeals at the Treasurer's Office, on the 18th and 19th. days of May, 1918. C. D. CROW, Mercantile Appral«er.. GASOLINE SUBSTITUTE 18 TO BE TESTED WASHINGTON, May 10--Government tests will be made within a few days at Pittsburgh laboratories of a new substitute for gasoline, which the inventor, Dr. Louis Clement, says can be manufactured for eight cents a gallon. A quantity of the new combustible was prepared at the laboratories of the department of the interior here yesterday, and sent to the Govern- menu's * Pennsylvania experimental station. WARSHIP'S SHOT LIFTS U-BOAT OUT OF WATER AN ATLANTIC PORT, Miy 10. -The sinking of a German submarine by a United States warship with a shot which lifted the U-boat completely out of tlie water and broke her In two, was reported by officers of the ship on arrival here yesterday. Be- icause of the fine -work of the gun- Jnefs the crew of the ship was given an additional furlough, of 10 days. Three submarines were sighted and the gunners sprang to their guns. The first two shots at the neareit enemy missed, but the third went home with such force that It lifted the I U-boat out of the water No survivors were seen in the water and the other submarines as the destroyed submersible disappeared, dived and did not reappear. SENATOR LODGE SUED FOR HITTING PACIFIST Call Ours "The all-the-year-round store," because whatever the season, are always filled with new, attractive mer-" chandise. Buying; quantities for cash and selling at moderate prices keep out* stocks at top-notch month in and month out. It is now May time and Thrift time; the season calls for women's raiment and here they are in all the new s_tyles. Beautiful waists, white and colors; a superb line of women's skirt 1 ;, washable if you want them, silks of the most beautiful patterns; serges, and other kind. There are numerous tempting; offerings of cotton fabrics, skirtings, stripes and plaids, in a charming array of color schemes, embodying; almost every popular shade at reasonable prices. Dresses and ' prices that have the art of pleasing, for misses and children. Good values are like a magnet; you have only to see those we are displaying to be attracted. There is a wonderfully attractive line of women's, misses' and children's hosiery in all the beautiful shades to match the fancy colored shoes. Good, large stocks of gloves, silk and cotton, made in white and all the fancy shades; summer headwear for children in all the novel styles at very moderate and very reasonable prices. It is awfully hard to get children's neckwear, something tlstt is becoming and to match their clothes, but you can get them at our stores. If you will take time to visit the nearest Union Supply Company s^pre we assure you there are many lines of goods that we can save you money on. You have most all good convenient street car service, short automobile trips; go to the country store and do your shopping. Union Supply Co. 63 Large Department Stores --IXJCATED IN-- FAYETTE, WESTMORELAND, GREENE AND ALLEGHENY COUNTIES SUGAR CENSUS ORDERED WASHINGTON, May 10.--In order to secure as near as possible the sugar requirements of tlio country for the coming canning season and to provide for those requirements, the United States Pood Administration has ordered all food administrator-; to liave careful surveys made of their districts by compelling dealers to state [low much sugar they will require for the season; how much they now hare on hand, and how much they have contracted for. BOMB THE MOLE. AMSTERDAM, May 10.--Strong aU hied Hying squadrons bombed _tha i Mole and tie village of Zeenrugge, the German submarine base on the Belgian coast at aoon and in the era" ning, Thursday. No military damage was done, according to an offtciHl statement issued In Berlin. Two hostile aeroplanes were shot down by German airmen. G E N E R A L STRIKE T H R E A T E N E D I BHRNE, May 10.--Mtlk at seven cents a quart is so dear in Switzerland that the country lias been talking about little else for months past, and a general strike IB threatened If any Increase Is attempted. Since last summer the state has been paying the cost of the last increase. Now the farmers insist on a further increase to about 9 cents a [iiart, and It la doubtful whether the itate treasury can afford the expense. The Socialists say they will call a general strike it the price to consumers is raised. The milk producers say they will stop all supplies unless they are allowed to charge more. BOSTON Mass., May 10. -- United States Senator Henry Cabot Lodge was sued for 520,000 yesterday la a ', suit filed In the superior court by Al- 1 exander Bannwart, a former profes- isional ball player. , The suit is based on an alleged as- (sault by the senator on Bannwart at the national capltol on April 2, 1917, when a party of Boston pacifists, of ·which Bannwart was a member, asked Lodge to vote against the United States entering the wax. A suit for $20,000 damages for alleged libel, la publishing aa account of the happenings, was entered at the same time against a Boston newspaper. WELL GUARDED SECRET. DOVER, May 10.--The decision -to take the ' Vindictive to Oatend- was made a few days after her return" from the Zeobnigge raid and tlje task of fllling her with concrete was begun immediately. As In the joint raid on Zeebrugge and Ostend the 'later naval exploit was kept a veil guarded secret- · Aa" an evidence of thi» It was recalled after the battle scarred cruiser returned from Zeebrugge, an urgent request was made that she be sent up--the T tames for public view, All the time the old vessel was being overhauled for her last voyage. OLD AGE A CRIME ! Some people are younr at 60--red cheeked, ruddy and vigor DUE. Othem^r* old at 40--Joints beginning to atlffen up a bit; step beginning- to Jag- find lose Its ·n ntflness; Oceanian touches of pain !n tne back, feel tlied'wlthout cause, and possibly a twinge of rheujnatlc pala. In moat caacB these ro the danger signals to warn you that the kidney* are not promptly doing their worlc ot throw- in R: off th« poisons that nre always forming In the body. To neglect these natural warning^ la a crtmtt against ouraeK. 1C you have these aymptom* 5 ou can find prompt relief in (1OL.D MEDAL Haai lem Oil Capsules. For more than 200 years tJ;i hss been th6 recognized remedy for kidney and bladder ailments. GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil Capsules are Imported direct from the laboratories at Haarlem, Holland. Get them at your 'driifivgjsts. Do not take a substitute, in boxes three *iBes. (Advi 17) G I V E N BELMONT C*5TLE. DUNDEE, Scotland, May 10.--Belmont Caatle, tlie scene of the final struggle between Macbeth and Mao duffi -wnen Macbeth was slain, .has been given to the city of Dundee l*v its owner, Mrs. Mumrat, Who inherited a larce fortune from her brother, Sir Jwnea Cfclrd. The castle, which IB located seventeen miles from Dundee, -was once the home of the British Premier, Sir Henry Campbell-Ban- nennann. The property includes 900 acres of park land and is valued at $2,000,000. POWERFUL RADIO STATION STOCKHOLM, May 10.---Sweden's most powerful radio station, situated at Karlaborg has been put into operation. Regular communication is now being conducted with Deutsch Alten- gurff in Austria, ajad also with Tsar- Bkoe-Selo. Wireless messages have also been evchanged with Spanish stations and with Constantinople I Word has also been received that the Karlsborg station's messages have i been read by a little station in Da- jmascUB, Palescine, although the Damascus station's plant is too weak to reach Karlsborg. (THICHESTER S B PIL W ~. THE J)IA«UN1 BKAD. r X«*S I..M..1 Wo.,ll,..,i.tfe; SOLBBYWtXfllSTSEYEimnei SUFFRAGE AMENDMENT WASHINGTON, May 9. Senate action on the House resolution proposing submission to the states D£ an equal suffrage amendment to the federal constitution has been pobt- poned indefinitely because a cam-ass of the memiers showed that supporters of the resolution number two less than the two-thirds majority necessary Jor its adoption. A M E R I C A N LEGATION INCREASED AMSTERDAM, May 10.--In order to accommodate its largely increased staff the American Legation offices at The Hague have moved into a former palace ot one of the Princes of Orange. It has latterly been occupied by the Russian legation which vacated it as a result o£ the Bolshevik re- (ime. DRINK HOT WATER- BEFORE BREAKFAST Says you really feel clean, sweet and fresh inside, and are seldom ill We're not here long, so let's make our stay agreeable. Let TIB live veil, eat well, digest well, work well, ileep well and look well, what a glorious condition to attain, and yet, how very easy it is if one will only adopt the morning inside bath. Folks who are accustomed to feel dull and heavy-when they arise, epllt-" ting headache, stuffy from a cold, loul tongue, nasty breath, acid stom-- acli, can, instead, Jeel a» fresh a«'O- daisy by opening the sluices of the" system each morning and flushing" out the whole of the internal stagnant matter. · -" Everyone, whether ailing, sick or well, should, each morning, before" breakfast, drink a glass of real aoi water with a teaspoontul of limestone'' phosphate in Jt to wash from tEe stomach, liver and bowels the previous day's indigestible waste, soiir bile and poisonous toxins. The action of hot water and limestone phos"-" phate on l an empty stomach Is wonderfully invigorating. It cleans out all the sour fermentations, gases,, waste and acidity and gives one a' splendid appetite for breakfast. The millions of people who are bothered with constipation, bilious " spells, stomach trouble;others -who have sallow skins, blood" disorders and" sickly complexions are urged to ge't a' quarter pound of limestone phosphate | from the drug store. Tnis will cost very little, but Is sufficient to make anyone a pronounced craak on the subject of inside-bathing before break- jfast. (18)

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