The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 11, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 11, 1918
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

*AGE EIGHT THE DAILY COURIER. JHERCANTILE or jRosenweig, Ben], mdse ·Robinson. A. W, fish, ( Reppert. A. JI* furniture. I Sens, E. L , brokir. "jSiajlosscrjIaX-cTEtliirrg; jr~'ir.-- ." ^copeletti, Rocco meat. [Springer, F. A, confectionery. Singtr Sewing Mach Co, m ichines. Ventura, John, confectionery. Wehrs Bakery, bakery. Yorkan, Jos, ladies ware. BROWNSVILLE BOROUGH. Wholesale Dealers. , --,- Retail Dealer*. S izr. F° r the Year 191S - Abraham. George, confectionery. f, trail dealers and venders of whatso-iAcklin Bakery, confectionery. S (J*y»r kind in goods, wares and,Allison Acklm. mdse. ??ll^rch»ndlse. [Armstrong, J. D., Drug Co.', drugs - %'ir^.All proprietors of Bating Houses, [Alexander Hotel, cigars. "- p-QNllftrd ftnd Pool Rooms and ail Brok-pArcade Theatre, theatre:' " " '\'«i«. Peddlers, Theatres, Moving Brownsvilie Produce Co.. grocery FAYETTE COUNTY sup- ' BetuTM or dhows of -whatsoever kind *} mjHottaffor the year f9is,'sald ilceuso £'.!«». b* paid to Geo, : ;-- JMMinrw of Fayett ,, Brownbvllle Construction Co.. lumber. Brunswick Alles, bowling. ·Brunswick-Bowling Alleys-,- cigars.' Breckenridge, Ira B . mdse. Geo. Oriville Hush, Brownsville Auto Co garage. · «Jb«»ui»s» and his cost will Tie added. ' ' . «IPPLY COMPANY STORES P*., P. O. Box No. 457 T, . . R«UIL Dealer*. ;:rauontoira. Ps.,, Adelaide. J: . JDHontown, Pa.. Broadford. y ilBBontown^ Pav Bate. ;£- JJ^ont»wn,'-Pft..- Bitner. \j ; |fiiJonto«n,..Pa,. Brownfield." ?^ : IW»Jontown,-Pa. r -"Bro wns ville. ttHontown.- F»-.' Collier. tatjontoirn: P»., Continental. P»v Dearth, :e County, at h!si3ison Theatre, theatre, {. 4lce, Court House, Uniontown, i Brownsville Cigar Candy Co, cigars ---- ia .~-- i. - · · · - j candy. - -f tl),e, lame-lr_no^;-paid by-July 1, Came, Geo.. B, bicycles. r, ft collector" wii? call at your place Cino. Rusario, grocery. Citre Mike, grocery. Chadwick, Mrs. E , grocery Craft. Jame» S, mdse Coklren, John, grocery. · Coldren, James A , jewelry. Coulter Hardware Co, hardware Centruy. Supply Co, mdse. Caulley Hotel, cigars. Claybaugh-Millifcen. shoes. Cash Market, grocery. Daugherty, John, grocery. ,' Farrah, Albert, dry goods. Golden, P. H, grocery. Goldstein. R. S, dry goods. Goldstein, L. Sons, clothing. Garletts,_C C, broker. Greene, S, clothing. Graham. A. J, md'se. Great Atlantic Pacific Co, grocery, Mkt St. Great Atlantic Pacific Co, grocery, Water St. Goldberg, A., gents furnishing Hormell, H. H, gents furnishings. Hall, Joseph, mdse. Huston, Smith,, oil gas. Jubelierer Bros, brokers. Jacobs, Adam, M. R-. broker. Keystone Restaurant, restaurant Kestone Restaurant, cigars. | Kaiser. W. F, Jewelry. Kaufman, Dept Stores, clothing. -Levy, Harry, mdse. Levy, Maurice, mdse. Lynch. J. F , grocery. McCrory J. G, 5-10c. Monongahela Hotel, cigars. Majastic .Confectioners;, confectionery. Moorehead. Geo. S, Jewelry. _ Madera, Bruce, harness. Mosesson, M, Jewelry, i Monarch Billard Parlor, pool. ~ JMichener Hormel!."shoes." r (Mitchell, Mrs. M. C, Confectionery cigars. COMPANY Mitchell. Mrs .M. C, restaurant. Murphy, C. C. Co 5-10c store. Morns Goldberg, gents furnishings New Gerard Hotel, cigars. v Nahory, Alex, shoes; /·Pa, EBenborn. __, Pm, rooioala." ,,, --dontowif.~Pa, Filbert. " S mionto'wn, T*,',''Fairchance. SJBUartown, Pa., Gatss. '.",tJ»lo«town, Pm, Orindstone. KWjlontO'TO, Pa-i Juniata. y' uMontown," P*T, Lemont. f XnUontewn, Pa, Leith. t, XQUontaum, Fa,,.Leisenring. :--'-1ioatnra, Pa, Lambert ?_ UBkmtown, Pm., Leckrone. 7:, 5«lontown, Pa., Monarch. ; '"twontownV Pa.," New Salem ".-·Vftontown, P*., Newcomer. £1*'OMoixtOTro,. Fa., Olifihant C itJUontown,, Pa,, PjiUlipa. |~ TBaiontonrn, Fa., Ronco. ',-- .oSlontown, Pa, Rowes Run. !.·· iCEiontown, Pa, Ruth. tttSUontown, Pa, Stambaugh. Vbiontourn, Pa., Shoal.- - - jf,j«5iontown. Pa., Walnut Hill. ?. USiontown, Pa., Wynn. if. Uklontown, Pa._York Run. t ISriontown, Pas-'Paimer. - b TtaiontowDr-Pa., Ralph, 5 TSiontown: Pa.. MaxwelL - STORES.;. _ Retail Dealer*. lontown, Pa,, Martin - Station. town. Pa.,iliTl%'Station, 7 ITY SUPPLY'COMPANY'STORES Phillips Music Co., music, etc. RtUil Dealsrs. '".Httsburgh, Pa., 1647 Oliver Bldg., N'o, fi.'ParfMasorilown, TSTo. 2. sburgh, Pa.. Cans, .\o 4. W. J. R A I N E Y STORES. Retail Dealers. ' Rex Theatre, moving pictures. Richie, B. L., Mrs. grocery. Richie, C. W, racket store. _ Ritlenour, W m , meats " * " Robinson Co, drugs. Shure. S, shoes clothing. ~. Savona. Frank, mdse. Savana, Joe, grocery. -- Storey' Hbuse,~cigars " - Ishorpneck Connelly, furniture. - 'Snowden, J. H, broker.. Sieg, Abraham, confectionery. .Singer Sewing Machine Co , machines. Standard Shoe Shine, confectionery." The Candy Land, confectionery. _ C O M P A N Y iTotb_ Oleshak, brokers . _ iToth Oleshak, cigars t,. Pittsburgh, Pa.|-ij n | 0 n Drug Co, drugs. ',., ",, ,. v . Retail stares. |Union Billiard Parlor, pool. 3- IlUsburgh. Pa,,"Belle Vernon, No. 15. junion Restaurant, restaurant tJ»i«Btowii. Pa, Chestnut Ridge. Uniontown. Ra^, yiedi. - , ,, a., JMt. Braddock. "·'tJmonJQijrn, Pa," Dowsont "' Unlomown. Pa..~ ETm . tffove I- FEDERAL" SUPPLY t* Pittsburgh" "Pa'r South Browjisvill?, ,West Penn Restaurant, restaurant. i- " No: 125." _, " " ' " " 'Wolfe Paul, hardware. i rittsbuTghi'-Pa,-Fayette City, No 113 'wise B . mdse. V" c --'"ATLANTIC-RE'-PIMING'CO, White, T. W.. news'fi tobacco.""*' ": . '-}-,'"422424 Sixth Ave7,"'Pittsburgh, Pa. West Penn. Meat JIarKet; meat- · ·g, f "~ '"' ~ wfio'le'jale Dealers. - .Zgrank, Thomas, grocery. I Pittsburgh. Pa, Edenburn. - -Pittsburgh, Pa, Ctraneilsv ille. ' Pittsburgh 1 . Pa, Uniomown 1 'ATLANTIC ' R E F I N I N G COMPANY; '- = " " Setail Dealers. ,P,iftsburph. "Pa . IJn'ontown. ' " - B U t L ' S K I N TOWNSHIP.' Bosley, S C ," grocerj, Connellsville/ Pa, R. D Xo 5. " Harshman, Lida A., grocery; Connellsville, Pa , R. D. No. 33 Lecper, \V S. Sons, mdse, Laiirel- 1 llle J P a . Mt Pleasant, R. D No. 4. ' FREECDW'OIL'WORKS COMPANY. Means. Sue, grocery, Pennsvllle, Pa. - · « · _ . _ - wholesale Dealers. ' iSrraugy. J S., grocery^' Connellsville, " " Pa, R. D. No. 35 tilery Amelia, grocery, Connellsyille, Pa.. R. D 'o._33. Wmgrove, Pa. CONNELLSVILLE CITY. Wholesale Dealers. Osborne S butter eggs. Rimondio. L, fruit. Tn-State Cjndy Co., candy t Tfee"dom.~"Pa7. Freedom. Pa, Uniontbwri. --OUJ-F-SEEINING COMPANY. " ~ Retail Dealers. GuU s _EcIuxing t .Co. t _Un1ontoun. Pa, i Whole'sale Dealers." Gulf Refining."Co -Uniontown, Pa. STAR "SUPPLY COMPA.NYr Retail Dealers. Star Silp£Dy.CoO"Perry.poli5 t Star 'Sirppiy Qo, Star Junction. :"SEW!CKLEY_C'JPPLY C O M P A N Y No. "" " . . A., grocery, Scoudale, ' · ' ·Westmoreland Grocery Co.. grocery. jYounkin. Osborne, fruits. r v L - t T c u r r l - l w n i , . . . , . . j O U U K I H . U 3 U U I ILC, L I u l L n . 609 First~"Natr "Bank Builnino. stickel Stickel, Urmber Co., lumber. -. ..AlniontoWD," P?. . . . . LRublr.. B. T , produce. Rejail Dealers. - iKendall Lumber Co., -lumber, ivounnin. Ira D, produce Fayette Produce Co , profluce Perry £ Henderson feed. , Retail Dealers. 'A. P. Tea Cp., 317 N Pgh St-.,-groc- I cry. |A. P. T.'a Co, 204 Pgh. St., grocery. jArcade Theatre, theatre, i Adams. G H., grocery. Anderson Loucks, hard-ware. Arlington Hotel, cigars Aaron Co., furniture. Artman Work, furnishing. Armsrong's Cafe, .restaurant. ,Armstrong's Cafe billiards. ,I Armstrong's Cafe, cigars. Best E er Flestaurant, restaurant. . u l ^ m ^ n . ^ J ^..K,-.. -- - ,, , , - BELLE VERNOM B O R O U G H J ' Wholesale Dealers. "."jVrigo. August, fruits. '.i,,%_ - . Retail Dealers. '. Aothoa. "Pater;,confectionery t. flrjoit Theatre. theat«. 5 . J 3ieHe Vcrnon- Mercantile, mdse rBteningham-Hotel, cijars. i Belle-Vernon,Garage Co, garage £ Oifino. Geo., fruits... ^,C»sh Jlarket.meats. -- g Confrat Pharmaoy.-dnigs.. i/.'Q«ntral-Hot«f,-cisars. fc; Clawson, J. O., Jewelry, · Correct.JeTreler ,£ Ogtician, jewelry Best Ever Restaurant, cigars. £ JDodd..G_.L, mdse. 5 Datiy._C:anch,_restaurant. ICDairy- Iiunoh- cigars.- - T'Etheridge Geo. T C'o, plumbing P'JBergusoo. M..C.. cigars. 5-7 Xerguson. M. C., pool., i'Guitfredd. Quiseppl. );rocery h-.Qoldberg,-Manuel C., ladles ware. s" Grahini, 3. B* broker. i-;0reat "Atlantic.' Pacific Tea ! --Store. -- |f Hixeabaugh, C, F., news stand. J?" Hancock. Melenyien/lurniture. | jJCyla Hotel.' cigars." . ?- ElTi, Alderic,.fruit K'Xieigbty Steen. Son. broker. f' I*ing Pharmacy, dru?s. f l*ing Hotel, cigars, y !Ma»a. James, meats. S.Kurohy, J. W, conf-ectionery. '? McCiory Co.. J. G., 5-1 Oc store. \f Naocarato, Toney, Grocer- c -. ISorter, Geo , meats S- ^tterson. Jas', hardware. 'A Holey ft'Fields, pool. ·3 KbUy Fleias,. B. O. Restaurant, restaurant. . " B O. Restaurant, cigars Brownell Shoe Co.. shoes. Beiirhley. P. H . grocery. - · JBoyts .4 Porter, fittings. . 'Baltimore House, cigars. 'Bishop, A. W., Jewelry. iBufano, P., books. ! Bailey. H. F.. mdse. Co -(Bronx Pool Rooms, pool. iButtermore, A,. J., store, Electric. Bazar Store, mdse. - Boslet, H. J. r gent's wear. 'Coney Island Restaurant,_resaura_nt. IConey Island Restaurant,- cigars 'Central Store. The, dept store. Colestock, D. H . grocery. Collins Drug Store, drugs, Cupp, H. J , confectionery. 'Cupp H. J., restaurant. 'Connellsville Plaining Mill," supplies. Connellsville Picture Co .".bookfC ! Connellsville Drug Store.Co.,,.drugs, Connellsville Machine . Car .Supply Co., Connellsville Market, grocery. - .Central Hotel, cigars. CJark, A. A, drugs. Corado Pillo, mdse. ! Chicago Dairy- Co, butter. " Connellsville Construction Co, plies. Colonial National Bank, broker. Connellsville Garage Co, garage. Crowloy Mestrezat, shoes. Cochran Porter Motor Co, supplies. Connellsville Eichange, broker. Downs, C W, shoes Dull Co , feed. Dull, S. ii, grocery Daniels, A. I, Junk. Davidson, J. R, Co, grocery. Doyle, J H, cigars. Detwiier, j. c.. Connellsville, Pa, R. D. No 35, feed. IDunlap Supply Co, mdse. [Dunn, 10, mdse. ' leleon, Paul, store. Elnern, L. H, ladies ware. Eckma, G e o , pool, Enos, E. J , tobacco. j East End Grocery, grocery i Evans, F. T, plumbing. Umpire Novelty Co, 5 lOc store. Freed, A. P , music. Fayette Brokerage Co, brokers. Frisbee Hardware Co, hardware. Ford, C , confectionery. Hannigati. P. J, meats Fleming, H. grocery. Picks, A. M, clothing. Fitzsimons, F W., fish Oysters. Falco, P , grocery. Freedom Oil Works, oil gas. Federal Garage Co., supplies. Gellys, O. S, mdse. Giles, Clias. T, Jewelry. Gigliottn. M. A, grocery. Goldsmith Bros, clothing. Goldstone Bros, clothing. Harrison, John, pool. Horner Co, clothing. Hooper Long, shoes. Hoopers, Yoilr Druggist, drugs. Huey, William, Connellsville, Pa, R Herzberg, William, 5 lOc store. D. No. 1, grocery Hager, A, grocery. Hoover Bailey, grocery. Holleran, Frank, confectionery. H'fatt 0. M . Jewelry. Hutzel, C. Roy, drugs Italian Restaurant, restaurant. Italian Restaurant, cigars. Joseph, John, confectionery, Kcitchnor, John, cigars. Kctchnor, John, restauran". Koagy, H. O, drugs. Kobacker, H. Sons, clothing. Kail, F. A , broker. Krob,- Sofa, grocery. Kurtz, A B, Jewelry. Kennell, C. H, harness. Kali, F. A., mdse. Kessler Bros, wall paper. Keslar Bros, grocery. Kessoff, Mike, confectionery. Kolb, Max, confectionery. Leroy Worshal, clothing shoes. Laugnerr Drug- Store, drugs · Levinson. M. H, clothing. Lytle, Ross, drugs. Levy. S. M , shoes clothing. Levine, Max. clothing. Leeche, William, mdse. Luteman, F. B , cigars tobacco. Laugi, C. Son, 128 E. Main, second hand store. Laugi. C. Son. 201 W. Peach sec- oMltand store. Lyon, Mrs. A. 11, meats. Ulapzo C, clgarr. Ma2*o, C, restaurant Miller, Gust lunch. McCormick. R. C, meats. McDonald Electric Co., fixtures. Munson, Geo, plumber. Mikablas Borbates, confectionery. Murray. I. J., Connellsville, Pa,, R. D. No 36, grocery. McCrory, J. G. Co, 5 lOc store. Moore, J. C, drugs. Mollnaro. P, grocery. McClarren, J. W, gents furnishings. Manhattin Cafe, restaurant Manhattin -Cafa, cigars. Melnlok, Z, dept store. Mervis, Bmajiuel, clothing. Molnar. Elizabeth, restaurant Molnar. Elizabeth, cigars. Mails!, Faris, confectionery. Magdovitr, C. H, grocery. Newcomer, J. S , mdse," Nicolonto, A , second hand store. Nosehese, Toney, cigars. NOScbese, Toney, restaurant North-End Market- grocery. Nicolonto;- A, second hand store, Oppennan Wilson, cigars. Opperma'n ' Wilson, pool. Opp'erman, Fred, pool. Orpeum Theatre, theatre. Parmo ant-News Stand, confectionery. Farter, Doland, broker. Parmount Theatre, theatre. PacKran, C.~ J, furniture. Palladtno. Jamas, grocery. Peoples Furniture Hdw. furniture hdw. Peoples Dept. Store, clothing. Perrus James, confectionery. Queen City Restaurant, restaurant. Queen City 'Restaurant, cigars. Rlcci, Isaia, confectionery. Rapport Featherman Co, furniture. Reagent, C. E, confectionery. Rbsenbaum, Jacob, clothing. Rodle, Addle grocery, j Royal Hotel, cigars. Royal Woolen Mills Co, clothing. Royal" BIliiafd'Room, pool. Star Restaraunt restaurant. Star Restaurant,' cigars. Schmitz, Fjed F, wall paper. Sellers; Wm, plumber. Shaffer, J. S, grocery. Surprise Dept Store, mdse. Smith House, cigars.- Staha Plumbing Co, plumbing. Skinner, Jno. D, hardware. Sehalla, Sam, confectionery. Scott, W. R, grocery. Sinclair, D, "grocery. Stauffer, J. C, stationery Books. Silcox, H. L, meats. Sembower, J. M, grocery. Stnger_Sewing Machine Co, machines. Bllcox, O. H., meats. Soisson Theatre.-theatre. Spinella, A, grocery. Shafer. J. B, grocery. Tangreti Funarl, Mrs. G-, conf. .Trans-Allegheny House, cigars. Union Auto Co, supplies. Union News Stand No. 1, books. Dnion News Stand No. 2) books. Union Wews Stand No. 3, books. Union Trading Co, hardware. Union Trading Co, broker. Vendoma, Toney, confectionery. White Sewing Machine, machines Welmer, Peter, music Wells Mills Electric Co, garage. Wall Paper Co., 5 l»o store. West -Penn Billiard Bowling Co, pool. Wertheimer Bros, clothing. Washington, B. B., pool. Wool worth, F. wv, 5 ' lOc store. Wallace Arcade, theatre. Wright-Me'tzler CD._d,ept. store. Walker," Herman O, plumber. West Penn Billiard Bowling Co, wenie. Yough Electric Co, supplies. Tough Plumbing Co., plumbing. Yough Coal Supply Co, coal Yough House, cigars. Young, J. M,' grocery. Zimmerman Wild Co, furniture, C O N N E L L S V I L L E CITY, WEST SIDE Wholesale Dealer*. Perry . Henderson, feed Retail Dealer*. Abdo, Sam, confectionery. Alyazree, Nasser, confectionery. A. P. Tea Co, 803 Crawford Ave.. grocery. lAgbay, D. J, mdse. Beighley Phairmacy, drugs. ' Bowytz, Joseph, meats. Corteal, ,T. F.j A., pool. Corteal, J F A, cigars. Cypher Sans, plumbing. Columbia Hotel, cigars. , Cowars, S. C, fish. i Emany Bros , A, confectionery. Easy, D, confectionery. Giossa, Andiew, grocery. Garrison, H S, niiise Griglak, Anne, confectionery. Hetzell, T. J, meats. Harmenlng, F. H, drugs Hayatt Motor Co, supplies Ilcion, Frank, groceries. Johnson, Dennis, pool. Johns, Sam, confectionery. Krepps, H. L , store Kinbursky, B, mdse. Lang Coal Sand Co, coal sand. Motor Car Sales Service Co., sup- . West -Penn Billiard Bowling Co., plies. Means, R. F., grocery. Madison, John, pool Manzolla, Nick, grocery. Megars, Ben, grocery. Markel, Geo, wall paper. Madison, Jolin, confectionery. Naphie, F. M., confectionery. Perry Henderson, feed Piersol, H. L., grocery. Ross, James, grocery. Roberts, Toney, confectionery. JRhoades. Henry, mdse. Schneider, James, meats. I \\1iipkey. W. L.. lumber. |West Side Hotel, cigars. Wlssell, W, hardware. West End News Stand, books. West Side Garage, garage. Wagner, B A Co, broker Yough Ice Storage Co., milk. Yard, W. S.. confectionery. DAWSON BOROUGH Retail Dealer*. Blair, A. D, coal feed Constantino, A., grocery. Centra! Hotel,' cigars. Cochran, T. B., pool Cochran. I E., cigars, Dawson Theatre, theatre. Dawson House, cigars. Dawson Pharmacy, drugs. Roth, F. F . mdse.' Freedman, Joseph, mtlse. Fiowrence Supply, mdse. Greene, F. Geo., drugs. Livergood, J. C., restaurant. Llvergood, J. C., cigars. Luxner, hdw. Store, hardware. (McOIH, C. J., mdse. Morris, Lewis, clothing. McDonald. W. L.. fittings. Motor Sales Service Co., supplies Newcomer, J. C , jewe-try. Oglevee, McClure Co., supplies. .Parson. Margaret, milliner. iSherbondy, M. A., grocery. Scolavino. Frank, confectionery. Worthlngton, C. S. cigars conf. Worthington, C. S.. restaurant. D U N B A R B O R O U G H , Retail Dealer*. Bowman, E., ladies gents furnishings. Boyer, J W., mdse. Bell, C., grocery fruit. Bakor Bros., grocery. Central Supply Co., meais. Cole, H., confectionery. Dunbar Auto Co., supplies. Dunbar House, cigars. Dunbar Hardware Plumb., hardware. Diggs, J. D., Hunt, pool. Ellenberger, H. F.. pool. Eason, D. C., drugs. Gaddis, W. S.. mdse. Harvey, C. E., pool. Harvey, C. E , cigars. Hardy Porter, feed. Johnson, Peter, hardware. Kerwin. Mrs. John, grocery. Kelly, S W., store. Marchellette, M. M., grocery. Martin, S G., hardware. Muscentl, Frank, grocery. McQee, R, J., mise McGee, R. C , grocery. Marietta, Margaret, conf. news. Newman, L. M., drugs. Nepkio, Isaac M., confectionery. Prioletti, Antonio, store. Passalaqua, £., confectionery. Rackoff Bros, mtlse. Smith Son, H. P., meats. Swearingen, Geo , dept store. Strand "Eheatre, theatre, Toby, Horace, cigars. Toby, Horace, restaurant Trombath, Edward, grocery. Williams, David, mdse. Wilson fc Wlshart mdse. Victor, Harold, pool. "Victor, Harold, cigars. DUNBAR TOWNSHIP. Retail Dealer*. Black, J. F., Dickerson Run, Pa,, mdse. Calapana, Joe, Dunbar, Pa,, R. D. No. 32, grocery. Dunbar Supply Co., store. Gray, W. B, Dicfcerson Bun, Pa., music. Miller, L- 'F., Dickerson Run, Pa-. meats. Molner, Daniel, Connellsville, Pa., R. D., meats Sldow, Adolph, pool. Sidow, Adolph, Dickerson Run, Pa., cigars. Smith, P. G., Dickeraon Run, Pa., mdse. Slsler, L. D. M., Dickerson Run, Pa., mdee. Kathburn, M- A., mdse. EVERSON BOROUQH. Retail Dealer*. AMnllah, Abraham Bros., mdsa. Barnum, Sarah E, grocer. Deycob, Alex, confectionery. Deycob, George, mdse. Danahuo, John, mdse, Ever»on House, cigars. Eureka House, cigars. Farrah, Chas., mdse. Farrah, Jacob, mdse. Hach, Albert, bakery. Horne, J. C., grocery. Komenda, Andy, grocery. King, Joseph, confectionery. Kane, M. E., grocery. Kullbackl, B., confectionery. Lauginsky, Buno, meat McOoogan, W. T., grocery. Moskola, Nick, meat. McGartlang, Henry, mdse. MaBhl, George, confectionery. Modarski, A., shoes. Okka, Geo., grocery. Ryan, Jno. P., mdse Stanklewlcz, Alex, meats. Sherrlck. D. L., mdee. Slavin, Pat, cigarj. Slavin, Pat, pool. Watson Pharmacy, drugs. Polish. Rea! Estate Co, broker. FAYETTE CITY BOROUGH. Retail Dealers, Bel], A, confectionery. Bonflt, Joo, confectionery Bell, A, theatre. Fayette City Real Estate, broker. Iteming,Bros., confeitioneiy Fayette City Construction Co Fayette Bargain store, store. Forsythe Fmniture Co, furniture Fayette Feed Co , floiir. Great A. P. Co, grocery. Gargoa, James, mtlso. Guiler, Caleb, grocery. i Haggerty, M, garage. (Harris H, fruits. , , Hawker, B. C, pool. ',i .Johnson, E H , confectionery ! Klein, M, mdse. |Lyr!c Theatre, theatre, Middleton, J. N.. tinner. , McCrory, J. G, mdse. Mfnehart, w. H., fish .Nutt, J. D., mdse. Nawmon, E, shoes. Pflsgiiardt, Jno, shoes. Stepinch, John, meat. Shauffier, Grover C, dept. store. Sambergs Dept store, dept store. Shafler, Marcus, mdse. Stockton, Walter, meats. S'palter, a. W, mdse. Sloterbeck, J P. Sons, hardware. Stockton, Walter, meats. Safier, Jacob, Sr, produce groceries, Warner, Andrew, groceries Davidson, Milford, Newell, Pa., cory. Dusenberry, Chas. E., Newell, Pa drugs. Dauch, F., Newell, Pa., restaurant Erie Supply Co., Braznell, Pa,, ge: mdse. Forman, J., Newoll, Pa,, mdse. Mt Hope Supply Co., Lynn Station, Braznell, Pa., mdso gro- town. Pa., R. D., No, 4, mdse. King, B. F., New Salem, Pa., mdse. Keister Co., F. O., Waltersburg, Pa., i mdse j Kahn, Bessie, Xew Salem, Pa,, mdse. Lapenta, Rocco, Uledt, Pa,, mdse. Lafayette Supply Co., Helen, Pa,, mdse. Monroe, J. M., New Salem, Pa., hardware. Macko, Geo., New Salem, Pa., grocary. , , Whotzel, J. P.. grocery. Weaver Blacka, hardware Williams Pharmacy, drags FAIRCHANCE BOROUQH. Retail Dealers. Albion Hotel, cigarb. Able, Davis, auto supplies Butler, r. F, pool bowling. Boston Confectionery, confectionery. iBalSingrer, Rebecca, grocery. Baulenger, N. V , grocery. jCity Bakery, bakery Ohnstopber, L S., novelty hardware. Dunaways Pharmacy, drugs. Darby, J L., lumber. Forino, D A., confectionery. Fmrchance Lumber Co., lumber. Fairchance Hotel cigars. Frederick, A. M., feed Fairyland Theatre, theatre. Golden, S. L., clothing. Goodwin, F. P., mdse. iHumphreys, H. H., mdse 'Hart, J. W., mdse. Kalley, W. H., garage. .Lazarus, A., mdse [Massad, F., confectionery. Miller, B. F., grocery. Marinelln. Fred, grocery. Kfdenour. H. O.. meat Snyder, M. J., clothing. Union 5 lOc Store, 5 lOc store. Union Restaurant, restaurant. Union Restaurant, cigars Wilson, J. B., mdse , Wood, William, weni stand. FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP. Bortz.Oscar, Smock, Pa., mdse. Frior, Antonio, Smock, Pa., confectionery. Gottzman, E., Smock, Pa,, grocery. Halporn. Joseph, Smock, Pa, mdse. Smock Eotel, Smock, Pa . cigars. Townsend. F L. J. W., Vanderbilt, R D. No, 27, grocery. Wallace, J. H , Smock, R. D. No. 24, grocery. GEORGES TOWNSHIP. Angelini Bros.. G., Smlthfield, Pa,, R. D , grocery Chenbum, Mai tin, Uniontown, Pa,, R. D., No. 3, grocery. Doolltlle, J. C.. Smithfield, Pa,, R. D. indue. Bslch, EH, Uniontown, Pa,, R, D. No. 3, grocery. Farindu, Mike, Fairchance, pa., Box No 27, grocery. Fee, Sam, York Run, P a , pool. Harrlng, D. K., Smithfield, pa., R. D., grocery Kendro, Andy, confectionery. Kosonovio, Borzo, York Run, Pa, cigars. Micklus, John, grocery. Martorella, Tonoy, Oliphant, Pa,, Box No. 85, grocery. McFadden, James R , Fairchance, Pa. meat- Newcomer, A. D., Newcomer, Pa., grocery. Ponterero A, D York Run Pa,, grocery Panzero, D., Uniontown, Pa., R D , No d, grocen' Rhoads, H. V.. grocery. Ross, Logan, Smithfield, Pa., R. D. * grocery Reece, 13 J., Oliphant, Pa., grocery Slona, Chas., York Run, Pa., mdsa. Seben, Anglo, Dniontown, Pa.. R. D. No. 3. grocery. Swaney Gilmore, Uniontown, Pa., R. D No 3, mdse. Saltrick, Chas.. Newcomer Pa., grocery. Tate, Jacob, Smithfield, Pa., R. D., grocery. Tate, I.S., Srnithfield, Pa., R. D., mdse. York Run Hotel, York Run, Pa., cl- 'GERMAN TOWNSHIP, Retail Dealers. Anselino, Joe, Masontown, Pa., R. D , grocery. ' Bellri, Guido, New Salem, Pa., grocery Blank, Joe, Lamberton, Pa, mdse Brown, Lewis A., Adah, Pa,, mdse. Dearth, G. W., McClellandto-wn, Pa,, R. D. No. 17, mdse. Damelll Phillips, Masontown, Pa. R. D.. bakery. Fretts Supply Co., Messmore, Pa,, mdse. Hoover Supply Co.. Messmore, Pa. mdse Jjofstead, Frank, W. Maeontown, Pa,. store. J^adone Ladone, W. Masonto"wn, Pa,, store ,, Mason, Henry. Gates, Pa-, books McCann, O. B , Gatea, Pa., mdse. ! Mason, S D., McClellandtown, Pa, confectionery. Puritan Supply Co., McClellandtown, Pa., mtlse Riffle, W. A, McClellandto-wn, Pa, grocery. Spock, John, Leckrone, Pa., grocery. Salek, Mike, Maaontown, Pa-, R. D., ?roceiy Sebertu, John, Edenborne, Pa., mdso. Taie, Ralph, Edenborne, Pa., pool. Tate, Ralph, Edenborne, Pa, mdse. Thome, John, W. Leckrone, Pa,, grocery. Zudak, Joseph, Edenborne, Pa,, mdse. H E N R Y CLAY TOWNSHIP, Retail Dealers. Cris'j S. C., Somerfield, Pa, lumber. i Jacobs. T. J., Somerfield, Pa, mdse. Hosenberger, S S., Clover Top, Pa, mdse. Spurgin, J. C , Thomasdale, Pa., grocery JEFFERSON TOWNSHIP, Retail Dealers. Becker, Bernard, Newell, Pa., mdse. Beard Co., J W., Newell, Pa., mdse. Rocco, Sam, Newell, Fa, pool alleys. Cosner, D., Newell, Pa., meats. Marsh, W. L-, Tippecanoe, Pa, mdsa. Miterko, Geo., New Salem, Pa,, gro- Rice Hotel, Newoll, Pa., cigars. i eery. Parotti, D. R., Newell, Pa., contec-' Marcus, Sander, Waltersburg, Pa-, tionery. 4 ; grocery. Lascala Felcone. Newell, Pa,, gro- Mitchell, Sam, New Salem, Pa,, pool cei y. . New Salem Lumber Co., New Salem, Rocco, Antonio, Newell, Pa, mdse. j Pa., lumber. Rocco, Sam, Newell, Pa., theatre, (New Salem Fur. Hd-w. Co., New Rocco, Sam, Newell, pa., confection-i Salem, Pa., ery. . New Salem Arcade, theatre. Renstrain, Aug., Newell, Pa,, restaur-fNew Store, The, Upperiniddletown, Pa. ant. Stoki, Annlo, confectionery. West Penn Supply, mdsa. Went, John F, gents furnishings. Zendron, Dominlco, grocery. LUZERNE TOWNSHIP, Retail Dealers. Antram, J. F, B. Millsnoio, Pa-, mdse.'Prospect Supply Co., Uniontown, Pa., BattagJIni, Chas., LaBelle, J?a., Boil First Nat Bank Bldg., mdse. 93, mdse. | Rendo, Joe, New Salem, Pa,, R. F. D., Gadd, Louis, Adah, Pa., R, D. No. I, 1 grocery. mdse. Eosensheln, Mrs. L-, Now Salem, Pa_ Hustead Semans Supply Co., Union( jewelry. town, Pa , Shamrock Supply Co., Uniontown, Pa., grocery. Ollavlani, Domlzo, Herbert Works, Ne-w Saiem, R. D., grocery. Park, Bert, New Salem, Pa, R. D., J No. 18, mdse. j Palandio, Joe, Waltersburg, Pa., gro- J eery. I T Isabella Supply mdse". Co, Isabslle, Pa., Luzeme Mercantile Co, LaBelle, Pa,, mdse. Lilley Run Supply Co, Republic, Pa., Thompson No. 2, mdse. Mazza. Mike, Brownsville. Pa, R. D. 20, grocery. Mee, Anna, Brownsville, Pa, R, D. 20, grocery. Norman, Jno. B, Adah, Pa, grocery. Tower Hill Supply Co, No. 1, mdse. Tower Hill Supply Co, No. 2, mdse. M A R K L E Y S B U R G BOROUGH, Retail Dealer!. Thomas, S. M. fir Son mdso. Umble, W. K, mdse. MASONTOWN BOROUGH, Retail Dealers. Anselmino, J, mdse. Bassich, D. Co, gents furnishings. Bernson, S, mdse. Bassick, D, broker. Brunswick Pool ' Bovrling, pool. Bush, Wm., furniture. Bryp.n, D. N"., confectionery. Cayelli, Don, confectionery. Cox. Chas. H, broker. Connell, F. J, drugs. Cover, J. G . fertilizer. DernolH, Phillip, pool. Demolll, Phillip, confectionery, Dav.d, George, confectionery. Demolli Andrews, meats. Debolt, J. W, feed. Barrel, W. W. Sons, lumber. Deffenbaugh, C. C , hard-ware. Davis, JU, confectionery. Darr, S. C, supplies. Ellas, Albert, store. Franklin, Benj, furniture. Gray S. M, broker. ' erard, Orlando, mdee. irelli, Cayelli, grocery. Hempstead Music Store, music, Hague Pharmacy, drugs. Higinbotham, Nellie grocery. Howard, P. H , grocery. Hovanicy, joe, pool alleys. Howard, Chas. H, confectionery, Janoff, N, gents furnishings. Tohnson, J. E, hardware. Kamaca, Mary, restaurant. aca, Mary, confectionery. Korory, John, Confectionery. L,aroy Hotel, cigars. Uader, The Clothing-, clothing. Mack, Alex, mdse. Magalozzi, Toney. cigars. galoRzi, Toney, pool. Masontown Plane Mill Lumber Co, Masontown Motor Car Co, supplies, Mike, Geo, store. McGlll, Geo., jewelry. Margolas, E, gents furnishings. MasontO"wn Co, Operation Store, Mrkjch. Mike, restaurant. Marucchi, C. B, jewelry. New Mason Hotel, cigars. Patridge Johnson, meats. Rackoff Brothers, mdse. Rosenahein, Samson, jewelry. Rboads, H- P, mdse. Rex Theatre, theatre. Ramsey, Lloyd, garage Star Restaurant, restaurant. Smith, J. W, hardware. Sullivan, Gabriel, grocery. Solomon, Tom, confectionery. Vent, Nick, ivall paper. Wa'.koff, Ben, 5 lOo store. Walkoft Kaplin, mdse. Wright, Garage, garage. Yachus Bros, mdse. M E N A L L E N TOWNSHIP, Armstrong, Alfred, New Salem, Pa, drugs. Anderson Hotel, New Salem, Pa, cigars. Angelo, Paul, Dniontown, Pa, R. D, No 4, grocery. Bortz, Oscar, Searlght, Pa, gents fur. mdse. Brenson Son, gents furnishing Brown, Howard, Ne-w Salem, Pa., grocery. Brown, A. C. Son, Waltersburg, Pa, feed. Bryan, Chas, New Salem, Pa, mdse. Bononl, L, Footdale, Fa, grocery. Bellie, Q, Thompson No. 2, Pa-, conf. Berdard, Geo, New Salem, Pa, meat Brenker, Joe, New Salem, Pa, Box 5, grocery. Buck, Israel, mdse Black, J C, Uniontown, Pa, No. 4, grocery. Corn, R,, confectionery. Corn, R., New Salem, Pa, lunch. Cararnalloi Co, grocery Duritzai, Mika, confectionery. Dolick, John, Uniontown, Pa, R_ D. No. 4. grocery. Duritza, John, New Salem. Pa, Box 70, confectionery. Dobra. Mike, Waitersbtirg, eery. Pa, gro- Duyava, Mike, New Salem, Pa, feed, Ellas, C, confectionery. Ellas, Sam, New Salem, Pa, mdse. Grimes, Wm, Uniontown, Pa, R, D. No. 4, gas. Gottesman, Edw, Keister, Pa, grocery. Gallik, Andrew, New Salem, Pa-, mdse. ioodstein, Louis, New Salem, Pa, mdse. Haggerty, J. !·, Waltersburg, Pa, grocery. Haggerty, Finley, Pa, grocerv TJppermlddlotown, Hoop, Bl E, New Salem, Pa,, meats. Hoffman Bros, New Salem, Pa,. Jeffco Garage, New Salem, Pa, garage Jubelier Bros, New Salem, Pa, brokers. John, Abraham. New Salem, Pa, confectionery. Klondike Supply Co, No. 1, Uniontown, Pa, R. D. No. 4, mdse. Klondike Supply Co, No. 2, Union- R, D. No. 4, mdse. Searignt Supjly Co, Uniontown, Pa, R. D. No. 4, mdse. Spagnalia, Herbert, New Salem, Pa, confectionery. Shlnek, L. P, New Salem, Pa, pool. Santo, James, Fairbanks, Pa,, Fairbanks Grocery. Walkoff's 6 lOc Store, New Salem, Pa, 5 lOc store. Waltersburg Supply Co, Waltersburg, Pa, mdse. Wolfe, Max, Waltersburg, Pa, confectionery. Znbak, Joseph, New Salem, pa, grocery. NICHOLSON TOWNSHIP, Arrison, J, Smithfield, Pa, R. 0, grocery. Apone, Petro, Masontown, Pa, R. D, No. 15, grocery. Beck, Mrs. EJdna, New Geneva, Pa, mdse. Crescent Supply Co, Bowood, Pa, mdse. Crescent Supply Co, Martin, Pa, mdse. Capana, Bomineck, Masoatown, Pa, R. D, mdse. Ciaramelli. C, Masontown, Pa., R. D, mdse. Davenport £ Co, Hugh, New Geneva, Pa, mdse. Francisiki, Melana Co, Masontown, Pa, R. D. No. 15, Pool. Francisiki. Melana Co, Masontown, Pa, R. D. No. 15, grocery. Fell, Mike, Masonlown, Pa, R. D, No. 15, grocery. Govedich, Joe, Masontown, Pa,, R, D, grocery. Geneva Supply Co, Martin, Pa, mdse. Intorre .Joseph, Masontown, Pa, B. D, grocery. Laurio, Mike, Masontown, Pa, R. D, grocery. Moser, J. H., Smithfield, Pa, K. D, mdse. Mloranga, C, Llasontown, Pa., R. D., grocerj'. Frovlns, J. H, New Geneva, Pa, oon- fectionerj'. Porrico, Toney, Ronco, Pa, grocery. Romano, Toney, Grays Ly/iding-, Pe, Box 81, store. Sandusky, D. D, New Geneva, Pa, feed. NORTH U N I O N TOWNSHIP, Retail Deslp.-?. Belly, Mary, Uniontown, Pa, E. D. 1, grocery. Cenelo, Sabato, Uniontown, Pa,, grocery. Cole, J. W, Percy, Pa, mdse. Earhart, Wm. F, Mt. Braddock. P», confectionery. Eureka Supply Co, Mt Braddoolt; Pa., mdse Evans Supply Co, Uniontown, Pa, R. D. No. 2, rndse. Tajette Supply Co. No. 1, mdse, Fayette Supply Co, No. 3, Oliver, Pa, rndse. Frost Miss Blanche, Uniontown, Pa,, R. D, grocery. King. J. C , Uniontown, Pa, R. B, No. 2, grocery. Lowe, J. T, Hopwood, Pa , mdse. Maczkof, M. A , Leisanrlng, Pa, meats, llallinger, M. W. Leisenrlcg. Pa, grocery. Maust, Mrs. E, Hopwood, Pa, grocery. Molnar, D, Leisenring, Pa, H, D. No. 1, store. Martin, Harry, H, Uniontown, Pa, H. D. No. 2, grocery. Reynolds. W. J, Uniontown, Pa, No. 11 Cycle Parl:, grocery. Radtke, Kate, UiJontown, Pa, R. D , grocery. * Santore. Alphonso Mt. Braddock, Pa, grocery. Trisick Sedlock, irt Braddock, Pa. grocery. Voss, Fred, UnionVown, Pa, R. D, grocery. Woods Matthews, Percy, Pa , mdse. OHIOPYLE BOROUGH, Retail Dealers. Chuck, J. W, mdse. Holt, J. W, Mrs, mffje. McClain. T. B, pool. Potter, D, J, flour. Stark, J. A, mdse. Show, Cyrus, mdso. Wolfe, Albert Bros, lumber. POINT MARION BOROUGH, Wholesale Dealers. Deltrlch, Frank, ice. Retail Dealer!, Brunl, Pred, mdse. Bergj B W, grocery. Becks Pharmacy, drugs. Brunswick Pool Billiard Parlor, Brunswick Pool Billiard Parlor, cigars. City Restaurant, cigars City Restaurant restaurant City Bakery, confectionery. Centra! Hotel, cigars. Colonial Hotel, cigars. Conn. E. J, paint. Clark, John. A, lumber. Croal, J. F, harness. Cupella Bros., grocery. Central Restaurant, restaurant Cozy Restaurant, cigars. Cozy Restaurant, restaurant. Central Restaurant, cigars. Central Qaraga, garage. CasreU, Jerry, waul stand. Collet, Heotor, mdsa. DeOardeyn, H. J, jewelry. Greene, Harry, clothing Gibson, F. W, mdse. Hoard Auto Repair Co, supplies. Provance Bros., mdse Jordan, Fred, mdse. Jenkins Co, Sankey, clothing. Jacot, James, jewelry. Johnson, Geo, books.

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