The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 11, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 11, 1918
Page 6
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PAGE SDv THE DAILY COUniFn CONNnt-LS^TUJE. PA, 11, Tfie of a Deserter lA IN THE BACK 3 Prussian Who Participated in the fag andPtttagw) of Belgium C+y+K k, Dthrt. Fm *i - - - *j CHAPHTER XI. We were once more aroused at eleven o clock that iHght, and witt the utracwt- baste made ready to r^ome ^oor «afch_ The ntgbt wax pitch dart »nd tn"e rala continued. At tlavoreak "Si« passed OKI city of St. "Mt-nefcaald. " This h«4 not been termed. From here we turned to the east, closely pressed 5r tbe French and in the afternoon we , reached CJermon t-en Argonou Once more we managed to get a rest of sev eral hours. Toward ereoin^ we proceeded again and raalntitned a forced muck through the whole night We were now more recbatr^tetl thnn ever ^et ctrald not halt. The rain had stopped before ten odoc In the morning st wUch hoar we teft the road and mat! e camp There was a general sutfi of relief for this long-continued, weartne retreat had brought our troop-. lm o a state -non? become unendurable Vre began to dig ourselves In, B if ore our trendies were eren half completed a literal hanstortn of shr-ipne! fen among us. Onr looses were so great The R*d Crow Flag Had Lost Alt Itt Value. that ft became Impossible to remain "We received orders to retire at once. We marched o^er the fi« Ids onto dark, when we began once more to dig In. "We were now near the village of Cer »ay en DonnoJ« It was pitch dark and a heavy fog lay over werytbing. Of the enemy we knew nothing With the utmost sflence and spe^-d we dug oor selves In deeply stopj lag frequently to listen ae hostile raiding parties approached, ooly to disappear qulddy Here we received oar first re- *nforcements They arrived In long columns in. the darkless All were fresh troops--most of them reserves The majority wore bin* uniforms. This Ml well as the nature of their equipment, indicated to us that they had been hastily fitted oat -xnC transported one of them had ever heard the ·whistle of a bullet and many asked arodoosly whether it was dangerous nere. They broaght numerous ma chine pun% and In an Instant we had everything prepared for defense At daylight the French began the at- tick They mad? several onfilinights , tntroughoot the day bnt without suc- ^ ce?», for oar re-enforcements were large * No on.e realized at this stage of the battlp that it wa^ the beginning of a murderous exhausting struggle for positions. \V e were to flght here from the sam-e trench month after month without .gaining terrttom The wounded who lay In Kb Man's Land between the trenches were left to perish, **" Th-e French tried to rescue them un 'der the protection of tHe Genera flag, the emblem of the Hed Groes, bat we only jraewred at them and shoe it to bits. The Impulse to shoot down the enemy surpassed every human feetlng The Red Cross flag had lost all Its value Cor us when it was raised b the French Mistrust was nurtured among us We were told that the enemy mis used the flag and that we must shoot down Che men that bore 1L IVe repulsed all attacks until they gradually ceased. We were now able to fortify our position, which we did with the greatest care making It as strong as possibles. Half the men re- matued on guard whQe the other bolt deepened and widened, the trenches A lively fire was maintained cotrttooous ly by both sMes, The losses were vorv large. Most of the meo killed were hot through tbe bead, the trench pro tectJng the remainder of their bodies. Firing Increased In Intensity as ntzfat felt Although nothing- coold be ·seen we continued firing all the time because we thought this would prevent the enemv from making any attacks Through the nights munitions and ma terinl were brought up and new men arrived. Great quantities of sandbags were sent us, which were SBed and n»d as a protection against ballets. I The pioneers were relieved toward morning and gathered in a farmyard behind the firing line. The farm had been spared bv the cannon, and even aH Ore *tocfc remained. This booty was *oou to be consumed. Several hundred soldiers came and a wild hnnt eosa*d for ducks, chickens j;eese pig eons, etc About five hundred of Jies*» were caught, after which everybody began cooking. J*ot lar away 80 cowi and heifers were seized and tamed over to the fleJd kitchens. Hay and grain were carried away even the strawsTack* and barns were torn down and the lumber used for firewood. In a few hours a beanttfut farm bad become a ruin and the proprietor a beg gar I had «een the ownrr In th( morning but he had soddenlv disappeared with bis xvlfe and cuildren anl nobody knew where be was. The next night we were sent into tbe trenches again There vrns Httk to do so we talked wtth tbe men -nlio had re-enforced ns from tbe interior of Germanv Thej kncv, ab^nluteh nothing of our retreat from the Marne and were astonished when we pictured to them the events of tbe last ff\\ days The following morning we left fhe trench before daybreak and went into ouarter; at Cernay en bormols We were billeted In the middle of the vil lage in an abandoned house. Our field kitchens laDed to arrive, so we prepared ourselves a meal of fowl and whatever else we dlscoverc-d When ever anvone espied a chicken there were twenty men racing f or It Toward evening long provision trains arrhel as ieS as fresh troops. They w e n t to tbe front Jn long co 1 trams and relieved the exhausted men Soon the whole village was crowded with. soicSers. After a "est of two days the regular nightly piwneer service was resumed Every night we ^ere sent to the front-Hoe trenches to bnlld wire obstacles The French foond us out by the noise required to set up tbe po^tfa so that we hud fresh losses almost every night W e completed tbe task of setting up borbed wire entnn glements In tbe sector assigned to us In about fourteen days Dunnj; this penod we rested by dny but at oltjht we went out regularly Bat onr rest had many Interruptions, for the enemy artillery bombarded the vfThige regn larlv This always happened at car tain hours for Instance, in the begin uJng every noon from twelve to two o clock fifty to eighty sbe'ls "en In the village Sometimes they were Grapnel sent over by t*ie field artillery We soon gn=w accnstomed to this despite tbe fact that soldiers of other detach meets were killed or wounded dally Once or twice during this noon bombardment a shnpnel shall foil Into out room and burst without dolnf much damage. Tb* room wonld be filled with dnst and smoke yet no one would thJafc of leaving This firing ^ros repeated dnlJy with over tacreastoK vlo lence TO BE CONTINUED Tha-t-B the womjn a d i t i I v v i n n who Is up in I j m r Injf t Kt ir iho y* work I h w mj tn.i,l iU»c*. UOUD B i r i J M H a i r l m Oil ( n ^ IOK | J tiKoi toca.j c mo n t tUt icho C to morrow--tike o\cr* d LV [ d^ \.nn I ocktchc for nil u n- I' i t U ', WlifUs the tid. f Miffc-i s" IK r J Ukfns, GOL.D %U,r U H i riot i ^il CaExsuIo« tuduj -^nit be rt.Jlfi\itl t( mor I ro-sv Take thrco r- f UT every diy in 1 bto pormni cntl Cn e from \\ r h int, didto^Mlngr b ick niih But t «ur i to Kit C OI U M i l ) VI Si 1 ST C O L D 111 DM II LI-U n (M I ·* 1 i the S Uionaf Rotu xl f [{ l U r.h i Oo\eniman: f tiiu N th rl uid J i n j IHR- pranttd n s(otJnJ -h ii-trr uthor \7inK IW pror ini-tin L» I s*T.l- Tl houire^ifti of Holl Lnrt v uH i l n o u IL^ soon bo w i t h o u t 1 rtiU IVB th w \ i [ l without her Real Outrl 1 »ruj«, u-f 1cm Oil CaptM ICH Thm is tho mi re i. son uti \ u win find the u o - i n and chttcirt-n of Holland ^n Hturtlj nn 1 ro CrOJD 'WDVL nrp Lho pi ro nrlwln i Iliarlom Oi t n.psulp-1 Imp rtcl irt i (ron the lnh r-xUrlct In Maar!fm H 1 1 ind But \ h ir to K n t M l"» Ml-DAI. 1.0 k f c - tin n i m n ( n n% ry box Sold \^ rolla lo !rii(,kf-t* in maltsl puck ires th c «.tz ·* 3Ion j- rvfunUcd ff t h n j do not holp VOL \r cpt unly tho COTjD Ml ! \J ^11 oth^rf lorner's Qotlimg * TRY OTIS CLASSIFIED ADLETS OOOOvXjOOOOCOCVjC -j^OC § J. B. KURTZ, O NOTARY PUBLIC § AND REAL ESTATE. lie. 4 South Meadow Prudent is every soldier Vrho makes a «111 and he exercises good judgment In appointing the Title . Trust Corn- pan'N of Western Pennsylvania as his "Uxec utor It assures the proper settlement of the estate Before going over the teas come In and see us about this important matter TLLL T1U, CHILI) KJKIN J s A V B It is not oaJv the privilege but the duty of parents to counsel their children in the matter of S3ni,j; and tell them the importance of it bet them a good et- p!e bv havln S a bank account with us also open accounts for -votir children UNION NATIONAL BANK I O C V I I N D IOVG DISTANCE SOTEfOS. In-StaU ,~1 W HIT flnrfolfrr Besldenet 101 Hues !·"·,, f e l l M2 T Y . TT. WiUUCUy COJiSELISTTtLE, PA WE ARE READY FOR YOU. We have installed a Solid Tire Press, and can equip your trucks with Kelly-Springfield Eight Thousand Mile Guaranteed Solid Tires on an hour's notice. Allow us to quote you, Wdls-MISIs Motor Car Co. COHNELSVILIE, PA. THE MAIL ORDER METJHOD OF TOWN WRECKING While we are not able to see the mail order giant make his wav to his banking house with his ill-gotten'gams from the victimized people of small communities we are nevertheless permitted to see the mail bags that leave our town often filled with our monev-- monej that should rightfully stay here--bound for just such a scene as her? depicted There are manv communities that have had their warnings Business men have told their fellow business men of the danger and thev m turn have warned their patrons, only to see the warning disregarded and tbe town go -town to ruination from a commercial standpoint. One bj one its citizens lost their work and gradually the town became what we are won't to call a ' dead one whereas commumtv co-operation and the tabooing of the mail order catalogues would have resulted in prosperity MORAL, talist-octopus -Don t rob your home merchant to increase the wealth of tbe distant capi- A Great Combined Movement by Great People Will Secure a Phenomenal Boost for Yourself and THESE MERCHANTS. ZDEffH:R3IA-THXT) COMPACT Formtnra, Kne. Stoves 154 15S IT. Crawford ATC. W. Ji. I/ECHE Wrjr Geod» 1?' W Crawford Ann. THE HOBJTEB Hen's ITpjir 106 H. Crawford ATB. COLOMAL NATIONAL BASK Comer HttaburK Street and Crairford Arenae. MCDONALD anisic AYO ELECTKIC co. Jtojttl Hotel Blnci S. PJttsbBrg 8t H. KOBACKEE SOSS -aiie Big Store" S Flttsbnrg St C. fl. DOWiS Fmitxcar for Efcrybody 1S7 K. Pittsbnrg SL JffARhJEX AM) SOBTH EM) M-VRKET Grocery Steves 1SS and 'US 2f. Pntsbarp St. AAJDEES03V-LOPCKS HARDWARE CO. Hardware 110 W. Crawford Are. CHAKJUBS T. GCCES Jowoler - 111 Vfeit Crairford Ire. BIMVPrSEIi SHOE COKPAM Sbotf, TiTOTt Crawlord ATO. COIOTEIXSVn.LE I)RU6 COMPAST Drugs ISO West CrjwJonl AT*. FETKR B, TVEOEI;B I"iiaos »nd Fhouufcrmphs Itf7-I3ahast Crawforvl Are. Jewelrj A. W. B1SHOI' 10J West Crawford Are. THE AJLBOy CO. "Hone BaMer" US V. Ptttsbofe St. CRO~WXET-KESTIUEZAT CO. Shoes for the Wiole PvnDj IIS W, Cra-rrfort »T«W AKTStAJ TTORK Ciuoa and Well P»per 147-151 T. Cnnrtort AT«. THE CE5TBAI, STORE »JT Goods 211 Vf. Crtmoii iTe. Ladies' Sttlts and Coats ISO V MttsbBrs St. FHTE ASB TEJ, CEST WALL PAPER CO, Wall Paper 103 W. A»]« St. ^TEULS-JOKLS MOTOH CAR CO. AgrJits for WiBjrs-Smght, Overliud Cars, Actcssorteii WERTHE1KER BROS, Men's Store 124 h. Ftttslnrg St, "Snow White Work" 129 BaldwU Aw. COLUMBIA HOTEL John Dojfgiw , West SM» FRISBEE HARDWARE CO, Hordirare w. Crawford AY«, WRieHT-MErZLEB CO. Dopartmcnt Store W. Cwwford Ate, LABGHE.ET BRU6 COMCPAJTE 112 S. rittsh«r» St, RAPPORT-PEATHERMAN CO. Yon Can Bo Better Here. DO YOU NEED JOB PRINTING? We do all kinds of Job Printing at our office from the visiting card to the finest commercial work. Try our printing, THE COURIER COMPANY, 127^ W. Main St., CennellsviDe, Pa, BIA GIVES "CAP'S" TALEJfTS A CHAKCB By EBWB I r

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