The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 11, 1930 · Page 16
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 16

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 11, 1930
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

PACKS SIXTEEN. THE DAILY CKRJKTEJJ, conwi! TUESDAY, FEBRtTABY JU, 'JKfJP». 600 Prs. Ladies' SILK HOSE Bemberg Van- Raalte, . and other makes, Values'to $1.65 tn Pure Silk, featuring t h e newest tihadtia with pointed or square tfeels. 92 ! i Ironing Board!*^ | | "Waldorf" Toilet | Paper 2 Rolls Well constructed Iron- Boards, large* site. yjfhie. M«*-«***« "Campbell^ Tomato Soup Begnlar XOc can 3 Cans 9c c Dmidd · Muslin SUGAR ; ' ! ' Impound i ack of fine Unbleached heavy quality, wide. 15c values Granulated Mugar, J5O I R T S 15O Ladles' Silk Dresses! to $10.00 Satins, Silks, Flat Crepes, and Velret Combination. SIZES 36 TO 44. ; "Tom Sawyer" Blouses Special lot to $1.00 values. Size 6'to 16? 69c ! SALE STARTS WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 12th All Sizes, Styies and Colors Toiletries $1.00 Coty's f7Q/» Face Powder- . I 17- v/ , . 60c Pompeian Powder ......... 50c Tooth Pastes $1.00 Fiance Powder · 35c Pond's Vanish ing or Cold Cream Special Lot MEN'S SUITS and. Overcoats Values lo $25 P H O N E J269 -^--^f* TORt 206NPfTTSBURG ST.-21O. ELLSVILIE, PA MEN'S DRESS PANTS Men's to $3.95 Dress Pants -- ' One Special Lot, mostly all sizes -MEN'S WORK SHIRTS Men's Work Shirts -- Blue Chatnbray, Stitched." Sizes 14^/2 to 17, 69 C "Tripple- 44c JVJEN'S SWEATEES Men's "Soaker" Sweaters, part-\vool, heavy Shaker Sweaters, navy, maroon ami buff. J»tf $g.95 value , .--.-- tp4fa MEN'S RIBBED UNION SUITS Men's ribbed Union Suits, heavy weight, sizes 36 to 46, $1.50 value . "" MEN'S OVERALLS AND BLOUSES Men's Overalls and Blouses, heavy blue. Denim in all sisses--36 to 44. ' $L50 value ... TOU WILL BE ASTONISHED AT THBSE YAL1IES TSi ( i Those wo know fashion should .rnafre B- definite point V' investigating this offering! Up to Uia rolnuto sttylea -L flue q u a l i t y b.XKUldoth -gorgeous collaxa, cuffs and bottlers ot wolf, French beaver, marmtnk. Sixes 36 to 44, 14 to' 20 and 14% to 20%. $9,89 $1409 $23-39 500 Pieces Woman's Celanest? SILK RAYON UNDERWEAR Bloomers, Faiities, 01 omiae, Step-ixus, Shorts, Paste colors. Regular and Extra Si OB, 92c BRAND NEW SPRING STYLES INCLUDED Boys' SUITS and OVERCOATS ALL STYLES AHB CO LOBS Every Mother Should See;These Values U $3.99 $6.99 $|3.99 Sizes 6 to 18 Ixrag pants, short pants ·any style you want, GIRLS' COATS 2 to 6 Years Girls' Coats and Dresses EBLS' COA1 I to 6 Year $2.99 s arid Chin ,__7 to 14 : $5.99 Bports arid Chlnclillla Coats--7 to 14 Years Si lie and Cloth Presses Sizes 2 to 14. Special Lot to $4,!f Values $1.99 Ladies" Tweed Raincoats In grey, tan and b l a c k mixture Tweeds. All si«es $2.79 Ladies 7 Galoshes "Goodrich" Zipper, also snap styles in grey and tan, tweed $1.19 E»oys' DRESSES dress was secured a rlffw t« proTldlJjg a wonder- 'uI r»lu«! 1'ho new niodJflei) iJhoiiettc -- new flares -- new ·erthas -- ne-w yoke effect -- '.iew holeros! Benntlful new printed crepes -- flat crepes -- ·fheer crepes In loyely new high shades, flnsty sitadtiS, brown, nnvjr, and- black. For street, business, afternoon and Informal evening war. Sizes 3(5 to M, 14 to W and MH to $4-79 $7-89 $1 4-79 1269 RDEPT ITTSBURG LLSVILLE,PA' Ladies' New House) Dresses Smocks and Aprons, all colors Hoover 86c Dormitory Sheets 81x90 Seamless Sheets, special... 70x80 Double Cotton Blankets Plaid Bankets in all colors., Special .$1.89 Children's Sweaters One special Jot, most all colors and sizes. Choice _ .. 50c Ladies' Silk Umbrellas Ladies' Silk Umbrellas, '"Gloria" SJllk Umbrellas. New mannish handles -16 brass ribs ,, - ,, Curtains Ruffled or Silk Frtttg Curtains. Values Qf*7 s* to $1,50 O I C Ladies' Ribbed Union Suits Regular style or strap shoulder, J"71 ^ all sizes I «u v/' Outings Light , or dark checks, plaids and Q/» stripes ~ ._»».. «/v/ Kotex Kotex -- the Sanitary Package, 12 napkins to box-- 45c value --_'._,,. "Sunlight" Aluminum . AH large pieces, dish pans, percolators, double boilers, tea Q.^7 y» kettles, etc O X C All boy values p $1.39, corduroys, tweeds and inixt 'ires. 8!)c Ladies Blue Chinchilla Coats Sizes 34 to 44-Special, n e w e s t etylea $6.99 New Spring HATS You'll flml all the now Spring colors! You'll love the clever Spring styles, especially the new small brims! You'll bo glad ot this SALli^-that, affords you so much smartness at such little cost WHAT IS IOUT A The Garden of Greon Salads Ore-jn saluds have becoaio a staple a the woll-regalated diet. The consumption o£ lettuce in a Keneration has increased beyond estimate. The saaie applies to tomaloas and cucumbers to a lesser extent. A small home jrTden . bl . limited . extent can ^e put to Jio more eflloient uao tlvan* to be sonverted into a green salad garden. O f s m a l l djmenslons it Is eas'ly cared for mid fancy salad material can be It' might seem ridiculous to suggest 1 'owiiiK dandelions in a garden us - w i l l probably do their best to do tuyWtty, bat th-e daadeHon Is the L:-,!, screen sulnd of the yuar available for yathefing-. It isn't such a foolish idt-a to encourage a row of good heallliy dandelions in the garden, see- Ing :« H that they don't go to seed, {or f a'Uid purposes. Tho method it to set ii Howev pot over tho plant, early in I bo sprins ov a Itox, It then *-*«-a,:U.'S aixd produces. crwvray foliage j which is tendKjr and excellent salad material. There are cultivated varieties to bo had with bettor -leafa/jo than the native. Many people jdo not scorn to eat tHo green daudellqm as a salad, plckad young, wilted with bacon fat and vinegar, a custom spread by French settlers. ^ Next in season is loat lettuce, followed by head lettuce, and then cos lettuce, t h e best ror tho hotter part ot the l e t t u c e season. This will cai ry well into July. By that tlnie ( h e earliest lomatoes will begin to produce with the earliest eucumiboTB and u little iater the rieon peppers ·will join tin salad procession to go through July and - September. * -HaUishos for the spring salad, summer and winter radishes for later season salads'are useful. The endive, both the broad leaved known s escarolle or Bfttavia., tuul the hani some curlj- endive, will pick lip the green salad schedule for September and October and even Into November, and lato plunted corn salad will take you 'into cold weather. Then French endive t rounda out the year. This must be planted in the spring. The rad'ish-liko roots are diug in th6 fall,' stored in the basement or collar to"' sprout and the white sprouts furnish the delicious salad. An all-year Sala'd garden Is easily £rowu and maintained and ia a most valuably sort of garden. ' .W.VA. PETITION TO ACQUIRE .W,M. WILL BE HEARD ON APRIL 9 WASHINGTON, Feb. lO.--Opposing plans 1 , of the Pittsburg ' West Virginia Railroad and the Nickel Plate Railroad to .acquire control o£ the Wheeling ' Lajto Erjd will be hoard before the Interstate Commerce Commission March 10, It was announced today. : The commission set April !) aa the data for hearing UIH PittsbiU'g West Virginia's application to acquire the Western Mary.ia.-nd. They Have to Lwn, CHAiHSL m'bb, N. C., Feb. LO.-- DuW-wltted ' athltes have bwn in North Carolina but not at the- state university. All boy a on v,arsity team lists are required lo »{M»id two liours daily la syp-enfi'ved study halls. MRS. RHODES C N WAY TO DETROIT IN HOPE OFREOINOLIAT10N UNlONTbWN, Feb IQ.-f-Mrs. Nanilie Craso Rhodes left ier hom» f at Old Frftmo by motor Si lurday aftqrnoon tor IJotrolt, Mich., fh^fe lier young huabaiKl, Chris toplu i' Ikiiodos, is defiantly fighting an itll'jnpt to bring him buck to Untont yii.tor trial on a charge oE forging- hi .'w.'/fe'a name to a $2,900 clieck. AltJn li^fl Mra v Rhodes signed the intormaf loii* which caueoci the young man's ai i - e«t tiho doee not desire to t)ros*cute net; youthful liue- band'und it a reoon illation cau bo effected it is now bo leved Uhodea wilt be v permitted by th · ! /ide of his wife rather than In the trip of an officer of the Jaw. Rhodes, however, had applied' for a writ of habeaw cor ms in the Detroit court and declares no will light every attempt tq axtrad te him, Qovernor John S. Fisher has mt, yet signed the exU'Uditlon yapere i jr tho yonng: man's rotum ulthough In iti expected to bo at his) desk at Bar vtsburg today. It is undariitood that Rhodes will dony he forged hid wife'e name to lha clie-el: and will m y that she aigne-d the check heraelL The money wae used to open up a beauty parlor, it is said. thoso who REDSTONE CITIZENS ASK THAT SUPERVISORS BE SURCHARGED $5,600 Special to Tho Courier. UNION-TOWN, Feb. 10.--A petition ito surcharge the supervisors fft Red- atone town,sM,p to the sinn oE $5,034, was filed today by eix taxpayers o-f tho district. They allege tlw supervisors paid theinselvee $(3 a day for 313 days as road masters. The supervisors, A. 3". Merryman, Arthur Higlnbotham and Antonio Tassone, dirt riot work that nivmbef ot dayu, slate the tax payers. The petition !a in support ol the minority'report of W. H. Mo-yer, to-wu- ahlp auditor, wfoo also favored a siir- ijibargo. ,Tho taxpayers who appealed were David Kornguth, W. D, Hngland, John J. Malloy, Alox W. -Spears, Joseph. Gray and Joseph Swarthy, The court directed that the case be heard "dft uovo" at th^ time lo be fixed later, UNIONTOWN MEN ANNOY HOSPITAL PATIENTS, JAILED Special .to. The Courier. UNIONTOWN, Feb. 10.--Too much noise ab the Utilontown Hospital thte morning, which disturbed the slum- bem of other inmates, forced attaches to ca-lt for the police with the'result a halt-dozen .tniontown .' men were placed In the city lockup fbr the time being. Those arreet.'d. livl brought one of their number, 6esl!e Moore, to the hospital to be patched up. Moore, it developed J a t e i , was mi£torlii(j from a broken noeo and two broken ribs, the reimlt of a "fiiendly" argument at Lemont, a shoi't dime previoue, in which member) of the jsarty, for the moment hail - o disagreement. · Mooro was on the bottom when the pilo lx)- canio xlhsentaji;jled. Another phi ao of tho Discussion broke out just S,s Moore -vi« Deceiving treatment In tho emergency 1 ' room. This rilod t,hi hospital attaches aud Iho police were broug-ht in. Greenberry C'roKelaiid docidwi that he preferred t lie fresh air to t!;e city bullpen and l i f t Imrriedly In an, uuto- mobile. ' v , Moore w«e taken back to the hoe- pital for CurtHer treatment later, thlu morning and Biiss Hutehtneon; John Kemp, Jim Farrell sj.nd Woody Wilson %vlll be released later:fi'om the police station. Proposed OB' a Brick , The oldest love letter In tlie world is !n the Brl is'h museum. It ts ur'p- yosal of rnan'iage for the tmnd of an Bgyptinn prlneesg, nnd is In the form of an tnscfibt d brick. MANY MARINES HAIL FROM PENNSYLVANIA / WASHINGTON, Feb. 11.--Pennsylvania led all other states in supplying recruits for the U. S. Alarino Corps during the calendar year 1929, according to; a report, o-f eislistments compiled at Marine Corps hsadquarters here. The Keyatone State's Quota was 38i. The report further show) that out of a total of r,522 enlistaonts, ( o n l y 1-J9, or lass (,h;in three per- cent, aro foreign born. Foliowlngr Pcnneylvania, Now York was second with 356, and Ceorgla.-' (bird with 282. tiiinois, Miisouri, Massachusetts, North Cai-ollui and Ohio p i o d u c e d l approxtniatel/- 250 each, and the remaining 1 states fewer numbers, Nevada's quota waa only thro?. ' i Thirty-two of the sea soldiers came from Canada, 18 from Russia, 38 from Italjf, 10 from' Gorman^, an equal number from Ireland, and nlco trom England 1 . Several countries arc represented by only one recruit among thijin, Balgdrla, Ut Qreece, Bohemia and Belgium- In recent years only native wrn or fully naturalized citizens ha^s beea accepted foj,- aa urJ^lual ealistzneut in the Marine Corps. As a malt, the proportion of native born to (hone of foreign birth has been steadily.. I Cosi is Ads. Houtite a

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