The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 11, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 11, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. THE D^ILT COURIER. CONNELLSVILLE. PA. SATURDAY, MAY 11, 1'JIS, tertre. HENRY P. SNTOBR, founder and Editor. · tarn COURIER cowrAjrr. Sec'y K. 3L SNTDER, President. JAa J. DIUSCOLI* d Treasurer, Business Manager. JOHN L. OANS. JIanasins Editor. WALTER S. STIiQtEI* City Editor. MISS UXNE .B. KDJCEIi, Society Editor. MEMBER OP; Associated Press. ' 'Audit Bureau o£ Circulation. Pennsylvania Associated Dallies. Two e»riu per copy. 50c per month; f per y»»r by mail if paid In advance. Entered an xeeond class mattrr at the pOatofflce. Connellsvllle, Pa. SATtEDAT U, '. TW/Cvarifir'a Service r,l P. SERMAS. Hospital Unit U American Expeditionary Forces, Franco. RALPH F. SiJGER, Company H, 3i»to Infantry. U. a N, A.. Camp Lee. Petersburg, Va. MICAEL GRENALDO, HAROLD RICHET, "jittery. B, Fieia Artillery, 2Sth Division, U. S. N. G. LLOYD B. COX Company F, 37th Engine* rs, U. S. A.; Fort Myer. Va. JULIUS GROUSE, Company E, 15th. Engineers (Rail-way). American Expeditionary Forces, France. ·« tfc* Associated Pre«*. - Tft* Associated Press Is ea- 'aluslvcly ·ntltled to th» uas for republlcatlon o£ all news dispatches credited to It or not otherwise credited in thU pap«r and also the local news published hertin. MOTHER'S DAT. There is a sweetness, - gentleness and. sacredness about "Mother's Day," as it has latterly been observed in the churches, that has aa impelling appeal to the tenderest and finest feelings in the hearts oi hoth women and men. For those whose sainted mothers have-folded their tired hands and "fallen into that dreamless sleep that kisses down their eyelids still," the flay is due upon which to repair to some sanctuary and there pay silent tribute to her sacred memory. For others it is a day whan the simplicity of tbe services marking Its observance should stir within their breasts more deeply than, has ever been felt before, sense of appreciation and obligation to those vho touch our live*; with love, with, service and with sacrhice only as they can be touched by tbe love, the service and the ^sacrifice of mothers. For all it is a day when there should be a re-exaltation ol the dignity of motherhood; a time for the frank admission, that in the lives of the most o* us all that we have of grace or worth, ana 1 all that we are that makes us fit to be or to become fathers and mothers- and citizens, w e owe to mother. On tomorrow's Mother's Day there ought to be a more sincere and reverent and a more general observance of the beautiful custom laan has yet held. During the past year the mothers of America have indeed shown themselves to" be- sisters of those gentle and sympathetic souls who were "last at the Cross and first at the Tomb.'' They ha ve revealed %aiir the truth that the depth of mother-love is unfathomable; that in times of national distress and danger their courage is unfalteriig, their devotion unending, their industry unflagging. "When calls to the colors came to their sons they have sent them away t a fervent Godspeed, stiffing their The New Yorker | Volt szei tun g, a socialist daily printed In German, expressed its opinion of tho great battle ot the German offensive on the Sonnne in. a powerful editorial, from which, the following Is an-excerpt. The "Volksseitung editor takes for his theme the lines of the poet Horwegh: "You have won the world's foremost place in murderous infamy. Germania, I shudder at the mention of you," After reviewing the cynical disregard of the Kaiser and HIndeaburg for all moral laws and human decencies, the editorial continues: "The worst battle of the great war, the bloodiest battle in all the world history, continues. ,* * * Aggression continues. * * * Murder continues, * * * But it is by no means certain that the German armies will succeed in opening the way to Paris and m throwing themselves upon the capital of the unfortunate country. "If the military masters of Germany believe .that the advantages they have already won in this battle--yes, and even if they should conie out victorious in this greatest of all battles in history--that tins .would bring nearer a conqueror's peace for them, they will be greatly disillusioned. The resources of th e allies are well- nigh inexhaustible. The marauding WANTED -- YOUR, business. RENDINE'S. BARBERINQ ·tl WANTED--LABORERS. · A. OVERHOLT . CO.. Broadlord, Pa. maytf WANTED--SECOND TRICK COOK. B. 'O. RESTAURANT. 10may3t WANTED--COLORED WAITER AT TOUGH HOUSE RESTAURANT. 29aprt£d WANTED--GIRL FOR GENERAL housework. 517 West Crawford . Smaytf "WANTED--BOY FOR POUTER ANU to work Ln drug atora. J. C. MOOKK. WAX TED -- £XFERI£:-." WA1T- reas and Lady Second Cook. MANHATTAN CAFE. muytf WANTED--BOYS AND GIRLS OVER 16 years of a^e. Pa,ld while learning. CON.N'ELLSVILLE SILK MILL. ISaprttd WAITED--WOMAN FOR GENERAL housework. Apply MRS. C. J. ARAI- STRONG, at Youh House restaurant. ONCE, MEDIUM conveniences, or apartments. Call 7*7 either phono or WAITED--AT sixe houae with BeJl 77. Imaytf WANTED--ITALIAN GIRL SP13AK- ins good Enplteh to wait on table« and attend to f r u i t stand. TOBY'S QUICK L.UNCH. Dunbar. Pa. IDmaySt* WANTED--AT ONCE. EXPER- Jenced saleslady, must understand alterations and furnish referencea. Ap- march of the Hofaenzollerns into t h e ) P i yl PJSOPLKS* DEPARTMENT STORE, heart of revolutionary Russia has " . . . . . . changed the views of all friends of peace in the allied countries. The nations are aghast at thought of the outlook in this War and at the ruthlessness with which it Is conducted.' Sharpened opposition will be the only outcome of a German victory. "And the worst feature of this greatest battle in world history is that it will undoubtedly serve to set back the thought of peace with the German people. The greater the victory the easier it will be for the military masters of Germany to spread the view among the. people that the German army is unconquerable and that all that is required is patience and endurance and then peace will be attained-a conqueror's peace. A -great victory at the western front now will serve to weaken the growing opposition of^the German people to the military caste. Through such a victory the junkers and pan-Germanisis will got ttfe upper hand more than ever, and the reasonable and peace-loving part of the population, and especially the working classes, will have their fn- 0uence curtailed. 220 North Pittshurff street. Notice. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIV13N THAT at a meeting: of the stockholders of the Hoult Coal ' Coke Company, a corporation created and or gran: zed u n - der'the laws of the state of West Virginia, held at Dunbar, Pa., on t'-.c 251 1 ; day of April, 1918, the following resolutions were adopted: Resolved. That, whereas the assets of the corporation have been converted into cash and negotiable securities, '.he Hoult Coal Coke Corrvpa.ny, a corporation created -aryantzed under the laws of t-e state of Weat Virginia, hereby tltscon'Jnue buuiness as a. corporation and surrender to said state Its charter -ind corporate fun- chlses; that the board of directors discharge all the corppraUon's debts and liabilities and t h e r e u p o n , after publication of notices required by ln.\v d i v i d e the reroander pro TMata amonf? the stock- hold erts. I Resolved Further, That, the President of this corpa-atlun cause notion at adoption of thoac resrijutions to be advertised once a \ve*k for four successive weeks in a neivspaper published, and of genera! c i r c u l a t i o n , neai the pr ncipal office of this corporation; aqd that he certify thene resolutions to t h e Secretary ot the Stat« of West Virginia, and deliver therewith a publisher a certificate of publication of those reaolutons 1 . G i v e n untler my hand this 25th dny of April, 1918 A M, NK3JON. Preui- dsnt of said Corporation. Attest: V D. rCEMQX secretary. 27ppr4t-9at to Contractor*. WANTED--MAN FOR SWEEPING cars at night; H-30 P. M. to 10.30 A. [. Steady work. Apply MASTKU MECHANIC, West Fenn Railways Co. Sraayat WAITED -- SEVERAL ters for repair work on street cars and building. Steady work; 9-hour day. Apply MASTER MECHANIC. Weat ^enn Hallways Company. Smayfit WANTED-- MOULDERS ON GREY iron, gre«n sand; also core makers. vork, union CHRISTIAN" shop, $5.25, 8 FOUNDRY CO., WANTED--WOMEN WANTED FULL time salary J24 selling puarante^d hosiery to wearer 50c an hour t-pare time. Bis spring business. Experience unneresaary. INTERNATIONAL MILLS. Norristow-ri, Pa. 1 I m a y l I* U10- ceived by the Controller of l''ayeU«j County, Pcnna.v.vjLnlit. at his OTV.CO in t h e Court Hout-u, Union town, 1'a.. u n - t i l two o'clock i'. A!., Friday, M J 24, 1318, at which tir-:e tliey will be p u b - lic f y opened and read (n the office of the County CoinmisTi'incrs. for t u r n t t . h - ishlng and etgfit t h c u h u a c j three h u n d r e d (8300) g-n.ll 'in-. cK asphalt on the rrntl If.idinp: from tlje. National Pike at Se aright to Herbert Works In Men.illou Town.sliip, F u j f t t o j County, Pennsylvania., the asphalt to be api»lU»tl w i t h an up proved type of pr^.iNiiro rJJKtributor. Ail persons P i i b m H t l n g proposals must ntc \\ith t h e C o u n t y Road IITTI lirul^f- E n p i r c o r I h r ^ o days b e f o r e the dat* 1 of clnstntr hldw, .t f^p /TJi-irt i-*ar'i!p of the material to ho used t o g r f t h e r wlCh a certifir.-ite of fourco or origin ami analyst*. I'rDpo.-uiH an 'I .spocijicatlons cnn he secured »: the o"lcc "f tli« C o u n t y Uoad ;ind B r i d g e Knsrineer. Court HoUKt', Union t u v n , IVri'.sylvan'..i. f r - r tlie sum of flvr (jr.. 0 0 ) Dollrus per set E;tch propop L! he accmnpan *·(' by a certified check drawn on a bank In Pennsylvania t-»]»p.l ID ten p f r cent (10~^.) nf tlie a m o u n t oE tho proposal The rtR-ht to rcjt-ct any or all bi!~- is- lexpi-opuly rpyvrv, t] H A R R Y K T S l N f S } SK, Controller 27,apr3t-siL! W ANTEP--GO VE RNM BNT X E E DS 20.000 Ch'ks at Washington. Examinations everywhere May 25. Experience unnecessary. Sfsn and womeit de-firing- povrrnment positions writ^ for fr«e particuln'rs to J. C. LEONARD, former Civil Service Examiner, 898 Kcnois BIdff. Washington. 7mayGtx and FOREMAN. MANLTAC- Lurin;; compn-ny aiout to locate in Con- nfllsviHe wants competent foreman to charge of Its tin plat* lacquering met at stampinK dopartnienus. have cood knowledge of combination dies and experienced In the management of help. Tteply should state fully ai?e. experience and salary ax- pectcd. "l-'Cr^EMAX," care Courier. Ilmaj-21" · F*r "All this the Hobenzollerns and their junker companions know very well. And that is why they stake everything to make the -world's greatest battle into a world's greatrst victory. This is tho objective for which they are ruthlessly sacrificing 'upon the altar of the fatherland' the sons! of German mothers and the fathers of i FOR RENT--SMALL APARTMENT. German children. It is for this ob-! I n c i u l r c FLORENCE SMUTZ. jectivc that the blood of German soldiers flows in streams into the rivers of northern France and thence into! the ocean. This is the objective for which the flower of the German nation is being slaughtered, for which a i whole generation is being wiped out. i KOR KKNT--TWO N'JPELY FTK- n s h u t i rooms for Uffht housekeeping. I'll' V;ne street. I D m ^ y t f i l FOn RENT--THHJ3IS PL'KNtSHED oms. 1^5 Xorth Seventh s t r r e t . !Vntlrv in rontrtictir.i. SEAI-.ED P R O P O S A L S WILI-. UK RK- cavort 'by :he Con:roller of r j - y t t t t s Cciiirty, rcn:"*lvania. at. hia oUico in the Court Iloviro, V n l o n t o w n . Tn., u n UJ two o'clock P. M.. Frtilay. M:«.y 2«. . 1£»13. at which t . m e t'n-j w i l l be p u b - j I r e l y (rjicn f -»l -:xl rend in the oiiice of the frnmty "\mm:^-io'iers. Tor furiiish- nsoro saitons nf ,-mn i n i t on tin road l e n d i n K from O i I I » - « t I e mwjir/Ls lirotvn.-.- j v l l l e in W i s h l n t f t o i i T u w n r l i i p Fa* ' jll? C ' r m n t j , Penney Iv.tnl.i. the as^Ii-iSi to be applied w i t h an approved t y p u uf pr«-^««r«j d i s t r i b u t e ) - . All ]H-rMo: ·· -nibmitUnK p r o p o s a l s must file v. itl. tho C - i u n t y a n d , Bridge KnciiK or thrf*i clays bc*fi "e the 1 date of closing bids, a or,.? q"ar-. sample of the mniiirl il In b usetl toK"'li'-- \ v i t h J. i*ei t i f l f itifj of source or one n ant! n n a J j i'.i. I' ami syx ifn-atons c;tn b* secured at the nfi}C;- tf the t~*onnly } and i s r i d p c Kr.sincc-r, r ^ u r t t h e sum of l i \ c rjr. O f i ) r»Hnrs per s«'t. hy n. C(rt!'VJ r'M~ \ d r . w n on ;i b r i n k t n I'cnn.-'yhaiii.i c q u n l ( · i«n p e r c t r i t 10^;.) 'if tl.e run i u n t of t h - 'prnDoj«:il Tlv r i p h t tn r j r r t .inv r a l l lurij. f i v-JivrfW.y re^rvod H A R ' J Y K IS! NOIS R. C ' j n t r o l l ' r. 27n.pr3t-s.iL "And the Kaiser thanks his God f o r . FOR rtBrfjt 1 --THREE the help irbich He presumably is giv-j ^ ck gS, lnff r °° m3 ' ing him in this stupendous murdering. 513. FUUNISHKD Eaitt C r a w " "And the German people? * * * " 'Germania," I "shudder at the mention of you.' " TO MAKE BIG GUNS Steel Corporation " Kntcr Vpon "Work at Government Kcqucst, The United States Steel Corporation, at the reque'st of tbe government, irill enter into the manufacture ot heavy artillery and projectiles "in great quantities." FOB RE.VT--TTTO DESIRABLE rooniH Central location. AUi!re«s "ROOMS." The Courier. I I m a y : t FOR RE.VT OR SALE--GOOD fp- lo-d.itc reliable Boarding HOU.TJ on Wust Crawford. C.»!l Bell 113. FOR RENT--TWO LARGE V N F V R - nishetl rooms for Hf^ht housak'-f'pinp No children. 500 I5ast Green r t r u . t. FOR E^ENT--^TWO OR T H R K E nicely furnished ronins for llcrht house- kcc;)insf, use of bath. 1217 Sycamore street. 10n:iylt . ,, . - FOR 1IKNT--FJVE ROOM FLAT. heart-pain, with a-brave smile or hand | A plant for that purpose will be j All conveniences. Small g-arden. !:. ·wave of farewell. With a modest | constructed as speedily as possible, SOLES, J^ninklin street, Hacff A d d i pride ia bavins fumishej soldiers in the most righteous cause for which a nation, ever entered war, they brushed away the tears that came unbidden at the parting and began to busy themselves as their boys, now soldiers, have new i^eeds. Through, those agen ? cies which, are the nearest approach to keeping home close to their boys Over There, the- mothers of America, like the mothers^ in other countries en- · gaged in/this war,-.have foirDd new channels through, which to give form and expression to their patriotism, loyalty and affection. They have labored unceasingly, sus'-atned by an unfaltering fa«h- that even if the products, of their industry do not directly contribute to the comfort and welfare of-their own sons, they wlli fill that office for the son."of some other mother "and that the fruits of that motier*s;'!oving-;s'rviee - will ia turn supply, the wants,o; their;boys. Because^,, of these and countless othef deeds, and """· Elbert H. Gary, chairman of the board of directors of the corporation j FOR JIEXT--A LARGE STORK said. The site wfll be in the interior of the country. ith warehouse. East Crau-foril avenue. Fine location. Call .r. M. HERPICK, 6-1S Tri-Stsuc. Smaytf FOR Price right. CONNtTLLSVJM.K CONSTRUCTION CO, ID nmy ttil |f'-i the spirit'that has' promptea taem; tne Ite mothers of America hive made the £-. men -Over There -- their boys -- to feel !* « unafraid, yes, even willing, to die in a £?/_ cause which embraces among its if." -ideals, tfie protection and honoring of w j i womanhood and- icothrrhood as the Cv crowning glory in- a nation's life. B-^ For these things alone, cot to mcn- | · * tioa the unrequited services the moth.* ers of men have alway.", rencered, we Sj". used this year to give Mother's Day | a new meaning, and also permit ft to ^;. ! make au unfading impression upon (fr- the lives of each of us. Having recocrrJzed the need for a new school building pr ttcressive Dawson may to tlepontied upon 10 provide it. -, HOTJtLEU'S BAT. They will not come to you today To kiss you in their old-time way. XQ -petaled tributes, white and pink. Mav sho-w how much of you they think, And yet, oh 'mothers, brave and fair, Because they love you they arc there. Because they honor you they chance The pain and death in troubled France. They arc your tributes, mothers, all: They who arc not afraid to fa.ll, 1C, falling, they shall pledge to you The memory of manhood true Arid reave, as their bequest, the things "Which lonser live than crowns of kings. On Picardy and Flanders' field Tour livtns tributes stand revealed. Bach splendid boy who ventures there fa tribute to his mother fair. Better than baubles gold can buy fs love that's unafraid to die. "Who. for the tfuth his all will give. Learned from his mother how to live. And he who dies in Freedom's strife Has honored her who gave him life. Oh, mothers of the bos who die, Th'ey speak your tributes more than I. They will not come to you today To kiss s*ou in the o?d-tfrne way, And yet because they love you so, To die for you they bravely In all they in all they do, Mothers oC m?n, they honor you. Notice. KBYSTOXE CLEANING PARLOR- BrJnir your Pannma. ami straw hats to CHARLES COCOS. 170 West Crawford i avenue, Connellsville, Pa. 3may33t" \ There win be comparatively little j ,objection to the pay in advance plan i f ' the new gurbugc col.eciUm system j proves tc be ao advance on the methods anrt practices under th*- old system. 1 : Tou -will not pay appropriate'honor to Mather tomorrow without taking your pla«** at the morning 1 services in your church. Sculptor Eorgrlum trade a, bad slip o'clock P. M., to receive bids for with hla aircraft Investigation, chisel stationery supplies for tbe ensuing ·ben h* tried to carve out a profiteer- school term. J. M.-KEEFER, Secretary. iob for himself. Notice. .\ PPLICATIONS FOR CRITIC teacher will be received till noon, Saturday. June '. 1315. PERRY* TOWNSHIP SCHOOL DISTRICT. W. L. K.LSBECK. Secretary. llTiaaySt-sat THE SCHOOL DIRECTORS OP POR SALE--TOMATO PLANTS, 15c per dozen. Appiy H. T. WILSJX, SIC JSast Fair view avenue. Snuytf FOR SALE--TOX TRUCK UNIT FOR Ford, boil and cab ;OG 11:11 street. Tn-Siate phone lli-2. l O r n a v ^ t * FOR SALE--TOMATO PLANTS, 51.00 per hundred. liRS. HYATT. .5 C J U K K N - HOL'SK, 229 South Street. UruiiyLCU FOR SALE--TWO S.\ UG S13AT display top tables at. very low finim. Call Tri-State 23. Ring 2, Dunbar. Pa. Sapt -tC-ffuts FOR SALE--FIVE PASSENG BR Buick tourintr car, in gonrl cond:tioj), McCREARY MOTOR CAR COMPANY. Eabt Crawford avenuo. S m a y i t FOR SALI3--WE BUY LADIKS' A.VD gents' second hand clothes Phone Tri-Statc 220, residence. A. S l f U L - MfVN", 241 N o r t h Plttsburg street ICImayCt FOR SALE--ONE EIGHT TON ICE machine. Cully equipped. One 3 H. P electric motor. Lot of belting and slatting- at a bargain. M. .1. ROHlf. FOR SALE--1914 HUDSON SIX, electric starter, light, tires good, 3 extra. Good condition. Drafted. 2] (i PHtsburg street, ScoUUale. l O m a y S t * * Notice to Contrn'tor». * SKALf-JI.* JM«if'_'SALS W I L L 11F. H K - '' cr-ivtid h thtt Conti oiler of Knj, eLti* i Comity, I Van sylvan', i at h i K otticc in t h « Court H'vupc, I ri lonto'-vn, 1'a., u n - til t w o o'clo. k E*. ai . Kndiiy. Uy C! I'JIS, ai w h i r i i tn:u c h c ^ Ml \^ pub- l i c l op«n.-(J .mtl r*;.nl in t h e ollic.' ni j l))t.- O t ' u n i y r-nninibs-.nn'T 1 ^. for f n r n i ^ h - in^r ami a p p l y i n g s i x t y-tl\ e h u n d r e d : '6500; isalloh'i r-f -i.--iJh.ili nn the ( ]c.\dlne f r o m iho H a r o u s h M R O of l-'.i - 1 o t t e t'iti' to the hrj-lETo or or t h o P. Si ; L. K. R.Lilma(f, tuw.irds W i c k - i h n v e n (:i W a i t h f n rt' n Tn« nship. F,iy- J "tie C o u n t y , Pcnnt.-j vania, the r.iphalt 1 LO UP . i p T i i i c d w i t h .in approved t y p e ' of pr«Tj«ur" i i s t r i b u t o r . A l l pi.-rt.onj- .-ubmlLtiriEc nrnpij^jiis i n u ^ t rtlu v. it!-, tht. C o u n t y TLnad am! Bridge E n c i n p e r t h i f u ihiys b ^ f ' - r p t h e , date of closmt? bids, a on* 1 q i K i r i Katnp'e i of the matO'-iru to b.- 1 u f l f l t o R e t h e r I «· Uh a ci t i l l c . i t e of source or or it; in j and aiiiilyi.s. \ secured at t h - ofilo..- of ih« C rum 13 Ron'! .Liid r^ridpTP }j*rtiritie»r. Court j HOUPG, U n i o n town, P r - n n ^ y l v t i n i a , f ( i r t h e sum of t1v* ( S K ' " M rtoll.u-s per set ' ^ Kacll proi i.t-a' inu^t A if n e c c i r p j i n i f d I hy ;L certiP."! r ' l ^ f r drr vn on i b - n k ' In Pciuisyi-. IIIKI e q u a l to t t - n per t cm ( l O r - ^ , ) of t! c imoum of ttu 1 p r n p -=:'.'. 8 Tho nsht i" r-j'-a my or all bl»l» !·« U *'XD«BBly r f ^ - r v c U . I 1 A I L R V KIS1N*' ER, rontror-T. ^T.tiu-at--:u , g S R A L K U "UUl'OSAI-^ V.'IbL HIS !' c ivetl by t h u \-r-i-«u!ei of 1'to ei (,'ounty, P e n n s y l v a n i a . :tt his 0!!!^ i« . Uitj Court ilnuso \ n i n i n o w n . T'y., u:j- J F t H two OL oe)* J' -V.. Knchiy. M:i 21, | HIS, at \ \ l u u l i t u n - they w i l l bo i ub- llcjy opene'l :tr:U read Jii tin- ofhr«.- nf i ho C o u n t y f o m m i r r f t o n - '·?. for f u r n i s h - i Tyrone Township l-'ayiitlo C o u n t y . ' Prnnsylvuiia .Ihe :u«.phalt tn be a p p l i e d | w i t h :m a p p r o v e d type of pi-ensure clit,- A31 persons ·.uhmittinpr proposals m u s L fil* 1 \.~ith the C o u r t y Hoacl a^« nridpc Hpcrincer t h r o e days brCore l.^ date oC cloiip.s bid;-, u onf |uart sample of the m.aierJa! tf be u.sod together with n ccrtillcatf of source or origin and nnalyls. Proposals r-ntl ··pcV'tfirat'ons fan be secured at. tho of'cc ot' tJi« Count.v Road :intl Brulpe Hnginoor, C o u r t Hotis'O. U n i o n town. Pennsyh anui, UT the s u m o£ five (.?j 00) Dollars per wet. E:ich proposal t n u f t ho jci*cmi.i .nictl . 'iy a cpfLllied clu-fk d r a w n on a ' i ;n r t n n s y l v u r i a initial to icn per f.ctit (lOrtf,) of tho a n i f t u n r of tho pro^'is.'il The r i y h t to r o t o t L t i n y or all bids i^ expressly rc.s-orv-d. 11AUP.Y K7SING- EU, Controllor. 2 7 a p r 3 L - e a ^ FOU SALE.--10 ACHES rjlEEl'ORT 4 1-2 foot cpal near railroati Opened and Ocveloped. Owner In draft, only reason for sellini?. H. jr. WSK.rEII, ScottcltLle. Pa. 6may(Jt FOR SALE--GARAGE. FORD ACKX- cy in two towns of 10,000. p o p u l a t i o n each and parts of five townships. Kn- tire stock, of tires, tubes, accessories and Pord parts. Sales average S10.000 per month. Owner in draft, only rou- sbn f o r selling. "WEIMEK MOTOR COMPAXY, Scottdale, Pa. Smay.C FOR SAJ.E--THE DEAN BOTTLTXG "Work?-. Best business in the city for the money invested, doing enough buti- ; Bullskin township will meet at Kells J ness* to employ, two trucks. { School House on. May 16, 191S, at 6 for selling, going to serve may-4-11-14 Reason country. This is worth any man's consideration. "Will teach you this business before leaving. DAVID HARDKN, Sma-ytCd *olk-e to Couirni-tor*-. SyAbl'lO PROPOSAL'S WIL.L BE RB- ccivad by t i ' O C -ntrohcr of Pay ette County, Pennhj'K tniii, L it hit oiTcc in the Court il^u^. U m o n t o w n , Pa., until two o'clock p M. Friday, ilay 2 1 , 1 191S, ,Lt winch time they wid be pub- j iicly upcneti anfi rc.i'l n the ctTici3 of the C o u n t y Conuiiissi(oners, /or the cons t r u c t i o n of four h u n d r e d twenty-live (425) Un^al fc^t of ro id in Connella- villo Township j.t Broad Ford, Fayctte County. Pennsylvania, wi'.h concrete combjnat'on f our flu t ion and curb and SrouLed brick we-urlm? surface. p.i'ins. proposals and specification a for th« above can be secured at tho otiice oC the C o u n t y Tload and Brldg-e Tinsii 1001 "' Court ITuu'-e, Union town, Penn«y'vti.nia, f o r the sum ot five dollar* (SS.ucn per .sot. Kach proposii' must be iiccnrnpaniecl by a certiiied cbeck drawn on a ba.nK In Pennsylvania etjual to ten per cent (10%) of t i e A m o u n t of the proposal. The right to reject ,iny or all bids is expressly reserved. HARRY KISINGER, Controller. 27aprSt-sat 3 Room Houae, South Council svHle ........ '.? 5 Room Houtw, N. Proapect St ................... 3 Hooni House, N. Pr-£xs*pe^t St ........ . .......... S Room E»oubla House, 750 soo 3 Room ffouse, Snyder' town « Hornn Homo. N. loth St. 0 Rjoom Ctt*-os e . Franklin St ..................... 4 .Room House, S. 8th St.. H Room Cottage. Crawford 4 Roimi ll'onso, Jaai 9t ____ 4 room House, South 9th Street .............. ·i Double Houses, E. Cra-w- t'ord A v o , 8 rooms eaoli; rental $2(V. eacdi ....... 6 Room Houae. B. Gibson. ij H»om Double House, "S\ T . CranvToTd ............. JO Room DoulaiQ Housi, N. Proaov-ct .............. 5 lliKm Double House, f lyndmian St .......... 6 Room Modern Hou»e. . 1.030 1.2OO St 6 Room Modern House. E. Kill ^t, ............. ti Room Horie, Poultry l,oi. Frances Ave ...... 0 ROI.V i Modern Hou^e, OUi St ............... 10 Room Hrtuse, Hyndman St .................... 5 Koom House, S. Oth St.. 0 Room ",fxjrrn -flouJJC, .I«lTrwn SU .......... 6 Room Modern House, N. Rth 9t ............. G Rnorn aiotfern K'auee, Oth Kt , W. a ......... lli Room Mo Jem Ho«ic, sUtAle on brick road... (i Hoom M'nlfrn Home. N. Pth SL. Wc-st RMe ---(J Room Modern Home, Anjrle ?U ............ 5 Room Fle-t, FrttnAUn 1,050 1,700 J^SOO 2,000 2,000 2,000 2,300 P Room M»ciern Ilo-mo. AroJ- St .............. 6 Rooin Mt'dpi-n Home. N. 8th ^,, U't^at SKle ..... 10 ilodr.rn AlorreU A v e . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Rr-tnri HOUS.J. ISth t . . . ,". Rotrm n»U3i. E. Ks4r- vierw" Avp ............ 10 Room !Vublo Flouwe, Prank 11 n AT* ......... 7 Room Mudern Hoirse, W. fr.i tvf*rd Ave ........ S Rown Modern House, N. . filh SL ................ 7 Koom Modern Hoaiie, "E Poach .............. r. rtooon Modern Houne, N, Jpsn*eT«iO". ............. 12 rVMiMe House, "W. i^raw^fonl A v e ......... r. Room Mo«Jern House. E. O'-awl'orr! Ave ....... f! Rooan Modern Ifonse, 7 Unom House. 1011 At-nu ^ S o u t h Sid G i^..f»ii Fion*w, krt 2«x S I^H^-n Modern House, 0 K.^rn Mcxl^rn House, rr-n r T-ci^onrlnc . S IVxv.-n Modern Kou^c, JiHizn. St ,1 Tiooii Modern Tlonse. S. ^ F.'oom .Ifodcru Jfoupo, Mui-pjiv Are ^ H».fm Mailer" Hnuse, K. ti Koi'Hi Mod Hnusc, Art-Ji .-'l., al.ovg H. it O. drjwt r, Pvcii-m Ilriu^e, Highland 2.500 2.5OO 2,600 2,700 2,800 3,850 3,000 3,000 ;:,ooo ^,000 3,000 3,000 3,200 3,200 3,200 J ^ III ^m DonTilc ILoune. S. Ot'i St YT t.Hh inert on A v e ... . C, ::odm Modern House, S. y Ko **r ArnlTn Home. N. FMtsl.nrp St s Urnm Modem Ho-nse. S ,S Ho nn MnO-o-n House, S. S i h St £ Rorun Modern House, S. S t J j £.·( 11 Roo-m r^Ic?rn House, N. V2 rioorn rVHiblo Tlou'H 1 , S. 4 f h St 7 Ri-om Modern House, E. F.nrvfmv A\ o If Rroir Jlou'olo H o ^ s e , Tiavldson Ave K R c p t n Modern Il'ouso. S. S Roo'tn Modern Home, V i n e - St s Jlnom Modem JIo»ne. S. « r h Si n JR'iom Mudcrn H-ftusc, l i l n c u l n A ve M Rnoin rcul)I* HOUPC, E. Cutuford Ave i n liiiom M n - l o r n Home, S. SiM'' ?' , \Ve-t SIOP . . . l*e:iojj Si ". .'. . .S R j o n - Modern Ilou^e. S ^t)t St in H nrn Mo«lo"n 11o»i?e, K. (t Konm Miulern UOU = P, IS. T" Hoom Moiler- Iloui;?, 3. neohi A\*e 17 Room Modern H'ouse, I ' Roon- Moden\ House, S Pfttsbm-fr st HKR-K MOSU FOII it Pnoni MfMl4rn 13rit.-k. 12 Roo-m Modorn Enck. N. Srrl Sc !·:, C'"ii\vford A \ e S l;r n-m M o d e r n ·R r i c i (j V i n e Pt I' 1 - nonm ' M o d e r n 1 F^ouly'p Urii'k, \T. Vfnshinert on Avr- , / _ , 8 IlO"-m Modern Double J2 lloom ."-snry, ex. fine House: Ii:. G:v»n St. . R ilootn Moricrn D n u h l e P-rifk, (·:. ?n.irvf(?v.- A v p . 1-1 Room Moriorn Double Brl.-k. E. Fair-view Ave, 3,500 3,500 3..100 :;,7o« 3.700 ·I, OCX I ·1^000 l.OOO 4,000 4,000 f t (MO 4,200 4,300 · 4..%00 4, son ,^.200 11,000 12,600 14,000 . A. E. Wagoner Co, IflflO AV, Crnwford Avi-.. WEST SJDK, COSNEUI.SVH.Lli. Holli Pliom^. In White, Grey, Field Mouse, Brown and Black. The woman who demands a perfect fit, who insists on the newest and best styles, who desires QUALITY FOOTWEAR wilJ do well in coming to us. We please you. We save you money. YOUGH TRUST COMPANY PAY WHILE YOU HUB IN" $1,395 $1,395 THE CIS AHEAD" Pilot owTicrs are the most entinsiastic boosters. It :s a car of distinction, Snisbed to suit your individual taste. Forty-two different body colors to select from. The Pilot carries tuc celebrated Teetor motor, the most silent running, powerful and highest priced motor placed in any car of its class. Forty-five norse-power, six cylinders ·with removable head, 3 1-8 inch bore, and 5 inch stroke, it combines power and economy. Genuine leather upholstering, Delco lighting and starting. IMMEDIATE DELIVERY and EASY PAYMENT TERMS. "Write, phone or call for demonstration and literature. WEST SIDE GARAGE TIBE BARGAINS:-- S"x3 Xon-Skid ___-- .$10.00 30x314 Non-Skid $13.50 32x314 Non-Skid ?15.75 32x4 Xon-Skld $21.00 3-5x4 Non-Skid 522.00 Other sizes in proportion. Bargains in guaranteed inner tunes. Gasoline 30c gallon Best Auto Oil 20c quart Ycur patronage solicited and will give you a square deal. AT WEST SIDE GARAGE STATION, WEST SIDE. HAVE YOU TKIEB OUE CLASSIFIED ADLETS? AT ONCE ONE LINOTYPE OPERATOR AT THE DAILY COOKER OFFICE The following trucks have been left on our hauds for sale by party having to go to war. One Little Giant 3Vs ton truck,' equipped -with with a Woods Hydraulic Hoist and Steel Dump Body. Good as new. Same has been in use only six weeks. One 3 ] /o Ton Bepublic Truck, equipped -with cab aud wood body for hauling coal. Two 2 Ton Republic Chassis. One 1% Ton Jeffries Truck equipped with wood body and hand hoist. The above trucks can be bought at a bargain by a quick buyer. ?atrortize Those Who Advertise. Connellsville, Pa.

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