The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 11, 1930 · Page 14
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 14

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 11, 1930
Page 14
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*%av«|ji-,v'.·*,«·, PAGE FOURTEEN. Hope For The Be$t h Then Read This Page And You 7/ Probably ^et It! ' DAIL.Y COUKTER. CON1 , FA. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1930, Anno uncements Deaths JRS. CBARA BfiLT/K BARN'HA'Rff. Mrs. Claia B llo JJarnhaft, CO yeara oll, died Mottda v at her homo at Itonoo of apoplexy. CLASSIFIED ADVERTJS1NQ INFORMATION - All ad,i. lire restricted to their proper classification and to the regular style of type. The publishers reserve the rltrht to oUt or teject any classified advcrtlBlns copy. Krrors in advertisements should o« reported immediately. The Courier will rtcl b« responsible for more than one Incorrtct Insertion. Charged ads. for responsible parties will be r « ' p ' v o d ' b y telephone, and, If paid w i t h i n six daya ( caah rates will be allowed Advertising ordered for Irregular insertions takes the one time rate. No ad. Is take n for less than a basis of Count {he average words An average word contains tnruo lines to the Uno six letters, Ads. ordorcd for t h i e e or nix Union and stopped before expiration wlU bo ehaigeJ fOi only tho n u m b e r of tlmea the ad. apr eared, and adjustment made at tho ratc earned. MRS. CHARLIES CIUTCJKliTtEOJ The funeral ..ervlce for Mrs Charles Walters Crituhl old, who lled Saturday .it her home at flockwood, was liiSld this afternoon at tl e family homo, with Rev. V N. Mlll r officiating:. Interment was In Meyerf ^alo CemiStery. Mrs. Crltchlleld !s survived bj the following children: Ha ry AV.. Cumberland, Md.; J. B, BoMiton, R. A , Somerset; Ray, Altion, O Uo: Homei', Woostftr, Ohio; C T3 an 1 Mrs, B. E. Miller, ( ROclswood, MRS. LI' NA CIl'RIS'JIAN. ' Mrs, Lfcna C h i l s t i a n , 15 y«r8 old of Uttlon;4cnv/i, flic--! Satuicldy at t h u TJriioh- town Hospital. GKOROK W IIUGHC'3 Geoigo W l i u s h o s , tf years old, biotlior ot Air John Cooley\ of Cori- nellavUle, died \Ionday at her homo at Falrehance. MRS. V s ! ANCF.S MOiUUs? The f u n o r a l or Mrs. Fiances Retlly Morris, ,'Jl jca s old, wll'o of T.homfl.a M o i r i a or GJas port, who died Sunday evening at 0 diode, 'will be bald Thursday morn ng. Tho cortc^o will meet at 8:80 o'clock at t u o home of hr imrentfl, Mr, nn 1 Mrn VittiicK Rellly of Lelaenrinfr KG. 1 T where the body wtia- ipino\od by Fu iera.1 Director jFrencli S. Durst. Roquie u h l n h masu will bo tho rate, carnea. , . * , , ,, celebiated at t o'clock at S»t Vincent Special itttes for yearly advertising rjopaul Churoh U Lel»errln»No I w i t h upon requfst. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING KATBS5. 1 Dally i n t o per llrie for consecuUve Insertions . Charge Cash One Time ..,....,. 1° 09 Three T raea Six Tin4i s .. .08 .07 ,07 .oa WHEN AMD WlIErlE TO PLACE 1'OUit ADS Tho ClaiBlfloiI AdVortlaine Department 1 3 situated at Courier P ace This tme Sa op«n to receive advertisement* l i o m HMO A M. 10 6.WJ V M. dally. All uds secoivad up until il.»u A. M will appear In edltloas the same Rev. VdCtmr O ' t o T P-JanU'W, pastor, umcUtin^. Jnt rmnit "will bo malp in lhf church cesnuioij'. Mrs. Herns * suivHeit by her husband and a da ({fitter, Marian, ftljfht :ears old; h f r r parents, Mr, and Mrs, Patrick Rellly of L e l S f n H n g , and the f o l l o w i n g bi oil wi und sisters liogis and WHllum an I Il'ilda and iJiloii. AIRS." S A U A l t McVICKKR. ' ' trs Saiah . te/Vlckor, 8J years old d|ed Monday at the home of her d a u g h ter, Mrs, Willl un Albright of " sit. Automotive 1 Aotomobltos ror Stile 11 IJAVTB STOUR NO MATT1SR -- What your choice of a car may he, we have ypui f a v o t i t n n^odel, AT(! It has been t h o r o u g h l y overhauled, retlmahod and repalntod i to such it degree of ^mirt,n6Ss that It's Just like tho new thing 1 Buy one Of our smart, dopondabls used cars * for profit ttnd ^pleaauie. ' SmF.ll down paymoiHa and terms to suit. FONtt'lAC qABRIOl.ET-- Not a squeak or a ruttle. New paint, now tires -- a smooth running: little car t , . . $3'.'~ ! CHBrSI33IL SEDAN -- AppOft^'anca and condition! of this car is like now Has had very jllttle usoage ......... fJ ESSEX "O'^COACH, 10ES MODEL -- The best buj{ In the City al pur low price ...:,... ....... . ..... ..... ?3fi: HUDSON COACH, l'»26-- Kaw Duco paint, pew tiros, new swat «o\ ers. ]i*ai)test Hudson in this wflctlon .... ..... ?250 TSW yOUPK -- Neat appearance Wei! taken care of. Price ...... ?150 Cl WBlrROLBT TRTjCrC--PiniE-nntl use' o£ (Tailor. Baker, Butcher, GrocaP 102S model, panel b o d y - . -for 01 USKD CA.R.IMARKBT Trades! Open Evenings! Terms' I sotiTii isiarrTrt ST. PHOND day. rhiute Vusir Clntwlflfil Ad. The Ad 'Caker will tfladly assist you, if desired, so that the copy fur y o u r au, la prepared in such a manner an xu brin# the greatest results for you. Classification Index The i n d i v i d u a l advertisements under the follow ing classification aro ar- In ALPllABETlCAL Older tor t4ulok i ofeionco. j -- Curds of Thanks o -- In iiarnorlam 4 _ K l o w e i s and Mournlne Gooda 5 -- Funi ral iJiroctors 6 -- Monuments and Cemetary Lots 8 -- Kolujlous and Social K v e n t s 0 -- aociotlea and J-.odKea 10 -- btrayed, L.o»t, l « o u f i d AtUTOMOTlV K -A -- A u t o m o b l l * AeenCics 11 -- Ault'inoblies £or bale 12 -- A u t o Tiucks, Tractors, Trailers 1J -- Auu AccoHsories, Tiros, Parts 14 -- Uau»KC3- -Autos for Hire, Taxi 15 -- Motorcycles and liicycjea Iti -- Jlepi irins-- Service BU tlons 17 -- \VaiHod -- Automotive 11US.INKM-S SIHIIV1C1J5-- ijj -- Buslneas tiervioe Offered la-n. -- w.iero to Dine IS-l, -- B u r b e r U i t f , Beauty Parlors id -- j j u l l iiatf and Contracting ao -- Cleaning, Dyeine, Kenovatlng «l_i)i-,t3mukIiiK und Millinery yo _ HcaUntr, PluiubliiK, Hooting; 23 -- Insurance and burety Bonds Ul -- Ijauutiei ing 05 -- jjov s i K / T r u c k l r i K , Storage 20 _ i'ttintiiiB, Paporms, Decoratlngr 27 -- priming-, hatgiavinsr, iili^dlnj; i8 -- p r o f e ^ a i o u a l Services JS) -- UepiUilriB and KeHtilshlus i'0-a. -- A w n i n g s and Upholstery ISO -- Tallorlua and Pioaains 3j _ Wanted -- Business beivlce .O* MMBiT -a? -- Jtclp Wanted -- Female Ba -- lleii \Vanted--Alale ,54 -- ilelj -- Mule and Fetnnle j j -- bulitUors, Cinvasso^s, Asonts 3ti -- b l t u t i t i o n s \Viidted -- Female i,7 -- .situ ttlons NVanted -- Malo 33 -- Uublnesa Opportunities au -- Investments, Stocks, Bonds 10 -- Moiiiy to L,uan, Mortgages ,ju-a -- ir» rally JUoans ;i -- WAI ted -- To Burrow INSTHUC'HO.N -42 -- Correspondence Courses 4j -- IiisLi u u t l o n Classes 44 -- Mus cal, DanclnK, Dramatic 45 -- I'tivite Instruction .j-,-a -- P r i v a t e I n s t r u c t i o n -- Music 40 -- Wanted Instruction MVKSTOCK -47 -- Ja ). Cats, Other Pots 13 -- Hores. Cattle, Other Stock 4y -- 1'i.iuHry, li^Ks and Supplies 0 0 -- Wanted -- U v e stock, 01 -- Aiif-les lor Sale Dl-a -- Bt rtor and Kxctiange S- -- lioata and Acce«soiieB 5d -- BuiUlnus, Uuildlns Material. Dt -- tiualntSH and-UIlluj lilquipmont 55 -- Kai ia u.ncl Dairy Products 35-a -- Firm JStjulpinent iU -- I'uel, Feed, 07 -- Oyoil Thlntfa to Kut 5s -- Hon t m u d u Thtn^fc 69 -- Ilousohold Uoc-Us UU -- J o w in, Watches, Diamonds til -- Alo,c' i l n e r y and Tools i'-' -- -Mua U-a -- K.^dlo bJ--Secd*, Plants, F v o w e i s O J -- Speclala at the atoms 1)5-- W e a r i n g Apptrsl 00 -- W a n t u d 1 -- To B u y OOJIS A.M) HOAKli-- 07-- KouinJ W i t h liuard OS -- Itooiiis. W i t h o u t yoard 00 -- llouini, for ilouaokoepinjr Vact tion 1 lacen W h c r o to Kal 7- -- Whero lo fat'jp In T o w n 73 -- W a n t e d -- UjuiUt. or Board UK A I- K.SJ'ATU l-'OH UliiAiT -71 -- Apai t m e n t a atiii Flats 71 -- Itusiiiebs Placuii lor Kent 70- -- Fait ia and Lands for lloiu 77 -- Hou its foi Itf n t 7h -- Otllcj and Dusk Room ' 7t» -- -Shore, M o u n t a i n , i^uko for lleut ^y -- b u b i i b a a , C o u n t r y fur K e n t SI -- \ \ a M e d ~ - T o K e n t · 1UCV1. JIS'l'ATK Ii'OU SAL 12 -11 -- Brolcei s in Uuui Estu^a 8- -- Business i'loperty tui ijala S3 -- I ' a n i s a n d U t n d Cui bale 8-1 -- J l o u i o s for bale IK -- IjOls I'or su!o 80 -- Shore M o u n t a i n , l,ake ior a)e S7 -- S u b u r b a n foi .Mile 8S -- To i;\c*iuni,o -- Heal Ht-t'ate t() -- Wai tell i;.!ii I J s t u t o AUC'I'IOA -- 1,11 UAt. -- bCW-- Aueiloni c."i. Auction 'Sales VI -- LiMfi 1 N o t l i o s MIIS CATJIKIUND ROBINSOJI. ^Its. C a t h e i i i i e Itoblnson, 44 years old, wife of Jai tea Ttoblnson, died Sunday at her lion e at Nemacolln. I JAMES f-.yTl. jjJaraes i/ytle ^ k i l e j t,ori of John and Margaret Skill 3, died Sunday at his hJirne In Greene county. JOHN TODD. The funeral »ervlce foi John Todd of tTnlontown w i n bo Wctlnosday after- ncion at li oclo k at the Third Presbyterian Church, T J n l D n t o w n , Tho body will lie in $tat in tlie church f r o m 12 to 'i o'clock on t h e day of the f u n e r a l and rmiy br v lowed by friends. Rev, Ii. K. A, Hod 11 -\\IJ1 offlrlato ut the f u n e r a l In -vddltlon to hl» widow, Mrs. Harriot Cratt '' odd of Califprnla and a daughter, Mrs U j. Walker of Browna- villo, Mr. Todd Is survived by the foi- lowlnff sister and brother: TAix George Craft ( I Hepubllc, Mrs Rcnton Stewart of Seifight and T Sprtngrer Todd of Unlont ^wn. MRS VNNA C. VOS«. Tlev Gcoisre Dietx pastor it St, J o h n ' h German ljuthrar\ Church', will officiate at t h e f u n » r , U s e r v i c e f a r Mrs Anna C Va-js vVetJuosday afternoon at her homo In t! i l u n t o w n far Is of Tlinnhs 8 Me FAR LAND-- Wo de»lie to our to ovr many f r l e n d a for the ' 1 a m ' 1 sympathy extended us our ecent bcrenvtinent thn death of oui mother, Mrs Me- Failtincl A! o w s ddKlro to t h a n k the choir of Trln ty K\ Iscopal Church and all thoso v !io donated cars The tuirily. In iMoiHOruim MIjIjY--ln lovinff memory of Afrs Maliasa A n n , Kelly, w l £ e ot Leo Roy Kelly, who Hid t h l i t c e n years UKO today, Feibru iry 11, I01T, We havp ]o»l our darling 1 mo-ther, Kho has bid is all adieu, She has gum to live In Heaven, And her fori i IB lost f r o m v i e w . Oht how we all loved h e i , And how h n i 1 to tjlve her up, But tho anfri Is aine and took h( v r, To L h f l i hcu culy homo abovo. Roy K lly and children, Iron Pa. Flo^vcrs and aronrnlog Goods 4 WJEDDING BOiI(jUj3TS And f u n e r a l dGBlKns at r asouabje prices. Alpha Floral Compmy, Florists, 105 West Crawford av nuo. Phone 115S.-' Lo^t, Fonufl 10 FOUND--Key i Ing-, on Friday, January Slst, On Cottiise a v e n u e , near hospital. Owner may 'tave samp by calling 1 at Courier Offl o and I r l t n t l f y l n g Hey ilnpr (ind pa.v ing- for rid TWK PARTY- Who picked up Water Juan Fouhtal i I J PII on public dosk a THIS IS A RRAX, BtTT BRAND NEW NEVER BEEN DRIVEN A SAVINGS OF--l»«.00 ON THIS--Ewex Town SMan Beijing price of |085 $0 htt.j Ixien cut to |785. Oh! Boy! What a barKiiin. Can be t bought through our Easy Payment Plan. WERTHETJIBR MOTOR CO VEST CRAWFORD AVK. PIIONJH 106. SEE3 THK NASH BTRAJOHr ni(3HT EVANS MOTOR EAST CRAWFORD AVB. PHONE T7. Auto Accessories, Tires, Paris IS USED AUTOMOBILE ACCESSORIES--We have most anything: J-OM m»y want for your car or tr-trK Batteries, tirrs, liko n o w : w i n d - shlnlds, springB, etc You can't sit lower prices, no don t try. We pay cash for your old worn out ear. Fayotle Auto Wre«KliiR Co, itrCor- mlck a-vonuo. Phone 88. HepairlJig-- Scrtice Stations FLAT RATES--If dcairud AU equipment. Earl Ke-siJar A u t o m o bile sorvlco. Rliodei Motor Hldtr West Side, Phone 3Q38. GALLET'S DUCO AND BODY SHOP- Body and Fcnddr Repairs-- JJuco anil top w o r k Wo sa.vo you money Phonr 107,1. "ljQOK.1" FOR »2 t 75 XOU CAN if OUR CAR YOUU CAJ YOUR CAR OUBASHiD ALL THIS WBIDlt FI3B. 10th TO I5th A -- Five Dollar Job for only $275. TaKo advantage of this opportunity ,it once. % WE SAVE YOU MONEY AND SERVE YO0 BETTER! I Anythiiig and Everything Even th( biggest department store does tfot offer si ch a variety of merchandise and services as ire fotfrnl from, day to day in this dlasfsified £ action. Whatever you may need you can gc t it economically through the classified at s. Always Different--In Opportunity ' The VB-C- Classified Ads Always the Same--In Service Insurance aud Sure! j Bonds 88 INSURANCn--"W» "Wl'tti Jt right." All Itina.t COOK p.tid I tuKblln, Inc., ;iUO Flssi 14 itloilal Bank Plion Safl. All klada, tceptins life, Bortha (jQnntn«fhnm, Ins., iNotary PubSlo 400 I'lrnt N tlona! Bank Uulldlnir. r'hoiid 436. Hoa. 1003-R. Merchandise 62A INSURANC 1 AfJBNCY-- When wo serve--Y.OU sa ?e. Telephone TrackJng, iKr»jf« StS TJECAMSFE lone dl»ts-j»cct Opp. Ar ngton XIoteL Phono Mi:.*. ftaUdunco il02-tttng 2^. Tailoring 1 itnd ! K n ssing SO i -- Al $22.50. Sold Cash and Carry. RICltMAK only by Simons PUODO 1C5. £xnploym nt Wi.nted--,'tale WAJTKX~Npat young j van o*«r 25 with for st'jaciy p sltion, with o p p o r t u n t l l p a . 3Jo oxlje l«mc« needed, U r a w $,fO per wnek to a art Sec Mr. famltb, T l u i s d a s , f. it C. A,, Soott- --Po*lt)c-n on bo jsejceepor tor w i d o w e r or t.uu|i|o Ad resa Box 300, Counelliivill*. Wanted ~ job b j middle w h i l e man, with famll , Uc-ot me- chanlr and ran do roos any kind of work W r i t e B x 2S, o ro Courter. Fiiiaiicia 1 Family JOHB i NIUCD QU C7K1.TT 24 Hour Courteous Sfrflce On CASH XX)ANt) Up To *300. SMAti. MONTHIjY PAtl BNTS -- Oom« li for full informnUon -Junt Phone, "34" or writo PBitSQNAL T NANCE COMPAWT 1U WHST C'HAWJ'OSJU A /TBNUBJ, CITTC Insti uctic n * SKRVICJ: STQRES, INC. APPLE ST., CC-R. MEADOW LANE PITONE "^1." BusineM Service Business Service Olforoo Poatofftco, p! asp i c t u t n It to Qenor?.! D p i ' v e r y \ \ i i i lov., Automotive 70 "t Automobiles For Sulo B1BFOHE B U Y I N G -- A Used C'ai, Hf'o us H will pay y ni, Evans M o t o r Korvico West Crawfi rd avenue. P h o n e 18,'!4 GOOD BUYS--in excellent Used Curs West Sldt M o t o j Ootnpany, West Crawford av r.ue Phone 407. GOOD \!SKD CARS--At bargain prices. Ilet/ol-Yount Motor Company, Soott- ilale, t'a. Phone 470. WHEN YOU V ANT HHAL BARGAINS -- In the b e t ! of Used Cms, see us Hi Ml--(-iiut.9 wfe havo thun. Conn p l l s v i l l r - O l d s r n o b U o C'ompanj, Kast Apple street. Pbone 374. A f Z M \L\ UMi; «f Hie ·;a«l«(l« l l money t ^ K f ,s t o i.^ t h e cUnatdiiU U i r i l t ur-, lie.' Tllfr-Mih. ^ ^ATlSfc'ACTJON for botli | t l v e r t U a t a n d n a l e r 'u e e r ^ l u s h l - l W^ ad GET A C Q U A I N T E D NOW W i t h T!i CitY'i Dcst H u y i Jn Hxc l l e n t UicU Cars IN' KSTIGATB 1 ' Tho Of cr s Listed Il'cre And fcav Yourself Money CARS 102S (Two Chevrolet Ooaoheg. HUK Chuvi lct C'oupe. Jilii!) C h f v i l e t C'abriolet. I!)-"! Chc'vi lot I V j - t o n Truck. 1IU7 Foul, I'lutOi Hudan ltl.'8 (,'lu'vi ilot O u b i l o l u t ll)j; OtiklanU Coupe T R U C K S i N U TON TRi C K -- C h o v r o l d t , | n teat of condition Itas f o u r speeds f u r - «.uil iransnitssion ·· ONB AND ON' 1-ttALV TON TRUCK-- Oionolt't H th J J u a l Rear Wheels. MAbON IOTOU COMPANY_ Trades--Oi en Sundays--Terms WL'^T APPLK STHtiJJT PUON1 105 KKJ:P IN T HICH with opportunity. YOUR HEATING K A Y NOT BE -- Givlnj? you staiofactlon at this; time of the year. If BO, let me pay yon a visit, Aly advice costa you n o t h i n g . A. K. EOYEP. W A R M AIR HHAT1NO ENGINEER PHONE 302. Cleaning:, Dyoingr, JlonOYntingr 20 SPECIAXr FOIl WEEK, FEBRUA S.Y 10th TO lolh--Three nocktiea flearied absolutely f i e o with euch ^1.50 job. Connellavllle Cloancra and Dytirs Phone 180. Heating, Plumbing, Pooling 2S BEATERS' FURNACES! HEATICHS! Unpaired and cii-anod AJ1 makoa. "From W h i t e It'« J-ttght " KW South Plltsburjj St. For eervlco, p h o n o Olb-J. QUALITY PL-UMUINO-- And heating? W i l l i a m SeJla 'a Company, South PUtsburg' t Phono 310 Prompt Service QUALITY PLUMBING -- And q j l l t y tixturt'B, ftt v e i y utodeuut Kr*cf,M, Phono "1710" foi prompt seiv|e. Cypher and Son, N d r l h iapLond i t i c o t W1S KNOW THAT if you k n o w u h a t we k n o w about t h a sot vice slvt-n by c unsifted ad» o u c e r t a i n l y make H I I O ! oJ k n o w i n g a b o u t all the o p p o r t u n i t i e s " ; they offer uacli day YOU NEEDN'T WORRY if y o u r h a v e s j o u B i i d d c n t v . Others a r e iiistuiitlj jviilaljJt) If I U L I live u. l!ed ad TU'EHK'S P R O K i r us, M e l l a ^ n t e i est lit the clasBiticil n u f t a Private Instruction- -Music 46-A PRIVATF--Instiuctlon, Mano, Banjo. i!,i;sdjUn, CiuiUu-, Uki lele, Gibson jjchool, altove A B Km tz Store. * Live Stock BOSCH RADIO --' Screen-Grid. Free d c m c n s t r a i l o n . Radlc Service Co,, 135 South PHtsburg street, Phono I't60 EDISON AND P1IIX,CO---Kadlo«. Free demonstrations ahomas J. 112 West Apple Btreot Phono IIBAA--The b l o w a i t-Warner Radio before buylntr- A. A. Clarke Drue Store, .Noflh ruisburs St. Phone 1IH RADIO SAi,JflS A N D SBRVICE- 162C. -Ip-hono THE NKW MAJUhTIC RADIO -- C,'omo in and hear it, Oolda Tire and Wadio Co., Kaat Crawford avenue. Phoua 10 Sjxiciuls at tlie Stores KUtgBBE HARDWAItE COMPAWY-- ' K very thing In Ba-rdwar*," We nave you doHiu-a, See us nrst. 134 Crawford avenue. Phone 1O4. Wn»tel---I'o Bujr «B CUKAN WIUTB RAOS--Wfcnted. Will pity 5o per jujuiid. Countr Company, WANTED TO UUY--f)».t writer desk w i t h partmont xl Hide, Coll OiUue, Courier. top typ«- corn- Bu»ines» Real Estate For Kent Apartment* mid Flats WIL.L SHARK FURNISHED 4.PAR.T- MJ3NT--Or r o u t two furnished llgrht liOuaoka^inK- rooms.* Central location. Pnone 078. JMiicea {or Kent STORE ROOM--At 100 W Apple St. Jsuttiible for any store, 16x40. Inquire So and lOc Will Papar Company. lur K«nt, A MODEUJN I1RICK JSIOME OJF*--^Ktght room* and two bathes. Has three finished rooiue in attic. Also a llnlshed collar, with a new oteam heating ajstem, and a Rudd In- Btantaneous hot ivatisr heater. House in very good condition, Located on West Side, 201 North First street. Rents j.t |fQ.OO per month. Inquire COMPANY PHOffE 1376 PAY75TTE SELLERS ARCADK. FIRST STREET, NORTH, 201--Brick home ot cl»v*n room* and two bafh«. Suitable for two famlllea. Has electric, jra_s and steam heal. Rent is very reasonable. Inquire A. E. "Wagoner aud Son, 100« West Crawford Avenue, Phoae 148. 1'onttry, Egg-s, So BABY cmc'K.S--Place yo r orders now for Sprint; delivery, at joucks Hardware Store, 134 W«»t C mwford avenue. 1'hone 185 Merchaind i Articles tot S le WARM All. FURNACE-- « SKCOND HAND--Wlth r sw radiator, for Large u n o u g f to he«t » six room house. Prluo reasc table, Inquire \ A. R. BOTEJ PKONIO noa Vvel, Fend, Kcrt H«er COAIj--Buy Washington Run coftl at cash prices by truck Id id delivered. Screened coal 15c uu. Run of Mine 13a bu. Slack l i e b. . Phone liM-J CONNELLSVlLiLK CO1CI1- G COAL--12c d f l i v e i o d Oc at the ml ie. West Side Goat (Jompany, Ninth itreet. cornei L ^ t s e n i l n g avenue Ph mo 1975. Household Go ds FOR ^ A L R -- A d d i n g mac i l n o i roll top iloink, floor shour case, Hat top dealt and otn3 hij^h top dos ; Lhroo w«ll c^ses, and one b ick wa-1 case suitable f o i barbei shop or c o n f e t i o n e r y store. Uull's btoragc, 122 Ifiast Peach street 1'hone CO. ' A -VITALLY IMPORTA S'T part of e\c'ry duy s n « » B isf founo in tho classified ads. BfePreseiws CLASblfc'lED SKCTJON A l t e r potatots are ro ishe1, use a wooden hpcxm to beat hem. It B light to handlo and * ea not chip STRKBT, BAST, 213--South Hide, seven room house, bath, fur- naco. Rent ?«5. Phono 1317-R, PITTSQURO SimKBT. SOUTH, 134-Four room opaitment, pai tly furnished. Ueat And wtvtor furnisrhed. Phono 102B. TRUMP AVENUE, 619--Five room house with bath. Inquire 402 East Q i o e n Btieet. i APARTMENTS, HOUSES, ' STORE ROOMS AND OARAGES--Inquire 126 West Peach street. Phono 476. FOR RIWT--Pour room houao partly f u r n l b h o d Trader avenue. Call 1048. FOR RENT--Modern f i x room house located ».t 808 Sycamore street, newly papered. In'iulre 314 Cedar avenue 58-W. * YANDDRB1LT -- Ambrose Welling- property, aix room houue, store building, nice srardon. Inquire S. R. WellIna: Vandorbilt. Real Estate For Sale HOUHCS tor Sale 81 FOR SALE--My h o u s a of 10 rooms, new hot water , Ruud water iieatar, two baUiioutna, lot 80x120, cornar of Kust Qroen a l i e e t and lanbelia Road, Buy £1 oiti tho owner and «avo agonta' aoininisslun. J. M. Auction --Legals Notices »1 S'l'OCKIIOJ.Ul'iJlS' Tlllfl A N N U A L MIOKTLNO O[,' T H H fitockltoldpra of the r o n n o l l s v l U o Construction Company wJi! lie Held In room 402, First N a t i o n a l Bank Building-, Con- nelisvillo, Pa, Monday, F c b i u i i y 17th, 10UO, at 8.00 P. M. i. K. Treher, Secretary. febl-u-8-11-13 AKSIINI^TRATOR'S NOTIC3E. 13STATM OF I1ARRV FO1U, 1-ATID of the City o£ C o n n f l l s v l l l u , County of Fayette and State oi' P e n t i y U a n l a , de- ceasod Letters of A d m i n l s t l a l i o n on tho j b o v e named Malatc- liaving beoti K i a n t s d to the utidersig-ned, n o t i c e ID h e i p b y g-iven to all porbons indebted to said Ululate, to make immediate pa - rnent, anrl to DIOSQ having: tlalniB against the samo, to p i f l s o n t them, property t i u t h e n t i c a t o d , Cor settlement, John R Ford. A d m i n i s t r a t o r , Now Salem, Pa , R F. U Mo. 1 II. Goc rgo May, A t t o i i t e y i 4feb-(!t-Uii!*. THERM'S A I'LAOC for o v e r y l n l t i K and P\ e t j t h l n j j is, In Its place In the indexed Clcibstflcd Seullon. Tltt! CLxVSSlFIKD SJCCTION in a f r i e n d in need to h u n d i e d x of: people u v o r y if ay T I t K MOHK J^BTAILH von loll hi u UahBilled ail the more a t t e n t i o n yosn I otfer will Enjcrying Visit to Britain of f!tat« Henry Stimson and Mrs. Sfcimson m ona of ih« terraces of Wurren House, irhew they spent a quiet week-end while the head of the American delegation prepared for a continuance of rh» five-power naval conference. HelpM Advice to Girls By ANNIE LAURIE i * | 2. Should b« awry my paeta«iw for me? 3. Shonia I «ay, Tbania," *fter be baa helped me on -with my eoatl L I. Ot com'BO you should thank » wfiooT*r tJtkes yon to aa «o- Urt«inment. And your tbamta *or «. Tlalt to thei neijfhbcrhoM motto should be tan toeorty nacl fetncen «· for a Tialt to the lisullng; mdtropoU- taji theatre. S, fttt; a lady** escort Carrie whatever pncka^en «nd par- eels ah« may havo, -but a considerate person «os that her tacort IB not loodod down Trith collection t bulky paefcig-cs. 3. Ehrery wervtoi, be It, ever so trivial, should bo acknowledged with a few polite wordi, I*AtrRrB: *- If your bc-y £rt«nd w*m wor Icing in another Imm, And he didn't come home on treek-endn, would hta lore be trua to you? A. M. B. A M. eu TtMi, ot ooansD, depcnda "" upon eotnM ton*, but tf h* la able to com* bostw at tb* -»pc*k-«n3 without nny Jncoa-venience, It do«« not indicate anr srreat degre* cf interest If b« d«« not do ao. D EAR AKNTH I am a girt IS r«on oM. X have a very gooi friend a year my senior. My friend's sisters rto not havo such good reputations. People often thin* things like thia cu,»t a reflection on the jrlrl's character. ThiK glr fag nice I hare known h«r for eight years. AHhoairh sh« a a. llttto wild I have n«T«r veen her do anything harmuCul. ^ have a BWod repntatton. Several Uniuta I have been adviaed to break my friendship -with her. Wbat la your advice r ANXJOTJS. A NTXIOOS: If ytm rtncer**y reel that your 'Mend doefl not d«- 0erva her rtspata^on I ehcmld advlae you to continue the friendship. I would aak h«r wb«n she U out with you. to refniin f -om doing anything that would not rjfl«ct credit on both of you. P«rh*ps you could tactfully explain to her bow, through her wildaess, one hsa earned a reputation that eb» docs not deserve. T~|HAR ANISTTS MJ 1. Ho^r (hould I thank a follow after h» baa taken me to a »h*w? D «AR AKNTB LAUBIEf; I am a younc married of 20, and hare a baby g-irl two. For the last three years I have bad Ions hair. All my friends teH me to «et it cot; that I would look bettor. Do yon think "sfciorf hair w3l * «»er go out of otyl", and do you think I would look nice with Itr I am B feet 6 inches ta.ll, w(.-i«h UO pound*, havo tght hair and blue eyed. CONSTANT READER. ONSTANT RBAJtER: This 1« ^ x aomethlng: that yo«u must decide, since I have not the pleasure of knowing you penonally, ar,d tto cannot judge just what -would mitt you. Many women are adept nt dressing their hair so that It appetu-s to be bob bod without tlietr lone Today's Cross Word Fuzzle ACROSS 1 Small bit ol cloth 4 Country In Europe (abbr 5 JUubricunt (com- blnlng form) 10 Dry 12 That thine: 11 Ttymnnl 1C Ua 1.7 Jfistress niilr ) 19- Character,))! Ic SO Follne animal 2t Hurning" mt torlftl 23 Title of lespoct 24 Oame of Cftolo 15 Kind of i*hee»e JT A fish £8 To carry h t n v t l y 2s Anlmnl rut 80 Otljerwijw 82 To a i A girl'o 3R Frozen vat «r 3T A deal tani (I (Scotch) 39 Part ot tho body so Commerce 2 To «S Ancfout v,s»rghlp ·J6 Ijftntl nxeasur* ·J7 Cut ot\ th* 4S BelOK clo«w by 50 Kvon tx*tlc) 61 DOWN X Interiiatlonni 3 A high tuo^ntnin 8 Tho he«,)uj't of n. mutter 4 KUlbla veffetabla B To mako a ml»tak-s 0 French article) (piaac.V Ana-witit 1 to Previoui Pucxl* 3 '0 il IS IS 16 19 20 IIJ 34 It 27 10 St JJ vot» haltingly for a boat To \ Woody Animal's den To b«ml A eadclla maker ' I'ortulnlnsr to tho heart Tho body Unit of, el*atrtttty Olrl'n nmniti Container Ardor Skin blomlnH Italian coin* Tha top Part of tho ey» PamAlso Musical Instrument Prefix, meunlEff across To belch forth To fasten Self To wclat Maaculin*

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