The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 11, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 11, 1918
Page 3
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aATTJKDAT, MAY 11, 1918. A.J.-IE DAT^Y COtrniER. CONfNB^r.S-vTLI.B. PA. r'AG-B THKEIS. EVERSON IS READY FOR DEDICATOR OF ITS FLAG TOMORROW TWO GALLANT RED CROSS · LIEUTENANTS FROM CANADA Details for Observance Chs-, ed Up at Mecfi.ig- Last Evening. GREAT TURNOUT IS EXPECTED ire to Be Held on the, School (Jrognds Wfcere Stage Has j Been Erected; Senator Crow and j Atforsej- UiptMH- CWi'f Speakers. Special to The Courier SCOTTDALE, May II.--The committee in charge of the Everson service flag service dedication Sunday list erenmg conferred on the details of the function. It was. decided to have a committee of 100 men'from D\- erson meet with the members of Red Cross Unit No. 12 and march to Scottdale to act as escort foi the people here who -will attend the dedication. The delegation wilt leave Everson at 2 o'clock and march to the Scottdale borough building. The G A. R. Dand -will play. Everything points to a great demonstration. The exercises will he held on the school grounds where a stage for the speakers and guests of honor has been erected. The hour is 3 o'clock. The speakers are to be Senator W. E. Crow of Uniontown and 12. C. Higbee of Connellsvllle. Special music has been arranged The little sisters of William Shaffer and Wilbur Hamilton--Elizabeth Shaffer and Garnet Hamilton--will unfurl the flag. Dr. L. P. .MoCormick. Harry Dunn ' and Dr. J. French Kerr of Connellsville. the members of Draft Board No. ; 2, through which most of the 80 men represented on the flag entered the service, have been invited to attend. People along the line are asked to aecorate for the occasion. High School Eutfrtulned. The Hi-Y club eatertaim A the members of the high school last evening at the Y. M. C. A. Mr. Connors, the teacher of science, was master of ceremonies. A quartet composed of John Kromer, Max Hunter, Haiold Hutchinson and Clyde Kelly, furnished nm- 1 sic during the eveninj;. Marguerite Walter presided at the piano and John iierritt played the violrn. C. D. Flagle gave an address on the Hi-Y club. Among the amusements of the evening was a camoufi*ige indoor track iiteet. The chairmen, of the commi tees in charge were Harold Hutchinsoa, Wesley Gault, Clyde Kelly. Frank Morrison. John Kromer and Charles Dickerhoff. Aid Society Meets. L ^SfisMosi Beautiful Cay in/bneriaZ Mother's Day will he appropnately J day school at 3 15; evening prayer and observed. Bible school at 9.45 A. M. I s o i m o n at 7.30. The rector, Bev. M. Divine worship at 11 A. M Mother's iS. Kanagn., will speak on "The Fune- Day exercises. Epworth League at tion of Motherhood in a Democracy." 6.45 P. M. and preaching at 7.45 P. All are welcome. M. with the installation of the new Epwortb League officers. Mid-week prayer meeting on Wednesday at the usual hour. THE UNITED PRESBYTERIAN church. South Piusburg street and . Morton avenue, William J Everhart. ] minister. .Morning worship at 11. Sermon topic, "Honor Thy Mother." Erening worship at 7.45. Sermon topic. "Blindness Cured " Sabbath school at 9,45 A. Jl. Juniors and Intermediate Y. P C. U. at 3.30 P. M. Senior Y. P. C. U. at 6.45 P. M. Prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 7.45 o'clock. XATIOXAL LEAGUE. Vestordaj's Rcsulls. Plttsbuig 4: New York. 2. Cincinnati 5, St. Louis 4. No other games scheduled. Standing oJ Uie CInbs. W. L. New York 18 · Chicago , Piusburg -Cincinnati --13 TRINITY REFORMED CHURCH-- Philadelphia Corner South Pittsburg and East | Brooklyn . Green street. Sunday school at 945. |gt Louis , Preaching services at 11 A. XI. and J Boston Mrs. W. W. Eicher entertained the | 7 30 P. XI., conducted by Rev. W. C. i Ladies' Aid society of the Baptist |Slough of Allento-wn, P.i. Regular ,,..,.._. church at her home on Thursday eve- choir rehearsal on Friday evening. I ning. GERMAN LUTHERAN ST. J O H N S Pot .DOO .722 .52G 478 .421 ' 368! .333 203 Always On Time! Mer of action refuse to be dependent upon slow moving, congested trolley cars. They realize that their time is worth money. And, quite naturally, they find the solution of this time problem in a dependable motor car--the most efficient form of transportation that has ever been developed. A little reflection should convince you that any man can do a better day's work with a Paige. In the entire field of automobiles there is no car with a more firmly established reputation for dependability. Because the Paige performs its work unfailingly, it has been adopted by those men who are best equipped to judge the efficiency of any mechanical product. PAIGE-DETROIT MOTOR CAR COMPANY, DETROIT, MICHIGAN AGENT, JOHN RHODES WEST SIDE CONNELLSVILLE A mother and daughter meeting was Church, on Carnegie avenue and East, held by the Otterbein 'guild of the | South street--George Dietz, pastor, linited Brethren church at the home I Services at 10.30 A. jr. Sunday school or Jliss Mary Kennell las', evening, at 9 o'clock. Services at Morgan s'ta- ' The committee in charge was Rosella tion tomorrow afternoon at 2.30. All are cordially invited. THE MBTHODIST PROTESTANT Church, West Apple btreet.--J. H. Lambertsoa, min.ster. Class meeting, 9 A. M. Sabbath school, B.45 A. M. At the morning worship. 11 A. M rotliij':, Schedule. Boston at Chicago Philadelphia at St. Louis. »\v York at Pittsburg Brooklyn at Cincinnati. i Palmer, Mary Kennell and Ethel Lolicks. Those who took part in the program were: Nora Stauffer, Verne ^eslar, Mrs. W. F. Stoner, Eva Rit' teahouse. Mary Hough and Adrieune SUoBer. __ Following a contest of the Missionary societies in the Methodist Episco- AJ1EKIC.U IKACCh. No More Guesswork 1 when you bake. No ruined pastT7,nci poorly done bread, no wasted material -- no worry, because of wrong OVCD regulation. Yeitcriiiij's Result-.. Chicago 5, Philadelphia 3 Cleveland 8; 'Vashington 2 Detroit 5; Xew York 3. Boston 4; Si. Louis 1. Standing of the Clubs. 'Parents' Day" will be observed, with I pal church, in which the }!lues were j an appropriate sermon by the pastor Cleveland -defeated by the Gelds, the Blues en- C. E. meeting, 6.45 P. M., topic, Boston "Christian Endeavor Fellowship;" (Chicago tertained last evening. The society has 140 active members and Zi honorary members. T£e church was beau'- tifully decorated In red, white- ano blue and chains of blue and gold. Mrs. J. P. Stnckler made an address, Mrs. C. E. Stauffer and Mrs. C. A. Colborn gave readings. Refreshments were served. Mrs. Ashe of Knoxville, and Mrs. Clark Leasure of Warriors Mark, members of the society almost since its organization 32 years ago, v.-ere guests. Home From Boston. Miss Irene Loucka has returned ; ;me from Boston, Mass., ivhere she has been going to school. New York .1: 13 y 11 leader, Miss Tbelma Hetzel. In the , evening, 7.45, the sermon subject will 'Washington ------- 3 be "The Unchanging Christ." Frayer meeting on Wednesday evening at 7.45 o'clock; subject, "Growth in Grace." The annual free will ottering will be received at the morning service. St. Louis Detroit Philadelphia 8 7 7 L. 8 9 7 10 11 10 1 32 Pet. .6UO .531 .503 .550 .450 .·111 437 .36S F. C. DOESCHNER Largest Exclusive Furrier CHURCH, S. B. Sabbath school at COVENANTER Houston, pastor. i l O o'clock. Preaching service at 11, j sermon to Sabbath school Topic "A t Golden Key." Preaching in the e v e - j nmg at 7.30; sermon topic. "The ! Third Petition of the Lord's Prayer." C. Y P. U. at 6.45 Prayer meeting | "Wednesday evening at 730; leader, | Loreita Miller. I Chicago at Philadelphia. Cleveland at Washington. Detroit at .Now York St. Ixiuls at Boston. (.ROWING FAST. J.iljcrtj lionil Club Has ii Large Membership. Is Connellsville patriotic? The best answer to that question is the large! number of people who have joined i it, I Get A Direct Action Oven Thermostat and measure the heac as easily «3 you measure milk In a pint cup. You simply set the Temperature Wheel and obtain any degree of oven heat that the receipt calls for. HIGHLAND BAPTIST CHURCH, | ' he JI ' lbort ' r Bond c ' ub ' wllich hai ! ev. C. J. Wells, pastor. Sunday ' boadquarteis at the First Nat.on: Re' morning at 10 A. M. Sunday school. Preaching by the pastor at 31 A. M. B. Y P U. at 7 P. M. Preaching at ANNOUNCES tic arriTOl ol THE FIRST PRESBYTERIAN' church, J. L. Proudt, pastor. Sabbath school at 9. ij. Morning service ,8 P. M. All are welcome, at 11: subject of sermon, "Mother and | * -the Cross." Songs and sermon ap- j SECOND BAPTIST CHURCH, , propnate to Mother's Day Evening ,Dunbar. B e v - C M Gregory, pastor, j for ' uU information. ' service at 7.30; a service of song rcn- j Praise meeting at 11 A. XL Sundav dered by the choir, assisted ly others, j school at 2.30 P. M. Preaching and ' ii* J\TJ7 /"" A r Christian Endeavor at 6.30. "Wednes- j communion at 3.30'P. XI Preaching ! I" I IN EJ l_.AK Bank. Eveiv member of the club has the privilege of buying a uond and j F - T. EVAXS paying for t m easy, weekly it-stall- ' Agents, ments. There is no initiation foe.' - Anybody who desires to help Uncle Sam is welcome Call at the bank A.dv. i . KSTATK, Hotli Plumes. day evening prayer meeting at 7.45. TRINITY LUTHERAN C HURCH, Rev. Ellis B. Burgess, pastor. The Bible school will meet at 10 A XI at 7.30 P. XI. All are welcome. THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, South Pittsburg street, "Wilbur Nelson, pastor. Sunday school at 9.45 A. At 11 A. M. Rev. J. Eugene Dietterich, |M. Public worship at 31 A. M. and D. D . will fill the pulpit. The eve- ,7.30 P. M. Mother's Day will be ob- j ning serviceat 7.30 o'clock will be I'served with appropriate sermon and conducted by the Luther League. | music. Morning sermon topic, "The Strangers are invited to won-hip with us. THE FIRST UNITED BRETHREN rhurch Sunday school at 9 45 A. SI. Divine worship at 11 A.M. Mother's Day will be observed. Junior Y. P. S. "Wartime Mother" Evening sermon topic, "The Best Gift to Mother " SALVATION ARMY--THE FOL- lowmg services will be held over the week-end: Saturday, open air at 7 P. M. Sunday: Holiness meeting at C. E. at 2.30 P. M. Senior Y.P. S. C. 10.30 A. M. Sunday" school at 2 P M. B. at S30. Divine worship at 7 30 j Young people's meeting at 615 P. M Evening subject. "Popular Cloaks tor ' open air at 7 P. 11. Salvation meeVing Sm." Prayer meeting Wednesday ' »t 8 P. M. You are invited 005TPLFTK JUXK CAKS. A Car Bands Drawbars and FcirgEiKS rotor Brake Shoes, all m a k e s , also, i r a c h i n r Wheels. Cast. Iron Moior A i l e and Stands. Dead Plates and Tuyeres , for J o n e s Stokers. Grate Bar's, B o i l f r ( Doors and Liners, and general l i n e of I Grey }ro-i C.i*?tlnss I m m e d i a t e delivery SL'PI'ES FOIIGE POUNDItr CO. JohiiNtoim, I'a. ·vening at 7.30. Strangers are welcome. J. S. Showers, minister. THE EVANGELICAL ASSOCIA- tl«^ij. South Connellsville. M. B. Mclaughlin, minister. Sunday school at D.30 A. M . in charge of Samuel Witt. Parent's Day will- be observed at 10 A. M with an appropriate program in to attend these services. . , CHRISTIAN CHURCH. GEORGE ' "Walker Buckner, minister. Bible i school at 1 iO A. XI. Christian En- j cleaver at 6 30 P M. Lord's Supper at 10 45 A. M., followed by sermon. All who attend Bible school or the morning sj-rMces are requested t o 1 cLarje of the minister. Th.'Y p. A. j bring an appropriate flower in recog- i devoSoBal ir.oet'.ns at 7 P. M. win be j nuian of Mother's Day Cse flower of i led by Mr. Cadwallader. At 7.45 P. M. [bright color if your mother is livmg; the minister will preach. Pra.^e mrvt- [a white one If she is not l i v i n g Morn- I ing and Bible eadins on "Wednesday ing subject, "Motherhood and Great- ' Bank Stock for Sale A party owning some stock of Connellsville Btnks, and of Connellsville Banks, and needing all ,his available cap,tal for new projects, is willing to dispose of the' said stocks on a sacrifice basis. AH communications strictly confidential. Address P. 0. BOX 14. Times Square, Jien York ('ill. BOTH PHONES OPPMSTRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. MISS E. MELLINGER (Representative) for a three clay's exhibit of fine furs at the SMITH HOUSE Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday May 13, H, and J5 Vfho cordially inyites women of this city who appreciate furs of superior (|imlity to witness the brilliant display of exclusive furs for the season of 1919, Including Coats, Coatees, Sets, Capes, Scarfs and Special Summer Furs. , evening. Thepeople of the community are Invited to worship with us. THE METHODIST EPISCOPAL thurch. G. L. C. Rlchardaon. pastor. ness." Loss." Evening subject, "Profit and , TRINITY EPISCOPAL CHURCH, at the German Lutheran church. Sun- Has Your Sabscriplioa Expired? Come in u~, rene it nc.t time you an in town. iraw nam ton »Kt.iE TO tssi jev ax m BJOU. XOUtfS GIHEX (D3£££ 11"«*. CVBIIYTH1NG COOKED -LIKIv AT HOME, Strictly Fresh, Clean and Pure. ASK FOR OUR SPECIAL CLUI3 BUEAFAST AND SUNDAY DINNER. "Our H a . ries A-'e Delicious Because They Are Homemade."' NEXT DOOR TO WEST PENN WAITING ROOM. LONG DISTANCE MOVING Save Money on Long Trips By Making Arrangements One Week in Advance. Get Rates. P. B. KESSLER. 613 McCormick Ave., Connellsville, Pa. Tri-State Phone 404. Bell Phone 234. i TMi ' TeH-phom and risk (l Ulllr ForHt. ScnttdjUe**

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