The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 11, 1930 · Page 13
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 13

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 11, 1930
Page 13
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lj]'^fiy': J ^"^^f'^' l-A-' 1 ! · i f; ,H'-V*S '-',. 'Mi-^».«.'«· · ',, x i v ' ·'.,» i ;'.'.^'Wjji r '»| '*· ,*";.·· ^-^ i ' " ' ' ; , ' . v ' '/'.' a "'^ " : " f ' · · . . . _ · ; , 5 ' , · ' ' , , ' , ' ..^.;, \\ · r '! v , / ' '^ ' ; ' . / ' , , - I- , ' ·' (THJ0 DAILY COURIER, CNNELLSVILl -E. PAGE THIRTEEN. ".r ASTER oF.MGN EJY ROY VICKERS CWAPTER JCXVlll. I F SHE was stSll taterentedt Th*t atnng a tittle. The npt« waJ written not by the msurter bn*. bjr that too p««iunal Allau wHo had l»nph*d at her and atood ready *· · iangh Again. A quarter of an hour in A taxi tf m her toi«a «nf«shiotmbU» »^,.,,on east of'vercy Park. Sh» WM unfamiliar with AJan'a kind of flat and it gav* her some Ut?4« trouble to di*ro*ey It waa on tho second floor and that there was ao olftvator. "H* U funny with nionisyr* shs mu*d. "But I ·Q^POM fchia sort of thinsr anita hia ptirpo*e." ' Alan bJnwelf opened th« doot to her. "Hello, Shirley r h* exclaimed. She thought ihat ho waa surprised io 0e* her. "I gftt your letter about twenty minfitei ago and thought that I w«rtt;d low no time, «h» an- wered, "May J cooae in?" "Of course 1" he agreed. "Yon , e*a help wo find my way about «be, place, t only moved in here this morning and hiveri't quite got the hang of it," "What a funny little place !"·*»· claimed Shirley, cuding in th* diminwtivei hall. "It loots rather cozy." "I hate hotels," exclaimed Alasu i^Anci club* are very little better. Also, if you have to see a lot of poopla on business, neither is much Shirley thought that ovr. **rhen be waa expaeting me," *ho concluded^ "I couldn't M* him ec/ory day at the club." "·There a» four rooms,** Alan w^a, saying. "These two are bed- n joins. , That door'in front is the sitting-room| what, on earth this room ia, I haven't the faintest notion." He opened the door and switched o-j the fight and Shirley found her- ' ins a room, common enough in smaller flat-land, an accommodation room, convertible/with a little troublo from aitting-room into b«d-room. "What exactly is one supposed to do in a room like this?" asked Alan. ' Shirley looked from sofa that could change itself into a bed, to a " that was partly bookcase. A "I don't know One would ha»e to know sornetliini! of the kind of, people that generally live in these 'places. Where do the servant* aleep?'' "The kind of people who live here aa a rule don't have any," be explained. "I'm not having any jsiyseff. 1 eat in restaurants and tho janitor's wife 1» goine tp keep the place clean, tt simplifies ex- Jiitence wonderfully." "1 came to report progress, Alan. I have mre or leas settled things up since 1 f?aw you last." ^'Ofl, goodt" lie said apiirwv- .Jy. "We can talk in here." Shirley again found her attention diverted by the room into Which, ahe had followed him. -"Ia 'it a dinlng-1-oom or a draiv- lug-i'oom ?" she asked. He seemed to regard the question aa in some w«.y profound, and it was- several seconds before he ·nawesred. "You haven t the faintest idea *f how the middle-classes live!" he remarked. "I'm s-fraid you'll find things frightfully hard." "But I'm never going to live-this sort of life," she protested. It's Macedonia or -nothing for me." " 'Or nothing' i" he repeated. '"That's a mere plirasc, you know. And, don't forget, even if you do your part, successfully, it may be that nothihg will come out of the venture. For it Is, a venture--a ffamble." Shirley smDed. The money part of the «nterprif'« might be a (.(arable, .'but the essence of .th* whole thing from-her point of view \viis a certainty. "That lawyer got all my things in a ' f o w hours," she said briskly, "I'm eoinc to sell the diamonds Aunt Marion 'gal* me and my, other jewilry. Tb,e coupe t going to b* eold and he think* I ought to get a thousand If or it. I' ve left th* limousine to Roger--I didn't want tp grab everything. Altogether, by the Urn* I go t* Macedonia, -I *haU have about ten tho-i- ·and dollars lor expense*.'' "That would go a long wjy here if it were carefully, managi d," he pointed out, "It wouldn't 1 turn Itatelf Into a half milien, Alan--and, that 9 what this ha» got to do. When c*n you atari: telling me how to begin?" "Tonight, Jf you' tike," Ee answered, "Now, in fact." "Y«a, please," aaid Shirlsy. don't .even know what it ia yet remember Roger saying It was iofitiething 'to do with 'a mine*" "There's a mine,' a at;ing of quarries and a hundred and twenty miles of railway,", he an-rwereo. "The minei and th* qvaniea are naeleae without tha railway. On either aid* of the railway, {or the whole length, the company owns laad which ia now practically wild but which could be made ri ?h agri- cultural'land'once It WM opened up by the railway. , "The railway ta partly built but work cannot go on without government protection. Attempts hftv,e been made from time to time by people aent out by Cuthbort Kelton to got this protection n ad they have nil failed hitherto. So the whole thing ia derelict" * "That's easy enough to understand," aaid Shirley. "1 have to persuade tha government thac it IB in th« intereaU of th* country to ret th* thing going." ^Yes. It won't be th* government itself; it will b* tho local deputies of th* government. You. will find all nationalities mnongst them -- mainly Greek. 'They all have B'rench aa a aeeond Language and you'll be able to talk to them all right. But they will wk you innumerable questions and although you wo n't/need to be a mining or railway 'jxpert you will have to know aa vouch about the details of the undertaking as if you were, · say, Cuthbert ICelton. That's where you will have a bit of a job. It will ail be strange to you--as strange as this flat." ''How much are you foing to teach me 'of it?" Shirley isked. ,"The whole lot if you 1 ike. It's not difficult in its essence. It doesn't demand any special gift or any special knowledge--the handling of money never does. I collected a good deal of stuff for Roger. J'U juat get it f you'll wait." He left the room and returned with a tin box, which he unlocked, first- there waa a large acale map of the country. A* he spread it out, Shirley came and looked over his sheuldei-.i then, finding her' hat in the wajp, took it, off. Alan traced the (proposed, eours) of the railway for her. His comi tents on the country interested her, 'There were questions on her par t and it was midnight before they had finished with the map., Then they came to the reports and history of the company--Sta records of failures--its bitef periods oi optimism. / While Alan talked and she interrupted from time to time with questions that involved digressions, a. new world was revealed to Shirley--a world in which mei', judged by the Westbary standard, behaved with extraordinary restlessness. They would camp in thi middle of a Macedonian plain I-IKS suddenly telegraph to Chicafro for a pump. The entire activities Jof the company seemed to be suspended over that pump. By the ijnse the pump arrived the engineer who had ordered it would have died of dywntery--«ad another engine«r after some months' delay -;TonUl be sent out. She remembered Roger's father --a jolly old man, whose tragedy m life seemed to b« that he had aever been made a muster of aounds. And oil the time he was carrymjr these vast anxieties in hi* heai--vtf tkq engineer who died on' th« plain while waiting for, the imp; then there was that cabl* ,_Uinz him that 1.ho bandits had broken the reservoir and flooded th« mine. , * IWoney had always seemed to her an affair of bonks, checks and legacies and jnat--"having plenty. 1 * The sense of revelation waa strong .upon her. At tamta there waa con- funion but she was always ablii to clear the confusion with her own n»sstiona. As she pieced together eafth scrap of knowledge, ahe 'fctt thdit ahe waa being taken behind the scenes of huifian aociety. ,Sliti soon forg«4 h« f e » r that ttte preliminary work .would be a mi ire maze of mathematics. To he.r it was a pei-sonal drama--a string of men like Alan had, lost their lives or their courage in try- in;* to make a fortune for Cutb- beit Kelton. ·· * f -She became unmindful of place ami'time, unmindful even of Alan Shi was dimly conscious of surprise on hia part, of pleasure in ; her intei-ewt Suddenly ahe noticed that his voice wsu hoarse. "You're getting tired, AlanT .ahe exclaimed. B I'w afraid I'v* been asking millions of questions. Let's stop now. Perhaps you could spare me a little time tomorrow," ."! think w* might knock off njyw without . reproaching' *ur~ selves," he answered with a grin. "IWhat do you think th* time Is?" She glanced at the drawn curtains and could «e*' the dull daylight behind it, ^ "The sun ia rising t" ahe aaldL "We've b e e n longer than I thought," - ^ Ee flung th* curtains aside «n4 ahe saw that there was a mist. "What to the law*, Alan?" . "It's a quartet past nine, Shirley," ha answered. "We've been at it close upon l.w^ve hours." "I'm mo»t fearfully sorry, Alan. ·Ttn m»*t fearfully *lad, Shirley," he interrupted. Some queer quality in hia voice startled her--startled him, too, it seemed, for he hurriedly added: "It's ' some thirteen hour* aince you've' had any food. I'm going out |» get some rolls and will make yotj'a scratch breakfast before you go back. Otherwise you will feel the strain. You'd butter ait quiet until I come back." Thte obvtfu* tiling to do wan to f a back to the hotel, ahe thought, ut he wanted to make breakfast for her and »h« felt ihat it would bo bad fellowship to refuse, "May 1 raid th» place for a bath- ' towel while yon arc away?" she asked, and he showed h*r.where the linen cupboard WM, She hud juat finished drenrtog after a bath when «h* heard (he bell tine. "Half a mlnuur ahe called. Aa she turned iJie latch, Bomo In- tuitlqn warned fair th*l tt waa not Alae who wa* oa the other aid*. It was too late to rt treat. She OMn.*d the door and fae-Mj Mrs. Slbley. Before Shlrlej- haJ recovered from her eurpriw-. Mrii.'Sibley bug- god her. "Oh, my darling, why did you?" aim cried, and her vole* broke into tear»; "Whoa I heard your vole* call owt 'Half a minute 1 1 ntill hoped It waant you--and I fold Roger to hln face that h* was a liar--mad when I iaw the** horrible Oa,( a T was aur« It couldn't fej you. ^ dear, there's aoineona coming nj» tho stair* and I've mo irSght to com* h«re at alt" i Bofor* Shirley conld anewer, th* footatepa on the iteirs* materialized in tha p«rsoR of Alan Brennawity "Oh, 1 dear!" walled Mra, Slblw "This in dreadfuJ. ShWtoy darliljg. what has ho got In' htn pocket?"" In his pocket Alan Brennan-ay htul a pineapple. Both haada w«r* full of parcels. The situation om« twfj-oo| Shirtar , and Bho left it to Alan, Alan put a-me of ))'« parcel* Mi the window-ledge, the^ took off hj» Be by . «i»iiwt*, jhw Ileana Doris Spanish Robes Ankle-Lentil Skirt I'rincess tleana, netted, with h«r att«ndant», pa?fa«d as she »t th* vpr*nt fancy dre*» bsl! h*ld at ths Qotroccini Puiace, Jluchsrcst, Rouzaania. Tlie PrincoBa, on» of th« moat beautiful of Kurops'g ytaingn m«nb*r »f royalty, will soon marry C o u n t oa of tb» PI-IBCRM of P! BI/ U.V'h\':i,1SaKT'li'\ A l/fllOtlCHi. ' woeiien li«re () nil there have rebelled to a 'b«rtaln extent agrains: ths ionifer shirt, OK Interfering 1 , with tbfMi- Activities, nnklc. ·IftiiKih skirts conllnuo to be shown at fashion showings. This fhtirining fr.'ocU ot moire uncj Inrp was dia--iijjyp.-i recently at a noiithern resort i'ushioli Pliovvtnff. The loiifr. .vitl? nlfic-vps « n J . b o w K nf »sclf-rtmterlal sr« Interesting feature* ·f the frork. i i I: 1 «@3^$Bti9^«KM I BLACK I SHEEFS | GOLD by Beatrice Grimshaw Copyright by H\mh«a ' Co. '| WWII 8«r»-ie« c*:«^ CHAPTER XtH ,' · " · ' In the bottom of the river gorge'It was extraordinarily' stlH, The Uilh tinkle of the JRornilly river among high boulders, nrireliecJ with ^ironght, !scom«5 only to mifhaslz* th*'a,bie,sice, «f ;«1S other aouncl.' Par away ftabj;' ; te castellated heights that blackened the. star*, rock( woJlabiec may h«v« riiov«J with iopfnfr thump,' winds *t|rred'. ta wild grawies, the stately cassowary sounded hia loud .drum. But (her* 1 4i tha bottom ot all things, In' tha great crack that BeetnctJ to cleave the very 'bowelu ofi s eafijh, t there- waa f ikf llfe^ snTe tbntSniade. for one night by the carriers, tho;c«mp ,f|rcs, ib« ) fortnfc ftnd ttUpxitinsr votcoirof Pif's petliilon, Wlien these dUjd down, w suppers wer«i orer, and bucking to'ma hawks alient ; ; when the natives wen? ·loeplng qndi»r their nice, and tbe two white wornem had com oat to tit for a few anlnutes uwder eooi uwy, before they (Kt beneath their close niw* ijulto net* and w**t to rwit--then, the ptlllncas of th* d**p Talle.t can* forth OBC* iBror* u} a clow flood; wrapped alt thlfc*, seemed to climb hi*fa#r 004 higher toj the hare atone walla, aboT* the loir, Mbauated rlr«r that waa breathing f**biy in the hi«rt of ii a* life, leaner tha 'ttogy ** * wan, breathe* ever more and more faintly through the riling tld«* of death. ft kail been a hard 4*y for both worn**, forced to drive atvenrth to the ctmmrt behind th* rreator *nd more ·adoring atrtcjth of th* men; but-1 strangely--It had not - bo*n aa hinnJ M either bad anticipated -PU,*ra|aU moat pnaxied to find th* who)* pajjty ao near, by all ftccount*, to Tafcatata, They had tr*r*i«4 up tbe lacjon without Btach trouble, arid warned a good awnp well before daalt It waa to* eaay, M road* want in that 'rlldor- n*M; and ia ccasetjaeflee, U gave Fla to think, Ther* WM no goliif bnck; ·b* had wanted that road, and taken Jt--bnt why waa the carrier 90 ntron*- ly av*n* to naini it, aati why Would (Berfewrt Slmol, whan Qiirttlohtd, my ) ''nathtttf aOoat th* rattler? Hy all ] ·howtag, this war eared a whole day of travel. Ad yet ao far, it had been neglected by the tankera of tbe tra«V. "I wWh," «aid Pla traddenly, "I i knaw man about thta country." Jinny WM alttlmi on a rock, n^ar by. A long way off, among th« peski of tbe Pllj. laurler range, distant thunder broke, grumbled, and wax utlll, In tbe alienee, that followed,on tha thunder peal, Jinuj apolra. "I kww aotaethine about »," she ·aid. "F*e been once on tl)f Held. I recUow H't floods ia the matter hi,-re." "Ptoi)il«?" e»irl Ka, an in gins round to loolt up and down the enormous gorge. "Tan told a»* th* currier at Id the ptac* ifa* full of devils, and whca It rained the devifa caroH nloti-: and broke ytfu up. That tueaoa you'd die." "I suppose tt might b« I'ry In con- vanient," »iid l*la, "Sergettnt Stmol did £B*Atl0n aonething about it; but-1*1 I really don't aee why OBO could s not get out of the way, If tt flood e*»e. One lm» only to climb np th* aides before it htu) risen to) high." "There'a placeu yw couldn't cUmb,* 1 "Well, then, one could hurry atone, And flad another place." "If you'd tliae," "Why ahouldu't -yen have time!'' "IVe, henrd stories," »he anUl prca- 'eBtly. "lilkely they wasn't true, I'm going to bed." Pld eat a little longer, »sul ther« alone in the biaeknea^ of the canyon, looking up at the riter of atara that ma ao far Above. .'-A certain obecure instinct of physical repulaion kept her (· ' THE OLD HOME TOWN Stanley i *' UTTUE NOT'ONUY VOICED THIS OF THE USTOJetes -AT MUSI CA^-E^ BUT SWe ADDep CONSIDERABLE REALISM TO THE ' fcai g5T Epv Her Ol«* will IBe «0* pkert, H*w jcng,'* she wondered, '»ttl a certain feapfti! cnrioalty, "w«uld ·3t tfke a WOBJ«B like her to reform, £!h«nf* entirely, iiak* ap for H alir' ' tlf* had ne asawer r*«dy to bffer ;?la L«nri*r '. .1 . that night, '· By. a»d by, wJ^ . fllngingi h*d,/i»vea way to alienee, other entered the tent; ant tfowu «n the edge, of her h*d, and begun to unwind puttee* and unlace boots. ' She felt that *harp «ye» wens watching tier fro«o behind the mosquito net of tlie other bed, but »he tried to remain, ar took, uncontclous of the fact '. Without warning Jinny bprxt out-"J hate y*o i I tt»Mjk Tan mad." "Sh« bit* not been drinking," thong he ' **J dpoo what TIB doling l,for, ^e Jinny, apeaklng wor* and more tfpWly. "Why rtotild I? 1 ( Vb? should I hand yon over to h}«, 4ttd nil the pocket* of both *f you, when I co'nlrt knock 'yofl- *T*T 'any one of thorn preefple*§, out I could let th* carriers on to Uk* your h"e«l"~«h, you don't know; th*^* 1 * Bothing any «j«n, black *t whit* wont d* for me -- except «e« '-- earcept-- * The threatenea 8ton» burst ; »he fell Into frantic tearit. P!M acted by Justin rt now. Her r*- 1»u}sl6n, aotnehow, had died. '"JInay," she said, "stop crying, dear. It hurta you to cry tike that, and It hurts me to hear you." "Why ahould I atop? Why shouldn't 1 get thftta to kill you and your »f?r- geant, tooT For two pina I would. loo took" Phil away from »e." "No.'* aeid JMa caiwly. "I did not. That was dene long before either of oa met him, Can't we be generous to ea«h ether, JJnpy, alnce we both care Ettet and Health BY LULU mUNTPmaS, MR, AUTHOR l)T*DltT A«D HEAtTtt'AHD'Olir FOR CHltORtN* , Milk / Cam a person ealn weight by just driu'ilng milk--thai 1» about four quar 4 a' day? ; ' iJRS, i," !_.__.,,_ ' " Four iu»rt» of milk U I5Sfi coJ- 1 oriei. Writ lh«r one,/would sain or not oa this would d e p s d mostly upon the h o l g b t i n O physical nitlvi- 'tlos. Mm. V. '· Usually w h e n the milk dlul Is given for iraln- tng p u r p c so BI more than four quarts are t alien and the patient 1« kept ,Jn bed. That decldec! rent helps very much toward' A A Certain Obscure Instinct'*f Phys. loal impulsion K«bt 'Htr Ffom tha , Joint lfe*plno Place, . -, from th« Joint aicepiitg place; initde her Bsel, M she had secretly fell taat night, Huat a twelre'by i'onrtceu tent was too *caall for hpr and for (Jene- vlevej Trencher together BM lior Innate courtesy wnr\f her liitlH tha feeling. "I'll come pruseiitLv," slie called, j 1 Ifs so cool out 'here." ! .Jlniijr made no aiiiwer; s?ie was fIJnsing hpr riot bra rpcklpsaly tihtmt Jii ihe t e n t ^ ' i i n d rid enuhl \if.nv I nniltcHiiK to ficrsclf "Han ahe lipf-n i l r l n k i v i K ii««lr»?" n-ondfirc/l tlip girl on-*1ht- rock. "It's a terrible pity. She' rnuirl he M ,Jjfle. . » . she might, vica yjt. Bui ... .,--,,..,, often, that yo»i might base been the beat, If--you and he had met earlier," \ '· "Say it out. I know what "'you mean." "If yen know,; 1 nwja't any. Jinny, I can't give him quitt what you might hay* given, It'a a' puBetJng 1 worjd; thlofis don't ever fit neatly 'a£ thay do In bookal There'a soinethlBg about »e that'* not--not--" *7 know. It'« like them inountaUan 'that h* called .after you. Ever ao^ often, on'th* fle|cl» I'd used to look:[at them, «t aun-tm; there they was, the Pia Laurlers, high np 'and cold, wllth th* light on them, and you'd see them for a Uttl* while, all gold, and than, when the stiu was gettin'-wamj, nnci they looked sort of h6msllke, and'not »o far nw^y, tho tii(sts would gome np like cloaIts,'Buns' whlte'cloaks, iudln' them, and they were tfohe." t The tpnrs were iic^r ria's eyfs. "Why, youYe a pool,' 1 «he 8«Ud, lightly, to hide her praotloa Tra, n-i?c; I'm not even musical. '. , ,' It's what I said; you have so mud) that I haven't, and there are, things he'll miss. But, Jlqpy, we've got to reoienj- ber that we lope him; and want to d* the be»ti f*,r liilm, 'and he would Juat hate it If wo couldn't he frtends." "VOH mean you'll b* my frlend*- real dlnkurn--nb nonsense about doln' me good and lajprovin' me and gettln' me Into 'a nioe plac* where they'd be, kind to me' ?'' "I want to bn your friend just aa one Rlrl lo.nnoMier, It I may," "If you may!" said Jinny, and fluns her arms about th« other's neck, Pia's kisa, give'n without reserve, was still op her lips, when .Tinny, without warning, sprang awny, leaped to jher feet, IJten^rl a moment, and then, ID frantic hurry, began to put on her clothes. "What's the ^natter?" asked I'Ja. '' "Matter? Hark at tli«£]" ' "l .hear nothing." . ' , ''Nothing, h -- I I That's rain." · A 1 sudden tof'mory leaped Into Pia'* aalnd-- 'happens if rain ·aj. ilil{oef.tlier_we i TO iiK, CONT1NUE5D. l/K- t.'ktssfiicd A». bring reaulla. Lulu Hunt Peters, M p for not nearly BO many ci»)orl s of tooil are burned for energy needs. While speaking of rest, I want to *mpha«l2a its value. "Thera are rion'y ovenvrougrht, nsrvouB Indlvidualn, who · would probably; recover their polsft···eo.mpletely''If they; would take 'one day a week : ."'of complete reit In. bed. Than, of courfla, there ar« «uies where longer periods than thlt are ilndlcated. A* Clehdenlng.. p u t t It; "When a body 1« elclc, when'a part la sick, let us not utti- It up; !t us culm It down." . ' MUk, again.--One con lose as well as gain in tho milk diet, and at rest, too. By limiting the calorics to a reducing- number. (Oae «unc* of Whole milk la 20 caJorks. W* have a pawphlet on Red'icing and Gaining', which you cnair nave, by following column rules, ' ·' · » ' Mrs. B.--I wouldn't loso hope, If 3 were^you, 1^ ewns to me youl- doctor is dolns th right thing; put- "'tlug your father on a hlirh fruit, .vcgetfrble siiid nut diet (and I pre- aumo ha hfl-i milk. too. and h.ivlng most of bis fruit ant! reffeiablea raw). Wo havf found In r«cen,t years that BO many deerenei ative ars caused by wroiifir chem- istry of tlie body ^ue to lock est vitamins and mineral elements, and, ot couriSB, .on this :raw diet these aro supplied lu full quantity and quality. This does not mean that I think ws should ^o to extremes In this, but there I s j n o (losibt the majo.-ity of diets will be Improved' by the Inclu- eion ot much more r^w fruits and vojrotublca and milk; j As t'ao circulation Jn tils lvs» Is 'impaired, daily W oftonar) exercises Juiowtt aa the Btierg'er exqr- cine«. would bo valuable: Buorjrer describes tb^m oafo'lows: "The affected Umb ta 'elevated with the patient lying In' bpd. to. tram 60 degrees or 00 desrrrtw above th* lior- Ixontttl, 'being allowed to rest upon « support lor thirty' seconds to three Canutes, the period of ttmo betas the minimum apno'HJU.'.jneccgsarx t v t, pro- duco blanching:. Aa aoon as blanching is established, tho patient allows the foot to ha UK down over tho edge of the bed for from two to flva minutes, until tho. blood flows book, the total parlod of time being- about one minute longer than that necesnary to ealablish a g^ood red color. 1 jrije limb IB thwi placed In tbo horizontal position for-about thrlse to flve rr.lnutes, durliigr which tiraa hpat ^tn electr/c pad or Herb!, or hot water bottle) la applied,, care being- taken ta'prevent Iho occurrence of a'burn. The placing of tho limb In these three BUO- cflsslve poeltlona constitutes a 'cycle, the duration of Which ts usually trom nix to ten minutes. Tbeso cycles tiro repeated over a period ot about ono hour, which will m«uu somo six to neyen. cycles," Editor's Kate: Dr. Feters efcrnot (Iiag-«o8o nor glva personal advice. Your questions; If, of ·jjon-araS Interest, wJ,Jl bo answered Jn the column Jn tlioir i.ui-n. Re^-uqsta for articles op pamphlets on hand must ba accom- panliiU by ' a fully ·- Belt-addressed, stamped ensrelopa. plus "tha following Small charge to help cover cbfit of prlntlngr and baai"ng: for/^ach artlcUii wanted, two cents In coin; for each parnphlot ten cents (n coin. Tho ptiapblota ara Ketlucino and Qflininu, JffVffiene of Wo\nott,, Kldricy nnd Bladder Disordc fs. - Addlrests, ' Dr. Potcra, ID care of: this paper.-'Write legibly, and not over 200 " The Home Kitchen ·/ i By ALICE LYNIS BAltRY f an Egg. M AHY. who like the 'textt r* ot frletl egirs can't stand any- thlnp that'i fried--and so am happier whcii they (ire t erved poached eg-ga. It talcoa but UtU i skill to poach OKga properly---but It's bno »C thoso thlnes that moane unfailing neat seryloe. Poach(tA.egga irmst be carefully bandied, caretully a'srved, but a Uttla pracUce and'anybody can do It. An onJin«ry frylngrpan can b* u'sod, and tt should be rubbed t/lth a Uttla butter,· -Then pour^ln about two tupfula od bolHnsrwater, one teamvjon of vlne(jar, and.-:oherhaU tea spoon of «»lt R*kluce th* flaine, sc that the water vidJl not Utl,,'b«i wili konp bot. RnxUc into » bowl aa many fi/gti aa ire to be poached, bat they must bw Woken carefully, so that undar no PlrturrmUvncea will the yolhi b« ' rplllcd. Pour the agg:s careruH 1 / into the hot: water and let otand a few tnomentk,', When Vne ?S8* "t on tho bottom, use a broad'knife or ajiatula to loosen. , , Moan-jvliHB toast slices of braid cut medium, not too thin, and when ready put on a hot plate and do: with bits uf butter. As eoon as Un: eggs BJ-O Set and'flrm. remove one t't'.each allco of toast. If desired, if-a-nlMh with a bit of parsley before sending tp the table. .lAnothcr way to poach «Bfrs li parti a OelictoUB flavor tp thlijr simp!? dish, a frying pan pv'rr tbo I'Ottoni of a double ' boiler filled with hot water. Keep the J'lawie moderate and the water footling. In the upper f»-y- ing.:pa.n- pour a halt cupful ot thin cream and lot It cook for a few minutes, until there ore Ilttlo ' bubblen at the edffo.' Then add a dash of salt and pour in the egrg-s -.carefully so that tho yolk-'i do not break. L4ft tha whltea from .-.the , bottom a little when thfy bfcoino wot to Ifio 'pan and, aa soon as the cggrs ore ctolto4 .firm, remove one to each fillco of buttered toaat. Then ; pour the creartj over all as a sauce. ' * ·Before to'lngr to poach cgisa ono must be roaaonably aura that .tho r are absolutely. Croish. '-... HowoVei 1 , If there In any doubt; thi}«s Is artother way of gottlng alnicwt about the anmd efteotv a» , 5)oauh«!l ;«(?««, and loss than absolutely fresh egg will giva quite as (food results: Plaro t\+o t-upfuls of cream In A *u!coran and when H bolls rottv-va to a hot bakinff-dSBh, arid isct over n.4°u- blo boiler full of boiling: water. Add «lx e/fffs. brttMns thom Jn, carefully and continue cooking for fivo minutes. Tuon rdrnovo the baklnE-^ish. and place In a moderate ovnn, batc- inff tor Un nilnutPW.'or !i littlrt longer If tho eijgx »rft not ?ct by that tttn, A« h-oon as th'y,itp.pUir tlrrn, rcmovn from ithe' ovuni «coapn 'with Kalt and ppppor a nil -send to 'tho table lit llio Sorve earjh eg-;? on n slice of Lom«t or 1-neOiHrrcKliepxl wlilte hrcart .from which thc cru^f^ hnvo bP"n trlt-nrnfl. Pour A fptv Npoorifuls (if hot from t-he d'ttlfover each rug. M I l i Ir llnl end tJnld nii*. «tHlflH with. .Qltm i you have some thing to sell and are iW a big hurry to «iJ it, let U.o cl?jutttied ad- vertisin^ department of The Courier prove ite ability a» a speedy and efficient sales medium.

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