The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 21, 1938 · Page 14
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 14

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 21, 1938
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

PAGE FOURTEEN. THE DAILY COURIER. C0NNELLSVILLE. PA'. , JANOAKt 31, 1V33. COUNTRY LODGE, WATERFALL MERGED BY NOTED BUILDER By United Press. PITTSBUHGH, Jan. 21.--Frank Lloyd Wright, tire architect who found so little to admire in the architecture of Pittsburgh's great buildings, has .just completed a country lodge for one of Pittsburgh's most prominent business men urthe modern fashion of which he approves. The lodgeVwas'built 'for-'i'.JEdgar , Kauirnann In a deep forest Rlcn at Bear" Hun, near Ohiopyle,/ · Fayette county, Pai · It has b'eerV-heraldediby unique in the fact tKat sVSompletoly has it been deisignedJfor^aiM inspired by its site that tho'Tiiouatain stream over is built, the very trees that grown irrancV about it, have be- como'an Integral part of-the^struclure itself.- ·;·!:.-:."'. : r" rrir The lodge-rjscs,..a mass, of.nativ'cf stone: from natural~boulders-ot;the sameTstonc, on an extension'oi a:cllf£ over "the stream so that the stream runs.through-the-houso itself and-the clear," whispering^ falls of Bear.Eun become the-"major decoration .ofthc simple structure. -- ,-.. Describing fas work hiniself,~Xfch- itcct^Wright writes in the current issue of "Architectural Forum:"'" *· · "For the ftrst-timo'in-my-practice, ·where residence work is concerned in recent years, reinforced concrete was actually needed .construct the cantilever system of .tliis extension, of the diff beside a mountain, making living space over and above the stream upon several terraces upon which a man who loved the place" sincerely,'oneVwho.liked to listen to the waterfall, might well live.. This-building is a late example of the inspiration of a site, the co-operation "of an'; intelligent, appreciative client, and the use of entirely onry : matcrials except lor an interlining of redwood and asphalt ^beneath all floorings." News of Tri-Town Community DAWSON, Jan. 21.--Betty Shal- enbergcr spent the semester vaca- ion or. California^ State:..Teacher's College"at'-the home of- her parents; tfr. and Mrs. C. K. Shnllcnbcrgcr. 7Mrs;,Eaul H. Collins of Vanderbilt s serving on the jury jn ,Uniontown. ^George" GUIespic'and:ncphcw,.Jir.i- nle Gillespie, of McKees;Jtocks were Sunday, guests of Mrs.;W,::A. Gillespie of Liberty. Andrew Soflchcck of Vanderbilt Is slightly., improved after being ill for six weeks; :.--·_... · .Mrs. J. F. Black of Liberty left Tuesday .Jtor a visit with her sister^ Hrs.7.:A. Hagerman.of Beaver Falls. Mrs.t;'Black ;was "accompanied to Pittsburgh by_hcr:.son, and .daughter- in-law, Mr. and.Mrs..'Frank Black. The Epworth League .met 'with Miss Mary Lois Wood in .charge. After the opening service, reports of the Youth Council were given by the leader, Miss Betty Bauer, Ben Husband-and Miss Vivian Yvonne .Col- Jiris..- ·....: '...:... '. lr.'.:'." '." -Mr. and-Mrs. Frank Patterson'or VanderbUt were visiting.with Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Patterson orConnells- vUie'."'" ' '." " .1 '." :'. ' "Mr."and Mrs. Ken H...Colllns and "daughter, Vivian Yvonne,, were Scottdalc and Mount Pleasant callers on Monday. ; Mrs. Ira Rex of Brownsville and Kenneth Fordyce of Waynesburg -were Sunday guests of Mrs. G. B Roberts of Vanderbilt. ·'.. Jack Durbin- of "Apollo spent the 'week-end a't the home of his parents "Sir. "'and' Mrs. John Durbin of St. James Park. .- Vicar General Names..=, = ifaeekChurW Officers ·" Special to 'The*'CourIcr.'' *V '·' UNIONTOWN, Jan. 21.--Officers to serve-for 1938 to St. Mary's Greek Catholic .Church,''.New Salem;.'.have been officially appointed by'the" vicar general, in the absence of the bishop as another chapter In the disputes , and · threatened . violence among members of the congregation' now divided into two" hostile camps over issues of allegiance and officers. In a letter- to'; Father.,...Anthony Knapik, pastor of the church, T. A Zatkbvich, vicar general, namcc certain members to serve in offlcia capacity during the current year. Father Knapik was named presi- dent'of the parish (ex offlcio). Frank Gabrin was appointed: vice- president with Basil Romanek assistant to the vice-president; Michael Praseak, treasurer; Michael Mayor, financial secretary; Peter Stimak, recording secretary; John Matas, . Stephen Petrunia and Michael Pras- eak, "Jr., auditors. The letter, naming the men to office, set forth: ,. » .. "On basis of canon" law and the | provisions of law No. 160 of the State | of Pennsylvania, I, the undersigned, vicar, in the absence of His Excellency;, Bishop Basil .Takach, hereby appoint the following members to act as officers, under your guidance, of St. Mary's Greek Catholic:Church-of New Salem, Fayette county, Pa., for · the year 1938.".. .-...-" . " . . . . Followed the list of"appointments. The communications was signed: "Sincerely yours in Christ, ,T. A. Zatkovich, vicar general. · The action of the vicar general followed an unsuccessful attempt last Sunday by members' of the' congregation to hold the regular^ annual election.. ' . ... ' ,.. . State Police were finally'forced Ho end the heated argument, and: debate, existing In the church since, the'con? V gregation, divided into two hostile . camps, was unable, to.attain anyjhar- mony toward culminating plans lor the election of church officers. e ;War on Purso Snatcben. UNIONTOWN, Jan. 21.--Moving to break, up the scourge of purse snatching, Uniontown police have instituted undercover methods to bring to task the group believed responsible. Authorities voiced-the. be-] lief -professional" purse shatcliers wero^involved hi many instances. Try our classified columns when you want something? Results follow. ROT 'Central Press Writer : NINETY-FIVE per cent of the world'* bathtubs, according to recent statistics, are In the United States. That being. the cue -how- can-, we expect those foreign diplomats to alwayi come dean in international mat- . ters? -· · ·* ·. · As on aid to the war on ipMd- ' cr and other traffic law violators, no doubt, New York state'* new auto licenses bear a world's fair advertisement making the license numerals 23 .per. cent less ·visi- ble. · · · Zadok Dumbkopf is now engaged In .tracking- down the vague rumor that there Is a man in this town who still has one of nil New Year's resolutions left, completely intact. :····*.; V * * The Vegetarian Newt, m. ton- don periodical, wondcri la a recent Issue, whether, or not Ber- eulei waj a vegetarian. Meanwhile, we not BO learned folk will go right on wondering whether then was Herculu, » · · This column's 19S8 prize for inconsistency goes to Benlto Mussolini who, finding. Italy so overcrowded he had to tak* over Ethiopia for expansion, , ly, demanded mor« Italian baWcs be bom. ··· » · .» - Sad indeed is th« fate these days of many dilapidated Jalop- ples. Sold as Junk to Japan they are cut into Iron confetti to ba tossed at the Chlntie who don't appreciate It! . · * « Chinese girls were plucking their eyebrows, powdering and rouging their faces 0,000 years ago, we read. . Yes -- but did they . ; knoWith» proper way to-bold » clgaretT " - Glacial Specimens Found. BUDAPEST, Jan.. 21.--Discover} of a numbcr_o£..plants and animal which have, survived frora the remote glacial ages has been announce by.. University of Dcbrescen. The comprise' early forms' of snakes,, bul .tciflics.. and .beetles and unknow forms of orchids and rare grasses. '"'." ' Dies "Aboard "Steadier. CRISTOBAL, C- Z., Jan. 21.--Th Panama Railroad steamer. Ancoh enroute^here from New York, wire lesscd late yesterday that W. L. Smitl of Wheeling,- W. .VaV, had "died o pneumonia aboard the vessel. iConnellsville Fruit Mki 136 North Pittsburg Street ^ Wo Deliver! -Phono IOC :FOR BETTER FRUITS AND VEGETABLES : large Texas' Scedlnss Grapefruit ,, ,,; each oc' : Guaranteed Sweet California Oranges ~.."2 doz. 25c : Tangerines _ doz. ISc Fancy Stayman's "WInesap or Delicious ; Apples 6 Hjs. 25c--$1..'JO bus. 1 Fancy Strawberries _ .·..'. ^. box 2»c FJ'-'fida Tree Ripened Oranges (sweet : nnd juicy) --. ·, dox. Iflc ' Extra Largo Avocados (size 9) eacli 23c :~^ FRESH .CRISPY VEGETABLES JJouml Striiiglcss Beans ^l.._lb.:Joc vjtexico I'cas . '2 ibs. 2!)c :.Hot House Klin barb -2 \; s [ g c ·French Endive jj). !j) 0 :llot House Cucumbers : ; ...each lav Solid Jlipo Tomatoes : ,,· H...H). 15c · Pascal Celery Hearts '. ..2"buncnes lOc .Escurole, Endive, Spinach, Kale, Jfadishes, Green :Onions, Parsley, Broccoli, Brus'sel Sprouts, YTax Beans, ^Snvoy Cau1)ape,-.3Iii.slirooms, Green Peppers and manv Colliers. SHE OUB DISPLAY BEFORE YOU BDY! . _ ..Phone IOC We All Need Your Aid- erdicf Is Returned For Defendant in Suit To Collect Damages UNIONTOWN, Jan. 21 .--Efforts o£ ary DcBallls and her sister, Nelc, o£ f'airmont, W. Va., to secure amages from Thomas Blaho, Un- nlown, tor injuries received in an utomobile accident, proved unsuc- essful whonj a verdict was returned Wednesday fpr the defendant. Tie civil suit, heard before Judge . S. Dumbauld, was the outgrowth highway tragedy November 25, 834 on Route 51, near Blaney's /hen Blaho's companion, Lillian Ise, South Union township high chool student, died instantly of a rokcn neck. Blaho, seriously injured, still is orccd to use a cane in getting about. Mary DcBellis, th(i plaintiff, sul- ercd a facial injury which left a car and a compound fracture of the ight leg. Her sister also received fracture of the right leg as the rc- ult of the collision. The verdict was returned Wcdnes- ay morning following taking of estlmony which occupied all of Tuesday's session in courtroom No. Children such as these need the aid of all citizens in Hie nation-wide fight against the "maiming death." Join the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis as a Founder by contributing one dollar. Join in the celebration of the President's Birthday on January 2D by attending: one of the many dances or entertainments. Your donation, no matter how small, will help protect those who are well. It will aid those who have been stricken. Enlist In the war against this disease. It must be fought on a national front. Volunteer NOW. Halt in Mud-Slinging, United Attack Needed To Check Recession WASHINGTON, Jan. 21.--Colby M. Chester, National Association of Manufacturers chairman, t o d a y called for an "armistice in mudslinging" and a concerted attack by Government, business and labor on problems of the business recession. Chester told the Senate Unemployment and Relief Committee that he did not seek to absolve business from blame in what he characterized as "this mud-slinging contest," Bench Warrant Issued. PITTSBURGH, Jan. 21.--On pet! tion of U. S. Attorney Charles F. Uh' Federal Judge F. P. Schoonmake issued a bench warrant for Robert Lynch, charged with transporting stolen car from Uniontown to Ncv York City last May. The court ilxci bail at $1,500. Greatest Purchase the History of AN AMAZING CASH PURCHASE OF BETTER At Actual Savings Up to Themnnufncfurcr made up these advance 1938 Pur Coats from finest select pelts and duo to the recession tvas forced to sell Immediately fpr cnsli. 3Ir. Kiuii'man was in Sow York at the time buying spring merchandise and ivns able to save ~tt% )jy« ciislt purchase of these marvelous furs. NOW .. .we pass tho savings on to you . . .values you'll only find once In a lifetime ... Coats ivc guarantee to be perfect In every detail ... Priced at miraculous savings! "Women's and misses' sizes. '" l-JAP MINK .; ,,. ..Formerly ' 1 r-JAP WEASEL ...Formerly 1-BLACK PERSIAN Formerly 1-BLACK PERSIAN Formerly 2-BLAGK PERSIANS ....Formerly 4-HUDSON SEALS ,, ....Formerly (DYED MUSKKAT) 1-SAMOLI LEOPARD Formerly 1-GRAY CHINESE KIDS.KIN Formerly 1-GRAY SQUIRREL Formerly 1-GRAY SQUIRREL Formerly 1-KAFFA CARACUL Formerly 1-RACCOON Formerly 3-SILVERTONE MUSKRATS Formerly 1-SILVERTONE MUSKRAT Formerly 4-SILVER MUSKRATS Formerly 2-BROWN PONY COATS Formerly 3-BLACK BROWN PONY Formerly 2-BLACK BROWN PONY Formerly 1-GRAY KRIMMER LAMB Formerly 5-RUSSIAN CARACULS Formerly (Black--Gray--Brown) 5-RUSSIAN CARACULS Formerly (Black--Gray--Brown) $550 :.Now $395 450 Now 295 750 Now 450 398 Now 249 295 Now 195 259 Now 159 369 Now 239 298 Now 195 298 Nok 195 250 Now . 169 245 Now 169 198 Now 99 198 Now 149 149 Now 95 198 Now 149 149 Now 79 195 Now 129 149 Now 95 198 Now 99 149 Now 95 198 Now 129 the' $10 police to let the thief keep the if he would send bach the robe. 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Waists 29 lo 42. ; S6.50 VALUES 37 West Main St., Uniontown, Pa.

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