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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, May 11, 1918
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T *» Jf *r V^ Connelkville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,756 VOL. 16, NO. 155. CONNELLSVTLL.E, PA, SATURDAY EVENING, MAY 11, 1918. TEN PAGES. MEMCAN GUNNERS SET FIRE TO GERMAN OCCUPIED TOWNS; BOCHE SHELLS FALL SHORT n Montdidier FORMER SCOTTDALE Region Reported to Be in Flames ENCfl ADVANCE IMS ins Reported kj War Office Last Evening Ernst ,, of locre. MAN U. S. DISTRICT ATTORNEY IN NEVADA HOSPITAL UNIT L GETS PALATIAL QUARTERS AFTER MUCH ROUGH TRAVELING Members Haye nice Soft Beds? Sleep Between Sheets and Eat Heal Food. I thing' alse where SEEMS TOO GOOD TO LAST A. Disldo Had Hade a Bifl. Ilsat Record as Crbniial Prosecntor. Special to The Courier. SCOTTDAm, May 11.-- "Word has been received that Michael A. DiBkjn of Nevada has been appointed United States district attorney for 'that state. Mr. .Diskin is a former Scottdale boy and is a brother of Thomas J, Diskin,' KME3 CONTINUE ACTIVE] the real estate and Insurance dealer [ntj-seve« Machine* BiMght Down i i One Day, White Ton of Bombs K .Dropped IB R*flw»T Stations; Jght Aaedem BeporM KBIed. ;iTH THE AMERICAN FORCES THE FRENCH FRONT, May 1L-- ertcaa batteries bombarded the my lines heavily last night, the 11s causing fires in tbe villages .of ipigirr and Mesnil St. Georges 'St of Montdidier), held by the (ter- 15. orman patrols continue active ig the front. One attempted to i American outposts, hut was ·en off by brisk rifle flre. n American otupoftt caught a Geri trench guard. Tbe pooch about neck contained a message that the man. retaliatory flre was falling rt and that many of their own .13 were landing in Cwnplgny. JfT KHXB9 JS ACTIOH, SATS REPORT. 'ASHJNGTON, May 11.-- The cisu- llst today contains f» aaniM, di ; :d aa follows: Killed in action, S; I at -wounds, 4; died ot accidents. died ot dfoeaae, 1; 64ed.of otier set. J; wounded severely, 4; ·Jided rittcbtly, 34; prisoners previ- IJHZS ONDOW, May 11-- FiWJeh troops xaccd tMr lines slightly yester- eremng wot ot Loere on the jders front, the war office an- aees. tie statement follows: -" ·^·nch troopt advanced their lines trtly yesterday evening east of ret and captured several prisoners. eard«d oat giiLceMful raids dor- fhe night w««t of Merville and rght back a few pri»oners and ma- TBOflTS ABiuTK nr wnmos. Slay 11.--Five trains ed winh American troops arrived xmdoa this -moraine. They were shaHxi at the "Wellington, bar- is HOT their march through . too eta ot London today. JOchael X VisUn. of Scottdale, and Rer. Father P. Dls- kin of Chicora, Pa. Mr. Diskin has the reputation of being the best criminal lawyer in Nevada. He had the endorsement of hour-United States Senators Pittman and Henderson." As'- district attorney of* Goldfield for three consecutive terms, Mr. Disltin had more criminal cases to his credit than any other attorney in Nevada. As in all western states the I. "W. "W. was very active in Nevada and Mr., Diskin did hrs part in bringing the organization to justice in Gotdfietd. Mr. Disfcrn' is a graduate of Notre 'Dame University of-the class of 1908. "This is what is called -a 'rest' caiftp ·where troops stop off on their way to and from tbe fighting from," says !"H11" Sherman in his second letter recounting the adventures of Hospital Unit L, "There are some barracks hexe but the.U. S. troops, probably because they are here sucb a short time, .live in tents, sleeping on the floor, 16 to a tent I can truthfully say that [here are no soft spots on it, but we have lots of blankets and are warm and comfortable. "I am writing this in the British T. M; C. A., which ts very cozy and nice. The American T is under a nig tent and It is quite cold and damp there today. 1 am very anxious to see the aim come out. It will be beautiful then. The camp seems to ibe on some gentleman's estate, the buildings of which are of tnat quaint architecture that makes English (Here I was'compelled to "pause because 1 learned that 'tea' was to be served at four instead of five o'clock, ae I supposed. Tea* consisted of two slices of rye bread, a chunk of cheese and Jam, wkh coffee to wash it down. They are particular about there being no waste of food but with the appetite I have, after my enforced fast on the j boat, 1 eat every crumb.) houses so : pretty. There are several little lakes with swaps swimming about on them and lots of drives and pathways. "Everybody rides a bicycle: there are no pleasure airtos at all. The houses are sJl numbered and named like Pullman cars, big. high-Bounding names like Krallworth, Glenwyn. Vista Formosa. etc. The women carry malls, act as street car conductors and otherwise take the men's places. 1 don't know where the men work for- there aren't any factories or any- man size job could be located. Of coarse- there! may be "but I haven't seen any. "A 'French soldier witb a tin helmet that iooks like an inverted basin is buying a stamp at tbe desk. He is SMITHISNAMED PRINCIPAL FOR A THREE-YEAR TERM at l ° c tie Bn s lish «·» All Other Old Teachers Who Were Applicants Are Be-elected. LIBERTY LOAN TOTAL FOR CONNELLSVILLE STANDS AT 1, ODD FELLOWS CELEBRATE Serrice CT»s Containing SUrs 'Foe Members in Service Presented. The 9f»th anniversary ol-Odd Fellowship in 'America was celebrated by the General Worth "Lodge at he East Crawford avenue !«11 last night. Rev. V?. J. Bverhart was the principal speaker. Captain E. Dunn, made 'a short talk and Vice Grand Haynes presented .the lodge with a service Hag. Musical numbers were given during- the evening by the Balti core ' Ohio band. Messrs. Pratt and Mc- Cltatock gave- vocal solos. Mrs. C. B. Stout, Jesse Barnes and Mr. Witt also sang. Civil War veterans who arc represented on the service flag are James R. Balsley, Lloyd Johnston, Clark Collins, Adam Swink, J. Z. Pritchard, Fred Johnston. Wtifiam Artls. Members oC the lodge in the service are W. W. Bailey, Harry J. Edmunds, Charles' F. Moore, Oliver Goldsmith, Harry W. Hayes, Robert Burchinal. LJoyd B. Cox,. Eugene V. Kaplan, "W. H. Addis, Irl Palmer and H. J. Sweeney. ABFLAHES DAI'S TOIL. JKDON, May . 11.--Cloudless :i»r o« Thursday favored the rah aviators, accordrng to an offl- Btatemeat isoned today dealing . air activities and 27 German ninee were downed and 12 driven a oat of control. Tbe statement ·he cloudless weather on Thnrs- eoabied our aeroplanes to carry a. full day's work, More than 24 ot bombs were dropped on dif- at targets, including important ray stattoo* at Tourhay, Marcoing, Jles and Cwabrai and billets at ·in, Peronne, Chinilly and tKe a at Zeebrugge. Fighting in the sras inore or'lees continuous and is particularry fierce toward dnsk. l went?-tevea -German machines ; downed, 12 were driven down out j ^vaterbory, the instructor of -gynmas- ontrol and four hostile observa- j tics. balloons were destroyed. Sfi ot xhe following girls participated: machjijes are missicg. - J Gertrude Rhodes, Catherine Brendel, · | Loreua Buttle:, Mary Carolyn Soisson, '.SCH GADT TX ' I Ella Rottler. Ruth Miller, Hortense i SOVTHERX P1CARDT. I Graft, Myra Conway; Elizabeth. Ward, UtIS May 11.--Heavy artillery ' I d a Burkhart, Loreen Rottler, Edna :ing on the front below" Amiens in i McCormlok, -Mary Porter, Pauline region of Grivesnes and Mailty- {Townsend, Wilma Munk, Gladys Ni- leval is reported in today's official lands, Helen 'McKee, - Maoel Stiil- munlcation. The French gained ! wagon, Alice Kramer, Louise Rankm, md on -the southern side of the Mary Catherine Aldridge, Rutb. Levy, GIRL GYMNASTS PLEASE Excellent Program last Evening at tlu- High School. The exhibition given the high school gymnasium by the girls of the sophomore, junior and senior classes last night was a great success. The girls have been coached hy Miss 3-"a "In this British Y. M. C. A. kindly- ·mannered women, clad in long blue aprons with Wue, kerchiefs wrapped ·about tbeir heads Gypsy-fashion, · serve cocoa', coffee, lemonade and [some food, tbe latter only at night. ! A ctrp of cocoa costs but two cen*s | and it's very good. I blew jnyseU to* three cups today." j Sorac days later, after Unit L had | progressed through another stage of | its Journey inland in Prance, "Bill" j recoiled his impressions in another letter. "After a long period of traveling, during which we slept in touts on hard floors, marched many miles to so-calted 'rest' camps, and rode many miles in cattle cars, "we arrived at a place-that is a'veritable palace, and to top it off we had some real food. .After a tare of bully beef and hard 1 tack, bam and eggs and creamed potatoes with real bread and butter, was a treat fit for the Goda. And we're j living in a hotel with hardwood floors, j nice soft bed* and every convenience. i It teems too good to be tree. On the I road we passed many historical j places, walled towns built on the lops I of hills in the-days ot the Caasars. I All these we saw from out cattle car, , although we did stop for nearly a day ; in one pla^e of special interest. : "Following my usual custom I did | ! *K. P.' the first day. volunteered, in. | fact .And It wa* pleasant at that. A I follow didn't mind working after such. | a feed. Maybe I didn't Bleep woll last night! And between, sheets! Think of that! "The arrival of our nurses was an event of great importance. Tbe soldiers had not aeen an American woman for many months and sure were tickled. 1 hear we are to lose our quarters and take billets down in the village. 1 ." BOARD NO TIME Pedagogues Arc Voted Upon in Groups at Late Hoar After Tax Exoneration List Hail Been Disposed of; Sew Faces Are Seen in the I.lncup. CITY WILL PAY HONOR TO THE MOTHERS SUNDAY School teachers for the next term were eiected at a meeting of Uie school board hold last night All the old teachers making applications were reelected and nine new ones were chosen to fill vacancies in. ibe grades. No salaries were fixed, that matter not being taken- up by the board last irfght. Bela B. Smith was re-elected principal of the high schooL Although it has beea the custom heretofore to elect thfc principal Cor a one year term, the board last night made Mr. Smith principal Eor a term of three years, There was no discussion on the election of any of ;be teachers. They were eiected in groups, each school being 1 voted or: at one time. A l l selections were unanimous. Three hours were spent in going over the tax exoneration list for the 1916 duplicate. The finance committee will meet with Tax Collector Floto and go over the list carefully beforo anj- action is taken. The teachers re-elected last night follow: West Side--Lulu Carroll, Ka-thryn O'Connor, Ada Kdwards, Agnes O'Don- OTan. Ivy Mason, Florence Patterson, Agnes Nemon, Eva Wilson, Bess Courtney, Frances Caplan, Ida Stiil- wagon and F. W. Jones. South Side--Jesxie Rarris, Lillian Edmonds. Man' Parkhill, Elizabeth Thomas, Beatrice Patterson. Winnie Harrigan,. Nan Long. Ki'.lah'Knappea- bergor and Bolle Bowricn. (Continued on PH.K Two.) QUOTAS MORE THAN i City Just $200,000 Short DOUBLE ON THE CALL -I of Doubling on its ; FOR WEEKOF MAY 27 Official Quota "·^ir^F^'mirirtVrr; 9,520 PERSONS SUBSCRIBE and 108 From District So. a. ! The quotas of selectives to be sent .; . to the cantonments during the week List and Total Amount Include ' beginning May 27 are more than double the number called at anv previous dale. The state as a whole will be called upon to furnish about 20.000 men, who will be distributed among ' camps .Meade. Humphreys, Grcenleaf FIRST and Lee. ' j FayetLe cour.ty's quota will consist' of 711 men, all of whom will be sent I Tnnt Ral to Camp Lee. The quotas of the several districts are as follows: No. 1, ·144; No. '2, 121; .No. 3. 140; No. 4, 70; No. 5, IDS; No. C. J26 and No. 7, two. Districts -Nos. 6 and 7, "Westmoreland county, will send 140 and 148 r Onflrinir fonnfTY WnUJing country Districts. 5ATIOXAL LEADS imr Company Has Credit of Over -%UOO Subscriptions; I'ough Xrusl Company Comes Second; OOiers Snow Up Well in Hie Figures Final reports on tbe Liberty Loan . spectfully to Camp Greenleaf. Port · show tbe official subscriptions In Ogietborpe. Ga. Districts No?.. 1 and ; Conneilsviiie territory to be $1,411,750, · 2 , Somerset county, will send 113 and! Just a link: more than 5300,000 short J179 respectively to Camp Lee. 1 °f doubling the quota. The best part ! Afti'r this call has been filled there °f tbe loan report, however, is in the will remain but £J5 seleciives in number of subscriptions, which total I Class 1 in Fayeue county. District i 9.520. · No. 7 will completely ?xiiausi its list ; on Ibis call \vhiie District No. 4 will j have b u t two remaining for the r.ex; .call. In '.he other distnctg Lhc*c available will be as follows: No. 1, No. 6, three. The First National Bank led in both amount of subscriptions and "number of subscribers. That bank reported over b a l f of ibe entire number of bonds bought, having a total of 5,593. 112; No. 2. 273; No. 3. 305; No. 5, HO; Th e Yotigh bank was second with $2f»0,*0 and a total of 1.013 subscriptions. These (wo banks together more iban covered the city's quota of JS4S,- l3d. Tbe Second and Union National Banks ran close for tbe number of subscriptions, the former Having 693 and the latter 601. The Union reported $131,000 subscribed and the Second ?iyj.20fi. The Citizens' National Bank reported $125,$50 with 559 subscribers, while tbe Colonial reported 570,000 with 575 subscriptions. Tbe Title . Beginning tomorrow morning the | Trust company secured a total of 4.SG NEW FARE RATES ON WEST PENN BECOME Strip TieUftts al Six Cents Orcr Fare Limit Will Take the Place Special Services to Be Held in Practically AH the Churches. MAYOR ISSUES AN APPEAL, Calls Cpon People of the City to At-1 tend Services and Thus Pay Recpect to Their Best Frtendj Speciufi Programs Are Arranged for thfc laj. .... is CJ'JSE OF STIR AT GASPARE SCHOOL Friday was the last day of school at Casparis. Clara Herwick. the teacher, had a picnic dinner for her pupils. The only visitor was a rattlesnake seen coming through the school gate. The teacher almost tramped upon iL The snake wag finally killed. This makes four snakes which have been killed in or near the schoolyard. ; church. · I At the First Ba'ptist church Rev. ! Wilbur Nelson will speak in the morr.- j ing on "The Wartime Mother;" in the rdy battle front n«»r Ordiliers^ 1. southeast of Jfontdldler. DROWNED INOHIO s Received oi Xliivrtiae to Former Conrtaence Family. Special to The Courier, N1'T J UBNCE, May 11.-- Mrs. G. R. ·onald ' received a message yester- ' stating that Prank, the 12 yea_r of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hegal 3ayton, 0., rsday. had been drowned Ora Enos, Prod Schuler, Virginia Jones,. Sarah Esther West, Leona Showman. Amalia Schuler, Attreiia Mosley. Clara Smith, Sayilia Slruble and Mary Towzey. OPPMA1N[CALLED Assailant of George firegg SunmoDed to Go to Camp Heade .M-iiv 20. l*o F. Oppman. who is under arrest for an assault on George Gregg at. the Boyts-Porter plant, has. been listed among three machinists to be sent to funeral will be held at Dayton, '· Camp Meade Monday, May 20, for Sunday afternoon at 2 1*. M. Mrs. · service as machinists. Tb'e others are il was formerly Miss Allie Uu-! R. G. Calhoun and wairun Taiacher. r of this place. Gregg is improving. - The hearing ^-- · set for today before Alderman S. H. SUdeut'Hrer Killed. j Howard was postponed because Gregg iNSACOLA, Fla.. -May II.--aich-lwas unable to be present. Oppman C.'ilcCalla of Toledo. O.. student!is in jail, bail having been refused. lor was. burned to death and. -- · ;se'I. Henderson of Pawtuckat, R. | ' Seven Sew Members. Indent aviator was badly burned j Seven new members were added to i their aeroplane tell on Santa : the Salvation 'Army at the service i Island yesterday. Headerson-j held last evening by Brigadier Hunter .recover.' ' of Pittsburg. Mothers' Day will be observed in tie churches oC the city tomorrow and by the people generally by the wearing ot flowers--white f o r v _ t h e dead, of bright colors for^the liVtrfg. The day will have more than the usual significance because of the war. Many a son ia absent from the maternal home--some In the training camps, some at the battle front or near it There too, Che day will be observed. In all the 'camps special services will be held. General Pershing has asked everv American in France who has a mother to write a letter home. · In some of the churches of. COQ- nellsville the fathers will share honors with the mothers. Mayor Duggan today, in a proclamation, calls upon tbe people of the city | to suitably, observe the day. Tbe pro- iclamation reads: ! To the people of the City of ConnellsvUie:-- I would most respectfully call yonr attention to Mothers' Day services which will be commemorated in the several churches of our city tomorrow. It :,s a day · set aipart throughout our land, I tiiat is worthy of our sincere consideration and especially at the present time when the heart pangs of sorrow are prevalent among the mothers of this and other countries. It is ou:r desire and urgent .request that all oar people assemble in the several churches . and that their prayers be offered to Almighty God.for the solace of the TDotters of our city and the world. JOHN DUGGAN, Mayor. Carnations are the :xLTMe price as last year--J2 a dozen ;r 20 cents each. Roses are $3 a'dozen. While there is a great -demand the supply at the florists is said to be ample for those who care to use those flowers. Tie Marfba Norton Bible class will have charge of tie services at the Christian church. Every mother attending will be presented with a flower. Mrs. Hpbert "Werner is chairman of the flower .committee. The pastor, Rev. G. W. Bnelcaer, will speak at the morning service on "Motherhood and Greatness." Rev. W. J.- Bverhart, pastor of 'the United Presbyterian church, will preach on "Honor Thy Mother," Appropriate music will be rendered by the cflnrch choir. Rer. TV. H. Gladden ot Greenwood, will conduct Mothers'. Day service at' tha. Percy Methodist Protestant ARMY OF 3,000,000 · IN NEXT 12 MONTHS IS NOW PROBABLE .Wore Tlinn l,-'WO.OflO Have Alrendy Been Summoned in Draft; In- · creasNi \unibpr In Jime. By Associated Preb«. WASHINGTON', .May 11.-- More lhan J.SOO.OOO men have been called in t h e drafi so far and either are ia France, in camp or under call to go into service before June 1. The total of .1, 300^000 includes all men summoned in the -May contingent. There is every indication that even a larger increment will be summoned in June than was summoned in May and a progressive monthly mobilization continue through the summer and !'all bond buyers amounting to $93,000. KilUMMlNE | evening ou "The Best Gift of Mother." "The Function of Motherhood in. a i ? anded Democracy" is the sobject of the Rev. I u is expected tbal at such a rate ! new fare rate of sis cents will go in'.o j effect on t h e lines of the West Penn Railways company. The new rate is ' effective at 11.65 toaigbt. but conduc-1 I tors will not collect the ertra c e n t ] '] until the earh- trips on Sunday morn- - Tivo Also Injured Under Fall of Slate ing. After today., all tickets, shipping i ' at Adelaide. tagF and label? winch have been is- ' Prank Balash, 32 years old. was in- Sued by t h e company will be void for stantly killed and two men slightly . '.ransporiation on all lines of the sys- injured in a fall of slate yesterday af- j ! '-ra. ;ternoon in tbe mines of the H. C. ! Conductors will be supplied with ; Prick Coke company at Adelaide. ! strip tickets. 17 in *each strip, w h i c h ' The injure*! men are William Ab: tbpy will sell for ?I. a saviag of two bott.50 years oid. and James Caffre, cents. The tickets will carry aJi tie. 24 years old. Both were injured' privileges of f u l l cash fares. All com- j about the head. They were admitted : mutation ticknts issued to scholars ; to the Cottage Ktale hospital for and workingruen have been discon- ; treatment. - Tbe body of Balash -was tinued. The baggage, package and removed to Funeral Director ]. L. express rates will also be accordingly ; Stader's parlors and prepared for increased, beginning tomorrow. ; burial. Today it was taken to the The new ucke-.i. ]a.bols and ship-; Balasb home at Adelaide. Bslash is ping tags at tbo new rates are on sale i survived by bis wi.-low and three chil- at division headquarters. Tbe old Ia- | dren. bels. tickets aad shipping tags may be | redeemed at the same rate for which * they were sold. i Tbe application for permission ta i MANDAMUS SOUGHT M. S.. Kanaga for the -rrening sermon the army will reach a full strength or i increase the rates vas (lied with the 1 Counsel for lort{rac;e Holders Will j before Trinity Episcopal congregation ! in tbe German Lutheran church. Rev. G. L. O. Richardson will deliv , er an appropriate sermon In the Meth; 5,000,000 than odlst Episcopal church, and special music will be rendered. In the Methodist Protestant church ovor MOQ.OOO within the next 12 or J.3 months.' It is possible, some, officers say, that the number will be closer to ,000,000. tile pastor, Rev. J. H. Lambertson, will also deliver an address appropriate to the occasion. At the Presbyterian church! the pastor. Rev. j. L." ProudfH, will deliver a sermon at tbe 21 o'clock service on "Mother and the Cross." Songs will be appropriate to tbe occasion. There will be a song service in the evening. At the South Connellsville Evangelical church "Parents' Day" will be observed. The pastor, Rev. [. B. Mc- -Laugulin will speak. At tbe United Brethren church the ! morning will be given over to tbe I Mothers' Day service. | The 15th Sunday evenins community . services, of tbe churches of 3awson j tomorrow night in the Baptist church | will be devoted to a program in honor of Mothers' Day. The program is as ! follows: "Tunes of Our Mothers;" "The Old Time Hymn," Miss Elizabeth Crawford; "A Tribute," Miss Nina j v lan uies sbc : , lontlls A t l c r B(; , [Grace Smith; school children's cho- I rus. "I.lke a Cradle Rocking;" scrip- jrure reading, Rev. H. A. Banm; reading, "His Mother's Sermon," Rev. TV". "Wi WILBUR CRAFTS COMING \Vill Make Several Audrussi's in Cou- Qelisvflle on .Monday. Dr. Wilbur F. CralLs of Washington. D. C., will make. several addresses in CounellsviUe Monday under the auspices of tbe ministerial association. He w i l l , speak to the high school sru- den'.s at g.25 in the morning, on "Man- Jiacss and AVonianJJHCss." At 10 o'clock he \vi\i address tte ministers. AU noon he is to be at the Baliraore £ Ohio shops. At 6.45 there will be a street meeting at Brimstone Corner, and at S o'clock, he will address a mass meeting at tbe M. E. church. His theme will me "The Handwriting on the "Wall," David Heed, a Scotch singer, accompanies Mr. Crafts. PubUc Service Commission in April and no protests were Tiled. The ap- pHcaiion asked to have thy new rate Attempt tn Force Thompson issue. At the instance of Greene county mortgage holders Auora.ey T. H. Hud- FILE CROSS SUITS ACCIDENT FATAL, ing Hurt- in Itnnaway. Cerebral hemorrhages due to in- become tt'fecLive on May 11, hui it will ' son of Uniontown is in tbe east in an not be started until tbe first trips to- j effort to secure a writ of mandamus morrow morning. j to compel tbe United States Circuit court in Philadelphia to render a decision, favoraMe or unfavorable, in tbe mutter of the order restraining | tbe sale of Greene county coal of j. |'Dayton t'luintes Roberts "rYitti Reck- 1 V. Thompson for delinquent taxes. j less Urivinir; is Also Prosecuted. ! The court, yesterday refused to va- | Ac amouiobili? collision in Vander- i cale the restraining order and granted j bill lias resulted in a cross suit be-1 an extension of six months to the | tweer. Dr. C. B. Roberts and L. L. j trustees to_adjust the financial affairs | Dayton of that place. On April 5 ma- i o f Thompson. j chines d r i v e n by the two men collided, t ; Dr. Robert."' car having a wheel torn j j off and tbe other machine a fender i j damaged. | · Da.v.on :nade information against i ! Dr, Roberts, charging him with reck- i · k'Ss driving. At a hearing last night ' before Robert K. McLaughlin, justice of thf peace, Dr. Roberts wa^ fined, j Dayt-ou will be given a hearing on ' Monday, he being charged with reck- j less driving. Dr. Roberts is the pros- ! ecutor in ;be case. B Purn-ell- duet. "He Shall -Win* six mon U ls a s° resulted in the death B. rurn«a duet. He Shall Wipe Christian Lyon, 88 years old, and R ti RobeH T Thursdav at the home of Henry Hot- and R. R. RooerU; announcements; . juries suffered In a runaway about i Christian Lyon, 08 special music; reading, "A Mother of Judah," Miss Edna Niswonser; short address, "Mothers of the Bible," Rev. W. B. Purnell; hymn, tune "America.*' Wednesday Pay Day. Wednesday will be pay day.on the "Sough Division of the Pittsburg Lake Erie railroad. The pay car will arrive at Dickerson . Hun at 1 P. M. L ! Cloudy tonight and Sunday, proba- }bly showers, is the noon weather i forecast for "Western Pennsylvania. 61 30 50 'Maximum .Minimum. ' Mean ' ___ 63 The Tough river fell during the aignt from 3.80 feet to 3.60 feet. resided since th.2 death of his wife which occurred five or six months ago. The accident, in which Mr. Lyon received his injuries occn.rr.ed near the Hoffer home. Funeral from the Hoffer residence tomorrow afternoon about 1.30 o'clock followed by services' at 2 o'clock at the Mount /ion Evangelical church. H'KTKEL OK WAKI'ATH. HealHi Officer ^ Gives Warning of Dumping Garbage in City. Health Officer George Hetzel today sounded, a warning against the practice of aome persons in dumping garbage aloug the river bar.k and in holes in the city limits. Arrests will follow if it is not discontinued, lie said. . STORK HAS CLOSE CALL i O n l y Four -More ilirlhs Tbao Iteatlis i in April, ' Dunns ih» moat}-, of April the grim reaper gave the stork a close race, iho majority of births over thai, of ! deaths being only three, according to I the report submitted this morning by iMi-is Clara Baker, deputy registrar of : vitai statistifis. In ConneHsville ; township deaths led Viy one, and in i BuiIskin township an equal number I of births and deaths were reported. | Tbe ropon is gs follows; Births. i Conuel!sviHe..."3; Connellsville township, three; Buliskin township, two. Deaths. Conr.ellsville. 29; Connells- v i l l e township, four; Riillskin town- shin, two. Agent -ttasou Disposes of Two Horecff Tiu-ongh Conner Classified. Through an ad in The Courier Real Estate Agent Joseph A. Mason yesterday disposed of two houses in Church Place, one of seven rooms, the other lour, to "W., TV. Palmer for $2.500 cash. The bouses were .the property of the Meyersdale Brewing Company. .Mr. Palmer bought for investment. The rental of tbe two bouses" is $3i a. month. 3TUSICML SERVICE. !!l ^Vith Pnenmonia. Robert Hastiugs, a well known Baltimore Ohio brakeman or. the West 112nd division, i? seriously ili of pleuro- j pr.pumor.ia a', liis home in Gibson avenue. Sotitli Conneilsviile. To be Held Tomorrow Xiphl at First Presbyterian Churolt. Mnsiciil services will be held in the I First Presbyter:an church tomorrow levelling by the regular choir assisted 'by John Griffin.- The program for I the services follows: .Anthem. "The Txrd's Mercies;" I duel. "Tbe Valley of Peace," Mr. and i-Mrs. Griffith: organ offertory. Miss j B e t h Sherman; solo, John Griffin; j mixed quartet. "0 Sacred Head. Now Iwomirted." Mrs. Griffith, Mi's. Curn- j m i n j r s . Messrs. Davis. Griffin; - solo. ."God Bo With Our Boys Tonight," j j o b n DavLs; anthem, "Great and Mar- · velous Are Thy Works." Showers Tomorrow. . Showers is Uie weather forecast for rE 1 Day. Mayor's KcfeijJis $»i*. The tola] receipts of ihe mayor's ! departin-en: Tor iho month . of April [showed 5t.60S.S4 collected. During j t h e month 146 arrests were made. · Three (liven Hearinpn. | Three prisoners were given hear' i n g s in police court before Mayor John Du?gau this morning. One got i a street sentence and another was dis: cbarged. A ne^ro, givitis nis name as I ruilpn Bcriy, was 'arrested by Turner j ?.nd Geicrpi- in West Crawford avenue ; fliarged with being a siarker and sua- picious character. He will be held. Cor

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