The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 10, 1918 · Page 11
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, May 10, 1918
Page 11
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PAGE TWELVE. DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVTLLE, PA. FRIDAY, MAY 10, 191. I* " TheGreatett Slock of Stfkw Hats Ew Assembled in ConneUsvffle A sttt«mmit *· inkke · without fMT at eoBtcadrc- ttaM-or d*HaL More into. iirair tat*, twtter teta tkamv*ve» thi» (tore hai ar»,T«««ty. Cen« in, men, and ebons* trod the fol- At $1.50 to $10 Sailors At $3.50 Tyos in $5.00 Bangkoks At |S to $10 Panamas * Leghorns Milan* At $7.50 to $10 Bah Bundes WRIGHT- METZLER COMPANY ImErnd! LEACTE. taaa t. FttUbvi 2, Mtautt i; St IxMfc 5. N*v Tort 7; Pnltadwpbfc i. Brooklyn}; Bwtca 1. Hnr Tofk IS FhBuWpfala St. Lomis Brakrya . Pet. 1 J47 33 ( .732 9 9 .500 10 12 466 8 11 421 7 13 360 6 13 316 5 14 .2«3 CWcago at ay^ SAnhde. tUburt Onebuiatl at SL louis. JUCHUCAH LXAfiCZ. T«rt*rtej'i Beraito. Barton 3. r Wwr Tork 7; PhUad.lpfcia 3 ^ Ctontad S, i ., Staltec *t tk« CM*. Pet The U. S. Foo,d Administration Says:--"SHORTEN THE WAR BY SAVING WHEAT' Spring and Summer Necessities for Men and Women Beautiful Sills Crepes and Foulards Difficult to choose between them, ·when both are so fashionable and can be worn throughout tb« summer Crepe Meteor and Crepe d» Chine are here in black, white and a splendid range of shades at KM » jarJ. FOULARDS are almost equally varied every Imaginable color combination being here. Many of the handsomest designs are ours exclusively Widths are St to 40 InebM. Met* $2-00 «ai VUO a ymri SPECIAL! «^»»»»»»»fj»»»»»««i ex 500 Yards . CURTAIN NETS Perfect in manufacture but slightly soiled on the edges In white and cream. One Fourth Off A Late Shipment of Boys' Black Stockings Special, 25c Pair These should hare been dettrer- ed to in lut Fall and hare only now arrived. In com equenoe ttie price IB considerably lower than today's market price. They are the sturdy, he*ry-rib- b*d black cotton stockings that are knowm a* a Fill weight, bat many boyi wear them now and tlvoaxh- ot tli« SBUBMT Wi»e motb*rB win boy then now for aezt Pall when price* wffl moit likely be higher In »izes 6 to 10 That Show All the Successful Styles for Spring Are Assembled Now in Absolute Completeness Displays that are important because of the splendid selections and extraordinary values presented Important, too, because of very recent arrivals from New York wha^h are being shown now for the very first time March and 4.pnl hint at Spring attire--May demands it There will be no better time for choosing your Spring Suit Coat or Dress than now. , The SUITS at $19.75, $25, $29.75 to $75 Eton military and ripple effects--plain tailored, semi-tailored and dressy--in a variety of new models that will adequately supply story need ot women misses and stout women. Choice may be had of serge poplin gabardine tncoune porret twill wool Jersey, silvertone, fancies--and Silks. These last ha^ just arrived and embrace a color range* of tsnpe, prune navy black and copen Silk Suit prices begin at $35 and S» to IBS. Clotb Srite at »19-75 to »««0. ' The COATS at $15, $19.75 to $75 Pall bolted and side-bolted effects in silvertone, tricotine poiret tw 11 bollvia, covert, gabardine serge and poplin Shown in ev cry one ot the wan cd new colors and in a complete' range of sizes There is no chance of any coat wish, of e Iher women or misses not bcinc satisfied here. The DRESSES at $14.95 to $49.75 SUk Dresses in taffeta and Crepe dc Chine--some -with beautiful georgette are in a collection ot smart styles that appeal most forcibly to well dressed and wffl to you. Other street dresses are of Serge sometimes used in combination with sili and at all times very stylish and gennceaWa. Keep Cool This Summer in a WrigW-ffletzler "No-Wate" Suit They are clean and comfortable, -well-made and smart Wright-Metzler "Tfo- wate" Suits, treated with a special cold water shrinking process, retain their shape after cleaning "No-wate" Suits are here In a variety of fabrics, and sizes to fit every man, at $13.50 to $25 The man who belieres In preparedness will buy his now and b« read? for the very firat day of torrid weather Thece "No-wate" Snrts art excrasire with ttris store See them Wool Suits and Topcoats, all met, $15 to $45 Women's Mercerized Cotton Stockings 65c the Pair / good quality m black, white and most of the good colors--tan grav brown, smoke, champagne and the lig iter shades They are seamless and the feet are well reinforced SPECIAL! 600 Women's AH Linen HANDKERCHIEFS Made of sneer Irish. Linen, plain hemstitched and marvelously good for every-day use Could hardlj be bought at wholesale todav for our retail price-- 18c each 3 for 50c Klemert's Rubber Sheeting Good for Baby Good for You Dont wear yourself ont. Put Klemert s Rubber Sheeting on baby's crib or bed and Jet baby ronrp Pnt it on baby's carnage and pr«se -ve the clottes and cushions Kleinerfs Robber Sheeting is waterproof, acidproof and mdis- penslble Jn nursery or sickroom. 39 to 46 incites wide, at $1-00 to $1.50 the yard. Coming SoonJ Annual May Sale of Full Details at an Pretty New Skirtings Are coming in every day Some of the newest and most popular ones are WHITE POPLIN -witi. plaids of colors--blue, green, black and rose 36 inches wide and Sac a yard. WHITE FANCY WEAVE Skirtings of excellent quality, 38 inches wide and 5*c a yard. Hundreds of Yards of Beautiful Wash Materials In- rite Inspection. Kayser Silk Gloves The range of styles in Kayser Silk Gloves is so complete that you find just the glove you need for every occasion. Kayser Silk Gloves wear longer than others because they fit pe'-fectly at all points They settle smoothly over the fingers, palm and oack, and the clasps meet easily at the wrists Look for the name m the hem 65c to $1.75 Pair Boudoir Caps --Caps of Saun and Crepe de Chine lace and ribbon tr-mmed. at $1.00 to $2.25. --Caps of China S£lk and Satin, lace and ribbon tdmned,--at 65c to SLOO. Auto Veils --Chiffon Veils showeirrroof, hemstitched rose gold green wisteria tan and grey at $2-50 to SS-50. --ChJfon Veils hemstitcosid rose navy brown and tan at $1.JS to $2.50. Ribbons! --!*aney Brocaded Bibbons In solid shades and two-tone effects --pini-and blue, white-and-btae, at 65c to L00 jard. --Plavl Ribbons in all the new light Gingham Plaids 5 to 7 Inches wide,--at ode to S6c yard. --Fancy stripe Eibbons, suitable for hairbows, 5 inches wdie, are SOo yard. --Polka Dot HJbjons, purple, black and na,Ty witi white dots, S^s inches wide--at 76c yard. --Moire RJboons Jn all shades, 5 to 6^ inches wide--at 39c and ode yard. Mothers' Day --Greeting Cards and Booklets to give or send mother,--lOc to 35« each. --"My Mother"--a Prayer--by Tom Dillon--neatly framed,--at 81-00. I Sunday---May Twelfth Get Gold Bond Stamps With Every Purchase Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% on What You Spend Meyendale. 1IEYEBSDAJUE, May 5--Mr and Mrs C. A. Phillips returned today from Lonaconing, where on 'Wednesday they attended the funeral of the former's cousin, Frank Phillips Miss Myra Lichllter of Salisbury, was visiting and shopjOng m our city on Thursday Mrs 0 B Elrick of Haiclwood is visiting Mrs Hannah Smiley Hra. George Miller and two sono- , 1*i*fs S«h«Me. |, Chicago at Philadelphia , Cleveland at Waaiiington Detroit at New York !*- St Louis at Boston Dickerson Run. BUN, Kay » -- , L. H. T»rn«r and J. B. Toh», Pittsbnrc Jtfkt Eri» offioJals, weru business call- X. J Bwtty, R. W Black, George X\t4nfi» and O French were Con- ;:imiHi-rille business callers Moodiy Joan VcCowan of McKewport, was '}' tnratactinf bumineei here yesterday 'Mrs. William Bamssy of Dawson, a» the (nxt of frier as at Adelaide Mra. Arthmr H«ldsoa haa retnrned lkaa« after ipcndinc a. few dan viait- f {He k«r parmU. Mr and Mrs George f Utoll*, at ~W«t Newton. Mn. Bdward Budd and Mrs. WHIiam in CowwUsrUle a* eoat raly I« a word. | hare returned from. Johnetown, where they visited relatives for several days TOUiaj» Grany of Lonaconing, is spending the week here with relatives and friends Mrs Charles Schroyer has returned to her home in Kockwood after a visit here with her mother, Mrs H. C. Kniertom. Mrs. WUber Derry of Salisbury spent Thursday Sere with relatives Joseph Lowry of Fair Hope, was a Meyersdata business visitor on Ttrars- d*y Mrs. Joseph Levy of Somerset is spending a few days here with rela tfra and fnends Mrs. MaUchi Kelly of Sand Patch, visited friends i.ere on Thursday Mrs. Mary Deal of Greensboro Pa. to -visiting her sister, Mrs. A. R Berg Mrs Wes Holsopple of Rockwood was shopping and visiting here on Thursday Mr and Mrs D A. FToto and Mrs Irwin Schrock. spent Wednesday visiting in Cumberland Yr and Mrs M. J Poorbaugh were boaiaesfi visitors to Mcjyeradale on TbTirsday The dclktbts of your TKMXHI b«tfin tbe : D 4 C. Cffit Lime Stamtcrlar beranh! M. kaJfo/lbedefijkli we» the L«ic vofmte R»itrD«d tickcli v« twixHrcil oo ifl D 4 C Lute »u.uncn wilb oat cztn cbu£c TW D * C lantan n*nm the beet ID »piKnntaMnls cnHim: aod twat^kto^ service Safety and JiciWa UDOTKIOIM are aU tk« caMa b« (Mired AH Mwmert ar« ettupocd «ntli IvMtt wi.Tel» imcr » MCTilbcd by vhxa TMlet ray prawn Two fpiettdtd Teatek--Cky of UacfcMiac II and Chy of Alpeoa U-- opera^W lima . weekr M.'°° TO UACSINAC ISLAND From BuKilo » 9 VI Knid inn 16.50 Jrom Cleyeliml $700 Romd In. 12 OH From Totalo S f i S RouDulnpll 00 Prom Detroit 55 SO Roond (rip M«ck«»c Uuul --. - M From Detroit Moidayi ««d Satui- . day.!a»r M Wed«eday« acd Fnoara 8J» | Snd cot mm for nlintnted pwvhlef and I Onx Lakei n»p Addreai I_ C LEWM G P A., » Third ATemx DeHtilt, 1" " Prittstown. May 9--Mr and Mrs. Raymond B. mcBeth and fnends Ronald McMIHan, and sister, Miss Eth«l of Pittsburg were the guests orer Sunday of the former s parents Mr and Mrs John Milligan Mr and Mrs Charles Qneer of Mount Pleasant were the guests here Sunday of their fnend Miss Flora Davis Mrs Qneer before her mar- riace wai Miss Bertha Faith, a school teacher of the Turtle Creek schools. Mr and Mrs Joseph Berg and Sam- uel Mardis motored to Indian Creek | Sunday and spent the day witb. the family of 3*cs Berg's brother Walliam Beals Miss Grace Mardls is spending this weefe at Ligoaier with the family of | her aunt, Mrs. Harry Bodes , Mrs John Cramer and daughter of Dickerson Ban, Mrases Eva and May Btlrag of Freeds Mr and Mrs Bert and family of PennsviHe, Mr and Mrs D L FittgeraW and W Layton of Scottdale were the gaests Sunday of Mr and Mrs J L. Freed Marion Berg o£ near Pennsville was here Wednesday with his parents, Mr and Mrs Joseph Berg Eva Freed of Penneville is spending a few days here this week. Indian Creek. Read our advertisements INJMAN CHBHK Mav 8 --Mrs E C Hoover is spending todaj among Con- aells-nUe friends and shopping Engine No 3 on the Indian Creek Valley railroad is again disabled- Rodney "Woodmancy returned to dut on the Indian Creek Valley ran road today Miss Geneva Cole from Leisenrng spent a day here among friends Joseph Illig from Oakland Md. is spending a few days with his parents Mr and \trs J M Illig. Charles Miller f-ora. Connellsville spent a. few days among "kill Run friends Dave Murrj is handl ns tie throttle on Engine No 2 on the Indian Creek Valley railroad todav IT IT'S AT THE AKC^^E IT'S GOOD (I THE THEATKE WHEBE THE SHOW IS ALWAYS GOOD CHABLES W. BOYEE PRESENTS The Acme of Miniature Musical Comedj Organizations. "The Girls From Loveland" A BJG WHIRLY GIRLY SHOW AAT THES SOME In a Repertoire of Miniature Musical Comedy. Special Scenery Exquisite Gowns Clerer Comedians A Roof Garden Show at Submarine Prices. 10--Musical Comedy Favorites--10 Cstehraiiste Pretty Girls Clei or Dancers Matinee Bafly 2:30--10c - loc. Jight 7:JO and 9--15c - 30c. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY --EN T -"LONESOME CORNERS" A Frappe of Fun. HAVE YOU TREED OTTR CLASSIFIED ADLETS?

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