The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 21, 1938 · Page 11
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 21, 1938
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

Second Part Pages 11 to 20:; VOL. 36, NO. 66. CONNELLSVILLE. PA.. FRIDAY EVENING, JANUARY 21, 1938. TWENTY PAGES. , Beehive Production Last Year 2,129,000 Tons, Survey Reveals Peak Reached May 1 With 4,590 Ovens Burning in Region. AVERAGE PRICE WAS $4 PER TON By JOHN H. WHORIC Production o£ beehive coke in the Conncllsville Region during 1937 totalled 2,129,573 tons, the greatest volume since 1929 started its decline that by 1932 had reached the lowest levcl in the history ol the industry. The coke manufactured had a value oI$8,518,293.- : In Fayette county alone, the coke production of 1936 was 538,615 tons as compared with 356,799 in 1935 for the region. The 1929 output was 3,980,760 while that for 1930 aggregated 1,257,850; 1931, 573,730; 1934. 302,970; 1933, 436,390 and 1934, 435 970. Beehive coke manufactured-by independent operators was in the amount of 1,800,234 tons while the H. C. Frick Coke Company -had a total outr-.t of 329,339 tons. Republic Steel Corporation operated the Mount Hope ovens at Brownsville Junction for 196 days and the tonnage was 42,561, tabulated under the "independents." The Frick concern had 767 ovens in blast at Phillips, Crossland and Kyle which were banked during the week of September 18. Kyle had 247 and Crossland 120 when the year was started and Phillips added 400 more during February and March. Most of the active period for this "captive" operation found 767 ovens in blast for the greater part on a six-day week basis. - Frick Company had 207 working day while the combined independents had a 263-day year. Start of 1937 found beehive coke in an unprecedented demand and the number of ovens available for production was increased until May 29 the independents had 8,442 in condition for operation. The Frick Company had approximately 4,000 more. Manufacture of coke gradually increased during the first part of 1937 and reached a peak on May 1 when 4,590 ovens produced 61,965 tons. This was but slightly higher than the preceding week but the succeeding weeks saw production gradually decreased although in July a slight upward trend was noted. The end of the year, however, found the number of ovens in blast at 993, the first time it went below the 1,000 mark since July of 1936. While the greater part of the year saw plants working on a six-day week the succeeding months found activity reduced to five and then to four days. The average work week was 5.058 days for the year while there was an average of 2,950 ovens per week in blast with average weefc- y output of 34,620 tons with the average daily tonnage at 6,898. The first week of the New Year ound the industry operating at be- ow the 1,000-ovcn mark but it was expected to make a gain as the Lemont Coal Coke Company was putting into blast 150 additional ovens at Continental No. 2 which would send aclvity there beyond the' 200-ovch total. Independent operations differed in their forecasts for 1938 but one thing they all believed was that there must be a marked improvement in the steel industry If the coke trade is to make .any kind of progress. None, however, expected the year's production to surpass the'1937 mark unless there is a surprising upward trend at blast furnaces. / While coke had an average price of $4 for last year, the operators were having a hard time selling it today for $3.25; S3.50 and $3.75 a ton. The first figure was too low and one held it was impossible to break even by selling coke'for S3.25. The feeling is that if steel operations swing back to normalcy there will be an increased demand on beehive coke industry which has been supplanted for the greater part by by-product ovens. Summary of beehive coke production in the Connellsville Region during 1937, including independent and captive operations. follows: Week ovens In Blast Tonniie JANUARY 2 3378 45,603. 8 3382 45,657. 16 3468 46,831.5 23 . 3489 47,101.5 30 3489 47,101.5 Total _.. FEBRUARY 3531 3728 3758 4034 -.232,294.5 47,668.5 50,328. 50,733. 53,918.5 Total . Total ..... MARCH 4025 4131 4197 4368 APRIL 4373 4418 4463 4580 Total MAY 4590 4373 5 ' 4388 2 4375 9 4335 Total _ ......1.. JUNE 4178 2 3.934 9 3811 --502,648.0 54,418.5 55,708.5 56,416.5 58,968.0 225,571.5 59,035.5 59,64f.O 60,250.5 61,830.0 240.75D.O 61,963.0 59,035.5 59,238.0 59,062.5 58,512.5 .297,823.5 47,004.5 45,983.25 44,599.5 Back Up the Ski Run For Another Slide v . . Photo from Penru. Publicity Commltslot Group of winter iporfa fans rial-tins the ret nrn trip to the top of one of the runs at the Kane, Pa., Ski Club. They were uoonr many on the fl rs* «now, train which opened tho »ea*on at that resort recently. · · Total 3780 JULY 3716 3844 3927 3927 3941 44,863.25 _..__181,948.50 43,530.75 44,358.75 45,904.5 45,904.5 46,062.0 Total AUGUST 3785 3785 3699 3748 _22S,760.5 44,307.0 44,307.0 36,742.5 37,183.5 Total 162,540.0 SEPTEMBER 3828 3882 3230 2781! 37,903.5 36,663.75 29,070.0 25,038.0 Total _., 2 9 16 23 30 Total ..... 6 13 20 OCTOBER. 2789 2875 2853 2600 2491 128,675.25 25,191. 25,875. 25,677. 23,400. 22,419. ' 122,562. NOVEMBER 2359 2006 1857 21,231. 18,054. 16,713. WHAT APE VOU DOING ·7 GETTING' WO OF THIS OLD OTUNK-- JUST WAIT T1LI- VOU sea Ml NEW KITCHEM -JUST LIKE THE ONE AT COOKING SCHOOL! Kitchen Clinic Your Kitchen, Too, Can Be As Attractive And Efficient As The One You Saw On the Platform of THE DAILY COURSER COOKING SCHOOL Y O U R E L E C T R I C A L A P P L I A N C E D E A L E R S vt 1479 Total DECEMBER 1158 1123 1135 993 Total . Grand total 13,311. . 69,309. 10,422. 10,107. 10,215. 8,937. , 39,681. 2,129,573.25 Average price ot coke lor year , $4.00 Total value of coke produced $8,518,293.00 The following table shows the number of independent ovens available for coke production, the number in blast on January 1, 1938, and the number active the week of May. 1, 1937, when the year's greatest production was recorded: Ovens Ovens In In Jan. I M*y|l No. Ovtns 193! 195100 60 100 293 .-.. 200 200 192 193 100 _.. -- 205 _ 120 _ 75 240 -- 220 Plant Alicia - .... Allison No. 1 ,,. Allison No. 2 .... American No. 2 Century _.. Crystal Donald No. 2 _ Eleanor Garwood Gilmore Griuln No. 1 _ Griflln No. 2 _ Hope , Leon 132 119 . 100 200 . 106 . 38 30 50 84 82 28 Contioued on Page Twenty. V o JPPYMMOMJE S T Y L E F R O C K S Come to the aid of your wardrobe.-with gay, itstful prints . i . with ·lylea that are uparkling. youthful . . . with dresses to well made you'll wear thorn all through the ecason. They're «o NEW in «tyle details, »o- chic, and at a price that's so unbelievably low you mu«t get several. 4 «U Guaranteed · . Fast Colors .; Itj . -M.N.CO R P O R A T E D - t - ' - ' - - - "-_."-.. GROCERIES" AT WHOLESALE PRICES Buy your groceries at wholesale prices;at the Pcnn Store.. Join tlio jimiiy thrifty people who bring their orders hero from miles around Connellsvilio. Make up your order from this list now and bring lt : to tliis^low -/price store.;-}!? canihayoiyour-prder:' delivered for 5 cents." " ..'.. ... ' , PILISBURY F10 U R 9 3 c Franklin Sugar, 10 Ibs. .»59o Broyv-n 'Sugar, 5 lbs.~ m .......31c Swansdown Sugar, 3 for ,27c MILK,JO TALI CANS 69c Octagon. Soap, io.bars __.45c FeIs : -"Jrap'tha, 10 bars ~--i.44c P. and G. Soap, 10 bars _.39c Navy Beans, 5 Ibs. 23c Lifebuoy Soap, 10 for We Rnmford Baking Powder 22c Calinhet'Baking Powder 19c Health Club Bnk Powder lOc Ivory Soap,. 10 bars- ....*-- 59e Lifebuoy : Soap', : -10 baVs~--.59c lAix,:3 for 19c; 10 for G3e Carnation Milk 10 lor 73c IVORY SOAP r 10 for 59c 130 No. Piusbiirg Street. S/ioppe 1'lnnic 1570. MACARONI, 3 pounds......22c SPAGHETTI,'« pounds ..;22c Noodles, 2--1-lb. pkgs. _.27c Oxydol, S^large '.boxes --43o Jlinso, 2'large, boxes'.-----41o CLOROX,.2 bottles i-.. 25c Silver Cow Milk 10 for 73c MACARONI, 3 Pounds 22c Ex-Cell S. Crackers 2 Ibs 2(fc Graham Crackers, 2 Ibs. 23c Rltz Crackers, biff box...22c Saixiflush, large-can --.._ 22c DKANOriavpo can-.":..v^.__ 22e SUPERSUDS, large 19c Rumford Baking Pow. 22c SPAGHETTI, 3 Pounds; 22c Siio-Shecn Cake-Flour ...23c Swansdown Cake-Floiir ...25c BISQUICK, 31c BON Mil, 2 cans 25c Old -Dutch-Cleanser 3 ens 28c Octagon.Cleanser, can .; .5c BROWN SUGAR, 5 !bs. 31 c LARp r .Fprf ; Pi»r 2 Ibs. 25c NAVY BEANS, 5 Ibs. ^......2S Roman Beans, 5 pounds 39c IIMA BEANS, 5 Ibs 49c Aminqnla lOc -- Bluing/ -- 10c LnVrancc 3 for 23c Argo Starch, 3-lb. .box -- 25c Franklin Sugar, 10 Ib. 59c BREAD, 3 Big Loaves 25c Buckwheat, 10 pounds --39c Corn Meal, 5 pounds ...-- 22c FLOCK. 5 pound sack ..._.2oc s Rice, Fancy, 4 pounds --25c PANCAKE FLOURj box.lOc CORN STARCH, box. :.10c PRUNES, 4 POUNDS 25c Tomato Paste, 4 Cans 25c PRUNES, .4 pounds. 25c APRICOTS, pound'...- 23c RAISINS, 2 boxes 19c Campbell's Beans 3 for _.25c Phillips-Baked Beans 4 - 25c Campbell Tomato Soup 3-25c LIMA BEANS, 5 Ibs. 49c NODDIES, 2 POUNDS 27c Salad Dressing, quart 29c MUSTARD, quart jar --19c Peanut Butter, big jar .....19c Hcinz Ketchup, large _~_21c Heinz Ketchup, small .'_'_13c Hcinz Chili Sauce ,,. 23c Sno-Sheen Cake Flour 25c SALAD DRESSING, QT. 29c Eagle Brand Milk 20c Hershcy Cocoa, Ib. 15c Hershey Bak. Chocolate .-7c Macaroni, 20 Ib. box --1S1.29 Spaghetti, 20 Ib. box --.$1.29 Tomato Paste, 4 cans --25c 6EORGIE PORGIE, Box 15c Roman Beans, 5 Lbs. 39c Heinz Beans, 2 small---._19c Heinz Beans, 2 medium _.25c Hcinz Beans, 2 large --33c Salt, Free Running, box ...5c SALT, 4 pound sack ,10c SALT, 2 large boxes 15c KIDNEY BEANS, 5 Lbs. 39c QXYDOL, 2 big boxes 43c Salmon, 2 tall cans 2!)c Sardines-in-Oil, 6 cans _.25c Apple Butter, quart 19o Heinz Spachetti, 2 for _L19c Hcinz Spaghetti, 2'bicr _._25c Hcinz Soup. 2 big.cans 27c Ex-Cell Crackers 2 Ibs. 20c RINSO, 2 Big ;Boxes 4k KARO, Half Gallon 30c Duff's Molasses, largo--2!)c Jlaplo Pancake Syrup 19c Sunkist Oranges, dov:'19c-28c Tangerines, large, doz. --.15c POTATOES, peck ...._....,,.. 25c Octagon Soap, 10 for 45c Matches, 6 Big Boxes 25c Shredded Wheat, 2.for..,..28c Puffed IVheat, .1 boxes 25e WHEATIES, 2 boxes 25o Italian Grated. Cheese .lOe Dried Beef, large jar -_,.15e Potted Steal, large can __.lOc Heinz Beans, 2 Cans 25c Liix Soap, 3-19c,10-63c MOTHERS OATS, box 9c Mothers Oats, big box --23c Cream of ITlicat, large --2ic Phillips Tomato Soup 5c Tetiej-'s Tea .'......'.....IOc and 19c Chili Powder, can lOc SALMON, 2 Tall Cans 29c CATSUP, 2 Big Bollles 25c HATER'S ASPIRIN, box lie EX-I/AX, 2--lOe boxes _.15c EPSOM SALTS,'! Ib. box lOc P E A S , 4 C A N S 25c SARDINES, 6 CANS 25c Jersey Corn Flakes -I for 29c KoIIogg's Corn Flukes 3-25o Kellogg's AH-Brnn, 2 for 25o Georgle Pogie, box .'....!.",c Postum Cereal, large _;,,_ 2Sc Instant Postum, Largo ·...43c OVALTINE, oOe size 1...... 3Sc OVALTINE. $1.00 size _.59c Fletclier's Castoria ~.i!9c TOMATOES, 3 CANS 25c Buckwheat Flour 10lb39c Peas, 4 cans 25c,.10c and 15e lobby's Delicious Peas _17c Diced Carrots, can . lOc Green Beans, 3 Cans 25c Corn, can lOc, 3.cnns" 20c Golden lianfam Corn '_.2-2Sc Bukor's TVholo Cora 2 for 23c YICK'S SAT/VTE, jar ...TM 2»e VICK'S XOSE DROPS ...39c Citrate Xagncsia, 2 for ...25u RICE, FANCY, 4 IBS. 25c DOUUHG DUTCH MALT 39c RAZOK BLADES, 10 for JOc Toilc't Paper, 6 rolls ". 25c Heinz Soup 2 big cans 27c MUELLERS NOODLES 10c Tomatoes, fancy, 3 'wins 25e Hixcd Vegetables, caii --Iflc Green Beans, 3 cans-rTM....:...25c Prince Albert 1'obacco--lie .Cigarettes, vlus ax,.2 for 25c ..Tobacco,- all brands. 3 for 25c K A R O , Half Gallon 39c HeinzSpaghelli,2can25c HOMINY, 2 big cans _..,,, 19e KIDSEY BEANS, can lOc Spinach, Fancy, 2 cans .....23c J E L L O , 2 BOXES lie .Hcinz TUcc Fliikes _12c Kellogg's Bice Krispies" ;..i2c Post Bran Flakes ................12e Wax Paper Rolls, -1 for ;_.25c ^latches, 6 large boxes 25c Safety:3Iatclies, 2 doz. TM 15c Pels Napfha, 10 for 44c BR003IS ...39c, 4flc, 50c, 69c IffOPS, Best 19c and 29c , Motor Oil, 2 gal. can 89c P and G Soap, 10 for 39c_. Old Dukh Cleanser, 3-23c Peaches, 2 large cans 39c Bartlctt Pears, 2 cans-»...2.')C Red Pitted Cherries, gal 79c Clothes Pins; : 40 for .TMTM10.c Clothes Lines, 50 feet 29c WASHBOARDS 49c, 59c, Gflc . Kellogg Flks., bowl, 3-25c MOTHER'S OATS, Box 9c Dill Pickles, quart 19c Sweet Pickles:. :.r.TM...... 20c Heinz Cncumber Pickles 2:?c Tnbs, Galvanized," large: 9.8e Boilers, Galvanized .Sl.39 Boilers, All Copper- _.S3.9S Macaroni, 20 Lbs. $1.29 Spaghelfi, 20 Lbs. $129

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