The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 10, 1918 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, May 10, 1918
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

*AGB TEN. THE DAILY COURIER, COfrNJfflLliSVrjJjIS, FA. FRIDAY, MAT 10, 191*. MAGE OF STEEL :AUSING DELAY IN [THE WAR PROGRAM Spec* Up to t« limit, Director Beplogle of War I»i*rtries BoafO. ENORMOUS TONNAGE !f**M tor Gvrenurart UMI, the oftum Being Bigger Era Steri Peorfe Pledge* i a ·«r«ui|. o* tbe steel men, la the t ft jsdo E. H. Gary, president -·^Kiijjgjg -jim-i^i Steel I5sa-~ days ago, to consider the j»alli«f J. Ik jlenkjgle, member, -Win Industries Board, on tbe M hi molt line* X steel prod- xwe raUter ttartlinc dee- be said, ft to a proven fa** eontrary to al impression, thit tbece to ol steel, that there to a »ery ad acute shortage, which Is the *ar program. I do not In BKMt Unec there is not capacity, If that . . g-lt tkyty ted 100 per cent l«el tad »··»·» e*nt labor conditions, and 100 ·r ·*·! tisiMpartetkm comHtionK, I ielthtt In moat DM* ot ieel pro*- «*.tk« wr mjumttn* eonld le fnlljr i*t B* tlMt J» not th» condition. *r «· not fcw» 1*0 per «ot lotL MM»iiHrtun »r labor, «nd we are ot7»*tec to ba*t Transportation «njtt1i«« «re not maiermllr Imprcrr- · to *. (Utenl iray; aome place* W «· and other pfcuws they are tttta* woo*. 'And when w« consider a* it is today, with the -weaAher condition* aad eondWons, we ar« contempVate the before n*. baOdtct eooctmetkui and ot tt» United States gorern- eft ria*t now in eicese of the total niMtaj contraction t( the Hatted aiitea for tbe three year period, 1315 91% aad 19IT--the United States contraction prosrain alone, 20 per cent. .Ml that program is not designed---1 i»ia the 1918 program--but they are (trancing into 1919 and 1920. The rattad~~"States construction program I ^Hormone- I think far beyond the nptwiion of almost any of you. ;3P»,plates, -which is one ot the most lijertant, it not the most important, r»*Bct we hare, at thS rate of pro- nctton ot the past three months there · 32 weeks rolling, abont sight i rolling, on the books, and tee 5 Is being entered almost eTery r«ik at a greater rate than it is being ir?*io»d. An enormous percentage ot ^jc'needed noir. 3t is not only need- aKfor onr jirn operations, but for i of oar allies. projectile steel - w o bare 36 rolling, all of which ot conrse jrTtor the United States and allied Ofinrments. The consumption of iiMtKtil* steel is going to be enor- ItMS. W« will hare to have ai least JM».0*0 tons this year $3f+ ara rolling so mnch proectile tMl OB rail mills, and the rail siti Him fa becoming so acute--tbe direc- j«\(cn«ral of railways says he will tan to bare 1,040,000 tons--that any ·eramse iar rail production will neces- «rlr imerease ovr trouble so far as rn**ctB« steel w concerned. p^Ok xaila at the rate we bave been itdttnc in the last tnree months we am 92 weeks' work ahead ot ns, 92 fjilri, almost a year and three-ocar- m at Ute rate we^aTe been going. Ji?»hMt« we-lnne ten tonnage prob- compar«tiT*ly than the otlxjra IM.TC 24 weeks' outpvt at the Die past three mocUM ^"·Ok dm plat* thtre is 23 wr«ks, on ABM aa*l tubes 2S weets. wire and JRkr* products 19 weeke, and o.-i all "all-«4»rt prodact report as taken I yo«r records w» have 3J weeks' i «t th-e production ot the past *n* nx*U». whlek ham avenged lfo«t MO.MIO tons per week, a little Mr 30,00*^00 tons anunaBy. » jeamteM tnbej there are 27 weeks at the rate "we h«v« been ruo- ning And on structural ahapec it is the genecal lmfrMion that owing to the curtailment of buOdinj construction strnetural shap« will be com- pcr»tt«eiy easy But the Bmersency ?lwt aad new car construction will *Jone involve l^M^KH) tons. "I am here by ord«r of the War In- triee Board to request the American steel maetera to meet, the situation by speeding up production to the limit. Ja sat aid to the otvcnkm of steal to war wei it has been decided, after consultation with tbe tran«porta- tioii and fuel admmiJtratfoiM, to (o nracticaHj- to the Enriieb ay«**m ot an absolute prohibition o» the con- nnptfcm of any iron or · manurac- re of any steel except for absolute war necessity That hu keen done in Bngland lor Krera] years " At the cooclnaioo of Mr. Reptoglfa statement the steel men present offered to give every pomiMe «d in bringing about an increase in production Judge Gary said: "I pledge the United Stmtee Steel Corporation and .all its uabeidianes and all its Interests to do everything to the utmost to accede to his re- aoasts and to assist the government at Ons time." of the body are not i tbe telegraph sys^m at the , The millions of nerve fila- _, I «re like a network of wires ·itt keep all the trenches in close Ipnjwthy and 'conmmnion. Food " i and reinforcements are d»- here and there and so the send increased Wood and ent where it is most re- The nerve cells guide the ···rt and stomach. By this means ,lSr stream of blood laden with nonr- Most Ofd People · Are Constipated. i i Dr. CaldwelTs Syrup Pepsin is a combination of simple laxative herbs with pepsin, gentle in action, and especially adapted as a remedy for elderly people, women and children. It is the standard family remedy in countless homes. Sold by druggists everywhere for 50 ets. and $1.00--two sizes. A trial botde can be obtained, free rf charge, by writing to Dr. W. B. CildweH, 457 Washington St, Monticello, Illinois, POLICE OFFICER MONROE TALKS Grateful to TanJac (or Wonderinl Im. provement In Bis HcalUk Officer W. S. Monroe, who lives at 1731 Sixth St, Harrisburs, «nd is so popular among visitors to tne said. "My stomach had gone back on me entirely, 1 was constipated and my kidneys troubled me greatly. "I had no appetite, my lood didn't digest well and I lacked «nergy. 1 felt tired and dispirited all the time as though something nnpiMuani was going to happen "One day wheu I was down town I happened to talk with the Tanloc man and he told me of a number oc cases simitar to mine where the peo. pie, many of them right here in Hai- nsburg, had been cured by Tanlac. I bought a bottle and started taking It. Well, sir, yon can believe me or not but tbe very first doses did me good. 1 could feel it sort ot nosing around inside of me hunting oat tae trouble, and before 1 hid finished the first bottle I felt a hundred per cent better "Wow I eat with a relish, my stomach is in fin* shape and those bad headaches 1 used to ssflu with have left me entirety and I can only thank Tanlac Taslac can now be had at the Con nellsvitle Drug Co TaiiJac can also be secured in Donbar K' D L. Bason's Drag Store.--^A Confluence. CONWATENCE, May 1C.--Chantau- qoa, win open here afcoot June 24 for five days. It promises to be the most interesting on« held yet. Tie seventh annum Sunday school convention of the Tenth District will he lield in the M E church here Friday, Msy 17 Sessions will be at 10 a. m., 2 p m and 7.30 P m. Everybody cordially invited Mrs Annabelle Bnmworth of Johnson Chapel is visiting her sons, J. L. and 'Wflliam, of the West Side. E B Brown, Baltimore A Ohio warehouseman, is recovering from recent illness. Mr and Mrs P B Vincent of Port Hill was in town yesterday shopping and calling on friends Miss Louise Augustine has returned from a pleasant visit with friends at Fayette City and Peiryopolis. She was accompanied home by her sister Edith, who closed a very successful term of school at Fayette City Miss Edith will spend her summer vacation with her parents SELL YOUR WHEAT NOW B APPEAL STATE FOOD ADMINISTRATOR MAKES It h a Patriotic Duty to Deltar KTtry Bmskel That Can Be Spued After Allowing for Home Needs. KHILAIEIJPHiA, Miy 10 -- "A wheat crisis is now at hand," says State Food Administrator Heioz England and Prance are hungry and Tsill need every kernel ot our wheat to Iceep off starvation ~ontil the coming harvest brass reliel The first duty, the most patriotic duty, of every Pennsylvania farmer should be to deliver all available wheat to market at once, before May 20, it possible Refusing or even delaying to sell wheat at the present time is unpatriotic Over 90 per cent of the fanners of Pennsylvania have already sold their wheat; the other W per cent should do so Let every farmer who has disposed of hto wheat, make of himself a 'Minute Ttto. to see that all other farmers do likewise. Hoarding farmers «nd pro-German fanners ace becoming more and more uncommon in Pennsylvania, "Some farmers have not sold their wheat because of local physical difficulties in setting the wheat to market, such as xnisunderstanotng as to price, failure to secure cars, and the absence of anyoae actively interested In buying and shipping wheat Arrangements have no* been put into effect whereby local millers and warehousemen will buy all what offered If you have wheat and meet with any difficulty in disposing ot it, report the situation to your Comity Food Administrator or to th( County Farm Bureau Agent and the matter wtll have prompt attention and relief "Make it a matter of local pride to see that there are ix wheat slackers m your section Iue allowance must be made for TV neat requirecmnts for seed and flour. Beyond this every bushel should be moved to market at once. If this can be acconrptisfaed, it will be an achievement of witlch the farmers of Pennsylvania may be proud. "I ?ppeal to yon as loyal, patriotic Penusylvanians who have never failed the untkm when it was in pen!, to roartdt thfa wheat now so Unit it may be s*ld no commandeering was necessary in this great state." Dawson. DAWSON,. May 3--Mrs Charles Hensel and son Stanley of Uniontown, have returned home after a visit at the home of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs Frank along. Mrs A. J. Manning and Mrs. Percy Edwards were delegates to a convention of the foreign missions of the Presbyterian church at Scottdale 'Wednesday. Mr and Mrs John C. Jacobs and daughter. Miss Grace of Bast Liberty, have returned home Irom a visit to Camp Lee. William Jacobs, a son, is in training theere. All the boys send back their best wtebes and are all anxious to get a chance to get at the Kaiser. Bay Neville was a recent business caller at Umontown. The bridge has now been raised at the last pier up to the regular grade. This pier was not completed on account of lack of material The scaffold has been torn down and all timbers and machinery have heen shipped away which was used by tie National Construction company in the raising of the bridge "With the laying of few bripk at the Dicker-son Sun side of tbe bridge it will be completed, and does away with one of the most dangerous crossings m Favette county. Mrs Glen Grassland has returned to her hoaia at Donora after a visit with her parents, ilr and Mrs M H Strawa. Ohiopyle. Hhnent is sent: to ever? part of '~- body. it is that the blood feeds tbe ». If blood is impoverished, we nervous--sleepless--" fidgety." blood needs to be built up. OHIOFTLE, May 10--The stork is s lack iron in our blocd, we are ^Pt on the go in Ohiopyle Mieimc, with no vim. We are da y night he left an eight pound baby wrrooi or tired. The thing todo is' b °y at ^e home of Mr and Mrs Jesse jBhJobtain from your druggist the ' C. Wolfe iron tonic, called " Irontic." , Jotin Ck)i and famfly of Mill Run, a the discovery of Dr. Pierce, I *" moving into the property recentry it tbe iwalids' Hotel and Surgical {vacated by Charles Cunningham and iMtitnte in Buffalo, N. "X. Try it family ·pnr! Don't wait! Today is the day Mrs. Alice Olendenain* and baby to begin. Put yourself in normal ] retnrned yesterday to their home at ajmkal condition. , Pitcairn after a short Tisit spent here. Stt yon like you can send lOc. to i Mrs Hobert Holt spent Thursday Dr. Kate and get a trial package. I shopping and calling on friends In iifTfcli "Icontic" is a soluble form|Connellsville. s -* *--1 combined with valuable .Mrs I :L. CoJlias receired a sbort _. extracts rolled into a tablet jnoto from her son Nelson, who is in wfll give you " pep.'* j France, stating that he Is well. Too Innocent for Pa. The younc man who thought he knew how to manage old men told the girl whose father he had just Interviewed on a matrimonial topic that j he believed everything wonld be all right. "We took to oa« another at once," he aaid He even w«nt 00 tar as to borrow $16 from ma Surely, he can't refua* to let yon marry me after that" "Don't be too dare," »h» aald Tou don't know pa." The next day be found that he did not. Indeed, know pa. | "You made a mess of it with that $10," the girl told him "Fa aays that you are too eaay, and that I had bet ter look lor somebody more worldh minded" The Pathephone is ALL Talking Machines an ONE! Conveniently located Pathephone Department--Main Floor. Last Day W0f to enjoy the present low prices that prevail on Pathephones. After Saturday, May llth Pathe prices advance--manufacturing conditions, increased cost of labor and materials making this step necessary. Buy NOW and Save $5. to $25. on Your Patbephone! Prices After May llth. last "Week to Buy This Special Pathephone Outfit lor 25--Jfov $ 25--Will he $ 30 Model 30--~S(m $ 30--TTffl be 9 40 Model 50--Ko-w ? 50--Will be 8 60 Model 75--Xow $ 75--TTIH be $ S5 Xodel 100--Xo-w $100--Wfll be S110 Model 110--Sow 9110--·Will be 8125 Model 175--Sforrr $175--Will be 8185 Art Models--How $190--TYOT be $215 CModei 225--Now $225, WITl not be increased at this tone) 25 The New June "Hits" are out--hear them! -So, 208W--Toe. $25 00 Patbffphone (plays all records)-- J13 75 Becord Cabinet-And 6 Double-faced Records (12 selections* -RoVd Ton T.tke to Be Jfy TlRddy of your own choice)-After Mftj- llth, Frke Advances to WS.25. There's a IJttlo lump of Sugar Dcnrn hi Dble "~"~"~~"~TM^TM"~~"~TM~~~""^~~TM~~~~~~~ (Brysai-Teller-Oumhle), Last Week (o Bnj Ilus o. 75 Pathephone ior 75 After May Uth, Price Advances la $55. (Lcwis-Yonng-Snyder) The Farber Girls The Farber CMrls So. 2D3SO--7oc My Little Bamblin? 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Connellsville's Reliable Housefurnishers Since 1891 Easy, convenient payment rerms gladly arranged, HOK 10L TItrKD OUK CUSMtriHO tlW, OUST WM.1T tc i WORD, JKEEP YOUR SHOES NEAT | IN SHOE POLISHES PRESERVE THE LEATHER LIQUIDS AND PASTES ! FORBUCIC WH1TE.TAN,.DARK BROWM OR OX-BIOOD SMQSS Try our classified ads ·^ I oOOOOCK3OC5OOCXXXXOC)OOOOOOOtl B E LL-A N S1 J B KURTZ - ? Absolutely Removes Indigestion. Druggists refund money if_it_fails. 25c I4OTAFU PUBLIC AND REAL EUrATti, No. South Motttv-i LWM, Conn«ll«vlU« Pn. Special Bargains in Bearing Orchard to W. Va. A tract of 112 acres,, sltu«tt\l within ono milt? of the B O K R main Him, all dcn\u strad? to depot jmd nice town of SOO people, havmg lllsh School dualities and five c hurdles This tract has CO acns of K«ulng pencil and apple trees which have been gl\eu tho bost possible care. T^-o good and outbuildings,, a ,veJl and nover failing «l»rlne; Avlthin oO ftet of Uie house. All \vtll bear closest uibpettiou An exoellei\t opportunlt} to wake good money and give Summer homes for men of moderate means Special reason for selling Tu ts $1J.(H1). Terms, reasonable. Parties own ons otlier uact n little larger, two-thirds of planted aoeage in beating which cau be bought at reasonable price. Write for full particulars, Cumberland Fruit Exchange 3O).

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