The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 21, 1938 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 21, 1938
Page 10
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PAGE TEN. THIS JJAJ.LY COURIER. CONNELLSVILLE. PA. FRIDAY, JANUARY 21, 193S. t, fr MANY PRIZES GIVEN WOMEN ON THURSDAY Fully 1,500 Jam Orpheum Theatre 1o Hear Mrs. Bathgate. TWENTY-THREE SHARE AWARDS Fully 1,500 women attended the Thursday moining session-of -The Courier s annual cooking school at the Orpheum Theatre. Mrs M, M Snyder, president of the Connclls- ville Section of the Council of Jewish Women, was hostess and introduced Mrs Dorothy Bathgate, COOK- ing school lecturer Awarding of twenty-one prizes took place at the close of the school, winners being Baske* o£ groceries, Mrs W. L Buttermore, city Decorated cakes, Mrs James Madison, city. Assorted tarts, Mrs Frank B. Kane, C'ty Basket of groceries, Madeline Pntchaid, city Daffodil cake. Mrs. Stanley U "lorrls. city r ' 11 ol t occncs, Virgim l!j ·- ngfiold pike liur takes, Mrs Paul Dug- v i clt* o' rocenes, Mrs Pau "!·!."icn . c Oatmeal u.. »s, Angelme Brill cily^u Basket of groceries, Mrs Andrew Matura, ConnelUulle, R D 1. Cheese cake, Mrs J. D Baker, city Basket of groceries, Mrs. Edward Mason, city. Electric percolator, donated by Service Electric and Radio Company Mrs. Ernest Whipkey, city Basket of groceries, Mrs William Laughrcy, Pcnnsville Steamed carrot pudding _Glady Fowler, South Conncllsville. Basket of groceries, Mrs. Anthony MaselV, city. Crest fruit" juicer, donated by Loucks Hardware Company, Mis. Mary Limngcr, cit." ' Basket of groceries, Mrs. Mabc Linmger, city. Electn,: waffle iron, donated by WestPeiin Power Company, Mrs. D M. Mahoncy, city. Chocolate cake, Mrs John R Balslcy, city. Ushers were Edith Mitchell, Lucille Lincoln, Dorothea Burkholder, Flor cncc South, Bculah Ashbaugh, Ann. Maiy Evans, Pearl Buttermore and At Congressional Dinner Senator »nd Mrs. Arthur VandenberR, of Mlchisan, »n pictured u thty attended the Congressional dinner held in the capital. Vandenbcrg w«s prominently mentioned as a G. O. P. presidential possibility in 193fi, and has already been mentioned for tbo tame assignment In 1040. (Central Prai)l Buses Speed Limit Is Fixed at 35 Miles HARRISBURG, Jan. 21--The Public Utility Commission got behind Pennsylvania's highway safety drive with a move to keep buses within the speed limit of 35 miles on hour The commission ordered its bureau ol engineering to determine if any bus schedules require drivers to exceed the speed limit. New Stanton Bab) Dlrs. MOUNT PLEASANT. Jan 21 -Arthur Dale Bablc, one year and three months old, son of Mr and Mrs. Arthur Bnble of New Stanton, died Thursday mornine of pneumonia The body was taken to the home of the grandparents, Mr nnd Mrs Howard Jones, where the funeral service will be held at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon Rev. G. G Gallagher will officiate. Burnl will be made in the Seanor Cemetery. Thelma Kern Baskets ol groceries, included In the prize list, were donated by Lev or Brothers Company, Fayctte Baking Company, Fjrmers' Co-Opcrativ c Dairy Association, Kellogg Company and Pillsbury Flour Mills Company. LAST COOKING SCHOOL HAS LARGE CROWD Two-Hour Bread Baking Demonstration Highly Interesting APPRECIATION IS APPARENT P. J. Rouse Named District Manager, Insurance Fund CntENSBURC, Jan 21.--Philip J Rouse. W**3t New Ion, has been np- pomtcd \Vcstmore1and-Fajitte dist let manager of the Stale Work- ricn's Compt.n5.iUon Insurance Fund Mr. Rome lx«an his duties Thurv daj Hit appomtmint nils the va cancj created several months ngo when Attorney Joseph P Shcrld-m or Spanish Villa. v\as promoted from the manner Job to a Wither paying position with the Slate Public Utilities Commission W \V W.isliabiu. Mount Pleasant, who has been with thu service lor many voars, has acted as imnager since Sheridan t dop-irture for Harrisburg House said last night that he did not know what Waslnbau's new status would be Rouse has been with the service in (he capacity of an adjuster since June, 1935 He has cohered a territory in Westmoreland and Fayeltc counties Before he became a State cmploje, he operated a ladies' clothing store in West New ton. The \\omcn who have been attending The Courier Cooking School the finil class o£ uhich was held this morning, agree tint it has been n big success and that it is ' different" from other schools they hive attended They appreciate the practical suggestions for the type of: cooking j they con do in their own homes, the j lack of "ballyhoo' and Mrs Bath. ' gate's friendly Interest in their cook- Ing problems The final program this morning WHS called "strcimlinc cookery" for, a* the name implies, it was new, fist, and modern cooking Before the actuil cooking was started, there was an cntertninmg skit in which Mrs. Bathgalc showed a ' neighbor' how quickly and casllj bread could be made The neighbor actually mixed n batch of bread herself, and the nudicncc was Just a» surprised as she wns thut it could be done so easily The) agreed that the mixer look all the old backbreaking work out of baking and thc got a kick, out of listening for the "minute-minder' to ring ns that gadget win set to time each of the mixing operations I After the breud making episode, j Mrs Bathgite went on with her pro-j grnm. In the roaster, she prepared! enough German potato salad and frankfurters to wie 32 persons (if, o« she -said, they had not been swim- mine more than an houi or hiking more thin (He miles). And she sliced the lars* quantity of potatoes in a Jiff With the sliccr attachment for the mixer. The plnnkcd steak with vegetable was a picture as it was £iplapd under the mirror and the audience agreed the broiling was caiy. After thc steak was broiled in the range, another meal was broiled in the roaster, that \c/satile appliance that ii becoming so popular with housewives everywhere. The mothers in the audience were especially Interested in the new steam cooker method of preparing a day or two day's supply of food for baby all at one time. This^ brought the program to n close and questions were answered and the prizes distributed. GOOD THINGS TO EAT ON DAILY COURIER MENUS Third 1)8} STREAMLINED COOKERY THOITX MINUTE BREAD (Three 2-pound lonvr») Z caps milk ) 4 cakes compressed yca«.t 4 tablespoons shortcninc 4 tablespoons linear k 1*~ tablespoons salt 6 tablespoons warm water Z cups cold water 14 cups bread flour Bring milk to boiling point on surface unit switched lo Tligh Hui'. Add sjlt and shortening to hot milk Remove from unil *.cd idd Z -cups of. cold water. Pour Into mixing bowl and odd yt-i^t nista-c made by combining the yeast cakes, sugar and 6 tablespoons o.' wa~m -vm"oe. Use mixer at High speed and add 4 cups of the flour and beat 3 minutes. Continue beating and add 3 cups of flour arc! mix 3 minatos. It motor seems to be getting warm, let the mixer rcpt for a few minutes, then proceed on Slow speed, addirg more '·ups of flour and mixing again 5 minutes. Stop mixer and ie"-4**/c' ddUfjh to kneading board to knead in the Isst cups of flour To mim.t-5 kneading should give desired texture, dough ihouid Joo~ si-«)th Divide dough into 6 one pound pieces and mold Into nnali uaves Place 2 one pound loavc* m each of 3 well greased bread pifl£ s"d grease top of loaves. Place bread In cold oven, turn oven «n.!d On for baking for exactly X minute. Turn switch OP Set time clock to turn the current On in oven 30 m.nuk- Juter and to turn Oft 1% hours later. Switch should be lu-nrd lo £ lit* and temperature control set attcr clocic is set. Temperature 400 Degrees F. Time--1 hour Buttered Beets MFAL, NUMBER THIttE Roaster Broiler Meal Lamb Patties Potato Slices ·frir Lo. C 'lEAL NUMBER ONE Thrift Cooker Meal Green String Beans ·loot Steamed Pudding Time--1H hours Potato BalK STEAMED GREEN BEANS 1 to 154 Ibs. green beans 1 cop water Wash beans, string and cut Into short pieces. Add 1 cup o£ water to steam cooker, add green beans and. season. HAM LOAF 1 Ib. jrround ham 1 cup sliced mushrooms % Ib. ground veal 1 small onion, diced 1 cup cracker meal 1 green pepper, diced 1 cup tomato soup Mix al^ingrcJienis together thoroughly. Shape into loaf and wrap In a piece of cheesecloth. Place on top o£ green beans in itcam cooker. POTATO BALLS Select 12 largo potatoes Wash, pare and cut into balls with vegc- . table bailer. Ariangc potato balls around ham loaf. STEAMED APRICOT PUDDING 1V5 cups cake dour :x teaspoon ialt Wi teaspoons baking- poutlcr 2-3 cup milk %'cup sugar Z cups steamed apricols, % teaspoon mace mashed '/t cup bultcr, melted Sift all the dry ingicdicnts together Combine the milk, It cup ~_mashed apricots and the melted shortening Add to dry ingredients and mix well. Turn into buttered pudding pan, cover and place in steam cooker on top of Ham Loaf. Cover cooker Turn switch lo High and when steam comes from vent in cooker -lid turn to Low and steam for 1 hour. Serve the nuddms with apricot sauce, using remaining apricots, % cup sugar ir.d 2 taBlespoons butter. Cook for 8 lo 10 minutes over Low he. i A!U NUMBER TWO Planked Steak Meal Flankf ! 'M'vlt Duchcks Polatoc-s PLANKED STEAK 1 port* IWUM- itcik, cut Parmesan cheese 2 IncLcn thick Butter 6 small cotjkcd onions Paprika 3 large tomatoes Salt and Pepper JOUCHESS POTATOES Z cups maUicd potatoes Z egg yolk* 2 tablespoons bntttr Salt _Add butter, s*It ccui slightly beaten egg yolks to potatoes and beat well. Shape as desired using a pastry bag and tube Brush over . with some of the beaten egg yolk diluted with 1 teaspoon of water. Trim the steak to make edges even and score outside fat. Preheat broiling unit for 5 to JO minutes, with oven door closed. Do not pre- neat broiler pan. Arrange steak on pan,- season and broil to suit taste. Turn once Le. vc oven door partly open while broiling. Oil a heated plank, place the steak on the plank and arrange border or Duchess potatoes arourd edge of plank. Arrange tomato halves on toast points and onions around steak Sprinkle the potato border wjth paprika. Dot tomatoes with butter and sprinkle onions with Parmesan cheese. Place tho plank in the oven until the potato Iwrd- er is brouned aad all (ho vegetables arc heated (hrough Send fo table on the plank. Time--10 minutes (Do not preheat broiler unit) LAMB PATTIES IV- Ih ground (amb 1 teaspoon salt Z tablespoons minced onion VI teaspoon curry pouder } ttasnoon pepper Blend the ingredients in the order given Place on heavy wax paper, flitten slightly nnd cover with another sheet of wax paper. Roll with rolling pin until meat is "A inch thick Lift off upper paper and with a large sharp edged cooky cutter, cut rounds from the rolled meat VHGETABLES Use vegetables which are cooked for broiler meal combinations, and use a quantity suPlcicnt for the number to be scrv cd Spread 4 cups of cooked diced beets over bottom of inset pan of roister which !·; well oiled. Put broiler rack in place, having rack in lowett groove Arrange the meat patties in the middle of the j ick and large slices of cooked potitocs on either side Brush po- tntoei liberally with butter, and season. Connect broiler unit. Turn the meat patties and potato slices nfter 11 mmutt'i Bultcr nnd scivjn the potatoes If the meat cakes become too brovvn during the remaining 25 minutes cover them with aluminum foil or porcliment paper which is well moiitcned. Remove food from broiler rack and arrange on hot platter to serv e. GKIBDLE CAKES Z 1 /! cups flour 2 cups sour milk 1 tablespoon sujrar 1 CKK, beaten v 1 tablespoon soda 3 tablespoons melted ~y^ teaspoon salt xhortcnlng Mix and slit dry ingredients Add milk slowly then beaten egg Beat until smooth (about 1 minute). Add melted shortening Beat 1 minute Preheat griddle on large surface unit over High heat for 5 minutes Grease and turn switch to Low heat Drop batter by tablespoons on hot griddle and bake cakes to a golden brown. BABY FOOD 3 carrots 3 apples Vi. Ib. spinach 2-3 cup milk 1 tablespoon Cream of Wheat 2f$ cups water 1 tablespoon rice 3 teaspoons butter 8 dried prunes 1 teaspoon sugar *A Ib. round steak cut In cubes U°c seven 6-ouncc flat jelly glasses. Prepare two fresh vegetables, carrots ard spinach, by cutting fine and putting m glasses with 2 tablespoons of witcr and I teaspoon of butter Use 1 tablespoon of cereal. Cream of Wheat, with % cup water, and 1 tablespoon of ripe with 2-3 cup milk in two glissca. Use dried fruit covered with water in one and sliced fresh fruit, apples in another, with 2 tablespoons of water and 1 teaspoon sugar. Pack the meat cubes into another jelly gla« and cover Place rack in cooker kottlc and add 1 cup of water. Pile covered gHsiCs on rack Put cooker cover m place Turn switch to High heat until steam flows frc ly from vent. Tiien switch to Low, and stcim 2 to 3 hours HOT POTATO SALiD WITH FRANKFURTERS l /. peck medium ulred Z cups vuiegir potatoes, sliced 1 cup iitigar IV* Ib. onions, sliced 1 tablespoon mustard 1 bunch chopped par«ley 1 tablespoon salt 1 Ib. bacon, diced % teaspoon pepper 4 cups water 3 dozen frankfurters Blend ingrcdlenls (except franWuitcrs), place them in inset pin ot roaster and cover. Sot thermostat at J50 degrees F and cook for 1 hour attcr steam comes from vent in cover Fifteen minutes betoie time js up, place frankfurters on top of potato saKid and steam with cover back in place. Serve hot STEAMED RICF 2 cup-s w atcr I cup rice y. teaspoon salt Place nee, salt and water in saucepan with tight fitting cover Place on unit with switch turned to Low. Steam for 35 minutes Heat may bo turned O/I for last 10 minutes of cooking TEA (Glass Coffee Makcr ( U to 1 teaspoon tea 1 cup water (Proportions per person) Pour desued amount of water into lower bowl of coffee maker. Cover. Wipe outside of bowl dry and set it on unrt. Connect cord to convenient outlet When water boils vigorously, disconnect and remove bowl to a dry pad or towel Place tea ball m bowl Covci. Brew 2 to · minutes depending on strength desired. COCOA (Glass Coffee Maker) Z to S tablespoons cocoa 1 quart milk 'i cup hoillmr water 2 tablespoons iuxar }s teaspoon salt Pour milk into lower bowl of coffee maker Cover. Connect cord to convenient outlet He it until milk "wrinkles" across surface Mix cocoa, bugar and salt together then add the boiling w.itcr Stu well As soon as. milk is hot add cocoa mixture and continue heating for 1 minute. Do not boil. Saturday, Last Day of tkese Seasonable Values .^f-5 t«^»^».m^^^»^^^^ ^afwa*! that make your pocketbook, jump with joy - .-. f .,·. -- j *»«:£v*V_^t'»»^j''a«» ·«!*·_ ^__«_.l ir»~..^^.^s * '·YeaarSy Eyejstl; Coats and Dresses at Great Savings A Super-Value ^^ Pleasing Savings Group of /v on C O A T S ml Pleasing -rfswfyra!****^ DRESSES iisunllr dollars more Each one smartly styled . . . many with fur collars. Don't miss them. Big Savings on Sport Coats A line tfJ-T *] A group at - V I · · *· Swagger and Fitted Cloth Coats... only $9,94 Important s t y l e trends in prints and leading solid colors. A Style Group of Dresses at savings Don't fail to shop to- moirow In the Dress Dept. ... and go gaily home with several oC these chic dresses. sdeo/RED CROSS S/ioes Here is Your Opportunity to Save on these Superb Shoes REGULAR TRICE ALWAYS G.50, V N O W 03SLY No other name in fine quality shoes means so much in fashion, comfort and \aluc as RED CROSS Shoes. Oxfords, straps, ties in suede, gabardine, kid; black and brown. Brocade Rayon Satin Slips Values The biggest slip value you'll find anywhere . . so snap it up' Smoothly tail- oicd slips, -with stripe 01 print in tearose. 31 (., 4 t BLACK HEEL Chiffon Hose The season's lead- OA _ ing shades w 11 h s/ifC striking black heel to set them off. Shop for them Satin day' Ponds' Combination Offer! I'onUN Cleansing Cream _ _ - _ D n u j a Crenm Ijotion, reg. lOc _ . BOTH FOR , 39c Ic 40c Be sure to get your specially priced Ponds' combination offer' Heir. $1.98 and $2.29 Ruffled Curtains Remnant Rummage Cushion dots, fancy figures, colored trims, etc. just what jou need to brighten your windows. Up to 50 ms. wide each, side. Reg. 19c to 29c CRETONNE, yd. 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