The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 2, 1939 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 2, 1939
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR THE DAILY COURIER CONNEL,LSVTLLE. PA THURSDAY FEBRUARY 2 193° 'IHC COU'-ULR COMPANY .Tam^s J Dii'-coll R A Donegal! Walter S Stimmel James M Dnscoll Publishers _ President and General Manager Secretary and Treasure! Editor _. Associate Editoi Dnscoll Advertising and Business Marager MEMBER OP Audit Bureau of Circu^konb Pennsylvania Newspaper Publisheis 1 Association Bureau of Advertising, A N P A Seived by United Pi ess and International News Service SUBSCRIPTION RATES 'iwo cenU per copy, 50 cents pei ironth, $D pel year, or $250 lor six r^ontbs by mail it paid in advance, 12 cents per week by caincr Entered as second class mattei at the Fostofficc ConnelJsviile, Fa THURSDAY fcVEN^G, FEBRUARY 2, 1939 THE MW TEACHER TENURE BILL The Pennsylvania Association of School Dnectois lias launclied a campaign, in the Legislature to amend the Teacher Tenure Act m a manner -which would "make it practically mopeiative" If that is the objective the thousands of teacheis should lose no time m organising to block it Amended it should be, even educators agree But amended to the point of practical lepeal--ne^ei A bill has been introduced m the Senate bj Senatoi Franklin Spencer Edmonds, Republican, ot Montgomery county, at the "lequest" of the school direaois Edmonds is a lawyei lie presumably studied the measure beiore introducing it Ail outtanding clause piovides a. probationary period of two yeais for all school employes befoie the can attain professional status and be -under the protection o£ the tenure lav\ Justly exercised such a provision would be in the interest of the schools On the other hand it could make of piospective teacheis political footballb subject to the -whims of school boards ~\vho might want to supplant them with favorites, in which event the piobationeis \\ould be no better otf than -were any under the old system of political control The supenntendent should be the one to determine the teacher's fitness A companion clause piovjdes that employment of substitute teachers lacking professional status be permitted, thoy ' t o be dismissed at -will -when not needed" They would draw the same salaues as full-fledged piofessionals --another potential joker, which would make possible un- scurpulous education boaids changing the rolls at \u!l With regard to married teachers the bill provides this cause foi dismissal "Engagement in any occupation in addition to teaching without the written consent of the school directors including the mairiage of any woman teachei who shall thereby become responsible in whole or in part for the maintenance of a home " The proviso in the act now in force permitting women to continue in the profession after mairiage is the one which has drawn most fire chiefly because it imposes a barrier against graduates of teachers' colleges Tne new bill would leave the continued employment of marned women at the discretion of the board Still another clause in the Edmonds bill would piovide for dismissal of teachers "whenever it becomes necessarj in the opinion of the school directors to eliminate couises in the curriculum " This is privilege that can be abused An attempt to depose a principal and two teacheis m a Fayette county district some time ago by this resoit was frowned upon by the State and was dropped The motive was held to he ulterior by the three employes and fuends A proposed amendment also would permit school directors to lequire a teachei to take advantage of the Retirement Act at the age of 70 There is a, growing feeling the retirement age should be reduced--by about 10 years--or be GO instead of 70 A lot of women ot 70 ha\e no place in the school room Teacaers must be prepaied to combat a strong lobby in favor passage of the bill EOOSEYELT TAILIM* There is a disconcerting note in the attitude of the President in discussion of his dealings with a representative of the Fiench government for the sale by an American company of several hundred miluarj pianes Apparently he was attempting to defend his, failure to consult with the Senate Military Affairs Committee lie is quoted as using this rather dictatorial e\piession ' Responsible heads in Europe know my position ' My position' Not ours, the people s Undoubtedly they do know the Piesident'fa lie may be light in his purpose to do all possible to fortify Frame and Ungland against the dictator governments, but he should not go it alone There is an old pioveib that ' two heads aie better than one" That is true umveisally Theie are many who disagree with Mr Roosevelt, who feel that he is too impetuous, in speech sometimes in actious. Im petuosity has been characteustic of his whole careei m the White House Paul Mallows letter to The Cornier "Wednesday declared "a number of senatois possibly a majonty, ceitamly most Republicans and anti-Roosevelt Demociats, just plainly do not have much confidence in Mr Roosevelt m loreign affans" It may be that the Piesident's defiant attitude toward the dictators has had-something to do with niodeiatmg their aspnalions Even if that be so, the Chief Executive should be in a position to depend upon the' complete backing of Congress in any situation that might develop Both he and Congress lepresent the people The people do not want either to do anythmg-that -vill plunge us into a world -war Then plans should be known to eacu other The Piesideiit has a right to suggest Goveinment aid for France and Butam He lacks authority to extend it without approval of Congress Appaisutly he oveistepped the mark He is edging into the Ilitlei-Mussolini class in some respects He might lead us into undesirable entanglements GRACIE SMILES AG U Geoige Bums, the $ll,000-a-veek radio and movie comedian, came out of his biufeh with the Federal authon- ties n i t h his featheis consideiably mffled, and his wife and comedj partner Graue Mien v e i j murh icliucd It coht the comedian nearlv $18,000 to squaiL himself vu b the authorities for having bought smuggled jewels toi Gracie, to say nothing of attorneys fees, and they are never light for the big earners Oracle's relief aiises fiom the lact the sentencing judge might have fined Geoige $45,000 and clapped him into prison for IS years Meanwhile for a year and a day George nnist remain under probation, subject to the prison penaltj if he olfcuds again He probably won't The one now worrving is Jack Benny, fellow comedian George is under subpoena to appeal as a witness in a similar ca-e against Jack Just why such high salaried individuals should fall for the smuggling lure is a problem STRENGTH FOR YOUR TASK By Eail Jd Douglass, D D INNER JRLASURE IS BEST borne time ago the head master oC a giCat school was tclln g his tiustees about the hign academe bt mdard ind noble character of a *on ot one o£ the rustces PhG boy wis outstanding amont his fellows Aftei he had finished his icti al the head mastei tinned to the Uustee who was the fathei oC the boy and *;aid * Now put thit m your safe deposit bo\ and when the iebt o 1 " our securities depreciate ^ on will find that the satisfaction. ·\OL a i c getting out of tha boy will be paying you jncreasod dividends "What men have in their s^fe deposit boxes aie in truth the least valuable things they own The satisfiction the} get out ot Heir childien, the love they cn- jov m then homct the fucrd- sh p of their associates the high iegaid of their .fellows--these all m e more valuable tl an stocks bonds 01 cash Jesu* cont nual y nade a /distinction between tieasire in heaven *nd tieasu c on eaith [Two thousand years ago moth and inst corrupted the eaitl ly tredsuic ind thieves bioke thiough and bio c Today it is depression bankruptcies swindles which cause the eaithly Ueasuros to become dust and pebbles an our hinds But the heavenly treasures ot love neighbor mess, fellowship and spiritua triumph increase m value \ itn the pn»s- mg years All rights reserved--Sabson Newspaper Syndicate What's What At a Glance Sidelights By CHARLES P STEWART Cenlial Pi ess Columnist WASHINGTON, D C Fob 2 -- Drploiabie c b Chiles eattbquake was i did come al a hai dy time to solid fy Latm-Amei ican sen imon back of Uncle Sam's westein hemispherical good nc ghborly policy Tne Lnited Stntes' reaction of sympathy and helpfulness was just v\hat mig it have been expected but it was a verj prompt reaction all the same and a very liberal one Naturallj the Chilenos appreciate it Furtheimcre it served as a po en,, hint to the othet southerly ropubl cb that no gicat country e be- v icic is so \\cll situated gco- gi ipiuc ll/ nnd financially, to lend aid to any o£ them in time of emei- gencv , as is Yankee-land Germ ny and Halj our chief rivals in their pai*. of the world are too ar av\ iv to accomplish much in the face of a capital disaster on oui Perusal ot a news item 01 comment thereon often revives old memories It was so with Bert Hist of Youngwood when ie picked up The Couiier and read of Mi and Mrs Scott K'ingcnsmitn of near Broad Ford celebrating thci- 58th wedding anniversary Bick in the n neties Mi Rist had wo ked with half of the globe resources, either They havent the One hears recog- As Otkers Think JLHE SAFLST PLACF lorn the M iga^ine of Wall S reet ) It may be thd Europe is doomed to wai Lut between spasms of alarm we might take time out to i collect th U the historv of maul ind ib ic- plclc · w i l l cuscb suimointcd tha business and tiadc went on \\h Ic eveiy rmjor nation was involved n the gifMtesl oJ; all wars within, tie pe iotl U14-19i8 ard that the United fata ct, !«, stioi g enough to ude out any v»oild stoim without dibjstci Mon^y I 11 s md woilcl money -- in iccoid breaking migration to tins coun ly--is bamg tout this ib Jie "nfcst of all naaotu. Huge gold irrpoiU i erect both the bticntjlli of oar posit on jn \\oild tiadc ard tl e security o uui p siiion in vvoild affairs Gold mDoits in 1938 reached an all t me high of $ ,979000000 More tl an 7 r pci c-nl of this movement "u^s toncerliated ir the 1 is four monlho of he /eii icficcting increasing 'eai m Laiupc riom piesen and cat ons January WASHINGTON Tcb 2 -- f h e w i y i or C u\ c nment u c wondioub to be- ho d Con idol a icccnt development. w i t h i n the civil aeronautics authoi- } woids Uy The pioblem of existing u 1- t i e ite i odd telephone and power lines aound an poi s hdb ocen considered faenoufa fcince tnat p ane neanng Oakland A ipoit osl it ladio beam p p i Lilly because of static mter- ciopcuied c d i o i M ) comment gener- illv Officidi'- pi c^ no tditn whal- cvci in aivlhmg II tlei may say By expe icncc tl cv li i\c Ic imcd his Icience nd landed in t i e bull with loss o£ life .klecu-ic lines neaj a r- oorts seem to be bending and spiit- mg rndio beams occasionally under too-peilect radio weather conditions Also a Honda plare struck and w II show gold mpoils n excess of buincd on T high voltage power line ^100 000 000 GUI meic 1 andibe e%- Something had to be done poi s in he ycoi recen Iv enjed So CAA staited w h a t tounc'ed like time---a n ove to telephone tele- sho cd a s lavoiablc bi'arce of ap pioximilely $1 100000 The dicta ors sneei it oui gold and ou trade but \vo lid gise then eye tee h to get more of each 101 the p it l u e j e i r s told has come to this countiv it 11 innual ave-dg ite of more ( h m I jOO- 000,000 In a fughtei ed and unce-- tam vvoild told doe;, not -no\ e to Mr Klmgensmith a* the old Jones weak country Euiope n, bi uish en Ladghlin coal and coke plant at Bioad Ford He p-omptlj mailed the Khngensmiths a wedding anniversary ca^d in bebalf of himself and M b R s 4 * Wh I baver t seen Bert m 30 years remarked Mr Klingensmith as he read the card When t i e service revolver of Corpoi il George D r^augnton of the Stile Motor Police v\ as ex immed after the officer had been slam by Frank Palanzo at Clarksville, Washington county, it was found there weie three eirpty shells itself bullish on America The faint ol heart should I eep tnat n rnrd good idea at tin lequire i ulroadb Stray Thoughts By S M DcHUfrF of this fact reflected from all the Latin-American embassies and Icga lions i n Wash i ngton Of cou rse no European or Asiatic government neglected to inform Chile how so-rv t vvds, but that was all the good it did for the sufferers The L S A ;ent more than regrets, it rushed | money medicine rrt n and reLef of all sorts Chile is an ex f remcly poor republic, utterly urcqi ipped to cops with so sudden ard form dablo a cat?strophe Tie quake \ ictims suffering;, were ternblc unavoidably but \dnkee assist ince did something tow aid t iiting the cuisc ofT and all Latin America knows t To be su e Latin folk cist of the Andes are httle sub^cc o earthquakes bu they can ha\e other vd- ictics of la-go scale misfortunes and Uncle Samuel Ins had a chance to figure, is a \ a l u iblc friend in reed T, henever requ iccl Oh i was dn a \ f u l earthquake but if there had to be ore it wasn't ur timely Pan Amcr c in ^peaking Com ng ifter that i^ima co ifeicnce its way it could rot h a v e b en improved or Na/i Fascists Squelched AIM ough eastern Souih Arrenca docs rot have earthquake it does hav totabtanan activities Ore of these has just been squelched b Pre ident Vargas of Bra? 1 with the arrest, o£ Plimo Sa^ado nho was tryirg to stir up an Integral Ac ion icvolution n Sao Piulo SoO Paulo though not Bi azil s capital (which is Rio de Jdneno) is the republics principal cilj {ibout t! c si/e of Chicago) ind Sno Paulo ^tate is a big enough tail to wag tiie bulk of the Brazil dn clog Thoie- foie a Sao Paulo rebellion would be bad business for the whole country The Integral \ction par 1 } is partly Fascist partly Ivazi But it is mam- lv Nazi because southei n Brazil (Sao Paulo) is predoinmntly German Thus this think had it eventuated \^ould have given Ge*-- mary a dangerous Biazihan foothold --dangerous frora the standpoint of he United Spates Piesident Vaigas is" prettv much a dictator himself However, he is not pro-Gei man or pro-Italian he is pio-U S A And he has Sdlgido ana Saiga- do s chief lieutenants m ]dil Not So Bad All this is tole dbly satisfactory Uncle Sam has had a "/avo-ablc ea 110Jake on the South Arrencan west coast m Chile He has had an undesirable would-be involution suppressed on the South Ameucar east that Ac cording to po tee, the corporal had j his pistol m his hard when he was in the house m which Palanzo had barricaded himself and kept his fingC" on the tngger Officers believe that when Naughton vns shot b\ Palanzo s shotgun convulsions ptobabl} caused him to pull the trigger three times befoie he toppled o\ er dead Tw o oC the bullets entered the doer m which the fugitive had concealed himself while trie had shot could not be located Defectiv e eyesight is becoming more comrron among school chi'dren slid District School Supervise^ R A Griffin of Des Momes Iowa beciuse of too much close study and generally pooi lighting Gr ffin said school- Aftei thdt Senate WPA dppiopna- tions biap in the puss wouldn surprise me one bit to lead that Mi Roosevelt had appointed our for-nei Secret rv of the Commonwealth Dav Ld w j c;ice io some im poi tan t judiu il 01 Cabinet post From d lehdbie source comes word that W W Cunningham, East Wash ngton avenue it, about to succumb to the grjph and pouei comparies to take thei powci lines two miles axvay fioir all moons A private hearing was held Government witnesses w c i e Called in The idea was genenliy fa\ored--until thcrdihoad telephone te egiar-h and power com- piries heaid in c ome way or other w h a t \\as going en Tbp} i ubhcd in and testified it would on y cost them about foui or fixe m 11 ons to move tneir lanes a\ y fiom anpoi^s Imagine, tl ey said \jhat tne Pennsylvania Rail- rond would have to do running new two mile circles around airpoits between Washington and New YOL c, o whdt t would cost he Southern to build new tiacks ard i bridge ic o--s he Potomac two miles away ''lorn the existing airport which now lies alongside the Bottleneck bridge hcie, across which all north-south rail traffic along the Atlantic sea- boaid flows "\\ hy not put the shoe on the foot u e (-.Lncully expie^ ed to w h a l e v u diplomatic atmo»- phfc he rmy desne it the moment His Re chstag speech last year vv as i, milirly mild Shortly therc- iftei lie conquered Austria then cut himself a slice of Czechoslovakia Eui. in his iccent Reichstag speecli he reve led he had plans foi these conquests dlreidv di awn at the tin c 1 e delivered the mild 1938 speech His boft new \v oids there will na\ e le^s effect on Washington policy than is being assumed Not th t invone believes he is yet ready to jump again They ically think he will awa t a more favorable time CGI at Next big Euiopean de\elopment is likely to be a Mediterianean ai- lange-nent between France and It Iv Mu solm coi trols mare mostrum The 1 act is becoming too obvious for France to ignore n duce therefore stands a good chance to get a voice in Sues; management and the Cont nucd on Page Eight miniature idilroad lure By the v,aj, to which t belonged th" companies asked Why not make the airpoits get awav two miles from the a 1- roads 9 Th^t was an idea too CAA w ib cooperative, conciliatory, wert what cvet happc n ed to thdo Charr- bcnair Hitlci-Munich pence pact I look foi all records fot s 10 t- wed Hollywood rwrnages to be ;.naihcd to smithci eens if and w hen Clai k Gab e and Caioie Lombiid hold hands md say righ , M-s - f do I hope you re --but *h it isn t try guess Somet mes I magtnc toorran neon signs g u e a town a bargain basm-ish IOOK Whether f \ fellow loves his w if c or not our floi ists' w i n d o w s a most make him w a n t to send icr a bunch of flowers of some kind The onlv reason Secretary of rooms ficqucntly bavo irsuffic ent the Irtenor Ickei, t,as we h u e no 'freedom of the pre s is because he never ie id 6 , t us coiner of The Councr Lets go to pi ess on pupil* desks and that some ··chef can be obtained b "eirrang- ing the ^cats at an angle so that natur al light coming through window s can fall ov er t ie pupil s 1 cfl shouldei He adaed that better aitificial lighting should be provided for oark dajs Lighting expert^ have made re- commendaLions to the Connellsville School Board fo** better lighting m the h gh school Then leport shows the bui ding verj pooily lighted ana bound to harm cjesigit of children " One room has been wired with mod- c a lighting equipment to make a compinson w itn the others Estimates have beer made as to t ie toe* of alighting the building floor bv floor but the directorate, claiming lack of funds has taken- no action on it It is claimed students whose studies permit them to use the model room' look forward to the hour thev =pend there Facfographs Go\ ernmt_nt i eseai ch men h u e oeifccted jnd p itentcd a pro.e s for makirg textile nbci frorr milk developed a method of extracting lesin, which is uscf il in paints and vai- mshe* fiom lactic acid cind aic Lusj i a pioce'-s tnat w II make plastic ass one of tne end pioducls of 1 ic ic acid iccoidin^ to O E Reed chjt.f the buieau oC da i mdu tiy in the United Sta cs Dcpai mcnt of A.gnculturt. In Dunbar to\vrj«hip two buildings are to get the new automatic lighting setup 'or study before a pro- g-am s carried out probably in all of the schools The lighting sjstem works automatically in that the electric curient do*sn t come on until there light is not sufficient natura 1 In sentencing two young jouths to the Allegheny courty workhouse for the theft of an lutomobile Judge E E Creps of Tnd ana county took occasion (o upbraid motorists who carelessly park their automobiles "nd leave kejs m the ignlt on switch Declaring that the practice is contributory negligence and places temptation in the wav of potential thieves Tudge Cicps said motousts are helping auto thieves He re- ma^ked ironically that * motorists who leave keys in ignition switches also should see to it that gasoline tanks are filled and that batteries arc charged for the further convenience of thieves ' He added some rrotor- ists who leave kes in their cars probablj would go along u jtb the coast in Brazil BiaziL dnd Chile aie iwo of Soutl America three most important ( t h i e v e s and buy them food ' countr es The third is Argentin i The Argentine Republic is lather cola ovi aid us Pnmdiily it 15 native then Geiman Br tish ard Italian, mixed The ics of La m America is fai Jy friendly to us now--possibly excepting Mexico wh ch tlishes with us a bit ovei the questio i of oil Thdt i«?sue remains to be adjusted Incidentally Latin America 2s in default to us on ceitam tornrrercial loans Seneitor H ram Johnson docs not w mt us to be allowed to make any fmihci Lat n-Ajncncan dd- vance^j un il t lose obligat ons arc met Bu thc ue cifTtient from oui c l a m s it? inst Fiuopc Europe de- libci itclv h i s iGpudia^ed itb w a i debts to the U S A In Ldtm America we sirrpl made some bad nvest- mcnts and los f out ]Liit as occasion- allv \\e do at home We oatnotically arced scxciil bi hens io GJI European associa*es m wai time, and they dumped us We are supposed mPnt loans to use sorre business ]uag- m makir g Latin-American \s scarce as hen s teeth is an old saving cind apo opuate today, as hens have no teeth Ir ancici t tmes however th^ic \vcr» birds that did h a v e cell Ihej are now cxtinci. DISH \\1PER 1m in old fashioned drjer of dibhca A craftsman long skilled in the trade I know what that wife of mine wishes And Just where the cup*; must be la d Though I m Gl^ei and balder and latter Than v.hon she firs took me n 1 and I Know how many swipes to a platter And Just uhe e it goes, in the stand To her patience I \ c long bcci bchc dc- T know hou the siKe-wnrcb dried She ta 5 it me in days that w c i c golden T! c va\ that TII apron is tied Ilnd I btudlcd \\ith Old Mothci Hubbard No better today cojld I know £ACI-J foot of the shelve'? in the cupboard And just where the dishes must e° I ve stacked and I v c sc aped and Ive carried Tvc hun uo the o w e s io drv Its a l a d e t iat 1 lea Tied when married And an old lasrUoned wipe- am I Bat rov.ada/5 afte- the feed mo They bid me the kitchen to shun The^ tell me no longer they need me Out there where Uie dishEfa ire done Somahland in A.£nca lias an era of 8 880 square m les and the population m 1936 was 45461 I s capital is J bull ts po t on the Gulf of Aden to w o i k to attack the problem from the opposite \\jy Moving airports likew se -\ ould be too costly ar expense {in Washington a new aufield is being constructed less than half a mile from the tiacks) But the power "'ines might be put under giound at cons derable expense to someoi P A special committee of Govei irrent men aid. representatives of the piuate companies was appointed and will no doubt woik out a soiution eventual^ The mciden\ the^e'ore is not 11 kelj to become particularly -Q e- mendous--but it will always remain t pica Inner icaction to Hitlers Keich- stag sppcch was far different fion ON YOUR ·VUTOMOB1LE UNPAID RE-FIIs'VNCED tc Coli or See Us II \ o u ecd Uoney Foi Viij Lmcrgencj Moderate Repayments :e 510 'J itle A. 'li u-t Co. Ulilg. CouucIIsiIIe, Pn. Telephones 244-866 Prompt, Conrtcoas Convenient Service w is The expression grocjiho i u=ecl ns long ago ib 14CO and %vas t applied to a joung o\ \ v i t i new green ' horni It is :eported t u t 5 400 000 citizens ot the c ty of Ne\s Yoi c r di. the su )- w a y Trees in Ic land are d u a i f a the tallest tree seljom exceeding six feet in height SAVE UP TO 400% ON W e need the 100111--so no IP re-m.uliine nil remntintv at ·eiisntional prices. Some lime tlirpe rolls--some eight. Sec then)--then jiaper cupboards, clothes presses, smafl kitchens and rooms. Vctua] Values 5()c to $3.00. Out tliej go at \E3\ETI Paper lahsi Ijiicas Paints 122 South Street. Phone 341. Tacks, Nails, Glass, Bruise, Breaks and other hidden dangers may be seen in your tires without removing tires from AUTO SUPPLY AB SERVICE STORE 122 W. APPLE STREET PHONE 21 fli3k*^^

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