The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 10, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, May 10, 1918
Page 8
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FRIDAY, MAT 10, 1915. THE DAILT COURIERj CONNEIXSVIIXE, PA. FAGE NINE. THEWAGON MINES ARE HLLING A NEED IN THE COAL TRADE Should Be Improved By Begn- : lation, Rather Than SHOULD NOT HAVE CARS U»tn Xqnlpped to Loud Then QolckIT: Otherwise Should Be Used to Take Stnii« Off Tn»t*rtatkn Supply to local Denaad. Sheriffs Sales. The . foljow In r described properties will be exposed to sale by TfcoiriM I*. Howard, Sheriff of Fayetto Co., Pa., on SA.T.CBDAY, JUTCE 1, ItlS, tt 10 o'clock A. XL, at the Court Hotose; Carr ft CSwT. Attorneys. .Fi Fa No. 16, June Term, .1913. Sar t No. 175, 'June Term, 1015. G. Oylftvee va, H. D. Shallen- trtle. Interest and J. C. Moore. First: -- AH fchn riptit, and claim of the defendant ,ln and to all that certain tract of land situate In Jun*ar Townsh-tp, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, bounded anO described as ftiloTf«:. BEinivins at a. post in the cofner o-f.lande coirveyed, by Hugh D. Shallfcnberger to Nor-ton S. Shallen- berffcr and line of lands of Alexander C. Sbenrard; thence by .said Sh«rrard line North forty-six degrees fifty-nine defendani,-John O. ClarK In.and to all that certain piece of yr'ound, situate in Uie Borouffh, now GUy oi Uulontown. t* County, Pennsylvania, being a part of .Lot -No. 10 in plan of lota known as Nutt Addition to Unlonto-wn. plan being 1 rocordcd In* the Recorder's Office of Fayette County. Said lot la bounded an4 described as -fol- Besinning at the corner of Lot ?Io. 3 o-f the Titlow Addition, and a point on South Mt Verriori Avenue; thence North 24 degrees 7.5 minutes "West one hundred seventy-six U?G) fee* to ;y t-y, Mteen (15) feet To a point on said at. ley and the -western part of said Lot No. 19; thence along Uie eassern pan of lot No. 13 South 05 degrees 37 mln- uttes East · one hundred seventy and, 3ixty-ei|?ii-t hundrc-Ubs (170.0S) feet to Smith Mt. Vernon Avcnuo; tncnce-along- wild Soutti Mt. Vernon Avenue South 40 (leg-roes 7.5 Weet forty- eig;ht and olg-hty-flve - hundrcdths (48.X5) feet to the place o-f beeinnlrver. .Except and reserving thereout and therefrom all the nine (0) foot or Con- wen-ty (20) foot alley; thence by said. alomr tii-e Llley North 49 degrees 7,5 minutes East | ulong- the some tipple mine coal operators, they have come to fill a certain need In the coal trade as it has developed daring the progress of the war. Their devel- ; opmcnt has brought a new coal problem. "How to handle it, or whether Indeed to allow it to'exist, is now he- Ing debated," .says The Black Diamond. "The facts about these 'wagon mines," says this coal trxdtt organ, "are now known, since the whole sub r ject has been'debited for six or serea montha. There are upwards of-10,000 of these mines scattered over the United States. Their average prduc- tlon is at least fifty ions a day, when they work.. Their potential output, therefore, is one-half million, tons a day--when they work. "As coal mines, they have little or nothing to recommend them. Mostly they were opened by farmers who had coal outcrop*., on. their acreage and who wanted to use' their own and the idle time of their men to increase their revenue. "The coal prodtrced- is Outcrop coal which is always of the poorest" quality. "The method of .working* the mines ; minutes Eoat four hundred and thirty- j nells-vJlle vein of coking, coal, toother Vitli the-niErh-t to mine, exxrtici. and rt move, the as sold awl conveyed to J. V. CFhamspson .by deed dated April Much as tb'fe Wagon mines have been I five and twenty one-hundredth feet J'w'itli the ·nigrht to mine, objected to fey the railroads, and by - - .-- -- · · - ~ «.--.. ..-** -- - (X. 46 degrees 53 minutes E. 435.20 foot) to" atones; thence by 'lands of "W. J. Italney's heirs Sooth fifty-three degrees twenty minutes Eaal six hundred and atrty feet (S. 53 decrees 20 .minute* E. CCO feet); thence South fttty-one degrees fifty minutes EVost 2vo'hiraflirod and eixty-one feet (S. 51 doerees 50 nlnute» E. 561 feet); thencft South fifty-two decrees twenty minutes EM* nine hundred and seven and fert (S. 52 de«re»B 20 mi»ute« B. 007.5 feotl; Chence South fifty-three. deE'i'eei twenty minute*-E»«t four hundred and ninety-five feet (S, 5X 4e«T«fcs 20 minutes E. 405 feet); th«nce South ftfby- four degrees and fifty mhutw Ba»t three hundred and thlri*en and five ten-ch feet (S. 54 degrees 50 minute* E. 313.5 feet); thence Sonth forty-three degrees and rwe-nty mlnutas -"Ea-st ont hundred and fifteen *nd Dve-tenthb feet (S. 43 deereep 20 nrinwtcs E. 115.5 feet); thence. South eigriity-two deffre** and five mhiut«« Ba»t »«ventyHieveri *nd fifty-five oneWmndredftti feot CS. 82 degrees 5 ndnulea E. 77.39 feet); thence South fifty-tree dpf-reea »nd twenty miautcs East five hundred ft-nd sixty- one fee: (S. 53 degree* 20 minutes B. 551 feet) to atones; thenoe South thirty* elx degre* and uwenty-ftve mtmUea "West six hitnth-ed a-rad forty-fire aftd fifteen one hundredth feet (S. 36 de- greei 25 tninuts* W. 645.15 feet) to stake; thence Soutli elff-hfty-two degrees and ten minutw "West eleven hundred and thirteen and M»venty-nve one hundredth feet (S. 82 doerreea 10 minutes W. 1115.7G ffcct) ti post; thcmee Sear-g-Ht KeHey" vs. William' P.'B. Kelley. All the .right, title, in-tcreat, claitn, property and demand of th-e defendant, William P.'D. Keldey, in and to all that certain piece- or parcel of land situate In·MenoJieii Xownslilp, Fa.yUe County, Pen nay 1 vaniu, lj o und-ed and descrl ba .Befetlnnlngr a-t-ttoe center of a'twenty- two foot street or rwyivray running between Uiis lot and the lot of Hannah Povreil, also the center of a twenty fool alley, j-un-nJny between C. B, Bear a lot and lot of said Han-nah Powell'ana tii-e north end of UiJ-s lot; thence center ot s-fUd tiventy-bwi. foot street In a southerly direction 19$ feet to a stake at a point p-aralle'l ·wJth the south-em line of the s*Ud Hannah P'o-weJl's lot; ttienoe In a westerly Oir.ekiUoQ along fche north sdtle of, an alley, runn-ing; between thJa lok. and lot of MurearcL Blactt 1U1 fee-: td luna of ft.c3mtd H. Brown, thence by tht same jn L n o r t h e r l y direction 19S feat to a stake In tbe c e n C e r . o C the Erst nTGnUone| twenty £00; alley; Lhence by the same! in an easterly direction 101 feet to Uic' pJn.ce of bag-Inning-; con- tat n.lrvy IP.'JOS square feet; excepting an-d re-serving- thcrefroim howc-rer, the tree and un-dlstu-rtjed rjgr.t w travel _ __ over all streets and al-ley« belonging 12, 1800, and recorded in Uie Recorder's.) to the above described tract, granting List is so primitive and crutJe it amounts | by* lands formeriy of G*3rse Gox North ·to no method at »H. In fact, it only forty-five dogTees an-d th-irty-flvc mta- · serves to destroy valuable acreage ' ^tta TVeat fourteen hundred and si^ty- · T«-in« v' K(T,J' f -h «,,* «« · four and sixteen on-e h-aDd-reduh fe«t lying behind the outcrop. "There is practically no preparation. The coal 1 as shipped is, 'therefore, about aa dirty and as poor as it was in the state of nature. "Balancing 1 . '..tTj'e' . account oa the "wagon mine, we have, on one side, a possible half million tons of output on some days and, on the other side, tb-a assurance that the coal Is gotng to be- flirty and that some coal areas depended upon for tomorrow are being made inaccessible. "The two ..accounts don't establish a satisfying balance. Tbe need for tho coal is mOraltted. Bat th'd metiipd of getting It" makes the cost prohibitive. The first suggestion which comes to the mind of manj is tliat the opening of these mines should be prohibited. This siiff£«tion gains supporters when it is known, that in some cases, these poorly conducted mines use railroad cars to ship their dirty .and bad coal to nxarlcet. This does not seem like common-sense when those cars are needed by other mines which are prepared to ship coal of good quality, properly cleaned. "It Is*7s an easy solution of | any-such problem to say that the in- .novation. b« ended at birth. That is Tvky out oi most 31111- (X; 45 feet) t public, 35 mtirutw ~W. 1464.16 a point in tne public road- from Sindty "Htollvw School HOIMC to V*n4crbllt aird corner to other. lands of Hug-h D. »i»llfrnber?rer; thbrrce N"oTth sixty-nine degrees and. twenty-four roinutea West three hundred and fifty and forty-sJx hundredth feet CN. 00 decrees 2* minutes E. 350.46 feet) to a poiftt In road; thence *.lon said rcxvd .Nort-h ftfty-Peven fleffreea a^id nineteen minutes East two hundred and se-venty-six and twnty-four one hundredth feet (N. 57 aegrets 18 minutea E. 270.24 feet)-to A point In t) road, corner of lands conveyed 0.' Shallenbrffer to Norton S. border; then-ce nlons the dlv-ldlnff line o-f said land 1 ! North forty-nvc fleitrees and seven minutes "West dg-htpcn hun^ dred thl-rteen and seventy-three on* degrees? 7 nrin- to Uie place ot co'fttB.lniriy seven ty-eijrh.t and one hundred and thirty-four thou- sindth-s (7'-.134) acres. Excepting and Reserving- all tthe coal fc-nown aa the Cohnellsvdlle or nine foot velri of ookln-g- coal underlylnir .said tract ot land; together with the mining righta and priyil^see aa so: forth In doed from' Lester ShallRrrberger itnd Ajrnes £. Shallen-ber^er, his W4fe, to F. Myers Null, dated J u n e 23, 1S79, recorded In Dfted Book 38, pe-i^e 371. Second:--All · that certain p-Iece 01 Office of Fayette County. It being: We same premises which Anna lijuchnak and Paul KarcJinak, her ]iiij(band. by ind-eri-t'iire bearing d.attv, the 29Lh day bi April, 1011, for the consideration therein ranilionea, did graD-t and confirm unto John O. Cterk, parity hereto, MH heirs and awtgTis forever, as In and by the · saM in pa-n recited Indenture, recorded in the Recorder's O- IJce of Fayetle County, In Deed Book, Volume ... pw-ge. .. Re\a,tlon. being bhe-renato had, will more fudly and at laTjfe ap-pcar. On .wnJoh is e-rected a. two-atory frame dwelling 1 house, oo-ntain.ins" eiffh-t rooms. Seized and taken in execution as Hie property of the defendant John O, ·Clark, at bhe suit of the jLebnnon Valley Saving's ft, Loan Association, a corporation. In the Oourt of Comnx»n Pleas of Fayotite County. Pennsylvania. No. 34, Juno T-erm, 1018. Judgment No. 162, December Term, 1917. Lebanon. YaWey Savi»K« . IXKLH As- socte-tion, a Corpo ration, v*. J oh n O. Cljurk. All tbe r!»fa-t, titie and krteitwt oi the defendant., John O. Clartc, in and to all that CBTia4n lot of ln-d, situate in tin. TWrd Was^d, of th« Borou»h, now City of Union-town, Ooun-ty o-f F*yette and Statu of Pennaylvf.nia, being Ixit I*o. ti In the plan of lot* loJd out by Charlotte F. Nutt, bounded and described ae follow*: Frontier f*»rty (40) feet on Nutt Avenue 'Sxten-eion, aad extending' back one hundred nineteen md, Jrtx-teTrtfa« (ll.G) feet, more or Ic-se, to a tweryty (20) foot »l!eir. Bounded on the North by Sxt No, 33, a.nd on ttoo Ea»t by s»ld Nutt Avenue Extension; on 'the Sot**h by Lot No. 119, and on the "West by saW alley. Excepting and re-servwig' tBere-from and thereunder all the nine (!) foot or Conneil»vllte vein of coking- coal, with the rlsht to mine and remove, the as spectftc»lly . to th« said scond party the aarrac priv- lleees as the sajd party ot the first part has from .tiho t aJao-ve dftscribed prtwirtBes to the publ'lc road. The rleriic to close up Uie west end of said twenty toot alley by a ffato, fence or obh-r- wiso is also reserved. TJpon said premises- Js erected a t~vfo-story elghrt-pooTTi firame diwelllnW house. Being- the sa,me .piece or parcel ot ground vrtijoh was cocveyea to W-iiHwm P. D. KeUey and Mary J, KaUcy, his ·mile, by deed of Uteri A. Keifer, Shcr- i iff of Fayetie County, dated March G. j 1907. a-n-d recorded in SherlfTa Deed j Book, Volume ^20, page U37, the sale Mary J. Kelley having died ln-te@fta.te Mo.rah 24, 1009, the saJd "William P. D. Kelley, her husband, surviving. . *-° .whom title to said property thereby became vested absolutely. Seized and taken In execution as the property of "William P. D. KeiJey at the suit 'of Searlirlvt K«lley. . htiridredth feet (N, 45 utes. W. IS 13.73 feet) ' . Pennsylvania, Bounded and described as follojws: Befrinnlnir at a post on llns of landa of A. C. S^icrrard and at corner of other lands n[ H. D. Shallen- culties. But it is cot always wise to destroy a new instrument merely be-.! ffhitiienbcrfzer South is'deBrwff 1 *? cause we haven't learned how to use «tw Boat iosi.25 feet tb a post on It. A better solution vrquld seem, to be to improve the too] and then ioarn how to use it. As a matter.of fact, the proper, solution oi the wagon mine problem seems to be tbe regulation o£ theto. father than their extermination. · "There are known, ways ot developing a mine scientifically. These can be applied to the.wagon 'tnhie.i to prevent them from destroying good coal reserves. Tq, do that is a job of the operating department of the Fuel Ad- mmistraLion. "Also there are fcnowii and approred methods of cleaning ooai. It is the work of the inspectors of the United States Fuel Administration to see that the coal from these wagon mines Is properly cleaned. · "Bin, until they line: thence SonCh 46 degrees 59 minutes West about 604 feet to a point on land? of thc'H. C. Frtck Cottfi Company, thence alonff the lin-e of snid Prick Coke Company North 45 depress .15 n-rinutes Treat 1D31.2. 1 ! feet to a at-ik^e in line of la,n*s of A. C. Sherrard. thence North 4B decrees 5!) mln- ate'A Bast A04..^0 foet to the place of beR-lnnhi-fr, and ccmtalnJng about 15 acres. Seized a.rki ta)ten In execution aa th*; property of FI. D. Shallen-berffer. one of tbe defendants at the suit of Philip G. Oglevee. Fj Fa No. 2!, June Term, JtGlS. Sur Judgment No. 05, Dc«eaoSer Term, 1014. George Patterson vs. JaS. Klchey. First:--All the right, Utlc,~ lnEere«t and claim of the .defendant in and to all that certo-In piece of ground situ nd lying: In' May»v411e, Ckknne'llsvllle properly' 1 Township, County of Fayette and State On the North by land of'jacob to-.out ton (10) rbd» on the "Wo»t by an equipped and can load a car as quick- aa"foTtow! l n* a - nlkl b ° UTwl6iS * nd dwcribefl ly as can a rail mine, those mines H · "* "*' should not be allowed to use railroad cars. That ia something which the. Fuel Administration and the Railroad Administration can work out'together. "This method of preserving these mines is suggested because in many alley (8) rod*; on t-he Sodtti by Pralrtter Street ten 10) rod*; on the Eo»t by land of Jacob WUfrout eigrh: (R) rods, corittvlDHar ona-kalT *ore. Being known In plan of lots ae laid out .by tho Administration o-f Col. Israel one-half, Lot localities this coal ously needed. If they do nothing.: same'premises whJoh *-ere conveyed more than, take tbe strain off the ! to Mary.Richey .by. deed, .of Jaoob WW- transpoTtation'Cmpanies which would i IT. 01 ? 1 ' et ux * ' othetwlJte have to haul coal to those! s^ond:---ui ' . wiu forth i-n the deed oi E. J. McDaniel. Attornej-s. L. B.' Brownfield. BMas Goodstedn and No. 45. June Term, 191S. E. C. Ir. J.' F. Coean, now for the uae of N. E- Gerwocd v«. WilUam B. TVlffg-lne, FI. Fa. Sur, Jtidfiaaien-t No. 2GS, June Term, 1918. All the rlg-b-t, tUle, Ift^erest and claim of the defeodaJix In and to all that certain lot of land altua-te in ttie Second Ward of the Bc-rougth o-f UniontowTn, Co-ant y, Pennffylvania, ar.d T^T*J-J f O "l_ J Hit of SiiLbad The latest Jolson joy song m'joboB's jolliest vein. Wait till you bear him sing "We'll raise a lot of cows an' chicken* ah' ducks--'n' everything.'" Then yoo'lj know why this song was'the hjt of "Sinbad," Jolson's great Winter Garden success. ^Whatever else you buy, don't miss this record ' A2519--75e Van and Sctenck Jb The denture, recorded In the Reco-rtfer'* Ot- fice of Ka.yetl* Co unity. In r«ed Book 312, page 30, eic. RelRlon be,!i\s there- had will more fully and at l*rR:« appoa r. On "wiMeh 1» «eotod a twx»-fftory frame dwelHne 1 house, conHalninK 'six rOOTTW. SetJtifl and taken in execution itg the ·openty of the dafendaat, Ja".n O. Clark, a.t the suit of Che Lebanon "Va4- ley(Sn,vinffs ft Loa^ Assoclc-tion, a. corporation. T. H. Hudoon, A/t-torney. Lwr. Fac-.-No. -10, June Trcn, 101R 9ur Jud'Krnent No. 501. J n n e Term. 103H, -Clark H»gertr, AJ»lffnR, v«. A. M. E. 7A.on Ohuroh of Unlontown, Pennsylva nJa. All bhe riffht. title, Interest and claJm of the deCeirda^iit In and to aJl that certain piece or parcel of land »it- aat'e in t-he FourCh Wanl (formerly Lh« S«xwl "Ward) of the Oiv.y otf Union- to*Tfn. Fayetta county. Ptmnsylvsinla, fronting 32 feet, more or loaa. on 'Sat Main Street (fcnrmorly t-he National PIk«), and rurrnJnE 1 baoh. pTeservlnB 1 the same widith, 60. feet, n»re or 3e»s. Being the same land Which wo* conveyed to the tr«wtce-a of toe A. M. E. 21 o n Qn-urch, and tti e ir successors I n ofEtcc, by rtcirl of i itWfler, doe«J k-now-n as Lot Ko. 4" in.plan af lota laid out by the Lenox heirs, and more par- ttouKirly bounded and dosonlbed 0.3 foJ- low»: Bos-inipig- at a point on t h e . !3ou*tb »kle of M41IvJ*w Street and corner of Lot No. 46; thence aJons the Uae ot · aald Lot No. -40 Sbu-th 23 dOBrctva 83 · minutes "West one hundred fifteen i!H5) f*et io a foi*rtefcn foot alley; t-he-nce alonff sold alley South 6C deffreos- 27 ralnulea East forty C40) feet to corner of Lot No. 4S: thence alon-gr the Who of LfOt No. 48 North 25 degree* 33 .nrin- utes East one hundred ftfttetn 1113) i alon-s said MIlSTdaw Street N'ort-i 6T (l«.«reea 27 nrfnnle* "West forty £40) t«et to io place of* beg-inrrfag, con-talnins forty- six hundred C-**00) sfro*re feet ^ yrxi can enjoy the clever harmonics of these popular vaudeville stars in your own home. They start with two splendid numbers on one record. "My mind's made up to marry Carolina," and "In the L-. - O' Yamo Yamo/' A2S21-- 75c Char to tie F. Nutt to JosIaJi V. Tho-mip- j t«tt to HlJvIew .Street; son, d*ted April 28, 3896, and reco-rded sa ld MiUvtew Street Nor: In I««d Book 144; a*re 446. ' It bedngr Lhe s*m^ premlacs wiiIch Steve Kacar and An*ile Kacur, his wife, by Indenture bearing" daj.e, the 2lat day of January. A. D., 1011, for the corwM- eration therein men-Hned, ^Id grani and confirra unto John O. Clark, party hereto, his helra and amigns forever, aK in and by the-q*Ud in port recited In- thereoiit and therWrom a.II the nine foot or" ConneilsvHle vdn of coal, ;-nln- fortb Jn deed C JAmea Lenox, tt UT, et al to J. V. ThoiwpaBOfl. January IS, 1002, recorded in Deed Book 2S8, jaup« 86, Belnjf the saunc prtsm3»ei convftyed by ded 'of Gebriire F. Lc«lie et ua: to Wfllrla.m B. W'HrETfcw. da-ted January IT. 1012, and recorded In leod Book ... Volume .-. iQ*e - - . There i* eroctofl upop Wie above described lot n. rwo'-irtwrr frame dTTelUn-sr houae and a frame sb-ed. SedKOpd said taken in execa-tlon as Uie property of tbe d-efe-ndamt at tbe aoilt ctf Ir, J. F. Coean. wnv for Uie use ot N. E. Car-wood, April 27, I860, and recorded in tbe lle- sylvanla, in Deed BooX, Volume 28, I page 2C3, and by deed at Joseph Denson and irtle, Ja4eiJ F^cury 24, 1SS7. and recorded In the Recordor'-s Office of Fayette Cc'onty, Pennsylvania, in Deed Book, Volume 11. pasre 072. Seizpd and taken in execution ae the property of t*« defendAnd xt the suit of Clark Ilafferty, Asslg-nec, · A, P. Austin, Attorney. I*ev. Fac, No. 48, June Term, 1938. Sur. Judffment N'o. -f^S, Maroh Term,. 101 B. BHza Smith, for use of Patti S. Ka4nv vs. Peter A. Johns. AH the ri^hl, title, Irvtret and. claim of fche d*fenda.n-t In and to aJl that cer- tatn lot or parcel o-f ground situate on Uie norttvwefrt side of Mit. Vernon ATC* hue In the Borough (now .OKy) of XJn- lohtxTTvn, fi'ayctAe County, PonneylvaiUa., bounded and de»=ribesi us follows: BeffinnJr.g- on saltl efcle of aa-Id avenue fi-t the intersection therewith ol ti* soutnVwt lln* 6C a twelve foot alley, nnd running thence alonp said aide of ?*aid alley North 40 1-t dcsrcea West 14.*) feet, more or less, to a t£3n-foo.t alley; tlicnc« alonp said ten-foot alloy , to J#mes f ° Sterling, Hig-bce fe Mn.theT»-s, Attys. Jn the Court 0* Ci»r*mi:; · Flens of Payette County,, Pennsylvania. Fi. Fa. ·43, June .Term, 1018. · 9ur Judgment No. 249, June Term. 1018. Il-a W. Fa»t and Alien J. Fast, Ad- mJnlatrators of Jooffb Corer, Deceased, ~rm. S. C. Cover. All Uie rlgiit, title, lnt**rcst and claim of the defendant, S. C. Cover, being an undivided one-thirteenth in and to all those two certain tracts of la,r,d situate In Nicholson Tofwrnthlp, County, Pennaylvan^a, bounded and described as that certain lot of commurilUes froin^ more distaTit mines,: ground situate In Connellavine To-wn- or farm labor which does other work most -oC. the time. "The wagon mine with. Its wagon delivery occupies the same -position In onr presenteconomy as do the new rural express routes which the government Is trying to encourage. It helps tafce the strain off the transportation system. .That, in itself, has great merit." Dunbar. rrUNBAK, May 9.--«. D. Lowe of Pittsburg, iras,i business caller Wednesday. , C. B. Holt of Unjontovn, Was trims- actiDg husiness here yesterday. J. JI. Witt of Union town, vas lopk- ms After business interests here Wednesday. . . Warne Kankln, John Kane; John Kerwin and Milton Baker were Con- ntllsTille callers Wednesday evening. G*orge S. Gray of Alto ana,' is'spend- lag a few days here »t his home above the Dunbar furnace'. Michael Bender of Camp Ogle- tborp* t la TisitinR ai parents OIL Syeer's Bill for a few days. D. M. Laughter of Greens burg, was * boslztN* caller here ye»«ra*y. Jin. Fred Keams was shopping W«dn«wfcy in ConneLUrille. Pennsylvania, aa follows: bounded and described small-mines- are worth saving. [Alp, Couniy of Fayette and State of "It is contendel in some quarters thai the labor" employed on wagon mines would go 'to 1 rail "mines. This Js probably not true, since it. is local On the "We* t by Sycamore Street fifty the. North by land o£ (50) feet; James Richey (85) feet; on the Boat by lands of Jroes Rk=ney fifty (50) I*et: on th o.f isnac Splker Sdfetti by . -five. (S5) feet; being". Lot No. 17 in Painter"* Plan of Lots, ton-ether wJth church bujldtn^s and ap-pwlennnceji . thereunto belon«r- Iny. Beinir t*« «me Jot of ground a« conveyed by Frederick S. Oh*] rant, of .Kayette First:--Beg-Innlng- at a stake ]n line of lands ot Ira "W. Fact; thence North SO decrees West 201,3 feet alone a- public rood to a stone; thence by Ia,nd of Jason Woolc«y South 58 deerrces and 54 1-2' rorfmatdi "We^t I,tl8.2ft feet to K §rra-ve atone; thence by same South 1 degree and 10 tniirata "West 14SX. fact to a post; tbence by land of W. HI Sohroy-er Soith 2 degrees anl 5 ml note* Wesrt 1103 feet to a *take; by same North 82 degreea a-nd 43 minutes Eas-t 588.4. feM to a atone In Jdn or land oi Sunu«l Cover 1 3 helm; thence by sa-id Cover ht*tm and Ira W. Fast North 6 degree* and 13 minutes Saat 13S2.5 feet to a white oak; th-ebce by land of Ira W. Faat Norbh 22 dogre*« and 52 ceased; tilietice'by said lot No. 3 Smith 41 l-t degrees Eas.1 1-15 feet more or less, to said Stt. Vernon Aveiure. and Miencc along- said avenue North 49 ,")-·» degree* Ea»t 48 faeit to th^e piece of be- Klnn-ln^r, contaJniny 6950 square feet, more or 1»3, . br-lirg Lot No. 4 !n thc plan of ltt« aforeealtl. on "w.hlcli Is ( erected a large brick dnrftlUng 1 and oui- j bulldln^a. ' j Seized awl taken in execution a« toe [ property of the defendant a± the suit of E. Kahie. Levinsky-'s Made A New Wedding Record ! Here's tiie new Levinsky wedding record that everyone's been waiting for. And it's well worth the waiting. A whirlwind of laughter, from whim-J sical start to the farcical finish when Levinsky bests! the fighting Irishman by a strategic retreat over the furniture. A2366-750, at jus y. Jtf. C. J. tr K*is* »J Cvxethu *«, Lafayette (Wo Hear You CalHng) \U Abowrd for Home, Sweefc Home Sweet E«3»£lraa, My Gal One-step Graveyard Blues Reed Miller Arthur Fields Ear! Fuller's Rector Novelty Orchestra Prifloe's Orchestra Prince's Band Records en Sa/a the lOtk aad 20th of Every Month Medley of Old Wahz Songs-- Part I Medley o£ Old Walta Songs-- Part n Au ftavolr, Not Good-bye One-step Just « Lntie Cottage New \ 75o fA2523 \ 75c (A6035 \ $1.25 A6Q37 Hijrh Sheriff of .Kayette County, to James Rtehey br deed, dated th« 24th ! mtoatea Saat 1398.4 feet to th« place day of March. Iti9~7, and recorded I n tfh* j of Jxvdnnln^r, containing 53.37 acres. ~ ~ :cept1aiff and reserving 1 tho PJtt«- or nine foot, vein o* octal, Prothoriotary 1 * OJTlc* of Faye-tte Ooun- tr, PtnnsylTfcnla. in x«rifr» Ieecl BooX, Volums 4, pajre 1ST. Third:--All that certain lo.t or. piece of la.nd situate .and In.tbe TOWTI- shdp of Connetlsvine, County of Fayette and State of PennaylvanLa, bouno- ed and described as 'foHonrs, to-\rtt: Said lot .known a* pttrt of Lot No. SO In Canrpbell Addition, f-rorrtlng- on the South aide of Marietta Street .forty (40) feet and running: back referring the sa-me width one huiwifed and fw«n.ty ,(12Q feet to SpHnr- Aller. and beln« ' part , of .-the ,9ame premise* ' that "WAS conveyed by Margnre-t Roibbln« and StPpfie'n B.. her Ml abend, to Jwmee Rlchey by de«d dat**' the !(h;h d»T of ·February, 19OO, and recorded in Deed Book 294, ^Hi«e 20. . property of ttie defendant at -tb« wit of Patterson. H. O. M«y, In the Ooiwt of C\tnn»n Fmrette Cooirty. Pennsylvania. No. 33, June Term, '1*18. . Judgment Ho. 161, December Tertn, 1917, Lebanon Valley Savings Ix«n As- soclatlon, a Corporation, vs. John O. Clarlc, . · · - · - . . · , · · . : · . aippurtenantt mdnin-gr rlffhrta, heretofore conveyd to FVa-ncis Roclcs, On the Mild tract of land are erected a d'Wen-lng' house, bam or ^tpi^le, and other outbulldtngw. Und*rlylnif the Mtfd tract of land ia afcout forty (40) .Acres of the thin vein. of. oo*l overlylnc'' the, said nine foot ,Teln. Second:--Be^rm*n* art. a po*t in line o* IfcJtii ot W. H. SeJhToycr; thence by MUd Schroy«r's land No nth S3 degrees and 22 mlnoto* . JGut 1072.5 feet to . a post; thence by came South 16 decree* and 8 tnlnutea Ba*t 495 feet to a post; thence by come Sou-th 81 dftgrea and 30 ixfeutte* Wt*t 1362^ fe»t to a sta-k-e; thence by name North IT degrees and 23 ndmite* East 584.1 feet to the p^lace of bee^nnjng 1 , containing" 14.41 acres. Excepting and reserving: the Pitts- or .nine loot vein of coal, with void to Francto Rochs. S*rfzed and taken In execution as th? property o-t S. C. Cover at the salt of Ira W. Fast and Al-len. J.-Paet, .Admiln IMnttora of Jacob Cover, deceased. . "W. Hnderion; Attorney. Alias.FL F*. No. 44, June. Term, 1918. "W. J, JoJinson, A."tjtorine7. In tbe Court of Common neas ol FayLte County, Pen-n^ylvanla. No. :iOO, Jpne Term, 191S. Ki, Fa."No. 51, June T«f m, 101S, E. Dl Vivian D. Johnson vs. John O. Clark and Harry N. Mitchell. Vi*4an D. Johnson vs. Jofcn O. Clark anti Harry K AI-UoheM. PI, Fa. No. 51, JUTIB Term, 1018. Sur Judgment No. 300, June Term, 1018. Ail the risii.t. title, Interest and cJai'm of, the dcfend*n*s in and to all that certain lot or jiece of land situate in the CKy of Union-town, Fayette County, _ PenneylTania, bounded, and de- ·oribefi an folto-ws, to-wlt: Frbh-WTig 1 60 feet on "Walnut Street and running tank tfie same width 1T.O feet to an alley, and is bounded on the east by an alley and on tfhe west by Lot No. D8; beintrlot No. BT an the plan o-f lof laid out by IvroClelland, Playford and Boyle, which plan la recorded 1n ttie Becorder'a Office · · ot Fayotte County, In Blan Book Mo. 1, page 25, upon vnhieh nsutd lot there are erected, two frame d-welllnsr, bouses, -with bafth room and other modern Cwuveniencofa ^Txcc^tinE nnd. reserv^iTjf, tiove'Vcr, therout and therefrom aK r».e PItte- burg-it or River vein of coal underfyln'gr aaid lot, irtth all mining ri^hta. ^Selced -and taken. In execution aa the property of John 6. Clark at the suit of Vivian D. Jonn*on. R. M. CiwroH. Attorney. . FL.Fa. No. 52, Juno Term, iOlS, E. 1. Sur Judgment No. 450, Mahsfl Tern,, 1918. / John H. Clark, vs. J-IlsOn tousna«. All the Tight, ttble, Intereat.and claim of the defendant In and to aM tb»t cer- taJn'lot b g-r-ound Jn Un-ion Boroirgrh (now the City of Unionttmn). Payotte Connty, PCTJnieylvanift, boundbd a.nd de- aoptbed as follows: Beginning 1 on Fayette Street irheri* lot of Jam3 Win-terljoatom j earners; thence with said "W-interiboatom's lo-t Northrward-sixty-two feet and si* Inches to the corner of property owned by ·the heiiro of John Webatec; thence Westward by lots of said Webster heirs, John A. Modlsette, and Josph Jackson, one hundred thirt-«Rlvt lee-u or thereabouts to t-be sputhfwe«t corner ..of. said Jackaon's lot and a ten-foot alley; thence alone said alley one hundred forty-three feat or'thereabouts to aloiLg- sa-Id s-treet sixty led lo Uie p-lace o-f beginning 1 . Bein£ the same lot of land conveyed to tlie s^s-l-d J-Uson Douglass by deed of Jamoa .-?. Wiinterbottom | and wife, dated, thi*. .. .day of , 187G, and recorded in D^ed Book. Vo-l- , uime JOS, pag-o 448. i Kxcoptinff arvd rcservine'i howeve-r, ' thereout and tfi-crefro-m all the nine foot vein of coal known aa the Con- neMavlllo coking coal a:id all coal in and. underlying t-he sa/id, nJne foot vein of coA.1, wcgether fvtvth the ntinine" rlfir-hts aa fully sat forth in d-jod of Uie said JHson Doug-las to the H. C. Prick Coke coimpany, dated April 2-1, ISiKi, u n d recorded In Deed 'Book 142, pa^e 344. Upon the above describe:! prcvm;^s are erected n. frame dveilin-g 1 house tinu otnor. ou.Vbxilldlns'S. 'SeJiid apd lahen in esecuttion as the property of tbe aefcndanl aL the siwt ot John H. Clark. Tt. M. Can-evil, Attorney. In the Court "of Cons n on Pleas of County, Pommylvan-:?i. No. ' 307 J u n o Term. I91S. F!. F;i. Ko. iW. ! June Term', 3918. · ' j All the rlgfc.t, title. Interest a,n^l clo-im j of the defendant In an-d to all liliat c*'r- j tain iot or piece of lund sniuue :n Lhc- SMjjht-h Ward (formerly Lh§ Third \Vaird), of the City of UnJon-town ( f o r ( morly tl:e Borousli of Unlon.toivn) Fay- ( ette County, Pennsylvania, on -TIC soint'.i side o-f a ptreet laid out by George A. McCormick and known as Dunkai'd Avenue, siid lot bein-f? marked No. 1-1 in plan of lots iadd out. and. is t h i r t y - thj-QG 3.'i) fee-t frotit on sold avenue, and extends back tho same "width aboiil etehty-»ii and one-haJ.f (SO T-2) fee", "to a ten (10) foot a.lley on t2ie South, and ds bounded on tfie ?Jortfi or from by said avenue, on the 33a«t by rxt No. 10 anJ on the West by Lot No. 1J. ' Excepting and resen'-Jne', however, thereout and therefrom the coal and minerals undeo-lydng- sa-Id iot, together with the rig-hit to mine, extract and dispose, oC the whale of j-^.-.-. coal ana minerate, the sanre hav-ins previously been scrid. Being the same lot of land conveyed to .the said-Jo-hn O. Clark uy deed or EJlln H. McClelland and tvafe. dated March 27, 3DU, recordea in the Recorder's CMTfcc of FXaytte County, Pennsylvania, jn Deed Boole, Volume 312. page 228. Upun Die above descrrbed lot of land is erected a good fou'r-roo-m. Cmme diwoilinB 1 house. 'Seized and taken in execution as the property o-f the defenrtant at th,e silli of Thomas Bro-wnfield, Caso 1T2^--School teacher; Residence--Kett- ttieky; ceverc operation; left her weak, anae* mic, nervous; 1 lo-w vitality. Physician r«cora- ^^ mended Bio-feren. Two \7«eke' · treatment ^·^ chowpd remarkable improvement Doctor reported, "Bio-fsren had doue wonders for her."* Another case--Pennsylvania!!, reports: "I have taken about one-half ot the Blo-feren p«Ilats and mut confees that I fe«l like ne-w." A Kentuckian woman says: "I have taken Blo-feren regularly and feefr, much benefited, I can us« my antiB much better. However, can not ffet mr hands to my head aufllciontiy to comb i;iy bair, but 1 feel thai 1 -will BOOH fc* able to do thaL" .' Ton -wont the vigorous h«ilt;i and ruddy beauty that Is dependent ou otrenyth. nen'ea and rod blood. Everybody does. Head those reports above, a^aln. You. too, if you are dracsed down, in health and strength because at cvei-work, worrj-, nerres, and similar causes can rebuild your nejilth and strength with Bio-fercn. 2t is not a stimulant. It is a builder--a builder o] better hnaKh. Bio-feren contains some of ths beat ingredients Irnown to the medical v-or!d. and Js indicated Tor the t r e a t m e n t uf run-down condition.* due to overwork, worrj*. anaemlu. melmichulhi, nerrous debility, debility followlnm 'Infectious dlstfascs. convalenconce from acute fevers, eie. There Is no Bocret nor mystery about Blo-feren. Every package show* the elements It contains. Ask your physician ubout It, or have him writ* nd -wa -will eend him comnlete formula. And don't forget ihut B:-o-foren ia sold only on condition that you will' return the empty paclcsg-c' arid allow uu to refund your purchase price If, for- R^iy reason, you are not lully satisfied. Please bear that in mind for'Jt !»· very Important. ^ : .31o-r«ren sella at Jl.OO Jar a large pnckaffe. Tour dropplat can supply; you or we will send It diract upon receipt oi ?1.QO; six packag** lor J6.8V ^houia you havo wiy trouble In securing it. The Sanumcl RernedleB Company, Masoaic Tcmlc, Cincinnati, Ohio, Leonard Younkln, Attorn-eys. FI. Fa. No. 54. June Term, IQiS. Sur. Judffment No. 16, March Term, 1017. Archie Crenelle vs. Mrs. Lottie Chuck and J.- "W. Chuck/ All the riffht. title, interest and ckiim of tbe d e f e n d a n t s in nnd tc all that ; certain pitye, ptircnl or i:-:u-l of l a n d ; situtUO In Utc Borough «f OldoivyU', Fayotte Couniy, 1'ennsr ^ tin la. nnd . nwrc ;iarticul«.rty bounded nnd dc- j sorted as {oHo\v»: i Aill of lot Number Twelve 12) situ | a-tc In Hie Borousti of L^.:OP."JC, fur- ' mc-rly Fulls City, Fayette County, P e n n - ] s1van-ia, on the north Hide of "on^li : ' lORlieny River. Sctwl lot rromtng 1 fifty (50) feet oh the nort!: stde of Oarrcu Street and running back north-ward and ! at rlg-ht angles thereto one hundTCti ; eighty-four (1S4) feot to a twenty ( 2 0 ) j foot alley, and bounded on Uie west, by : lot noiv or formerly oi Thomas TOiorj'Q, and on Hie east by lot now or foi-m.-rly of H. Sr-McCrum. being: the same con- j veyed to J. W. Ghuck by Alexander H 1 . Couehanour et ux, by deed da-ted cho aoth day ol August. 1S97, and recorded !n the ncM? C o u n t y in ·5 Office of FayetU Hook, Volume ICti, ·% ·freiKcd astvl ta'rtvn in esccutioa as th* jrujjer-t.y of Llic (JefendanU! at the stilt of Aroiiiy Greud]o. CondliioiiK of Sale--Ten per cent, of the purchase' nvoney, or a sufficient amount lo pay all costs, if the 10 per cent i.s- not enough, shall be paid to the Sheriff when the property Is stricken off. Otherwise the property will b*5 sold aprain the following 1 Monday at t*: expense and risk of the person to; whom it wan struck oft. who !n case of. dftfliiiciicy in such rct*alp, shall^make zuod the Ha me, the balance of the purchase money must b(* paid before "Wednesday of the first week of June Court 193S, the day of acknowledgment of Sheriff deeds. THOMAS I* HOWAKb. Sheriff. I

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