The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 21, 1938 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 21, 1938
Page 8
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THE DAILY COURIER, : CONNELLSVTL,t,E, PA. FRIDAY, JANUARY 21, 1038. T Notes of Farm V'.": ~-~. And jHome ,, , Prepared by- R: E. Carter, Farm Agent; Mtss Mary Anderson. Home Economics Representative. WINTER CULLING OF - - SO ME BIRDS NEEDED " '.'Most' ol the strains o£ poultry on Pennsylvania farms arc' bred' for "satisfactory egg production but there 'are"-likely to be individual hens in the flocks which do not have the normal egg temperament. Culling is ·the only-course for these birds. ' ···Some'hens may -have on inherited factor called "inter pause" which may cause them to molt for no apparent reason.: If .these, molting birds do not sKow muclVpast-productton -by.".bleached :beakii and. Kli;mK-s, they should" lie' riiiif keled' \vlfen they are in satisfactory marketing condition. . .Internal parisites ma yalso .keep V-ying birds "but of satisfactory'pro- duction". Worming' treatments may help to get-the birds'^ack into production · but in late winter or cnrly. .spring the price of-cggs.may be t ". jng. its seasonal .spring .drop.- Poulr : trymen often find it .more profitable .to cull, these :flocks rigidly, and market the hens for meat beforc/the price -o£..fowls. drops". laterT in : the season.' " GARDENERS SEEK BEST "VARIETIES TO PLANT Home and market gardeners 'ol Fayettc county appreciate' th'c quality of home grown vegetables and look to their local plant grower for '·the best. For carlincss ol maturity and high quality the following list Is selected: Beets: Crosby Egyptian . o r . the early Wonder, . and Detroit .Dark.Red for best quality. Cabbage- Golden Acre, earliest; Copenhagen -Market, early; Early Detroit., one Marion Market, used'.only as necessary to resist the cabbage yellow disease. Kohlrabi: While Vienna Lettuce: Grand Kapids, New York No. 12 or 515, and White Boston Onions: Riverside Sweet Spanish ·Parsley, Moss Curled, (Paramount.) ; A special article on tomato'es-wil .appear next week. ·REDUCE SOIL LOSSES : CAVSED BY EROSION Any good farmer feels pretty badly when he sees his corn and grain fields cut by washes and gullies following an open winter or after any heavy rain. His disposition is ;not improved by having to- plow in ;or work over or, around- these gutters later. · ·', : ..-,'. .·'.v^ · The gullies arc -not 'thVonly loss Every time muddy .water runs off .a field a lot of good soil, goes with it. It may not be missed at flrst, bu it can never be replaced. 'An inch of soil lost from an.'acrov.means rabout 150 tons." If .the'proccss continues the surface soil soon gets'too .shallow for profitable farming. " ; Some soil loss is inevitable if land ;is to be plowed. Washing and gully ,ing can be. reduced, however, .to a 'point where Ithey amount ' t o very "little. This rias been.done, on man; '·farms and'can be doricfon nearly all "It can be'done-with no cash-expensi ·and very-Httle inconvenience. Thi farmer can-do it himself if ho wil ·give the proposition some considers t -Won and study. There are severs ^different ways of going about il BARCLAY ON BRIDGE WRITTEN FOB CENTRAL PRESS B y S h e p a r d B a r c l a y "The Authority on Authorities" BREAKING THE CUSTOM THE USUAL policy calls for laying down the ace and king when your, side has as many as nine trumps. One of the times that this should bo violated Is when your contract would bo' beaten If some one opponent happened to hold three to the queen. In that event, . it can sometimes be better to take a first round Bncsso which loses, but leaves a trump In the dummy \o guard against the defenders picking off too many loscra In a ^articular ault.. : " . .. '.'"*.' 6 » A K Q 1 0 7 3 ' " " Q 9 2 · J 6 5 4 4, 10 7 5 4 4 6 4 3 » A K ' J 1 0 7 5 4 . 4 8 2 . . j^g (Dealer: North. North-South vul ncrable.) This deal came up In a duplicate tournament and, although all South players reached a contract ol 4-Hcart3, they were not all successful In making the contract. . In al! cases the opening lead was the club K, which was won with ·dummy'* A. Wnero the declarer* iplayod. for the drop of the outstanding trumps they were dcfcat- . On the^sccond round of hearts £ost gave a spade-signal and, as t was not safe to start the diamonds with the adverse trump out, a switch was made to apades when .ho heart Q was cashed. Had ihcso declarers tried the 'diamonds Before forcing out the heart Q, West would have trumped the second round and started on spades. The player who made the 'contract, after cashing the club i A, finessed the heart 10, with the idea In mind that If the finesse lost, which It might, he would lose only ' two spades while he still retained one trump In dummy. When the finesse lost, West continued with clubs, as East had received no opportunity to request the switch. · * · Tomorrow's Problem + K Q 3 4 . Q 8 S 2 * J KM 2 V A K J · K J 10 5 " A A87 6 V None 8642 · Q 8 3 2 ~" *A J 1 0 7 5 (Dealer: South. Both .sides vulnerable.) . . What is the correct bidding on this deal? New Red Chief Andrcy A. Andrwr, rctcran Communist official, pictured above, WAS selected as the first president ot the first Parliament of the Soviet -Union.. Only 43, ho -was formerly i commissar ot transportation. _ Morgantown Man Buys Greene County Coal By United Press. WAYNESBURG, Jan. 21.--The sale of 160 acres ot coal land for $40,000 to John L-. Hatfleld of Morgantown and others was announccc today. J. Floyd Garlow of Morgantown sold the Pittsburg vein in Dunkarc township, Greene county, at a price of $250 per acre. The coal is situated close to the vein being developed at Bobtown by the Shanno- pin Coal Company, a Jones Laughlin Steel Company subsidiary Educator Takes Office. HARRISBURG. Jan. 21.--Dr. Clarence E. Ackley has been sworn in as deputy superintendent of public instruction. Former director ol the bureau oC administration and finance Dr. Aclclcy succeeds Dr. Gerald W Whitney who resigned to become associate superintendent of the Pittsburgh public schools. Most o£ them:are not new but have been worked out long ago and successfully used for years by practical farmers. '. Extension Circular 191, ot the: Pennsylvania State College, entitled i "Reducing Erosion Losses on Perm-; sylvania Farms," shows pictures of how some farmers have attacked the problem and explains practices which any farmer can use to help prevent this ever present annoyance and loss. The Curtain Falls Sandra Ncal (above) left Chicago for Broadway to seek fame as a dancer. Sho found disillusionment, and finally death. She took poison in the midst of the lights and laughter of a gay Broadway restaurant, land died before physicians could aid her. Central Prc* Fines Paid With Stamps. SAN JOSE, Cal., Jan. 21.--The traffic court thinks Lawrence W. Phillips has two bad habits. One is speeding nnd the other is remitting his fines by mail in postage stomps Once he sent $2.10 worth and the second time $2 worth. Alibis Do Not Stop Skidding Auto While . Simple Rules Help Most automobile drivers lay the fault for skidding on the ice or snow or wet or oily roads or on loose Bravel. But these arc only alibis. Try these suggestions made by the National Sufety Council: 1. On any slippery roadway, travel at a moderate speed with extreme caution. 2. Reduce speed slowly; always slow down before you wish to stop 1 turn. 3. Keep brakes adjusted and equalized. Never slam them on suddenly under bad road conditions. 1. Tires grip the road better if inflated moderately; hard tires skid more easily, 5. Chains may help to stop « skid II you drive with care; but chains cannot stop skidding' if you drive recklessly. 6.--Avoid wet or icy car rails; cross at a wide angle. 7. Keep out of ruts in mud, or ice, or snow. 8. If you do skid do not instantly slam on the brakes in a panic. Release the throttle but leave cluth en- gogod so that the cnRine will help to slow your car. Touch brakes lightly, alternately exert a little pressure and.release them and turn the steering wheel in the direction of the skid. Stonewall Brlgadcman Dies. WINCHESTER, Va., Jan. 21.--Veteran of the Stonewall Brigade, Daniel F. Miller, who would have been 100 in May, died at Memorial Hospital. His death leaves only one survivor of the famous Confederate brigade, George W. Dcllinger, 92. SALE Step lively if you would slinrc in the big savings on llicse iwlify shoes. 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I'lionc 42 1938 .RADIO C H E C K T H E S E F E A T U R E S · "Robot" Oiol · Electric Automatic Tuning « Personalized Aeoostlc Adaptor · local Station Indicator* · Electric Target Tuning · Voico-Muiie-Hi-Fidolity Control « Split-Socond Rclocator · Metagla* Tubes m 1 ZENITH 6S229-- American and Foreign Broadcatta, 6" Sp«akor, Foiclijn Slslion Relocalor. Local Station Indicator!. (540-16,400 K. C.X IB J« *j ,, O C i n c h « » a f i l f l . y D htgh.^_ ,, tt it · Connellsviile NORGE Appliance Co. 404 W. Crawford Avenue. PJiono 1501. Values FRIDAY and SATURDAY ·V Rumford Baking Powder FOR SUCCESSFUL BAKING Mission Peaches HALVES IN THICK SYRUP Standard Corn CALEDONIA BRAND Early Bloom Peas CREAM THEM FOR DINNER Stringless Beans CUT GREEN Del Monte Grapefruit FANCY SLICED House of Lord's Tea £ RKAL TKA FLAVOR USCO Pork Beans IN TOMATO SAUCE USCO Chili Sauce ADDS EXTRA FLAVOR Fri. CHOICE MEATS Sat. * a ° n " No. can 13c 17 c Qc No. 2 can 2 Xo * 19r " cans l*f\f No 2 can Navy Beans ECONOMICAL MEAL Puffed Wheat POPULAR CEREAL. N. B. C. Cookies VIS-O-PAK Chocolate Poms N. B. C. CAKES Choice Apricots THEY'RE GOOD No. Z can Ib. 20c Pork Loin Whol-. Half and Knd Cuts CENTER CUT CHOI'S He LB. Pork Burts Ib. 20c Good With Kraut Cooked Salami Ib. 22c I'opulir Cold Cut Sausage Ib. 19c Link or Country Style Jumbo Bologna Ib. 16c Slice It for SandwichTM Frankfurters Ib. 18c Fconomlral » n l Papular Long Bologna Ib. 16c Tasty Flavor Brick Cheese Ib. 22c \\7ioloomr, Drliclouj Salt Pork Ib. 15c Economical 1'ork Cut Bacon Ib. 24c Drlrd Cured IlJCon Loin Steak lb. 30c Tender. Juicy Round Steak Ib. 26c Branded Bcrf Rib Roast Ib. 25c Government Inspected 15c Minute Tapioca MAKE A PUDDING LI" 22c USCO Milk FOR TABLE OR COOKING 2 in 1 Shoe Polish BLACK OR TAN Boraxo , *;" REMOVES DIRT PROM HANDS Fri. FRESH PRODUCE Sat. !i-I.B. r-KG. 41c 2 1G "· 1 1 r *· cans 11C Ifr" 15c 2 ""· 9c 2 pkss 19c PI*. 14c 19c 19c 8-0*. 10- pits'* A *-l V 3 J± 20c Ib. Ib. I4c USCO Coffee 3 ibs. 45c FRESH ROASTED. LU. ISc Bisquick large Pkg. 29c FOR QUICK BISCUITS PaSmoSive Soap cake KIND TO SKIN Super Suds 2 pkgs. 37c CONCENTRATED Oranges, 216's doz. 24c California--Juicy Grapefruit, 80's . 3 for 13c Wholesome and Delicious Tangerines, 144's ..."doz. 15c Fine Flavor--Juicy Apples 10 Ibs. 18c Home Beauty Baldwin. Bushel 73c Bananas 5 Ibs. 25c Healthful Fruit Cabbage .*. Ib. 5c New--Solid Head Celery stalk lOc Crisp and Tender Lettuce 2 heads 19c Icebers--Crisp Onions 10 Ib. bag 31 c Yellow Sweet Potatoes 5 Ibs. 19c U. S. No. 1 Jersey Turnips Ib. 4c Washed--Solid Celery Salt McCOKJHICK'S BEE BRAND McCormick's Mace HEE BRAND Laundry Soap OCTAGON bottle .9c " uv Toilet Soap OCTAGON Scouring Cleanser OCTAGON Soap Powder OCTAGON Soap Chips OCTAGON Super Suds FOK CLOTHES OR DISHES Granulated Soap OCTAGON lOc 10 bars 43c 3 cakcs 14c 2 2 small Q pkcs. ·?*" Z Large Pkgs. 29c 2 small -I Q pk B s. JL yc 2 Large 1'kRS. 39c 2 large vkcs. pkgs. Small USCO Rolled Oats REGULAR OR QUICK. Rockwood Chocolate FOR CANDY Oil CAKE ICINGS Sunsweet Raisins SEEDLESS Jsll-O Freezing Mix EASY FAST DESSERT PREPARATION French Dressing KRAFT'S--FINE FLAVOR Heinz Macaroni IN TOMATO SAUCE Heinz Rice Flakes POPULAR BREAKFAST CEREAL USCO Vinegar FOR SALADS. EIC. larjrc Dkg. 17 c ,'k He X' IS-oz. pkff 9c 2 Bottles 1 9C 2 V; n T 25c 2 pkKS 39c Blue Label Karo Syrup A T T TTTnir\ClT t t V I T l l » ALL PURPOSE SYRUP 111 No. 3 can 12c 23c

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