The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 2, 1939 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 2, 1939
Page 2
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PAGE TWO. f HE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVTLI/E, PA. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 103S. By LY^JKE B. KIKCELL Laura Florence Walker ' PIANIST TO CIVET , .. , i , COXCEIIT AT SETON HILL Ot ScOttdale M a r r i e d I Suscha Gorodmtzky, one of the - outstanding younger pianisti cf the Mr. and Mrs. John H. Walker of day, will present u conceit in Ceci- 309 Homestead avenue, Scottdalc, lian Hall it Scton Hill College on Satmrlay evening, February 4, at 8 announce the marriage of their duusthcr, Miss Laura Florence o'clock. Walker, to Theodore W. Baker, son | A Russian by birth, Mr. Goiodmt- of George W. Baker ol Boswcll. The j zki was brought to America dui ing BARCLAY ON B R I D G E B y S h e p a r d B a r c l a y "The Authority on Authorities" ceremony took place at 7 o'clock . Saturday night at the parsonage oi the Scotldale Methodist Episcopal Church. Rev. 3. E. Lutes officiated, The bride, unattended, wore an ensemble of gray with matching ac- infancy and has b'uchod mus::: hero since he was five years old, first under the dhcc'.ion of his mother, then at tl-e Institute of Musical Art, New York, then at the JulHnid Foundation on ii competitive scholarship. A. DENIAL OF STRENGTH FOLLOWING AK Informative or takeout double of your partner's opening suit bid, there is no need for you to bid if your hand is strong. Either redouble to tell your partner about your strength, or else pass and let the opponents bid themselves trouble. If they do not happen to bid something you can double, then you can coma in with your own bid. Your having passed in the first place tells your partner you WQCO pretty strong, and had no reason for sticking in a bid on your first turn to try to keep the opponents out of a winning contract. (Several years ago ho was appointed An .nformal reception and buffet to a professorship at Julliaid. be- supper ^tt the home of the bride- - coming ore of the youngest members groom's uncle and aunt, Mr. and ever on the teaching staff. Since his Mrs. C. A. Briggs, Loucks avenue, Fcottdalc, supplemented the ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. Baker will reside in High Street, Scottdale, where the "former is employed by the Briggs 'Lumber Company. 'Sonata in C 'Sonotn in G SIRS. FLORA STIRPA GIVES REPORT OP CONFERENCE The regular meeting ol the Ladies' Auxiliary to Walter E. Brown Post of Veterans of Foreign Wat-s, held Wednesday night at V. F. W. Homo, v/as featured by an interesting re- 'port of the 14th annual woman's Patriotic Confc-ence he'd in Washington, D. C, Mrs. Flora Stirpa, piesidcr.t o£ the auxiliary, submitted the report. Mrs. Slirpa is planning to visit auxiliaries in Fayeite county j DEPARTMENT HEAD IS GUEST in the near future to give an account j QF TRI-COUNTY COUNCIL of tho-conJcrenco. " i Mrs. James B. Casey ot Philaclol- _ Mrs. Myrtle OrndorfT, who has been I ph i a , department president rt the ill, was reported to be improved. It I American Legion Auxiliary, was debut in Carnegie Hall seven seasons ago with the New Yoik Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, he has climbed 10 the highest rung of Die musical ladder. Unlike a number of musicians who believe trat active sports destroy the delicate coordinating muscles of the musician'; hands, Mr. Gorodmtzky is a star ternis player. The program to be given ol Scion Hill Collfge includes Minor," by Scarlatti, Minor," by Schumann, Variations and Fugue on a Theme of Handl by Brahms, and shorter works of Chopin, DeFallfl, Liszt and Lis/t- Busoni. The concert is open to the public. (Dealer: South. Neither side vulnerable.) This deal presented a ease In which the dealer soemod to forget the logic of doubles and ensuing calls. South bid 1-Dlamond, West doubled and North bid 1-Spade, not only to warn his partner ot hla general weakness but to prepare for a possible sacrifice against a threatening: heart g-ame. East passed this nni3 South raised to 2-Spadea. When West and North passed, East cut In Copy/l»ht 19*9, by Kin With 3-Hearts. West raised it a- 4-Hearts and South doubled. After the heart game wo» mada, plus an overtrick, South berated his partner for bidding on such' a weak hand, in the first piaee, 'and for leaving in the double in the second placo. North countered by saving that his bid had warned South that his hand was worthless defensively and that South should not have made a penalty double unless ha could defeat the contract suigle- har.ded. Such arguments will always como up, so long as some players consider that a bid in North's position must show at least about a defensive trick or perhaps a half a chance more, while others treat it as constituting: a definite denial of defensive strength coupled with a guarantee of fair length in the suit named. Tomorrow's Problem A J 2 V A K 7 3 » K 8 A K Q 8 7 A 10 8 5 , « ' 9 6 2 (Dealer: South. Neither side vulnerable.) Why should South not make an opening bid on this deal ? Featurts Sjadkitc, Inc. was announced that Mrs. Anna Dill, u'ho fell on the ice Tuesday evening, was admitted to the Connellsvjlle ."tate Hospital. She suffered a fractured hip and is in a critical eondi- ' lion. The auxiliary voted to hold a cov- ;red-dish supper at 6 o'clock Wednes- _3ay evening, February 15. The reg-i "ular meeting will follow. Mrs. Mar-' garet Pickard. Mrs. Genovieve Wills and Mrs. Sadie Bailor will serve as a committee to plan details for the Slipper. " "any members of the unit will attend the 39th annual banquet of Waller E. Brown Post at 3 o'clock Saturday evening at the First United Brethren Church in Lincoln avenue. COKE MISSION WORKER WILL BE FETED WITH TEA A farewell tea for Miss Josephine Kriz, who has been associated with the Coke Mission for the last nine years, will be held Friday at the parsonage o£ the Asbury Methodist Episcopal Church of Uniontown. Miss Kriz is planning to sail February 10 in answer to a call to foreign mission service in India. The hours for the tea are from 2 to 5 o'clock in the afternoon and from 7:30 to 10 in the evening. A formal commission service for Miss Kriz will be held Sunday afternoon at Asbury Church. Miss Nettie Fisher, conference president, of the Woman's Misisonary Society, Pitts- Urugh, will preside. Miss Elizabeth Lee, Philadelphia branch corresponding secretary, will be the pnncipal speaker and will present the commission. Miss Kriz, known in Connellsville, served as missionary-pastor of the Coke Mission churches at Phillips, Lake Lynn, NiJan and Lambert. FRANK BAWSONS TO MARK GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dawson of Uniontown will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary Friday at their home in South Mount Vernon avenue. They will be "at home" from 2:30 lo 5 o'clock in the afternoon and from 8 to 11 in the evening. Mrs* John Rush, a daughter, will entertain at a dinner Saturday at her home in Mount Vernon avenue, places to bs laid for the immediate members of the family. Mr. and Mrs. Dawson have three children, Harry Dawson of Connellsville, Franklin Dawson o£ Washington, Pa., and Mrs. Hush. .Mrs. Dawson :.s the former Miss Annabelle Doyle. Mr. Dawson, a former mine superintendent in Fayette county, has, been in charge o£ the Union Trust building at Uniontown for a number of years. WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON CLUB MEETS WITH MRS. G. N. WOOD The Wednesday Afternoon Fancywork Club was entertained Wednesday afternoon by Mrs. G. N. Wood at her home in the Ailiiiglon Apartments, South Pittsburg street. Eight members were present, and spent a delightful afternoon at fancywork. At 6 o'clock the hostess served a delicious dinner. Favors were valen- u'es. The evening was given over to games, prizes being received by Mrs. G. N. Durncll, Mrs. J. H. Bitlner, Mrs. W. S. Kurtz, Mrs. E. A. Dunn and Mrs J. B. Kerns. Mrs. Samuel Mong received the guest prize. The club presented Mrs. Wood with a ^Ift in honor of her birthday. The next meeting will be held Wednesday afternoon, February I, at the home of Mrs. Martin King at South Connellsville. among the distinguished guests at the quarterly meeting of the Tri-County Council held Wednesday at the Chnslian Church at Charlcrol. Other guests included Mrs. C. L. Boggs of Pittsburgh, sub-chairman of unora- ployment; Mrs. Arthur Beaver ol Dravosburg, department chairman of membership; Mrs. Cornelius of Pittsburgh, department chairman of radio and publicity, and Mrs. Richardson o f , Pittsburgh, department chairman ot rehab.'lltation. Each gave an instructive talk. Speakers at Ihe luncheon, served at 'Jioon.- were James Wagner past commander and ' president service officer of the American Legion of Charleroi, and C. L. Pollack, superintendent of the Charlcroi schools Mrs. Agnes White sang two numbers and Miss Caroline Cook entertained with two readings. Both- reside at Charleroi. Mrs. Miller W. Cowan,, president, and Mrs. L. S. Robbing, delegate from the local American Legion Auxiliary, were present. The next meeting will be held at Claysvjllc. LEE ETTA LODGK DISCUSSES PLANS FOR UNION MEETING At its regular meeting Wednesday night at the Y. M. C. A., Lee Etta Lodge No. 515, Ladies' Auxilfiry to the B. o£ R. T., discussed plans for a union meeting, at which it will be hostess In the fall, und for the celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary at this time. The auxiliary also arranged for a Valentine party and hobo lunch (o be held in connection with the next meeting Wednesday evening, February 15, The committee; consists of Mrs. Clnra Witt. Mrs. Carrio Smith, Mrs. Cora Whipkey and Mis. Besse Conner. BENEFIT CARD PARTY WILL BE GIVEN AT ELKS HOME A card party to be sponsored by the Christian Mothers, Young Ladies Sodality, the Women's Auxiliary to the Athletic Council and the Court Annanciaia No. 260, Catholic Daughters of America of the Immaculate Conception Church, will be given Wednesday evening, Februjty 15, at Elks Home. Proceeds will be for athletics. Auction, contract bridge, five hundred and other prues will be awarded. Lunch will be served. RAINBOW BOWLERS GUESTS OF MRS. E. S. HIGBEE Mrs. Edw.iid S Higbee entertained thirty members and friends of the Hianbow Bowling League at a bingo p-'irty Tuesday evening at her home in Murphy avenue. Pri?es wire nwaidcd to Mis. J. 3. Chelmey and Miss Eliz.lbeth Phillips. launch was nerved by the hostess, assisted by Mrs. James Chambers, Mrs. Car! Bishop, and Miss Elizabeth Phillips. PAULINE MILLER ELECTED HEAD OF C. II. B. CLUB Meeting Tuesday evening at the .ionic ol Gertrude Milloi, the C. H. B. Club elected the following ofll- ccii,-: Resident, Pauline Miller; vice- president, Dolly Jnnc Dawson; sec- rctiny, Gcilrudc Miller; treasurer, Kaliierine Orbm; social chairman, Mrs. Claience Eulsey. A delicious lunch was served by the hostess. The next meeting will be held at tlie home of Mis. Clarence Eutsey in Cottage avenue. County's Child Problem Related For LINCOLN PROGRAM PLANKED FOR D. OF U. MEETING An Abraham Lincoln program will be given at the regular meeting of Emma B. Tent o[ the Daughters of Union Veterans 1.0 be held at 7.30 o'clock at Elks Hill. Each member is asked to attend and bring a valentine lor an exchange. With Margaret Williams. Margruct Williams will cnteilain the C. I. U. Class of the ' First Methodist Pioteslant C h u i u h Friday mght at her home, 224 Queen street. The social hour Will be featured by a Valentine patty at which members will exchange valentines. The time is 7 o'clock. Will Meet ToniEht. Tiie Anna Dunu-an Misison Circle of ihc First United Presbyterian Church will hold its monthly meeting at V:30 o'clock Friday evening at the home nf MiM W.inda Beighley in West Crav. Cord avenue. Some of the progress made in caring for problem children ill Fayctte county was related yesterday U members of the Kiwanis Club by Miss Frances Machette, secretary of the Child Welfare Bureau. She pointed out that the activities of the oiganization often resulted in keeping those "pioblem" children from becoming delinquents and that about 75 are now living in good i homes as a result of the bureau's in- I vestigntions and placements. The story of the child problem was an interesting one and revealed a phase of important work that as little heard about. The club adopted a resolution, submitted by (he public a/lairs committee, declaring its opposition to the distribution of literature subversive to American interests. A copy will be sent to Kiwnnis headquarters wilh the suggestion thnt it be adopted by all clubs. "Cracliirfc Down" on Vice. UNIONTOWN, Feb. 2.--Union- lovm's recemly reorganized police department pt "cracking down" in no small m, liner on various lorms of vice end crime in the vicinity and Mayor William J. Crow is following through by melmg out stiff sentences in police court. With Delia Mickey. The Entrc Nous Class of the James Cochran Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church of Var.dcrbilt will meet Friday evening at the home o' Miss Delia Mickey, Liberty. Silver Anniversary. Mr and Mrs. George llamo w.ll celebrate their silver wedding anniversary Tuesday, February 7, at their home at MnsonUnv-n. Licensed to Marry. A marriage liconM 1 was issued st Grecnsburs to Walter E, Rudmck ind Agnes, Melago ol Mount Pleasant. A. K. \V. Club to Meet. The A. K. W Club will meet tonight nt the home ot Mrs. J. H. Bowman, 512 Davidson avenue. Struck by Automobile. M.-s. Nellie Connery, 38, ot Lemont, was struck by an automobile driven by Join Fetsco as she was walking along a road near Dunbar. She was taken to Connellsvillc State Hospital Wednesday afternoon but examination failed to disclose any injuries. Dies of Rabbit Fever. CUMBERLAND, Md., Feb. 2.--Victor Turner, 27, WPA worker of Buffalo Mills, Pa., and father o£ three, died in Memorial Hospital Wednesday of tularemia. Berlin Five Beaten. Somerset Township of Friedens -"·aged a strong finish to defeat BE'- lin, 21 to 18, as the defending Class B champions of Somerset countr showed some of Us power. .rawford Tea Room 1I0.1LE 3IADE CAKES Any K i n d of Cake-Any Kind of Icing To be sure of getting the kind of cake you want place your order the previous day. Home Made Pies and Rolls WE STCRVE A SPECIAL Chicken and Waffle Dinner FRIDAY AND SATURDAY EVENINGS 75c OtJtcr Dinners JKroni oOc Convenience plus Quality SALADA TEA-BAGS M Farmington Girl to Wed. Miss Huth Spav, daughter of Mf. and Mrs. Thomas Spaw of Farmington, wDl become the bride ot Frank Matulis of Indiana, Pa., Friday at a church at Indiana, The cerrmony will be followed by B wedding dinner. Quarterly Thank Offcrinfr. The quarterly thank offering, will be held in connection with the regular meeting of Missionary Circle No. 1 of the Firsl Methodist Protestant Church lo be held this evening at the home of Mrs. D. W. Snyder-in East Fayette st-cet.- _;- ,, - . - · - · GREENWOOD CLUB WILL GIVE ANNUAL DINNER The annual dinner of the Greenwood Fancywork Club will be held ,it 0:30 o'clock Tuesday evening at the Crawford Tea Room, South Pittsburg street. Reservations are to be made with Mrs. Samuel Miller, East Crawford avenue. Licensed at Uniontown. Joseph E. Paul and Marie G. Stewart, both of South Connellsvillc, Harry Firlik of Everson and Joan P. Sha! of South Connellsviilc, Bernard Basmsky ot Monarch and Pas- calio Ursine of Mount Braddock and Wendell D. Landman of Lemonl and Evelyn Gettemy of Mount Braddock were licensed to wed at Uniontown. CARD PARTY By American T.eKion Auxiliary, At Ami'rk'Hn Legion Home Monday, February 13, 8:30 F. M, Prizes for Auction Brid/tc, "500" and Other Gamps. Door Prize Tickets VALUE *OOO" NOW $00°» In all out experience of selling washers we're never offered such a value as this. Imagine--buying a beautiful, § teaming white new General iectric Washer, with large clothes capacity of eight pounds, at this record low price J · Don't delay an instant to get yourself this wonderful new -washer and cash in on the big saving. Come to our store today--or phone us for a free demonstration. F E A t U R E S · 8-Pound Capacity. oG-IJ Activator · No Oiling, e rprmadrivc Mechanism · Quid Operation · Gravity Drain · ·I.ovcll Wrinucr eG-E Guarantee Value S89.SJ NOW S59.95 O'ONNElXSVILJj: 107 So. Flltstmrjt Si Phone 1212. UNIONTOWN '·'·! Nn. r.allitin A Plume 15. CLEARANCE SALE Brand New Reg. $2.95 Values A special purchase Spring Rayon Dresses, wide range of new styles,^ plain colors and print. February Clearance REDUCED TO Plain and richiy fur trimmed. Regular and half sizes. A It M en's, Women's Children's Shoes Every Pair Reduced to Gcst and Less Than Cost .49 $1.33 Slip-on $1.64 4 hose 15c Plain and combina- .68 $1.39 CONES BOSS OVERALLS 87c Heavy grade white back blue denim, lull cut. All sizes. 98c BRAVEMAN WORK SHIRTS 64c Blue chambray and oxford. Extra full cut. Two large pockets. All sizes. $5.95 CORDUROY SUITS $2.88 Fine pile corduroy, grey and brown two pieca suits. Sizes 6 to 12. $1.69 NURSES UNIFORMS 89c Pine quality poplin, and broadcloth. Short and long sleeves. White and colors. $1.95 and $2.25 WOMEN'S GLOVES Imported capeskin and French" kid gloves, styles. Sizes 6 to 8. $2.25 CORSELETTES '. Rayon brocaded batiste, lace or swami top, supporters. Sizes to 42. 49c WOOL TOQUES Wool toques for boys and girls, tion school colors. $1.00 AND $1.29 UNION SUITS s Man's "Chalmer's" winter union suits--short or long sleeves. Sizes to 46. 69c FLANNELETTE GOWNS 38c Women's heavy quality flannelette gowns--high neck, long sleeves. 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WASH PRINTS, 3 YDS. 25c Yard wide to 2flc wash prints, light and dark patterns. Fast colors. UNBLEACHED SHEETING, YD. 7c Regular 12c heavy quality unbleached muslin; for all home needs. ITOHE 135 W. C R A W F O R D AVKJS'UE Former W"c«t Term Terminal.

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