The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 10, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, May 10, 1918
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

FWDAY, MAT 10,IMS. THE DAILT COtJRIBR, CONNELLSVILLE. PA. PAGE The C of a Deserter · · ' · Written by a Pnssian Who Participated m the ing and Pillaging of Belgium ions "Ah exclaimed, monv of the ,sol fliers "the «nfr«l staff--Duke M brecht of Wnrtemberg and his friend* * Discontent and murmur 1 ; of rebel lion Tvert through our ranks T:-rer bo1r i^s mad and the ncurbed tor rentlal rafn had no tendeucr to lighten t»ir spirits The* bs»^ directed the ·laughter of thousands and now the\ »oto- awaT said one man whiles e lav fcet« In a moms* m the rain We are fiot considered " M-h«t w« \vere to he a^siyned to do fc*d not yet been told tn V P wen* le j t IrJog in onr «\vnmp until t t n o c'ook that night The troops c nttmied to Bow back In great dfsorganired con Undents Machine gim companies ^nised with eraptr wagons hnvinff lost tn«ir gnns The thundering of the cannon gradually caino nearer from the west. The noise alonj the bighfta%s b«caroe greater and a panic spread ·ddlnc to the horrors of J e nislit I n giclvei wandeced around it\ the dark tte«ts through the streaming rain trying to leud their trtre* *fnd children to iaf'*tr onlv to find death under the wheels of the wagon's The wounded were ilso- mangled b ^cor s pil^on? cries for heIp*T*ere heard everywhere. Undter the strain of tho traffic the road* became badlr broken up and all ·long their *ldes abandoned vehicles of every description lay We *t*rted forward at about three »clock In tbp morning and soon we were with the rear guard. Infantry regiments, now merely fraements of th«ir former strength arrived in a fearful condition The soldiers hart thrown away their knapsacks and *v ary unnecessary article v.hich might be aa Impediment to «peed Before long the first enemv shrapnel bur§t over onr heads which re suited ip an even faster marching. The road used during, the flr^t march contained deep shell holes which were filled ultti water Jin the hravr dark Bps« m*n fell Into fhe^e water hole* Thoroughly drenched i* cortlnuril our march No attention w n paid to obstacle* In the war orer which we were constantly stmnbllng Speed was the only aim Dead men and horses lay In the middle of the road bnt no on- took pains to remove them At dawn we arrived at a little vfl Inge where we halted We toofe po* Mansion and established a* strong n t«nijor«rj d(fense as possible In the ftrof* pprroltted Onr position wos P«J Mbllflhed [Hblnd i ceimterr nail \ew troops continued to nrrhe but all were badly disorganized Cavalry mounted artillery ana m*chlne-gtm detachment? foUowed Hiesa had «*oroe sort of formation nnd while there wav some disorder the panic which iharacter lze«1 the other cnlt? wa* mlfcilng here They al*o showed evidences of having suffered looses but nothing In com jmrlvftx t» ours CHAPTER X euemy*i shelling t« net IK e our gradaally grew stronger but without effect Some houwj caught fire Enaray cavalry p*uote IB strong fore* appeared and disappeared again Ever) thing became Quiet Within trn ralnulec mfcutfrs agarln became llTc-Iy AS large hostle column^ apfrwiehed W* r-'tired SOUK distance without fir ing a *hot The artHlerj took a posi tloa b40ilnd a fflage and began shdt m« th* ap(Hroach*»g enemy A ca\alry patFot gatloped arroa» aa .open field the bor«e9 covered it 1 th fon m We Eue*fd Che aomnander of te patrol tell officer that the eceiay were from all ^ides M e quick Jj left the Tillage Tto* artRIery re- ji«d the ccrairy detachments a position while the tanima trained «KI thp eaem To^nrd Aftrspnel eJiells asain began o^er oar heads, bnt they e« iloded too high in the al/ to do us nnj famine let tins i^erred as a serious enuode? tg ye ttuv the eneiiav kept I?bt OG our freci*; a rcalirjttion of ihlch ra^se/1 our cccrpat tf bcrorne a out The Burober*: who dropped ei musted constaaHy mcrea5ed It wis mpossibJe to rentier then aa% tsstfit ace for there «?re HO nore wag^s lanyif soldiers iif(d their ln*t atom f strenplh t« nrag ihemsHv^ to Uie «i*ie of th* road Others fell where thev were marching 1 to be crushed soon nfterwnrrt under rb* horsp* hoofs nr thp wheels of nnr vehicle thnt might pa** The rout! W»R strewn with equipment thrown awa\ h\ the BO! dier* Onr detachments had long since can aside all unnecessnry impedi menta Jn this wav we proceeded nntll we reached a forest winch mis filled uith fugitives "Manv of they* and stretched some port of cloth from tree to tree as n protection from the rain Plieie they )m men women and children and old men some in Tit^pesiknble mis ery Thi« fugitives camp wns bpread over the forests to the «*dge of the road and as we parsed we could «*ee the furrows woven into their faces b\ the terrible Bufferings tbej had been through They looked at us with wearv and ^nddened- eye* The children begged for breart but w e had none for ourselves even though we were tortured br hunger The enerav 3 shrapnel continued to accompany us Scarcely had we passed through the forest-when shrapnel burnt In It As a conseqa*nce a camp of fugitives, now erposed to trench are was abandoned nnd its number* sought safety in the open fields Hanr tried to accompany ns until the order came forbidding them the road, as their advance bin derpd troop movements The fugitives therefore were forced Into the ruin "naked fields. Toward evening we reached a vll hge which had previously been sacked and here we found some rest The mnvor and two citizens of this village had been seized by the Germans and taken away under cavalry escort. Tntt why this had been done we were "an nb e to find ont We did know how ever that, almost every town was obliged to give hostage*. Most of the cattle were tab^n tlong nnd large herds were transported to the renr br cavalrv We belonged to the renr guards which explained whv we wrre nnable to find atrrthlng to eat There was ah solutely nothing to the village where we More now quartered After half an ho-nr with our hunger still unappeased w* resumed our march After we hod marched nbont three ktlosie tenr we arrived at a spot which had formerly been a Mvnnar \i)ianclnp nrraf*»s hnd camped perliap* cfglit du« bcfc r* Freud which hftrt bc«i plentiful then lay strewn around on the proand In spite of HH water noaked condition It had been gathered up and earen with ravenoun appetite* Xorh \Qg mattered how our stomoctw wert* filled If onl our hunter mi^ht be Dp Night DOW came yet BO wleep nnr re»t wa« in tight Ko on« knew how mticb farther w« would hare to retire before then would b« a ra*plte The unfamiliar mrrotindinga Indicated to «« that we mere not r«turniog osrer the road whlcfc w» bad traversed vhen an ^firtors, jvtt marcheil to th« Afurn* With thU and simllur thoartite hour after hour passed Borne of us ran Along others actually walked In their 5faep Our boots w*ra filled with wa t*r ret we hdrt to keep en Thus the night passed Th« next morning troops of the maiir arnjr were piaeed in the rear guard They "formed long columns «hi ch they opened to let n" pass through after which they closed rnnk Me gave a sigh of relief for we were at last free of hostile nrtil lery fire After inarching ahotit five more hours we joined a company of infantry which fortunately had saved Its field kitchen It was not quits dark when we reached the village Here wa were billeted In order te get aa much rest ms possible Bnt we all ka»w that we ceuld rest onlv *s long as the rear guard was nbie to keep badi. the enem We were pi ifed in the village school Because of the shortage of provision 1 ; *« were a) lowed to U*-P onr tinned supplies hut nnne ot us had anv left This consist ed of some meat and hardtack Tt had long since been eotfn up ant »i ore were roroppllpd to He down w i t h our hunger still unsatisfied TO BE CONTINUED It will put a Columbia Grafonola in your home and One Dollar Weekly will Pay for it so that you can enjoy the very best of entertainment and amusement without scarcely feeling the cost. 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