The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 1, 1939 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 1, 1939
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

PAGE THE D A I L Y C O U R I E R CUNNCL.LSVILLE I'A WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 1 1H9 Seneca Indians Claim: Woodchuck Seeks More Than Shadow on Feb. 2 The Otto Krugers Return By M \WLL PONS bRfa Author, Lecturer and Au honty on Indian Life Wi:t en foi Central Piesb CHAUTAUQUA N Y Fob I -Foi many many moons the p deface has been basing his vveathu- piophe- cies and me isuung the length of Old Man Winlei on the shadow of the uoodchuck, 01 gioundhog Now aftei all thest ycais of watchful waiting loi that deusixc sun and slndovv the Seneta Indians say that the woodchuck is not out to see his shadow at all, but that he is =eekmg iomething fii more tangible and comfortable thin a shadow The uoodchuck is listed ns one of the seven sleepers ot the animal woild but aecoidmg to the Indians he is not content to be one--to sleep ar-1 fast as he diowsily coants oft the wmte- moons on his fingers He wants to be out all winter and to iccurc his food every day as do the majority of 'he animal foil The fire of my Seneca fuend vvis burning lovvci and lowei As vve watched the glowing embers Hie storj-teller began to tell us interesting expoiifnccs he had had \\ th his li'tle b:o heis of the wood Elks Foundation Spends $100,000 For Charity Work MOJC than $100000 has burn disbursed foi i wide v-uiety o£ cha - iLitable puipos^s by the Elks Nation il Foundation sincu its inception in Ju y, .i928 Edu nd D Smith oC Le\Mstowi pi evident of the Puinsjl- \ anja Elks Stitc Association announced on i coup t of i icport fiom John F Malle But-ton cl mm n ot the boaid of tiustecs ot the foundation The Elks Nation il Found tio i u is established b the Bercvo cut ird Piotoctne Oidoi of Elks to foatti, promote anc 3 isstst m fin mcing iht \\eUare acti\ites of tlie oidei Air Smith saw Its p jncip^l fund is of May 31 l^st tot ilcd a jpioxim itch half -\ m llion dollais The. fund is dmimstei td b\ i boai c of SL\. en trustees nil ot \vhom are foime: fiiard exalted rulcis of the older The f u n d s entue income js ustd each jeai and its pimciple icrmms in let It has no idm nistrnlue expense^. News of Tn-Town Community Spccnl la The jurltr DAWbON Frb 1 - Hi Pi Idas Nij,ht Q Club M i l l Tint I i d i y rvcntnj, it the home u Mt-i CUhei- Hie f d t t.r on of L bell} Called to \outic, sltm n f ' l " . C T C Ml ( £ N th sn v/ is c !kd to Y( unj, )\v bn. tu^e of tlit dc tl ol hu (o John 1-idei Mis G ul SM I with Mi ind M i s !V O C i isi and Mi ind M i s 1 J McC befoic i t t u i m i g he mo I c (Kin loflir · V o t i . C tin. City v\ tlu topi. used by Miss I di Hi tl Kc lu for D \s- Ohio t t h y is looking lor shadow uhen he comes out on second sun of nid« inter moon he said If he see shadow he v ill go b ick and stay in warm lodge till Old Man Winter has gore But Indians know that woodchuck is looking for something besides sha- dou, and that he never goes back into lodge The stoij-tellei put fiesh wood en the fire nnd began It happened a long long time ajo M hen leaver weie falling Woodchuck u a ou loo ilng foi vin ei lodge vhen he c ime to the home of Molhu Fox and hei childirn in a hollow Jog "Vlothei Jox asked him to come in ind gave him a nice u n iin bt.d in nil lodge \\oodchuck v.,is so tirect he went to -i e ep When he wake up the sun is high ,md all he fo\cs ale gone Sevti d suni go by befoie vvood- chuck sees, ins fo\ friends gain The fcv thildicn ate laigei now Thev arc pla-ving b a hole in the giound "Thib is our home now they taj ' Come in and see our mothei Mother Fox tells vvoodthucrf he c u n have the lodge they are in now ' Mv children grow so fast we must have a larger house she saj "It is time for us to move on Foxes, like Indians run far, you know They like to travel and raike camp often They do not live long m one lodge Woodchuck thanks Mother Fox He says he will be glad to take her house for the winter But soon it is so cold he knows he must make lodge that Old Man Winter can not get in so he goes out, sharpens hii teeth and nails on a hickory tree then he begins to dig and dig and dig till he has a fine winter lodge that Old Man Winlei con not entei There he stajs for a long time But he is Imngiy, 1 e forgets to bring food and it is too cold to go out now, so he began to lick his fat hands and make believe he is eating He thinks, ' Mother Fox is not afraid of Old Man Winter She is alwajs out on trail and has plenty food Fer blanket must be warm It will find blanket like heis" Then he begins to count on his f ngeio the moons that must pass befoie the New Year moon wakes up all creatures and plants On h fingers, the story - tellci stopped to count them off--the le if- faihng moon moon of first cold moon of gieat cold and long nights moon o f lengthening days, and New Year (midv, inter) moon At la t the moons pass and vvood- chuck comes out He is going to find Mother Fox and get a blanket like hers so he can stay out all w nter ind get food HP is tired of eating rrake-believe meals He must find that wise old Mother Fox and learn how to make a blanket Old Man Winter can not blow his breath thi ough So into ev ery hole and tree- lodge vv oodchuck turns looking fot Mother Fox, but he ne\ei goes ba"k to his own lodge for he knew she is not theic That is why woodchuck comes out when the midwmtci moon hangs in Returning home after a vacation abroad, Otto KrURer fi!m star, is pic Uired "nith his \\ifc and daughter OUilie on arrival it Ncv York aboard the liner Waxliattan Tho ship was a dav lal-e owing to gales encoua tercd on the trip 'The white man thin! s woodchuck j These 11 e 11 t iken caie ot by the grand lodge A divcisity of activities has char acteiwed the woik of 'he Elks Is - tionai Found tion Each vear for tho past five ears t I as avv irded fin n- | Unemployment Checks Here Reach Total of $686,474 thi Sin d ij c \ e n n rt e n ice of the 1 jn\oi th Lo i^,uc ' I\ i b The rn V 1 \ c ui^htc ol N i nd Mi U i l joit Mickcj of L i b c i t x sp it 1 ic \ \ t e l rid uith hei bioihei in v id si i i M nd | "Mi C Jt il i^s of vlr n sson Mis'- ^ IM L)i V d spent tl e \i.e k «.i cl w i t h ( Ltid i i Lmon- lr\ i Robert Smiti ICL imo mied M ss \\ ] d he J7i IK Uv Ic IT D n id Ro e M u te ^!dis of \ incleibi t \ r me 1 Mr^ J C J «oo Vi E l\ i d M llei md Mi C lit no t'lttcr^n of J-ibcj \\FIL Suturd \ c llr"S in OornUls\ ihi M H pi Bi itk f f I ibi i iv ( me lion e M nd u \ n nff tu n the Cc n- cial aid io dc^e \ m g students \vho hid difllcuHy fir ntitig their wj thioufch college In addition, it hns don ited money to tt ue issociationb t of Elks to fostct then ^ «icd phildn j thiopic enclt. voit, JTiit, monc h s gone tovvaid the upkeep of tubeicu! u hosptt Is climes for the rch-ibiht Uion of uippled childien the p-omotion o£ fie^h ,ur c^mps foi childim to I'-sibt m furnishing thilditn u i t h c\o- gloss^s nnd for miny olhcr puipobcs The foundation donated £10000 for relief in the flood of 1937 give S2 000 o the Gcoigia W u m Spni ^ Bound ilion contubutcd moi cj for the i l k \ i i ion of humun ^ufTtung in tho di=vnstrous c SL coist hurrtc me of Jait fal] Mr« LjUia C floats Dead A^i^ Ljdia C JVIoaU 63 y e n s old, %vift of Ch rles Mouts piciidcnt of the borouj,n council of ^ai chance died Sunday moining Sne had been ill for a long time Mrs Mo its piomment m club VvOik at t a n chance uas j mcmbL- of the Preb- bytenan Church and the Knights nd Ladies of Honor She \ ui a sister of Elhi GribWc of Vanderbilt Uncmpio^nicnt i o m p e n ^ T t i o n check 1 ? distnbuti-d through the Con- nelbx ile di i i t t o H J C t Iht H t.ek Lnd- mfi Jinanrv C j umLe'ed "68 ind agK'CKi td S8 "D2 90 inert iMn,, thi, to il since i n c c p on of he prugnm a -vo i iiyt to V8074 «.nftki» lonllmg S f 8 6 i " 1 3 »r in a v u n g t of 31182 per check Figuie* n id public m II tmsburg b% the div sioa of unemplovment coripe 1-^ Uu 11 \nd unpiovmenl sei% ice of tfic DtptiuTient r f Libnr d- Industiy ie\e il^d in Djtnct S of \ hieh Connellsv iMe is d p I**! paid out 8 l"o ch«cUs loullm,! ^94 369 no dunnp «hc u-eek to m ke the ^r ind total 777^86 eh cks issic^ ilmg ^ q ^95 Ool -30 I Zinest KclU cxeeuU\e dnec'o- o f i the di\ is on c nd checks in ^ern-Al { \ a m i tol 1U(1 SI CJS 2j9«°0 du-'inj, the week The miount twice the j tot il vilue of ciiecks issued the preceding weel Ai oE 1 hut id iv Jdnu ir 10 the totnl cnsh disbursement of uiorrpl me it benefit since benefit ptyments b e g i n in Febru.rv 193S %^_ S7-,- 133 616 20 Th t amount w, is tne nellsvi [c SUU Ho pi il iv here silt und i w t n l 1 c linen FIi md Vi Don Id C j l b c i t -md Mr nd Mi Ol -, Colbut ai AKIOII Ohio n e v i it i,, it ihe hoinf of their pnrem^ I^i md M i s U i i l n m Colbtrt ol Lib tv Mr Co'bort is 1 pitit-nt m Connelis\il p State Hos- I P'til p i sen led in Hit is=u-| ·yj n lci Mr , \lbprt Huktt and ,27- b nr-fit cluck-, u SQ , D ud o( j , 0 1 jj, )Pr 5 ur T h e a v e i ige check cl , y ^ c L | ^ , nc ) M Henrt H u n k c j of Libt I 1 - 7M cliinr: lilid m thi | ij, M M , b i t n C II i district of v v h c h ±6 c H u v l t r r of M, , nd M[ P u l u Coll 1$ of \ ndo b !1 is li me f i o m Gio c Cat} Cc lltqc f t IIL mm sem slot v ic. i io! totil v i l u t mce of compcnsabks UT. for S!l r Thlic v in. xveie otiflim) clnims 5^ \v nt nR period cldiTi*; TI d 6"9 benelt period Pa\*nents foi the \scck of January in other off ces include Chnrlrroi "=6 60i CO Grecnsburg SI 2 97" 25 Int^nna S6 ^-n !e mnctte So 088 00 KHtannjnfi 57 2iO 10 Litrob $7 10t 50 Mone^cn SB 67Ei -10 Jvtu Ktnsmfiton $ ! 1 C 3 2 8 0 Unionto%\n S5 7"? I D "U i\ne b u i R S2 998 7 j ASxshmglon S109G27 1 ) Somerset S7 DB^i 80 Actress bocks Comeback HOLLA WOOD Feh 1 -- Be i\ Bionson \ lio \von fime i*, the stui of the flm Peter Pan 140 is m Hoi \\\ood and ihc would ti a tonneb-ick 34 VL rs sic said TROUTMAN/'S ! This Handsome Ait White $69.95 LS NOW O N L Y EASY TERMS ARRANGED Come In, See It! Its Cast Aluminum Wringer has Safety Bar Release IN TROUTMAN'S DOWNSTAIRS Fire Chiefs Will Meet This Month At Brownsville The Febiuaiy meeting of the Southucstein Pennsylvania Association of Fire Chiefs and Assistart Chiefs will-be held at Brownsville it was announced at the January ses- «on at drama New officeis weie irs ailed with Retiring President Perry H Stuck of. Perryopohs presenting a new gavel rmdc of \salnut taken from George Washington s old grist mill near Pcri-jopolis to his buccetsoi F L Hoo\ n of Wiyncsbuig Others installed include Joseph Hadish Washington to\vnohip, vice- prc-Jident, Ci-lyle Beatty Belle Veinon setretaij-treasurer £d\\ard Ciou Dunbai chaplain and Tlnu- nidn Ree\es o£ Belle Vcrnon Chdrles Martin of Versa lies -md Fred G Latta of Califoimu, exccutne board PATIENT, 91, PLAYS JOKE ON DOCTOR SYDNEY, Feb 1 --Forbidden by hi» phj«ician because ol his advarced age and a iccent stroke, to tike a tnm for hi^ annual vacation O N 'Sonke fll o£ Adelaide snenked uvay md took an a rplane %vhich the doctor didnt thin!' to advise against It ms his fust plane ride, and he m^i^ti, ht u i l l never travel anj othci hop Wisely, Spend Wisely, Save Wisely A One Day Event! THURSDAY ONLY! Reg. $1.00 Sheer Qakbrook Chiffons! Sheer, clcai and inig- los-;--a \ \ o n d c i h l Special foi ^ aiuo-uifoi ined «om- cn All Uie newcbt shadet, Coi Spunc; oji each pi \ J I 7 I K f l l l l l p Pajamas and Gowns $1.29 I he snujg\ knit you like so veil ( o\ely coloi-; Girls' Wear 1/2 Off --Snow Suifs --Wi iter Coati --Bath Robes, ---Gioup Dresses --Kaincoats Hurry--they 11 j,o Bui t u- ·; vie \Mtli luflle ti im .98 tunas' 39c Closonut $1 71 to f-I Art Si Ml II1 {rlllK's «Pl.UU S ipon and s n i p ^tjlci in $1.7", A i i l u e £! AA \ a r d l ( j- Set « p l . U U 3 cakes of soap and bottle of Idverder ujter". "Utiskal 1'OAMlcr Boxes _ ,, I-l~len 4 o Ihcm pla gay tunas' f.Oc "\\ oodhnrj's C o m b i n a t i o n Jar of cold or facial ere un and cake of so ip ^/ilo of "fturoin's Q£" ( o t t o u l i o p k s «?DC Slnover ind coat stles in neit prints ( Icurnnro to St2S (tl O ~\\ onion's ('outs pl.£« Some furred--some spoit All £,real values' ( leariiucc to $12.!)" \V omen's Coatj. Tweedb and fleeces n misses and vv omer s sizes Sile oi up to $(') t*/4Q h i i r Conts $*rl/ Black Sealmes and blown French Beavers ·iiO.30 Women's rt» t ·jr Hod Cro«s Shoos «JTT. I D Various styles--but not in eve~y size S'lc M omen's oo 1'ntk Junt M e a r /uUC Pants and ves s--to keep jcu warm SUM Oudiife' f i o n r i b "7rt and I'njnmus I «/C Save Thursday on tnese vvaim rightics $1.')8 to %2,'IS (:,ioii]) B'ousts and Sn enters Angora sweaters and SI.00 SIijuui Snt«itei! Soiled--but grea baigams 1 lil.00 I o n n f a i n I'eiis ()c ^RSv ,-. AfS-l "^./ftir ScroniK of Sl.l') Mohawk Sheets 90c 8I\J3 sue---stoil In light sh msb and blacJ ard nav SPECIAL PURCHASE' oi s! (H) (o *l 00 f »i n i i i i u Imported ALGERIAN BRIAR PIPES \ Midi n litonishing )o\v o i u c btt. ui-^L tf\c ha%L sight u f CL J 1 \\s tl L n c Vimnkss !li,,h «i uu i msh Choice of M i n "^ (.11 Kinur" 1 ft l l r i - s S t i c K v , nr. 1 4 C J prs [01 50c Or rion and ( (Id I i u d a l i d DO I'.llov, ( ,,vos. ,,r. OOC \ bite vuth vv ite initial 88c Tape, bound rubber button f a l l -ma Uv in si7t.s sl.5(1 \ u l n e "i-iu-l ( o m l i i i i i i l i o n I'liii Use ns T ciisciole i _ovei(_d P n, ,i double b»ilc.i, a pudding p^n i s nice pin iU)l anil lil.J'l ""rrf Jvitdicii 1'otttij t I C C i c plntcs wniTlc. ( l o a i n i K i ( , K I U I I OA HIIJS' »,isj! Smts JlIC Ixot runj--so huiry 3 to fi siz- c .nili[i t.nls' SI.()(l ])iesses 1 o ^ e l b l c styles in 1 to 1 6 sue: ( n n l i i u i j luiltkeis iPi. Cicy ind hi own Lined Ho v s' »J ( lc 1 7 K n i t (a|)s I J C In n vanety of colois SIlJLllI-, J J I . ,, 7')c SCISSIHS a n d sjjitms Keg. $5.00 Maxene Shoes $2.00 In patent, suede g-ibardme Vanous stj les One Day Qnl\' ta.j» to $!.(»." Woven Shirts $1.09 Fancies of noven madrases White broadcloths 39 Chaiming Simplicity frocks and other stjles of Punjab prints All bright New Spring Styles ! 2.88...*3. Get the teel o£ Spring in one of these new modes-get it Suburban DT wliiie saMiigs are yoius Colci- ful pnnts, lla^y, black and light Spring hues Misses' and \\omens stvles

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